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The utility model provides English cards, and relates to the technical field of English teaching aids. The English cards are rectangular cards with phrases, prefixes, suffixes or words written on the cards. Different difficulties can be set according to different semesters or student learning levels. Conducting strips or conductive coatings are covered on different positions on the cards. The conducting strips or conductive coatings of the cards which correspondingly combine correct English words are on a same height of the cards. Compared with the prior art, the English cards are novel in structure, and can demonstrate whether prefixes, suffixes, combination, conversion, etc. of different words are correct, thereby providing convenience for students to memory, increasing interestingness of classes, and providing convenience for memory and learning of English words. The English cards can also be used in other subjects, and are teaching aid articles which has very good popularization value.


English card
Technical field
The utility model relates to a kind of English teaching aid, is English card specifically.
Background technology
In English teaching, need carry out showing the accumulating method of English word to the student, at this moment need blackboard show the youngster of English word plant common composing method as: add four kinds of suffix, prefixing, synthetic and conversions etc.For outstanding suffix, prefix etc., can allow the student select different prefixes and suffix to practise, general way is to allow student's writing on the blackboard to the blackboard, also there are many teachers to carry out card in advance, how to judge suffix, prefix, the synthetic and correctness that transforms, normally teacher provides answer, lacks new meaning.
The utility model content
The purpose of this utility model is the deficiency that exists at prior art, and this English card is provided.
The purpose of this utility model realizes by following technological means: English card is a rectangle card, has write phrase, prefix, suffix or word above; Can different difficulty be set according to different terms or student's level of learning.
Diverse location also is coated with conducting strip or conductive coating above the described card; The card conducting strip of the correct English word of corresponding combination or conductive coating are at the sustained height of card.
Compared with prior art, the utility model novel structure, whether can demonstrate the prefix, suffix of various words, synthetic and conversion etc. correct, be convenient to student's memory, increased the interest in classroom, being convenient to memory and the study of English word, also can being applied on other the subject, is a kind of teaching aid articles for use that promotional value is arranged very much.
Description of drawings
Fig. 1 is the single synoptic diagram of the utility model.
Fig. 2 is the utility model combination back synoptic diagram.
Fig. 3 uses synoptic diagram for the utility model.
Wherein 1. phrases, prefix, suffix or word, 2. conducting strip or conductive coating.
Below in conjunction with description of drawings the utility model is described in further detail:
English card during use, need arrange the position of conducting strip in the various words card or conductive coating 2 in advance.As demonstrate synthetic word afternoon when (afternoon); The card that only need will contain word after is placed on the demonstration device with the card that contains noon and aligns, and presses with have gentle hands, and conducting strip or conductive coating 2 contacts form the closed-loop path, and pilot lamp is bright, represents correctly; Otherwise, can not form the closed-loop path, pilot lamp does not work, and illustrates that this combination cannot.
In a word; the utility model provides a kind of English card; the above; it only is a part of embodiment of the present utility model; protection domain of the present utility model is not limited thereto; anyly be familiar with those skilled in the art in the technical scope that the utility model discloses, the variation that can expect easily or replacement all should be encompassed within the protection domain of the present utility model.

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1. an English card is characterized in that: comprise the rectangle card of writing phrase, prefix, suffix or word (1), be coated with conducting strip or conductive coating (2) above the card.
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