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    • A61M25/00Catheters; Hollow probes
    • A61M25/0009Making of catheters or other medical or surgical tubes
    • A61M25/00Catheters; Hollow probes
    • A61M25/0043Catheters; Hollow probes characterised by structural features
    • A61M25/0045Catheters; Hollow probes characterised by structural features multi-layered, e.g. coated
DE200460018154 2003-08-21 2004-08-09 Mehrschichtige medizinprodukte Active DE602004018154D1 (de)

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US10645014 US7166099B2 (en) 2003-08-21 2003-08-21 Multilayer medical devices
PCT/US2004/025632 WO2005021079A1 (en) 2003-08-21 2004-08-09 Multilayer medical devices

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DE602004018154D1 true DE602004018154D1 (de) 2009-01-15



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DE200460018154 Active DE602004018154D1 (de) 2003-08-21 2004-08-09 Mehrschichtige medizinprodukte

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US (3) US7166099B2 (de)
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WO (1) WO2005021079A1 (de)

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