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The present invention relates to preparing personalized three-dimensional entity method and device. Said method includes detecting whether receiving payment, requesting user utilizing user input equipment and display and selecting parameter, catching at least twice object image, according to at least two image to calculate three dimensional picture, preparing three-dimensional entity for user. Furthermore the content paid to user includes web site, code and relative ordering additional product a group of explanatory receipt, three-dimensional picture and transmitted to server through network connections equipment. Said invented device can be named as photo taking pavilion, which contains payment detector, user input equipment and display, image acquisition system, three dimensional picture calculation computer, manufacturing equipment and output interface for delivering personalized three-dimensional entity to user. Said invented method and device can make three-dimensional entity without salesmen assistance.


制作个性化三维实体的装置和方法 Dimensional solid create personalized devices and methods

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及一种制作个性化三维实体的方法和装置,例如照片自动制售机,以下称之为拍照亭。 [0001] The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for making three-dimensional personalized entity, such as a photo automatic selling machine, hereinafter referred to as photographed kiosk.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 最早的拍照亭(Photo kiosks)是由西伯利亚人Anatol Jos印ho于1925年发明的。 [0002] The earliest photograph pavilion (Photo kiosks) is a Siberian Anatol Jos India ho invented in 1925. 这种机器能够自动地拍照自己的人像。 This machine can automatically take pictures of their own portrait.

[0003] 在过去的整个80年里,拍照亭的普及状态是不均衡的。 [0003] In the past the entire 80 years, the popularity of the state to take pictures kiosk is not balanced. 在最初的20年里,拍照亭由于第二次世界大战而迅速增长,原因是士兵和恋人之间需要互相交换照片。 In the first 20 years, taking pictures and the rapid growth of the pavilion due to the Second World War, because of the need to exchange photos between soldiers and lovers. 此后,随着宝丽来一次成像相机和个人照相机的出现,拍照亭不再流行。 Since then, with the advent of Polaroid cameras and personal cameras, photo kiosks no longer popular.

[0004] 当前,随着数码摄影时代的到来,新的技术可能使得用户能够在打印照片之前对照片做些效果处理和某些方式的修饰,而照片不仅可以打印在像纸上,而且还可以打印到照片贴纸上。 [0004] Nowadays, with the advent of digital photography era, the new technology may enable the user to modify the effect of photo processing and certain ways of doing, and not only photos can be printed like paper prior to printing photos, but also printed on the photo stickers. 用户重新对拍照亭产生了兴趣。 User re-photographed kiosks have an interest.

[0005] 过去曾有人尝试过利用三维激光内雕(SSLE)实用技术将个性化三维图像刻制在水晶里出售。 [0005] It has been tried in the past three-dimensional laser engraving (SSLE) practical technology personalized three-dimensional image engraved in the crystal in the sale. 实际上,这些尝试很少能够获得成功,原因是这些早期的尝试没有什么利润可涂。 In fact, these attempts rarely succeed, because these early attempts no profit can be painted. 这些尝试遭遇到一些影响收益率的制约因素,例如过高的初期投资、由于需要售货员而使经营成本过高。 These attempts met with some impact on profitability constraints, such as high initial investment, the operating costs due to the need salesman too high. 激光内雕店的所有者,别无他法,只能提高每个水晶作品的售价以补偿所花费用。 Laser engraving shop owner, had no choice but to increase the price of each crystal works to compensate for the expenses incurred. 大多数顾客尽管对产品感兴趣,却不愿意花费高价去购买,过高的价格使得顾客望而却步。 Although most customers interested in the product, but do not want to spend to buy at high prices, high prices make customers stay away.

[0006] 从而,有必要寻求一种能够在不需要售货员的帮助下即能制作个性化三维实体的方法。 [0006] Thus, it is necessary to seek a method that is able to be able to make a personalized three-dimensional entities do not need the help of salesman.


[0007] 本发明所要解决的技术问题是克服现有技术存在的缺陷,提供一种能够满足上述需求的方法。 [0007] The present invention solves the technical problem to overcome drawbacks of the prior art, to provide a method capable of satisfying the above requirements.

[0008] 本发明具体提供一种制作个性化三维实体的方法,该方法包括下列步骤: [0008] The present invention particularly provides a method of making a three-dimensional solid personalized, the method comprising the steps of:

[0009] 检测是否接收到付款,如果已经接收到一次付款: [0009] detecting whether a payment, if the first payment has been received:

[0010] i)请求用户利用用户输入设备和显示器,针对若干选项选定参数; [0010] i) requesting the user using the user input device and a display, a number of options for the selected parameters;

[0011] ii)根据步骤i)所设定的参数至少捕捉两次被拍摄对象的图像; [0011] ii) capturing at least two images of the subject according to the parameters in step i) set;

[0012] iii)根据步骤ii)所捕捉的至少两个图像,计算三维图像; [0012] iii) at least two images according to step ii) being captured, calculates three-dimensional image;

[0013] iv)从上述三维图像中提取一组三维数据; [0013] iv) extracting a three-dimensional data set from the three-dimensional image;

[0014] ν)根据由步骤iv)提取的一组三维数据和步骤i)选定的参数制作三维实体;并且, [0014] ν)) selected parameters based on the extracted three-dimensional solid produced by step iv) and a three-dimensional data set of step I; and,

[0015] vi)将上述的个性化三维实体交付给用户。 [0015] vi) above personalized three-dimensional solid delivered to the user.

[0016] 本发明还提供一种制作个性化三维实体的装置,包括: [0016] The present invention further provides an apparatus for making three-dimensional solid personalized, comprising:

[0017]-付款检测器,用于检测是否接收到付款; [0017] - Payment detector for detecting whether a payment;

3[0018]-用户输入设备和显示器,使得在接收到付款后,用户能够针对若干选项选定参数; 3 [0018] - a user input device and a display, so that after receiving the payment, the user can select the parameters for a number of options;

[0019]-图像采集系统,用于根据用户设定的参数,至少捕捉两次被拍摄对象的图像; [0019] - image acquisition system, according to the parameters set by the user, capturing at least two images of the subject;

[0020]-第一计算器,用于根据捕捉到的两个图像计算三维图像; [0020] - a first calculator for calculating the two-dimensional image according to image capture;

[0021]-第二计算器,用于从上述的三维图像中提取一组三维数据; [0021] - a second calculator for extracting a three-dimensional data set from the above-described three-dimensional image;

[0022]-制造设备,根据所提取的一组三维数据和由用户所选定的参数制作个性化三维实体;并且包括: [0022] - manufacturing apparatus according to a set of three-dimensional data extracted by the user and selected parameters create personalized dimensional solid; and comprises:

[0023]-输出口,用于将个性化三维实体交付给用户。 [0023] - an output port for delivery to a user personalized three-dimensional solid.

[0024] 本发明具有如下的有益效果:本发明提供的制作个性化三维实体的装置和方法,能够在没有除了用户之外的人员干预的情形下完成,从而降低了经营成本,便于三维实体个性化制作的推广;利用本发明提供的装置和方法,不仅能够现场制作个性化三维实体,而且还能够将所采集的数据传输至服务器或计算机,方便用户下载数据和定制其他多元化产 [0024] The present invention has the following advantages: apparatus and method for producing individualized entities The present invention provides a three-dimensional, it is possible in addition to the case where there is no person other than the user intervention created, thereby reducing operating costs, facilitate three-dimensional solid personality promotion of production; using the apparatus and method of the present invention provides, not only to make a personalized dimensional solid-site, but also to the acquired data to a server or computer, to download data and user customization other diversified production



[0025] 阅读下列的参照附图对优选实施例所进行的详尽描述,将会更好地理解本发明及其优越特性。 [0025] The reading of the following detailed description of embodiments with reference to the accompanying drawings of the preferred embodiments carried out, according to the present invention will be better understood and its superior characteristics.

附图说明 [0026] 图 1是本发明根据优选实施例制造的拍照亭的正视图。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION [0026] FIG. 1 is a photograph kiosk embodiment of the present invention for producing a front view of the preferred embodiment. [0027] 图 2是图1所示的拍照亭的后视图。 [0027] FIG. 2 is a rear view of the camera shown in FIG. 1 kiosk. [0028] 图 3是图1和图2所示的拍照亭围壁 ■内部部件的左视图。 [0028] FIG. 3 is a photograph kiosk shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 ■ left side view of the surrounding wall of the inner member. [0029] 图 4是图1至图3所示的拍照亭围壁 ■内部部件的右视图。 [0029] FIG. 4 is a photograph kiosk shown in FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 ■ right side view of the interior peripheral wall member. [0030] 图 5是图1至图4所示的拍照亭围壁 ■内部部件的从后部和右侧透视的局部图。 [0030] FIG. 5 is a photograph kiosk shown in FIG. 1 to FIG. 4 ■ peripheral wall from the rear and right side perspective partial view of internal components. [0031] 图 6是图1至图5所示的拍照亭围壁 ■内部部件的局部正视图。 [0031] FIG. 6 is a photograph kiosk 1 to 5 shown surrounding wall ■ partial front view of the internal components. [0032] 图 7是图1至图6所示的拍照亭围壁 ■内部部件的透视图。 [0032] FIG. 7 is a photograph kiosk shown in FIG. 1 to FIG. 6 surrounding wall ■ a perspective view of internal components. [0033] 图 8是图1至图6所示的拍照亭围壁 ■内部部件的透视图。 [0033] FIG 8 is a photograph kiosk shown in FIG. 1 to FIG. 6 surrounding wall ■ a perspective view of internal components. [0034] 图 9所示的是本发明优选实施例的制作个性化三维实体的流程框图。 It is a block flow diagram of the three-dimensional solid create personalized preferred embodiment of the present invention shown in [0034] FIG. [0035] 图 10所示的是本发明优选实施例的制作三维实体的详细流程图。 Making three-dimensional solid is a detailed flowchart of the preferred embodiment of the present invention shown in [0035] FIG.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0036] 图1至图8所示的装置10是本发明的一种优选实施例。 [0036] The apparatus shown in Figures 1 to 8 of Example 10 is a preferred embodiment of the present invention. 具体而言,该装置是一个包括光学三维成像设备的拍照亭,能够捕捉用户的面部、半身像或其他物体图像,并用三维彩色数码图像的形式体现。 Specifically, the apparatus is a three-dimensional imaging apparatus includes an optical camera kiosk, you can capture the user's face, bust and other object images, and reflected in the form of three-dimensional color digital image. 经过一些处理后,能够通过激光内雕机90在水晶内雕刻该对象的三维图像。 After some processing, it can be engraved three-dimensional image of the object 90 in the crystal by laser engraving machine.

[0037] 装置10包括用于检测是否接收到付款的付款检测器16、用于当接收到付款后使用户能够针对若干选项选定参数的用户输入设备20和显示器18。 [0037] The apparatus 10 comprises means for detecting whether the detector 16 receives payment of the payment, for payment after receiving the user enables the user to select the parameter input device 20 and display 18 for several options. 该装置还包括图像采集系统50,用于根据用户所选定的参数至少捕捉两次被拍摄对象的图像。 The apparatus further includes an image acquisition system 50 for capturing an image of at least twice the subject according to a user selected parameters. 图像采集系统50最好还带有一个用于投影条纹图像的投影仪以及一个用于采集4幅图像的摄像机60。 Image acquisition system 50 also preferably has a projector for projecting an image of the fringe 60 and a camera for capturing images of four. 投影仪和摄像机60之间的位置关系按照能够获得较大的可确定测量区间的方式设立。 The positional relationship between the projector 60 and the camera can be set up according to obtain a large measuring range can be determined manner. 装置10还包括计算机80,用于根据所捕捉的至少两个图像计算三维图像并从该三维图像提取一组三 Apparatus 10 further comprises a computer 80 for calculating at least two dimensional image based on the images captured and extracted from a group of three three-dimensional image

4维数据。 4-dimensional data.

[0038] 装置10还包括一个制造设备,用于根据上述的一组三维数据和用户所选定的参数制作个性化三维实体和一个输出口106将个性化三维实体交付用户。 [0038] The apparatus 10 further comprises a manufacturing apparatus for making three-dimensional solid personalized according to the above three-dimensional data set and a user selected output parameters and a three-dimensional solid 106 personalized delivery of the user. 该制造设备最好包括工作台94、用于将三维实体坯体放置在工作台上的装卸部件98、用于根据上述的一组三维数据和用户所选定的参数在三维实体坯体上面制作个性化三维实体的制作机。 The manufacturing apparatus 94 preferably includes a table, for three-dimensional solid body placed on a table of the handling member 98, according to the above-described three-dimensional data and a set of user selected parameters in the above production of three-dimensional solid body personalized three-dimensional maker entity. 三维实体坯体最好由光学玻璃制成,制作机最好为激光内雕机90。 Three-dimensional solid body is preferably made of an optical glass, forming machine 90 is preferably laser engraving machine. 制造设备最好还包括交付部件104,用于通过输出口106将个性化三维实体交付给用户。 Manufacturing apparatus preferably further comprises a delivery means 104 for delivering the output port 106 to the user through a personalized three-dimensional solid.

[0039] 装置10最好还包括面向图像采集系统的颜色均一的背景板M。 [0039] The apparatus 10 preferably further comprises a uniform color background plate facing the image acquisition system M.

[0040] 参见图1,图3和图4,装置10是一个与标准相片制售机相似的拍照亭,而其外形可能有所不同。 [0040] Referring to FIGS. 1, 3 and 4, the apparatus 10 is a machine similar to a standard camera selling a photo booth, and its shape may vary. 在本发明的优选实施例中,拍照亭带有门把手观的前门26,打开后,可以接触到拍照亭围壁12内部的部件。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, with the front door 26 of the door handle booth pictures View, open, you may contact the peripheral wall 12 to the photographing booth internal components. 拍照亭所配置的显示器18连接到主计算机80。 Camera configured kiosk display 18 is connected to the host computer 80. 显示器18主要用于显示人机交互过程的所有指令和控制,还可以用来展现有关拍照亭或其他相关产品优越特性等的各种画面。 The display 18 used to display all the command and control process of human-computer interaction, it can also be used to show a variety of images related to taking pictures kiosks and other related products superior characteristics or the like. 在本发明的优选实施例中,显示器18是一个平面液晶显示(LCD)触摸屏监控器,从而也是用户输入设备20。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, display 18 is a flat liquid crystal display (LCD) touch-screen monitor, a user input device 20 is so. 在其他实施例中,用户输入设备20可以是键盘、带有机械按钮的远程控制器或其他任何类型的输入设备。 In other embodiments, the user input device 20 may be a keyboard, remote controller, or any other type of input device with mechanical buttons. 计算机80用于控制拍照亭的所有主要部件,并且能够通过无线或有线方式连接到网络或互联网上,向服务器传输所采集的三维数据以备它用。 All essential parts of the computer 80 for control of shooting booth, and can be connected to a network or the Internet through a wireless or wired manner to transfer three-dimensional data collected by the server for other uses. 拍照亭还能够安装与计算机80相连的辅助显示器30,该显示器位于拍照亭的外部,可用于商业目的。 Ting camera 30 can also be mounted an auxiliary display connected to the computer 80, the monitor camera located outside the kiosk can be used for commercial purposes.

[0041] 拍照亭最好开有窗口24,在其后安装图像采集系统50。 [0041] The camera is preferably kiosk window 24 is opened, image acquisition system 50 is mounted thereafter. 付款检测器16最好能够连接到计算机80。 Payment detector 16 preferably can be connected to computer 80. 主计算机80最好(但不是必要)具有能够管理与信用卡有关的信息的功能。 The host computer 80 is preferably (but not necessarily) have the ability to manage and function information related to credit cards. 付款检测器16的精密性、位置、外形和性能应当跟随市场趋势、拍照亭的物理布局和设计,或者拍照亭的实际位置而改变。 Payment precision detector 16, the position, shape and performance should follow the market trend, the physical layout and design of the pavilion to take pictures or photographs of the actual location of the pavilion change. 拍照亭带有输出口106,光学水晶体一旦雕刻好后从输出口送出。 Pavilion camera with an output port 106, an optical crystalline Once engraving and send out from the output port. 还可以在窗口50的两侧安装附加照明设备32,但不是一定必须。 You can also install additional lighting devices 32 on both sides of window 50, but not necessarily. 拍照亭的背面最好安装上一个由平面IXD监控器构成的辅助显示器30,用于商业目的。 The back camera mounted on a kiosk is preferably a secondary 30 consisting of a flat display monitor IXD, for commercial purposes.

[0042] 参见图2至图4,也许还需要安装作为冷却系统的冷却排气口40可选件,用于排出由激光内雕机所产生的热量。 [0042] Referring to FIGS. 2 to 4, may also need to install a cooling system as a cooling optional exhaust port 40 for discharging the heat generated by laser engraving machine. 拍照亭最好能提供一个供拍照者坐下或放置被拍摄对象的长凳22。 Pavilion desirable to provide a camera for the photographer to sit down or placed benches 22 are subject. 为保证三维图像最佳质量,长凳22应当被设置在可确定测量区间内。 To ensure the best quality three-dimensional image, the bench 22 to be disposed within the measurement space can be determined. 该距离应当在图像采集系统50的内部构造发生改变时随之改变。 The distance should change with the internal configuration of the image acquisition system 50 is changed. 如果拍照亭里设置有长凳22,其下部可以用来安装计算机80,计算机80可以是控制拍照亭主要部件的主机,也可以是其他用途的计算机。 If the booth is provided with a camera 22 benches, which may be used to install the lower part of the computer 80, the host computer 80 may be a kiosk camera main control member, may be a computer for other purposes. 作为另外一种方式,该位置还可以作为一般的储藏室之用。 As another way, the location may also be used as a general storage compartment of. 拍照亭最好还设置一个颜色均一的背景板M,其颜色最好是蓝色的。 Kiosk camera is also preferably provided a uniform color background plate M, which is preferably a blue color. 背景板M可以用布、塑料或其他材料制成,用作三维背景提取算法的背景识别。 BACKGROUND plate M may be cloth, plastic or other material, as a three-dimensional background extraction background recognition algorithm.

[0043] 参见图1和图3至图7,围壁12包括图像采集系统50,最好还包括带有风扇44的冷却系统,蓄水箱46以及泵42。 [0043] Referring to FIGS. 1 and 3 to 7, the peripheral wall 12 includes an image acquisition system 50, preferably further comprising a cooling system with a fan 44, the water tank 46 and a pump 42. 制造设备最好被安置在围壁内,制造设备包括用于确保供雕刻用的所有坯体的正确存放的坯体存储箱102,工作台94,装卸部件,该装卸部件用于装载、卸载水晶体并将其放置在靠近激光内雕机的工作台94上,在内雕水晶体时,工作台能够上下滑移。 Manufacturing apparatus is preferably disposed in the peripheral wall, the device comprises means for ensuring that all manufacturing blank for engraving correctly stored in the storage tank body 102, table 94, loading member, the detachable means for loading, unloading crystalline and placed on the table 94 near the laser engraving machine, laser crystal when the body can be slide up and down the table. 制造设备还包括用于下落斜道104和驱动水晶体转移部件100的电机,用于将三维实体从输出口106送出拍照亭外。 Manufacturing apparatus further comprises a drop chute 104 and a drive motor crystal transferred member 100 for photographing the three-dimensional solid Ting Wai fed from the output port 106. 制造设备最好还包括用于激光内雕的激光器90和光学部件92,这些部件并不是什么固定不变的部件,其确切形状、尺寸、数量、设计、功能 Manufacturing apparatus preferably further comprises a laser 90 and an optical component for laser engraving of 92, which is not a member of the fixed member, its exact shape, size, number, design, function

5和位置应当根据拍照亭的布局、所要雕刻的坯体的种类、激光器的功率或其他因素而定。 5 and according to the layout position of the camera should kiosk, the kind of blank to be engraved, laser power, or other factors may be. 本优选实施例的制造设备用来处理少量、小型的而且仅仅只是一种类型的水晶体。 Manufacturing apparatus of the present embodiment is preferably used to treat a small amount, but merely a small crystal type thereof. 应当明确,此种制造设备并不局限于这样的设计,还应当可以设计成能够处理各种各样类型和尺寸坯体的方式。 It should be clear, this manufacturing apparatus is not limited to such a design, also it can be designed to be capable of handling a wide variety of ways types and sizes of blanks.

[0044] 参见图1,4和8,安装在拍照亭内的一个干涉级图像采集系统50最好有较大的可确定测量区域。 [0044] Referring to Figures 1, 4 and 8, an interference level in the photographed image acquisition system installed kiosk 50 preferably has a larger measurement area can be determined. 图像采集系统50由主计算机80控制,作为另一种实施例,根据拍照亭的具体设计,可以固定或附着在某种定位装置上。 5080 controls the image acquisition by the host computer system, as another embodiment, depending on the design of the camera kiosks, may be fixed or attached to some kind of positioning means. 图像采集系统50最好固定安装,而其构造应当不是固定不变的,所选定图像采集系统50的具体外形、尺寸、连接方式或功能是可改变的。 Image acquisition system 50 is preferably fixedly mounted, and configured shall not fixed, the selected particular shape, size, or functional connections image acquisition system 50 is changeable. 图像采集系统50应当能够捕捉确定彩色三维模型,而且这种捕捉应当是自动的不需要人工的介入。 Image acquisition system 50 determines that the color should be able to capture the three-dimensional model, and this should be automated capture without manual intervention. 构成图像采集系统50的一个例子是包括下列的几个器件:基于投影在物体上的莫尔条纹图样,快门系统62,用于采集彩色图像的摄像机60,镜头70,电机68和滑动支架66,上述的各个器件最好都安置在主板72上。 A configuration example of the image acquisition system 50 are several device comprising: the projection moiré fringe pattern on the object, the shutter system 62, a camera 60 for capturing a color image, the lens 70, the motor 68 and the slide bracket 66, preferably each of the above devices are arranged on the motherboard 72. 其他类型的三维采集系统还可以是基于立体视觉或是现有技术中的其他三维采集技术。 Other types of 3D seismic data collection system may also be other three-dimensional or stereoscopic acquisition techniques based on the prior art.

[0045] 参见图1,3,4,8和9,安装在主计算机80上的软件能够执行部分、全部、或更多的下列指令:控制图像采集系统50,提取三维数据,控制制造设备以及坯体或三维实体的定位和递出,控制激光内雕机90的雕刻过程以及控制显示器18,30,用户输入设备20,付款检测器16,附加照明设备32和冷却系统。 [0045] Referring to FIGS. 1,3,4,8 and 9, the software installed on the host computer 80 can perform some, all, or more of the following instructions: controls the image acquisition system 50, to extract three-dimensional data, and controlling manufacturing equipment positioning or three-dimensional solid body and handed out, the control process engraving laser engraving machine 90 and a control display 18, 30, a user input device 20, a payment detector 16, the lighting device 32 and the additional cooling system.

[0046] 主计算机80最好能够连接至外部的服务器和其他计算机上。 [0046] Preferably the host computer 80 can be connected to an external server and other computers. 网络连接方式可以是无线方式或者是有线连接,这根据拍照亭所座落的位置的入网条件而定。 Network connection may be a wired connection or a wireless manner, which depends on the network condition kiosk located photographing position.

[0047] 连接到拍照亭的服务器能够被用于存储三维模型数据和颜色信息。 [0047] connected to the photographing kiosk server can be used to store three-dimensional model data and color information. 还可以存储其他被认为是必要的信息,例如能够用于初始水晶体雕刻的三维点云。 May also store other three-dimensional point cloud is considered necessary information, for example, an initial crystalline engraved.

[0048] 参见图1至图10,希望制作三维实体的用户走进拍照亭。 [0048] Referring to FIG. 1 to FIG. 10, the user desired entity into a three-dimensional photographs produced kiosk. 该用户可能需要其面部或半身的三维数字图像,要求将本人的虚拟三维模型内雕在水晶体(实际上是光学玻璃)内,或者他可能希望数字化其他物体或生物体。 The user may require that three-dimensional digital image of a face or bust, I requested virtual three-dimensional model of the engraving crystalline (actually optical glass) within, or he may wish to digital organisms or other objects. 用户走进拍照亭后,被请求支付费用,如果接收到付款,需要通过用户输入设备20和显示器18选择与三维图像捕捉和水晶内雕有关的各个参数和选项。 After a user camera into the pavilion, was requested to pay, if payment is received, you need to pass user input device 20 and display 18 to select the various parameters and options related to the three-dimensional image capture and crystal engraving. 在优选实施例中,用户输入设备20和显示器18由同一种设备构成,即是平面液晶触摸屏监视器。 In a preferred embodiment, the user input device 20 and display 18 is constituted by the same apparatus, i.e., a flat LCD touch screen monitor. 参数和选项中包括但不局限于:水晶类型,例如立方体、项链、钥匙链等;激光雕刻水晶的方向,例如是平行全景还是竖直肖像,这些术语与传统的二维静态摄像中采用的术语相同。 Parameters and options include, but are not limited to: the type of crystal, such as a cube, necklaces, key chains; laser engraving crystal direction, for example parallel or vertical panoramic portrait of these terms with conventional two-dimensional static imaging employed the same.

[0049] 根据优选实施例,一旦用户做好三维图像捕捉的准备,将会发出视觉信号,标志三维图像采集的启动。 [0049] According to a preferred embodiment, once the user do three-dimensional image capturing preparation will emit a visual signal, a three-dimensional image acquisition start flag. 图像采集系统50是一种基于投影在物体上的莫尔图样非接触式彩色数字转换器,该数字转换器具有可确定测量区间并于校准带重叠向后延伸至背景板M,向前直到长凳和窗口M之间的某处。 Image acquisition system 50 is a projection based on a non-contact type color Moire patterns digitizer on the object, the digitizer may be determined with the calibration measurement section and extending rearwardly to overlap with the background plate M, forward until long somewhere between the stool and the window M. 图像采集系统50带有的摄像机60的曝光时间通过开启投影仪后,短时间照亮被拍摄对象而调整。 Image acquisition system 50 with an exposure time of the camera 60 is turned on after the projector illuminating the subject a short time adjusted by. 被拍摄对象的视频图像被投影在显示器18上,可以调整被拍摄对象的位置。 The subject image is projected on a video display 18, you may adjust the position of the subject. 图像采集系统50根据先前选定的参数和选项一次捕捉4个两维条纹图像。 Image acquisition system 50 4 captures a two-dimensional fringe image in accordance with the previously selected parameters and options. 每次三维捕捉需要零点几秒钟时间,通过现有技术中已经被完善记载和公开的计算技术获得三维图像。 Each zero dimensional capture required a few seconds, and has been described to improve computing technology disclosed three-dimensional image obtained by the prior art. 通过运行在主计算机80里装有的软件从三维图像中提取一组三维数据,为得到三维点云,要对三维图像完成下列操作。 By running in the main computer 80 with software in a set of three-dimensional data extracted from the three-dimensional image, to obtain a three-dimensional point cloud, performs the following operation on the three-dimensional image. 应当说明的是数据格式不应局限于点云,还应包括任何类型的三维数据表示。 It should be noted that the cloud point data format should not be limited, it should also include any type of three-dimensional data of FIG.

6[0050] 根据本发明的方法,最好包括下列步骤:根据位于被拍摄对象后面的颜色均一的背景板在三维图像里定位背景;裁剪背景以生成前景三维图像;可以根据用户选择或由设备自动对显示器里所显示的前景三维图像进行遮幅定形,生成经过裁切的三维图像。 6 [0050] The method of the present invention, preferably comprising the steps of: a behind the subject a uniform color background plate positioned in the three-dimensional image according to the background is located; foreground cut three-dimensional image to generate a background; may be selected according to a user or by the device automatic three-dimensional image display in the foreground of the displayed letterboxed setting, generating a three-dimensional image is cropped. 该方法还包括下列从经过裁切的三维图像生成一组三维数据,构成可进行激光内雕的三维点云。 The method further comprises cutting the three-dimensional image through the following set of three-dimensional data generated from the three-dimensional point cloud constituting the laser engraving. 三维点云能够被转换为任何可所选择的制造设备读取的模式。 Three-dimensional point cloud model can be converted into any manufacturing equipment may read selected.

[0051] 此组三维数据随后被用于计算个性化三维实体的三维图像。 [0051] This three-dimensional data set is then used to calculate the three-dimensional image of the three-dimensional solid personalized. 而后,用户作出是启动制作显示器18所显示图像的个性化三维实体还是进行下一个三维捕捉的选择。 Then, the user starts to create a personalized display 18 displays three-dimensional solid image or three-dimensional capture of the next selection. 最好限定只能进行三次三维捕捉。 Best limited only to capture three-dimensional. 进行三次三维捕捉后,请求用户选定其中一个三维图像以制作个性化三维实体. After capturing three-dimensional, a three-dimensional image in which the requesting user to create a personalized selected three-dimensional solid.

[0052] 一旦用户选定所要采用的一组三维数据,就开始根据所选定的参数和选项制作个性化三维实体,运行在主计算机80里的软件控制硬件设备制作个性化三维实体。 [0052] Once the user selects a set of three-dimensional data to be used, based on the selected start parameters and options create personalized three-dimensional solid, the host computer 80 running the software in the control hardware devices make a personalized three-dimensional solid. 首先,由装卸部件98将水晶放置在工作台94.该组三维数据被送入激光内雕机90,根据该组三维数据和由用户选定的参数和选项启动个性化三维实体的制作。 First, the crystal 98 is placed on the table 94. The three-dimensional data set is sent to the laser engraving machine 90, three-dimensional solid starting personalized based on the three-dimensional data set by the user and selected parameters and options produced by detachable member. 激光内雕机90开始在水晶体里进行内雕。 Laser engraving machine 90 starts engraving inside the crystal body. 计算机80里运行的软件控制激光内雕机,在水晶体内的各个三维位置雕刻各点。 Software in computer 80 for controlling operation of laser engraving machine, engraving respective three-dimensional position of each point of the crystal body. 水晶体内这些点的排布确定了图像或肖像。 These points determine the arrangement of the crystal body image or portrait. 雕刻完毕后,装卸部件98将个性化三维实体推入导向输出口106的下落斜道104,然后将个性化三维实体交付给用户。 After engraving is complete, the loading member 98 is pushed into three-dimensional solid personalization outlet guide chute 104 106 falling, and is then delivered to a user personalized three-dimensional solid. 此外,最好还能给用户输出一张收据,收据上注明网址、随机生成的密码和有关订购相关产品的说明。 In addition, the user can give the best output a receipt, indicate the URL on the receipt, randomly generated password and instructions on ordering related products. 优选实施例中的交付部件包括下落斜道104和输出口106,其所采用设计使得雕刻好的水晶体和其他物品如果条件符合,能够被很容易地拾取。 The preferred embodiment includes a drop delivery chute member 104 and the output port 106, which is equipped such that the engraved design and good crystalline condition is met if the other items, can be easily picked up. 可以采用其他类型的递出机构,例如,可以安装一台能够在递出水晶体的同时能够打印收据的单独的打印机。 Other types of delivery may be a mechanism, for example, to install a separate printer to print a receipt at the same time capable of delivery of the water crystals.

[0053] 除了制作个性化三维实体,原始的三维图像和用于制作个性化三维实体的三维数据组还可以通过网络被传送至服务器或在缺少网络连接的情况下被暂时存储在计算机上。 [0053] In addition to producing individualized dimensional solid, the original three-dimensional image and a three-dimensional solid create personalized three-dimensional data set may also be communicated to the server, or in the absence of network connection is temporarily stored on a computer through a network. 用户通过登陆打印在收据上的网址,并使用打印在收据上的密码,可以读取自己的数据。 Users log in through the URL printed on the receipt and use printed on the receipt of the password, you can read your data. 数据在规定期限内被存放在服务器上,最好在收据上注明规定期限。 Data within the prescribed period is stored on the server, it is best stated time limit on the receipt. 能够被读取的数据可以具有多种用途,例如订购个性化产品或为私人用途而下载数据。 Data can be read can have a variety of uses, such as ordering personalized products or for private purposes and downloading data. 可以通过网站订购一些个性化产品,可以使用带有纹理的三维模型,用户可以通过网站添加一些通用或个性化的信息(二维或三维),为制作真实的或虚构产品,例如半身像或其他形式的水晶雕刻作品,可以使用某些单色或彩色的三维印刷设备,采用凝胶体、粉末或其他材料制作如下作品:凸版印刷、个性化玩偶、摇头玩具、立体照片、动画屏幕保护、、三维立体肖像、CAD/CAM半身像、墓碑、装饰品、装饰板、珠宝、通用的三维文件、在电脑游戏或计算机动画以及艺术作品上采用的拟人化身或个性化标志等。 Some can be ordered through the web site personalized products, you can use three-dimensional models with textures, you can add some general or personalized information (two-dimensional or three-dimensional) through the website, for the production of a real or imaginary product, such as a bust or other form crystal sculptures, some may be used a three-dimensional monochrome or color printing equipment, gel, powder, or other materials the following works: relief printing, personalized dolls, toys, shaking his head, stereoscopic photographs, animated screensaver ,, three-dimensional portrait, CAD / CAM bust, gravestone, decorations, decorative plates, jewelry, general-purpose 3D files, to be used by people on computer games or computer animation and artwork avatar or personalized signs.

[0054] 拍照亭还具有自我宣传的功能。 [0054] camera pavilion also has the function of self-promotion. 外部显示器30或者用来循环显示视频序列,显示一般的三维图像采集和激光内雕过程,或者显示当前正在进行的三维采集阶段,在用户正处于等待数据计算或等待雕刻过程完毕的各个间歇时段,软件还能够控制位于拍照亭内的显示器18显示推广宣传材料。 30 or the external monitor to display the video sequence cycle, shows the general three-dimensional image acquisition and laser engraving process, or is currently being displayed three-dimensional acquisition phase, the user is waiting for data in each batch or waiting period calculated engraving process completed, the software also can control the camera kiosks located display 18 to display promotional material. 在通过软件而实现的各项任务中,还包括能够向用户和遇到技术问题的技术人员发出报警的反馈机制。 Among the tasks accomplished by the software, it includes the ability to send out a feedback mechanism to alert users and technical problems encountered technical staff.

[0055] 用户可以通过网站完成有关大众消费实体制作方面的订购。 [0055] The user can complete the order related to the mass consumer entity productions through the website. 这种大众消费产品的制作素材来源于已采集的三维数据,与用户定制的各种各样产品有关,根据所采集到的每个用户的三维数据而完成制作。 Such mass consumption goods production elements from the three-dimensional data has been collected, and a wide variety of customized products related, according to the three-dimensional data collected for each user and complete the production. 新的方法包括利用快速成型机器制造身体部件,然后将其 The new method comprises manufacturing rapid prototyping machine body member, and then

7连接/拼接成用户可定制/批量制造的实体。 7 is connected / assembled into user-customizable entity / volume manufacturing. 本发明可以采用各种类型的快速成型技术以及采用各种可以用来制作三维实体的材料。 The present invention may employ various types of rapid prototyping techniques and various materials can be used to make three-dimensional solid. 这些用户可定制/批量制造实体可以是真实的物理实体,也可以是例如虚拟数据之类的虚拟对象。 The user can customize / batch manufacturing entity may be a real physical entities, the virtual object may be based, for example, the dummy data. 这些批量制造实体,在用户定制前,是“毛坯件”也就是没有经过定制的半成品。 These batch manufacturing entity, prior to custom, the "blanks" that is not customized semi-finished products. 这些“毛坯件”,例如摇头玩具,可以是批量制造的。 These "blank", for example, shaking his head toys, it can be mass-produced. 为完成用户定制的批量制造实体的制作,应当根据从数据采集步骤里采集到的数据对毛坯件进行物理加工。 To complete the manufacture of the entity making customized batch, it should be physically processed blank from the data acquisition to data acquisition in step. 可以采用快速成型技术和装置,例如数控铣床制作扫描的三维身体部件。 It may be employed and rapid prototyping technology devices, for example, making a three-dimensional body scanning member CNC milling. 数控铣床在各种各样的材料上,例如蜡、木头、大理石、聚苯乙烯泡沫塑料等,精确地雕刻出三维身体部件。 CNC milling machine in a variety of materials, such as wax, wood, marble, polystyrene foam, etc., precise three-dimensional sculpture body member. 某些三维立体印刷机甚至能够为部件完整着色,而直到近年这种先进技术才出现。 Some three-dimensional printers even able to complete the coloring member, and until recently this advanced technology to appear. 如果没有这种技术,部件只能是在制成后才被涂上颜色。 Without this technique, a color component can be coated only after the steel. 定制的三维物体,比如定制的三维头像,可以附上批量部件制成实体。 Custom three-dimensional object, three-dimensional picture such as custom, can attach components made batch entity. 被拍摄对象的三维面部数据被制成用户定制的物理实体比如摇头玩具。 A three-dimensional face data subject was made to be a physical entity such as a user made his head toy. 批量制造实体以前曾经是没有经过定制的半成品,现在成为用户定制的产品。 Previous volume manufacturing entity who is not customized semi-finished products, is now customized products. 该产品被赋予了所拍摄对象的“个性化”,成为一种非常具有吸引力的产品。 The product has been given the subject of "personalized" to become a very attractive product.

[0056] 由于个性化三维实体的制作能够在没有除了用户之外的人员干预的情形下完成,本发明的目的已经达到。 [0056] Since the production of personalized entity can not complete the three-dimensional case except that someone outside the user's intervention, the object of the present invention has been achieved.

[0057] 毫无疑问,以上所描述的本发明的优选实施例在某些方面还可以做出改动,此种改动应当认为包括在本发明的权利要求保护范围内。 [0057] There is no doubt that the present invention is preferably the above-described embodiments may be made in certain aspects of the change, such changes should be considered to include the present invention as claimed within the scope of the claims. 例如,优选实施例中所涉及的拍照亭、围壁、付款检测器,显示器、用户输入设备、长凳、窗口、前门、门把、辅助显示器、附加照明设备、冷却口、泵、电扇、蓄水箱、图像采集系统、背景均一颜色背景板、摄像机、快门系统、灯光、滑动支架、电机、透镜、主板、主计算机、辅助计算机、服务器、网络连接设备、激光机、激光机光学部件、可移动水晶体支架、装卸部件、工作台、水晶体转移部件、坯体存储箱、下落斜道、输出口等。 For example, the camera kiosk embodiment involved preferred embodiment, surrounding wall, payment detector, a display, a user input device, benches, window, front, door, the auxiliary display, additional lighting, cooling openings, pumps, fans, storage tanks, image acquisition system, the background color of the background plate uniformly, camera, shutter systems, lighting, sliding bracket, the motor, the lens, the main board, the host computer, the secondary computers, servers, network connectivity devices, laser machine, laser optical components, can be crystal body holder moving, handling member, table, lens transfer member, blank storage tank, drop chute, the output port and the like. 应当认为,以上所描述的各个部件的结构和几何构造,对于本发明而言不是唯一确定的,本发明的保护范围不应当仅局限于此。 Should be understood that the structure and geometry of the various components described above, for purposes of the present invention is not uniquely determined, the scope of the present invention should not be limited only to this. 实际上,很显然,本领域的技术人员还可以采用其他部件、其他的连接关系以及其他的几何构造实现本发明。 Indeed, it is clear that those skilled in the art may also be employed other components, the connection relationship of other geometric configurations, and other implementations of the invention.

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  1. 1. 一种制作个性化三维实体的方法,该方法包括下列步骤:检测是否接收到付款,如果已经接收到一次付款:i)请求用户利用用户输入设备和显示器,针对若干选项选定参数;ii)根据步骤i)所设定的参数,采用一种带有基于投影在物体上的莫尔图样非接触式彩色数字转换器的图像采集系统采集拍摄对象的图像,一次捕捉4个两维条纹图像;iii)根据步骤ii)所捕捉的图像,计算三维图像;iv)从上述三维图像中提取一组三维数据,其步骤如下:(a)在三维图像里定位背景;(b)裁剪背景以生成前景三维图像;(c)按照预定的形状裁切前景三维图像,生成经过裁切的三维图像;并且从经过裁切的三维图像生成一组三维数据,构成三维点云;ν)根据由步骤iv)提取的一组三维数据和步骤i)选定的参数制作三维实体;并且;vi)雕刻完毕后,由装卸部件将个性化三维实体推 1. A method for making three-dimensional solid personalized, the method comprising the steps of: detecting whether a payment, if a payment has been received: I) requesting the user using the user input device and a display, a number of options for the selected parameters; ii ) according to the parameters in step i) set, image acquisition system uses a projection-based non-contact type color moire patterns digitizer on the object with acquisition of the subject, a captured two-dimensional fringe image 4 ; iii) the step ii) the captured image, calculates three-dimensional image; IV) extracting a set of three-dimensional data from said three-dimensional image, comprises the following steps: (a) positioning a background three-dimensional image in; (b) cutting the background to generate foreground dimensional image; (c) according to a predetermined shape cut foreground dimensional image, generating three-dimensional image is cropped; and cut through the three-dimensional image is generated from a set of three-dimensional data constituting the three-dimensional point cloud; v) according to the step iv ) a three-dimensional data set and the extraction step i) making a three-dimensional entity selected parameter; and; VI) after engraving is complete, the loading member will push the three-dimensional solid personalize 导向输出口的下落斜道,然后将个性化三维实体交付给用户,将上述的个性化三维实体交付给用户。 The whereabouts of the guide chute outlet and then delivered to the three-dimensional solid personalized user, the above-described three-dimensional solid personalized delivered to the user.
CN 200610076704 2006-04-19 2006-04-19 Apparatus and method for making individualized entity CN1892713B (en)

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