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Hubert Rene Louis Le Neubourg Fossard
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Hubert Rene Louis Le Neubourg Fossard
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    • G08B3/00Audible signalling systems; Audible personal calling systems
    • G08B3/10Audible signalling systems; Audible personal calling systems using electric transmission; using electromagnetic transmission
    • G08B3/1008Personal calling arrangements or devices, i.e. paging systems
DE19722220409 1971-04-30 1972-04-26 Expired DE2220409C3 (de)

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FR7115615A FR2134297B1 (de) 1971-04-30 1971-04-30

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DE2220409A1 true DE2220409A1 (de) 1973-01-04
DE2220409B2 true DE2220409B2 (de) 1975-08-21
DE2220409C3 true DE2220409C3 (de) 1980-08-14



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DE19722220409 Expired DE2220409C3 (de) 1971-04-30 1972-04-26

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US (1) US3786628A (de)
BE (1) BE782778A (de)
DE (1) DE2220409C3 (de)
FR (1) FR2134297B1 (de)

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FR2134297B1 (de) 1975-07-04 grant
BE782778A1 (de) grant
US3786628A (en) 1974-01-22 grant
FR2134297A1 (de) 1972-12-08 application
BE782778A (fr) 1972-10-30 grant
DE2220409A1 (de) 1973-01-04 application
DE2220409B2 (de) 1975-08-21 application

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