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    • H01J35/00X-ray tubes
    • H01J35/02Details
    • H01J35/04Electrodes mutual position thereof and constructional adaptations of the electrodes therefor
    • H01J35/08Anodes; Anti cathodes
    • H01J35/10Rotary anodes; Arrangements for rotating anodes; Cooling rotary anodes
DE19873765225 1986-10-27 1987-10-26 Roentgenstrahlroehre. Expired - Lifetime DE3765225D1 (de)

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JP25514786A JPH0668960B2 (ja) 1986-10-27 1986-10-27 X線管
JP25514886A JPS63110541A (en) 1986-10-27 1986-10-27 X-ray tube

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DE3765225D1 true DE3765225D1 (de) 1990-10-31



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DE19873765225 Expired - Lifetime DE3765225D1 (de) 1986-10-27 1987-10-26 Roentgenstrahlroehre.

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US (1) US4800581A (de)
EP (1) EP0266157B1 (de)
KR (1) KR910001514B1 (de)
DE (1) DE3765225D1 (de)

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EP0266157B1 (de) 1990-09-26 grant
EP0266157A1 (de) 1988-05-04 application
US4800581A (en) 1989-01-24 grant
KR910001514B1 (ko) 1991-03-09 grant

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