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Tragbalken fuer landwirtschaftliche geraete mit wenigstens einem verschwenkbaren balkenteil


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    • A01B73/00Means or arrangements to facilitate transportation of agricultural machines or implements, e.g. folding frames to reduce overall width
    • A01B73/02Folding frames
    • A01B73/04Folding frames foldable about a horizontal axis
    • A01B73/044Folding frames foldable about a horizontal axis the axis being oriented in a longitudinal direction
DE19772713270 1976-04-12 1977-03-25 Expired DE2713270C3 (de)

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US05676090 US4030551A (en) 1976-04-12 1976-04-12 Folding flex toolbar

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DE2713270A1 true true DE2713270A1 (de) 1977-10-20
DE2713270B2 true DE2713270B2 (de) 1979-02-22
DE2713270C3 DE2713270C3 (de) 1979-10-18



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DE19772759406 Expired DE2759406C3 (de) 1976-04-12 1977-03-25
DE19772713270 Expired DE2713270C3 (de) 1976-04-12 1977-03-25

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DE19772759406 Expired DE2759406C3 (de) 1976-04-12 1977-03-25

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US (1) US4030551A (de)
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US4030551A (en) 1977-06-21 grant
FR2347864B1 (de) 1983-12-09 grant
CA1053061A1 (de) grant
FR2347864A1 (fr) 1977-11-10 application
DE2759406B1 (de) 1980-06-04 application
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