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Nissan Motor Co Ltd
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    • B60R22/00Safety belts or body harnesses in vehicles
    • B60R22/34Belt retractors, e.g. reels
    • B60R22/44Belt retractors, e.g. reels with means for reducing belt tension during use under normal conditions
DE19782844553 1977-11-08 1978-10-12 Expired DE2844553C2 (de)

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JP13445777A JPS5626576B2 (de) 1977-11-08 1977-11-08

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DE2844553A1 DE2844553A1 (de) 1979-05-10
DE2844553C2 true DE2844553C2 (de) 1983-04-28



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DE19782844553 Expired DE2844553C2 (de) 1977-11-08 1978-10-12

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US (1) US4198011A (de)
JP (1) JPS5626576B2 (de)
AU (1) AU507370B1 (de)
CA (1) CA1106336A (de)
DE (1) DE2844553C2 (de)
FR (1) FR2407723B1 (de)
GB (1) GB2007083B (de)

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DE2844553A1 (de) 1979-05-10
CA1106336A (en) 1981-08-04
GB2007083A (en) 1979-05-16
US4198011A (en) 1980-04-15
GB2007083B (en) 1982-06-30
FR2407723A1 (fr) 1979-06-01
JPS5467921A (en) 1979-05-31
FR2407723B1 (de) 1984-05-25
AU507370B1 (en) 1980-02-14
CA1106336A1 (de)
JPS5626576B2 (de) 1981-06-19

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