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The utility model relates to a distribution circuit section protection and grounding indicating device, which is composed of a current mutual inductor, a current relay, etc. A strip of distribution circuit is divided into a plurality of sections, and each set of the device is installed on each section. After single-phase grounding fault occurs on the circuit, a circuit before a fault point is separated from a circuit after the fault point, which is convenient for inspection staff to quickly discover fault sections to find the fault point.


本实用新型涉及一种电力系统继电保护装置。 The present invention relates to a power system protection device.

目前在电力系统中,对于中性点非直接接地的高压配电线路(指10KV及以下电压等级),由于导线距离地面较近,受树木等影响,发生单相接地故障次数较多。 The current in the power system, high voltage distribution lines for non-directly earthed neutral point (refer to 10KV voltage level and below), since the wires from the ground near the affected trees, higher number of single-phase ground fault. 每次发生故障后,检修人员必须在整条线路上逐杆进行查找。 After each failure, maintenance personnel must locate in the rod by the entire line. 因此,查找故障点就成了一个难题。 Therefore, to find the point of failure becomes a problem.

本实用新型的目的就是要提供一种适用于中性点非直接接地的高压配电线路分段保护及接地指示装置。 The object of the present invention is to provide a suitable neutral point indirectly grounded high-voltage distribution line and a ground segment protection indicating means. 当线路发生单相接地故障后,它能为检修人员提供发生故障的大致范围,从而避免在整条线路上逐杆进行查找。 When the single-phase earth fault line, which provides the approximate range of failure to maintenance personnel, so as to avoid by-rod lookup on the whole line.

本实用新型的目的是这样实现的:采用电流互感器和电流继电器等器件。 The object of the present invention is achieved: the use of current transformers and current relay and other devices. 其工作方式有两种:一种是将电流互感器和电流继电器安装在一起(或近地安装),将电流互感器装设在高压配电线路上,电流互感器的输出端与电流继电器的工作线圈相接。 It works in two ways: one is mounted together with the current transformer and current relay (or near-mounted), the high-voltage current transformer mounted on the distribution lines, with the output of the current transformer current relay work coil contact. 为了划分发生故障的大致范围,可将整条配电线路分成若干段,每一线路段上都安装一套这样的装置。 To divide the approximate range of failure, the entire distribution line may be divided into several segments, a set of such devices are installed on each line section. 根据电力系统的故障理论,当某线路段发生单相接地故障后,在故障点以前的线路(指故障点至线路始端所有的线路段)上就会产生零序电流。 The theory of power system fault, the line segment when a single-phase ground fault in the line before the point of failure (fault point refers to the beginning of the line segments of all lines) is generated on the zero-sequence current. 该电流经电流互感器检测出来,然后送到电流继电器,使故障点及其以前所有线路段的电流继电器动作并自保持。 The current detecting current transformer through out, and then sent to current relay the fault point current and the relay before all line segments and self-holding. 对于故障段(指发生故障的线路段)以后的线路(指故障段至线路末端,不包括故障段),由于没有零序电流或极小,所以保护装置上的电流继电器不动作。 For fault line section (refer to the end of the line segment fault, not including the faulted segment) (refer to section line failure) later, because there is no or a minimum zero-sequence current, the current does not operate on the relay protection. 由此可以看出:在所有电流继电器动作的线路段上,故障段与电流继电器不动作的线路段相邻。 It can be seen: the line segment on all current relay, the line segment and the current segment fault relay does not operate adjacent. 根据以上特征,检修人员只需查看每个线路段的电流继电器动作与否即可,而不必再逐杆进行查找。 According to the above feature, maintenance personnel simply check current relay to each line segment or not, without having to find by lever. 一旦找出故障段后,在其范围内寻找故障点就比较容易了。 Once you identify the faulty segment to find the point of failure within its scope is relatively easy. (注:根据有关规定,对于中性点非直接接地的线路,发生单相接地故障后可继续运行1-2小时。因此,查找故障点的工作可在停电以前或者整条线路停电以后进行)。 (Note: Under these provisions, not directly grounded neutral point line, can continue to run after the occurrence of single-phase ground fault 1-2 hours Thus, to find the point of failure in the power operation may be performed before or after the entire power lines.) .

第二种工作方式是将时间继电器和高压断路器与电流互感器和电流继电器相配合,即组成一个整体或近地安装。 The second mode of operation is a high-voltage circuit breakers and time relays and current relays and current transformers cooperate, i.e. a composition near or integrally mounted. 电流互感器的输出端与电流继电器的工作线圈相接,电流继电器的接点再与时间继电器的工作线圈相接,时间继电器的接点又与断路器控制部件的工作线圈相接。 Work coil output terminal of the current transformer current relay contact, then current relay contacts in contact with the working time of the relay coil, the relay contacts of the circuit breaker and the control member in contact with the work coil. 在每个线路段上也都安装一套这样的装置。 A line segment on each of these apparatuses are installed. 每套装置上时间继电器的动作时间可根据该线路段距离线路始端的远近来整定,即距离始端越远的线路段,该段上时间继电器的整定值则越小。 Each time the operation time of the relay apparatus may be setting distance based on the starting end of the line segment distance line, i.e. farther from the start end of the line section, setting the value of the time relay, the smaller segment. 当某线路段发生单相接地故障后,与第一种工作方式相同,故障点以后所有线路段上的电流继电器均不动作。 When a section of single-phase ground circuit fault, the same with the first mode of operation, after a fault current relay points on all line segments no action. 在故障点及其以前的所有线路段上,虽然各线路段上的电流继电器均动作,但由于故障段上时间继电器的整定值较小,所以该段上的时间继电器经过延时后首先动作并通过控制部件使断路器分闸即把故障段及其以后所有的线路段甩掉。 At the point of failure and all previous line segments, although current relay on each line segment are operation, but the setting value on the faulty segment time relay is small, so the time on the relay delay after the first operation period has elapsed and by controlling means causes the circuit-breaker and the faulted segment that is subsequent to get rid of all line segments. 这样以来,随着零序电流的消失,故障段以前的所有线路段仍可正常运行(电流继电器亦复位)。 This way, with the disappearance of the zero-sequence current and all previous line segment of the fault segment is still running (current relay also reset). 由此可以看出:在所有停止运行的线路段中,故障段与正常运行的线路段相邻。 It can be seen: in a stop operation of all line section, the fault line section running adjacent segment. 根据以上特征,检修人员就可在已停电线路上找到故障段进而找出故障点。 According to the above feature, maintenance personnel can find fault section on the line has been stopped and then find the point of failure.

第一种工作方式的优点在于造价较低;第二种工作方式的优点在于故障段以前的非故障段可正常运行。 The first advantage is that the low cost mode of operation; a second mode of operation the advantage that the non-faulted segments before the faulted segment is operational. 两种工作方式可任选一种。 Two operation modes can choose one.

将第二种工作方式与实用新型专利91205817.X相配合,也可在变电站值班室内显示并打印出故障段的编号,以便检修人员更快地找到故障点。 The second mode of operation and utility model patents 91205817.X compatible, can also display and print out the number of fault segments, so that maintenance personnel quickly find the point of failure in the substation duty room.

依据本实用新型提出的配电线路分段保护及接地指示装置同样适用于中性点非直接接地的35KV电压等级的高压线路。 Protection and distribution line segment based on the ground pointing device of the present invention apply equally to non-directly grounded neutral point 35KV voltage level of the high voltage line.

本实用新型所依据的零序电流分段保护原理,在中性点直接接地系统中(指110KV及以上电压等级)早已被采用,但在中性点非直接接地系统中(指10KV及以下电压等级)还是一个空白(注:有的只是采用了零序电流保护,但没有分段)。 This zero-sequence current segment PROTECTION invention is based, (refer to 110KV and higher voltage levels) has already been adopted in the neutral grounding system, but a non-neutral earthing system (refer voltage 10KV and below grade) or a blank (Note: there are only adopted zero-sequence current protection, but there is no segmentation). 另外,由于用途上的差别(前者对查找故障点意义不大),应用于前者的分段保护装置不是一个整体(有的部件装在室外高压线路上,有的部件装在变电站值班内),而本实用新型提出的分段保护装置则作为一个整体分别装设在各个线路段上。 Further, due to the difference in the use of (the former has little meaning to find the point of failure), the former is applied to the protective device is not a whole segment (some high voltage path member installed outdoors, and some member fitted in the substation duty), and segment protection device of the present invention is proposed as a whole are mounted on the respective line section. 由于每个线路段的长度比较短(可设计为2公里左右),所以一旦判断出故障段后,可使检修人员较快地找到故障点,这样不但减少了人力,而且还可避免因长时间停电造成的经济损失。 Since the length of each line segment is relatively short (it can be designed to about 2 km), so that once it is determined that the fault section, maintenance personnel can quickly locate a point of failure, it will not only reduce the human, but also to avoid prolonged power outages caused economic losses.

实用新型的具体结构由以下实施例及其附图给出。 The specific configuration of the invention from the following examples and attached figures.

图1是根据本实用新型提出的第二种工作方式的整体结构示意图;图2和图3是图1的原理接线图;图4是根据本实用新型提出的第一种工作方式的结构示意图;图5是该装置在配电线路上的安装示意图。 1 is a schematic overall configuration of a second mode of operation according to the present utility model; FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 is a wiring diagram showing the principle of 1; FIG. 4 is a block schematic diagram of a first mode of operation of the present invention proposed; FIG 5 is a schematic view of the apparatus mounted on the power distribution line.

在图1中,主体部分是一个目前普遍采用的柱上油断路器(即开关)。 In FIG. 1, a body portion is now widely used on a column of oil circuit breaker (i.e., switch). 在油箱(1)中装有绝缘油;在油箱(1)上面有6个高压瓷套管(3)(注:图中只画出了一相即两只);导电杆(4)穿过瓷套管(3),其上端与线路连接,其下端装有开关触头(7);在油箱(1)的左侧有操作箱(5);在操作箱(5)上有分合闸指示孔(6),以便检修人员观察断路器的运行状态。 In the tank (1) containing insulating oil; in the tank (1) The above six high-voltage porcelain bushing (3) (Note: only one shown in FIG i.e. a two-phase); a conductive rod (4) passing through the porcelain sleeve (3), its upper end connected to the line, equipped with a switching contact at its lower end (7); the left side in the tank (1) with an operation box (5); took part in the operation indicating closing box (5) hole (6), so that maintenance personnel observe the operation state of the breaker. 与上述一般柱上油断路器的结构相比,该装置在高压套管上每相增加了一只电流互感器LB(共三只,图中只画出了一只);在原有操作机构的基础上增加了一个低压分闸线圈(图中未画出);在操作箱(5)内装设了电流继电器和时间继电器等部件(图中未画出);在油箱(1)内增加了一个小型变压器(2),以为低压分闸线圈以及时间继电器等部件提供电源。 Compared with the general structure of the oil column above the circuit breaker, the high voltage bushing means in each phase a current transformer adds an LB (total of three, of which only the one shown); original operating mechanism It adds a low-pressure opening coil (not shown) basis; the installation of a current relay and relay box, etc. in the operating member (5) (not shown); in the tank (1) increases within a small transformer (2), to supply power to the low-pressure opening relay coil and other components. 通过操作机构,靠人力使断路器合闸即触头(7)闭合。 By operating mechanism, i.e., by human contact closing the breaker (7) is closed. 当线路上发生单相接地故障后,由三个电流互感器LH将零序电流检测出来,通过时间继电器等部件,使断路器自动分闸即触头(7)断开。 When the single-phase ground fault on the line, the three current transformers LH zero sequence current detected by the time relay and other components, i.e., the circuit breaker contacts automatically opening (7) is disconnected.

图2和图3中给出的是目前电力系统中所采用的最简单的零序分段保护接线原理图。 2 and FIG. 3 shows the simplest zero-sequence current segment protection wiring diagram of the power system employed. 将图2中的三个电流互感器并联起来,然后与电流继电器LJ相接。 FIG 2 in the three current transformers connected in parallel and in contact with the current relay LJ. 正常情况下LJ回路中基本上没有电流,当线路上出现单相接地故障后,LJ回路中即有零序电流通过,使LJ动作,其接点LJ1(见图3)闭合,给时间继电器SJ的工作线圈通电,使SJ动作,其接点SJ1延时闭合,又给操作机构的分闸线圈FQ通电,操作机构即动作使触头(7)断开。 Normally LJ substantially no current circuit, when the single-phase ground fault on the line, i.e. the loop LJ zero sequence current through the LJ operation, the contact LJ1 (see FIG. 3) is closed, to a time relay SJ work coil is energized, SJ operation, the contact closing delay SJ1, FQ gave opening coil energizing mechanism operation, i.e., operation of the contacts operating mechanism (7) is disconnected. 图3中的电源是由小型变压器(2)经整流后提供的。 Figure 3 is a small power transformer (2) provided by the rectifier.

图1中所采用的柱上油断路器及其电磁操作机构属已有产品,其具体结构以及在线路上的装设方式已成规范化。 Column of oil circuit breaker and an electromagnetic operating mechanism in FIG. 1 has been employed in the case of products and their specific construction and the installation of the line has become standardized manner.

图4中,在高压瓷套管(9)上面装有电流互感器LH,导电杆(8)穿过瓷套管(9)。 In FIG. 4, the high voltage ceramic bushing (9) fitted above the current transformer LH, a conductive rod (8) passing through the porcelain bushing (9). 安装时,用包箍(10)将瓷套管(9)固定在配电线路的横担上,将导电杆(8)串接在线路中(注:共三相,图中只画出了一相)。 When installed with the package band (10) of the porcelain bushing (9) is fixed on the cross arm of the distribution line, the conductive rod (8) connected in series in the line (Note: total three-phase, shown herein as a a phase). 另外,电流继电器(图中未画出)也固定在横担的下面或水泥杆上。 Further, current relay (not shown) is also fixed to the cross arm below the cement or rod. 其接线如图2,工作原理亦相同。 The wiring in Figure 2, the working principle is also the same. 为了便于检修人员观察电流继电器的动作情况,在电流继电器上装有重量较轻的动作指示牌。 For ease of maintenance personnel to observe the operation of the relay when the current, with signs lighter operation on the current relay.

以上是将电流继电器接在由三个电流互感器组成的零序回路中,有条件的地方,也可将电流继电器直接接在零序电流互感器回路中。 The above is the zero sequence current relay circuit connected to the current transformer consisting of three, local conditions, can also be directly connected to the current relay zero sequence current transformer circuit.

在图5中:电源E代表电力系统中的主变压器,其10KV配电线路被四个依据本实用新型提出的保护装置BH1、BH2、BH3以及BH4分成四段即XL1、XL2、XL3以及XL4。 In FIG. 5: E represents a main transformer mains power system, which is four 10KV distribution line protection device according to the present invention proposed BH1, BH2, BH3 and BH4 into four i.e. XL1, XL2, XL3, and XL4. 假如线路段XL2上发生了单相接地故障,对于第二种工作方式,BH2的断路器动作分闸,使线路段XL2、XL3以及XL4停电,线路段XL1仍正常运行。 If the single-phase ground fault occurs on the line segment XL2, for the second mode of operation, the circuit breaker opening operation BH2 the section line XL2, XL3, and XL4 power, the line section XL1 continue operating. 根据此特征,检修人员就可判断出故障就发生在线路段XL2上,并可通过断路器的动作指示牌来验证。 According to this feature, maintenance personnel can determine the fault occurs on the line segment XL2, signs can be verified by operation of the circuit breaker. 对于第一种工作方式,BH1和BH2的电流继电器同时动作并自保持。 For the first mode of operation, BH1 and BH2 current relays and self-holding operation at the same time. 但由于BH3和BH4的电流继电器不动作,检修人员根据此特征以及电流继电器上的动作指示牌,就可判断出线路段XL2即为故障段。 However, due to the BH3 and BH4 current relay does not operate, maintenance personnel in accordance with an operation on the sign of this feature and current relay, can determine the link line XL2 is the failed segment.

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  1. 一种配电线路分段保护及接地指示装置,该装置主要由电流互感器以及电流继电器组成,其特征在于可以将电流互感器和电流继电器安装在一起,电流互感器的输出端与电流继电器的工作线圈相接,也可以将时间继电器和高压断路器与电流互感器和电流继电器相配合,电流互感器的输出端与电流继电器的工作线圈相接,电流继电器的接点与时间继电器的工作线圈相接,时间继电器的接点再与高压断路器控制部件的工作线圈相接。 A power distribution line segment indicating protection and grounding means includes current transformer and a current relays, characterized in that the current transformer can be installed together and the current relay, the output of the current transformer and the current relay work coil abuts, and also a time relay and the high voltage circuit breaker with a current transformer current relay can be fitted, the working time and the relay coil contacts the work coil and the output of the current transformer current relay contact, a phase current relay then, the relay contacts and then the high voltage circuit breaker control member in contact with the work coil.
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