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    • H04Q3/00Selecting arrangements
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    • H04Q3/0029Provisions for intelligent networking
DE602005000315T 2005-05-25 2005-05-25 Telekommunikationsdienste Active DE602005000315T2 (de)

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EP20050291226 EP1727377B1 (de) 2005-05-25 2005-05-25 Telekommunikationsdienste

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DE602005000315D1 true DE602005000315D1 (de) 2007-01-18
DE602005000315T2 DE602005000315T2 (de) 2007-06-06



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DE602005000315T Active DE602005000315T2 (de) 2005-05-25 2005-05-25 Telekommunikationsdienste

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US (1) US20060268843A1 (de)
EP (1) EP1727377B1 (de)
CN (1) CN1882109B (de)
AT (1) AT347776T (de)
DE (1) DE602005000315T2 (de)

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EP1727377A1 (de) 2006-11-29
US20060268843A1 (en) 2006-11-30
AT347776T (de) 2006-12-15
CN1882109A (zh) 2006-12-20
EP1727377B1 (de) 2006-12-06
DE602005000315T2 (de) 2007-06-06
CN1882109B (zh) 2011-06-29

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