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The utility model discloses the constructional laser measuring instrument of the gravity automatic-balancing with tail light. A double-eccentric centering mechanism which is convenient for accurate centering with a ground reference point is arranged on an outer housing of the constructional laser measuring instrument. The lower end of the instrument is provided with a swing-stopping locking mechanism which can make a laser alignment system fixed to a casing of the constructional laser measuring instrument in the movement of the constructional laser measuring instrument is moved or in the vertical scanning. A micro-motion scanning mechanism which can process with the leveling measurement is arranged on a pentagonal-prism scanner. The utility model can satisfy the specification requirement of the construction work on ensuring the flatness of the earth surface, the wall surface and the ceiling engineering, and the leveling accuracy and the setting out accuracy of the building installation engineering.


本实用新型涉及到一种用于建筑工程铅直方向及水平方向测量的激光测量仪,国际分类号可归纳于(G01C9/12)现有的国外的建筑激光测量仪所采用的重力自动安平方式是通过万向支架悬挂光学准直器中的一个发散透镜来实现的。 The present invention relates to a construction works vertical and horizontal directions for measuring a laser measuring instrument, it can be summarized in the International Classification (G01C9 / 12) automatically by gravity Aeka conventional manner overseas construction laser measuring instrument used the suspension is achieved in the optical collimator gimbal by a diverging lens. 这种方式可使仪器体积、重量减小,但是,这种方式不能利用激光器的尾光,以代替传统的锤球或光学对点机构对准地面的基准点,给测量带来不便。 In this way the instrument can volume, reduced weight, however, this approach can not use the end of the laser light, instead of conventional hammer or ball point mechanism to align the optical reference ground point, inconvenience to the measurement. 此外,这种悬挂方式无法锁定被悬挂的发散透镜,若将仪器横卧在卧式支架上实现铅直扫描时,会引起测量误差,也不具有自校功能。 Furthermore, this method can not lock the suspension divergent lens is suspended, if the instrument when lying on a horizontal bracket achieve vertical scanning, can cause measurement errors, nor with self-calibration function.

本实用新型的任务在于提供一种包括伽俐略望远镜、激光器、套筒、尾光矫正器、磁感应阻尼器、止摆器及配重块的整个激光准直系统,被悬挂在万向支架上的激光铅直仪。 The present invention is to provide a task comprising a Galileo telescope, the laser, the sleeve, the end of an optical aligner, magnetic induction damper, with the bracing device and the entire laser alignment of the weight, it is suspended on gimbals the vertical laser instrument. 它能利用激光器的尾光对准地面的基准点。 It Tail laser light over the ground reference point. 为保证尾光投在地面的光点位于激光束的轴线上,在激光器尾套上装有尾光矫正器。 To ensure that the end of the light spot of light cast on the ground of the laser beam axis, the end of the sleeve is equipped with the laser light tail aligner. 为便于尾光与地面基准点对正,在激光铅直仪外壳上装有双偏心环对中机构。 To facilitate the tail light and the reference ground point n, with the double eccentric ring on the laser instrument housing vertical alignment mechanism. 为锁定整个被悬挂的激光准直系统,在仪器的底壳上装有止摆器。 Locking suspended throughout the laser alignment system, the base shell pendulum instrument is equipped with a stopper. 仪器水平卧置扫描铅直面或搬迁时,必须用止摆器将被悬挂系统锁定。 The instrument horizontal scanning in horizontal or vertical plane relocation, the suspension system must be locked with the bracing device. 此外,在激光铅直仪的顶部可安装有摩擦式离合器的五棱镜扫描器,既可电动扫描平面基准,又可微动瞄准进行水准测量。 Further, at the top of the laser device may be mounted vertically pentaprism scanner has a friction clutch, either electric reference scan plane, but also for leveling the jog targeting. 使仪器具有自动安平激光铅直仪、自动安平激光水准仪、自动安平激光水平面仪、人工安平激光铅直面仪的功能。 The instrument has an automatic laser Ping vertical, automatic Anping laser level, the laser level instrument automatically Ping, Ping artificial vertical plane laser instrument functions.

本实用新型的任务是以如下方式完成的,结合附图详细描述如下:图1建筑激光测量仪轮廓图图2激光铅直仪纵剖面示意图图3激光铅直仪壳体示意图图4万向支架示意图图5万向支架与上壳体、伽俐略望远镜连接示意图图6尾光矫正器装配图图7止摆器构造图图8止摆叶轮与配重块构造图图9双偏心环对中机构示意图图10五棱镜扫描器纵剖面图图11微动瞄准与电动扫描机构平面图图12摩擦式离合器示意图参照图1,整个建筑激光测量仪是由激光铅直仪(1)、五棱镜扫描器(4)及支架(3)组成。 This new utility task accomplished in the following manner, the following detailed description in conjunction with the accompanying drawings: Figure 1 construction laser contour measuring instrument of FIG. 2 a longitudinal sectional schematic view of a laser scanner 3 vertical vertical laser instrument housing 4 a schematic view of a gimbal 5 and the upper housing gimbal schematic view, Galileo telescope brace connecting the optical assembly 6 of FIG. 7 pendulum stopper schematic diagram of FIG. 8 is configured with the bracing wheel balance weight of FIG. 9 configured double eccentric ring (31) FIG mechanism schematic longitudinal sectional view scanner 10 pentagonal prism 11 micro friction clutch 12 and the motor targeting a schematic plan view of the scanning means with reference to FIG. 1, the entire construction laser measuring instrument is a laser instrument vertical (1), the scanner pentaprism (4) and holder (3). 激光铅直仪(1)通过双偏心环对中机构(2)与支架(3)相连。 A vertical laser device (1) connected to the mechanism (2) with the bracket (3) by a double eccentric ring. 五棱镜扫描器通过高脚螺栓(5)与激光铅直仪(1)相连。 Pentaprism scanner tall by bolts (5) with a vertical laser device (1) is connected.

参照图1及图3,激光铅直仪的顶盖(6)用螺钉与上壳体(7)连接。 Referring to FIGS. 1 and 3, the top cover vertical laser instrument (6) with screws and the upper housing (7) is connected. 上壳体(7)通过锒套(8)用螺纹与中壳体(9)连接。 The upper case (7) is connected by a garniture sleeve (8) and threaded in the housing (9). 下壳体(10)用螺纹与中壳体(9)及底壳(11)连接。 The lower housing (10) are screwed to the housing (9) and bottom shell (11). 整个壳体用密封材料密封,并通过锒套(8)与双偏心环对中机构(2)结合成一体。 Entire housing with sealing material, and alignment means (2) integrally joined to the ring by a double eccentric sleeve ornament (8).

参照图2及图4、图5,支承整个被悬挂系统的万向支架的外环(12),通过一对轴系(13)与平衡环(14)连接,平衡环(14)通过另一对构造相同的轴系(15)与内环(16)相连接。 Referring to FIG. 2 and FIG. 4, FIG. 5, the support throughout the outer gimbal suspension system (12) of the holder, is connected by a pair of shaft (13) and the gimbal (14), the gimbal (14) by a further on the same shaft structure (15) is connected to the inner ring (16). 这两对轴系相互垂直。 The two mutually perpendicular to the shaft. 底板(17)与外环(12)用螺钉(18)连接,通过螺纹再与上壳体(7)紧固成一体。 The bottom plate (17) and the outer ring (12) by screws (18), and then the upper housing by a screw (7) is fastened integrally. 伽俐略望远镜(20)通过螺钉(19)与内环(16)连接,可做两个自由度的摆动。 Galileo telescope (20) is connected to the inner ring (16) by screws (19), two degrees of freedom do swing.

参照图2、图6单模内腔式有尾光的氦-氖激光器(21)通过套管(22)用螺钉与伽俐略望远镜(20)连接,尾套(23)中心孔允许尾光通过,在这个位置上装有尾光矫正器。 Referring to FIG. 2, FIG. 6 tailed single-mode optical intracavity helium - neon laser (21) through the sleeve (22) is slightly telescope (20) is connected with screws gal Li, the boot (23) center hole to allow the tail light by, with tail light correction in this position. 尾光矫正器的上楔镜座(25)用螺纹连接在屋套(23)的中心孔位置。 Tail aligner optical wedge lens holder (25) screwed in the sleeve housing (23) of the position of the center hole. 下楔镜(26)通过下楔镜座(27)用螺纹连接在上楔镜座(25)的下面。 Lower wedge mirror (26) are screwed on the wedge lens holder (25) below the lower wedge by the lens holder (27). 旋转两楔镜座使两楔镜的楔角做适当组合,以矫正尾光的偏差角。 Two rotary wedges so that the two wedge mirror lens holder wedge angle make the appropriate composition to correct the deviation angle of the tail light.

参照图2,磁感应阻尼器是用来使被万向支架整体悬挂的系统在受扰动时迅速静止的。 Referring to FIG. 2, the magnetic induction is used to enable the damper bracket integral gimbal suspension system is disturbed during rapid stationary. 三个环形磁体(28)保持一定间距也固定在下壳体(10)内。 Three annular magnet (28) is also secured to maintain a certain distance (10) of the lower housing. 二个园形阻尼片(29)套在空心阻尼杆(30)上,并并通过螺钉(31)紧固在尾套(23)的下端,成为被万向支架悬挂的一部份。 Two circular damping plate (29) set on a hollow damping rod (30), and the lower end of the tail and secured sleeve (23) by a screw (31), become part of the gimbal suspended. 当被悬挂的整体受扰动时,磁感应的阻尼作用将使之迅速静止。 When hanging the whole perturbed, the damping effect of magnetic induction will make it quickly still.

参照图2、图7,锁定整个被悬挂系统的构造是楔块式止摆器。 Referring to FIG. 2, FIG. 7, the locking configuration of the entire system is suspended wedge bracing device. 止摆叶轮(32)螺纹固定于阻尼杆(30)的下端,成为被悬挂系统的一部份。 The bracing wheel (32) is screwed to the lower end of the damper rod (30), and become a part of the suspension system. 环形楔座(33)用螺纹及顶紧螺钉固定于底壳(11)内。 An annular wedge seat (33) and a top threaded screws fixed to the inner (11) bottom case. 止摆楔锥(34)安装于底壳(11)中心导孔内,可以直接推上或通过拉管(35)拉下。 Bracing wedge cones (34) attached to the bottom shell (11) the center of the guide hole, can be directly pushed or pulled by a trombone (35). 止摆叶轮(32)外面、环形楔座(33)内面、止摆楔锥(34)的环形内面与外面均有相同的锥度,当止摆楔锥(34)推上时它们在同一平面上楔合,使整个被悬挂系统在仪器壳内部的位置固定不动。 When the stop inner annular surface of the outside have the same taper pendulum wheel (32) outside the annular wedge seat (33) inner surface, the bracing wedge cones (34), when the bracing wedge cones (34) onto which on the same plane wedge, the position of the entire system is suspended within the instrument housing stationary. 以便仪器在卧架上做铅直扫描时被整体悬挂的系统处于人工安置的水平状态,以及防止仪器在搬运过程中,被整体悬挂的系统因摆动而损坏。 The instrument is lying to do vertical scanning frame is suspended in a horizontal state of the overall system of the artificial disposed, and to prevent the instrument in the handling process, the entire suspension system is damaged due to swinging. 在做为自动安平的激光仪器使用时,必须将拉管(35)拉下,使被悬挂的系统能在壳体内有小范围的两自由度摆动。 When Ping as automatic laser instrument must be trombone (35) down, so that the suspension system can have two degrees of freedom of the small swing in the housing. 以实现激光束的自动安平。 Ping for automatic laser beam. 止摆楔块(35)中心孔有密封用平行玻璃窗口(36),以便通过阻尼杆(30)中心孔的尾光能射向地面。 Bracing the wedges (35) parallel to the central hole with a sealing glass window (36), so that (30) of optical energy toward the end of the central bore the ground through the damping rods.

参照图2、图7、图8,配重块(37)是调整整个被悬挂系统重心位置的零件,它被螺钉固定在止摆叶轮(32)的空档内。 Referring to FIG. 2, FIG. 7, FIG. 8, the counterweight (37) to adjust the suspension system parts throughout the center of gravity position, which is screwed within a neutral balance wheel (32) in the stopper. 必须精细地调整它的重量,以使被悬挂系统的重心在激光束的轴线上,保证出射激光成为自动铅直激光束。 You must finely adjust its weight, so that the suspension system of the center of gravity on the axis of the laser beam, to ensure that the outgoing laser vertical laser beam becomes automatically.

参照图2、图9,双偏心环对中机构是用来使激光铅直仪在支架上平移的,以便尾光能迅速对准地面的基准点。 2, FIG. 9, the double eccentric ring mechanism is a reference point for the laser in vertical translation on the instrument holder, the tail light to rapidly ground aligned with reference to FIG. 连接仪器上壳体(7)及中壳体(9)的锒套(8),可在内偏心环(38)中旋转。 Connecting the instrument housing (7) and the housing (9) of the ornament sleeve (8), may be the inner eccentric ring (38) in rotation. 内偏心环(38)叠套在外偏心环(39)的上面,并可以旋转。 The eccentric ring (38) nested outer eccentric ring (39) above, and can be rotated. 外偏心环(39)叠套在支架(3)的自校环座(42)上,并可以旋转。 An outer eccentric ring (39) nested in the holder (3) from the correction ring seat (42), and can be rotated. 内偏心环(38)与外偏心环(39)在自校环座(42)中的相对转动,可使激光铅直仪器尾光平移,迅速对准地面上的基准点。 The eccentric ring (38) and the outer eccentric ring (39) from the correction ring seat (42) in relative rotation, the tail light device allows vertical translation of the laser, rapid alignment reference point on the ground. 扳手(40)及顶杆(41)用来锁定对中机构,保持仪器的工作位置不变。 Wrench (40) and ram (41) for locking of the mechanism, the instrument holding position of the work constant. 当双偏心环对中机构锁定后,激光铅直仪的壳体可在内偏心环(38)中做自校旋转,以检查铅直激光束的准确度。 When the locking ring of the double eccentric mechanism, the laser instrument housing may be vertical inner eccentric ring (38) to do self-rotation correction, to check the accuracy of the vertical laser beam.

参照图1及图2,通过五棱镜将激光铅直仪(1)发出的铅直激光束反射为水平激光束及扫描激光水平面时,要用高脚螺栓(5)将五棱镜扫描器(4)安装在激光铅直仪(1)的顶盖上。 Referring to FIG 1 and FIG 2, a vertical laser beam emitted by reflector pentaprism vertical laser instrument (1) is a horizontal laser beam and the scanning laser plane, use high anchor bolt (5) the pentagonal prism scanner (4 ) vertically mounted on the laser instrument (1) cap.

参照图10,五棱镜(43)安装在扫描头(44)内,窗口楔镜(45)用来补偿五棱镜(43)加工误差。 Referring to FIG. 10, a pentaprism (43) mounted in a scanning head (44), the wedge mirror window (45) for compensating a pentaprism (43) processing errors. 瞄准器(46)装在扫描头(44)顶面。 Sight (46) is mounted (44) top surface of the scanning head. 扫描头(44)与支承于扫描器壳体(47)上的扫描轴(48)连成一体。 Scanning head (44) and the support housing the scanner scanning axis (48) (47) integral.

参照图10、图11、图12,直流电动机(49)由直流稳压电源(50)驱动,带动主动皮带轮(51)及被动皮带轮(52)以及扫描轴(48),实现电动扫描。 Referring to FIG 10, FIG 11, FIG 12, a DC motor (49) (50) is driven by a DC power supply, drives the driving pulley (51) and driven pulley (52) and a scan axis (48), to achieve electric scanning. 由蜗轮蜗杆构成的速比为180:1的微动瞄准机构。 Consisting of a worm gear ratio of 180: 1 micro aiming mechanism. 蜗杆手轮(53)驱动蜗轮(54)。 Hand worm wheel (53) drives a worm gear (54). 通过橡皮摩擦离合器(55),传动主动皮带轮(51)及被动皮带轮(52),实现手动微动瞄准及水准测量。 By rubber friction clutch (55), transmission drive pulley (51) and driven pulley (52), for manual aiming and leveling fretting. 当扭转离合器拉扭(56)使摩擦离合器(55)脱开主动皮带轮(51)时,方可实现电动扫描。 When pulling the clutch torsional twist (56) the friction clutch (55) disengaged from the driving pulley (51), only to achieve motorized scanning.

本实用新型由于增加了尾光矫正器、双偏心环对中机构,在施工现场使用方便;由于增加了微动瞄准机构,具有了水准测量功能;由于增加了止摆器锁定机构,不仅可以保证仪器的正常使用,并且实现了铅直扫描的功能。 The present invention due to the increase of the tail light brace, the double eccentric ring (31) means, at the construction site easy to use; the addition of micro targeting mechanism, having a leveling function; due to the increased bracing locking mechanism, not only to ensure normal use of the instrument, and to achieve a vertical scanning function. 本实用新型在没有增加制造成本的情况下,扩大了使用功能及提高了仪器的使用效率,及测量精度。 In the present invention, without increasing the manufacturing cost, and expand the use of the function to improve the efficiency of the instrument, and the measurement accuracy. 本实用新型的样机曾经北京市标准计量局进行了测试检定及运输振动例行试验检定,检定结果符合设计要求。 The utility model prototype once the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Standards and Metrology and transport vibration test test test test routine, test results meet the design requirements. 该建筑激光测量仪曾经在首都钢铁公司电站165米钢筋混凝土烟囱施工中应用,仪器精度满足施工测量规范要求。 The building was once used in laser meter chimney construction Capital Iron and Steel Corporation power plant 165 meters of reinforced concrete, the measuring instrument accuracy to meet the construction specifications. 该仪器还在广播电视部彩电中心制作区工程中进行了400小时的试用考核,用于装修工程抄平放线、地面及墙面顶棚作业平整度控制,以及轻钢龙骨的隔墙、天花板安装,仪器测量精度满足施工规范要求。 The instrument is also broadcast television production unit TV Center area project conducted a trial assessment of 400 hours for renovation copy flat line, floor and wall ceiling work flatness control, and wall light steel keel, ceiling installation , measurement precision to meet construction specifications.

Claims (2)

  1. 1.一种由五棱镜扫描器、激光铅直仪及支架组成的建筑激光测量仪。 A pentaprism by a scanner, a laser scanner and a vertical scaffold consisting of construction laser measuring instrument. 其特征在于:A、通过调整悬挂在万向支架上的伽俐略望远镜、激光器、尾光矫正器、阻尼杆、止摆叶轮及配重块在内的整个准直系统的重心位置,实现激光束的自动铅直,B、激光器的下端安装有两片楔镜组成的尾光矫正构造。 Wherein: A, by adjusting the gimbal suspended Galileo telescope, a laser, an optical tail aligner, the damping rod bracing the center of gravity position of the entire collimator system including an impeller and a counter weight to achieve a laser automatic vertical beam, B, is attached to the lower end of the laser light correcting tail configuration consisting of two wedge mirror. C、激光铅直仪下端装有止摆楔锥和环形楔座。 C, a vertical laser device with the bottom of the cone and annular wedge bracing wedge seat. 与激光准直系统中的止摆叶轮三个零件组成了锁定机构,需要时可使被悬挂的整个激光准直系统与激光铅直仪壳体固定在一起。 And laser alignment of the bracing wheel locking mechanism composed of three parts, can be suspended when the entire laser alignment system requires the laser instrument vertical housing secured together. D、激光铅直仪外壳上装有双偏心环对中构造。 D, with the double eccentric ring configuration of the vertical laser instrument housing.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述的建筑激光测量仪,其特征在于五棱镜扫描器上安装有摩擦式离合器,可实现电动扫描及微动瞄准的水准测量。 Construction laser according to claim 1 of the measuring device, wherein the scanner is mounted on a pentagonal prism with a friction clutch, enabling scanning and micro electric aimed leveling.
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