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The utility model discloses an erect multi-purpose bed, belonging to the bed of the utility model of the technical field of steel-wood furniture. The same with the present various folding beds, the utility model has the effect of the reduction of the space placement. The utility model is characterized in that the design uses a support frame and a rotation shaft (such as (11) and (8) in the accompanying diagram of the summarization) to make the entire bed drawer of the utility model can be directly lifted or laid horizontally, relieving troubles, such as folding, overturning, etc. Due to counter weight, the erect multi-purpose bed can be lifted with the advantages of easiness, labor saving, etc. Simultaneously, clothes, pillows, bedclothes, etc. Can be placed in a small cabinet in the back by that the bed drawer is erected, solving problem that the articles are not easy to store. After the bed drawer is erected, furniture-shaped articles, such as a mirror, a clothes hook, a chair, etc. Or aesthetic articles can be arranged in the front of the bed drawer. Thus, the erect multi-purpose bed is called as a multi-purpose bed.


Erect multi-purpose bed
The upright Conver-table of this kind still belongs to the furniture of steel and wood technical field.
Current as far as our knowledge goes folding bed is sofa-type or buries support underground and make the bed (finding) that a drawer starts and in the existing folding bed technology of examination inconvenient sensation is arranged all in TV at body of wall.
Purpose: owing to be to utilize support to add the structural design that rotating shaft can make a drawer directly make integral body start or set level at vertical or horizontal (double bed or single bed), reduce the space occupation of land, use simple light effect thereby reach.And the bed drawer of vertical type, but multiple use such as access bed clothes also.
Content: the bed drawer is to be installed on the support and rotating shaft that performs in advance.The head of a bed has the fore-stock supporting in addition when setting level, so the bed drawer is that direct integral body starts or sets level.Also because of counterbalance design is arranged, so laborsaving light sensation is arranged when starting.Can also take advantage of a situation a clothing pillow and bedding and mattress etc. of a bed drawer that erects is deposited in the chest of back.And the bed drawer front after upright can also be provided with multi-purpose adjunct.As mirror, clothes hanger, frame hook, seat, board, artistic products or decoration calligraphy, calligraphy and painting etc.This various setting can be set up separately, also can be equipped with respectively as required.
The label of figure and simple declaration:
Fig. 1, side view, this figure are exactly the bed drawer situation after upright, and imaginary line promptly is to set level a drawer situation, gives expression to this overall picture basically as figure.Label and title are as follows: (1) colludes plate washer (2) pillow (3) protection slab (4) quilt (5) latch (6) bed drawer (7) fore-stock (8) rotating shaft (9) rubber school pad (10) chair (11) support (12) counterweight
Fig. 2, front elevation, this figure is mirror, counterweight, chair, fore-stock etc. as can be seen, set position.Label and title are as follows: (6) bed drawer (7) fore-stock (band clothes hook) (9) rubber blankets (cushion pad) (10) chairs (11) supports (12) counterweights (deposit position) (13) plastics ground footmuff or (14) mirrors such as rubber sleeve or load-bearing castor
Structure fabrication and material selection and operation instruction:
Each structure as can be seen from Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.Support (11) is the general support frame.Exact shape can change as required.The large clothes closet form can be made when big, hour two root post framves (lower margin wants firm certainly) can be made.It can or use hardwood with other metal tube such as garden steel pipe or square steel tube, making such as plastics by force.Handle as if new technologies such as the surperficial electrodepositable of using metal tube or plastic sprayings.Rotating shaft (8) is to play to start to set level, support bed drawer core object.It will have ability to bear, rotates characteristics such as light in addition.It can use forms such as hinge, hinge, rotating plate to replace.It is suitable that bed drawer (6) is made with the hardboard cushioning.As various light metals or with wooden, plastics, bakelite body, steel wire and the net rattan good.Use separately or unite use and all can.But it is light and firm that quality is wanted.When erecting, the bed drawer comes stop by latch (5).It mainly is to be a minimizing bed drawer upper deformation that bed drawer other end is provided with this form of fore-stock (7), and enough supporting roles are arranged.In addition, starting when setting level, also having the convenient effect of the hand of switching.And from Fig. 2, see its also ingenious mirror position of avoiding of fore-stock (7), this support and when without doss, can work as clothes hanger cross bar usefulness again can directly hang over clothes on the hook again.Fore-stock (7) also can be designed to other form, as wall type activity, latent etc. style.Counterweight (12) is the weight that is provided with the following bed drawer inside of rotating shaft (8), and its effect is light when a drawer is started.This counterweight can be selected size as required or not want.Bed drawer lower end is also installed one and is the headpiece that colludes plate washer (1), and it when setting level, can take advantage of a situation sign indicating number to first-class being placed near this plate of quilt and pillow together at bed drawer (6), and when starting a bed drawer, the thing of being deposited will conceal and be placed in the have protection slab chest of (3).Also a scheme promptly also can deposit in the chest on the bed surface fortunately with waistband system (Ji).When setting level a bed drawer, the thing of being deposited also brings out thereupon, is convenient.This colludes plate washer and can make of plank, also can make of the various metallic plates of band muscle.Will expose the chair (10) that is fixed on the support (11) after the bed drawer is upright.This soft cushion chair plate also can make the folding tipping-up chair plate of arenas.Certain this position also can change on bed drawer plate establishes little dressing table or shoe rack or Shelf for placing articles or board.Inlay the position of mirror as can be seen from Figure 2, if double bed board also can change decorative art product such as calligraphy ﹠ painting into except that mirror.The lower margin place of support can load onto garment bag or load-bearing castor and replace.
This novel upright Conver-table, its advantage are to start that to set level a drawer more direct simply light.Owing to utilize the support back space can be very easily to put into and solved bending machine in the chest and can not deposit a difficult problem of being rested the head on depositing thing, different apparatus or decorative art product can be set up according to different needs again in the bed drawer front after upright.This not only has many use effect, also can adjust internal ambience, and having beautified the environment acts on a bit.
When putting forward this patent, this design has its closing property of ancestor.Can found single structure separately in fact.As the screen or the clothes hanger of a panel, adding that pedestal fell promptly is bed.Also the framework as large clothes closet adds an axle, and it promptly is bed that a upright bed board is set level when panel.If former support is the back locker not, also can directly lean on wall to place.Various apparatus can be pacified in bed drawer front.As setting up a movable board, the student can work as desk.This kind of bed surface front and support can be let alone performance in a word, can show the various effects of using more.

Claims (4)

1, a kind of novel upright Conver-table belongs to steel wood furniture field, is by the integral bed drawer, compositions such as support and rotating shaft, and internal crucible is characterized in that:
A, the bed accessory that utilizes support and rotating shaft to make whole bed drawer direct (vertical or horizontal, single bed or double bed) start or set level,
B, the head of a bed collude plate washer, and be can be according to the bed drawer upright or when setting level, the pillow bed clothes etc., and in the big chest at access what support rear portion,
C, bed drawer are provided with fore-stock, and it can be used as lifts handle, and the cross bar that hangs clothes also can be equipped with clothes hook etc.,
D, the bed drawer front after upright can establish multiple changes of function apparatus (or a kind of function), as clothes hanger, seat, board, mirror etc., also can set up U.S. ornaments as arts work such as painting and calligraphy, art designings,
E, light for a drawer is lifted, the internal crucible drawer also is provided with counterweight,
2, according to A described in the claim 1 and B, the support in it is characterized in that designing simply becomes two single-column framves, and the complicated form such as large clothes closet that becomes is mentioned replacements such as the also available hinge of rotating shaft, hinge, swivel plate,
3, according to C described in the claim 1 and E, it is characterized in that fore-stock can be movable or the replacement of latent wall type, counterweight can not established yet,
4, the bed drawer described in right 1 is characterized in that it can being use the hardboard cushioning, also make separately of various light metals, wooden, plastics, bakelite, steel wire, net rattan etc., or mixing coupling making.
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