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本发明是有关一种具备无线模块的行动储存安全平台硬件,其包括一无线模块(Wireless)、一电池供应组(Battery Pack)、一电源转换模块(Voltage Regulator)及一闪存/IC卡读取装置(Flash/IC Card Reader),该无线模块(Wireless)是可提供数种无线协议及传输技术;该电池供应组(Battery Pack)是可提供该无线模块(Wireless)及闪存/IC卡读取装置(Flash/IC Card Reader)的电源所需,而该电源转换模块(Voltage Regulator)则可将电池供应组(Battery Pack)提供的电源作DC/DC转换后,以提供真正可供无线模块(Wireless)及闪存/IC卡读取装置(Flash/IC Card Reader)所利用的电源;而该闪存/IC卡读取装置(Flash/IC Card Reader)则用以装设一具备IC卡的认证硬件;本发明的主要特征是自备电源供应,不需外接电源或者通过其它硬设备撷取电源,使得通过无线技术传输的方便性及效果更为彰显及不受限制,且使得认证硬件(安控 The present invention relates to a mobile storage module includes a wireless security platform hardware, which includes a wireless module (Wireless), a set of the supply battery (Battery Pack), a power conversion module (Voltage Regulator) and a flash / IC card reader means (Flash / IC card Reader), the wireless module (wireless) are available several wireless protocol and transmission technology; the set of supplying battery (battery Pack) is available to the wireless module (wireless) and Flash / IC card reader desired power supply device (Flash / IC Card Reader), and after the power converter module (Voltage Regulator) group may be a battery supply (battery Pack) to provide power for the DC / DC converter to provide a radio module for real ( Wireless) and Flash / IC card reading device (Flash / IC card Reader) utilized power; and the flash / IC card reading device (Flash / IC card Reader) is provided for mounting an IC card authentication hardware ; main features of the present invention is a self-powered supply, no external power supply by the power supply or other hard capturing devices, such highlighting others and not limited by convenience, and the effect of wireless transmission technology, and such authentication hardware (safety control 制)资料的保密传输能力更加的提升。 Greatly enhances the ability to secure transmission system) data.


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CN 200480042613 2004-03-29 2004-03-29 Mobile storage safety platform hardware with wireless module CN100424719C (en)

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PCT/CN2004/000270 WO2005093640A1 (en) 2004-03-29 2004-03-29 A active storage security hardware with wireless module

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