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The utility model provides a multifunctional buckle which relates to a hand-held article in articles of daily use and comprises components of the existing self-locking buckle: a pressing rod, a catch plate, side surfaces on both sides of the catch plate, and moving bar-shaped guide holes on the side surfaces for the pressing rod, wherein both ends of the pressing rod pass through the guide holes on the side surfaces of the catch plate and form end caps on both ends of the pressing rod. The utility model makes the improvement that one end of the guide hole on one side, driving the pressing rod far away from the catch plate, is connected with a hole through which the end caps of the pressing rod can pass or a gap enabling the end of the pressing rods to move out of the side surfaces. The utility model has the advantage of providing a buckle which can be freely mounted on and taken off from a closed back pack belt for adjusting the back pack belt and additionally hanging other travel articles on the back pack belt.


多功能卡扣 Multi-function clip

技术领域 FIELD

本实用新型涉及日用品中的手携物品。 The invention relates to commodities in the hand-held items.

背景技术 Background technique

现有的各类背包或部分旅行箱包的背带或提带上,一般都在带子上配备用于调整带子使用部分的长度的卡扣。 Existing types of backpack or luggage strap portion or lifting belt, are generally equipped with a snap for adjusting the length of the portion of the belt used in the belt. 但这种卡扣的穿带孔是封闭的,必须在带子的一端与包体固定前将卡扣穿在带子上,一旦装在两端都固定在包体上的带子上,在不剪断带子或将带子的一端从包体上拆下的情况下,无法从带子上将卡扣取下来。 However, this buckle strap hole is closed, the strap must be before the end of the bag body is fixed to the belt buckle to wear, once mounted on both ends are mounted on the package body tape, the tape does not cut or the case where one end of the strap is detached from the package body, on the tape can not be deducted from the card down.


本实用新型的目的是提供一种可以在两端都固定在包体上的封闭的带子上随意装上、取下的包带卡扣,增加卡扣使用的灵活性及利用该卡子将其他旅行用品连接在背包带子上,使之成为一体,便于携带和保管。 The object of the present invention is to provide a freely fitted on the bag body are mounted on both ends of the closure tape, removable package with a snap, and increase the flexibility of use with which the snap clip to other travel supplies connected to the backpack straps, making it integrally, easy to carry and storage.

本实用新型包括现有的自锁式卡扣的压杆、卡板、卡板两侧的侧面、侧面上的压杆移动条形导孔,压杆两端穿过卡板侧面的导孔并在压杆两端形成端帽,所作的改进是在一侧的导孔的使压杆远离卡板的一端连接有可以通过压杆端帽的孔或能使压杆端部移出侧面的豁口。 The present invention includes both a conventional self-locking buckle lever, card board, card board sides, moving lever bar on the side of the guide hole, the guide hole through the side of both ends of the card board and plunger formed at both ends of the plunger end cap, the improvements made is to make an end of the card away from the lever plate side is connected to the gap can be removed on one side of the guide hole through the end cap hole lever or lever enables the end portion.

本实用新型的使用过程是:当需要向两端已经固定在包体上的封闭的带子上装本实用新型的卡扣时,将压杆的一端从可穿过压杆端帽孔或豁口移出卡板侧面,压杆和卡板张开,从张开处装入背包带,再将压杆从孔或豁口处归位,卡子即装在背包带上,夹在压杆和卡板之间的带子在卡扣上抽动时,压杆被带动,压杆在移动中靠向夹板,将带子夹紧固定。 During use of the present invention is: when it is desired to have both ends secured in a closed package body belt buckle tops present invention, one end of the plunger from the plunger end cap may pass through a hole or notch out of the card side plate, and the card plate opening lever, loaded backpack from the opening, and then the hole or notch of the lever homing, i.e. the clip mounted on the backpack, interposed between the plunger and the pallets when the belt buckle card twitch, lever being driven lever toward splint on the move, the strap clamp fixed. 当要取下卡扣时,反向拉动带子,使压杆放松带子,再将压杆退到可穿过端帽的孔处,张开压杆,取出带子。 When the snap is removed to reverse the belt pulling the plunger to relax the belt, and then retreated lever may pass through the end cap hole, opening lever, remove the tape.

使用本实用新型的积极效果是得到一种可以在封闭的背包带上随意装上、取下,用于调整背包带及往背包带上加挂其他旅行携带品的卡子。 Use of the present invention is to obtain a positive effect can be freely mounted on the backpack on the closure, remove, and for adjusting the backpack to the backpack for travel to add a clip other products. 本实用新型还可以用在箱包带,汽车安全带等其他使用带子的地方。 The present invention may also be used elsewhere in the use of the tape with luggage, automotive seat belts.


附图为本实用新型的立体图。 BRIEF perspective view of the present invention.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

按现有的自锁式卡扣的结构、工艺、材料,制做压杆1和卡板2,包括压杆圆柱表面的棱3,压杆两端的端帽4和卡板的两个侧面5,开在卡板侧面上的压杆移动条形导孔6,在卡板的一个侧面上条形导孔离卡板正面较远的一端附近开可通过压杆端帽的孔7,并将该孔和条形压杆移动导孔相连通。 Do 2, 3, two lateral end caps at both ends of the lever 4 and the card board comprising a lever plate 1 and the card edge of the cylindrical surface of the plunger by the structure of a conventional self-locking buckle, the process, material, system 5 open near one end opening on the side surface of the card board strip-shaped lever movement guide holes 6, on one side of the card board strip-shaped guide hole in the front panel remote from the card by the end cap bore lever 7, and the plunger hole and the moving guide bar communicating hole. 为了在本实用新型的卡扣上固定其他携带品的带子,在卡板正面开有穿带孔8。 For the present invention the card carrying the belt buckle fixed to the other products, the front through hole 8 opened in pallets.

Claims (1)

  1. 多功能卡扣,包括现有的自锁式卡扣的压杆(1)、卡板(2)、卡板两侧的侧面(5)、侧面上的压杆移动条形导孔(6),压杆两端穿过卡板侧面的导孔并在压杆两端形成端帽(4),其特征是在一侧的导孔的使压杆远离卡板的一端连接有可以通过压杆端帽的孔(7)或能使压杆端部移出侧面的豁口。 Multifunctional snap, comprising a conventional self-locking snap-in lever (1), card board (2), the side plates on both sides of the card (5), moving lever bar guide holes (6) on the side ends plunger through the guide hole and the side of the card board forming the end cap (4) at both ends of the lever, characterized in that the end remote from the lever plate connected to the card guide hole side of the lever by end cap hole (7) or the notch lever can end out of the side.
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