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stable liquid formulations of plasmid DNA


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Esta invencion se refiere a formulaciones liquidas de ADN plasmidico que son estables y en las que el plasmido permanece sin degradarse de 4 grados centigrados hasta temperatura ambiente durante largos periodos de tiempo y asi son utiles para el almacenamiento del ADN plasmidico, tales como vacunas de ADN y terapia genica. This invention relates to liquid formulations of plasmid DNA that are stable and where the plasmid remains undegraded 4 degrees Celsius to room temperature for long periods of time and are thus useful for storage of plasmid DNA, such as DNA vaccines and gene therapy.
CR8957A 2003-09-17 2007-03-05 stable liquid formulations of plasmid DNA CR8957A (en)

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US50346403P true 2003-09-17 2003-09-17
PCT/EP2004/011437 WO2005026331A2 (en) 2003-09-17 2004-09-17 Method of preparation of pharmaceutically grade plasmid dna
PCT/EP2005/005213 WO2005100542A1 (en) 2004-04-19 2005-04-19 Method for purifying plasmid dna

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CR8957A true CR8957A (en) 2007-10-01



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CR8957A CR8957A (en) 2003-09-17 2007-03-05 stable liquid formulations of plasmid DNA

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