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The utility model discloses a hypodermic implantation device for a two long-acting hypodermic implants. The hypodermic implantation device consists of a push rod 1, a needle stand jacket 2, a needle stand 3 and a needle tube protecting sleeve 4, wherein a push rod stalk of the push rod is provided with three sections of ribs for controlling the push-in depth of the push rod; and the inner cavity of the needle stand and the inner cavity of an injection needle constitute a storage cavity in which two implants are prearranged. The injection needle is provided with two marking lines for controlling the insertion depth and retreating position of the injection needle, and a mouth-shaped joint is formed between a handle of the push rod and the push rod stalk, so that the handle is convenient to break after implantation operation is completed, and disposability is ensured.


两根型长效皮下埋植剂用皮下植入装置 Two long-acting subcutaneously Norplant implant device

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本实用新型涉及一种计划生育用医疗器械,具体地说,涉及一种适合于将长效避孕用两根型皮下埋植剂植入皮下的一次性使用的皮下植入装置。 [0001] The present invention relates to a method of family planning medical devices, and more particularly, to a long-acting contraceptive adapted to subcutaneously implanted subcutaneously with two single-use type Norplant implant device.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 利用皮下埋植剂实现避孕的方法是一种较为有效的新颖避孕方法。 [0002] With the subcutaneous implants implemented method of contraception is a more efficient novel method of contraception. 目前已有较为广泛的应用。 At present, more widely used. 这种方法是将一定剂量的孕激素放置在硅橡胶囊管中,然后,将此囊管埋植于育龄妇女皮下(通常是在其手臂的上部),使药物均匀而缓慢地少量释放,起到避孕作用。 This method is a dose of progestin in the silicone rubber bladder is placed in the tube, and then, this balloon catheter implanted subcutaneously women of reproductive age (typically in the upper portion of the arm), uniformly and slowly releases a small amount of the drug, from to contraception.

[0003] 最初的皮下埋植避孕方法使用的埋植剂由六根火柴棒大小的硅橡胶囊管组成,有效避孕期五年。 [0003] The initial implants Norplant method used by six matchstick-sized tubes of silicone rubber bladder, effective contraception period of five years. 我国在“六五”期间,由上海橡胶制品研究所牵头攻关,研制成功了由两根几乎与六根型同样大小的硅橡胶囊管组成的具有同等效果的埋植剂。 During our "Plan", led by the Shanghai Institute of rubber research, a successful development of implants having the same effect by two six almost the same size type silicone rubber composition of the balloon catheter.

[0004] 这类埋植剂的放置方法通常是使用一种带有针芯的套管针(参见苏昭仪、程利南、任芳明编著,《常用避孕节育方法指导》,上海医科大学出版社,2000年2月),先在上臂内侧中部,局部麻醉下作一2_长切口,用该套管针通过小切口将埋植剂呈扇状排列植入皮下。 [0004] The method of placement of such implants is generally the use of a trocar needle with the core (see Suzhao Yi, Linan Cheng, Ren Fangming ed., "Common contraceptive methods guidance", Shanghai Medical University Press, 2000 February), in the middle of the first inner arm, mainly as a local anesthetic 2_ long incision, with the trocar implant through a small incision fan shape arranged implanted subcutaneously. 该法的缺点是,套管针和手术刀都不是一次性使用医疗器械,每次临用前均要做严格的消毒灭菌处理,而且作为埋植剂的硅橡胶囊管未预先贮存在套管内,需由施术者逐次逐根装入套管针进行埋植。 A disadvantage of this method is not a surgical trocar, and disposable medical instruments, are used to do each time immediately before a strict sterilization process, but also as a silicone rubber implant is not pre-stored in the balloon catheter sleeve the inner tube, are required by the performer sequentially charged by the root trocar implants. 这样,不仅给施术者带来麻烦,也增加了交叉感染的机会。 This will not only bring trouble to the performer, but also increases the chance of cross-infection.


[0005] 本实用新型旨在克服上述缺点,提供一种使用简便、有利于避免交叉感染的一次性使用的植入两根型皮下埋植剂专用的皮下植入装置。 [0005] The present invention is intended to overcome the above drawbacks, to provide an easy, it helps to avoid cross-contamination of the implant of two single-use type dedicated subcutaneous Norplant implant device.

[0006] 本实用新型是这样实现的,它的构成包括推杆、针座护套、针座和针管保护套;在所述的推杆的手柄上有用于指示推杆转动位置的箭头状标记,在手柄和推杆茎之间有用于手柄和推杆茎连接的“ 口”字形节点,在推杆茎上设有沿茎杆圆形断面相对配置的三段凸棱,即后凸棱、中凸棱和前凸棱,在针座的内部设有允许推杆茎前后移动的导腔,导腔后端设有限制推杆茎摇晃的凸缘,在该凸缘上设有让上述三个凸棱通过转动通过的凹槽,在针座]的外表面上设有与手柄表面相对应的箭头标记,针座的两肩部设有用于嵌合针座护套上两个凸棱的凹槽,与针座固定连接的不锈钢管针表面设有用于指示该钢管针插入和后退位置的前标记线和后标记线。 [0006] The present invention is achieved, it comprises a pusher configuration, the sheath hub, the needle hub and needle guard; like an arrow mark for indicating the rotational position of the tappet push rod on the handle , between the handle stem and the push rod for "mouth" shape node and a handle connected to the push rod stem in the plunger stem is provided with three sections ribs disposed along the stem of circular cross-section opposite, i.e. kyphosis edge, the edge ribs and lordosis, is provided in the interior of the hub cavity to allow the guide to move back and forth plunger stem, the rear end of the guide lumen restricts the plunger stem flange shaking, so that the flange is provided in the above-mentioned three a rib by rotation through the groove, the handle is provided with a surface corresponding to the outer surface of the arrow mark on the hub] of the two shoulders of the hub is provided with two ribs for fitting on the sheath of the needle hub stainless steel stylet surface of the groove, is fixedly connected to the needle hub is provided for indicating that the steel needle is inserted into and retracted positions of the front and rear marking line marking lines.

[0007] 本实用新型出厂组装时已将两根埋植剂装入由针座导腔和不锈钢管针组成的贮腔内,并与推杆分开包装,消毒后提供用户使用。 [0007] The present implants have two charged by a reservoir chamber and a hub guide lumen needle consisting of a stainless steel tube, and when the plunger is packaged separately invention factory assembled, provide the user after disinfection.

[0008] 在临使用时,先用普通的手术小刀(一次性)作皮下切口,将不锈钢管针从切口处缓缓插入皮下,直至不锈钢管针上的后一标记线处,然后将推杆插入针座的导腔中,使推杆柄上的箭头状标记与针座上的箭头状标记在同一侧相向对准,这时,由于推杆茎上设有三段沿杆茎圆形断面圆周相对配置的凸棱,导腔后端的腔壁上设有开有导槽的凸缘,推杆茎上最前端的突棱正好与突环上的导槽吻合而能顺利推入导腔,顶住已装入导筒导腔内的 [0008] In the temporary use, first with normal surgical knife (disposable) subcutaneously incision, the stainless steel tube from the needle into the subcutaneous incision slowly, until after a marked line on a stainless steel stylet, and then the pusher hub insertion guide chamber, so that the arrow-shaped mark and the needle hub arrowhead-like marks on the push rod lever are aligned facing the same side, this time, since the plunger stem is provided with a circular cross section along the circumference of the rod stem three sections oppositely disposed ribs, the rear end of the cavity wall of the guide chamber provided with an opening flange of the guide groove, the front end of the plunger stem projecting ribs most precisely and smoothly pushed into the guide chamber and the guide groove projecting anastomosis ring, the top live loaded guide cylinder guide lumen

3埋植剂,而位于相对位置的中凸棱被该凸缘挡住,接着,将推杆旋转180°,即可使该凸棱与凸缘上的导槽吻合,推杆又可以顺利推入导腔。 3 implants, the relative position located in the ribs of the flange is blocked, then, the rotation of the push rod 180 °, to the guide groove and the rib flange anastomosis, and can successfully push the push rod guide chamber. 在缓缓退出与注射针连在一起的针座的同时,缓缓推入推杆,第一根埋植剂即可植入皮下,同时推杆茎上与前凸棱位置相对的后凸棱被凸缘挡住而不能进一步将推杆推入;不锈钢管针退至与针尖接近的前标记线时,调整注射针的皮下插入角度,使与第一次植入呈V字形角,再将不锈钢管针缓缓插入至后标记线, 再将推杆柄旋转180°,使被挡住的后凸棱与凸缘的导槽吻合,让推杆能顺利推入;依然是在缓缓退出不锈钢管针的同时,缓缓推入推杆,将第二根埋植剂置入皮下。 While slowly withdraw the injection needle together with the needle holder, the plunger is pushed slowly, to a first root implants implanted subcutaneously, while the plunger stem rib lordosis kyphosis position opposing edges can not be blocked by the flange further into the push rod; stainless steel tube when the needle tip and retreat close to the front marker, subcutaneous injection needle insertion angle adjustment, so that the V-shaped first implant angle, then stainless steel after the needle is inserted into the tube slowly to the line, and then rotating the plunger handle 180 °, to the guide groove is blocked kyphosis edge of the flange coincide, so that the push rod can be smoothly pushed; exit remains at the stainless steel tube slowly while the needle, slowly push the push rod, the second rod implant placed subcutaneously. 在完成皮下植入后,将已插入针座的推杆沿着推杆手柄和推杆茎连接的“ 口”字形节点折断,将其毁坏,从而保证它的一次性使用。 After completion of subcutaneous implantation, which has been inserted into the "mouth" shaped hub node along the push rod connecting the push rod and the push rod handle stem break, destroying it, thus ensuring that it is disposable.

[0009] 为了在植入埋植剂前能够预先将两根埋植剂前后依次放置在由针座的导腔与不锈钢管针组成的埋植剂贮腔内,针座]的导腔与固定连接在针座上的不锈钢管针的内腔连在一起长度应为95〜105mm。 [0009] In order to be able to advance implant prior to implantation to implant two longitudinal implant sequentially placed by the guide chamber and the reservoir chamber stainless steel tube composed of needle holder, the needle hub] and the fixed guide chamber stainless steel tube lumen needle connected to the needle hub together length should 95~105mm. 同时推杆莖长应为90〜100mm,外径O. 8〜I. 2mm,后凸棱和中凸棱各长39〜43mm,最前端的前凸棱长O. 9〜L Imm,各凸棱之间的间距I〜3mm,前凸棱距推杆莖顶端I〜I. 5mm,各凸棱高O. I〜O. 3_。 Meanwhile plunger stem length should 90~100mm, the outer diameter of O. 8~I. 2mm, kyphosis ribs and long ribs each 39~43mm, foremost edge length lordosis O. 9~L Imm, each of the projections the spacing between the ribs I~3mm, lordosis plunger stem from the top edge I~I. 5mm, each high rib O. I~O. 3_.

[0010] 为便于掌握不锈钢管针的插入和退出距离,不锈钢管针上的前标记线与该钢管针的针尖相距8〜12mm,前、后两标记线之间相距40〜44mm。 [0010] The stainless steel tube is inserted into the needle easy to grasp and withdraw from the front line marking stainless steel stylet and the needle tip away from 8~12mm, before, after the distance between the two marked lines 40~44mm.

[0011] 鉴于本实用新型属于一次性使用医疗器械,追求制造方便、成本低廉,故,其中除了不锈钢管针使用不锈钢金属制造外,其余均可采用无毒的塑料制造,并且采用注塑成型工艺更有利于降低成本,当然作为医疗器械,材料的颜色以浅色透明为宜。 [0011] In view of the present invention belongs to the disposable medical devices, the pursuit of ease of manufacture, low cost, and therefore, in addition to stainless steel, wherein the stainless steel stylet made of metal, the other may be a non-toxic plastic, using an injection molding process and more help reduce costs, of course, as a medical device, to color light transparent material is appropriate.

[0012] 本实用新型的优点是显而易见的,首先,它在推杆柄与推杆茎之间设置了一个便于折断的“口”字形节点,具有“自毁性”,确保一次性使用,避免交叉感染。 [0012] The advantages of the present invention will become apparent, first of all, which is provided between the plunger and the plunger stem shank of the "mouth" shaped to facilitate the breaking of a node having a "self-destructive" to ensure one-time use, to avoid cross-infection. 其次,在不锈钢管针上设有标记线、推杆杆茎上设有专门的凸棱,便于施术者把握植入深度,各项标志鲜明, 操作时掌握方便。 Next, the needle tube is provided on the stainless steel wire marking, the stem is provided with a special putter ribs, are easy to grasp the depth of implantation treatments, the distinctive mark track the convenient operation. 两根埋植剂已预先装入装置内,植入作业可一次完成。 Two implants has been pre-loaded into the apparatus, the implant operation can be completed. 本实用新型曾提供某计划生育指导所试用,深受有关医务人员的欢迎,认为操作简便,省却术前术后处理上的许多麻烦。 The present invention has provided a family planning guidance the trial, welcomed by the medical staff that is simple, save a lot of trouble on the preoperative and postoperative treatment.


[0013] 图I是整套本实用新型示意图;图2是本实用新型推杆俯视图;图3是本实用新型推杆侧视图;图4是本实用新型针座意图;图5是针座后视图;图6是针座护套意图; 图7是不锈钢管针示意图。 [0013] Figure I is a complete schematic of the present invention; FIG. 2 is a plan view of the plunger of the present invention; FIG. 3 is a side view of the plunger of the present invention; FIG. 4 is a hub of the present invention is intended; FIG. 5 is a rear view of needle hub ; FIG. 6 is intended to hub sheath; FIG. 7 is a schematic view of a stainless steel stylet.

[0014] 图中标号为:1 推杆;2 针座护套;3 针座;4 针管保护套;5 [0014] In reference to FIG: 1 plunger; sheath hub 2; 3 hub; 4 needle protector; 5

推杆手柄;6—箭头标记;7—节点;8—推杆茎;9、10、11—沿推杆茎外周相对配置的后凸棱、中凸棱和前凸棱;12—针座上的箭头标记;13—与针座护套嵌合的凹槽;14——针座导腔后端的凸缘;15——针座导腔后端凸缘上允许推杆凸棱通过的凹槽; 16——用于与针座嵌合的凸棱;17、18——指示针杆进退位置的前标记线和后标记线。 Pusher grip; 6- arrows; 7- node; 8- plunger stem; 9,10,11- along the outer periphery of the plunger stem rib disposed opposite kyphosis, lordosis ribs and the ribs; 12- needle hub arrow mark; 13- recess fitted with the sheath hub; 14-- needle guiding chamber rear flange seat; allows the groove by the plunger ribs 15-- needle guiding chamber rear flange seat ; 16-- fitted to the needle hub rib; 17,18-- retreat position indicating needle bar and a rear front marking line marking lines.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0015] 下面结合实施例对本实用新型作进一步说明,但本实用新型绝不局限于该实施例。 [0015] The following examples further embodiments in conjunction with the present invention as described, but the present invention is in no way limited to this embodiment. [0016] 实施例 [0016] Example

[0017] 参见图1,如图I所示那样,采用可注塑的透明聚丙烯粒料,用注塑工艺分别制成本实用新型所述的推杆I、针座护套2、针座3和针管保护套4。 [0017] Referring to FIG. 1, as shown in FIG. I, may be employed a transparent injection molded polypropylene pellets, made by an injection molding process are the cost of the new utility pusher I, the sheath hub 2, and hub 3 needle protector 4. 按图2和图3所示,推杆I 的构成包括:推杆手柄5、手柄上的箭头标记6、连接手柄与推杆茎8的“ 口”字形节点7 ;在推杆茎8设有沿推杆茎断面外周相对配置的后凸棱9、中凸棱10和前凸棱11 ;推杆茎8长98. 5mm ;莖断面外径1_ ;后凸棱9长42. 5mm ;中凸棱10长40_ ;前凸棱11长I. Omm ;各凸棱高O. 3mm ;各凸棱之间的间距3mm ;前凸棱11距推杆莖顶端I. 3mm。 In Figure 2 and 3, constituting the pusher I comprising: a pusher grip 5, an arrow mark on the handle 6, the handle is connected to the push rod stem "mouth" shape of the node 78; 8 provided on the plunger stem kyphosis ribs along the outer periphery of the plunger stem section arranged opposite to 9, the ribs 10 and ribs 11 lordosis; plunger stem length 8 98. 5mm; the outer diameter of the stem section 1_; kyphosis long edge 9 42. 5mm; convex 40_ long edge 10; lordosis long ribs 11 I. Omm; each high rib O. 3mm; pitch between the ribs 3mm; lordosis ribs 11 from the top of the plunger stem I. 3mm.

[0018] 如图4和5所示,针座3具有扁平的锥形构造,表面设有箭头标记12,便于在转动推杆手柄时使手柄上的箭头与之相互对合,它的两个肩部设有与针座护套上的凸棱16嵌合的凹槽13,针座导腔后端设有内径允许推杆茎通过的凸缘14,该凸缘上设有允许推杆茎上的凸棱通过的凹槽15,针座护套2通过凸棱16嵌合组装在针座3上,不锈钢管针固定安装于针座上,与针座的导腔一起组成可容纳两根埋植剂的贮腔,该贮腔长度98mm,在不锈钢管针表面设有前后两个指示针杆进退位置的前标记线17和后标记线18,前标记线17与不锈钢管针的针尖相距10mm,前、后两标记线相距42mm。 [0018] FIGS. 4 and 5, the hub 3 has a flattened cone-shaped configuration, a surface provided with an arrow mark 12, the arrow on the handle facilitates the mutually engaged during the rotation of the plunger handle, its two a shoulder is provided with ribs 16 on the sheath hub fitting groove 13, the rear end of the guide chamber has an inner diameter allowing the hub flange by the plunger stem 14, allows the plunger flange provided on the stem the ribs by grooves 15, the sheath hub 2 fitted by ribs 16 assembled to the hub 3, a stainless steel tube attached to the needle holder the needle seat, the needle seat and the guide together form a cavity which can accommodate two the reservoir chamber implants, the reservoir cavity length 98mm, stainless steel stylet is provided with front and back surfaces of the needle bar indicates two retreat position before and after the marking line 17 marked line 18, line 17 prior to labeling with the needle tip away from the stainless steel tube 10mm, the front and rear two marker lines spaced 42mm.

[0019] 本实用新型作为成品出厂时,内部已装有两根埋植剂,并套有针管保护套4,置于无菌消毒包装内。 [0019] The present invention as the finished product, has been equipped with two internal implants, and with a needle protector sleeve 4, placed in aseptic packaging. 使用时,拆开包装,按前面所述方法操作即可,不必另行消毒,用后折断推杆手柄,即可按一次性医疗用品处置。 In use, open the packaging, the method of operation according to the foregoing, obviating the need for sterilization, the broken plunger with a handle, can be treated according to disposable medical supplies.

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  1. 1. 一种两根型长效皮下埋植剂用皮下植入装置,其特征是,它的构成包括:推杆[I]、 针座护套[2]、针座[3]和针管保护套[4];在所述的推杆的手柄[5]上有用于指示推杆转动位置的箭头状标记[6],在手柄[5]和推杆茎[8]之间有用于手柄[5]和推杆茎[8]连接的“ 口”字形节点[7],在推杆茎[8]上设有沿茎杆圆形断面相对配置的三段凸棱,即后凸棱[9]、中凸棱[10]和前凸棱[11],在针座[3]的内部设有允许推杆茎[8]前后移动的导腔, 导腔后端设有限制推杆茎摇晃的凸缘[15],在该凸缘上设有让凸棱[9、10、11]通过的凹槽[14],在针座[3]的外表面上设有与手柄[5]表面相对应的箭头标记[12],针座[3]的两肩部设有用于嵌合针座护套上两个凸棱[16]的凹槽[13],与针座[3]固定连接的不锈钢管针表面设有用于指示该钢管针插入和后退位置的前标记线[17]和后标记线[18]。 A two Norplant long-acting subcutaneously implantable device, characterized in that its composition comprises: plunger [the I], the sheath hub [2], the needle hub [3] and the needle protection sleeve [4]; the handle of the push rod has an arrow-shaped marks for indicating the rotational position of the push rod [5] [6], handle [5] and the push rod between the handle stem for [8] [ 5] and the plunger stem [8] "mouth" shaped nodes connected to [7], with three sections along the stem ribs disposed in a circular cross-section opposite 8] on the plunger stem [, i.e. kyphosis rib [9 ], the ribs [10] and the lordosis ribs [11], the needle hub [3] is provided to allow the push rod inside the stem [8] before and after the movement of the guide cavity, the guide cavity rear plunger stems shaking restricts the flange [15], is provided so that the ribs [10, 11] through the recess [14], is provided in the outer surface of the needle hub [3] and the handle [5] on a surface of the flange recess [13], and the needle hub [3] corresponding to the arrow mark [12], the needle hub [3] is provided with two shoulders for fitting on the sheath hub two ribs [16] is fixedly connected stainless steel stylet is provided for indicating the surface of the steel pipe and the needle retracted position before insertion marker [17], and the marker lines [18].
  2. 2.根据权利要求I所述的皮下埋植剂用皮下植入装置,其特征是,所述的推杆茎[8]长为90〜100mm,外径O. 8〜I. 2mm,后凸棱[9]和中凸棱[10]各长39〜43mm,前凸棱[11] 长O. 9〜I. Imm,各凸棱之间的间距I〜3mm,前凸棱[11]距推杆莖顶端I〜I. 5mm,各凸棱高O. I〜O. 3臟。 2. Subcutaneous implants according to claim I of the implantable device subcutaneously, wherein said pusher stem [8] length 90~100mm, the outer diameter of O. 8~I. 2mm, kyphosis rib [9] and fins [10] each long 39~43mm, 9~I. Imm, the spacing between the ribs I~3mm lordosis ribs [11] long O., lordosis ribs [11] from plunger stem top I~I. 5mm, each high rib O. I~O. 3 dirty.
  3. 3.根据权利要求I所述的皮下埋植剂用皮下植入装置,其特征是,针座[3]的导腔与固定连接在针座上的不锈钢管针的内腔连在一起长度为95〜105mm。 Subcutaneous implants according to claim I of the subcutaneous implant device, characterized in that the needle hub [3] is fixedly connected with the guide chamber in the hub of the needle lumen stainless steel tube length together 95~105mm.
  4. 4.根据权利要求I所述的皮下埋植剂用皮下植入装置,其特征是,所述的不锈钢管针上的前标记线[18]与不锈钢管针的针尖相距8〜12mm,前标记线[17]和后标记线[18]之间相距40〜44mm η Subcutaneous implants as claimed in claim I subcutaneously implantable device, characterized in that the front marking line [18] on the stainless steel pipe and stainless steel stylet needle tip away 8~12mm, prior to labeling distance between lines 40~44mm η [17], and the marker lines [18]
  5. 5.根据权利要求I所述的皮下埋植剂用皮下植入装置,其特征是,所述的植入装置除不锈钢管针外,其余部件均用浅色的或透明的医用塑料注塑而成。 Subcutaneous implants according to claim I subcutaneously implantable device, wherein said implantable device in addition to stainless steel stylet, and the rest are light-colored or transparent plastic injection molded medical .
CN 201120398088 2011-10-19 2011-10-19 Hypodermic implantation device for two long-acting hypodermic implants CN202342097U (en)

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