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本实用新型是涉及女子经期使用的内裤,它是由腰片和立裆两部分构成。 The present invention relates to women's menstrual undergarment for use, which is composed of a waist panel and a crotch two vertical portions. 其中腰片的腿裆部位安有固定松紧带,可防止卫生纸滑落;立裆内衬有无毒柔软的塑料薄膜,可防止经血渗漏,本产品制作工艺简单,用料节省,穿着舒适,经济耐用,既保证了透气性能又可避免经血污染衣裤。 Wherein the waist panel crotch leg safety position fixing elastic band to prevent tissue slipping; Li crotch lined with a flexible non-toxic plastic film to prevent leakage of menstrual blood, the product simple manufacturing process, material saving, comfort, economy and durability , both to ensure the permeability and avoid blood contamination of underwear.


本发明是涉及一种女子月经期间使用的内裤。 The present invention relates to one kind of women's menstrual undergarment during use.

本发明是参考目前人们使用的卫生带及普通内裤,经改进而制作的一种安全、经济,方便、舒适的经期卫生用品。 The present invention with reference to the current health and people use ordinary underwear, a safe and improved production, economical, convenient and comfortable menstrual hygiene products. 以往使用的卫生带是紧箍于身体上的,卫生带与卫生纸与皮肤接触过密,因此透气性差,穿用不舒适。 Health band is conventionally used in confining the body in contact with the tissue health with the skin too dense, thus poor ventilation, wearer discomfort. 而普通内裤又缺乏紧固装置,内垫的卫生纸容易滑动、掉落,使经血渗漏,污染衣裤。 Lack of ordinary panty fastening means, the toilet paper within the pad slides easily, fall, menstrual blood leakage, pollution underwear.

本发明的目的在于:设计出用腰片及立裆构成的经期内裤,在腰片腿裆部位安放松紧带以起到保险的固定作用,防止卫生纸滑落;在立裆内衬上无毒柔软的塑料薄膜,防止经血渗漏,污染衣裤。 Object of the present invention is: designing a menstrual undergarment waist panel and a crotch upright configuration, the waist panel crotch bit leg elastics positioned to function fixation insurance against slipping toilet paper; nontoxic soft plastic liner in the crotch Li film to prevent menstrual blood leakage, pollution underwear.

本发明的经期内裤选用纯棉布制作。 Menstrual undergarment of the present invention use cotton fabric production. 腰片为长方形,其横向长度根据人体臀围围度而定,纵向长度一般为30~31厘米。 Waist panel has a rectangular shape, according to the lateral length thereof may be human hip circumference, the longitudinal length is generally 30 to 31 cm. 衬有无毒柔软塑料薄膜的立裆为梯形,短边为9厘米,长边为11厘米,高度为30厘米。 Lined with a flexible non-toxic plastic film elevational crotch trapezoidal, the short side 9 cm long side of 11 cm and a height of 30 cm. 将腰片对折,缝死折线,再将立裆的短边和长边分别缝在对折后的腰片中央,在腰片的上部及腿裆部安装松紧带,这样即可制成本发明的经期内裤。 The waist panel folded seam dead fold line, and then stand crotch short and long sides respectively sewn on the central waist panel after folding, the upper portion of the legs and crotch elastic waist panel of the installation, so that the cost can be made menstrual invention underwear.

本发明的附图说明:图1为腰片,L是腰片长度,它根据人体臀围围度而定,W是腰片宽度,一般是30~31厘米。 Brief Description of the present invention: FIG. 1 is a waist panel, L is the length of the waist panel, which depends on human hip circumference, W is the width of the waist panel, generally 30 to 31 cm.

图2为立裆,l1是短边,一般是9厘米;l2是长边,一般是11厘米;H是立裆高度,一般是30厘米。 FIG 2 is a vertical crotch, L1 is the short side, usually nine centimeters; L2 is the longitudinal, generally 11 cm; H is an elevational crotch height, typically 30 cm.

图3为制成品,图中1为松紧带,2为腰片,3为立裆,4为腰片与立裆的缝合线。 3 is manufactured, FIG. 1 is elastic, waist panel 2, 3 stand for the crotch, the waist panel 4 to the upright crotch suture.

本发明比现有产品的优越之处在于:制做时省工省料,穿用舒适方便,对皮肤无刺激;腿裆连接处用松紧带保险,可防止卫生纸掉落;立裆内衬有无毒柔软的塑料薄膜,不透经血,防止污染衣裤。 The present invention is characterized Youyuezhichu than existing products: making labor and material saving, easy wearing comfort, no irritation to the skin; crotch joints with elastic leg insured, toilet paper can be prevented from falling; Li crotch liner Have toxicity flexible plastic film, impermeable to blood, to prevent contamination of underwear.

本发明的实施例:选用一块长100厘米,宽31厘米的长方形纯棉布作腰片,再选用2块短边为9厘米、长边为11厘米、高为30厘米的梯形纯棉布以及相同尺寸、形状的聚乙烯塑料薄膜,将塑料薄膜夹在2块纯棉布中作为立裆。 Embodiments of the present invention: the choice of a 100 cm long, 31 cm wide rectangle of cotton cloth as a waist panel, and then use two trapezoidal cotton cloth 9 cm short side, a long side of 11 cm and a height of 30 cm the same size, shape polyethylene plastic film, a plastic film sandwiched between two cotton cloth as a stand crotch. 先将腰片对折缝死,再将立裆的长边与短边分别缝在腰片的中央,然后在腰片的上部及腿裆部位安装松紧带即可制成本发明的产品。 Waist panel first die to crease, then the crotch vertical long sides and the short sides of each slit in the central waist panel, and mounting the elastic band can be made in an upper portion of the cost of the product invention crotch and leg position waist panel.

Claims (3)

  1. 1.一种女子经期使用的内裤,其特征在于,它是由腰片和立裆组成的。 A woman menstrual undergarment for use, characterized in that it is established by the waist panel and the crotch thereof.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述的女子经期使用的内裤,其特征在于:立裆内两层棉布中间衬有无毒、软质的塑料薄膜。 The Women's menstrual undergarment for use according to claim 1, wherein: the two vertical intermediate crotch cloth lined with non-toxic, flexible plastic film.
  3. 3.根据权利要求1所述的女子经期使用的内裤,其特征在于:在腰片的腿裆部位安有保险松紧带。 The Women's menstrual undergarment for use according to claim 1, wherein: the legs in the crotch-bit security insurance waist elastic sheet.
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