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The utility model discloses a multi-chamber bottle. A structure of the bottle is characterized in that inner space of a bottle boy (1) is divided into a plurality of chambers (4), which does not communicate with each other, with separators (3). A label (2) showing a name of substance in the chamber is pasted at an exterior side of the bottle body corresponding to each chamber (4). Thus, a bottle can contain a plurality of varieties of substances without mixing. The multi-chamber bottle is simple in the structure, nice-looking in the outlook, convenient for carrying and practical, and takes up small room. Thus, the bottle is applicable in the primary packing of goods during a production course, and can be used to fill sauce, vinegar, capsicum, oil and other seasonings in a restaurant, canteen or family, so as to reach the effect that a bottle is filled with complete varieties of enough substances.


多室瓶 Multi-chamber bottles

一、技术领域本实用新型涉及的是一种盛装多种物质的容器,具体地说是一种多室瓶。 I. Technical Field The present invention relates to a plurality of containers containing substances, in particular a multi-chamber bottles.

二、背景技术 Second, the technical background

本实用新型提出前,人们在日常生活中及商品生产过程中盛装各种物质应用的各种瓶、桶、罐都是一室的,各种物质不相混淆只能一瓶盛装一种物质。 Before the utility model, people of various kinds of bottles containing material applications, barrels, cans are in a room in their daily lives and commodity production process, various substances can not be confused with a bottle containing a substance. 如饭店、食堂、家庭的餐桌上摆着一堆独立盛装酱油、醋、辣椒油等调品味的瓶子,既占地方,又不美观;出厂的各种饮料也只能一种饮料装入一个瓶内,想同时喝多种口味的饮料得买多瓶,携带不便,量大喝不完造成浪费。 Them the costumes as a bunch of independent bottle of soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, tune taste on hotels, canteens, family dinner table, both take a place, not beautiful; all kinds of drinks a beverage factory can only be put in a bottle inside, I want to drink at the same time have to buy a variety of flavors of drink bottles, inconvenient to carry, large drink endless waste.


本实用新型所要解决的技术问题是提供一种一个瓶内能盛多种物质且不混淆的多室瓶。 The utility model technical problem to be solved is to provide a multi-chamber bottles of one kind of bottle can hold a variety of substances without confusion.

解决所提出的技术问题采用的技术方案是:在生产瓶时将瓶体内空间靠隔体从底到口分成多个互不相通的容室,每个容室内装入要装的物质且不相互混淆,既可达到目的。 Technical solutions proposed to solve the technical problem are employed: production of the bottle when the bottle space of the body into a plurality of spacers against each other through the chamber from the bottom to the mouth, each accommodating chamber charged with material to be put into each other without confusion, can achieve their goals.

本实用新型的有益效果是;只是将瓶内空间分成多个互不相通的容室,每个容室内就可装入不同的物质不混淆。 The present invention has the advantages that; just a plurality of mutually space into the bottle through the chamber, each accommodating chamber can be charged with different substances not to be confused. 具体的说,也就是将酱油、醋、辣椒油等调品味或者多种饮料、罐头等物质装入一个瓶内不同的容室内,想用哪种就取哪种。 Specifically, that is, into the soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, or tune taste a variety of drinks, canned food and other substances of a different bottle reception chamber, which would like to use what you take. 所以,本实用新型应用时所占空间小,美观大方,便于携带,方便实用;特别是适用于商品在生产过程中的初次包装。 Therefore, the present invention is applied when a small footprint, elegant, portable, convenient and practical; particularly suitable for the packaging of goods for the first time in the production process.


图1为本实用新型多室瓶的主视图。 Figure 1 is a front view of the multi-chamber bottle invention.

图2为本实用新型多室瓶图1A-A的剖视图。 Figure 2 a sectional view of the new multi-chamber bottle of FIGS. 1A-A of the present utility.


在附图中,本实用新型多室瓶由瓶体、标识、隔体构成,在生产瓶时将瓶体1的内部空间靠隔体3从底到口分成多个互不相通的容室4,本实施例为4个容室。 In the drawings, the present invention is a multi-chamber bottle from the bottle, identification, spacer configuration, the interior space of the bottle 1 in the production of the bottle body 3 is divided into a plurality of compartments against each other through the substrate from chamber to port 4 , the present embodiment is a four chamber. 每个容室所对应的瓶体1外侧,贴有标有容室内所装物质名称的标识2,以便不开瓶盖就能知道每个容室内所装物质,达到方便使用。 Each bottle outer chamber 1 corresponding, affixed to the housings of labeled substance name identification means 2, so as not to be able to know each of the open cap interior accommodating the contents to achieve easy to use. 容室内的物质可单独使用,可先后使用,还可同时使用。 Reception chamber can be used alone, can be used in tandem, it can be used simultaneously.

对于桶、罐,将其体内空间靠隔体隔成互不相通的多个容室,也是本实用新型保护的范围。 For barrels, cans, against which spacer body space partitioned into a plurality of mutually communicating chamber, the scope of the present invention is also a novel protection.

Claims (2)

1.一种多室瓶,其特征在于:瓶体(1)的内部空间靠隔体(3)从底到口分成多个互不相通的容室(4)。 A multi-chamber bottle, which is characterized in that: the inner space of the bottle (1) by a spacer (3) into a plurality of mutually communicating chamber (4) from the bottom to the mouth.
2.如权利要求1所述的多室瓶,其特征在于每个容室(4)所对应的瓶体(1)外侧贴有标有容室内所装物质名称的标识(2)。 The multi-chamber bottle according to claim 1, characterized in that each chamber (4) corresponding to the bottle (1) affixed to the outer container chamber marked with the name of the contained substance identified (2).
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