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The utility model discloses an all -round taking lens for car roof belongs to an on -vehicle image acquisition device, which comprises a mounting bas, respective camera lens is installed to the camera lens installation face that is equipped with respectively all around of mount pad on the camera lens installation face, still install the light filling lamp on the camera lens installation face of mount pad, the light filling lamp is arranged in around the camera lens. Through all install the camera lens around the mount pad for the mount pad can be taken environment all around through the camera lens under the normality, all -round visual and control demand when satisfying the automobile and going and back a car, and when the camera lens inserts display and storage device, can show the all -round image of gathering and save, and then have back a car image and vehicle event data recorder's function concurrently, simultaneously the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, being suitable for the industrial production, doing and install and use on the roof of all kinds of specification cars, the range of application is wide, just especially is suitable for to install through the swinging arms and uses on the shark fins of car roof.


用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头 Car roof for the full range of the photographic lens

技术领域 FIELD

[0001]本实用新型涉及一种车载图像采集装置,更具体的说,本实用新型主要涉及一种用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头。 [0001] The present invention relates to an in-vehicle image pickup apparatus, and more particularly, the present invention relates a vehicle roof for a full range of the photographing lens.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002]目前,车辆上使用的车载图像或视频采集装置主要包括行车记录仪与倒车影像,其中行车记录仪用于在车辆行驶过程中记录前方实况视频,为交通事故提供证据,但一般而言只能对单方向进行拍摄,无法满足汽车行驶过程中全方位监控的实际需求;而倒车影像只能在倒车时启动,无法保存录像,更无法在车辆正常行驶时进行拍摄;更为重要的是前述的行车记录仪与倒车影像均只能在汽车发动状态下使用,无法在驾驶人离开及汽车断电后继续使用,因而有必要针对现有的车载图像及视频采集装置做进一步的研究和改进。 [0002] Currently, vehicle or video image acquisition device used in a vehicle and mainly comprises a reverse image tachograph, the tachograph is used in which a vehicle traveling in front of a live video recording to provide evidence of a traffic accident, but in general can only shoot in one direction, can not meet the actual demand for cars with all-round monitoring of the process; and reverse image can only be started in reverse, you can not save the video, but can not shoot when the vehicle is traveling normally; more importantly, the foregoing reverse image tachograph and are only used in car launch mode, the driver can not leave the car and continue to use after a power failure, it is necessary to do further research on existing vehicle-mounted image and video capture devices and improvements .

实用新型内容 SUMMARY

[0003]本实用新型的目的之一在于针对上述不足,提供一种用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头,以期望解决现有技术中行车记录仪与倒车影像均只能对单方向进行拍摄,无法满足汽车行驶过程中全方位监控的实际需求等技术问题。 [0003] One object of the present invention the problems mentioned above, full-taking lens for a vehicle roof, in order to solve the prior art is desirable tachograph and the reverse image are mutually exclusive single shooting direction technical problems can not meet the full range of cars with the process of monitoring the actual demand.

[0004]为解决上述的技术问题,本实用新型采用以下技术方案: [0004] To solve the above technical problem, the present invention adopts the following technical scheme:

[0005]本实用新型所提供的一种用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头,包括安装座,所述安装座的四周分别设有镜头安装面,所述镜头安装面上安装有各自的镜头,所述安装座的镜头安装面上还安装有补光灯,所述补光灯置于所述镜头的四周。 Installation [0005] The present invention provides for a full range of vehicle roof taking lens, comprising a mount, the mount four weeks are respectively provided with a lens mounting face of said lens mounting surface with a respective lens lens mounting surface of said mounting seat further mounted a fill light, the fill light is positioned around the lens.

[0006]作为优选,进一步的技术方案是:补光灯包括红外线灯和/或LED照明灯。 [0006] Advantageously, a further technical solution: an infrared-light comprises a lamp and / or LED lights.

[0007]更进一步的技术方案是:所述安装座的镜头安装面上还安装有人体感应灯。 [0007] A further aspect is: a lens mounting surface of the mount body sensor is further attached to the lamp.

[0008]更进一步的技术方案是:所述安装座整体呈矩形体或倒置的四棱台体,所述镜头安装面为矩形体或四棱台体侧面的四个平面。 [0008] A further aspect is: a whole mount the rectangular or inverted quadrangular table body, said lens mounting face four flat rectangular body or side surface of a quadrangular pyramid.

[0009]更进一步的技术方案是:所述安装座的下方设有用于安装在摆动杆上的螺纹接 [0009] A further aspect is: below said mount is provided for mounting a threaded rod connected to the oscillating

□ O □ O

[0010]与现有技术相比,本实用新型的有益效果之一是:通过在安装座的四周均安装镜头,使得安装座在常态下即可通过镜头对四周的环境进行拍摄,满足汽车行驶及倒车时的全方位可视及监控需求,并且当镜头接入显示器及存储装置时,即可将采集到的全方位影像进行显示及存储,进而兼具倒车影像与行车记录仪的功能;同时本实用新型所提供的一种用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头结构简单,适于工业化生产,亦可在各类规格汽车的车顶上安装使用,应用范围广阔,且尤其适宜于通过摆动杆安装在汽车车顶的鲨鱼鳍上使用。 [0010] Compared with the prior art, one of the beneficial effects of the present invention is: through around the lens mount are installed, so that the mount can be captured through the lens to the surroundings in a normal state, to meet cars and a full range of visible when reversing and monitoring requirements, and when the lens and storage means connected to the monitor, can be collected and stored full image is displayed, and then reversing the image of both the tachograph; simultaneous full imaging lens has a simple structure is provided for a new vehicle roof, and suitable for industrial production, may also be installed in various specifications on the roof of the car, a wide range of applications, and is especially suitable by swinging shark fin using the lever installed in the vehicle roof.


[0011]图1为用于说明本实用新型一个实施例的结构示意图; [0011] FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram for explaining a configuration of the present invention embodiment;

[0012]图中,I为安装座、11为镜头安装面、2为镜头、3为补光灯、4为螺纹接口。 [0012] FIG, I is mounting seat 11 for the lens mounting surface of the lens 2, 3 lights, 4 of threaded connections.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0013]下面结合附图对本实用新型作进一步阐述。 [0013] The following further illustrate the present invention made in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.

[0014]参考图1所示,本实用新型的一个实施例是一种用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头,包括安装座I,在安装座I的四周分别设有镜头安装面11,该镜头安装面11上安装有各自的镜头2,一般而言,安装座I的四个面上分别安装一个镜头2,并且前述安装座I的镜头安装面11上还安装有补光灯3,该补光灯3也置于镜头2的四周;而为拓宽镜头2进行视频图像采集的区域,可采用广角摄像头作为前述的镜头2。 Shown, an embodiment of the present invention is an embodiment for a full range of vehicle roof photographing lens [0014] Referring to FIG 1, includes a mounting base I, I mount around the lens mounting face 11 are provided, which lens 11 has a mounting surface on each lens 2, four surfaces in general, are attached to the mount of a lens I 2, I and the mount surface 11 of the lens mounting lights 3 further mounted, the 3 also fill light is positioned around the lens 2; and to broaden the area of ​​the video camera 2 for image acquisition, it can be used as the wide-angle camera lens 2.

[0015]在本实施例中,通过在安装座I的四周均安装镜头2,使得安装座I在常态下即可通过镜头2对四周的环境进行拍摄,满足汽车行驶及倒车时的全方位可视及监控需求,并且当镜头2接入显示器及存储装置时,即可将采集到的全方位影像进行显示及存储,进而兼具倒车影像与行车记录仪的功能. May be full [0015] In the present embodiment, the mount around the lens I 2 are mounted, so that the mount can be captured through the lens I 2 on the surrounding environment in a normal state, and reversing cars satisfied when depending on requirements and monitoring, and when the lens 2 and the memory access monitor means, can be collected and stored full image is displayed, and then reversing the image of both the drive recorder function.

[0016]为使得夜间或光线较暗的环境不影响镜头的使用,发明人对上述补光灯的类型进行了选择,认为较为优选的是红外线灯与LED照明灯,亦可在安装座I的镜头安装面11上同时安装红外线灯与LED照明灯,从而照亮周围环境,保证镜头在夜间或光线较暗的环境下采集视频图像的清晰度;另一方面,还可在安装座I的镜头安装面11上增设人体感应灯,在有人接近或接触时亮起,在保证视频图像清晰度的同时,兼具防盗的功能。 [0016] such as at night or dark environment does not affect the use of the lens, the inventors of the above types of lights have been selected, that is more preferable that the infrared lamp and the LED lights, can mount in the I lens mounting surface to install the infrared lamp 11 and the LED lights to illuminate the surrounding environment to ensure the clarity of the video image capture lens at night or low light environment; on the other hand, I may mount the lens an additional body sensor 11 is mounted on the surface of the lamp lights up when someone approach or contact, to ensure the clarity of the video image at the same time, both the anti-theft function.

[0017]正如图1中所示出的,为简化安装座的结构,亦可直接将其整体设置为矩形体或倒置的四棱台体,进而将矩形体或四棱台体侧面的四个平面作为上述的镜头安装面11;同时为便于镜头使用时在摆动杆上进行安装,亦可在安装座I的下方设置螺纹接口4。 [0017] As shown in FIG, to simplify the structure of the mount, or directly to a quadrangular platform body 1 in its entirety to a rectangular or inverted, and thus the side surface of a rectangular or quadrangular four stage as the lens mounting plane surface 11; at the same time facilitate the swinging rod lens installed when used, may also be disposed below the threaded connection 4 I of the mount.

[0018]本实用新型上述优选的一个实施例中,安装座I可通过摆动杆安装在车顶鲨鱼鳍上,并且摄像头通过穿过鲨鱼鳍的线路接入蓄电池、显示器与存储装置,进而完成视频采集、显示与存储的功能,对于摄像头具体的成像、存储、显示原理,由于与现有技术基本重合,故此处不再多做介绍。 [0018] one embodiment of the present invention, the above-described preferred embodiment, the mounting base I can swing lever mounted on the roof of a shark fin, and shark fins passing through the camera's battery line access, display and memory device, thereby completing the video acquisition, display and storage functions for the particular camera imaging, storage, display principle, since substantially coincident with the prior art do not therefore described herein.

[0019]除上述以外,还需要说明是在本说明书中所谈到的“一个实施例”、“另一个实施例”、“实施例”等,指的是结合该实施例描述的具体特征、结构或者特点包括在本申请概括性描述的至少一个实施例中。 [0019] In addition to the above, also need to be described in the present specification are talking about "one embodiment", "another embodiment", "an embodiment," etc., means that a particular feature of the embodiment described in connection with the embodiments, structure, or characteristic comprises at least one embodiment of the present application broadly described. 在说明书中多个地方出现同种表述不是一定指的是同一个实施例。 Various places in the specification are not necessarily all referring to the same kind of expression is the same embodiment. 进一步来说,结合任一实施例描述一个具体特征、结构或者特点时,所要主张的是结合其他实施例来实现这种特征、结构或者特点也落在本实用新型的范围内。 Further, described in connection with any one particular feature, structure, or characteristic one embodiment, is claimed to be in conjunction with other embodiments to effect such feature, structure, or characteristic is also within the present scope of the invention.

[0020]尽管这里参照本实用新型的多个解释性实施例对本实用新型进行了描述,但是,应该理解,本领域技术人员可以设计出很多其他的修改和实施方式,这些修改和实施方式将落在本申请公开的原则范围和精神之内。 [0020] Although the present invention herein with reference to a plurality of illustrative embodiment of the present invention has been described, it should be understood that those skilled in the art may devise numerous other modifications and embodiments, such modifications and embodiments will fall within the scope and spirit of the principles of the present disclosure of the application. 更具体地说,在本申请公开、附图和权利要求的范围内,可以对主题组合布局的组成部件和/或布局进行多种变型和改进。 More specifically, in the present disclosure, within the scope of the claims and the drawings may be subject combination arrangement of the component parts and / or arrangements that various modifications and improvements. 除了对组成部件和/或布局进行的变型和改进外,对于本领域技术人员来说,其他的用途也将是明显的。 In addition to modifications in the component parts and / or arrangements and modifications, the skilled person, other uses will also be apparent.

Claims (5)

1.一种用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头,包括安装座(I),其特征在于:所述安装座(I)的四周分别设有镜头安装面(11),所述镜头安装面(11)上安装有各自的镜头(2),所述安装座(I)的镜头安装面(11)上还安装有补光灯(3),所述补光灯(3)置于所述镜头(2)的四周。 A vehicle roof for a full range of a photographing lens, comprising a mount (I), wherein: said mount four weeks (I) are respectively provided with a lens mounting face (11), said lens mounting face installation (11) with a respective lens (2), the mount (I) a lens mounting face (11) is also equipped with lights (3), said lights (3) is placed in the lens four weeks (2).
2.根据权利要求1所述的用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头,其特征在于:所述补光灯(3)包括红外线灯和/或LED照明灯。 2. The photographing lens according to claim full for vehicle roof according to claim 1, wherein: said fill light (3) comprises an infrared lamp and / or LED lights.
3.根据权利要求1或2所述的用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头,其特征在于:所述安装座(I)的镜头安装面(11)上还安装有人体感应灯。 The full-taking lens for an automobile roof 1 or claim 2, wherein: the mount (I) a lens mounting face (11) is also attached to the human body sensor lights.
4.根据权利要求1所述的用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头,其特征在于:所述安装座(I)整体呈矩形体或倒置的四棱台体,所述镜头安装面(11)为矩形体或四棱台体侧面的四个平面。 The full-taking lens for a vehicle roof according to claim 1, wherein: the mount (I) as a whole quadrangular pyramid or inverted rectangular body, said lens mounting face (11 ) four flat rectangular body or side surface of a quadrangular pyramid.
5.根据权利要求1或4所述的用于汽车车顶的全方位拍摄镜头,其特征在于:所述安装座(I)的下方设有用于安装在摆动杆上的螺纹接口(4)。 The full-taking lens for a vehicle roof according to claim 1 or claim 4, wherein: said lower mount is provided with (I) for mounting the swing rod threaded connection (4).
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