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The invention relates to an inking unit for printing machines with a split ink knife, with which an exact dosage of the color according to a predetermined color profile can be realized. Based on the task of creating an inking in which over the entire width of the ink fountain an exact, extremely precise pre-definable ink dosage to be done within a relatively large adjustment scope and its adjusting elements to be remotely controlled, an inking unit was found in which in each color zone a plurality of different widths, according to the digital system graduated, the color meter forming segments are arranged. The invention achieves the accuracy and accuracy of color metering through the variety of control capabilities of a printing press inking unit.


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Inking unit for printing presses "

field of use

The invention relates to an inking unit for printing presses, in which a paint knife is arranged to be able to meter the ink on a ductor.

Characteristic of the known technical solutions

A large part of the known Farbvjerke uses wedge or knife paint boxes, in which the adjustment of the ink layer thickness by adjusting a continuous color meter against the surface of the ductor takes place. The colorimeter is pressed by means of Farbzonenschräuben against the ductor. It is in principle possible to set the individual zones so different that over the entire width of the inking unit, a different, the print job largely adapted color profile can be generated.

The effect of the elasticity of the ink knife mutual influencing the ink zones but it brings with it that the adjustment of a color zone on one or more adjacent or distant color zones without the existing Farbzonenschräuben was changed in their attitude wur the. 4

In order to achieve a more precisely adjustable color profile, Farbzuführvorrílungen were found, with which the disadvantages of the continuous colorimeter are avoided. This is achieved in a device disclosed by the CH-PS 561 119 device, that .the continuous color meter

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is provided on the duct side with evenly spaced, slot-shaped separation points, so that the ink knife sections formed thereby are each pivotable and adjustable. At each of the individual sections comprising one color zone, an arm is attached, which is connected via an adjusting screw to an eccentric, with which the desired stepless adjustment of each individual color blade section can be made. But it was also z. Example, by the US-PS 1 275 343 and 1 574 474 Farbdosiermesser known which consist of individually adjustable, slider-shaped arranged individual pieces. These sliders are how. For example, US Pat. No. 3,978,788 also shows, arranged side by side over the entire width of the inking unit so that they represent a total of the 'continuous' colorimeter, but individually, d. H. color zones are adjustable, without inadvertently influencing each other. To change its position to the ductor, each of the slides is associated with an electric motor, which in turn acts via a respective gear and an eccentric on the slide. A disadvantage of this design, the color meter is still that any inaccuracies in adjusting the slide immediately and comprehensively affect the intended dosage of color as a deviation. Even by far subcutting the engine speed for eccentric movement can be -sich, only approximately set the planned or calculated color gap. In addition, the fixing of an extremely accurate adjustment of the color slit requires a relatively high outlay for setting, for registering its size and for retrieval, whereby this can only be achieved up to a certain accuracy limit anyway.

In summary, it should be noted that in all known in the prior art devices, the dosage of the color is achieved by a sensitive change in the color gap per color zone.

By, the CH-PS 610 821 it is still known to assign a elastic color meter je.Farbzone a spring band, which is adjustable per zone in two end positions. Through this


However, spring bands is not formed the color meter, but this only affected, and as a result of the mutual influence only approximately per zone a constant color .. * gap height is achievable.

DD-PS 120 834 provides a zone-wise differently reacting row of doctor blades, which can be inserted into a gap between the ductor and the inking roller. The squeegee strips the ink from the ductor and dispenses it to the inking roller by means of a colored paint. If no color is to be transferred in a zone, the respective zone squeegee must be deducted from the ductor. If less ink is to be transferred, one zone, one narrower squeegee, is used per zone, which then extends over only part of the zone. To change the color profile, it is necessary in this apparatus to stop the machine and insert other squeegees into the individual inking zones. The device is therefore not suitable for the production. ,

Object of the invention

The invention aims to avoid the mentioned disadvantages of the prior art. It is intended to create an inking unit whose color profile extending over the entire inking unit width can be set very precisely in accordance with predetermined values.

Explanation of the essence of the invention

The invention is based on the Aufgäbe to provide an inking, in which over the entire width of the ink fountain box an exact, extremely precisely predeterminable ink dosage within a relatively large adjustment scope and the adjustment should be easily fernst.euerbar. According to the invention, this is achieved by arranging in the region of each color zone a multiplicity of different width segments graduated according to the digital system and forming the color meter. According to a further feature of the invention, the opening-side end position of the segments is adjustable.

The most significant advantage of the invention is that the ink knife segments are moved only in definite end positions, d. h., That the exactly predeterminable ink metering basically at constant ink gap height only by opening or closing the gap at the required locations and to the extent required, ie by digital adjustment of, depending on the order, extremely reduced ink fountain widths.

The exactness and accuracy of the color dosage by the .Vielfalt; the control possibilities achieved. So z. B. in a digital gradation of the segment widths according to the dual system such a sensitive dosing of the color done, as it meets even the highest requirements · would be within a color zone accordingly a segment grading of 2; 4-y 8 and 16 millimeters provided and set a color gap height of 0.2 millimeters, it could be the setting of a gap of 0.2 χ 2 millimeters to an area of 0.2 χ 30 millimeters and of course beyond. This achieves a very sensitively variable metering volume, since all combinations of the opening or closing of the individual segments that offer themselves can be used. It goes without saying that, in connection with the invention, the actual term "color zone" - as it could be influenced until now - can only be applied in a figurative sense. Because of the invention, a computer-controlled color dissolution can also be realized if z. B. only 6 and 2 mm wide segments over the entire width of the ink fountain are arranged side by side.

In the drawings, two embodiments of the invention are shown. Show it: . , Fig. 1 is a representation of a wedge inking partially in

Cut, .

FigJ 2 is a view according to the arrow A in Fig. 1, wherein for the sake of simplicity, the ductor not shown

is, ·.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged view of the paint knife according to


Fig. 1 with the segment open lind

Fig. 4- a further variant of the inventive design of an inking unit with so-called unterschächtigem ink fountain

A ductor roller 1 forms substantially together with the ink fountain wall 2 a wedge ink fountain. Segments .3 are arranged on the duct side of the ink duct wall 2, which are clamped in a clamp 4 of a traverse 5 and abut against the end face of the inking unit wall 2 and on the ductor 1. An extending over the entire ink fountain width bar 6 is. screwed to the front side of the ink fountain wall 2, that between the segments 3 and a bar 6 a gap 7 (Fig. 3) remains. In the cross member 5 plunger 8 are mounted, which extend into a recess 9 öer cross member 5. At the bottom of the inking unit wall 2 take 10 double lever 11, of which ^ eder on one side with one of the plunger 8 and on the other with an adjustment, z. B. an e-magnet 12 is connected. Instead of the Ε magnets and an electronically controlled stop bar o. The like. Be provided. The segments 3 are of different widths. In order to arrive at a digital adjustability of the dye dosage, the segments 3 »z. B. as shown in Fig. 2, be graded within each Farbzonenbereich.es 13 according to the digital system in its width.

However, it is also advantageously possible to scale the segment widths in a different manner, with the only need to realize a digital setting of exbrem reduced ink zone areas. In Fig. 2 is also shown how the bar 6 can be secured by slots 14 of some segments 3 by means of screws 15 on the front side of the Farbkastenwaad 2. It extends, as well as the closely juxtaposed segments 3 »from one to the other inking unit side wall 16th

The function of o. A. Variant 'of the realization of the invention will be particularly an.Hand the Fig. 3. described. Each of the segments 3 lies, if in its area the color

_ 6 _ 22OA A

pass immediately. Should be zero, at the ductor 1 on. The gap between the ductor 1 and the segment 3 is then, v, ie, the stretched, dashed position of the segment 3,. Closed. When signal "color passage" of each segment 3 associated plunger 8 is pushed against the segment 3, that it occupies the position shown by solid lines. One of the edges of the bar 6 prevents the entire WegMegen of the segment 3 »so that in this locked by the adjustment of the plunger 8 position, the gap between the ductor 1 and segment 3 is opened for a complete color passage« due to the relatively large constant gap height " the gap is colored by colorants or dgJL. " not added. It is also possible to use the opening-side end position of the segments 3. This can be done by z. B. some of the plunger 8 in z. B. Press two different stages through the segments, d. That is, instead of the end position defined on the opening side, it is also possible to provide a one-stage or multi-stage detent so that, although the associated segment 3 is still moved into two end positions, the associated actuating element (eg plunger 8) is acted upon differently , so that different adjustable variables which can be adjusted in stages can also be realized for special cases.

In the case of a submerged ink fountain 17, the segments 3 are arranged in the manner of a doctor blade (FIGS. A-). The segments are designed rigid here. They are in the zero position on the circumference of the ductor 1 and by appropriate adjustment, z. B. E-magnets 12 raised. The traverse 5 is provided with a cover plate 18, against which the segments 3 Diit put their stops 19, if'by the signal "color passage" the respective segment is raised. The unambiguous fixing of the zero position of the segments 3, which in the first exemplary embodiment is effected by the suspension of the spring steel segments selected there, can be supported by suspensions, such as inserted rubber strips 20, in one exemplary embodiment, as shown in FIG become.

- 7 - 22 0443

However, regardless of the chosen embodiments, the essence of the invention is that a plurality of segments 3 in the region of one color zone 13 (in the conventional sense) can be set in only two end positions, so that the digital color dosage can be achieved by responding to the required Number of segments 3 takes place. ,

Claims (2)

Inspection sanspruc b.
1. inking unit for printing machines with evenly spaced colorimeter, in which for each color zone adjustable in two end positions, a constant color gap height forming slide o..dgl. is provided, characterized in that in the region of each ink zone (13) 'a plurality of different widths, according to the digital system graduated, the color meter forming segments (3) are arranged.
2. inking unit according to item 1, characterized in that the opening-side end position of the segments (3) is adjustable.
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