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The utility model belongs to the technical field of liquid crystal display. The device comprises two systems such as an optical system composed of a projector and a screen, and a circuit system including a liquid crystal display element. The utility model is characterized in that the driving electric information to enable the liquid crystal display element to generate changes originates from a computer, an electronic watch, an electronic clock or a circuit capable of generating the character information. Through justifying the image distance of the projector object lens or displacing an objective lens with different focal-length, the displaying area of the large screen projection can be changed. If a single color polarizing film is changeably equipped in the liquid crystal display element of the device, the single color large area display can be realized. Or a liquid crystal display of which the pixel is composed of three primary colors is positioned in the device, and the color displaying in large area can be realized.


液晶大屏幕投影显示装置 Large-screen liquid crystal projection display apparatus

一、实用新型所属技术领域:液晶显示,二、有关的现有技术已有的显示器件诸如灯泡、荧光、场致发光、等离子体、阴极射线管、发光二极管和电磁机械翻板。 A utility model the art: a liquid crystal display, two, prior art relating to conventional display devices such as light bulbs, fluorescent, electroluminescent, plasma, cathode ray tubes, light emitting diodes and the electromagnetic mechanical flap. 上述器件除电磁机械翻板外,均属于主动发光器件,因此为了器件本身发光须消耗足够的电能。 In addition to the above-described device for electromagnetic mechanical flap, belong to the active light-emitting device, the light emitting device itself to be so in order to consume enough power. 而液晶器件是被动发光器件,因其本身不发光,故不象上述主动发光器件须消耗足够的能量,仅在驱动液晶器件产生电光效应时消耗极其微小的电能。 The LCD device is a passive light-emitting device, because it does not emit light itself, which is not active as the above-described light emitting device of sufficient energy to be consumed, the power consumption is extremely small only when the driving liquid crystal electro-optic effect device generates. 例如扭曲型液晶器件的驱动电压3~6伏,每平方厘米显示面积的功耗仅约5~10微瓦,极适于集成电路相配。 E.g. twisted liquid crystal device driving voltage of 3-6 volts per square centimeter area of ​​the power consumption of the display is only about 5 to 10 microwatts, very suitable for an integrated circuit match.

欲实现大面积(例如一平方米以上)的显示,如采用主动发光器件,由于功耗较大,因而驱动电路的耗资较大。 For a large area (e.g., more than one square meter) of the display, such as the use of active light-emitting device, power consumption due to the larger, more costly and the driver circuit. 例如我国正积极试制中的由30个场致发光器件组成面积约为一平方米的大显示屏,仅其一套驱动电路(能带动两个各一平方米的大显示屏)的器材费,约七至八万元。 For example, China is actively in the trial by the electroluminescent device 30 composed of a large area of ​​about one square meter display, which only a driving circuit (two each of one square meter can bring a large display screen) of the equipment costs, about 7-80000 yuan. 清华大学等四个单位合作研制成功的液晶大表格字符显示系统(详见1984年9月在北京举行的Nn-Ch存贮型液晶大表格字符显示系统鉴定会资料),是由大小不同的单个器件共138个,组成面积约3平方米的大显示屏。 Tsinghua University and other four units of the successful cooperation in the development of large LCD character display table system (Nn-Ch storing large liquid-crystal form characters see held in Beijing in September 1984 appraisal information display system) is determined by the size of the different individual a total of 138 device, consisting of an area of ​​about three square meters large display screen. 该系统从1978年开始研制,于1984年开鉴定会。 The system started to develop in 1978, opened in 1984 appraisal.

美国国际电话电报元件集团微波和光学电子设备西费尔德公司(TTT Components Grvoup Microwave and Opto-Electronics Westfield Mill) 于1981年生产的公用信息显示器由24个单个液晶器件组成,总显示面积约0.14m2(长1.7米×高0.08米),已用作候机厅的信息显示器。 International Telephone and Telegraph Group microwave and the optical element electronics Seefeld Corporation (TTT Components Grvoup Microwave and Opto-Electronics Westfield Mill) produced in 1981 by the public information display device 24 composed of a single crystal, the total display area of ​​about 0.14m2 (length 1.7 m × 0.08 m high), has been used as an information display Terminal.

中国科学院成都计算机应用研究所于1984年10月将火车站旅客服务信息处理系统的显示屏投入成都站候车室运用。 Chengdu Institute of Computer Applications Chinese Academy of Sciences in October 1984 the passenger service information processing system of Chengdu Railway Station waiting room screen into use. 该屏由1596个电磁机械黑白翻板组成同数量象素的矩阵显示屏,其有效显示面积约0.7m2(1.2米×0.6米),能显示车次、站名、时刻和站台的序数。 The screen 1596 by a mechanical solenoid Among flap matrix display composed of the same number of pixels, the effective display area of ​​which 0.7m2 (1.2 yards × 0.6 m), can be displayed ordinal train, station name, the time and site. 每个显示屏(包括驱动电路)的器材及加工费共约一万元。 Each display (including a driving circuit) of equipment and processing fees of about $ 10,000. 12个剪票口设有12个显示屏。 12 wickets with 12 display.

国外将写入信息光投向光电导液晶光阀,再用较强的读出光透射过光阀投影至屏幕(ADJacobson,Soc,Ixform,Display,Symp.San Francisco 1972.70),实现液晶大屏幕显示。 Foreign writing information photoconductive light toward the liquid crystal light valve, then a strong reading light transmitted through the light valve to a projection screen (ADJacobson, Soc, Ixform, Display, Symp.San Francisco 1972.70), to achieve large-screen liquid crystal display. 这是靠阴极射线管(CRT)将电信号转换成光信号,再将光信号投向光电导层转换至电信号,该电信号在液晶上产生电光效应实现显示的。 This is accomplished by a cathode ray tube (CRT) converting an electrical signal into an optical signal, an optical signal again toward the photoconductive layer to convert an electrical signal is generated to achieve electro-optic effect displayed on the liquid crystal.

国外还用激光作写入信息光投向由向列相和胆 Abroad, as a laser light is projected onto the writing information and biliary nematic phase

相液晶制成的一个小面积光阀,用较强的读出光透过光阀,读出已写入的信息(H.Mclchior etc.Appl.Phys.Lett.21(8),P.392,1972)。 A liquid crystal light valve made small area, the information transmitted through the light valve, read the written (H.Mclchior etc.Appl.Phys.Lett.21 (8) with a strong reading, p.392 , 1972). 这是靠电信号调红外激光束的强度,再将激光束投向液晶,在液晶上产生热光效应实现显示的。 This electrical signal is modulated by the intensity of the infrared laser beam, then the laser beam toward the liquid crystal, thermal effect of light on the liquid crystal display is realized.

液晶大面积显示器或场致发光大面积显示器,必然由若干单个小面积液晶器件或若干单个小面积场致发光器件组成。 Liquid crystal display or large-area electroluminescent large area displays, necessarily actuated by a number of individual small-area liquid crystal device or a number of individual light-emitting device composed of a small area of ​​the field. 由于器件生产工艺条件难于保证完全一致,结果使得各单个小面积液晶器件或场致发光器件性能参数也就难以一致,当进行大面积显示时,易出现各部份浓淡不一。 As the production conditions is difficult to ensure that the same device, with the result that each individual small area liquid crystal device or electroluminescence consistent device performance parameters will be difficult, when the large-area display, prone to various parts shades. 电磁机械黑白翻板组成的大面积显示器,因为显示时只是黑色与白色两种状态,虽不存在浓淡不一的现象,但也有极少数象素显示不正常,即应该显示白色反而显示黑色,应该显示黑色时反而显示白色。 Large area displays electromagnetic mechanical flap composed of black and white, black and white because it is only two states in various shades of the phenomenon, though not exist when the show, but there are very few pixels of the display is not normal, that should show display white instead of black, should instead, the white display when displaying black.

以上举例的大面积显示器是分别用若干单个场致发光器件、若干单个液晶器件、若干单个磁性翻板组成,致使大面积显示器成本难于降低,同时又由于器件数量多,功耗增大,又使驱动电路的成本难于降低。 Examples of the above are a number of large area displays is a single electroluminescent device, a plurality of single liquid crystal device, consisting of a number of individual magnetic turning, resulting in difficult to reduce the cost of large area displays with, at the same time since the number of components, power consumption is increased, and that the the driving circuit is difficult to reduce the cost.

以上两种液晶光阀虽属单个小面积显示器件,但要通过几种转换,比较复杂费钱,用来显示较高分辨率的图象比较适宜,但仅用作字符显示便不合算。 Two or more liquid crystal light valve stage a single small area of ​​the display device, but by several conversion, more complex and expensive, a higher resolution image for display more appropriate, but only as a character display will be uneconomical.

三、本实用新型的目的鉴于上述方法实现大面积显示耗资较大,故将欲显示的信息诸如字符、图表、曲线等,以电信号形式直接写入功耗微小的一个单个小面积液晶器件,使液晶产生电光效应,便在液晶器件上读出了显示的信息,再将较强的光线透射过液晶,经过光学放大,投影至屏幕,也能实现1m2以上的大面积显示。 Third, the object of the present invention in view of the above-described method to achieve large-area display information more costly, it will be such as characters to be displayed, charts, graphs, etc., in the form of electrical signals directly write a single power fine small area liquid crystal device, generating electro-optic effect of the liquid crystal, the liquid crystal device will read the information displayed, and then a strong light transmittance through the liquid crystal, after optical amplification, to the projection screen, can achieve large-area display more than 1m2. 当然要求这样一个单个小面积液晶器件上所显示的象素应与若干单个液晶器件组成的大面积液晶器件总共所显示的象素相当。 Of course, this requires a pixel of pixels on a single small area of ​​the liquid crystal display device of the liquid crystal device should be composed of a number of individual large-area liquid crystal display device of the total equivalent. 前者的一个单个小面积液晶器件的价格较之后者若干单个中的一个液晶器件,或许贵些,但较之若干单个液晶器件组成的大面积器件总会便宜得多;前者的驱动电路也较后者便宜得多;前者仅用一个液晶器件较之后者用若干个液晶器件,使整机的可靠性大大提高。 Price of a single small area of ​​the liquid crystal device of the former than the latter in a plurality of individual liquid crystal device, perhaps more expensive, but it will always be a large area devices than a liquid crystal device composed of a plurality of single much cheaper; former driving circuit later It is much cheaper; the former than the latter with only a liquid crystal device with a plurality of liquid crystal devices, greatly improving reliability of the machine.

四、本实用新型的内容实验装置的示意图如图1,该装置由光学系统和电路系统(图1虚线部份为电路系统S,其框图另绘于图2)所组成。 Fourth, the content of the present invention is schematically shown an experimental apparatus, which device consists of an optical system and circuit system (dotted line portion in FIG. 1 is a circuit system S, which is another schematic block diagram in FIG. 2) formed. 电路系统中的液晶显示器件LCD置于光学系统的片门位置。 The liquid crystal display device LCD circuitry was placed in the film gate position of the optical system. 光学系统是:1.为反光镜(以能透红外的冷光镜为宜)、2.为光源、3.为聚光镜、4.为物镜镜头、5.为投影屏幕;还有风扇(冷却用,未在图1中标出);如光源功率较大,使液晶器件的温度接近其最高使用温度时,应在光源与液晶器件的光路间加适量的隔热玻璃;当对液晶器件强制风冷无效时,尚应将液晶器件置于可循环冷却的绝缘而透明的液体介质中;为防止紫外线对液晶起光化学反应,以延长液晶使用寿命,可在液晶器件与光源的光路间加入滤紫外线的滤光片(有的液晶器件的偏振片有滤紫外的作用)。 The optical system is: 1 mirror (IR permeable to the appropriate cold mirror), a light source 2, 3 is a condenser lens, an objective lens 4 lens 5 as a projection screen; and a fan (cooling,..... not successful in FIG. 1); as a light source when the power is large, the temperature of the liquid crystal device close to its maximum temperature, should be added an appropriate amount of insulating glass in the optical path between the light source and the liquid crystal device; forced air cooling when the liquid crystal device is invalid when the liquid crystal device should still be placed in the cooling cycle and the insulating transparent liquid medium; prevent UV photochemical reaction from the liquid crystal, the liquid crystal in order to extend the life of the filter can be added to filter UV light path between the light source and the liquid crystal device light sheet (polarizing plate of a conventional liquid crystal device has the effect of UV filter).

屏幕上显示的画面面积可以调整,除通常改变物镜镜头与屏幕间距离即象距外,也可让象距基本不变,仅改变物镜的焦距即用另一种焦距的物镜代换原来的物镜(可将不同焦距的物镜,装在一个园盘上,转动园盘可方便地将某一焦距的物镜插入物与象的光路间)再调节物距,使成象清晰,这样便很方便地调整屏幕上显示画面的面积,只要使画面无较大的失真而且亮度够当时环境下观察即可。 Screen area displayed on the screen can be adjusted, usually in addition to changing the distance between the objective lens and the screen, i.e. as from the outside, also allows a substantially constant image distance, the focal length of the objective lens, i.e., changing only the substitution of the original objective lens with a focal length of another (the different focal lengths of the objective lens can be mounted on a disc, disc rotation may conveniently be a focal length of the objective lens inserted into the optical path between the object and the like) and then adjusting the object distance, so that sharp image, this will be easily area of ​​a screen displayed on the adjustment screen, so long as no large distortion in the picture and the brightness was observed to be ambient. 若干单个器件组成的大面积显示,其画面面积不可调整。 Several large-scale device consisting of a single display screen area which can not be adjusted.

投影屏可采用正面投影屏(即反射式投影屏)或背面投影屏(即透射式投影屏)均可。 The projection screen may employ a front projection screen (i.e., the reflection-type projection screen) or rear projection screen (i.e., transmissive projection screen) available. 屏幕材料有几种,根据需要选用。 There are several screen material, based on the need to use.

如果需要,可在光路中插入适量的反射镜,可改变光路方向便改变了物、物镜和象之间的相对位置,以减小光学投影系统所占的空间。 If desired, an appropriate amount may be inserted in the optical path of the mirror, it can change the direction of the optical path changes the relative position between the object, the objective lens and the image, in order to reduce the space occupied by the optical projection system.

采用的光学投影机实际就是幻灯机,其铭牌上的性能是:光源额定功率300W、镜头的焦距为10CM、相对孔径为f/3.5,作为光源的灯泡额定电压是120~125V,为了延长灯泡寿命实际只加100~105V的电压做如下实验。 Using the optical projector is in fact a slide projector, the performance of the plate, which is: a focal length of the light source rated power of 300W, the lens is 10CM, relative aperture f / 3.5, as a bulb rated voltage source is 120 ~ 125V, in order to extend lamp life Actual an increase of only 100 ~ 105V voltage follows the experiment.

启动光源,使光学投影机镜头与屏幕间距离2.9米,由此计算和测量出的投影机放大倍数约为30倍。 Activating a light source, the optical distance of 2.9 m between the projector lens and the screen, thereby calculating the measured and the projector is about 30 times magnification. 投影机放幻灯片门内框面积为40×40cm2,当片框内未放任何幻灯片或液晶器件时,屏幕上投影光面积约1.2×1.2m2,在无环境光干扰下测得屏幕上的照度约250Lux,使透射式液晶器件LCD放入片门处,将电路系统中驱动液晶的电信号加在液晶器件上,即使屏幕上的环境光照度在200-250Lux冲刷下,通过液晶器件投影在大屏幕上显示的字符大而清晰,对比度够用。 The projector slide of the door frame area of ​​40 × 40cm2, when any slide frame sheet or a liquid crystal device is not placed, the light projected on the screen an area of ​​about 1.2 × 1.2m2, measured in the absence of ambient light on the screen to give about 250LUX illumination, so that a transmissive liquid crystal device LCD sheet into the door, the liquid crystal drive circuitry of the electrical signal applied to the liquid crystal device, even if the ambient light on the screen at 200-250Lux flushing, the liquid crystal device is projected by a large characters appear on the screen is large and clear enough contrast. 这种投影显示即使在室外有阳光的情况下,室内的屏幕只要不正对阳光,仍能获得较为满意的观看效果。 This projection display even under the sun outdoors, the indoor screen as long as the errors of the sun, can still get a satisfactory viewing experience. 将屏幕上方和两旁加一遮光罩,显示的对比度将会提高。 The sides and top of the screen plus a hood, will increase the contrast of the display. 如果希望获得更亮和更大面积的显示,可选用或自制光源功率更大的投影机,投影机片门内框面积要与液晶器件面积适应。 If you want to get brighter and larger area of ​​the display, the choice of power source, or more self-projector, the projector sheet to accommodate the door frame area of ​​the liquid crystal device area. 选择电影院用的幻灯机,光源功率可达约1千瓦或更高,此时应该注意液晶器件的冷却。 With selected cinema projector, the light source power up to about 1 kW or more, this time should be noted that the cooling of the liquid crystal device. 在公共场合下,为了方便群众观看和走动,应将投影机置于屏幕的上前方或上后方、正后方。 In public places, in order to facilitate viewing and move the mass, the projector should be placed on the front or the rear of the screen, directly behind. 如欲保持一定的显示面积而又要将投影机与屏幕间的距离缩短,可将光学镜头的焦距设计短些,例如投影机与屏蔽间的距离1米,显示面积的水平宽度也是1米,可将投影机和显示屏幕做成一整体,以便将其移动位置。 To maintain a certain distance between the display area but To shorten the projector and the screen, the focal length of the optical lens can be designed shorter, e.g. 1 meter distance between the projector and the screen, the horizontal width of the display area is 1 m, the projector and the display screen can be made integral so as to move its position.

所选的液晶显示器件,其上下基片的透明电极的排列,采取矩阵式,即上基片的若干根平行带状透明电极与下基片的若干根平行带状透明电极相互垂直,上下电极的交叉点即为象素。 Selected liquid crystal display device, transparent electrodes arranged in the upper and lower substrates, taken matrix, a plurality of parallel strip-like transparent electrodes a plurality of parallel strip-shaped transparent electrode and the substrate, i.e., perpendicular to each other on a substrate, upper and lower electrodes the intersection point is the pixel. 选扭曲场效(也可选其它效应)的液晶器件作显示。 Selected from the distorted field effect (optionally also other effects) for the liquid crystal display device. 要注意液晶矩阵显示的扫描行数不宜过多,否则产生交叉效应,因此目前微型计算机上的液晶显示器多是小面积的,其面积形状是长与宽的比值较大的长方形,例如NANHO牌或CASIO的PB-700型便携式个人微型计算机便采用了这样的长方形矩阵液晶显示器。 Matrix liquid crystal display to be noted that the number of scanning lines should not be too much, otherwise the cross effect is generated, so the current on the liquid crystal display is a multi-microcomputer in a small area, the area shape is a large ratio of length and width of a rectangle, for example, card or NANHO the CASIO PB-700 portable personal microcomputer will be adopted such a rectangular matrix liquid crystal display. 也有较大面积的液晶显示器,例如1984年加拿大推出的STM-PC便携式微型计算机,其液晶显示器为250×80mm2,显示象素为600×200个点。 There is also a large area liquid crystal displays, for example, introduced in Canada in 1984 STM-PC portable microcomputer, a liquid crystal display of 250 × 80mm2, display pixels of 600 × 200 dots. 初选的PB-700型便携式微型计算机主要性能和配置如下:主CPU:HD61917A06,时钟脉冲400CHz Primaries PB-700 portable microcomputer main performance and configuration was as follows: CPU: HD61917A06, clock 400CHz

付CPU:HD61917A07,时钟脉冲200KHzRAM:4KB(可外加三块每块4KB RAM,共扩充至16KBRAM)ROM:25KB键盘:小型,按标准排列液晶显示器:LCD AC15351,矩阵显示160×32点,有效显示面积95×19mm2(黑白显示)绘图打印机:四色(黑、红、绿、兰),每行最多80个字符,平均11个字符/秒,FA-10型(带磁带机接口)微型合式磁带机:CM-1PB-700微型计算机的液晶显示器所显示的英文字、数字、图表如图2;显示的曲线如图3;显示的游戏图形如图4。 Fu CPU: HD61917A07, clock 200KHzRAM: 4KB (4KB RAM can be applied to three each, were expanded to 16KBRAM) ROM: 25KB Keyboard: small, standard alignment liquid crystal display: LCD AC15351, 160 × 32 dot matrix display, effective display area of ​​95 × 19mm2 (monochrome display) graphics printers: four-color (black, red, green, blue), each row up to 80 characters, an average of 11 characters / sec, FA-10 type (tape drive interface) micro-formed tape machine: the liquid crystal display CM-1PB-700 microcomputer displayed letters, numbers, chart 2; curve shown in FIG. 3; FIG. 4 is a graphic display game.

此种机型的配置,已构成一个微型计算机系统,价格(全套2700元)合宜。 Such a model configuration, constitutes a micro-computer system, the price (full set of 2700 yuan) appropriate. 如只购主机、键盘和液晶显示器(共在一小合内),估计价格约2000元以下。 The only available hosts, a keyboard and a liquid crystal display (in a small co-engagement), the estimated price of about 2,000 yuan.

图1中的电路系统S,本文中用初选的PB-700微型计算机系统为代表(当然也可选择内存更大、液晶显示器件面积更大的其它微机系统),其电路系统框图5。 The circuitry of FIG 1 S, primaries used herein, PB-700, represented by a microcomputer system (Alternatively of course, more memory, larger area of ​​the liquid crystal display device other computer system), which is a block diagram of circuitry 5. 本实验装置的工作过程是:将显示文字(汉字或其它种文字)图表、曲线和活动图形的不同程序预先编好,通过键盘输入主机的随机存取存贮器(RAM)中,被存入内存RAM的程序,还可送入外存——微型合式磁带机(CM-1)内的磁带上记录下来,以便需要时将磁带上记录的程序重新调入RAM。 Experimental operation of this device is that: the program will display different characters (Chinese characters or other languages) charts, graphs and the preprogrammed active graphic input through the keyboard of the host random access memory (RAM), and stored at a RAM program memory, the external memory may also be fed - a micro-formed tape (CM-1) recorded on the magnetic tape in order when required to re-program recorded on the tape transferred to RAM. 选按键盘的P0~P9(0~9程序区)键,也就选择了内存中不同的程序,再按下运行(RUN)键,后按返回(RETURN)键,运行程序。 Selected by the keyboard P0 ~ P9 (0 ~ 9 program area) key, they chose a different program in memory, and then press run (RUN) button, press the return (the RETURN) key to run the program. 此时,一方面可将欲显示的文字、图表、曲线和活动图形,的电信号,通过X、Y驱动器加在液晶显示器件上,实现了显示,事先应将液晶显示器的反射镜剥去,便成为透射式液晶器件,将其置于图1中LCD的位置,经过光学投影,在屏幕上实现大面积显示;另一方面还可用四色绘图打印机(FA-10),将置于光学系统内部的液晶器件上显示的内容同时打印在记录纸上,以便操作者监视放在远处的液晶器件上所显示的内容,並留作记录。 In this case, on the one hand to be displayed text, charts, graphs and active graphics, electrical signals, by X, Y drive applied to the liquid crystal display device to achieve the display, the mirror should be stripped prior liquid crystal display, It has become a transmissive liquid crystal device, placed in the position of the LCD in FIG. 1, after the optical projection, large area on the screen; the other hand also four-color printer plotter (FA-10), placed in the optical system content displayed on the liquid crystal device inside the recording paper while printing, so that the operator monitors the content on liquid crystal display device of the remote, and reserved for recording.

在上述图5的工作过程中,在液晶显示器上设想始发站重庆火车站561次慢车开出的显示牌如图6、经过重庆站的303次快车(正点)显示牌如图7、经过重庆站的303次快车(晚点)显示牌如图8。 During operation of Figure 5, the origination station envisaged Chongqing local station 561 times out on the liquid crystal display of the display board 6, after 303 times of shuttle Chongqing station (punctual) display board 7, through Chongqing 303 times express station (late) display board shown in Figure 8. 各车次的到开时间和站台序数,值班者可根据当时情况操作数字键即可。 Each train station to open the time and sequence number, operating the numeric keys may watch according to the circumstances.

又在液晶显示器上,显示出为成都机场设想的进港班机英文公告(供外宾观看)。 And on the LCD display, showing envisaged for the Chengdu airport inbound flight English Bulletin (for foreign guests to watch). 4102航班的到达公告如图9,其中ARRlVALS为进港,BEIJING-CHENGDU为北京至成都,FLTGHT NO.为航班号,SCHEDULED为规定(到达)时间,同时打印机打出的结果如图10;该航班取消公告如图11。 4102 flight arrival announcement 9, wherein the intake port is ARRlVALS, BEIJING-CHENGDU Chengdu to Beijing, FLTGHT NO as flight number, a predetermined of SCHEDULED (arrival) time, while the printer 10 is shown in the results of play; The flight cancellations Notice in Figure 11. 其中CONCELLATIONS为取消,同时打印机打出的结果如图12。 Wherein CONCELLATIONS is canceled, and the printer 12 shown in FIG play results.

如有必要,如图5中用一部外接磁带机,通过FA-10接口的插座,实现PB-700微机系统中的磁带机(CM-1)与外接磁带机之间相互传送数据或程序。 If necessary, as shown in FIG 5 by an external drive, FA-10 interface through the outlet, to achieve PB-700 computer system tape transport data or programs with each other (CM-1) with an external drive.

如有必要,如图5中,用一个PB-700微机系统中的FA-10接口的插座,通过电缆与另一个PB-700微机系统中的FA-10接口的插座相连,可实现两个PB-700微机系统之间相互交换数据和程序。 If necessary, as shown in FIG. 5, PB-700 with a computer system in FA-10 interface socket, connected by a cable to another computer system, PB-700 FA-10 receptacle interface, enabling two PB exchange data and programs between computer systems -700.

用计算机中X、Y驱动器输出的电信息供给矩阵式液晶器件,由此实现的液晶大屏幕投影显示,适用于所有公共场合,诸如车站、码头、机场、公园、娱乐场所、体育馆等;还可将电子游戏、广告合起来作商店橱窗或街头广告宣传用;还可将计算机输出的信息,通过液晶投影到大屏幕上供多人观看,给教学、讲演、军事指挥等场合提供了方便。 X with a computer, the electrical information supplied to the driver output Y matrix type liquid crystal device, thereby achieving large-screen liquid crystal projection display, for all public places such as railway stations, docks, airports, parks, entertainment, sports and the like; also electronic games, advertising together as a shop window or on the street with advertising; computer information can also be output through the LCD projector to the big screen for people to watch, to teaching, lectures, military command and so convenient.

还可将电子计时器(如液晶电子表、电子钟)的译码驱动器的驱动电信号输给液晶器件做上述投影显示,从而实现月、日、星期几、时、分、秒的大屏幕显示,供多人观看。 The driving electrical signal may also be an electronic timer (liquid crystal electronic timepiece, electronic clock) lost to the decoding drive liquid crystal device made the above projection display, in order to achieve month, day, day of week, hour, minute, second large-screen display for people watching.

将液晶显示器上的无色(或浅兰色)偏振片换成某种颜色的偏振片,可在同一个器件上实现从黑字显示换成某种颜色字的显示。 The colorless (or pale blue) on a color liquid crystal display the polarizer into the polarizer, the display may be implemented into a certain color from black characters on the same device. 例如火车慢车的车次用黑字显示,快车的车次用红字显示。 Such as train trips with local black display, the express train display in red. 因红色偏振片将大部份非红色的可见光吸收掉,尽量只将车次的数字用红色偏振片显示红色,其它汉字和数字仍用无色(或浅兰色)偏振片显示黑色,以提高黑白对比度。 Red polarizer because the majority of non-red visible light absorbed, only as much red digital display trips with a red polarizer, other characters and digital still colorless (or light blue) polarizer display black, black and white in order to improve contrast. 无色偏振片与红色偏振片的相互置换,可采用一简单的机械装置实现。 Red colorless mutual replacement polarizer and polarizer can be implemented in a simple mechanical means. 用投影方式便可在大屏幕上实现大面积的一幅黑白显示或一幅某种颜色的单色显示;或者一幅黑白和某种颜色兼而有之的显示,这是其它显示方式(CRT和四色电磁机械翻板除外)所难以达到的。 A large area can be realized on a large screen with a projection display or a black and white monochrome display a certain color; or a combination of a color and a black and white display, which is the other display (CRT electromagnetic and mechanical flap except four-color) difficult to achieve.

还可采用由红、绿、兰三个基色合成一个彩色象素的矩阵式透射型彩色液晶显示器件(例如已有160×64个象素、显示面积为105×42mm2的商品器件),通过投影可在屏幕上实现大面积彩色显示。 It may also be synthesized by using red, green and blue three primary color pixel of a matrix type transmissive color liquid crystal display device (e.g., 160 × 64 pixels existing display area of ​​105 × 42mm2 commodity device) through a projection can achieve large color display on the screen.

液晶显示器件有一定的视角。 The liquid crystal display device has a certain viewing angle. 如将液晶显示器件投影在大屏幕上,显示视角大为提高,因而优于其他由多个液晶器件组成的大屏幕显示,后者视角有限(扭曲型为±45°)。 The liquid crystal display device is projected on a large screen, the viewing angle is greatly improved, and thus superior to the other by a plurality of large-screen liquid crystal display device consisting of a limited viewing angle which (twisted is ± 45 °).

如有进一步的需要,可选择宽工作温度范围(-5℃至62℃)並且是长寿命(100,000小时)的高质量矩阵式液晶显示器件。 Further, if desired, select wide operating temperature range (-5 deg.] C to 62 ℃) of high quality and long lifetime (100,000 hours) the matrix type liquid crystal display device.

几种常用的大面积显示与一个单个液晶器件投影的大面积显示的比较如表1。 Several commonly used single large-area liquid crystal display device with a large-area display is projected in Table 1. Comparative.

由表1可见,单个液晶器件投影的大面积显示,较之几种常用大面积显示,前者性能价格比(性能价格)和可靠性较优。 As shown in Table 1, a single large-area liquid crystal display device is projected, as compared to several common large-area display, the former cost performance (performance price) and reliability is better.

五、实现本实用新型的最好方式当显示一幅画面的信息内容较少,可变化的画面幅数不多时,以采用面积较小的液晶显示器和内存较小的微机为宜,例如PB-700型。 Fifth, the present invention is to achieve the best way less information content when the display a picture, the picture may change when the number of small pieces, to employ a small area liquid crystal displays and computer memory preferably smaller, e.g. PB- 700. 当显示一幅画面的信息内容中等,可变化的画面幅数中等时,以采用面积中等的液晶显示器和内存较大的微机为宜,例如FP-200型便携式微机,其液晶显示器面积约为PB-700的一倍,长宽比例较PB-700合理,象素为64×160个点,尚有小型软磁盘驱动器。 Average number of pictures when displaying the web content information medium can be varied in a screen, a liquid crystal display with a large computer memory, and using an area of ​​the appropriate medium, for example FP-200 portable computer, which is about a liquid crystal display area PB -700 double, than the aspect ratio of PB-700 is reasonable, pixels of 64 × 160 dots, there are a small floppy disk drive. 当显示一幅画面的信息内容很多,可变化的画面幅数极多,以采用面积较大的液晶显示器和内存很大的微机为宜,例如STM-PC型便携式微机,其液晶显示本身便是透射式器件,显示面积约80×250mm2,象素为200×600个点,内存512KB,有两个独立的软磁盘驱动器。 When the display screen is the number of pieces of content a lot of pictures, may change very much, to employ a large-area liquid crystal displays larger computer memory and appropriate, e.g. STM-PC portable computer, a liquid crystal display which itself is a transmission device, a display area of ​​about 80 × 250mm2, pixels of 200 × 600 dots, memory 512KB, there are two separate floppy disk drive. 也可采用通常的以CRT作显示的微机,但要在电路上做些改动,使能与带X,Y驱动器的液晶显示器相适配。 It may also be employed in a conventional CRT display for computer, but some changes in the circuit, enabling the band X, the Y driver of a liquid crystal display adapted.

液晶器件以选用90°扭曲场效应的为宜,便于和CMOS驱动器相配;如采用动态散射效应的,驱动电压和功耗均较高。 A liquid crystal device in order to use FET 90 ° twist is appropriate, and to facilitate mating CMOS driver; The dynamic scattering effect, the driving voltage and power consumption are high.

Claims (3)

1.一种液晶投影大屏幕显示装置其显示的变化由一个在投影光源与屏幕之间的液晶显示器件产生,其特征是使液晶器件显示的驱动电信号来源于计算机、电子表、电子钟、能产生字符信息的电路。 1. A liquid crystal display device of a large screen projection display generated by a change in a liquid crystal display device between the light source and the projection screen, characterized in that the liquid crystal display device of the driving electrical signal from a computer, electronic watch, electronic clock, generation circuit for generating character information.
2.根据权利要求1所述的装置其特征是屏幕显示面积的改变是通过调整一个载有各种不同焦距物镜镜头的园盘实现的。 2. The apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the screen display area is changed by adjusting a variety of different focal lengths of the objective lens contains a lens disc implemented.
3.根据权利要求1所述的装置其特征是位于光源和显示屏幕之间的液晶显示器件可选用无色偏振片和单色偏振片组合的液晶显示器件,或彩色液晶显示器件。 3. The apparatus of claim 1 wherein the liquid crystal display device is positioned between the light source and the display screen can be selected as a colorless polarizer and a polarizer combination monochrome liquid crystal display device, or a color liquid crystal display device as claimed in claim.
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