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The utility model relates to a multi page browsing device with one window. One end of an Internet access network segment switch in the device is connected with a public network through a public network terminal router, the other terminal is connected with an internal network segment switch through a TIM connecting server, a TB core server and a TB chat and message server, the internal network segment switch is also connected with a TIM user data base server and a TB background statistics server, and is connected with a DDN internal dedicated line a local network terminal router 19. The utility model can realize that multi pages can be simultaneously opened in one browsing device window, and different pages can be browsed by only clicking different page tabs in one window.


单窗口多页浏览装置 Single-window multi-page browsing device

本实用新型涉及计算机技术中浏览器领域,特别涉及浏览器单窗口多页浏览装置技术。 The present invention relates to computer technology field of the browser, and more particularly to a single browser window multi-page browsing apparatus technology.

目前所用的浏览器为单窗口单页浏览器,这种浏览器经:需要自动新的程序并在新的IE窗口中阅读,浏览不同的页面,需要点击不同的IE窗口,这种模式将因为多个IE程序的启动而过渡消耗系统资源,同时浏览多个窗口也不够便捷。 Currently used browser is a single-page single-window browser, this browser by: the need for new procedures and automatic reading in a new IE window, browse different pages, you need to click on different IE windows, because this model will IE start multiple programs and excessive consumption of system resources to simultaneously browse multiple windows is not enough convenient.

本实用新型的目的是针对现有技术的不足,设计一种单窗口多页浏览器,可以实现在同一个浏览装置窗口中同时打开多个页面,浏览不同的页面只需要在同一窗口下点击不同的页面标签即可。 The purpose of the present invention is directed to inadequacies in existing technologies, to design a multi-page single-window browser, you can open multiple pages at the same time achieve the same browser window device, different only need to click through the pages in the same window different the page tab.

下面结合附图对本实用新型进一步详述:一种单窗口多页浏览装置,该装置中Internet接入网段交换机的一端通过公共网络端路由器与公共网相接,另一端分别通过TIM连接服务器,TB核心服务器及TB聊天和留言服务器与内部网段交换机相接,内部网段交换机又分别接TIM用户数据库服务器、TB后台统计服务器,并通过局部网络端路由器与DDN内部专线相接。 DRAWINGS The present invention is described in further detail: a single-window multi-page browsing means, the Internet access device, an end section of the switch network through a public network router in contact with the public network, the other terminal connected to the server through the TIM, TB and TB core server chat and message server and the internal network switch connected, respectively, then the internal network switch and TIM user database server, TB background statistics server, and joined by a local network router and DDN internal line.

本实用新型与现有技术相比,可以实现在同一个浏览装置窗口中同时打开多个页面,浏览不同的页面只需要在同一窗口下点击不同的页面标签即可。 The utility model as compared with the prior art, can be implemented in the same browser window device simultaneously open multiple pages, navigate through different pages just click on the tab to a different page in the same window.

图1为本实用新型的网络系统逻辑示意图;图2为本实用新型的各单元连接关系示意图; FIG 1 Schematic new network systems present practical; FIG. 2 units novel utility schematic diagram of connection relationship;

图3-1、3-2为本实用新型的软件流程图。 New software flowchart of FIG. 3-1 and 3-2 present invention.

下面结合附图对本实用新型进一步详述:设计一种单窗口多页浏览装置,单窗口多页浏览装置中Internet接入网段交换机1的一端通过公共网络端路由器8与公共网相接,另一端分别通过TIM连接服务器2、TB核心服务器3及TB聊天和留言服务器4与内部网段交换机5相接,内部网段交换机5又分别接TIM用户数据库服务器7、TB后台统计服务器6,并通过局部网络端路由器9与DDN内部专线10相接,系统结构的设计以高可靠性、高安全性、良好的可扩展性和可管理性为原则,采用层交化、结构化的设计方法,将整个网络划分为三个部分:内部网部分、Internet接入和远程数据维护服务。 Designed a single-window multi-page browsing apparatus, a single multi-page browsing window Internet access device 1 switches the network segment at one end through a public network and the public network router contact 8, and the other: drawings of the present invention is described in further detail below in connection with One end of each connection through the TIM server 2, and 3 TB TB core server and chat message server 4 and the inner segment 5 in contact with the switch, the switch 5 and the internal network are connected TIM user database server. 7, TB background statistics server 6, and by 9 and the local network router DDN internal contact line 10, the design configuration of the system with high reliability, high safety, excellent scalability and manageability principle, the use of cross-layer structure design method, the entire network is divided into three parts: the part of the internal network, Internet access and remote data maintenance services. 其浏览装置各部分的功能为:TENCENT BROWSER服务器机群:包含TENCENT BROWSER核心服务器群、聊天/留言服务器群、统计管理服务器。 Function of each part of the device is its browser: TENCENT BROWSER server cluster: Contains TENCENT BROWSER core server group, chat / message server farms, statistical management server.

TENCENT BROWSER核心服务器:接收并响应用户登录TENCENTBROWSER客户端后向服务器发出的登记处,并将其它用户在线情况等资料返回给TENCENT BROWSER客户端,后续TENCENT BROWSER浏览器中访问页面的情况,实现用户查看“谁与我同在”的功能,即用户可以实现实时观察到同一时刻,浏览同一网站或网页的其它用户;并可以通过即时通信软件,互加好友双向即时网络通讯。 TENCENT BROWSER core server: Receives and responds to user logon at the end of the registration issued to the server TENCENTBROWSER customers and other return cases and other information to users online TENCENT BROWSER client, the follow-TENCENT BROWSER browser to access the page, and how to view "who is with me" feature, which users can achieve real-time observation to the same time, browse other users on the same site or page; and through instant messaging software, instant two-way mutual friend add network communications. TENCENT BROWSER核心服务器还将用户在线情况事实同步到聊天/留言服务器群,并简单汇总用户在线资料后,发送到统计管理服务器。 TENCENT BROWSER core server will be synchronized to the fact that the user is online Chat / Message server group, and a simple summary data after users online, send statistics to the management server.

聊天/留言服务器:管理用户实时聊天和响应用户发送或读取留言记录的请求。 Chat / Message Server: managing user and responding to user live chat or transmission of message record read request.

统计管理服务器:承担后台管理功能,TENCENT BROWSER核心服务器将所有登录用户记录发送给统计管理服务器,由它完成整理、汇总功能。 Statistics Management Server: assume management background, TENCENT BROWSER core server will be sent to all logged-on user records statistics management server, it is done by the order, the summary function.

TIM服务器群:负责响应TIM客户端读取用户资料的请求。 TIM server group: TIM responsible for responding to client reads user data requests.

本实用新型的硬件系统与如图3-1,3-2所述的软件一同实现本实用新型的目的,其软件目的如下:TENCENT BROWSER客户端软件:即用户使用的TENCENT BROWSER浏览器,负责向TIM客户端发出身份识别请求,交将身份识别的结果转发TENCENT BROWSER服务器机群,后续追踪用户浏览器中访问页面的情况并及时发送到TENCENT BROWSER服务器。 The present invention the hardware and software of the system of FIG. 3-1 with the object of the present invention to achieve its object as software: TENCENT BROWSER client software: i.e., the user's browser TENCENT BROWSER responsible to TIM client makes a request for identification, identification of the results of cross-forwards TENCENT bROWSER server cluster, follow up with the user's browser to access the page and promptly sent to TENCENT bROWSER server.

TIM客户段软件:负责响应TENCENT BROWSER客户端发出的用户身份识别请求,并转发TIM服务器,查询结果后,将结果返回TENCENTBROWSER客户端。 TIM customer segment software: in charge of responding to user identification TENCENT BROWSER request sent by the client and forward TIM server, after the query results, and returns the result TENCENTBROWSER client.

下面以一个中等规模的网络系统为实施例,该实施例中网络交换机采用了4台100M以太网交换机。 Below a medium-scale network system embodiment, this embodiment uses a network switch 4 in this embodiment 100M Ethernet switch. 系统涉及了70台主机。 The system involves the 70 hosts. 服务器几乎全部采用机群方式,达到用户动态平均分布。 Almost all use cluster server mode, dynamic distribution reach an average user. 其中部分主机用于TIM服务系统的服务器,部分用于TENCENT BROWSER服务器。 Some of the host server for TIM service system, partly for TENCENT BROWSER server.

其中主要服务器的选型为:TENCENT BROWSER服务器(机群):p13300 p3/700*2(双CPU)TENCENT BROWSER聊天/留言服务器(机群):p14400 p3/866*2(双CPU)TENCENT BROWSER统计管理服务器:p13300 p3/700*2(双CPU)TIM服务器(机群):cpq1850 p3/700*4(四CPU)网络服务器选用Compaq公司的PC Server系统Proliant系列的产品和Intel公司的Power Leder PC Server系列。 Where the selection of the primary server is: TENCENT BROWSER server (cluster): p13300 p3 / 700 * 2 (dual CPU) TENCENT BROWSER Chat / Message Server (cluster): p14400 p3 / 866 * 2 (dual CPU) TENCENT BROWSER statistics management server : p13300 p3 / 700 * 2 (dual CPU) TIM server (cluster): cpq1850 p3 / 700 * 4 (four CPU) network server selection of Compaq's PC server system Proliant range of products and Intel's Power Leder PC server series.

Compaq Proliant系列:Compaq Proliant系列服务器是目前计算机业界极具竞争力的产品。 Compaq Proliant Series: Compaq Proliant series server is the computer industry's highly competitive products. Intel的体系结构采用基于快速的微处理器的64位Xeon技术,从而使它的计算能力非常强大。 Intel Architecture 64-bit Xeon microprocessor technology based on fast, making it a very powerful computing capabilities. Proliant服务器在性能/价格上处于领先地位。 Proliant server in a leading position in terms of performance / price.

Compaq Proliant1850是Proliant系列服务器中一种运算处理能力和性能价格比都很优秀的产品。 Compaq Proliant1850 is Proliant series servers An arithmetic processing capability and cost performance are excellent products. 它可以支持开放式UNIX和WindowsNT的操作系统,特别适用于那些需完成有关涉及数据库操作的大型应用程序的使用。 It can support open operating systems UNIX and WindowsNT, especially for those related to the use of large-scale complete application involves database operated.

1850采用550MHz的PIII芯片作为CPU。 1850 using PIII 550MHz chip as CPU. 它最多可配备2个CPU,支持多CPU对称地并行处理(SMP)。 It can be equipped with up to two CPU, support multiple CPU symmetrically parallel processing (SMP).

在Linux Slackware7的操作系统下,可为系统配置最大2GB的内存。 In the Linux operating system Slackware7, configurable up to 2GB of memory for the system. 在本方案中服务器配有1GM的内存,采用大容量内存的目的是要把包括操作系统软件,热备份系统软件和应用数据库中常用查询记录数据在内的多项资源放置在内存中,以提高系统的中央委员应速度,同时所有内存中的有关数据库的变动情况都会及时写回系统的共享硬盘组中,作为数据资料的保存和故障恢复的来源。 In the present embodiment the server has 1GM memory, large capacity memory object is to make the recording data includes common queries the operating system software, application software and hot backup database system, a number of resources are placed in memory in order to improve central Committee members should speed system, while all in-memory database related changes will be timely to write a shared hard disk group back into the system, the source of the data stored and fault recovery. 另外,使用到的内存均具有ECC的纠错功能,并能进行内存故障的渡越,这样可防止某些重要数据因为内存的物理故障而发生丢失的可能。 In addition, the memory has an ECC error correction, and capable of crossing the fault memory, which prevents some of the important data as a physical failure of the memory loss may occur. 1850采用模块板件的方式,安装方便,配置灵活,可根据需要随时增加。 1850 by way of the panel module, easy installation, flexible configuration, can be added at any time according to need.

对于主机系统的硬盘配置可以分为两个部分。 For the host system hard disk configuration it can be divided into two parts. 一部分是每台主机自身的硬盘存贮系统。 Part of each host their own hard disk storage system. 另一部分是作为两台主机的外围共享硬盘存贮系统。 Another part of the periphery of the two hosts as a shared hard disk storage system.

主机的内部硬盘主要存放操作系统软件,和数据库软件系统,由于实际的数据不会存放在内部硬盘中,1850实际的机内硬盘容量最大可配到27GB。 The main internal hard disk storage of host operating system software, database software systems and, since the actual data is not stored in the internal hard disk, the hard disk 1850 the actual maximum capacity may be assigned to 27GB. 磁盘阵列4个容量为9GB的3.5英寸半高硬盘设置赤RAID5,为系统提供27GB的硬盘存储容量。 4 disk array capacity is 3.5 inch half-height drive settings red RAID5 9GB, there is provided a storage capacity of 27GB hard drive for the system.

1850的内部总线速度和I/O吞吐速度也是较快的。 Speed ​​internal bus and I / O throughput speed is faster 1850. 在I/O设备中,服务器采用Smart Array技术减少磁盘读写次数,40MBps的SCSI接口来提高磁盘控制器和磁盘的数据吞吐能力。 In the I / O device, the server using the Smart Array technology to reduce the number of disk read and write, 40MBps SCSI interface to increase the data throughput of the disk controller and the disk.

本系统采用了20台上述配置的1850主机。 The system uses a 1850 host 20 configured as described above.

Powerleader机架式服务器系列:Inter IA Powerleader服务器采用Inter高性能服务器主板、处理器、专用机箱、高级服务器管理软件及其它Inter认证的部件,经过严格的装配及测试生产线,整合而成,确保每一台机器具有Inter产品的高品质。 Powerleader rack server Series: Inter IA Powerleader Inter-performance server using the server board, processor, application specific case, the server management software and other advanced authentication Inter member, rigorous testing and production assembly line, from integration, to ensure that each Inter machines have high-quality products.

它具有以下特点:标准性、开发性、易管理性。 It has the following features: normative, development, ease of manageability. 安装维护简单快捷,可以根据业务发展需要,方便提升系统性能。 Quick and easy installation and maintenance may be required based on business development, easy to improve system performance. 机架服务器提供商而精心设计的互联网机架式服务器,它通用、可靠、高速,具有高速的可扩充性,利用Inter互联风俗服务器构建模块。 Rack servers designed Internet provider and rack-mounted servers, it is universal, reliable, high-speed, high-speed scalability, building blocks using the Internet Inter custom server.

产品型号:Inter IA powerleader 330R机箱:采用powerleader2U机箱母板:Inter L440GX+支持2路英特尔奔腾III处理器750MHZ,256KL2高速缓存,最高可升至PIII850MHZ支持100MHZ系统总线100MB ECC SDRAM,可扩至2GB集成Inter 82559 10/100M网卡,支持WOL(远程唤醒),提供两个标准PCI适配卡集成显示系统双高速SCSI控制端口提供4个热插拔硬盘,并可支持2个1.6'盘1.44M软驱,24X高速簿CDROM、 Product Type: Inter IA powerleader 330R chassis: The chassis powerleader2U motherboard: Inter L440GX + supports two Intel Pentium III processor 750MHZ, 256KL2 cache, the maximum rose to PIII850MHZ support 100MHZ system bus 100MB ECC SDRAM, expandable to 2GB integrated Inter 82559 10 / 100M LAN, the WOL (remote wakeup), provides two standard PCI adapter card integrated display system double-speed SCSI control port provides four hot-swap drive, and support for two 1.6 '1.44M floppy disks, 24X High-speed book CDROM,

本系统采用了50台上述配置的PL3300R主机。 This system uses a host PL3300R 50 configured as described above.

操作系统linux slackware 7.x服务器的操作系统,选用linux slackware 7.1。 Operating system linux operating system slackware 7.x server, use linux slackware 7.1. Slackware7.1在UNIX产品,具有良好的功能性、高效率和模块结构的特点,无论是吞吐能力还是响应速度都处于领先的地位。 Slackware7.1 in UNIX products, with well-characterized functional, high efficiency and modular structure, either throughput or response time are in a leading position. 具有较多的优点:遵从UNIX系统的标准,可以建立起一套真正开放的计算环境,保护用户在操作系统上的投资。 It has more advantages: In compliance with the standard UNIX system, you can establish a truly open computing environment, protect the user's investment in the operating system.

快速的大型数据库访问能力;低成本的系统、网络及外存管理;提供完善的系统安全控制体系;提供最新的开发工具,帮助用户方便而快速地开发应用软件;提供各种技术手段,帮助用户完成不同系统间的转移和应用软件的移植;在本方案中,所用服务器采用Slackware7.1。 Large fast database access capability; low-cost system, network and external memory management; complete system safety control system; provide the latest development tools to help users easily and quickly develop applications software; provide technical tools to help users to complete the transfer between different systems and portable applications; in the present embodiment, the server uses a Slackware7.1.

数据库管理系统mysql-3.22.27。 Database management system mysql-3.22.27.

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1.一种单窗口多页浏览装置,其特征在于所述单窗口多页浏览装置中Internet接入网段交换机(1)的一端通过公共网络端路由器(8)与公共网相接,另一端分别通过TIM连接服务器(2)、TB核心服务器(3)及TB聊天和留言服务器(4)与内部网段交换机(5)相接,内部网段交换机(5)又分别接TIM用户数据库服务器(7)、TB后台统计服务器(6),并通过局部网络端路由器(9)与DDN内部专线(10)相接。 A single-window multi-page browsing means, wherein one end of the single-window multi-page browsing means switches Internet access network section (1) is in contact with the public network through the public network router (8), the other end are respectively connected to the server through the TIM (2), TB core server (3) and TB and chat message server (4) and the internal network switch (5) in contact with the internal network switch (5) and are respectively connected TIM user database server ( 7), TB background statistics server (6), and joined by a local network router (9) and the inner DDN line (10).
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