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Hands-free control system for a radiotelephone


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PCT No. PCT/US85/01672 Sec. 371 Date Sep. 3, 1985 Sec. 102(e) Date Sep. 3, 1985 PCT Filed Sep. 3, 1985 PCT Pub. No. WO87/01546 PCT Pub. Date Mar. 12, 1987.An improved hands-free user-interactive control and dialing system is disclosed for use with a speech communications device. The control system (400) includes a dynamic noise suppressor (410), a speech recognizer (420) for implementing voice-control, a device controller (430) responsive to the speech recognizer for controlling operating parameters of the speech communications device (450) and for producing status information representing the operating status of the device, and a speech synthesizer (440) for providing reply information to the user as to the speech communications device operating status. In a mobile radiotelephone application, the spectral subtraction noise suppressor (414) is configured to improve the performance of the speech recognizer (424), the voice quality of the transmitted audio (417), and the audio switching operation of the vehicular speakerphone (460). The combination of noise processing, speech recognition, and speech synthesis provides a substantial improvement to prior art control systems.
DE8585904543A 1985-09-03 1985-09-03 Hands-free control system for a radiotelephone Expired DE3570569D1 (en)

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PCT/US1985/001672 WO1987001546A1 (en) 1985-09-03 1985-09-03 Hands-free control system for a radiotelephone

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DE8585904543A Expired DE3570569D1 (en) 1985-09-03 1985-09-03 Hands-free control system for a radiotelephone

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