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Concrete special-shaped anti-knock precast slab forming machine


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Discloses is a concrete special-shaped anti-knock precast slab forming machine which resolves the problems that the existing precast slab extrusion forming machines can only produce cuboid precast slabs. The concrete special-shaped anti-knock precast slab forming machine is characterized in that a feeding device is composed of a main spiral feed stirring knife (5) arranged in a molding room and auxiliary feed stirring knives arranged at two sides, and the feeding device is driven by a transmission device (2), elongated assembly special-shaped side dies (1) are arranged on the inner side of the bottom portion of a frame (6), and one side die is connected with the bottom board of a vibrator assembly (8) to form resonant vibration. The round hole special-shaped precast slabs or special hole special-shaped precast slabs can be produced in a cavity molding room formed by the side dies, ground (9) and the bottom board and trowelling board (7) of the vibrator assembly (8), thereby satisfying the anti-shock and guarded needs of construction houses of vast village people.


砼异型抗震预制板成型机 Shaped Seismic prefabricated concrete molding machine

一、 技术领域 First, the technical field

[0001] 本实用新型属于建筑用预制板成型机,尤其是涉及到一种用于连续加工生产建筑 [0001] The present invention belongs to the prefabricated building machine, particularly relates to a continuous process for the production of building

异型抗震预制板成型机。 Shaped Seismic prefabricated molding machine.

二、 背景技术 Second, the technical background

[0002] 建筑预制板是建筑业最为主要的建筑材料,广泛用作建筑楼层板。 [0002] The main building prefabricated building material construction industry is the most widely used as building floor plate. 根据国家原有标准生产的建筑预制板,一般均为长方形,利用单块或长线法连续加工生产圆孔或异形孔的成型机制作。 According to the existing national standards prefabricated building, it is generally rectangular, block, or using a single long continuous processing method round or profiled hole molding machine production. 现有技术的预制板各种成型机只能用于加工生产长方形圆孔和长方形异型孔预制板,而不能加工生产异型圆孔或异型孔的预制板。 Prior art panels of various molding machines for processing only circular holes and rectangular shaped rectangular hole panels, prefabricated panels can not be shaped processing round or shaped hole. 目前市场上还没有可用于生产异型圆孔或异型孔的预制板成型机。 Currently on the market are not useful for the production of prefabricated panels or circular shaped aperture shaped molding machine.


[0003] 本实用新型的目的是提供一种结构简单、操作简捷的加工生产异型圆孔或异型孔预制板成型机。 [0003] The object of the present invention to provide a simple structure and simple operation of the processing or circular shaped aperture shaped prefabricated molding machine.

[0004] 本实用新型的技术方案是:所述成型机由机架和设置在机架上的料斗、送料装置、 传动装置、振动器总成、配电箱、预制板边模以及配重铁等构成,在由机架底部两侧壁与地面、振动器总成的底板和抹光板构成的预制板腔体成型室内设有拼装异型边模,所述异型边模为拼装长条型,其内侧壁为圆滑弧形曲线,另一侧壁固定于机架底部的内侧,并且其中的一块与振动器总成的底板固定连接;送料装置由设置于成型室内的螺旋主送料搅刀和两侧各设置的一只辅送料搅刀组成,送料搅刀的前端光滑部分既可以为圆柱体,也可以是非圆形柱体,由传动装置传动。 [0004] The technical solution of the present invention are: the machine frame and a hopper provided on the frame, the feeding device, transmission device, a vibrator assembly, distribution boxes, panels side mode and the weight of iron and the like, in a cavity formed interior panels consisting of two side walls and a bottom chassis ground, and the bottom plate of the vibrator assembly trowel plate assembly is provided with shaped side molds, the side mode profile is assembled long bar which smooth arcuate curve the side wall, the other side wall fixed to the inner bottom of the rack, and wherein a bottom plate of the vibrator assembly is fixedly connected; feed means is provided by a spiral shaped main chamber and feed mixing blade sides a secondary set of each mixing blade feed composition, the smooth distal end portion of the feed cylinder that can stir blade, may be non-circular cylinder, the drive by the drive means.

[0005] 本实用新型的有益效果是:由于在预制板成型腔边壁增设了异型边模,从而使通过成型机制作出来的预制板两侧下部均有异型凸块和侧壁凹槽。 [0005] The beneficial effects of the present invention are: since the precast panels side walls forming the mold cavity addition of the profiled edge, so that the lower portion of the preform to be made through the side plates are shaped bump forming machine and sidewalls of the recess. 异形预制板平铺于楼层间,形成一条条通长凹槽,便于穿插钢筋进行通长凹槽混凝土现浇。 Shaped panels plated in between floors, a section through long groove is formed, to facilitate the reinforcing bar inserted through long groove on Concrete. 现浇出的一排排小梁贯穿整个楼面,从而使板与板之间通过现浇小梁,上下栓成一体,而现浇小梁又与各排墙体上的预埋钢筋头贯穿一体,进而使每个单独的预制板通过现浇小梁的贯穿,形成一个整体,达到了整体现浇楼面的效果,形成了较强的抗震能力。 Casting the rows of trabeculae throughout the floor, so that through the trabecular situ, between the upper and lower pin plate integrally with the plate, and in turn through the trabecular cast steel head embedded in the walls of each row integrally, thereby enabling each individual prefabricated cast through the trabecular through, forming a whole, to the overall effect of the cast floor, forming a strong shocks.


[0006] 图1为本实用新型整体结构示意图; [0007] 图2为本实用新型腔体成型室结构剖视图。 [0006] Figure 1 a schematic view of the overall structure of the present novel utility; [0007] FIG 2 present disclosure cavity sectional view of the molding chamber structure.

[0008] 图中:1为预制板边模,2为传动装置,3为料斗,4为配电箱,5为主送料搅刀,6为机架,7为抹光板,8为振动器总成,9为地面。 [0008] FIG: 1 is prefabricated side mode, the transmission means 2, a hopper 3, 4 is a distribution box, main feed mixing blade 5, the rack 6, 7 for the trowel plate, the vibrator 8 Total percent, 9 to ground.


[0009] 下面结合附图对本实用新型作进一步描述。 [0009] The following further description of the drawings of the present invention for binding. [0010] 如图1所示,本实用新型由机架6和设置在机架6上随机一起移动的料斗3、配电箱4、螺旋送料装置、电动机、传动装置2、振动器总成8、预制板边模1和配重铁等构成。 [0010] The present invention is provided by the frame 6 and the frame 6 moved together in random hopper 3, the distribution box 4, a screw feed device, a motor, a transmission shown in FIG. 12, the vibrator assembly 8 , panels 1 and the counterweight side molds like iron. 送料装置由设置于成型室内的四根螺旋主送料搅刀5和两侧设置的辅送料搅刀组成,由传动装置2传动。 Four main coil by a feed device disposed in the molding chamber feed mixing blade 5 and the auxiliary feed mixing blade is provided on both sides, of a second transmission gear. 在左右机架的内侧无设置拼装异型边模l,所述异型边模1为拼装工条形,其一侧壁通过镙针等零部件固定安装在机架6底部两侧,高为10-12厘米,宽为6-10厘米,其内侧为圆滑弧形曲线,并且其中的一截与振动器底板相连接,形成共振。 In the rack-provided inside the left and right side molds L-shaped assembly, the mold 1 is shaped edge strip assembly station, one side wall by screws and other parts of the needle fixedly mounted on both sides of the bottom of the rack 6, a height of 10- 12 cm, width 6-10 cm, inside which is a smooth arcuate curve, wherein the length of the vibrator and the base plate is connected to form a resonance. 该异型边模1与地面9、振动器总成8的底板和抹光板7,构成预制板腔体成型室,如图2所示。 The profiled side mold 1 and the ground 9, the vibrator assembly base plate 8 and the trowel plate 7, the cavity plate constituting the preform molding chamber, as shown in FIG. 实施本实用新型时,首先在预制板场地上将预应力钢筋穿过成型机底部,准备好后,将按比例混合好的砼倒入料斗3中,打开配电箱4上的电源开关,振动器总成8电机和传动电机转动,驱动螺旋主送料搅刀5转动将料斗3内的砼料向前轴向推进至由地面、设置于机架6底部两侧的拼装异型边模1、振动器8的底板和抹光板7构成的预制板腔体成型室内,在振动器总成8的挤压或推挤作用下密实成型,该成型机在反作用力的推动下向前移动,即能生产出圆孔异型预制板或异型孔异型预制板,以满足广大城乡居民能抗震、且盖得起的住房需要。 When the embodiment of the present invention, in the first through the bottom of the forming machine on site prefabricated prestressed reinforced, ready-mixed concrete poured proportionally hopper 3, turn the power switch on the distribution box 4, the vibration and the drive motor assembly rotates the motor 8, drive the helical mixing blade main feed hopper 5 is rotated material within the concrete 3 to advance axially forwardly from the ground, is provided on both sides of the die assembly 6 side profile bottom chassis 1, vibration floor panels 8 and trowel the cavity plate constituting the molding chamber 7, the vibrator assembly dense molded or extruded under the pushing action 8, the machine moves forward under the impetus of the reaction force, i.e., capable of producing a round hole shaped hole shaped panels or panels, to meet the majority of urban and rural residents to the earthquake, and the cover affordable housing needs.

Claims (3)

  1. 一种砼异型抗震预制板成型机,它包括机架和设置在机架(6)上的料斗(3)、送料装置、传动装置(2)、振动器总成(8)、配电箱(4)、预制板边模(1)和配重铁,其特征在于:在由机架(6)底部两侧壁与地面(9)、振动器总成(8)的底板和抹光板(7)构成的预制板腔体成型室内设有拼装异型边模(1),其一侧壁固定于机架(6)底部内侧,并且其中的一块与振动器总成(8)的底板固定连接;送料装置由设置于成型室内的螺旋主送料搅刀(5)和两侧设置的辅送料搅刀组成,由传动装置(2)传动。 Shaped Seismic one kind of prefabricated concrete molding machine, comprising a frame and a hopper provided on the frame (6) (3), feeding means, drive means (2), the vibrator assembly (8), the distribution box ( 4), mold side panels (1) and the counterweight iron, characterized in that: a frame (6) and the ground on both sides of the bottom wall (9), the vibrator assembly (8) of the base plate and smearing (7 ) panels constituting the cavity forming chamber is provided with edge profiled die assembly (1), one side wall fixed to the frame (6) inside of the bottom, and wherein a vibrator assembly (8) is fixedly connected to the base plate; a primary coil means disposed in the feed chamber is shaped feed mixing blade (5) and a secondary feed mixing blade is provided on both sides, of a transmission (2) transmission.
  2. 2. 根据权利要求1所述的砼异型抗震预制板成型机,其特征在于:异型边模(1)为拼装长条型,其内侧壁为圆滑弧形曲线。 The shaped seismic prefabricated concrete molding machine according to claim 1, wherein: Shaped edge mold (1) is a long bar assembly, the inner side wall smooth arcuate curve.
  3. 3. 根据权利要求1或2所述的砼异型抗震预制板成型机,其特征在于:主送料搅刀(5) 的前端光滑部分为非圆形柱体。 The prefabricated concrete seismic profile or molding machine according to claim 1, characterized in that: the main feed mixing blade (5) of the front end portion of the smooth non-circular cylinder.
CN 200920227735 2009-08-28 2009-08-28 Concrete special-shaped anti-knock precast slab forming machine CN201511432U (en)

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