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Implantierbarer telemetrischer medizinischer Sensor


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    • A61B5/00Detecting, measuring or recording for diagnostic purposes; Identification of persons
    • A61B5/68Arrangements of detecting, measuring or recording means, e.g. sensors, in relation to patient
    • A61B5/6846Arrangements of detecting, measuring or recording means, e.g. sensors, in relation to patient specially adapted to be brought in contact with an internal body part, i.e. invasive
    • A61B5/6879Means for maintaining contact with the body
    • A61B5/6882Anchoring means
    • A61B5/00Detecting, measuring or recording for diagnostic purposes; Identification of persons
    • A61B5/0002Remote monitoring of patients using telemetry, e.g. transmission of vital signals via a communication network
    • A61B5/0031Implanted circuitry
    • A61B2560/00Constructional details of operational features of apparatus; Accessories for medical measuring apparatus
    • A61B2560/02Operational features
    • A61B2560/0204Operational features of power management
    • A61B2560/0214Operational features of power management of power generation or supply
    • A61B2560/0219Operational features of power management of power generation or supply of externally powered implanted units
    • A61B5/00Detecting, measuring or recording for diagnostic purposes; Identification of persons
    • A61B5/07Endoradiosondes
    • A61B5/076Permanent implantations
    • Y10S128/00Surgery
    • Y10S128/903Radio telemetry
DE2001610024 2000-12-18 2001-12-17 Implantierbarer telemetrischer medizinischer Sensor Expired - Fee Related DE60110024D1 (de)

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US09739053 US6638231B2 (en) 2000-12-18 2000-12-18 Implantable telemetric medical sensor and method

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DE60110024D1 true DE60110024D1 (de) 2005-05-19



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DE2001610024 Expired - Fee Related DE60110024D1 (de) 2000-12-18 2001-12-17 Implantierbarer telemetrischer medizinischer Sensor
DE2001610024 Active DE60110024T2 (de) 2000-12-18 2001-12-17 Implantierbarer telemetrischer medizinischer Sensor

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DE2001610024 Active DE60110024T2 (de) 2000-12-18 2001-12-17 Implantierbarer telemetrischer medizinischer Sensor

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8364 No opposition during term of opposition
8328 Change in the person/name/address of the agent

Representative=s name: BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT, 28209 BREMEN

8339 Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee