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The utility model relates to an oil well multi-layer waterflooding and detecting appliance, which is a device for flooding water towards an oil layer in order to maintain the pressure of waterflooding layers and increase the oil adding quantity. The utility model carries out the radical improvement on the structures of a waterflooding packer, a distributor, and a measurer respectively independent. The inside of a working barrel is sheathed with a whole tool containing a tubular tester with an eccentric path and a measurer. The water outlet end is provide with an anchor ear type single flow valve and can be flooded with water by multi-layer. The test work can be completed during the flooding. The utility model has the advantages of labor saving, time saving, convenient, and practicality and can repeatedly clean wells.


油田多层注水及测试器具 Oil field water injection and multi-layer test instruments

本实用新型涉及油田原油采集技术领域,是一种用以对井下油层注水并测试其流量、压力的一种工具。 The present invention relates to the field of crude oil collection technique, a downhole reservoir for water and tested for flow, a tool pressure.

在油田,对井下原油采集过程中,为保持地下采油层稳定的压力、提高增油量,所采取的必要措施是对被采油层注水,同时控制注水流量和形成的压力。 In the field of downhole oil collection process, in order to maintain a stable layer of underground oil pressure, oil increment increase, the necessary measures are taken for the oil layer is water, while controlling the water flow and pressure forming. 现行的传统办法是运用多种工具经多次操作得以完成。 The current traditional approach is to use a variety of tools after numerous operations to be completed. 如:先采用注水封隔器将需注水层与其它层位封隔起来,再以配水器向需注水层注水,当需要测量注水流量和压力时还要停止注水作业,由专用测量车用钢绳将测量仪吊入井下测量,而且以上操作还仅只能作单层的注水与测量,费工费事、十分不便。 Such as: the first injection using the required injection packer and the other layer together zonal isolation, then the required injection water distributor injection layer, when the need to measure flow and pressure water injection is stopped job but also by a dedicated measurement car steel the meter rope hanging in a downhole measurement, but also only the above operation can only be measured with a single layer of water, and labor trouble, very inconvenient.

本实用新型针对上述的不是之处,提出的多层注水及测量器具,目的是实现向井下多个需注水层注水及根据需要同时完成测试工序,达到省时、省事、减少采油成本的效果。 The present invention is not a place for the above, the proposed multilayer injection and measurement instruments, the aim of achieving a plurality of required water injection layer and downhole test process is completed at the same time as necessary, reaches save, save, the effect of reducing oil cost.

本实用新型的发明目的是通过如下的技术方案获得实现的:先给出附图:附图1为本实用新型外形结构示意图附图2为本实用新型内在结构示意图附图3为本实用新型井下作业状态示意图图中:1为需注水油层、2为套管、3为油管、4为工作筒、5为测试器、6为外出水口、7为封隔圈、8为液压推动缸、9为内出水口、10为抱箍式单流阀、11为偏心通道、12为测试仪、13为上接头、14为下接头、15为注水口、16为反洗孔现结合附图作进一步说明:本实用新型是将几种各自独立的工具——注水封隔器(主要组成部件是封隔圈和液压推动缸)、配水器(主要结构为注水通道和出水口)、测试仪(流量计、压力计)进行结构上的根本改进,组合成同时兼有多种功能的一个整体器具。 The object of the present invention is to obtain the invention achieved by the technical solutions: first, the attached figures: 2 of the present invention the internal structure of a new outline structural diagram of the drawings Figure 1 a schematic view of the present utility BRIEF 3 of the present invention a downhole FIG schematic job status: a water reservoir is required, as the sleeve 2, 3 of the tubing, the mandrel 4, 5 to the tester, out of the outlet 6, spacer 7 is sealed, pushing hydraulic cylinder 8, 9 the outlet 10 is a single hoop valve, the eccentric channel 11, 12 of the tester, the joint 13, the joint 14, 15 is a water inlet hole 16 for the backwash now be further described in conjunction with the accompanying drawings : the present invention is independent of several tools - injection packer (packer main components are driven and the hydraulic cylinder ring), a water distributor (mainly water channel structure and a water outlet), the tester (meter , gauge) fundamental structural improvements, combined into a plurality of functions with both whole appliance. 它的主要特征之一是工作筒4的中心部位插套有一个筒状测试器5,且由上下接头固定妥工作筒和测试器,该筒状测试器还包含了一个可供水注水流径的偏心通道11,测试仪12可拆卸式地安装在测试器内;其特征之二是测试器筒壁的圆周面上开有内出水口9,该内出水口端均安装有抱箍式单流阀10。 One of its main features is the central portion of the mandrel 4 has a cylindrical socket tester 5, and upper and lower connectors properly secured and the mandrel test, a cylindrical test which further comprises a flow path for the water jet eccentric channel 11, the tester 12 detachably mounted in the tester; wherein two of the peripheral surface of the cylindrical wall is a tester inner outlet opening 9, the outlet end of the inner hoop are attached to a single stream of formula valve 10. 此外,它的出水口和封隔圈、测试仪自上而下可有多列套。 In addition, its outlet and containment ring, the tester may be a plurality of rows from top to bottom sleeve.

本实用新型的使用实例:首先确定好需同时注水的油层的层间距,搭配好本实用新型的出水孔与封隔器、测试仪的层位,使其上接头与油管相连,下接头与专用球座(图中未示)相连,将本实用新型投放至井下相应部位,从油管增压、液压推动缸工作,迫使封隔圈受挤压,向横向膨扩,与套管密合贴紧。 Example of the present invention: firstly determining the spacing layer to simultaneously good water injection reservoir, the present invention with a good nozzle holes with packers, tester horizon, so that the joint is connected with the tubing, and the lower joint special a ball seat (not shown) is connected, the present invention serve to corresponding parts of underground pipeline from the pressurized working cylinders driven, hydraulic, forcing the packer ring is squeezed, the lateral direction of the expansion, the sleeve adhesion adhesion . 水从注水口注入偏心通道,从内出水口及抱箍单流阀、外出水口进入注水层,达到多层注水及同时测试的目的。 Water injected from the injection port eccentric passage from the outlet valve and a single hoop, out into the outlet injection layer, and the water reaches a multilayer simultaneous testing purposes. 如需反洗井,从套管与油管间加压,油管处于适当负压状态,抱箍单流阀关闭,洗井水从反洗孔进入油管中外溢。 To backwash the well, the pressure between the casing and tubing, the tubing in the proper negative pressure state, the single hoop valve closed, the tubing into the well water wash backwash overflow hole. 如无需测试,只要卸下测试仪即可。 As without testing, as long as you can remove the tester. 当作业完毕,使液压推动缸复位,封隔圈恢复原状,提升油管,取出本实用新型。 When the operation is completed, the hydraulic cylinders push the reset, the packer ring restitution, lifting the tubing, remove the present invention.

本实用新型经内部试用,认为在提高增油率的同时,确有省工、省事、方便、降低他采油成本的效果,属同行业换代产品,达到了预期的设计目的。 The utility model by the internal trial that while increasing the growth rate of the oil, there are indeed saving labor, easy, convenient, cost-reducing effect of his oil, is a new generation product with the industry to achieve the desired design objectives.

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1.一种包含有工作筒液压推动缸,封隔圈等部件的油田多层注水及测试器具,其特征之一是在工作筒的中心位还插套入一个筒状测试器,该筒状测试器内还包含了可供水注入的偏心通道,其测试仪可折卸式地安装在筒内;其特征之二是测试器的筒壁的同一圆周面上所开有的内出水口上均安装有抱箍式的单流阀。 CLAIMS 1. A working cylinder comprising a hydraulic cylinder pushing member, the packer ring like water and oil multilayer test apparatus, one of the features is in the central position of the mandrel is also inserted into a cylindrical sleeve tester, the cylindrical the tester may further comprise a water injection passage eccentric, which the tester may be detachably mountable to the cartridge; wherein two of the same circumferential surface of the cylindrical wall of the tester on the outlet opening are within some attached hoop-type single valve.
2.根据权利要求1所述的油田多层注水及测试器具,其特征在于它的内出水口,封隔圈、测试仪自上而下可有多列套。 The multi-layer water and oil field test instrument according to claim 1, characterized in that it is in the outlet, the packer ring, the tester may be a plurality of rows from top to bottom sleeve.
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