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The utility model relates to a building decoration material, in particular to a structure of building surface decoration material; the technical solution solved by the utility model is that the decorative wall has multilayer stereoscopic sense, and the construction is convenient. The utility model adopts the following technical solutions: a wall decorative material structure comprises particle agglomerates and a thin adhesive film; the particle agglomerates are arranged in a layer, and the thin adhesive film is covered at a single side of a particle agglomerate layer, by which an removable tight wrapped splicing structure is formed with each particle agglomerate; thereby the decorative wall has a multilayer sense, and the scattering particle agglomerates are adhered by the thin adhesive film, so the contructure is convenient; the utility model can be applicable for the decorative construction of budiling wall.


墙面贴装材料结构 Wall Mount material structure

技术领域 FIELD

本实用新型涉及一种建筑装饰材料,特别是一种建筑表面贴装材料的结构。 The present invention relates to a decorative building material, particularly surface mount structure of a building material.

本实用新型的墙面贴装材料结构采用以下技术方案:一种墙面贴装材料结构,包括粒块和粘胶薄膜,所述粒块排列设置为一层,粘胶薄膜覆盖在粒块层的单侧面,并与每个粒块形成可撕开的紧密包覆粘接结构。 Wall mount according to the present invention, the following technical material structure solution: A mounting wall material structure, comprising a film grain block and viscose, the grain aggregates are arranged as a layer, covering the adhesive film grain block layer single side coated adhesive and compact structure can be formed with each of the tear grain block.

本实用新型的墙面贴装材料结构的粘胶薄膜紧密包覆粒块的深度小于粒块层厚度的三分之一。 Close coated adhesive film grain block of the present invention is a wall-mount material structure depth less than one-third the thickness of the bulk layer tablets.

本实用新型的墙面贴装材料结构的粒块的形状可以是任意形状。 The shape of the grain aggregate according to the present invention mount structure wall material can be any shape.

本实用新型的墙面贴装材料结构的粒块的大小可以是任意的。 The size of the particles of the present invention block wall mount structure of the material may be any.

本实用新型与现有技术相比,除具有坚硬耐用、不怕水、防火、防潮、耐腐蚀的优点;由于粒块排列为一层,贴装在墙面上具有层次感,分散的粒块由粘胶薄膜粘附方便了施工;此外它还具有价格低廉,制作工艺简单的优点。 Present invention compared with the prior art, in addition to having a hard and durable, not afraid of water, fire, moisture, corrosion resistance advantages; as grain blocks are arranged as a layer, having a layered mount on the wall, dispersible granules by the block the adhesive film is adhered to facilitate construction; in addition, it has a low price, the advantages of simple fabrication process.

如图1所示,本实用新型的墙面贴装材料结构采用大小不同、形状各异的粒块1排列成一层,在其上面覆盖粘胶薄膜2,粘胶薄膜2与粒块层上的每一粒块1紧密接触包覆,使粒块1粘附在粘胶薄膜2上,形成一贴装材料层。 As shown, the present invention uses a wall-mount material structure of different sizes and shapes of grains are arranged in one block 1, covering the adhesive film 2 thereon, the adhesive film 2 and the grains of the bulk layer each block 1 is in close contact with a covering, so that the block 1 particles adhered to the adhesive film 2, forming a layer of material placement. 贴装施工时,将该粒块层没有覆盖粘胶薄膜的一面粘贴在有水泥的墙面上,待其凝固后,撕下粘胶薄膜2,就形成带有层次感粒块的墙面,由于覆盖有粘胶薄膜2,被粘胶薄膜2覆盖的粒块1不会被水泥弄脏,简化了贴装施工,为保证粒块1被水泥牢固粘附,粒块1嵌入水泥应有一定的深度,经实验粒块1嵌入水泥深度至粒块1的三分之二就能满足要求,因此粘胶薄膜2包覆粒块1的深度应当为粒块层厚度的三分之一。 When mounting the construction, a block layer not covered by the grain side of the adhesive film stuck on the wall of cement, wait until the solidification, the adhesive film 2 is torn off, walls formed with layered grain block, because the film 2 is covered with the adhesive, the adhesive film 2 is covered with grains of cement block 1 is not soiled, the construction is simplified placement, to ensure the particles are firmly adhered to a concrete block, cement particles embedded in a block should be a the depth of granulation experiment 1 block embedded to a depth of two-thirds of the cement particles is able to meet the requirements of block 1, and therefore the depth of the adhesive coated film grain block 1, block 2 should be grain third layer thickness.

Claims (4)

  1. 1.一种墙面贴装材料结构,包括粒块(1)和粘胶薄膜(2),其特征在于:所述粒块(1)排列设置为一层,所述粘胶薄膜(2)覆盖在粒块层的单侧面,并与每个粒块形成可撕开的紧密包覆粘接结构。 A wall mount structure material, including grain blocks (1) and the adhesive film (2), characterized in that: said particles block (1) are arranged as a layer, the adhesive film (2) covering the surface on one side of the bulk layer tablets, coated and tightly bonded structure formed tearable tablets each block.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述的墙面贴装材料结构,其特征在于:所述的粘胶薄膜(2)紧密包覆粒块的深度小于粒块层厚度的三分之一。 2. The material of the wall mount structure according to claim 1, wherein: said adhesive film (2) coated tablets tightly block a depth less than one third of the thickness of the bulk layer tablets.
  3. 3.根据权利要求1或2所述的墙面贴装材料结构,其特征在于:所述的粒块(1)的形状可以是任意形状。 3. Wall mount or the material structure according to claim 1, wherein: granules block (1) The shape may be any shape.
  4. 4.根据权利要求1或2所述的墙面贴装材料结构,其特征在于:所述的粒块(1)的大小可以是任意的。 The material of the wall mounting structure of claim 1 or claim 2, wherein: the size of the grain aggregate (1) may be arbitrary.
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