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The utility model relates to a plug structure which can be used in an overflowing warning device for a tank of a solar water heater. The utility model comprises a main body of the plug made from insulated materials and is provided with a screw thread, wherein, two electrodes pass through the main body. With the electrodes arranged on the plug of an overflow pipe of the tank, the utility model can connect the electrodes with a household door bell through wires, thereby conveniently accomplishing the alarm function; the plug structure is suitable for the requirement of both the producer and the prior solar energy consumers to utilize the energy available to transform the solar water heater.


新型丝堵技术领域本实用新型涉及一种丝堵结构,可用于太阳能热水器水箱的溢水报警装置。 New plugs Field The present invention relates to a wire blocking structure can be used for a solar water heater tank overflow alarm. 背景技术太阳能热水器的一个关键部分就是它的水箱,水箱设有一个进水管和-个溢水管,在往水箱里注满水的时候,水就会从溢水管里面流出来,防止水箱里水压过大造成水箱的损坏。 A key part of the background technology of solar water heaters is its water tank, water tank has a water inlet pipe and - of the overflow tube in the tank to be filled with water, the water will flow from the overflow tube inside out, to prevent the tank pressure excessive damage to the tank. 但是,当溢水管流出水时,人们因为忙或不经意往往忘记关闭进水阀门,造成了水资源的大量浪费,增加了个人的水费负担,而且,长时间的积水浸泡还会对楼顶造成损坏,给住在顶楼的邻居带来不必要的麻烦。 However, when the overflow tube out of the water, because people are often busy or inadvertently forget to turn off the water valve, resulting in a large waste of water resources, increasing the burden on the individual water charges, and that will be a long soak water on the roof damage, to cause unnecessary trouble the neighbors living in the attic. 现有的太阳能热水器一般没有溢水报瞀装置,有些即使加装了溢水报瞀装置,但结构都比较复杂,如果能在溢水管的丝堵上进行一些改进,则可以有助于设计出结构更为简单,造价更低,且使用方便的溢水报警装置。 Existing solar water heaters generally do not report dim overflow device, and some even reported that the installation of the overflow device dim, but the structure are more complex, if we can make some improvements to plug in the overflow tube wire, you can help to design a structure more For simplicity, lower cost, and the overflow warning device easy to use. 发明内容本实用新型的目的在于针对太阳能热水器水箱溢水报警装置的设计思路,提供一种适用于溢水报警装置的新型丝堵,使得溢水报警装置更加简单实用。 SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention aims to design ideas for a solar water heater tank overflow alarm device, suitable to provide a novel wire blocking overflow alarm device, so that the overflow warning device is more simple and practical. 本实用新型的技术方案如下: 一种新型丝堵,包括一个由绝缘材料制成的丝堵主体,主体上设有螺纹,其中,在丝堵主体上贯穿设有两个电极。 Aspect of the present invention are as follows: A new plugs, comprising a wire made of an insulating material block body, the body is provided with screw thread, wherein the plugs is provided with two electrodes through the body. 如上所述的新型丝堵,其中,电极选用不锈钢电极。 Blocking new wire as described above, wherein the electrode is an electrode made of stainless steel. 本实用新型通过在水箱溢水管的丝堵上加装电极,可以通过导线将电极与家庭的门铃连接,非常方便的实现溢水报警功能,该丝堵结构既适合生产厂家的需要,更适合现有太阳能用户利用现有资源改造己有太阳能。 The present invention installed in the tank through the overflow tube plug wire electrodes, the electrodes may be connected by wires and family doorbell, very easy to achieve overflow alarm, the plugs structure both for manufacturers require more suitable conventional the transformation of solar energy users using existing resources already have solar energy. 附图说明图1为本实用新型的结构示意图。 1 shows a schematic view of the new structure the present invention. 图2为将本实用新型丝堵用于溢水报警装置的示意图。 Figure 2 is a schematic view of the present disclosure plugs overflow alarm device. 图中,l.溢水管2.三通3.电极4.丝堵5.门铃开关具体实施方式如图1所示,本实用新型包括一个由绝缘材料制成的丝堵主体4, 主体上设有螺纹,其中,在丝堵主体上贯穿设有两个不锈钢电极3。 FIG, l. Overflow pipe tee 2. The electrode plugs 4. 5. DETAILED DESCRIPTION doorbell switch 1, the present invention comprises a filament made of an insulating material block body 4, provided on the body threaded, wherein, in the body through the plugs 3 is provided with two stainless steel electrodes. 如图2所示,太阳能热水器溢水管门铃报警装置包括三通2、带有两个电极3的丝堵4、导线和软管,三通2的一端与太阳能溢水管1连接,三通2的另外两端分别与带有电极3的丝堵4和软管相连, 并且电极3贯穿过丝堵4,导线与丝堵4上的电极3连接,导线的另一端与门铃开关5并联。 As illustrated, overflow tube solar water heater comprising a three-way door alarm device 2, the wire electrode 3 having two block 4, wires and hoses, a three-way 2 has one end connected to the solar overflow pipes 1, 2 of the three-way Further both ends of the wire with the electrodes 3 and 4 is connected to the hose plug, the electrodes 3 and 4 through-plugs, wires and plugs on the electrode 43 is connected to the other end of the wire 5 parallel doorbell switch. 当水箱中的水加满后,水就会浸泡电极3, 使导线导通,门铃就会工作。 When the water in the tank filled, the water will soak the electrodes 3, the wire is turned on, the bell will work. 人们听到铃声后就会意识到水己经加满了,关闭太阳能水箱的上水阀门,当水位降低后,门铃就会停止工作。 People hear a tone will realize that water has filled up, turn off the water valve solar water tank, when the water level decreases, the doorbell will stop working. 本实用新型结构简单、造价低廉、使用方便,既适合生产厂家的需要,更适合现有太阳能用户利用现有资源改造已有太阳能。 It has simple structure, low cost, easy to use, both to suit the needs of manufacturers, is more suitable for existing users of solar use of existing resources by altering the existing solar energy.

Claims (2)

1.一种新型丝堵,包括一个由绝缘材料制成的丝堵主体(4),主体上设有螺纹,其特征在于:在丝堵主体(4)上贯穿设有两个电极(3)。 1. A novel plugs, comprising a wire made of an insulating material block body (4), provided with a thread on the main body, wherein: the plugs in the body (4) is provided with two through-electrodes (3) .
2. 如权利要求1所述的新型丝堵,其特征在于:所述的电极(3) 选用不锈钢电极。 2. The novel yarn according to claim 1 block, wherein: said electrode (3) made of stainless steel electrodes.
CNU2007201438555U 2007-04-16 2007-04-16 Novel pipe plug CN201028228Y (en)

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