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The invention provides a carrier for hands-free support of tablet and notebook computers to allow use of the device while standing upright. The carriers are convertible between an in-use configurationand a carrying case configuration. The carrier features include a platform having an inner portion and an outer portion and sidewalls extending away from the outer portion such that the platform andthe sidewalls together define an open-top receptacle adapted to receive a portable computer or other display device. The receptacle has at least two opposing portions for attaching or otherwise securing strap fixtures for connecting opposing ends of a user strap.


平板式和笔记本个人计算机承载装置 Flatbed carrier means and the notebook personal computer

[0001]木目转綱i體,X綠 [0001] Wood turn mesh body classes i, X Green

[0002] 本专利申请案主张基于2004年10月24日申请的美国临时专利申请案第60/513,677号的优先权。 [0002] This patent application claims priority based on 2004 October 24 filed US Provisional Patent Application No. 60 Priority / No. 513,677.

技术领域 FIELD

[0003] 本发明涉及一种用于便携式计算设备的承载装置,且确切地说,涉及用于平板式个人计算机的承载装置。 [0003] The present invention relates to carrier apparatus for a portable computing device, and specifically, the carrier means is directed to a tablet-type personal computer for.

背景技术 Background technique

[0004] 电子技术的发展导致了显示器与使用者触觉输入结合在单个设备当中。 [0004] The development of electronic technology has led to the haptic display and user input device incorporated in a single among. 这项技术又与笔记本计算机概念相结合,从而创造出通称为平板式计算机(或平板式PC)的设备。 The technology and combined with the concept of a notebook computer, thereby creating a device known as a tablet computer (or tablet PC) from the. 平板式计算机配有能够通过轻触笔或直接触摸来接收使用者输入的显示器。 Tablet computer can be equipped with a touch pen or by directly touching the display receives user input. 一种示范性平板式PC可从Acer America公司购买至lj,名为"TravelMate"。 An exemplary tablet PC can be purchased from Acer America company to lj, entitled "TravelMate".

[0005] 与常规笔记本计算机相比,平板式PC似乎提供了更强的便携性,因为单手即可完成数据输入。 [0005] Compared with the conventional notebook computer, a tablet PC seems to offer greater portability, because with one hand to complete the data entry. 通过轻触输入笔,使用者可以用一只手输入数据而用另一只手支撑平板式计算机。 By touching a stylus, the user can input data with one hand while the other hand is supported with a tablet computer. 但是,平板式PC重量过大,难以在长时间内用一只手轻松支撑。 However, tablet PC excessive weight, it is difficult for a long time with one hand easily support. [0006] 真正的使用中便携性是笔记本计算机的又一问题。 [0006] The real use is another issue of portability of a notebook computer. 笔记本计算机一直获得显著的商业成功。 Notebook computer has obtained significant commercial success. 与限制于办公室内的台式或塔式计算机系统相比,笔记本计算机既提供了便携性又无损于功能性。 Compared with the restrictions in the office desktop or tower computer system, notebook computer provides both portability without compromising on functionality. 然而,笔记本计算机并非完全便携,因为其或是比较笨重或是无法在站立时使用。 However, the notebook computer is not completely portable since it can not be used either cumbersome or when standing. 即使是较轻的可购买笔记本PC也过于沉重,任何使用者都难以在使用期间单手握持。 Even lighter notebook PC available are too heavy, any user is difficult to hold in one hand during use. 此外,有效的键盘输入和其他光标控制(例如,触摸板)需要使用双手。 In addition, other active cursor control and keyboard input (e.g., touch panel) need to use both hands. [0007] 人们已经提出用于免手持支撑膝上型计算机的设备。 [0007] It has been proposed to support a laptop for hands-free devices. 例如,授予Bourque的美国第5, 667, 114号专利针对一种用于在站立时支撑膝上型计算机的装置。 For example, U.S. Patent No. 5, 667, 114 granted Bourque for an apparatus for supporting a laptop computer while standing. 所述装置包括一平板和一对支撑部件,所述支撑部件均连接到一条带。 Said apparatus comprising a plate and a pair of support members, said support members each connected to a belt. 授予Maddali等人的美国第6, 381,127 号专利针对一种膝上型计算机支撑,其具有一平板支撑底座,肩带附着到所述支撑底座的前缘,背带附着到所述支撑底座的后缘。 Grant et al., U.S. Maddali 6, Patent No. 381,127 is directed to a laptop computer support, having a support base plate, the shoulder strap attached to a leading edge of the base of the support strap attached to the rear edge of the support base .

[0008] 迄今为止,这些现有设计并未获得商业成功。 [0008] To date, these existing design has not been a commercial success. 这两种现有支撑设计中,没有一个便于使用者上下调整,且没有一个为计算机设备提供充分的边缘保护。 Both support prior designs, not convenient for the user to adjust a vertical and a not provide adequate protection to the edge of computer equipment.

[0009] 需要的是一种坚固的承载装置设计,适合在使用者站立时保护并支撑平板式和笔记本PC。 [0009] is needed is a robust carrier device is designed, when the user stands adapted to protect and support the tablet and notebook-type PC. 此外,需要提供一种容易在使用中配置与便携包(或公文包)配置之间转换的承载装置。 Further, a need to provide an easy transition between the carrier means arranged, in use, the carrying case (or briefcase) configuration.


[0010] 本发明的承载装置提供平板式和笔记本PC的免手持支撑,以允许在直立时使用所述PC设备。 [0010] The present invention provides a carrier device and a notebook PC flatbed support hands-free, to allow the use of the PC in the upright apparatus. 值得注意的是,本发明的承载装置系统可在使用中配置与便携包配置之间转换。 Notably, the carrier system of the present invention may be configured to convert between a carrying configuration in use. [0011] 根据本发明的承载装置包含一具有一内部和一外部的平板以及侧壁,所述侧壁从所述外部延伸出去。 [0011] The apparatus of the present invention comprises a carrier having an inner and an outer flat plate and sidewalls extending away from the outside. 平板与侧壁共同界定一开顶式收纳座,其经调整以收纳一平板式计算机。 Plate and the side wall together define an open-top housing seat, which is adjusted to a tablet computer housing. 所述收纳座具有至少两个相对的部分,用来附着或者固定夹具以便连接使用者条带的相对末端。 Said base having at least two opposing housing portions for attachment or fixture so as to connect the opposite end of the strap the user.

[0012] 侧壁优选为一种弹性织物,其经调整以交迭顶部的边缘部分、平板式PC的显示表面或笔记本PC的键盘表面。 [0012] The side wall is preferably an elastic fabric, which is adjusted to overlap an edge portion of the top of the display surface of the tablet PC or laptop PC, the keyboard surface. 虽然当承载装置上装载有计算机时侧壁的方位可能有变化,但当承载装置没有装载时侧壁优选朝平板内部向内倾斜。 Sidewall orientation may vary although when the carrier loaded with a computer device, but preferably the side walls towards the interior of the carrier plate when the device is not loaded inwardly inclined.

[0013] 收纳座优选包含一孔口,所述孔口为在所述平板或在所述侧壁中界定的一开口。 [0013] Preferably the housing comprises a base orifice which is defined in the plate or a side wall of said opening. [0014] 所述孔口优选为所述平板中的一穿孔部分。 [0014] The aperture is preferably a perforated portion of the plate.


[0015] 图1是根据本发明的承载装置装载有平板式PC并处于揭开配置时的透视图。 [0015] FIG. 1 is a tablet PC loaded with carrying device according to the invention and a perspective view of the opened configuration. [0016] 图2是计算机使用者装备有根据本发明的承载装置的透视图,且其展示所述承载装置处于使用中配置。 [0016] FIG. 2 is a computer device equipped with a user is configured using the carrier in a perspective view of the carrying device according to the present invention, and showing.

[0017] 图3是承载装置处于便携包配置的透视图。 [0017] FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a carrier in the carrying configuration.

[0018] 图4是承载装置处于使用中位置且稳固条带已展开的侧面正视图。 [0018] FIG. 4 is a side face of a carrier in the position of use and stability strap is expanded front view. [0019] 图5是承载装置处于便携包配置且使用者条带连接在次级夹具处的侧面正视图。 [0019] FIG. 5 is a carrier in the carrying strap connection configuration and the user side elevational view of the clamp at the secondary. [0020] 图6是根据本发明的承载装置的透视图,其中所述承载装置正在使用并装载有笔记本PC,同时稳固条带是展开的。 [0020] FIG. 6 is a perspective view of the carrying device according to the invention, wherein the carrier means is being used and loaded with a notebook PC, and the stability strap is expanded.

[0021] 图7是根据本发明替代实施例的承载装置的侧面正视图,其中侧壁为一种多孔网格材料。 [0021] FIG. 7 is an alternative embodiment of the apparatus carrier side elevational view of an embodiment of the present invention, wherein the sidewall is a porous mesh material.

[0022] 图8是根据本发明替代实施例的承载装置的简化示意图,其中侧壁中存在间隙。 [0022] FIG. 8 is a simplified schematic view of the carrying device according to an alternative embodiment of the present invention, wherein there is a gap in the side wall. [0023] 图9是根据本发明替代实施例的承载装置,其中收纳座包括用以固定显示设备的夹钳。 [0023] FIG. 9 is an alternative embodiment of the carrying device according to the present invention, wherein the housing comprises a holder clamp for securing a display device.

[0024] 图10是设备夹钳展示为打开位置的透视图。 [0024] FIG. 10 is a perspective view of an open position of the device showing the jaw. [0025] 图11是设备夹钳展示为夹紧位置的透视图。 [0025] FIG. 11 is a perspective view showing the clamping apparatus clamped position.

[0026] 图12是平板子组合件的简化示意图,所述子组合件具有弹簧加载夹钳。 [0026] FIG. 12 is a simplified schematic diagram plate subassembly, said subassembly having a spring-loaded clamp. [0027] 图13是承载装置带有可选功能部件的侧面正视图。 [0027] FIG. 13 is a side apparatus with an optional feature of the carrier elevational FIG.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0028] 当然,本文所揭示的发明受许多不同形式的实施例的影响。 [0028] Of course, the invention herein disclosed by embodiments in many different forms of embodiment of the impact. 图中展示且在此处详细描述的是本发明的优选实施例。 FIG herein shown and described in detail preferred embodiments of the present invention. 然而应了解,本揭示案是对本发明原理的例证,且不将本发明限制于所说明的实施例。 It should be understood that the present disclosure is an exemplification of the principles of the present invention and is not to limit the invention to the described embodiments.

[0029] 现在参见图1至5,根据本发明的承载装置10展示为带有一平板型个人计算机12 形式的电子显示设备。 Electronic [0029] Referring now to FIGS. 1-5, showing the carrier device 10 according to the present invention having 12 to form a tablet-type personal computer display device. 平板式PC 12具有显示屏一轻触笔输入组合14。 PC 12 has a flat-panel display 14 a touch pen composition. 承载装置10包括一平板16、侧壁18和盖罩20。 Carrier means 10 comprises a plate 16, side walls 18 and the cover 20. 平板16具有内部22和外边缘部分24。 Plate 16 having an outer edge 22 and inner portion 24. 侧壁18从外部24 延伸,并以远端(或唇缘)26终止。 18 extending from the exterior sidewall 24, and to the distal end (or lip) 26 terminates. 侧壁18和平板16共同形成一开顶式收纳座28,其经调整以收纳一显示设备,例如平板式PC 12。 Side wall 18 and the plate 16 together form a open-top housing seat 28, which is adjusted to a storage display device, such as a tablet-style PC 12.

[0030] 平板16为平坦的,大体上呈矩形,且优选通过用帆布质地的耐磨尼龙织物30 (例 [0030] plate 16 is flat, substantially rectangular, and preferably by a durable nylon canvas texture fabric 30 (Example

5如,来自DuPont的"Cordura"类织物)密封刚性或半刚性的嵌入物来构造。 Such as 5, "Cordura" fabric type) of semi-rigid or rigid sealing insert is constructed from DuPont. 平板16和承载装置10的其他部件也可用真皮和仿皮制造。 Other components of apparatus 10 and the carrier plate 16 can also be used for producing leather and leather. 织物层30优选用缝合32固定。 The fabric layer 30 is preferably 32 secured by sewing. 顶部接收侧34和底部外侧36 —者或二者上的嵌入物与织物层30之间可选择性地定位有一层泡沫或其他垫料(未单独展示),以便提供冲击阻力。 Receiving the outer bottom 34 and the top side 36 - selectively positioned layer of foam or other gasket (not separately shown) to provide an impact resistance between the insert 30 and the upper fabric layer or both. 平板16的外部24以边缘38终止。 Plate 16 to the outer edge 24 of the termination 38. [0031] 侧壁18构造成从外部24延伸并在承载装置10未装载有显示设备12时朝内部22 倾斜或弯曲。 [0031] sidewall 18 is configured to extend from the external apparatus 24 and the carrier 10 is not loaded with a display device 12 towards the interior 22 inclined or curved. 当装载有计算机或其他显示设备时,侧壁18的方位可根据设备的相对尺寸而发生变化。 When loaded with a computer or other display device, the orientation of the side wall 18 which can change according to the relative size of the apparatus. 优选情况为,承载装置10的尺寸与显示设备12的尺寸相配,以便侧壁18的远端26与显示设备12顶面14的外缘部分交迭。 Preferably, for the size of the device 10 and the size of the display device 12 of the mating bearing, the outer edge 12 partially overlap the top surface of device 14 to the distal end 18 of the sidewall 26 and the display. 不论承载装置10是空的还是装载有显示设备,侧壁18均呈现朝向内部22的凹形断面。 Regardless of the carrying device 10 is empty or loaded with a display device, the side walls 18 showed a recessed cross section 22 toward the inside.

[0032] 侧壁18优选包含一种呈类似织物形式的弹性材料,以允许侧壁紧绕着显示设备12而形成。 [0032] The side wall 18 preferably comprises an elastic material which form textile-like form, to allow the tight side wall 12 is formed around the display device. 侧壁18也优选包括一种可压縮材料,以便吸收冲击并保护显示设备12。 Side walls 18 also preferably includes one compressible material to absorb shock and protect the display device 12. 一种特别优选的织物为2. 5密耳的"nit-over聚氯丁烯"的泡沫材料,其可从Glomex, Inc. (Ontario, CA)购买到。 A particularly preferred fabric is a 2.5 mil "nit-over polychloroprene" foam material, which may be purchased from Glomex, Inc. (Ontario, CA) to. 包括聚氯丁烯(氯丁橡胶_杜邦陶氏弹性体)的材料有弹性且可压縮。 Including polychloroprene (Neoprene _ DuPont Dow Elastomers) compressible and resilient material.

[0033] 侧壁18通过缝合32固定到平板16上。 [0033] sidewall 18 by stitching 32 is fixed to the plate 16. 滚边材料40覆盖平板14的边缘38,以防侧壁18或平板的磨损物遮盖织物30。 Trim material 40 covers the edge 38 of the plate 14, the sidewall 18 to prevent abrasion plate or cover fabric 30.

[0034] 为了满足显示设备的特殊通风或冷却需求,侧壁18可由多孔或网格材料41构造或者具有多孔部分,如图7所示。 [0034] In order to meet the display device needs special ventilation or cooling, the sidewall 18 may be a porous or mesh material, or have a porous portion 41 is configured, as shown in Fig.

[0035] 回到图1至5,侧壁18大体上框住(或围绕)平板16的内部22。 [0035] Returning to FIG 1-5, the sidewall 18 substantially frame (or around) the interior 22 of the plate 16. 虽然优选用这种全框构造来将显示设备12固定在承载装置10内部,但是也可存在侧壁中有间隙的替代实施例。 Although this is preferably configured to block the whole display device 12 is fixed inside the carrier 10, but there may also be present in the side wall of an alternative embodiment of a gap. 例如,每个边角42、44、46和48周围存在侧壁,但所述侧壁并未完全围绕平板16, 如简化示意图图8中所示(注意侧壁间隙50)。 For example, the presence of side walls 44, 46 and 48 around each corner, but does not completely surround the side wall plate 16, as shown in simplified schematic in FIG. 8 (note the gap 50 sidewalls).

[0036] 再次返回图1至5,侧壁18向收纳座28提供多个相对侧,例如,相对侧52A和52B, 以及相对侧54A和54B。 [0036] Returning to FIG. 1 to 5 again, the side wall 18 to provide a plurality of opposing sides of the housing seat 28, for example, opposing sides 52A and 52B, and the opposite sides 54A and 54B. 就此而言,术语"相对侧"也包括相对边角,例如边角42和48以及边角44和46。 In this regard, the term "opposite side" also includes opposing corners, such as corners 42 and 48 and corners 44 and 46. 收纳座28包括条带连接夹具56A和56B,其分别位于相对侧52A和52B上。 Seat 28 comprises a housing connected to the clamp strap 56A and 56B, which are located on opposite sides 52A and 52B. 条带连接夹具56A和56B分别包括D形环58A和58B,所述D形环58A和58B分别通过织物圈60A和60B固定到侧壁18。 Connected to the clamp strap 56A and 56B respectively comprise D-rings 58A and 58B, the D-rings 58A and 58B, respectively 60A and 60B through the fabric collar 18 secured to the side wall.

[0037] 应注意,侧壁18界定四个边角42、44、46和48。 [0037] It is noted that the side walls define four corners 18, 44, 46 and 48. 承载装置10包括至少一个但优选为两个或两个以上边角条带62和64。 Carrier means 10 includes at least one, but preferably two or more than two strips 62 and 64 corners. 边角条带62和64也可称为对角条带,其优选为缝合到侧壁18和平板16邻接侧的弹性条带。 Corner strips 62 and 64 may also be referred to as a diagonal stripe, which is preferably an elastic strip is sewn to the side walls 18 and 16 adjacent side plate. 边角条带62和64进一步将显示设备固定到承载装置10。 Corner strips 62 and 64 further display apparatus 10 is fixed to the carrier means. 虽然可使用穿过两个以上边角的条带,但优选用两个在长边54B上对准的边角条带(62和64)容纳笔记本PC。 Although using two or more strips through the corner, it is preferable to accommodate a notebook PC with two aligned corners 54B in the longitudinal strips (62 and 64).

[0038] 根据本发明的承载装置具有至少一对相对部分,且每个相对部分具有至少一个夹具。 [0038] The carrier according to the present invention has at least one pair of opposing portions, and each portion having at least one opposing clamp. 例如,承载装置IO具有位于侧面52A上的夹具56A和位于相对侧面52B上的夹具56B。 For example, the carrier fixture having IO device 56A is located on the side surface 52A and 56B positioned on opposite sides of the jig and 52B. 如下文将进一步描述的,至少有一对连接夹具分布在相对部分上,以便当承载装置由使用者肩膀或脖子上的条带66悬挂时(如图2中最清楚地展示)提供稳固性。 As will be further described, at least a pair of connecting portions distributed over a relatively jig, in order to provide stability when the apparatus carried by section on the user's shoulder or neck 66 with suspension (most clearly shown in FIG. 2). 条带66包括相对末端68A和68B。 Strip 66 comprises opposite ends 68A and 68B. 使用者条带66的每个末端68A和68B均具有各自的转钩70A和70B, 分别用以啮合D形环58A和58B。 User strap 66 of each end 68A and 68B each have a respective swivel hook 70A and 70B, respectively, for engaging the D-rings 58A and 58B.

[0039] 如图1和6中最清楚地展示,本发明的优选实施例包括稳固条带72,其连接在使用 [0039] FIGS. 1 and 6 show most clearly, the embodiments preferably includes a stability strap 72 of the present invention, in which connection

6CN 1905820 B 者条带66和收纳座28之间。 6CN 1905820 B by strip between 2866 and housing seat. 更确切而言,稳固条带72穿过缝合到侧壁18的圈74和76而在使用者条带66的每个相对末端68A和68B附近的连接之间延伸。 Rather, stability strap 72 is stitched to the side walls extend between loops 74 and 18 and the vicinity of the connector 76 and 68B in each of the opposing end user strap 68A 66 therethrough. 本文所使用的术语稳固条带是指连接在使用者主条带66与收纳座28上的一点(例如圈74)之间的机械连接、 线、绳、索、链或类似物。 The term stable as used herein, article means connected with the strip 66 and the user main housing seat point (e.g., coil 74) is mechanically connected, cable, rope, cord, chain or the like between the upper 28. 稳固条带72通过咬合件78可拆卸地连接到使用者条带66。 Stability strap 7278 is detachably connected to the strip 66 by the user engaging member. 当承载装置10被用来支撑笔记本型计算机80时稳固条带72展开,如图6所示。 When the carrier 10 is used to support a notebook computer 80 is expanded stability strap 72, as shown in FIG. 当打开时,笔记本PC的重量朝向后面的屏幕侧82不均匀地分布。 When open, the weight of the notebook PC 82 toward the screen side behind distributed unevenly. 所述稳固条带连接抵消了这一朝向承载装置10后面54A的额外力量。 The stability strap connected to the additional power offset towards the rear 54A of the carrier 10.

[0040] 承载装置10具有盖罩20,其折合到收纳座28且可在便携包位置(图3和5)与使用中、收纳座打开位置(图1和4)之间移动。 [0040] The carrier 10 has a cover 20, which is equivalent to the seat 28 and can be accommodated (FIG. 3 and 5) and in carrying position, the seat is movable between an open position the housing (FIGS. 1 and 4). 盖罩20包括主镶板84、远侧袋盖88和折叶90。 Cover 20 includes a main panel 84, far side pockets 88 and the lid flaps 90. 盖罩20由与平板16相同的材料构造。 Cover 20 constructed by the same material as the plate 16. 主镶板84和袋盖88各包括包在织物中的刚性或半刚性嵌入物。 Main panel 84 and the flap 88 each include fabric bag in a rigid or semirigid inserts. 主镶板84的顶侧92优选在织物层与嵌入物之间包括垫料。 The top side 92 of the main panel 84 is preferably between the fabric layer and the insert comprises a mat. 缝合32用来将折叶部分90附着到平板16,并将折叶90和袋盖88两者附着到镶板84。 32 is used to suture flap portion 90 is attached to the plate 16, and both the blade 90 and the fold 88 is attached to the flap panel 84. [0041] 盖罩20使用可互补性啮合的扣件94和96可拆卸地固定到便携包位置(图3和5)中和打开位置(图l和4)中。 [0041] fastener cover 20 using complementary 94 and 96 engaging removably secured to carrying case position (FIGS. 3 and 5) and an open position (Figure l and 4). 这些扣件可在"VELCRO"商标名下从Velcrolndustries BV (Manchester,NH)和其他经销商处购买到。 These fasteners can be purchased from Velcrolndustries BV (Manchester, NH), and other dealers in the "VELCRO" trademark name. 这些耦合件包括一个具有多个呈小圈配置的织物(即绒毛)的区域和一个具有多个呈小钩配置的相对坚硬的织物的区域,本文中也称为多小钩衬垫。 The coupling member comprises a plurality of regions in cloth (i.e. fluff) having a small circle configuration and a relatively stiff region of the fabric as a plurality of hooks having a configuration, also referred to herein how small hook liner. 所述小钩区域也可称为毛剌。 The region may also be referred to as a small hook burrs.

[0042] 平板16的下侧36具有长条绒毛区域94,且袋盖88具有互补的长条小钩区域96。 A lower side [0042] plate 16 of the pile 36 has a longitudinal region 94, and the flap 88 having complementary hooks elongated region 96. 在便携包位置中(图3和5),盖罩20在收纳座28上方延伸且袋盖88包在侧面54B上,以允许相同的耦合区域94和96。 In the carrying position (FIGS. 3 and 5), the cover 20 extends upward in the housing seat 28 and flap 88 on the side bag 54B, to allow the same coupling regions 94 and 96.

[0043] 如图1所示,承载装置10可包括一定位在中央处的束缚条带98,用以进一步将显示设备12固定到收纳座28内部。 [0043] 1, the carrier 10 may comprise a strip positioned at the center of the shackles with 98 for the display device 12 is further secured to the housing 28 inside the seat. 束缚98可从位置覆盖收纳座28(图1)移动到覆盖盖罩20中的收縮位置。 Bound 98 may cover the seat from the position of the housing 28 (FIG. 1) to the cover cap 20 in the retracted position. 当覆盖在盖罩20上时,束缚98充当保持折回位置中的盖罩20的额外紧固件。 When the covering cap 20, 98 act as an additional fastener locations bound in the cover 20 remains folded. 束缚98每侧上具有Velcro小钩材料100,展开时所述小钩材料与收纳座28上的绒毛材料102匹配(图1),或者,收縮时所述小钩材料与盖罩20上的绒毛材料104匹配(图4)。 98 has an upper bound each side of Velcro hook material 100 is small, a small hook material upon deployment and pile material on the housing seat 28 102 match (FIG. 1), or contraction of the material and the hooks 20 of the cover fluff matching material 104 (FIG. 4). [0044] 条带夹具56A和56B各优选朝相对侧52A和52B的中央部分定位,以便在显示设备12正在使用且收纳座10由使用者穿戴时(如图2所示)提高稳固性。 [0044] The clamp strips 56A and 56B each preferably toward the opposite sides 52A and 52B of the central portion is located, in order to improve stability when using the display device 12 and the housing seat 10 is worn by a user (Figure 2). 虽然这种中央定位有助于在使用中位置中提高稳固性,但其可能在承载装置IO处于便携包位置时造成不稳固性。 Although the cause of this instability central locator help improve stability in-use position, but it may be in the carrying position the carrying device IO. 为了防止承载装置10当在便携包位置中从条带66悬挂时出现摆动或者旋转,本发明在每个侧面52A和52B上提供了次级条带夹具104。 To prevent the carrier 10 occurs when the carrying position, the strip 66 is suspended from the pivot or rotate, the present invention provides a secondary strips 52A and 52B on each side with clamp 104. 次级条带夹具104(优选为咬合突起)可拆卸地接收条带66每个末端68A和68B上的耦合件(优选为咬合帽盖)106。 The secondary strap clamp 104 (preferably biting projections) removably received strap member coupled (preferably snap cap) 106 on each end 68A and 68B 66. 如图所示,稳固条带72和次级夹具104共用条带66每个末端68A、68B上的相同耦合件106。 As shown, the stability strap 72 and secondary strap 66 clamps 104 share each end 68A, on the same coupling member 68B 106. 当这些次级耦合件相互连接时,其在承载装置10处于便携包(或公文包)配置时改进了承载装置10的稳固性。 When these secondary coupling member connected to each other, which carrier 10 is in the carrying case (or briefcase) improved the stability of the configuration of the carrier 10.

[0045] 本发明的另一关键功能部件是轻触笔系绳108。 Another key feature [0045] The present invention is a touch pen tether 108. 常规平板式PC提供一在显示屏(例如,屏幕14)上写入输入的轻触笔IIO。 Providing a conventional tablet PC on the display screen (e.g., screen 14) IIO writing pen touch input. 系绳108包括一线部分112(固定到收纳座28) 和一松紧带114,所述松紧带114附着到线部分,用以紧持轻触笔110。 Tether 108 comprises a linear portion 112 (fixed to the receiving seat 28) and an elastic band 114, the elastic band 114 is attached to the line portion for holding tight touch pen 110. 系绳108防止轻触笔错位。 Touch pen tether 108 prevents dislocation.

[0046] 图9中展示本发明的一替代实施例。 [0046] FIG. 9 shows an alternative embodiment of the present invention. 承载装置210包括夹钳213,用以进一步固定 Carrier means 210 includes a clamp 213 for fixing further

7显示设备,例如平板式PC 12。 7 shows a device, such as a tablet-type PC 12. 图10和11说明一优选夹钳机构。 10 and 11 illustrate a preferred jaw mechanism. 虽然这种闭锁夹钳机构是优选的,但也可使用更简单的弹簧加载夹钳319,如图12所示。 Although this is the preferred locking clamp mechanism, it is also possible to use a more simple spring loaded clamp 319, as shown in Fig.

[0047] 用更普遍的术语描述且返回图1至6,本发明描述一个或一个以上新颖的构件,平板式计算机12可通过这些构件安全且紧密地保持在公文包10中,屏幕14是暴露在外面的,这样,在正常携带条件下(意即,不会有意地加以激烈的急剧晃动而一心试图将平板12 从包10中移走)不论所述包是如何携带的,计算机12均可在平板模式中使用(图2)而不会从包10中脱离。 [0047] Description Figures 1 to 6 and back with the more general terms, the present invention describes a novel one or more members, the tablet computer 12 can be safely and tightly held by these members in the briefcase 10, the screen 14 is exposed on the outside, so that, under normal carrying conditions (meaning, not to be rapidly heated intentionally trying to shake bent plate 12 removed from package 10) regardless of how the package is carried, the computer 12 can use (FIG. 2) in a tablet mode without departing from the bag 10.

[0048] 描述了一种紧密拟合的计算机包IO,其中,当计算机处于平板模式时,遮盖屏幕14表面的宽表面84(通常约为8.5" Xll")可绕后面和下面折回以停留在倚靠着另一宽(8.5〃 Xll")表面16处,从而由咬合件或Velcro或其他某种构件固定在适当位置中,使得所述平板式计算机现在暴露在外以供使用(见图2)。 [0048] Computer packages IO described a tight fit, wherein, when the computer is in a tablet mode, the wide cover surface of the screen 14 of the surface 84 (typically about 8.5 "Xll") may be folded back and to remain in about the following another against the width (8.5〃 Xll ") of the surface 16, so that the engaging member or Velcro or some other member is fixed in position such that the tablet computer is now exposed for use (see FIG. 2).

[0049] 宽表面16、92由帆布或合成物或棉布或可行材料制成,其中具有碎料板或重载塑料板嵌入物,以提供保护以防受到尖锐击打的损坏。 [0049] The broad surfaces 16,92 is made of canvas or synthetic material or cotton, or feasible, or a particle board having heavy duty plastic plate inserts, to provide protection against damage by sharp blows. 宽表面16、92和碎料/坚硬板状塑料略大于实际的计算机平板12,以便吸收轻微跌落的震动。 Broad surfaces 16,92 and particle / plastic hard-shaped plate 12 is slightly larger than the actual computer in order to absorb the shock of falling slightly.

[0050] 角撑板18或遮盖平板式计算机12窄边(narrow width)的材料(约为一至二英寸宽)优选为可强烈扩张的材料,比如宽的松紧带或氯丁橡胶。 [0050] The gusset 18 or cover 12 tablet computer narrow (narrow width) of the material (approximately one to two inches wide) is preferably a strongly expandable material, such as a wide elastic band or neoprene. 所述角撑板18以提供绕计算机宽度尽可能紧的拟合的方式缝纫到计算机包10的底部宽表面或后部宽表面16,以使得计算机12必须被用力推入角撑板18和包的内部的合适位置。 The gusset 18 to provide a width as much as possible about the computer fit tight manner sewn to the bottom or rear surface width of the wide surface of the package 10 of the computer 16, so that the computer 12 must be forced into the package 18 and the gusset suitable position inside. 角撑板18本身非常紧固, 足以稳固地保持计算机12,且角撑板18至少比平板式计算机12的宽度宽四分之一英寸,以使得紧持计算机宽度的弹性型材料将在其边缘上延伸,并且稍微延伸到计算机屏幕14定位其中的宽表面上(见图l)。 Gusset 18 itself is secured, sufficient to securely hold the computer 12 and the gusset 18 at least larger than the width of the tablet computer 12 quarter inch, so that the elastomeric materials computer adherence to the width at its edges extends, and extends slightly onto the wide surface of a computer screen 14 positioned therein (see FIG. l). 所述弹性角撑板18非常紧密地拟合并且提供显著的安全性, 以防计算机12从包10中脱离,但添加元件62、64仍然是有益的,所述元件62、64将保证平板式计算机12不会脱离。 The elastic gusset 18 fits very closely and to provide significant security, in case the computer 12 is disengaged from the package 10, but adding elements 62, 64 are still useful, the elements 62, 64 will ensure flatbed 12 without departing from the computer.

[0051] 弹性型角撑板18以及这些额外元件代表本发明的独特且创新的功能部件。 [0051] Flexible type gusset member 18 and the function of these additional elements representative of the present invention and unique innovations. [0052] 存在本文所指出的若干不同机构,平板式计算机18可通过这些机构(独立地或彼此结合地)保持在包10中。 [0052] There are several different mechanism noted herein, the tablet computer 18 can be held in the package 10 by the mechanism (independently or in combination with each other). 常规平板式计算机12在平板式屏幕14周围有约为1/2英寸宽的外缘。 Conventional tablet computer 12 has approximately 1/2 inch wide around the outer edge of the screen plate 14. 因此,任何在计算机12边缘上方延伸到宽表面14上的元件26优选限于任一侧上约为1/4英寸。 Thus, any computer over the edge 12 extends to the surface 14 of the wide member 26 is preferably limited to about 1/4 inch on either side. 每种平板式计算机具有不同设计,其可能在上述l/2英寸外缘上的关键位置处放置可操作的按钮或指示器。 Each tablet computer having a different design, is placed at the operable buttons or indicators which may be on the l / 2 inch outer edge of the key positions. 因此,优选任何用来辅助将平板式计算机固定在合适位置中的额外元件均考虑到这些计算机按钮或指示器,且这些额外元件的定位应避免阻碍或闭塞这些计算机功能元件。 Accordingly, it is preferable for any additional aid in tablet computer element is fixed in a suitable position to take into account these computer buttons or indicators, and the positioning of these additional elements should avoid obstruction or occlusion of these functional elements computers. 单独地或组合地考虑若干额外元件。 Considered alone or in combination of several additional elements.

[0053] 弹性带62、64在两个或两个以上边角42、44处且横跨所述边角而对角地缝纫到角撑板18中,以便将计算机12固定在合适位置中且不让计算机从角撑板18中滑落(见图1)。 [0053] The elastic bands 62, 64 at two or more corners 42, 44 and across the corner and diagonally to the sewing gussets 18, so that the computer 12 is fixed in position and does not let the computer from slipping off the gusset 18 (see FIG. 1). [0054] 可将一具有两个侧面或三个侧面的轭状物缝纫到所述角撑板的顶部边缘中,以使得计算机屏幕的整个边缘大体上均被一较薄的轭状物遮盖,从而将计算机在角撑板和包的内部保持在合适位置中。 [0054] may be a yoke having two sides or three sides sewn to the top edge of the gusset, so that the entire edge of the computer screen are substantially thinner yoke a cover, whereby the strut and the computer at the corner inside the package held in position. 可将Velcro定位在角撑板的三个或四个侧面的内部上且/或定位在宽表面(计算机平板定位在其上)的内部上。 Velcro may be positioned on three or four sides of the inner gusset plate and / or positioned on the broad surface (Computer plate positioned thereon) in the interior. 使用者购买包时可向使用者提供互补的Velcro带,以便使用者可将所述带应用到计算机的宽和下侧。 The user may provide a complementary Velcro strips to the user when purchasing the package, so that the user can apply to the broad band and the lower side of the computer. 因此,当使用者将计算机推送到适当位置中时,计算机将被非常紧密的角撑板和Velcro带稳固地保持。 Thus, when the user pushed to the appropriate location in the computer, the computer will be firmly held very tightly gussets and the Velcro tape. [0055] 存在小型夹扣213,其大体上类似于笔记簿的活页夹,当其稳固地固定到下部宽镶板18(8.5" Xll")中的碎料板时,其将在计算机12定位在氯丁橡胶/弹性角撑板18内部时允许所有者将计算机12锁定进合适位置中。 [0055] The presence of small clip 213, which is substantially similar to a notebook binder, when it is firmly fixed to the lower portion of the width of the panel 18 (8.5 "Xll") when the particle board, which is positioned in the computer 12 when neoprene allow the owner / elastic gusset 18 into the interior of the computer 12 is locked in place. 随后,压縮杠杆221被推动并稳固地锁定进合适位置中,以便向计算机施压将其保持在合适位置。 Subsequently, the lever 221 is pushed and compressed firmly locked into place in order to put pressure on the computer to hold it in place. 与笔记簿活页夹一样,小杠杆221 被推动以释放夹扣213,并释放要从包10中移出的平板式计算机12(见图9至11)。 Like the clip notebook binder, the small lever 221 is pushed to release the clip 213 from the packet and release the tablet computer 12, 10 is removed (see FIG. 9-11). [0056] 弹簧金属夹钳319涂有橡胶或另一物质以便软化同计算机表面的接触,通过在氯丁橡胶角撑板18内部的弹簧圈上施加5到10磅的力,可将所述金属夹钳铆接到底部/后部宽表面(或平板)316(8.5" Xll")。 [0056] The clamp of spring metal 319 is coated with rubber or another substance to soften the contact with the surface of the computer, from 5 to 10 lbs of force applied by the neoprene gusset plate 18 on the inside of the coil, the metal may be clamp caulking in the end portion / rear wide surface (or plate) 316 (8.5 "Xll"). 因此,所有者将计算机12放置到氯丁橡胶护腕/ 角撑板18内部、挠性弹簧夹钳臂323下方的合适位置,以使得计算机12由氯丁橡胶18和弹簧夹钳319二者保持(图12)。 Thus, the owner of the computer 12 is placed into position neoprene wrist / internal gusset 18, the lower flexible spring clamp arm 323 so that the computer 12 319 held by the spring 18 and the clamp neoprene both (FIG. 12).

[0057] 这些机构中的每一个均可具有积极影B向,且当分别使用或组合使用所述机构时, 会得到一种新颖的构件,通过这种构件,平板计算机所有者现在能够在站立、坐着或行走时在计算机包中使用计算机。 [0057] Each of these mechanisms may have the positive image B, and when used separately or in combination, the mechanism will be a novel member, such a member, a tablet computer owner is now able to stand in when walking or sitting on a computer-use package.

[0058] 现在参见图13,承载装置10可选但优选地包含一系统,所述系统用于在承载装置10处于便携包配置但使用者条带66未使用时保持或者存储使用者条带66。 [0058] Referring now to FIG. 13, the carrier device 10 optionally but preferably comprises a system that is used in a carrier 10 arranged in the carrying means but when a user holding the strip 66 is not used or stored user strap 66 . 因此,承载装置10可包含保持条带118,用以将使用者条带66(或其他条带)保持到承载装置10上。 Thus, the carrier device 10 may include retaining straps 118 for the user strap 66 (or other bands) held to the carrier device 10. [0059] 本文已描述本发明的优选实施例,包括发明者已知的实施本发明的最佳方式。 [0059] As used herein the preferred embodiments of the present invention, including the best mode known to the inventors of the present invention have been described. 一旦阅读了以上说明,所属领域的普通技术人员可容易看出所述优选实施例的各种变更。 Upon reading the foregoing description, those of ordinary skill in the art that various changes can be readily seen that the preferred embodiment of FIG. 发明者希望技术人员适当地使用这些变更,且发明者希望以不同于本文限定的描述方式来实践本发明。 The inventors expect skilled artisans to be suitably used those changes, and the inventors intend to describe otherwise than as defined herein to practice the invention. 因此,本发明包括适用法律准许的随附权利要求中所陈述的发明主题的所有修改和等同物。 Accordingly, the present invention is applicable to the subject invention comprises a permitted by law set forth in the appended claims all modifications and equivalents thereof. 此外,本发明包括其所有可能变更中的上述元件的任何组合物,除非本文中另有指出或者同上下文存在明显矛盾。 Further, the present invention encompass any composition may vary in all the elements, unless otherwise indicated herein or clearly contradicted by the context with the present.

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  1. 一种适合于支撑一平板式计算机的承载装置,所述承载装置包括:一平板,其具有一内部和一外部;从所述外部延伸的侧壁,其配置成与所述平板式计算机的一顶面的一边缘部分交迭,具有一面朝所述内部的大体上呈凹形的断面,且定义至少一个边角;和一边角条带,其用以固定所述平板式计算机;所述平板和所述侧壁共同界定一开顶式收纳座,所述收纳座经调整以收纳所述平板式计算机,所述收纳座具有至少两个相对侧。 Supporting means which is suitable for carrying a tablet computer, said carrying device comprising: a plate having an interior and an exterior; extending from the outer side wall, which is configured, with the tablet computer of a overlapping a top surface of the edge portion, a corner having at least one surface of a substantially concave cross-section towards the inside, and is defined; and while the corner strip, which is fixed to the tablet computer; the plate and the side wall together defining an open-top housing seat, the housing seat adjusted to the tablet computer housing, said housing seat having at least two opposite sides.
  2. 2. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其中所述1 2. A carrying device according to claim 1, wherein said 1
  3. 3. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其中所述1 3. A carrying device according to claim 1, wherein said 1
  4. 4. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其中所述1 4. The carrying device according to claim 1, wherein said 1
  5. 5. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其中所述1 The carrying device according to claim 1, wherein said 1
  6. 6. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其中所述1 6. A carrying device according to claim 1, wherein said 1
  7. 7. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其中所述1 7. The carrying device according to claim 1, wherein said 1
  8. 8. 根据权利要求l所述的承载装置,其中所述i 8. A carrier device as claimed in claim l, wherein said i
  9. 9. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其中所述侧壁通过缝合连接到所述平板。 9. A carrier device according to claim 1, wherein the side wall is connected to the plate by stitching.
  10. 10. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其进一步包括一位于所述收纳座的每一相对侧上的条带夹具。 10. The carrying device according to claim 1, further comprising a clamp strip located on each opposite side of the housing base.
  11. 11. 根据权利要求10所述的承载装置,其进一步包括一可拆卸地连接到所述条带夹具的使用者条带。 11. The carrier device of claim 10, further comprising a user strap detachably connected to said clamp strip.
  12. 12. 根据权利要求11所述的承载装置,其进一步包括一连接在所述使用者条带与所述收纳座之间的稳固条带,藉此所述平板相对于一直立的使用者稳固于一水平方位中。 12. The carrying device as claimed in claim 11, further comprising a stability strap connected between said user and said strap receiving seat, whereby the plate relative to the user has been firmly established in a horizontal orientation.
  13. 13. 根据权利要求10所述的承载装置,其进一步包括位于所述收纳座的每一相对侧上的次级条带夹具。 13. The carrying device according to claim 10, which further comprises a secondary housing on each opposite side section of the seat belt clamp.
  14. 14. 根据权利要求10所述的承载装置,其中所述条带夹具为一连接到所述侧壁的D型环。 14. The carrying device according to claim 10, wherein said clamp strip is connected to a sidewall of the D-ring.
  15. 15. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其进一步包括一可折合地附着到所述收纳座的 15. The carrying device according to claim 1, further comprising a foldable housing attached to said seat
  16. 16. 根据权利要求15所述的承载装置,其中所述盖罩缝合到所述平板。 16. The carrying device according to claim 15, wherein the cover plate to the suture.
  17. 17. 根据权利要求15所述的承载装置,其中所述盖罩可从所述开顶式收纳座被遮盖的一闭合包位置移动到所述开顶式收纳座可进入的一使用中位置。 17. The carrying device according to claim 15, wherein the cover is movable from the open-top holder is accommodated in a cover closed position to said open top packet of formula housing seats accessible in a use position.
  18. 18. 根据权利要求17所述的承载装置,其中所述盖罩通过一小钩和绒毛系统固定在所述使用中位置中。 18. The carrying device according to claim 17, wherein the cover via a system of hooks and pile secured in the use position.
  19. 19. 根据权利要求15所述的承载装置,其中所述盖罩包含一具有一扣件的远侧袋盖。 19. The carrying device according to claim 15, wherein the cover comprises a fastener having a distal side pocket cover.
  20. 20. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其中所述收纳座包含一孔口。 20. The carrying device according to claim 1, wherein said housing seat comprises an orifice.
  21. 21. 根据权利要求20所述的承载装置,其中所述孔口为在所述平板或在所述侧壁中界定的一开口。 21. The carrier device of claim 20, wherein said aperture is defined in said side wall or an opening in the plate.
  22. 22. 根据权利要求21所述的承载装置,其中所述孔口为所述平板中的一穿孔部分。 22. The carrying device according to claim 21, wherein said portion of said aperture is a through hole in the plate.
  23. 23. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其中所述平板大体上呈矩形。 23. The carrying device according to claim 1, wherein said plate is substantially rectangular.
  24. 24. 根据权利要求1所述的承载装置,其进一步包括一连接到所述收纳座的轻触笔系 24. The carrying device according to claim 1, further comprising a touch pen-based connection to the housing base
  25. 25. —种适合于支撑一便携式显示设备的承载装置,所述承载装置包括: 一平板,其具有一内部和一外部;禾口从所述外部延伸的侧壁,其具有一面朝所述内部的大体上呈凹形的断面; 所述平板和所述侧壁共同界定一开顶式收纳座,所述收纳座经调整以收纳所述显示设备,所述收纳座具有至少两个相对侧,所述侧壁可拉伸,以便与所述显示设备的一顶面的一边缘部分交迭。 25. - adapted to support a kind of the portable display device carrier means, said carrier means comprising: a plate having an interior and an exterior; Wo sidewall extending from the external port, toward the side having the interior of a generally concave cross-section; said plate and said side walls together defining an open-top housing seat, the housing seat adjusted to the display device housing, said housing seat having at least two opposing sides the stretchable side walls to partially overlap an edge of a top surface of the display device.
  26. 26. 根据权利要求25所述的承载装置,其中所述侧壁大体上框住所述内部。 26. The carrying device according to claim 25, wherein said sidewalls substantially frame the inner.
  27. 27. 根据权利要求25所述的承载装置,其中所述侧壁大体上框住所述平板。 27. The carrying device according to claim 25, wherein said sidewalls substantially frame the plate.
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