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The utility model relates to an air conditioner through which outdoor air is filtered and is exchanged indoors after the outdoor air is humidified and is adjusted for temperature. The utility model comprises an air pump (a fan), a water pipe, a vent tube (chamber), a filter, etc. The utility model is characterized in that through control, condensed water or filled water is filled in the filter, indoor exhausted air is filled in an exhaust tube. By means of the utility model, the air which enters the room is filtered, is humidified, and is adjusted for temperature, and therefore, the high clear air which has temperature close to room temperature and proper oxygen and moisture is provided for the room. The utility model can have the action of adjustment for the indoor air in four seasons.


Purify the air exchangeable conditioner device

The water utility model belongs to the air-conditioning technique field.

At present, middle-size and small-size temperature adjustment air-conditioner on the market mostly adopts the mode that is circulated by room air entirely, some air-conditioners with ventilatory can not make temperature adjustment and ventilation carry out simultaneously, more do not possess the function of filtering pernicious gas, and the temperature adjustment air-conditioning that some tools purify air does not have ventilatory again.Thereby, be difficult to ensure IAQ.Simultaneously, the condensed water that produces of temperature adjustment air-conditioner mostly is used as refuse and drains.Though constant temperature air exchanger can not regulate the room temperature for the indoor fresh air that provides near room temperature.When the people is trapped in by the sealing of common temperature adjustment air-conditioner temperature adjustment preferably in the environment for a long time, very easily bring out " air conditioner comprehensive disease "; With often windowing or the method ventilation of auxilliary dress constant temperature air exchanger, both uneconomical, pretty troublesome again can't the airborne nuisance of filtering.

The purpose of this utility model provides a kind of water that condensed water or artificial back add and waste gas of indoor discharge of utilizing, to through air pump (fan), filter, air inlet pipe with the air in the inlet chamber, purify, the device of temperature adjustment.The scheme of this technology is:

When the wet type air filter is contained in the outdoor section of air-conditioning, under refrigerating state, the condensed water that this device produces evaporimeter, through drip tray, water pump, or the water pipe that communicate adjacent with air inlet pipe, cause air cleaner, with cooling and filter chamber's outer air, along with increasing of condensed water in the filter, and discharge through delivery port.

Meanwhile, outdoor air is through filter screen, filter material, air inlet pipe, air pump, microvesicle generators, and fully contacts with the condensed water of filter, and by preliminary temperature adjustment and purification.Under the positive pressure of the negative pressure of evaporator fan and air pump, passed through the filter gas outlet, reach air hose (chamber), filter screen, evaporimeter, fan adjacent with condensate pipe or that communicate by the air of preliminary temperature adjustment and purification, after being cooled off once more, filtering, be blown into indoor.Because the condensate temperature that evaporimeter is discharged is near room temperature, and nuisances such as airborne sulfide, nitride, dust can be absorbed dissolving drains, so, can will with its air temperature adjustment and purification that fully contacts, the indoor fresh air that provides near the cleaning of room temperature is provided.

Under the heat pump state, wet filter is blowing under the effect of power or pump by being blown into the formed indoor positive air pressure of indoor air continually at this outdoor device raw water tubes, can by with air inlet pipe next-door neighbour and the blast pipe of sharing heat insulation protecting outwards discharging be higher than the air of outdoor temperature and heating air inlet pipe; Outdoor air through filter screen, filter material, air pump and wet type air filter (when outdoor temperature is not less than zero centigrade or electric heater unit is housed, and inject the air cleaner of water) and heated air inlet pipe inlet chamber in, indoor providing near fresh air room temperature, cleaning also is provided.With drip tray this device as the wet type air filter, outdoor air is carried out wet filter through the drip tray that dry type is filtered and indoor set is sent in preliminary temperature adjustment, through condensed water or artificial water filtration and the humidification that adds, can be indoor temperature, humidity, the pure air that oxygen content is suitable of providing.When being air inlet pipe with the drainpipe, can establish a both ends open and communicate with indoor and outdoor respectively, adjacent and share the blast pipe of insulation with drainpipe with air inlet pipe, or do not establish blast pipe.Under the effect of air pump, outdoor air after filtration with temperature adjustment in the air inlet pipe inlet chamber, room air is discharged through exhaust ventilation pipe or ventilation of room hole.

As being blast pipe with the drainpipe, promptly must establish the air inlet pipe of sharing insulation with it in addition.One end opening of air inlet pipe is facing to the negative pressuren zone of indoor blowing fan, and the other end then communicates with atmosphere through wet type air cleaner, air pump (fan), dry type air purifier.

For ease of using winter, can be around wet type air cleaner or among add the electric calorifie installation of band gauge tap.

For ease of filter rinsed (clarifier) or change filter material, filter core, filter and air-conditioner should be provided with dodge gate, lid, water filling port, discharge opening should be designed to easy-to-dismount type, is loaded on when outdoor, and heat-insulation layer should be arranged.

For ease of operation, air pump (fan), blast pipe, the interior air scoop of suction chamber etc. should be provided with electronic or manual overvide.

Under the duty of special ventilation, close the air inlet of this device room air circulatory system and be the valve of wet filter delivery port with the drip tray; For warm formula filter fills up and regularly renews water.Outdoor air is sent into indoor wet filter by air pump (fan) after dry type is filtered, be blown into indoor again by fan; Or air pump will directly send into the negative pressuren zone of this device indoor section outdoor through overdrying, wet filtered air, will be blown into indoor then by aerofoil fan.

Closed the drainpipe of all water discharging valves of drip tray as shown in Figure 5, with the smooth and easy conducting of room air, can be directly to outdoor exhaust, and can be the air inlet pipe temperature adjustment.

Below in conjunction with description of drawings content of the present utility model

Height when drip tray bottom is higher than water pipe and outdoor filter water inlet height, condensed water can be smooth and easy when drip tray flow to filter, this device is holding water pump not from drip tray to the water pipe section between filter; Otherwise then water pump must be installed.

Condensed water outlet pipe and air intake duct should be shared the insulation packing, and outdoor clarifier should have the heat insulation protecting layer.

Fig. 1 is the purification air conditioning/ventilating system overall structure schematic diagram of band water pump, air inlet pipe, filter.Drip tray (3) is established in evaporimeter (1) lower end, water pipe (5) water inlet is communicated with drip tray, and the other end is connected water pump (6), and water pipe (7) one ends are communicated with water pump (6), the other end communicates with the water inlet of filter (8), and filter (8) can be loaded on the indoor or outdoors part and have delivery port.

When air-conditioner is in refrigerating state following time, the condensed water that evaporimeter (1) produces at work, after splashing into drip tray (3), under the effect of gravity or water pump suction, enter filter (8) by water pipe (5) and water pipe (7), when the water of filter surpasses design water level, promptly through dischargings such as delivery port, water pipes.

(2) be that opening faces toward evaporimeter (1), be positioned at the inlet chamber in fan aspirated district, (4) are the air inlet pipe that is containing or neighbouring relations with water pipe (5) and (7), and its two ends are communicated with inlet chamber (2) and filter (8) respectively.

Under the heat pump state, operate the valve on this device filter water inlet, the outlet of water pipe (7) no longer is connected with filter chamber (8), and directly is communicated with atmosphere.Under the effect of air pump, heating installation fan, room temperature and constant pressure, room air flows to outdoor through water pipe (7), and with the air inlet pipe heating, outdoor air is through the filter filtration with by after air inlet pipe (4) preheating, in the inlet chamber, also can be the indoor fresh air that taps into room temperature that provides.When being positioned at the indoor or outdoors temperature, filter (8) is not less than zero centigrade or filter when electrical heating is arranged, artificially for after filter (8) adds entry, but its operate as normal still.

Fig. 2 is to be that air inlet pipe purifies the air conditioning/ventilating system structural representation with the drainpipe.

(1) be evaporimeter, (3) are to be with heat-insulation layer, and an end communicates with drip tray (2), the same lumen of aqueous vapor that the other end communicates with filter (4).During installation, need to keep the water inlet of (4) to be higher than delivery port and no trap, unobstructed with the smooth and easy outflow of guaranteeing condensed water and inlet chamber; The also available filter screen of this device replaces filter (4).

Fig. 3 is the whole air exchangeable conditioner device structural representation that purifies.

(1) be evaporimeter, (2) are the temperature adjustment ventilation lumen, and (3) are drip trays, and (9) are new air outlet slits.Through filter (8), air inlet pipe (4) purify, after the outdoor air of temperature adjustment enters temperature adjustment ventilation lumen (2), through evaporimeter (1) once more temperature adjustment directly blowed to indoor by fan.

Fig. 4 does wet combination type air filter structure schematic representation.

(1) is filter chamber's shell, (2) be filter screen, (3) be filter material, (4) are the air pump air inlets, and (5) are the micropore bubble generators, (6) be condensed water, (7) be cursory, (8) are that the delivery port (9) of band air-stopping valve is the water inlet pipe of band trap, and (10) are the gas outlets, (11) be Draw off valve, (12) are conversion valves.

The air that constantly charges into through filter screen (2), filter material (3), air pump (4) and (5) after, enter the air bin of filter, under the shutoff of the air-stopping valve of the trap of water inlet pipe (6) and delivery port (8), form the air pressure that is higher than environment, and (10) flow into through the gas outlet indoor.Condensed water constantly injects filter through water inlet pipe (9), and after it reached certain water level, under the effect of cursory (7), valve (8) was opened, and condensed water is outside portability dirt and the heat outflow filter.

When air-conditioning is in the heat pump state, adjust valve (12), the outlet pipe that is connected on the drip tray is connected with filter inleting pipe blocks, and with the atmosphere conducting.Open valve (11) and can bleed off water in the filter chamber.

Under refrigerating state, the suction that produces when the evaporimeter place can make the lower air pressure of formation in the filter, and be enough to make outdoor air to need not the air pump effect can be when air inlet pipe and condensed water enter the gas storehouse of filter, the air pump of filter can be substituted by antipriming pipe or honeycomb fashion pipe group.

Be to improve cooling effect, the air inlet pipe of filter can be shape dishes such as W, S in its underwater, to prolong the time of itself and water heat exchange.

Fig. 5 is the structural representation of drip tray wet filter.

(1) is the folding type water filling port, (2) be liquid level, (3) be that drip tray is the shell of filter, (4) be the micropore head of giving vent to anger, (5) be the exhaust outlet that communicates with drainpipe, (6) be valve between drip tray and drainpipe, (7) be one way stop peturn valve, (8) be the air inlet that outdoor air enters filter, (9) be drain interface, (10) be Draw off valve when cleaning the drip tray filter, (11) are the explicit devices of floating-type liquid level, (12) be the control drainpipe whether with the valve of room air conducting.

When the water of non-cleaning or need emptying filter, valve-off (10); When air inlet pipe (8) and micropore give vent to anger that peak is lower than valve (6) between head (4), should add loaded check valve (7) therebetween, flow out through air inlet pipe to prevent water, otherwise can not adorn valve (7).For strengthening filtration and temperature adjustment, damping effect reduction noise, can go out filter materials such as covering or wrap up gauze in a fit of anger at micropore.

Constantly produce at air-conditioner under the running status of condensed water, answer Open valve (6); Do not produce at air-conditioner under the running status of condensed water, need from (1) to it fills up water, and constantly add new water.

Fig. 6 is the dual-purpose air filter arrangement schematic diagram of doing, wet with water filling port

(1) be water gas outlet into, (2) are the fibrous filter layers, and (3) are particle filter material layers, and (4) are air inlets, and (5) are the gas storehouses, and (6) are the micropore heads of giving vent to anger, and (7) are emptying valves, and (8) are the delivery ports that prevents air inlet, and (9) are the water filling ports of band valve.

Fig. 7 is a Wet-dry air filter arrangement schematic diagram.

(1) be water gas outlet into, (2) are the fibrous filter layers, and (3) are particle filter material layers, and (4) are the air inlet delivery ports, and (5) are the gas storehouses.Water,, flows out through delivery port (4) in its humidification and temperature adjustment through filtering layer (2) and (3) from (1).Air is being filtered temperature adjustment after gas outlet (1) blows out through air inlet (4) by (3) and (2).

Fig. 8 is the dry air filter structural representation of band discharge opening.

(1) be the water inlet of giving vent to anger, (2) are air pumps, and (3) are the discharge openings of anti-air inlet, and (4) are dry type filter material layers.Water enters through water inlet (1), flows out through discharge opening (3) again, and air blows out from the gas outlet through filter material (4), air pump (2).

Embodiment 1:

The wet type filter material after the anti-drainpipe that bleeds is handled, is inserted the drip tray of common air-conditioning device, or directly use drip tray rotating vane type filter as shown in Figure 5.Make air inlet pipe with drainpipe, and end is linked to each other with the drip tray wet filter, an end leads to outdoor (or directly leading to outdoor by air pump) by air pump, dry type or wet type air filter.Simultaneously, 1 band gauge tap can be set also, both ends open respectively communication chamber inside and outside with the draining air inlet pipe with enjoying the blast pipe of heat insulation protecting.

When temperature adjustment and ventilation when carrying out simultaneously, but condensed water or the artificial water that injects make wet type air filter operate as normal, and be near or be equal to room temperature state.Outdoor air through dry type or wet filter or directly enter air inlet pipe, purifies through the drip tray wet filter under the effect of air pump, is blown into indoor under the effect of fan.Be blown into indoor air continually, room pressure is increased, and it is outdoor through the blast pipe discharge to order about the part room air, and be the air temperature adjustment in the air inlet pipe.Be blown into indoor air earlier after filtration with temperature adjustment, again through wet filter, temperature adjustment, humidification, thus comparatively clean, contain suitable oxygen and moisture content, again near room temperature, be of value to health.

Embodiment 2:

Wet type air filter shown in Figure 6 is loaded in the air conditioner room unit or indoor, making it into the draining air inlet pipe, water gas outlet (1) communicates with the drip tray delivery port, air inlet (4) is connected with air inlet pipe, air pump, dry filter, and delivery port (8) is connected with blast pipe; Blast pipe and air inlet pipe are adjacent and shared heat insulation protecting state.To filter once more and the temperature adjustment humidification through the air that preliminary filtration, temperature adjustment are sent into through air inlet (4) by air pump after this device of injection condensed water or running water is opened,, under the effect of fan, be blown into indoor through the gas outlet (1).The waste water of wet type air filter or discharge through delivery port (8) and blast pipe, and be air temperature adjustment in the air inlet pipe, or bleed off through discharge opening (7).

Embodiment 3:

Direct Wet-dry air cleaner of inciting somebody to action as shown in Figure 7 is installed in the indoor set, indoor or outdoors (need add the heat insulation protecting layer).Its water inlet (1) links to each other by the draining air inlet pipe with the air-conditioner drip tray; The air inlet discharge outlet communicates by draining air inlet pipe, air pump, filter and outside atmosphere.Can establish the shared blast pipe that is incubated of same drainpipe that two ends communicate with indoor and outdoor respectively in addition.In normal operation, condensed water and room air are discharged outdoor respectively when drainpipe, blast pipe are being the temperature adjustment of air inlet pipe air.Outdoor air blows to indoor through temperature adjustment, filtration.

Embodiment 4:

Drainpipe together is the ventilation duct that contains and share insulation, and an end opening is towards evaporimeter or fan area to indoor air-supply; The other end leads to outside atmosphere through air pump (fan), dry air filter.Starting air pump (fan) can be to the indoor air of sending near room temperature, cleaning, and drainpipe is the air inlet pipe temperature adjustment when discharging waste water, waste gas.

Claims (7)

1. a band changes to the air-conditioner of air purification function, and it comprises: drainpipe, ventilation duct, air pump or fan, air cleaner.It is characterized in that air cleaner, air pump or fan are communicated with drainpipe or ventilation duct as air inlet pipe.
2. air-conditioner according to claim 1 is characterized in that: can be dry air filter, wet type air filter, Wet-dry air cleaner.
3. the air-conditioner according to claim 1 is characterized in that: the wet type air filter, can be loaded on the indoor or outdoors part of air-conditioner, and in the machine of all-in-one with machine outside, or directly change system into the wet type air filter by drip tray.
4. air-conditioner according to claim 1 is characterized in that: when being blast pipe with drainpipe or ventilation duct, junction chamber is inside and outside respectively for its both ends open.
5. according to claim 1,4 described air-conditioners, it is characterized in that air inlet pipe and blast pipe are containing, are contained, be close tos, manage different chamber state together, and shared heat insulation protecting.
6. according to claim 1,2,3 described air-conditioners, it is characterized in that: dry type and wet cleaner, air pump or fan both can be independent separately, also can distinguish or entire combination.
7. the air-conditioner according to claim 1 is characterized in that: when being air inlet pipe with the drainpipe, and can be if do not establish the exhaust ventilation pipe.
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