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Transmission belt


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1.省略其它视图。 1. The other views are omitted. 2.本外观设计产品可采用任何合适的长度,即,在右视图的水平方向上的长度是不固定的。 2. The product design may employ any suitable length, i.e. the length in the horizontal direction is a right side view is not fixed. 2.在主视图中示出了6个凸起部分。 2. In the front view shown six convex portions. 但是,根据具体需要,本外观设计产品可具有少于6个或多于6个的凸起部分。 However, according to specific needs, the present design product can have less than 6 or more than 6 in the raised portion.
CN301217575S 2009-02-12 2009-05-19 Transmission belt CN301217575S (en)

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EM001087548 2009-02-12

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