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DE60227098T 2001-04-30 2002-04-29 Funkfernsprechsystem Active DE60227098D1 (de)

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GB0110528A GB2375261B (en) 2001-04-30 2001-04-30 Radiotelephone system
PCT/IB2002/001533 WO2002089449A2 (en) 2001-04-30 2002-04-29 A method for transfering connection parameters from a first mobile station to a second mobile station

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DE60227098D1 true DE60227098D1 (de) 2008-07-24



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DE60227098T Active DE60227098D1 (de) 2001-04-30 2002-04-29 Funkfernsprechsystem

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AU (1) AU2002256839A1 (de)
DE (1) DE60227098D1 (de)
GB (1) GB2375261B (de)
WO (1) WO2002089449A2 (de)

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