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Gearing mechanism for an injection device


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    • A61M5/00Devices for bringing media into the body in a subcutaneous, intra-vascular or intramuscular way; Accessories therefor, e.g. filling or cleaning devices, arm-rests
    • A61M5/178Syringes
    • A61M5/31Details
    • A61M5/315Pistons; Piston-rods; Guiding, blocking or restricting the movement of the rod or piston; Appliances on the rod for facilitating dosing ; Dosing mechanisms
    • A61M5/31511Piston or piston-rod constructions, e.g. connection of piston with piston-rod
    • A61M5/00Devices for bringing media into the body in a subcutaneous, intra-vascular or intramuscular way; Accessories therefor, e.g. filling or cleaning devices, arm-rests
    • A61M5/178Syringes
    • A61M5/31Details
    • A61M5/315Pistons; Piston-rods; Guiding, blocking or restricting the movement of the rod or piston; Appliances on the rod for facilitating dosing ; Dosing mechanisms
    • A61M5/31511Piston or piston-rod constructions, e.g. connection of piston with piston-rod
    • A61M2005/3152Piston or piston-rod constructions, e.g. connection of piston with piston-rod including gearings to multiply or attenuate the piston displacing force
DE602007004972T 2006-05-16 2007-05-16 Gearing mechanism for an injection device Active DE602007004972D1 (en)

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DKPA200600690 2006-05-16
PCT/EP2007/054796 WO2007132019A1 (en) 2006-05-16 2007-05-16 A gearing mechanism for an injection device

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DE602007004972T Active DE602007004972D1 (en) 2006-05-16 2007-05-16 Gearing mechanism for an injection device

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