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The utility model relates to a medical appliance for wound suture, in particular to a wound suture paster, which is formed by encapsulating a plurality of wound suture pasters in an outer packaging bag, wherein each wound suture paster consists of a strong adhesive tape and non-stick paper covered above the strong adhesive tape, and the number of the suture pasters encapsulated in the outer packaging bag can be 2 to 8. The wound suture paster belongs to a portable wound suture treatment bag, and even strong adhesive tapes are encapsulated in the portable wound suture treatment bag. The wound suture implementation is simple, is easy to implement and is very convenient. Doctors can do as the wishes and can easily operate. Even people without medical knowledge and skills can also carry out in-time and effective suture treatment on wounds. When the wound suture paster is used, strong adhesive tapes are correspondingly pasted at both sides of the wound and then are sewed in an opposite joint way through medical suture threads. The wound suture paster can not injure the skin and can accelerate the wound healing, and suture holes or suture scars can not be generated after the wound healing.


伤口缝合贴 Wound closure stickers

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本实用新型涉及一种新的缝合伤口的强力胶带贴,特别涉及一种可广泛应用于缝合伤口、以及在伤口愈合后没有缝合孔的医疗器械,属于国际专利分类A61B技术领域。 [0001] The present invention relates to a new tape the stitched wound strength, it can be widely applied particularly to a suture wounds, suture holes and no wound healing in medical devices, belonging to the International Patent Classification A61B art.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 人们在生活和工作中,常常会遇到事故,需要进行创伤处置手术。 [0002] people in life and work, often encounter accidents, the need for invasive surgery disposal. 你也许在车间工作时被工件深度割伤,他也许在驾驶摩托车时被其他违章车辆撞开肌肉,她也许在分娩时不得不采用剖腹产措施,等等。 You might be cut in the workpiece depth workshop, he might be forced open when the motorcycle muscle other illegal vehicles, she may have to use Caesarean section during labor measures, and so on. 目前对伤口的治疗所采用的,是医生在伤者或病人的呻吟声中用铁钳夹穿线弯针刺透伤口两侧皮肤缝合,4-5天后,医生在病人恐惧的情绪中拆线。 Current treatments for wounds adopted, a doctor at the groans of the wounded or patients with pincers folder threading curved suture needle through skin wounds on both sides, 4-5 days later, the doctor stitches in a patient mood of fear. 缝合线上一般都有像倒刺一样的伤疤。 Suture barbs generally like or scars. 缝合后伤口两侧会遗留有两排缝合孔或缝合瘢痕。 On both sides of the wound suture will be left with two rows of sutures or suture hole scar. 出现在人的光洁肌肤上,非常影响美观。 Appear on a person's skin smooth, very affecting appearance.


[0003] 本实用新型的目的,在于针对目前伤口处理所产生的弊端,提供一种新的缝合伤口的医疗器具——伤口缝合贴。 [0003] The object of the present invention, the drawbacks that the process for the current generated by the wound, the wound was sutured to provide a novel medical instrument - wound closure stickers.

[0004] 本实用新型的技术方案如下。 [0004] The technical solution of the present invention is as follows.

[0005] 一种便携式的伤口缝合贴,它是在一外包装袋中封装有数个伤口缝合贴组成。 [0005] A portable stick wound closure, which is packaged in a packaging bag composed of several wound closure stickers.

[0006] 所述的伤口缝合贴是由强力胶带和强力胶带上面覆盖的不粘纸构成。 The wound [0006] suture paste is made strong and heavy tape overlying tape not sticky trap.

[0007] 所述封装在外包装袋内的缝合贴数量为偶数张;具体可以为2-8个。 [0007] The suture package in the packaging bag attached to an even number of sheets; specifically 2-8.

[0008] 本实用新型根本性地改变了对伤口常规的缝合手段,使伤口愈合后不会遗留缝合孔或缝合疤痕。 [0008] The present invention fundamentally changes the suturing means of conventional wound so that the suture or suture hole not left after wound healing scars. 它简单易行,非常方便。 It is simple and very convenient. 医生可以随心所欲,轻轻松松操作,即使不具备医疗知识和技术的人也可以对伤口进行及时和十分有效的缝合处理。 Doctors can be arbitrary, easy to operate, even if people do not have the medical knowledge and technology can also be wound stitched timely and very effective treatment. 本实用新型还适用于无条件施行伤口缝合术的山区、农村及野外环境,在不能及时找到医疗机构的情况下也可对损伤进行完好的处理。 The invention also applies to the unconditional implementation of the wound suture mountainous, rural and wild, in the case of medical institutions can not be found in time can damage were intact process.


[0009] 图1为本实用新型的整体结构示意图; [0009] FIG 1 a schematic view of an overall structure of the present novel utility;

[0010] 图2为伤口缝合贴的结构示意图。 [0010] FIG. 2 is a schematic view of the wound closure stickers.

[0011] 图中:1、外包装袋,2、强力胶带贴,2.1、强力胶带,2. 2.不粘纸。 [0011] FIG: 1, the outer bag 2, heavy tape paste, 2.1, heavy tape, not sticky trap 2. 2. 具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0012] 参见图1,本实用新型的便携式伤口缝合贴,是在一外包装袋1中封装有偶数张的强力胶带贴2,强力胶带贴2数量为2-8张,因最多8张足够处理一个比较大的伤口。 [0012] Referring to Figure 1, the present invention attached to a portable wound closure, there is a strong even number 2 in the tape affixed to a package in the outer bag 1, an amount of a strong tape affixed 2 2-8 sheets, because up to eight sufficient handle a larger wound. 强力胶带贴2与普通的创可贴有一定区别:在其中间部位没有涂药区或吸收层,胶层采用的是对皮肤无刺激的高分子生物强力胶。 2 with a strong adhesive tape affixed to an ordinary adhesive bandage are some differences: there is no portion in which the applicator region or between absorbent layer, subbing layer polymer is used in a biological glue nonirritating to skin. 这样,使其具有最大限度的粘力,在实施缝合后不会脱 Thus, it has a maximum tack in the embodiment does not release the suture

1¾ O[0013] 参见图2,强力胶带贴2是由强力胶带2. 1和强力胶带2. 1上面覆盖的不粘纸2. 2 构成。 1¾ O [0013] Referring to Figure 2, tape the strong powerful belt 2 is made 2.1 and 2.1 powerful belt cover sticker is not above 2.2.

[0014] 本实用新型的使用方法:将外包装袋1撕开,取出强力胶带贴2,揭下强力胶带2. 1 上面覆盖的不粘纸2. 2,将强力胶带2. 1对称紧贴在经过消毒的伤口的两侧。 [0014] Use of the present invention: the outer bag 1 to tear and remove the heavy tape affixed 2, the tape does not peel off sticker strong overlying 2.1 2.2, a strong symmetry tape against 2.1 after both sides of the wound disinfected. 两强力胶带离伤口的大约距离均为0. 5厘米(中间留有大约1厘米的空区,可为伤口涂药或沾取渗出液),粘贴缝合贴的张数依伤口的大小而定。 The number of two powerful belt wound from a distance of approximately 0.5 cm are (middle left empty area of ​​about 1 cm, can be wound exudate removal with applicator), depending on the size of the stickers attached suture may be wound . 最后,将伤口两侧的强力胶带2. 1用医用缝合线对缝在一起。 Finally, the powerful belt wound on both sides with 2.1 surgical suture to stitch together. 这样,强力胶带把伤口两侧的皮肤紧紧粘住,伤口两侧边缘被缝合的强力胶带2. 1紧紧地挤住而没有任何缝隙,经过几天后就会自然愈合。 Thus, both sides of the powerful belt firmly attaches skin wound, the wound edges are stitched both strong adhesive tape 2.1 choked tightly without any gap, it will after a few days after natural healing. 因使用本实用新型在处理伤口的过程中没有对伤口两侧的皮肤进行穿刺,在伤口愈合后,就不会产生缝合孔或缝合疤痕。 The present invention is not the use of both skin puncture wounds during the treatment of the wound, the wound healing, does not occur or sewing suture hole scars.

[0015] 本实用新型的优点是:1.可以免去对伤口本身的穿刺缝合手术,伤口愈合后不会遗留缝合孔或缝合疤痕,不会给伤者因美观问题而造成心理上的伤害。 [0015] The advantages of the present invention are: 1 can be removed from the puncture wound suture itself do not leave scars suture or suture hole wound healing, cosmetic problem is not caused by psychological harm to the victim. 2.因为缝合时不刺穿伤口两侧皮肤,不造成新创伤,伤口两侧组织能保持正常的血液循环,所以对伤口能起到很快的止血、止痛、消炎作用,能加速伤口的愈合。 2. Because they do not pierce the skin on both sides of the wound suture, does not cause a new wound, the wound tissue on both sides to maintain normal blood circulation, so the wound can play quickly bleeding, pain, anti-inflammatory effect, can accelerate wound healing . 3.待伤口愈合后(大约3天),病人可自行将胶带拆下,无需像穿刺缝合那样再去医院拆线。 3. Once wound healing (about 3 days), the patient can self-adhesive tape was removed without puncture as the suture stitches that go to the hospital. 4.此新型缝合术能使缝合线像橡皮筋一样自始至终保持一定的拉力,达到伤口最小。 4. This new suture can like a rubber band throughout the suture to maintain a certain tension, the wound is minimized.

Claims (4)

1. 一种伤口缝合贴,其特征在于:它是在一外包装袋中封装有数个伤口缝合贴组成。 A wound closure stickers, characterized in that: it is packaged in a packaging bag composed of several wound closure stickers.
2.根据权利要求1所述的伤口缝合贴,其特征在于:所述的伤口缝合贴是由强力胶带和强力胶带上面覆盖的不粘纸构成。 The wound suture according to claim 1 attached, wherein: said wound closure is made strong stick tape and the overlying tape strength not sticky trap.
3.根据权利要求1所述的伤口缝合贴,其特征在于:所述封装在外包装袋内的缝合贴的数量为偶数张。 The wound suture according to claim 1 paste, which is characterized in that: said suture package number is affixed to the packaging bag even number.
4.根据权利要求3所述的伤口缝合贴,其特征在于:所述封装在外包装袋内的缝合贴的数量为2-8个。 According to claim 3, the wound suture attached, wherein: said outer suture package number is affixed to the bag 2-8.
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