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The utility model relates to a new carotid bracket, which comprises cylindrical brackets (1), wherein the cylindrical brackets (1) form axial symmetry, are formed by weaving metal wires and are carved by lasers. The utility model has the key point that the brackets (1) are integrally formed and have different diameters. The segments having different diameters of the utility model can be completely and tightly attached with the inner wall of a known pipe; the expansionary force for a vascular wall can be controlled within a proper force range, the condition of oversize tension is avoided and the possible complicating diseases are reduced and eliminated.


新型颈动脉支架 The new carotid stent

技术领域 FIELD

本实用新型涉及一种医疗器械产品,尤为是指一种用于颈动脉血管狭窄的支架。 The present invention relates to medical devices, particularly it refers to a carotid artery stenosis for a stent.

背景技术 Background technique

随着人们对心脑的管病认识的不断提高、其检出率亦在增加,另外生活水平的提高,饮食结构有着很大的变化,肉类、高脂肪和高蛋固醇类食品的食用比例在明显增加,同时城市生活方式的改变,人们的体力劳动和锻炼急剧减少,其结果这一就是心血管类疾病成为城市人口的多发病。 With the increasing awareness of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease tube, the detection rate is also increasing, another improvement of living standards, the diet has changed a lot to eat meat, high-fat and high protein foods steroid the proportion increased significantly, while dramatically reducing urban lifestyle changes, people's physical labor and exercise, this is the result of cardiovascular diseases become frequently-occurring disease of the urban population. 血液内的胆固醇等物质增加并沉积在血管壁内导致血管内腔而变窄,从而引发相应临床症状。 Increased cholesterol and other substances in the blood vessel lumen and to cause deposition in the blood vessel wall and narrows, causing the corresponding clinical symptoms. 对狭窄的血管实行支架扩张成形术是目前临床常用的手段。 The implementation of the expansion of the stent stenosis angioplasty is commonly used in clinical means. 将直筒状的金属网状支架置于上述的狭窄区域,上述的金属网状支架可在一定范围内依赖其弹性而改直径。 The straight cylindrical metal mesh stent is placed on said narrow region, the above-described metal mesh stent may rely on the elasticity to change within a certain diameter range. 使用时是将上述支架的压缩至较小直径状态并置入血管的狭窄区域,其后支架在自身的弹力作用下扩张到一较大的直径状态,达到扩张上述血管的狭窄区域之目的。 When using the stent is compressed to a smaller diameter and placed in a state of a narrow area of ​​the vessel, and thereafter expanded stent under its own elastic force to a state of larger diameter, the purpose of the expansion of the narrow area of ​​the blood vessel. 目前使用的具有同一直径的金属网状支架具有明显的缺陷。 Currently used metal mesh stent having a uniform diameter having a significant drawbacks. 其一是由于血管自身有粗细之分,特别是血管分叉的地方,如颈动脉处的血管是变直径的,置入支架后,会在局部形成悬浮状态,而不能与血管壁紧密贴附,支架容易移位;其二是在血管壁内胆固醇沉积较多并分布不均匀,血管内腔直径有时相差很大,应用同一直径的支架在血管最狭窄处会形成较大径向张力,如血管弹性较差则可导致血管破裂等并发症。 One is due to vascular itself has a thickness of the points, particularly where the vessel bifurcation, vessel such as the carotid artery diameter is variable, stent implantation, will form a suspension in the local state, and not closely attached to the vessel wall , is easy to shift the stent; and the other is more unevenly distributed deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, the vessel lumen diameter may vary widely, applying the same stent diameter stenosis formed in a blood vessel at the most greater radial tension, such as poor blood vessel elasticity can lead to complications such as rupture of blood vessels. 例如以颈总动脉的直径10毫米为基准,那么颈内动脉直径是5或4毫米,在这两个血管分叉连接处放置直径为10毫米的支架是十分不安全的。 For example, 10 mm in diameter as a reference common carotid artery, the internal carotid artery diameter is 5 or 4 mm in diameter was placed in a vessel bifurcation junction of two 10 mm stent is very unsafe. 目前临床医生常使用两个不同直径的支架来扩张血管分叉处的狭窄,造成操作复杂,成本增加。 Clinicians currently commonly used two different diameters of the stent to expand at a vessel bifurcation stenosis, resulting in a complicated operation, increased cost.


本实用新型的发明目的是公开安全性高,操作方便,能适应不同直径血管的新型颈动脉支架。 The object of the present invention is to disclose the invention safe, easy to operate, can adapt to the new carotid stent different diameter of the vessel.

实现本实用新型发明目的的技术方案如下:包括金属丝编织的轴对筒状支架,关键是上述的筒状支一体构成并具不同的直径。 OBJECT OF THE INVENTION The present invention to achieve the following technical solution: a braided wire stent of the tubular shaft, the key is the above-described support are integrally formed cylindrical and having a different diameter. 使用时,置入血管内的方式不变,但可根据血管的具体情况,如分叉部、血管病变长短,选择不同直径比的支架,如小直径端置入血管内的狭窄处,大直径端位于分叉处的大直径血管内或位于血管内胆固醇沉积较少的部位。 In use, the vessel placed in the same way, but depending on the circumstances of the blood vessel, such as a bifurcated portion, the length of vascular lesions, selecting a different diameter than the stent, such as small diameter end into the stenosis within the vessel, the large-diameter large diameter blood vessel end is positioned at the bifurcation of a blood vessel or within less cholesterol deposition site.

本实用新型完全避免了现有技术存在的缺陷,不同直径段可完全与血管内壁紧密贴附,并且血管狭窄处的支架在扩张后的自身最大直径接近相应血管的内径,对血管壁的扩张力则可掌握在适当的力度范围,不会存在力度过大的状况,避免了可能存在的不安全问题。 The present invention completely avoids the disadvantages of the prior art, sections of different diameters may be completely brought into close contact with the vessel wall and the stent inner diameter of blood vessel near stenosis of blood vessels in their respective maximum diameter after expansion, the expansion force of the vessel wall you can master the appropriate velocity range, the intensity is too large a situation does not exist, to avoid possible problems of insecurity.


下面结合附图给出在实用新型的实施例。 In conjunction with the accompanying drawings in the following embodiments of invention.

图1为现有技术的支架的结构示意图。 1 is a schematic structure of the stent of the prior art.

图2为本实用新型的支架的实施例的结构示意图。 FIG 2 is a schematic diagram of an embodiment of the invention the structure of the stent.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

参见图2,在实用新型的实施例的结构如下,包括金属丝编织的轴对筒状支架1,其关键是上述的筒状支架1为一体编织构成,并具不同的直径,即筒状支架1有一大直径端2和小直径端3,该支架由于使用于人体血管内,对金属丝的要求很高,可以使用镍钛合金丝或不锈钢丝编织,并应具有良好的弹性,可能有效的在径向收缩,在置入血管后的预定位置后,可自动膨胀至与血管壁面紧密贴附。 Referring to Figure 2, in the invention embodiment has the following structure, comprising a wire braided shaft to the cylindrical holder 1, the key is the above-described cylindrical stent 1 integrally woven configuration, and having different diameters, i.e., a cylindrical holder 1 2 has a large diameter end and a small diameter end 3, the use of the stent within the blood vessels, the high requirements for wire, nitinol wire may be used or stainless steel wire woven, and should have good flexibility, may be effective in radial contraction, into a predetermined position in the blood vessel, it can be automatically inflated to tightly contact with the vessel wall. 由于血管内壁面因胆因醇沉积的情况不同,形状多样,为适应各种情况及动脉分叉的特定情况,上述支架1的大直径端2和小直径端3之间为圆滑过渡段4,其优点是可适应渐进沉积的情况或分叉部位,还可与血管贴附的更紧密,并手术操作更为方便。 Since the surface of the vessel wall due to deposition of bile due to different circumstances alcohol, variously shaped to adapt to various situations and arterial bifurcation particular case, the large diameter end 2 of the stent 1 and the small diameter end 3 is smooth transition between the segments 4, the advantage is that the case can accommodate the progressive deposition or bifurcation, and the vessel may be attached closer and more convenient surgical procedure. 为适应更多的特定情况,上述的支架1还可为多段不同直径段。 To meet the more particular case, the stent 1 may also be a plurality of pieces of different diameter sections.

Claims (5)

1.一种新型颈动脉支架,包括金属丝编织和激光雕刻的轴对称筒状支架(1),其特征在于上述的筒状支架(1)为一体构成并具不同的直径。 1. A novel carotid stents, including braided wire and laser engraving axisymmetric cylindrical holder (1), characterized in that said tubular support (1) is integrally formed and having different diameters.
2.按权利要求1所述的新型颈动脉支架,其特征在于筒状支架(1)有一大直径端(2)和小直径端(3)。 New claim 2. carotid stenting to claim 1, characterized in that the cylindrical holder (1) has a large diameter end (2) and a small diameter end (3).
3.按权利要求1或2所述的新型颈动脉支架,其特征在于所述的金属丝为镍钛合金或不锈钢。 3. New carotid stent of claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said wire is a nickel-titanium alloy or stainless steel.
4.按权利要求1或2所述的新型颈动脉支架,其特征在于上述的支架(1)的大直径端(2)和小直径(3)之间为圆滑过渡段(4)。 4. The new carotid stent according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the segment is a smooth transition between said holder (1) of the large diameter end (2) and a small diameter (3) (4).
5.按权利要求1所述的新型颈动脉支架,其特征在于上述的支架(1)可具多段不同直径段。 5. The new carotid stent according to claim 1, characterized in that said holder (1) having a multi-stage sections of different diameters.
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