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The utility model relates to aquaculture devices for turtles, particularly to an aquaculture device for three-stripped box turtles. The aquaculture device for three-stripped box turtles comprises a bracket; a mesh fence for supporting is mounted on the bracket; the mesh fence makes the bracket into a stratified structure; a turtle pool is arranged in the space of each layer of the mesh fence; water outlets and water inlet devices are arranged on the turtle pools; water discharge devices with filtering structures are arranged on the water outlets; a water storage device is arranged at the top of the bracket; a water supply opening communicated with the water inlet devices of the turtle pools through feed water conveying pipelines is arranged on the water storage device; and a discharge water conveying pipe connected with the drainage pipelines externally arranged at the water outlets of the turtle pools is also arranged on the bracket. The aquaculture device utilizes stereo space reasonably and increases the aquaculture capacity of unit space. Besides, the arrangement of scientific water supply and discharge systems, good ventilation system and temperature regulating device is convenient for management, and the maintaining of the cleaning of the aquaculture environment, and is suitable for the large-scale and high-density aquaculture of three-stripped box turtles and other of turtle species.


一种金钱龟养殖装置 One kind of turtle breeding device

技术领域 FIELD

本实用新型涉及龟的养殖装置技术领域,特别涉及金钱龟的养殖装置。 Technical Field The present invention relates to a culture apparatus turtle, turtle, particularly to the culture apparatus. 背景技术 Background technique

金钱龟,又名三线闭壳龟,是传统的中药材,历来被视为珍贵的滋补佳品,同时,金钱龟又有极高的观赏价值,监于金钱龟在食用、药用、观赏等多方面的广泛用途,而野生的金钱龟数量稀少,且有逐年减少的趋势,国家已经将其列为国家二级野生保护动物。 Null, also known as golden coin turtle, is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has always been regarded as a precious tonic, at the same time, there are high ornamental value turtle, turtle in prison for edible, medicinal, ornamental and other widely used terms, and the number of rare wild turtle, and there is a decreasing trend, countries have to be included in the national secondary protection of wild animals.

野生的金钱龟栖息于山区溪水地带,要求阳光充足、安静、水质清净的生长环境,使得野生的金钱龟的繁殖发展受限于自然环境条件,这是造成了野生金钱龟数量无法快速增长的主要原因。 Wild turtle habitat in the mountain stream zone, requiring a sunny, quiet, clean water quality growth environment, making wild turtle breeding development is limited by the natural environment, which is caused by the rapid growth in the number of wild turtle, not the main the reason. 龟是变温动物,活动依赖于环境 Turtles are cold-blooded animal, the activity is dependent on the environment

温度的高低,当环境温度在l(TC以下时,龟进入冬眠,环境温度在12°C 以上时,龟才苏醒,在每年有一半的时间,野生龟处于冬眠期,很大程度上限制了野生龟的生长速度。 High and low temperatures, when the ambient temperature at the time of l (TC below tortoise into hibernation, the ambient temperature is above 12 ° C, the turtle was awake, in half the time each year, wild turtle in hibernation, largely limited wild turtle growth rate.

由于野生的金钱龟数量满足不了人们的需求,人们开始人工养殖金钱龟,以加快金钱龟的生长、繁殖速度。 As the number of wild turtle can not meet people's needs, people began artificial breeding turtle to turtle speed up the growth, reproduction rate. 人工伺养条件下的金钱龟,生活习性被改变,且作息和用食时间固定化和规律化,使人工饲养的金钱龟的生长、繁殖速度明显加快, 一定程度上缓解了需求与供应不对称的压力。 Null under artificial conditions servo support, habits are changing, and the fixed time schedule and food and regularize with the growth of turtle in captivity, breeding significantly faster, easing the demand and supply to some extent asymmetry pressure.

当前,人们尚未完全掌握金钱龟的人工养殖技术,也未形成大规模的人工养殖场。 Currently, people have not yet fully mastered artificial breeding technology turtle, large-scale artificial breeding farm is also not formed. 目前养殖户所使用的金钱龟养殖装置,主要是通过模仿金钱龟生活环境而设计的室内养殖池,这种室内养殖池不但造价高,管理不方便,且其设计也未尽合理,未能使人工养殖的金钱龟产量规模大、 生长速度快,限制了金钱龟养殖业的发展。 Currently turtle breeding device used by farmers, mainly through imitation indoor pond turtle living environments. This indoor pond not only the high cost, convenient management, and its design is not entirely reasonable, failed to make Null production of large-scale artificial breeding, fast growth, limit the development of turtle aquaculture.

中国200820032453专利公开的一种龟鳖温室养殖装置,包括温室、 设置在温室内的养龟池,龟鳖温室养殖装置还包括设置在温室内的燃炉、 设置在燃炉上的水箱、设置在燃炉上的烟道,烟道贯穿温室并与外界空气相连通。 One kind of turtles greenhouse cultivation apparatus disclosed in Chinese patent 200820032453, including greenhouse, a greenhouse disposed Yanggui pool, turtles greenhouse cultivation apparatus further comprises a burner disposed in the greenhouse, the water tank is provided in the combustion furnace, provided flue, the flue of the burner through the greenhouse and in communication with the outside air. 该实用新型适合小型龟鳖的养殖,但是却不适合大规模、高密度龟鳖的养殖。 The utility model suitable for small-scale breeding turtles, but not suitable for large scale, high density of breeding turtles.

3实用新型内容 3 SUMMARY

本实用新型所要解决的技术问题提供一种造价低、在养殖过程中管理方便、省空间、有利于增快金钱龟的生长速度且能实现金钱龟的高密度大规模 The present invention is to solve the technical problem of providing a low-cost, easy management in the breeding process, save space, is conducive to faster growth rate of turtle, turtle, and can achieve a high density of large-scale

养殖的金钱龟养殖装置。 Turtle farming equipment farming.

为解决上述技术问题,本实用新型实现的技术方案是: 设计一种金钱龟养殖装置,包括支架,支架上安装有起支撑作用的网栏, To solve the above problems, the present invention achieve technical solution: design a turtle farming apparatus comprising a bracket mounted play a supportive role fencing bracket,

所述支架通过网栏形成层状结构,网栏上每层空间中安装有养龟池。 The layered structure formed by stent mesh fence, the fence net is attached to each space Yanggui pool.

上述方案中的网栏与相邻网栏之间距离为50〜70厘米,所述的养龟池 Between the above-described embodiment net pens and neighboring distance is 50~70 cm column, the pool Yanggui

高30〜40厘米。 30 to 40 cm high.

作为上述方案的改进,所述的养龟池上还设有进水装置,养龟池上开有排水口,排水口上还连接有排水装置。 As an improvement of the above-described embodiment, the pool is also provided with inlet means Yanggui, Ikegami Yanggui open drain port, the drain is further connected to the discharge port means. 排水装置上设有过滤结构。 Drain structure provided with a filter. 各养龟池的排水口通过外接设置的排水管道连接于支架上设置的排水输送管上。 Yanggui drain of each drain pipe external pool provided by the drain is connected to the delivery tube disposed on the bracket.

作为上述方案的更进一步改进,在支架顶部储水装置,储水装置上设有供水口,所述供水口通过供水输送管道与各养龟池的进水装置连通。 As a further improvement of the above-described embodiment, the water supply port is provided on the holder top of the water storage means, storage means, the water supply through the inlet port means communicating with the water delivery conduit Yanggui pool.

以上金钱贵养殖装置的养龟池上还放置有喂料台,各养龟池开口上的四周设有护栏。 Ikegami Yanggui more expensive money culture device further feeding station placed, surrounded on each opening is provided with guardrails Yanggui pool.

为调节温度,所述的金钱龟养殖装置还设有温度调节器或者取暖器。 To adjust the temperature, the turtle breeding apparatus provided with a temperature regulator or a further heating.

本实用新型的优点在于:本实用新型由于在支架上设有多层网栏,可以在多层面上安装养龟池,各层面上同时又能安装多个养龟池。 The present invention is advantageous in that: the present invention, since the multilayer web is provided on a support column, may be installed at multiple Yanggui pool, while mounting a plurality of the surface layers Yanggui pools. 这种结构合理地利用了立体空间,大大的增加了单位空间的养殖容量。 Such three-dimensional structure and rational use of space and greatly increases the carrying capacity of the unit space. 支架上养龟池之间, 既相对独立又相互关联,有统一的进出水系统,方便一致管理,也便于针对各个养龟池的具体情况,调整喂养频率和喂养量,增快生长速度。 Yanggui pool between the holder, relatively independent but interrelated, unified system out of the water, to facilitate consistent management, but also easy to for the specific circumstances of each Yanggui pool, feeding frequency and the feeding amount of the adjustment, faster growth rate. 另外,由于设置了储水装置,对各个养龟池统一供水,既方便水温的调解,且有利于保障无差异的养殖环境,使龟产品的产出规格相一致。 In addition, since the water storage device, each Yanggui unified pool of water, the water temperature is convenient mediation, and help protect the indifference of the culture environment, the turtle product output specifications are consistent. 附图说明 BRIEF DESCRIPTION

图1为本实用新型示意图。 1 a schematic view of the present invention FIG.

图2为本实用新型所述养龟池示意图。 FIG 2 is a schematic view of the pool Yanggui the invention. 具体实施方式 Detailed ways

下面结合附图通过实施例对本实用新型作进一步详细说明。 Described in more detail below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings of the present invention as examples. 参见图1、图2, 一种金钱龟养殖装置,包括支架1,支架1上安装有起支撑作用的网栏2,支架通过网栏形成层状结构,网栏上每层空间中安装有养龟池4。 2 A turtle farming apparatus of FIG. 1, includes a frame 1 mounted on a bracket play a supportive role fencing 2, a layered structure is formed by screen holder bar, each space has a support bar mounted on the web turtle pool 4. 支架和支架上的网栏由各种廉价的材料制成,例如木材、钢材或耐用塑料。 And fencing bracket on the bracket made from a variety of cheap materials, such as wood, steel or a durable plastic. 本实施例中选用钢材,使支架和网栏更坚固,能支撑更多的养龟池和水。 Embodiment be of steel, and the stent net field stronger and more able to support the present embodiment Yanggui pools and water. 支架上设有多层网栏将支架分为多层空间。 Has a multi-layered fencing on the support bracket will be divided into multi-layered space. 在本实施例中设有两层网栏,将支架分成了三层空间,其中上面两层用于安装养龟池,最低层用于放置如喂食品、温度调节器等物件。 Embodiment is provided with two layers of mesh fence, the stent is divided into three spaces in the present embodiment, wherein the above two installation for Yanggui pool, such as the lowest feed for placing food, a temperature regulator and other objects. 实际操作中为了更充分利用空间、加大单位空间的养殖量,可以分为更多的空间层,但每层网栏之间应保持有一定的距离,以保障空气的畅通。 The actual amount of farming operation in order to make better use of space, increase the unit space, more space can be divided into layers, but each layer between the fencing should maintain a certain distance, to ensure the smooth flow of air. 根据实际生产经验,每层网栏之间的距离为50 厘米最为合适,既可充分利用养殖空间,又保持恰好的透气空间,既加大单位空间的养殖量,又不影响产出龟产品质量。 Based on actual production experience, the distance between each layer of the network most appropriate column of 50 cm, can make full use of space farming, while maintaining just the right ventilation space, both to increase the amount of farming unit space, without compromising product quality output turtle . 每层网栏上安装有多个养龟池4,使纵向和横向上的空间都得到了充分利用。 On each bar is attached to a plurality of network Yanggui pool 4, so that the longitudinal and transverse space have been fully utilized. 与上同理,在横向空间上每个养龟池之间也应保持有一定距离,根据经验,当两个养龟池之间未设置有其它构件时,两个养龟池之间保持20—25厘米的距离为佳。 Similarly with the upper, in the lateral space between the pool should be kept at a distance from each Yanggui, according to experience, when no other member is provided between the two pools Yanggui, 20-25 cm between two holding pools Yanggui distance better. 在纵向空间上, 根据上下两个网栏之间的距离,养龟池自身的高度和养龟池与垂直相邻层的养龟池的距离应当合理分配,当养龟池高为30厘米,与垂直相邻层的养龟池的距离为20厘米时最佳。 Space in the longitudinal direction, the distance between the two vertical fencing, pond Yanggui Yanggui pool from the adjacent layer and its height perpendicular Yanggui pool shall be reasonably distributed, when Yanggui pool height of 30 cm, 20 cm cell optimum Yanggui layer adjacent to the vertical distance. 当然,根据实际情况,可以有其它分配方式。 Of course, the actual situation, there may be other distribution.

所述养龟池4上开有排水口42,排水口上还设有排水装置。 The drain port 42 is opened Yanggui pool 4, further provided with draining means drain. 设置排水口、 排水装置可以随时更换养殖用水,也有利于清除养殖过程中龟的排泄物、喂食品残渣及其它杂物。 Set drain, drainage water can be replaced at any time farming, but also conducive to the breeding process of clearing the turtle droppings, feeding food residue and other debris. 排水装置上最好设置有过滤结构,如过滤网等,防止 Drainage means is preferably provided with a filter structure, such as filters and the like, to prevent

造成损失或堵塞排水口。 Losses or clogged drain.

各养龟池的排水口42之间通过外接设置的排水管道46连接于同一排水 Yanggui drain of each cell 42 provided by the external drain pipe 46 is connected to the same drain

输送管3,将排水归集到同一排水输送管3集中排放。 Delivery tube 3, drainage imputation to the same drainage pipe concentrative discharge conveyor 3. 养龟池上还设有进水装置41,便于对养龟池供水,也有利于随时更换养殖水,保持清洁的养殖环境。 There is also a water inlet means Yanggui pool 41, the pool water facilitates Yanggui also help at any time to replace the culture water, clean culture environment. 进水装置可以只是一段管道,或者可以是一段带有控制开关的管道,如带有水龙头的水管,在本实施例中,该进水装置41为一段水管。 Inlet means may be only a section of tubing, or may be a section of pipe with a control switch, such as a water faucet with, in the present embodiment, the inlet means 41 is a length of pipe.

该金钱龟养殖装置,其支架l的顶部可以设有储水装置6,储水装置上设有供水口61,供水口通过供水输送管道5与各养龟池的进水装置41连通。 The Null farming means that the top bracket l water storage device 6 may be provided with a water supply port 61 on the storage device, the water supply inlet port in communication by means of each supply pipeline 5 Yanggui pool 41. 该储水装置可对各养龟池同时供水,储水装置6在养殖过程中能起到调节水温的作用。 The reservoir means may simultaneously Yanggui water for each pool, storage means 6 can play a role in regulating the water temperature in the breeding process. 使用时,将水储存在该装置中,待水温均衡,再将水通过供水输送管道5同时输送到各个养龟池4中,这就保证了各个养龟池得到的是等温水,使各养龟池的养殖环境无差异,促使龟产品的产出规格和质量相一致。 When used, the water is stored in the device, until the water temperature equilibrium and then the water supply pipeline 5 are simultaneously fed to the tank 4 through respective Yanggui, which ensures that each other is obtained Yanggui heated pool, each support turtle breeding pond environment no difference, prompting turtle products output specifications and consistent quality. 另外,由于水的比热较高,是理想的温度调节介质,因此在养殖过程中,储水装置6还起到了调节养殖环境温度的作用。 Further, due to the high specific heat of water, it is the ideal temperature regulating medium, thus in the breeding process, the water storage device 6 also plays a role in regulating the temperature of the culture environment. 当然,储水装置本身也可以设置有进水装置,连接到自来水管或者水泵等水源上。 Of course, the storage device itself may also be provided with a water inlet means connected to a water pipe or other water pumps.

养龟池排水口上外接设置的排水管道46和进水装置41的设置位置可根据实际情况而定,如图1所示,在本实施例中,由储水装置连接出的供水输送管道5,通过三通管将水分流,再利用若干三通管道与各个养龟池的进水装置41连接。 Yanggui pool external drain outlet provided on the installation position of the water drainage pipe 46 and apparatus 41 may be determined according to the actual situation, as shown in FIG. 1, in the present embodiment, the water storage device is connected by the water supply pipeline 5, shunt tee by water, recycling water inlet means 41 is connected to the respective plurality of pipe tee Yanggui pool. 所述的供水输送管道5安置于同一网栏上两个相邻的养龟池之间,并伸延至各层网栏,而各个养龟池的进水装置41则安装于便于与供水输送管道5连接的一侧,此设计不但使整个养殖装置的外形显得有序,美观,而且更充分的利用了空间。 The water delivery conduit 5 is disposed between two adjacent columns on the same network Yanggui pool, mesh fence extending to the layers, and the respective means Yanggui water pool 41 is attached to facilitate the water supply pipeline 5 side of the connection, the whole shape of this design not only makes the device appear orderly culture, aesthetics, and better use of space. 同样道理,连接各个养龟池排水口上外接设置的排水管道46的排水输送管3与上述的供水管道平行设置,各个养龟池排水口上外接设置的排水管道46安装在便于与排水输送管3连接的一侧。 Drains drain 46 drains Similarly, each connected to an external drain outlet Yanggui pool duct 3 provided with the above-described water supply pipe disposed in parallel, each pool Yanggui drain outlet provided on the external and the drain 46 is mounted to facilitate the delivery tube 3 is connected side. 在实际应用中,可以是其它安装方法,如将供水输送管道5和排水输送管3 统一安装在养殖装置边沿,而各个养龟池排水口上外接设置的排水管道46 和进水装置41,分别加长与供水输送管道5和排水输送管3连接。 In practice, the installation may be other methods, such as water supply and drainage pipeline 5 3 uniform delivery tube means mounted in the breeding edge, and the respective drains Yanggui pool drain inlet 46 and the external device 41 provided, respectively, extended the water supply and drainage pipe 5 conveying the delivery tube 3 is connected.

另外,养龟池上放置有喂料台43,以防喂食时,喂食品在养龟池内四处漂游对养殖环境造成污染或者造成食品浪费,增加养殖成本。 In addition, Yanggui Ikegami placed feeding station 43, in case when feeding, feeding food in the pool four Yanggui drift pollute the environment or caused by farming food waste, increase farming costs. 在本实用新型中,养龟池开口上的四周设有护栏44,有效防止龟逃跑,造成不必要的损失, In the present invention, surrounded by the fence 44 is provided with an opening Yanggui pool, turtle prevent escape, resulting in unnecessary losses,

同时也对养龟池起到加固作用。 But also play a role in strengthening Yanggui pool.

由于金钱龟对养殖环境的要求比较高,养殖环境的质量直接影响着龟产品的产出质量。 As the demand for turtle breeding environment of relatively high quality breeding environment directly affects the quality of output turtle products. 其中,温度则是影响龟生长速度的主要因素,据经验,温度在25_32° C范围内时,对金钱龟的生长比较有利,特别是将温度控制在32 ° C左右最佳。 Wherein the temperature is the main factor in the growth rate of the turtle impact, according to experience, within a temperature range of 25_32 ° C, the growth of the turtle is advantageous, in particular, to control the temperature optimum of about 32 ° C. 因此,为了保障在养殖过程中保持养殖环境有一个稳定的温度范围,上述的金钱龟养殖装置还设有温度调节器或者取暖器,温度调节器在天气炎热时,可以将温度降低,在天气寒冷时,可以将温度调高,将温度控制在最佳范围内,促进龟的稳定快速生长。 Accordingly, in order to protect the culture environment to maintain a stable breeding process temperature range, the above-described apparatus is also provided with turtle culture temperature controller or heater temperature regulator in hot weather, the temperature may be lowered, in cold weather , the temperature may be raised, to control the temperature within the optimum range to promote rapid growth of stable turtles.

本实用新型虽然比较适用于金钱龟的养殖,但由于其它龟种的人工养殖装置与金钱龟的人工养殖装置基本通用,因此,本实用新型用于其它龟种的养殖,同样适合。 Although the present invention is more suitable for breeding turtle, but because farmed means farmed turtles means and other types of turtle basic general, therefore, the present invention is used for other farmed turtles, are likewise suitable. 上述实施例是本实用新型的优选实施方式,除此之外,本实用新型还可以有其他实现方式。 The above embodiment is a preferred embodiment of the present invention embodiment, in addition, the present invention also can be other implementations. 也就是说,在没有脱离本实用新型构思的前提下,任何显而易见的替换也应落入本实用新型的保护范围之内。 That is, in the present invention without departing from the concepts premise, any replacement should also be apparent that within the scope of protection of the present invention.

Claims (9)

  1. 1、一种金钱龟养殖装置,包括支架(1),支架上安装有起支撑作用的网栏(2),其特征在于:所述支架通过网栏形成层状结构,网栏上每层空间中安装有养龟池(4)。 A turtle farming apparatus comprising a holder (1), is attached to play a supportive role fencing bracket (2), characterized in that: said support is formed by a layered structure network Bar, each mesh bar space is installed Yanggui cell (4).
  2. 2、 根据权利要求1所说的金钱龟养殖装置,其特征在于:所述网栏与相邻网栏之间距离为50〜70厘米,所述的养龟池高30〜40厘米。 2, turtle breeding said apparatus according to claim 1, wherein: the distance between the fencing and the neighboring column is 50~70 cm, the pool Yanggui 30 to 40 cm high.
  3. 3、 根据权利要求1或2所说的金钱龟养殖装置,其特征在于:所述养龟池上还放置有喂料台(43),各养龟池的四周设有护栏(44)。 3, said apparatus turtle culture according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that: said pool further Yanggui placed feeding station (43), surrounded in each cell is provided Yanggui fence (44).
  4. 4、 根据权利要求3所说的金钱龟养殖装置,其特征在于:所述的养龟池上还设有进水装置(41)。 4. The apparatus of claim 3 said turtle breeding claim, wherein: said pool further provided Yanggui inlet means (41).
  5. 5、 根据权利要求3所说的金钱龟养殖装置,其特征在于:所述的养龟池上开有排水口(42),排水口上还连接有排水装置。 5. The apparatus of claim 3 said turtle breeding claim, wherein: the drain port is opened Yanggui pool (42), a drain is also connected to the discharge port means.
  6. 6、 根据权利要求5所说的金钱龟养殖装置,其特征在于:所述的排水装置上设有过滤结构。 6, according to claim 5 of said device according turtle culture, wherein: the filtering structure provided with drainage means.
  7. 7、 根据权利要求6所说的金钱龟养殖装置,其特征在于:所述的支架上设置有排水输送管(3),各养龟池的排水口通过外接设置的排水管道(46) 连接于该排水输送管。 7. The apparatus of claim 6 said turtle breeding claim, wherein: the drain is provided with a delivery pipe (3) on said bracket, drainage channels (46) through the drain of each cell Yanggui provided connected to an external the delivery tube drainage.
  8. 8、 根据权利要求l、 2及4至7任一个项所说的金钱龟养殖装置,其特征在于:所述的支架顶部设有储水装置(6),储水装置上设有供水口(61), 所述供水口通过供水输送管道(5)与各养龟池的进水装置(41)连通。 8, according to claim L, 2 and 4 to 7 of any one item of said turtle farming apparatus characterized in that: said storage means is provided with a top bracket (6), the water storage device is provided with a water supply port ( 61), the water supply port in communication with the inlet means of each Yanggui pool (41) through the supply delivery conduit (5).
  9. 9、 根据权利要求8所说的金钱龟养殖装置,其特征在于:所述的金钱龟养殖装置还设有温度调节器或者取暖器。 9. The apparatus of claim 8 said turtle breeding, characterized in that: said apparatus further breeding turtle provided a temperature controller or heater.
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