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The invention relates to a method and a device for modifying modular messages (7) that can be transmitted via an electronic message transmission system using an electronic arithmetic unit, in particular a computer. A message (7) is read using a read device (6) and the structure (10) of the read message (7) is determined. An individual structural unit of said message (7) and modifications that canbe carried out to the selected structural unit are then determined. The possible modifications and/or functions are then displayed and a modification and/or function that is to be carried out is/are read. The validity of the selected modification of the individual structural unit is verified with regard to the structure (10) of the message (7). If the modification is valid, it is executed and a modified, new message is issued.


修改模块结构的消息的方法与装置 Modification message block configuration method and apparatus

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及一种用于修改模块结构的消息的方法和装置,此模块结构的消息可以 [0001] The present invention relates to a modular structure for modifying a message for a method and apparatus of this message the module structure can be

经由电子消息传输系统而被传输。 Via an electronic message transmission system are transmitted. 背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 从DE 101 39 068 Al中已经获知:对于分层构造的命令结构,可以自动地生成命令序列。 [0002] From DE 101 39 068 Al have been known: For layered configuration command structure, command sequence may be automatically generated. 为此目的,通过将穿过分层结构各层的所有可能分支存储为个体命令(individual command),以最初生成完整的可能命令集。 Object, by passing through the layers of the layered structure stored in the individual branches of all possible commands (individual command), the command may be to generate a complete set for this original. 每个命令对应于从分层结构的最高层到最低层的路径。 Each command corresponds to a path from the highest level to the lowest level of the hierarchy. 然后,以这种方式生成的个体命令排列在随机序列中,其中个体命令的重复是允许的。 Then, the individual commands generated in this manner are arranged in a random sequence, wherein the individual commands are allowed repeated.

[0003] 然后提供个体命令的该序列,比如提供给测量装置,该测量装置通过这些命令连续地工作。 The sequence [0003] and then provide individual commands, such as to provide a measuring apparatus, the measuring device operates continuously through these commands. 如果在此类处理运行的实施期间发生系统错误,则整个个体命令序列被系统地縮短,以便确定引起系统错误的个体命令链(chain)。 If a system error occurs during operation of such treatment embodiments, the entire sequence of individual commands is systematically shortened, in order to determine a system error caused by an individual command chain (chain). 在此过程期间,个体命令本身不被修改。 During this process, the individual command itself is not modified.

[0004] 所述步骤仅仅适于处理个体命令的系统。 [0004] The individual steps of the processing system is adapted only commands. 它允许限制到较小数目的个体命令,不过,较小数目的个体命令已经先前呈现在原始命令链中。 It allows limited to a small number of individual orders, however, a small number of individuals have been previously presented in the original command chain of command. 用提议的系统无法生成个体命令和/或个体消息。 Unable to generate individual commands and / or individual messages with the proposed system. 可是,开发按照0SI参考模型运行的端系统,需要修改这类个体命令或者需要生成新的个体命令。 However, according to the development of end-system 0SI reference model operation, such individuals need to modify the command or commands required to generate a new individual.


[0005] 本发明的目的是提供一种用于修改能够经由电子消息传输系统而传输的模块结 [0005] The object of the present invention is to provide a method for the modification can be transmitted via an electronic messaging system module junction

构的消息的装置和方法,它允许在为消息指定的结构内方便地生成和修改消息。 Apparatus and method for configuration of a message, which allows to easily generate and modify the message for the message within a specified structure.

[0006] 通过如权利要求1定义的根据本发明的方法,以及如权利要求17规定的根据本发 [0006] According to the invention as defined in claim 1 by a predetermined method according to the present invention 17, as well as claims

明的装置来实现此目的。 Out apparatus to this purpose. 权利要求18和19涉及相应的计算机程序,权利要求20涉及计算 It claims 18 and 19 to a corresponding computer program as claimed in claim 20 relates to calculating

机软件产品。 Software products.

[0007] 根据权利要求1和权利要求17,首先读入消息,比如在0SI参考模型的两层之间传输的消息。 [0007] and according to one of claims 17, first reads the message, such as message between two transmission 0SI reference model. 从该读入的消息中确定此消息基本的(underlying)结构。 This determines the basic message (the underlying) from the structure of the read message. 通过确定此消息的基本结构,对于每个结构单元,为由此建立完整消息的各个结构单元确定哪些修改绝对可 By determining the basic structure of the message, for each structural unit, which determines the absolute modifications may be established whereby the respective structural units of a complete message

行是可能的。 Line is possible. 然后从读入的消息中选择单个结构单元,并且对于该选定结构单元可行的修改被确定,并显示在显示装置上。 Then select a single structural unit from the read message, and is determined to modify the structural unit selected feasible and displayed on the display device.

[0008] 然后,对该选定结构单元的意图修改被读入,并且其相对于该消息结构的有效性作为整体被检查。 [0008] Next, modifications are intended to read the selected structural unit, and with respect to the validity of the configuration message is checked as a whole. 以这种方式,能够防止大体上对于个体结构单元有效、但在消息的上下文中将导致不规则消息的那些修改,因为只有在检查中被识别为对于消息结构有效的那类结构单元修改被执行。 In this manner, it is possible to prevent the unit generally effective for the individual structures, but in the context of those that result in modified message irregular messages, since only the inspection is identified as the structural units is performed to modify the kind of a message structure effective . 以这种方式修改的完整消息然后作为新消息被发布。 Modified in this way a complete message is then released as a new message. [0009] 在从属权利要求中列出的措施涉及本发明的其它有利改进。 [0009] The measures listed in the dependent claims relate to advantageous further developments of the invention.

[0010] 如果实际消息作为通过修改生成新消息的基础而被读入,那么尤其有利。 [0010] If the actual message is read as generated by modifying the base of the new message, it is particularly advantageous. 在此处上下文中,实际消息被理解为:在由0SI模型表示的端系统的在前测试中,实际生成并储存在其所谓的"日志文件"中的消息。 In the context here, the actual message to be understood as: the front end of the test system model represented by 0SI, the actual message is generated and stored in its so-called "Log File". 如果这则消息被开发者认为是出现差错的原因,那么开发者可以执行对这则消息的修改,而不必重新构造整个消息以及其所有的分层构造的结构单元,并使用以这种方式生成的新消息用于进一步的测试运行。 If this news is the developer blamed for errors, then the developer can modify the implementation of this news without having to reconstruct the entire message and all its structural units hierarchical structure and use to generate in this way the new message for further test runs. 这个过程尤其适于在根据0SI参考模型运行的端系统的开发期间执行相对小的修改。 This process is especially suitable for relatively small modifications to perform the end of the system during the development operation 0SI reference model.

[0011] 可是在开发开始时,还没有可用的、系统内在OSI参考模型的个体层之间传输的 [0011] However, in the development of the start, there is no available transport system between the individual layers of the OSI reference model intrinsic

实际消息。 Actual message. 在此阶段,因此需要生成完整的新消息。 At this stage, it is necessary to generate a complete new message. 为此目的,根据进一步的有利开发,从 For this purpose, according to a further advantageous development, from

数据库中读入基础消息(basic message)是可能的,因此通过修改基础消息的结构单元能够生成最终需要的消息。 Read database based message (basic message) is possible, and consequently the underlying message by modifying the structural unit capable of generating a message ultimately desired. 因此,通过利用从与所使用的协议相对应的给定数据库中读取的基础消息,确定修改能在其中执行的消息的结构。 Thus, by using the underlying message read from the protocol used corresponds to a given database, is determined to modify the structure in which the message can be performed. 对于不同的协议可以提供不同的数据库。 For different protocols can provide different databases. [0012] 而且,对读入消息的结构进行图形显示是有利的,因此对开发者来说,该消息的哪个结构单元当前正在被修改立刻很明显。 [0012] Further, the configuration of the read message is a graphical display is advantageous, so the developer, the structural unit of the message which is currently being modified immediately apparent. 消息及其结构按照与文件树相似的表示方式而被显示,因此通过适当的縮排,可以彼此区分消息的各个分层。 Message according to their structural representation similar to the file tree is displayed, by appropriately indentation can be distinguished from each other per layer message. 在此上下文中,该结构有利地呈现于显示装置的第一窗口中,因此使用适当的选择工具(比如电脑鼠标)就可以标记显示在第一窗口中的结构单元。 In this context, the configuration advantageously presented on a display device of the first window, thus using the appropriate selection tools (such as a computer mouse) will be the first mark is displayed in the structure window unit.

[0013] 在第一窗口中标记的结构单元允许各种修改或功能,这些修改或功能取决于每个被标记的结构单元。 [0013] In the first window labeled cells susceptible to various modifications or structural features, such modifications or functions depending on each structural unit is marked. 例如,这里可能有消息的元素,对于这些元素,可以执行参数修改,为此目的,开发者必须输入相应的字母数字值(alpha皿meric value)。 For example, there may have elements of the message, for these elements, parameter modification can be performed, the purpose for this developer must enter the appropriate alphanumeric value (alpha dish meric value). 其它元素允许采用分层结构中下级的一或多个结构单元。 Other elements allows the use of one or more structural units of lower hierarchy. 在第一窗口中标记的基础上选择的结构单元的选择结果,显示在第二窗口中。 Selection result on the basis of the structural unit marking the first selected window, displayed in the second window. 然后,开发者可以在第二窗口中执行预确定修改的选择和/或数值的登录。 Then, the developer may be performed to modify the predetermined selecting and / or values ​​registered in the second window.

[0014] 在实施第二窗口中的入口和/或选择之后,然后关于待被执行的修改在作为整体的消息结构内的有效性而检查该修改。 [0014] After the second embodiment the entrance window and / or selection, and to amend to be performed in this modification as checking the validity of the message within the overall structure. 由于给定类型的结构单元可以与不同分层和/或不同环境中的其它上级结构单元一致,所以大体上对于给定类型的结构单元可行的修改并不必定也对选定的结构单元有效。 Since a given type of structural unit may be the same of different hierarchical and / or in different environments other superior structural unit, the unit is also not necessarily generally valid for the selected configuration for a given type of structure modifying unit possible. 例如,对于选定的结构单元,给出的修改原则上的确是可能的,但是对于从中选择出待被修改的结构单元的那个完整消息的特定结构不是有效的。 For example, for modifying the structural units selected principle, it gives indeed possible, but for the complete data from the selected message to be modified structural units of a specific structure is not effective. 如果此类情况发生,则通过相应的对话框通知开发者,其中可以明确地列出可能或预期的修改。 If this happens, then the corresponding dialog notification by the developer, which may or may explicitly list the expected changes.


[0015] 下面根据附图更详细地解释根据本发明的方法的优选最佳实施例。 [0015] The following explains preferred embodiments according to the method of a preferred embodiment of the present invention in more detail with reference to the drawings. 附图如下: Accompanying drawings as follows:

[0016] 图1示出了模块结构的消息的结构示意表示; [0016] FIG. 1 shows a message module showing a schematic configuration of a structure;

[0017] 图2示出了若干代(generation)的消息的时间序列; [0017] FIG 2 illustrates several Generation (Generation) a time sequence of messages;

[0018] 图3示出了根据本发明的方法的块电路图; [0018] FIG. 3 shows a block circuit diagram of a method according to the present invention;

[0019] 图4示出了使用消息分析装置选择实际消息的屏幕截图; [0019] FIG 4 illustrates the use of the actual message analyzing means for selecting a message screen shot;

[0020] 图5示出了带有取决于结构单元的功能的屏幕截图; [0020] FIG. 5 shows a screen shot with the function depends on the structure unit;

[0021] 图6示出了用于为新消息选择数据库的屏幕截图; [0021] FIG. 6 shows a database for selecting a new message for the screenshot;

[0022] 图7示出了用于从数据库中选择基础消息的屏幕截图; [0022] FIG. 7 shows a screenshot basis for selecting a message from the database;

[0023] 图8示出了用于修改选定结构单元的选择表屏幕截图;[0024] 图9示出了用于修改选定结构单元的另一选择表屏幕截图; [0023] FIG. 8 shows a modification of the selection list for the selected screenshot structural unit; [0024] FIG. 9 shows another screenshot selection table is used to modify the selected structural unit;

[0025] 图10示出了用于选择新消息输出的屏幕截图; [0025] FIG. 10 shows a screenshot of the new message is selected output;

[0026] 图11示出了带有警告消息的屏幕截图; [0026] FIG. 11 shows a screenshot with a warning message;

[0027] 图12示出了用于确定比较准则的屏幕截图;禾口 [0027] FIG. 12 shows a comparison criterion for determining a screenshot; Wo port

[0028] 图13示出了用于确定另一比较准则的屏幕截图。 [0028] FIG. 13 illustrates another comparison criteria for determining the screenshot.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0029] 在更详细地描述根据本发明的生成模块结构的消息的方法之前,首先参考图1和2 ,举例解释模块结构的消息的结构。 [0029] Before describing in more detail the method according to the message generation module structure of the present invention, first with reference to FIGS. 1 and 2, for example of the structure of the message interpretation module structure.

[0030] 图1示出了信息1,例如,它通过根据0SI参考模型中的一层被用于服务提供。 [0030] FIG. 1 shows a message 1, for example, by providing according to one 0SI reference model is used for the service. 消息1由一些段(segment)组成,它们在图1中标示的附图标记为1. 1、 1. 2、 1. 3、 1. 4和1.5。 1 by a number of message segments (segment), which are indicated in FIG. 1 as reference numerals 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5. 第一段l. l进一步被细分为块(block) 1. 1. 1、1. 1.2、1. 1.3、1. 1.4和1. 1.5。 First paragraph l. L further subdivided into blocks (block) 1. 1. 1,1. 1.2,1. 1.3,1. 1.4 and 1. 1.5. 整个消息l的其它段也可以被分解成这些类型的块。 Other segments l entire message may also be broken down into these types of blocks. 段1. 1的各个块也可以被分解成为较小单元1. 1. 4. 1、 1. 1. 4. 2和1. 1. 4. 3。 Each block segment may also be decomposed into smaller units 1. 1. 1. 1. 4.1, 4.2 and 1. 1. 1. 1. 4.3. 如图所示细分越来越小的结构单元将导致消息1的分层系统,这反映了它的模块结构或构造。 Smaller and smaller segment of the structural unit shown in FIG. 1 will cause the message layered system, which reflects its modular structure or configuration. 使用本发明生成的消息1提供这类的模块结构,其中个体结构单元被组合,以根据结构单元的逻辑关联形成上级结构。 Message generated using the present invention to provide a modular structure of this type, wherein the individual structural units are combined to form a logical structure of the associated higher structural units. 例如,消息1表示数据流元素,该数据流元素根据蜂窝移动电话网中的基站或移动电话的0SI参考模型在不同层之间交换。 For example, message 1 indicate data flow elements, the elements of the data stream in accordance with a reference model 0SI cellular mobile telephone network in a base station or mobile telephone switching between different layers. [0031] 从给定的消息1开始,图2示出了经过若干代的消息流。 [0031] starting from a given message 1, FIG. 2 shows a message flow through several generations. 父代的消息2在消息1之前。 Parent of the message before the message 2 1. 消息1本身已被父代的消息2的内容所触发。 Message 1 itself has been triggered by the content of the message 2 of the parent. 如连接线所示,反过来,消息l是属于子代的进一步消息3. 1、3. 2、3. 3和3. 4触发的原因。 As shown in the connection line, in turn, is the cause of the message further message belongs l progeny 3. 1,3. 2,3. 3 and 3.4 trigger. 子代的消息3. 1到3. 4同样能够以成为原因的方式负责触发进一步的消息4. 1、4. 2和4. 3,进一步的消息4. 1、4. 2和4. 3以实例的方式被示为消息3. 3的子代。 Progeny message from 3.1 to 3.4 can cause the same manner responsible for triggering a further message 4. 1,4. 2 and 4.3, further information 4. 1,4. 2 and 4.3 to by way of example it is shown as a message of 3.3 offspring. 在所有情况下,在图1中呈现方案的基础上,根据模块结构建立在图2中呈现的个体消息。 In all cases, the basis of the program presented in FIG. 1, the establishing an individual message presented in Figure 2. The module configuration. 关于这一点,在某些情况之下,给定类型的单个结构单元能够被使用在分层结构的不同层中,那就是说,既在段1. 1到1. 5中,并且比如也在块1. 1. 1到1. 1. 5中。 In this regard, under certain circumstances, to the individual structural units of a given type can be used in different layers of the hierarchical structure, that is to say, both in paragraph 1.1 to 1.5, and also such as block 1. 1. 1. 1. 1 to 5.

[0032] 图2说明了沿时间轴5在若干消息之间的因果联系。 [0032] FIG 2 illustrates a time axis 5 causal relationship between several messages. 这些消息可以使用诸如用于分析移动电话系统的消息分析装置来被记录。 These messages may be used, such as a message analyzing means for analyzing a mobile telephone system to be recorded. 如果被储存在所谓的"日志文件"中的这个列表可用于识别导致错误的给定消息,那么相关的消息必须被适当修改后的消息替换。 If stored in a so-called "log file" in the list may be used to identify the cause of the error message given, the relevant message after the message must be replaced with appropriate modifications. 关于这一点,修改后的新消息原则上能以两种不同的方式生成。 About this point, news principle modified can be generated in two different ways. 一方面,通过修改一或多个结构单元的内容,也就是通过修改段、块或更小的单元,则现有的差错触发消息可用于生成新消息,这则新消息具有与原始消息相同的结构。 In one aspect, by modifying the contents of one or more structural units, i.e. by modifying segments, or blocks smaller units, the conventional error trigger message may be used to generate a new message, the new message which has the same as the original message structure. 与此情形相反,从"日志文件"中取得的原始消息在下面被称为实际消息(real message)。 In contrast to this case, the original message acquired from the "log file" are referred to below as the actual message (real message). 反之亦然,从分层结构的底部到顶部,同样如此应用。 Vice versa, from the bottom to the top of the hierarchy, so the same application.

[0033] 用于生成消息的第二种可能性是从数据库中读入基础消息。 A second possibility [0033] for generating a message is read from the database based message. 正如将在下面更详细地解释的那样,若干基础消息被储存在给定协议的各自数据库中,其中每一个个体基础消息都表示相对于该给定协议的有效结构。 As will be explained in more detail below, the message is stored in a plurality of base given protocol each database, wherein each individual basic structure of the message expressed effectively with respect to the given protocol. 基础消息因此对应于现成的结构,从中可以通过修改个体结构单元生成实际上需要的完整消息。 Thus the underlying message corresponding to the existing structure, which can generate a complete message is actually needed by modifying the individual structural units.

[0034] 现在参考图3所示的块电路图更详细地解释根据本发明的方法。 The block circuit diagram shown in [0034] Reference is now explained in more detail in FIG. 3 in accordance with the method of the present invention. 通过读入装置6 读入消息7。 7 6 by reading the message reading means. 在此级读入的消息7可以是实际消息,它被储存在文件8中。 In stage 7 the read message may be an actual message, it is stored in the file 8. 每个消息7有给定结构,因此这则消息可以被类型编码。 Each message has a given structure 7, so this type of message can be encoded. 实际消息所基于的结构10也通过读入装置6被读入。 Structure 10 also read by the read means 6 based on the actual message.

[0035] 来自消息7的结构单元被选择装置11选择。 [0035] The structural unit 7 from the message selection means 11 are selected. 为此目的,读入装置6连接到输入输出装置,其中输入输出装置包括显示装置,在显示装置上,读入的消息7可以被显示在第一窗口中。 For this purpose, the reading device 6 is connected to the input and output device, wherein the input-output means comprises a display means on the display means 7 reads the message may be displayed in a first window.

[0036] 读入的消息7显示在显示装置的第一窗口中,以使包括所有下级结构单元的分层结构的每层的所有结构单元都被呈现。 [0036] 7 reads the message displayed in the first window of the display device, so that each layer of the hierarchical structure comprises all the structural units of all subordinate structural units are presented. 正如在文件树表示中那样,如果需要,下级结构单元可以被遮盖。 As, if necessary, the lower structure unit can be covered in the file tree representation. 使用适当的选择装置,开发者可以标记出现于分层结构的任何需要层中的结构单元之一。 Using a suitable selection means, the developer can mark appear in any desired one of the structural units of hierarchical layers. 例如,可以是电脑鼠标。 For example, a computer mouse. 开发者标记的结构单元由选择装置ll选择。 Developer labeled structural unit selected by the selector means ll. [0037] 为了进一步的处理,选择的结构单元被转送给修改装置13,修改装置13最初确定所选结构单元类型原则上可行的修改。 [0037] For further processing, the structural unit is transferred to the selected modifying means 13, means 13 to modify the structural unit initially determines whether the selected type of modification in principle feasible. 修改装置13还将这些可行的修改传送给输入输出装置,并且那些可能的修改被显示装置呈现在第二窗口中。 Modifying means 13 also feasible to modify the transfer of these to the input-output device, and that modifications may be presented in a display device of the second window. 开发者现在在此第二窗口中制造另一入口,它被传回到修改装置13。 Developers are now made in this second further inlet window, it is passed back to the modifying means 13. 正如将在下面参考其它附图所解释的,此类的入口可以是来自若干建议的元素中的一个选择,或者是字母数字入口。 In reference to other figures as explained below, such an inlet may be a plurality of selected elements from the proposed, or alphanumeric entry.

[0038] 由修改装置13关于该入口的有效性而检查该入口,通过该入口,开发者确定对所选结构单元内容的预定修改。 [0038] a means to modify on the validity of the inlet 13 to inspect the inlet, the developer determines the predetermined structural modifications to the contents of the selected cell through the inlet. 例如,如果所选结构单元的修改插入到消息7中导致新消息代替相应的最初读入的结构单元(它因此不再对应于最初读入的消息7的结构10),则消息类型的有效性可能被限制。 For example, if the selected structural modification unit 7 is inserted into the message results in a new message instead of the corresponding structural units initially read (it is therefore no longer corresponds to the original message read structure 10. 7), the validity of the message type It may be limited. 修改所选结构单元的内容随后将导致消息结构的修改,它不再对应于在0SI参考模型中此位置处的基础标准要求的消息的结构。 Modifying the structural unit content is then selected will modify the message structure, it no longer corresponds to the structure in claim 0SI reference model based on the standard message at this position. 此类型的无效修改不被实施,并且开发者的注意力被警告消息吸引到所关注的无效修改上。 Not valid for this type of modification is not implemented, and the developer's attention is drawn to the warning messages on invalid modification of interest.

[0039] 如果所选结构单元的修改有效,则具有已修改内容的消息作为新消息7'而被生成,并且这则新消息7'经由输出装置14发布。 [0039] If the selected structural modification unit is valid, a message with the modified content 'is generated, and this new message 7' as a new message output device 14 via the release 7. 关于这一点,不同的输出格式可用于新消息7'的输出。 In this regard the output, different output formats can be used for a new message 7 '. 例如,新消息7'可以以XML代码的形式被储存在第一输出文件15. l中。 For example, news 7 'may be stored in the first output file 15. l in the form of XML code. 在上面引用的0SI参考模型所基于的端系统的新的测试运行期间,在运行时间将此种方式生成的消息7'插入到原始数据流中。 During the test run the new system 0SI end of the above cited reference model is based, at runtime this way the generated message 7 'into the original data stream.

[0040] 作为备用选择,输出装置14可以将新消息7'以十六进制字串的形式(十六进制的比特序列)直接写入第二个输出文件15. 2中。 [0040] describes an alternative, the output means 14 may be a new message 7 'in the form of a string of hexadecimal (hex bit sequence) to write files directly to a second output of 15.2.

[0041] 正如上面所解释,替代读入实际消息,基础消息也可以作为消息7而被读入。 [0041] As explained above, instead of reading the actual message, the base message may be read as a message 7. 为此目的,开发者同样可以经由输入输出装置制造入口。 Object, Developers can also inlet via an input-output device for this manufacture. 响应于此入口,读入装置6从一些可能的数据库9. 1、9. 2或9. 3中的一个读入基础消息。 In response to this entry, the reading means 6 from a reading of 9. 1,9. 2 and 9.3 several possible underlying message into the database.

[0042] 数据库在结构上是模块,并且关于它们的基础描述语言(例如ASN1)或待被复制的协议而不同。 [0042] In the database structure is modular and based on their description language (e.g., the ASN1) or protocol to be copied to another. 不同的信息结构取决于协议而不同是可能的。 Different information and different structures depending on the protocol is possible. 分配给基础消息的分别结构也由读入装置6读入。 Are assigned to the basic message structure 6 by the reading means reads. 有关结构10的信息是必需的,因此修改装置随后可以检查结构10 内的消息7的修改的有效性。 For configuration information 10 it is necessary, thus modifying means 10 can then check the message structure of a modified validity 7. 当使用实际消息时,与结构有关的信息也从数据库之一中被读入。 When using the actual message, and information related to the structure is also read from one of the database. 然后可以在这则实际消息的基础上自动地选择相应的数据库。 It can then automatically select the corresponding database on the basis of this to the actual message. [0043] 下面参考各个屏幕截图解释生成新消息7'的方法的各个阶段。 [0043] The following explanation with reference to various screenshots process generates a new message various stages 7 '. [0044] 开始,图4示出了消息分析装置。 [0044] starts, FIG. 4 shows a message analyzer. 在第一区域16中,经由0SI参考模型的各层、在端系统中传输的所有消息依时间顺序被呈现。 In the first region 16, via the layers 0SI reference model, all messages transmitted in the end system is presented in chronological order. 第二区域17示出了在第一区域16中选择的消息的分级结构。 17 shows a second region selected in the first hierarchy in the message region 16. 关于这一点,分层结构的每个下级分层被示为相对于它的上级层次级向右縮进。 In this regard, each subordinate layered hierarchy is shown relative to its parent hierarchy level indented to the right. 如上参考图l所述,呈现的每一行对应于一个结构单元,其中每个结构单元可以被细分为进一步分层的下级结构单元。 Described above with reference to the Figure l, presenting each row corresponds to a structural unit, wherein each structural unit may be further divided into lower hierarchical cell structure. 结构单元之一可以在第二区域17中被标记,并能因此使用下拉菜单被储存在文件中。 One of the structural units may be labeled in a second region 17, and thus can use the pull-down menu is stored in a file. 在示出的最佳实施例中,有关的命令19是"对消息池的输出(e邓ort to message pool)",其中"消息池"对应于从图3的决电路图中已经熟悉了的文件8。 In the preferred embodiment illustrated, where the order is 19, "the output of message cell (e Deng ort to message pool)", where "the message pool" from the decision circuit diagram corresponding to FIG. 3 already familiar file 8.

[0045] 从文件8中打开并读入这则消息对应于其它常规程序的过程;因此不需要单独描述。 [0045] Open files 8 and from this to read the message corresponds to other conventional procedure for; thus need not be described separately. 图5示出了在从文件8中读入消息之后出现的屏幕截图。 FIG. 5 shows a screen shot that occurs after the message is read from the file 8. 读入的消息7的结构在第一窗口20中呈现。 7 reads the message structure presented in the first window 20. 所述呈现对应于如图4所示的消息分析装置的第二区域17。 Presenting the second region corresponding to the message analyzer shown in FIG. 4 17. 在消息7 的最低层次级中,例如呈现三个结构单元21. 1到21. 3,它们在被合并时形成上级结构单元22. 1。 In message 7, the lowest hierarchical level, for example, presenting three structural units 21.1 to 21.3, they form higher structural units are merged at 22.1. 在与结构单元22. l相同的分级层上,另一结构单元22.2被示出。 Structural units in the same hierarchical layer 22. l, another structural unit 22.2 is shown. 两个结构单元22. 1 和22. 2 —起形成结构单元23,结构单元23再一次形成更高的层次级。 Two structural units 22.1 and 22.2 - 23 are formed from a structural unit, the structural unit 23 formed again a higher hierarchical level. [0046] 在第一窗口20中,使用选择装置标记结构单元21. l,并且下拉菜单已被打开。 [0046] In the first window 20, using a selection marker means a structural unit 21. l, and the pull-down menu has been opened. 下拉菜单被呈现在下拉菜单窗口24中,并且包含诸如复制和插入功能之类的不同功能25. 1 到25. 5,通过这些功能还可以生成新消息。 Drop-down menu is presented in the drop-down menu window 24, and comprises various functions such as copy and paste functions like 25.1 to 25.5, these functions may also generate a new message. 为此目的,例如,已经存在的结构单元可以被复制并另外插入在这则消息中的另一位置处。 Purpose, for example, structural units already exist for this purpose and may be replicated at another location further inserted in this message. 然后像在所选结构单元的内容修改的情况下那样检查操作的有效性。 Then checks the validity of the operation like that in the case where the content of the structural unit of the selected modified. 取决于打开下拉菜单24的结构单元,关于这一点,呈现的功能25. 1 到25. 5可以不同。 Depending on the pull-down menu structure opening unit 24, on this point, the rendering function from 25.1 to 25.5 may be different. 图5中呈现的示例中,选择功能"复制(Copy)",用它复制被标记的结构单元21. 1。 In the example presented in FIG. 5, select "Copy (the Copy)", a structural unit with it copies the marked 21.1. 可是,如果以该方式复制的结构单元不可能插入到另一结构单元中(例如结构单元23),那么关于结构单元23打开的下拉菜单将不提供相应的插入选项。 However, if the structural unit is copied in this manner can not be inserted into the other structural unit (structural unit e.g. 23), the structural unit 23 opens on the pull-down menu option does not provide the appropriate insert. [0047] 与下拉菜单24的功能(比如复制、插入、替换等)并排的是消息7的修改,修改早已存在于消息中的结构单元的内容也是可能的。 [0047] 24 with the drop-down menu of functions (such as copy, insert, replace, etc.) is to modify side-7 message, modifying the content of the structural unit already exists in the message is also possible.

[0048] 每个结构单元对应于不同的类型。 [0048] each structural unit corresponding to a different type. 最佳实施例中的结构单元21. 1的类型名称比如为"位数"(Digit)。 A structural unit of the preferred embodiment 21 of a type name, such as "bits" (Digit). 对于此类型的结构单元,某些修改选项总是可用。 For this type of structural unit, that certain modifications option is always available. 对于在第一窗口20中标记并选定的每个结构单元,这些修改选项出现于第二窗口26中。 And labeled for each structural unit selected in the first window 20, the editing options appear in the second window 26. 在开发者于第一窗口20中提供的标记的基础上,通过标记突出显示的结构单元被选择装置13选择。 On the basis of the mark provided by the developer in the first window 20, 13 is selected by the selection means labeled structural unit highlighted. 对于所选结构单元,然后可以确定结构单元的类型,并且结果的修改选项然后于第二窗口26中呈现。 For the selected structural unit, the structural unit may then determine the type of, and then the result of editing options presented in the second window 26. 涉及所选结构单元的进一步的信息另外显示在第二窗口26中。 Further information relating to the selected structural unit additionally displayed in the second window 26.

[0049] 在呈现的最佳实施例中,此类的结构单元可以接受的可能的数值范围("Range") 27也与该结构单元的类型("Type")命名并排地示出。 [0049] In the preferred embodiment presented, such structural units of the acceptable range of possible values ​​( "Range") 27 is also shown side by side with the name of the type ( "Type") structural units. 开发者可以通过在入口字段28中输入数值(例如通过键盘)来确定结构单元21. 1的数值。 Developers can enter the value in the entry field 28 (e.g. keyboard) to determine the value of a structural unit of 21.1. 写入入口字段28 中的数值被修改装置13读入。 Field values ​​in the write inlet 28 read-in device 13 is modified. 在结构单元21. 1被修改为输入的数值之前,修改的有效性被修改装置13检查。 Unit 21.1 before the structure is modified to the value entered, the effectiveness of the modified inspection apparatus 13 is modified. 如果此类的修改无效,那么发布下面描述的警告消息,并且修改未完成。 If you modify this class is invalid, then release describes the following warning message, and modify unfinished.

[0050] 可是,如果修改有效,则从所选结构单元21. 1中形成修改后的结构单元21. 1', 并且与此一起,从最初读入的消息7中形成新消息7'。 [0050] However, if the modification effective, structural units selected from structural units 21.1 21.1 modified 'is formed, and, together, a new message from the message 7 is formed in the original read with this 7'.

[0051] 为了生成新消息,如图6所示,最初打开对话窗29。 [0051] In order to generate a new message, as shown in Figure 6, dialog box 29 is initially opened. 在对话窗29中,示出可用数据库列表30,其中,通过从列表30中标记数据库,读入装置6连接到选定的数据库9. 1、9. 2或9. 3,以便通过读入装置6获得对储存在分别的数据库9. 1到9. 3中的结构和基础消息的访问。 In the conversation window 29, the list of available database 30 is shown, which is connected by a marker from the list of the database 30, the read means 6 to the selected database 9. 1,9. 2, or 9.3, by reading means to 6 to gain access to reservoir 9. in the structure of 1 to 9.3, respectively, and the underlying message database. [0052] 在经由列表30选择数据库之后,存在于相应数据库中的入口在窗口部分31中被列出。 [0052] After the selection list 30 via the database, exists in the corresponding database entry is listed in the window portion 31. 窗口部分31中的每个入口对应于基础消息,并因此对应于以这则基础消息为基础的消息的结构。 Each entry in the window portion 31 corresponds to a basic message, and thus corresponds to the structure in which the base message based on the message.

[0053] 再一次,通过在窗口部分31中标记来从列表中选择基础消息;在文件名入口字段32中输入名称期间,这则基础消息然后被储存。 [0053] Again, the underlying message is selected from a list by marking in the window section 31; during the entry of the name of the file name entry field 32, which is the underlying message is then stored.

[0054] 在图7中的屏幕截图表示中,不同的数据库已被选择,因此在窗口部分31中示出的基础消息不同于图6。 [0054] The screenshot shown in FIG. 7, the different databases has been selected, and therefore in the window portion 31 shown in FIG 6 is different from the underlying message. 在示出的最佳实施例中,给定基础消息33早已被标记在窗口部分31中。 In the preferred embodiment shown, a given base message 33 has already been marked in the window portion 31. 如果通过用在对话窗29中输入的数据的转送来激活功能字段34,而使对话窗29中的入口终止,则修改后的基础消息33被直接呈现在第一窗口20中,如图8所示。 If the function is activated field 34, the inlet 29 is terminated by a dialog window used in the data input dialog window 29 in the transfer, then the message 33 is modified on the basis directly presented in the first window 20, as shown in FIG 8 shows. [0055] 在其它元件之中,基础消息33尤其包括结构单元36,为此,下级结构单元列表被表示在第二窗口26中。 [0055] Among other elements, especially the 33 basic message structure unit 36 ​​comprises, for this purpose, the lower structure unit is shown in the second list window 26. 在现在的最佳实施例中,用于读入基础消息的预备设置是"没有段(no segment)"。 In the present preferred embodiment, the basic message for reading preparatory setting is "no segment (no segment)". 如果在列表中改为选择下级结构单元"第一段(first segment)",那么执行被识别为有效的结构单元36的内容修改,并且修改后的基础消息33'的更新显示被显示在第一窗口20中,如图9所示。 If instead the lower structure unit selected in the list "first segment (first segment)", then execution is recognized as a valid content modification unit structure 36, and the base 33 updated the modified message 'is displayed in the first display window 20, as shown in FIG.

[0056] 在新插入的结构单元35被选择之后,第二窗口26再一次显示可行的该结构单元35的可能修改。 [0056] After insertion of the new structural unit 35 is selected, a second window 26 again display unit may be possible to modify the structure 35. 代替在入口字段28中输入字母数字数值(alpha皿merical value),在选择菜单中的一些可能入口被呈现。 Instead of the inlet 28 in the field to enter alphanumeric values ​​(alpha dish merical value), a number of possible entry selection menu is presented. 如果通过标记输入选择菜单中示出的数值,用这种方式标记的数值将被修改装置13读入,并且在有效性已被检查之后,所选结构单元的内容因此将被修改。 If the value selected in the menu shown by numerals input, the value marked in this way will be modified read-in device 13, and after the validity has been checked, the structural unit of the selected content will thus be modified.

[0057] 作为修改结果,最初读入的基础消息33现在变成完整的消息33〃 ,它作为XML代码呈现在运算器的主存储器中。 [0057] As a result of modification, the first base message read complete message 33 now becomes 33〃, presented as XML code in the main memory of the arithmetic unit. 消息7的(那就是说,基础消息33的或者实际消息的)处理以XML代码的形式发生。 Message (that is, the basis of the actual message 33, or message) for 7 occurs in the form of XML code. 新的完整消息33"可以经由输出装置被储存在这个XML代码中。 The new complete message 33 "may be stored in the XML code via the output device.

[0058] 可是,另外,该选项可用来将这则消息(这则消息的存储位置在第三窗口37中被示出)直接转换成为十六进制格式的字串,此字串可以被插入到程序代码中。 [0058] However, in addition, these options are available to the message (this message storage location is shown in the third window 37) is directly converted into a hexadecimal format string, this string may be inserted the program code. 由于这个原因,被储存的文件38在第三窗口37中被标记,并且下拉菜单39被打开,如图10所示。 For this reason, the stored file 38 are labeled in the third window 37, and the pull-down menu 39 is opened as shown in FIG. 从XML代码中生成十六进制的字串(hexagonal sequence),它能因此经由功能"生成十六进制串(generateHexstring"而被储存在另外文件中。 Generating a hexadecimal string (hexagonal sequence) from the XML code, so it via the function "Generate hexstring (generateHexstring" is stored in another file.

[0059] 图11示出了警告消息41,当结构单元的修改在待被修改的消息7的结构框架内 [0059] FIG. 11 illustrates a warning message 41, when the modification in the structural unit to be a modified frame structure of the message 7

无效时,显示这则警告消息41。 Invalid, this warning message 41. 关于这一点,警告消息41最初表示错误修改的原因42。 In this regard, the warning message 41 initially said the cause of the error modification 42. this

外,被错误修改后的结构单元在警告消息41的第二行43中被示出。 In addition, the structural units being modified error is shown in line 41 of the second warning message 43. 如果在消息7的结构 If the structure of the message 7

基础上很明确应该改为使用结构单元的哪一类型或者修改哪些内容,则这在另一行44中 Should be clear on the basis of the structural unit to which use what type or modified, in which a further line 44

被指出。 It is pointed out. 为了防止错误,必须通过激活入口字段来知晓这类警告消息41。 To prevent errors, such a warning message must be known by activating inlet 41 fields.

[0060] 图12示出了通过确定比较准则,然后消息51如何能被使用为比较消息。 [0060] FIG. 12 shows a comparison criterion determined by, and how the message 51 can be used to compare the message. 这类的 Kind of

比较消息用来向给定的消息组分配诸如在测试运行期间储存在"日志文件"中的实际消息。 Comparison of the actual message as a message for allocation during a test run is stored in the "log file" in the message to a given group.

相应地,例如为了允许在给定信息结构内的改进分析,向给定结构例如提供同一内容的消 Accordingly, for example in order to improve the structure of the information given allowable analysis, for example to provide a given structure with the same content extinction

息可以被组合在消息组中。 Information may be combined in a group message.

[0061] 为了确定给定结构单元的此类比较准则,如图12所示,对于结构单元50,相应的结构单元在第一窗口20中被标记。 [0061] In order to determine such a comparison criterion given structure units, as shown, the structural unit 50, the respective structural units are labeled in a first window 2012. 标记的结构单元50被选择,并且这个结构单元50的可能比较准则52被显示在第二窗口2.6中。 Labeled structural unit 50 is selected, and this structural unit may be more guidelines 50 of 52 is displayed in a second window 2.6. 在示出的示例中,在三个不同准则之间选择是可能的,其中在实际消息和这则比较消息中确定的比较准则之间一致的情况下,这则实际消息被分配给由这则比较消息表示的消息组。 In the example shown, the choice between three different criteria are possible, consistent between the comparison criteria in determining where the actual message and compare this to the message, this is the actual message that is assigned to the compares the message represented by the message group.

[0062] 如果可能的比较准则52的第一比较准则53. 1在第二窗口26中被标记,那么比较准则53. 1和比较消息一起诸如被储存在独立的文件中。 [0062] If a first comparison criterion possible comparison criteria 52 53.1 labeled in a second window 26, the comparison criteria with 53.1 and Comparative message such be stored in a separate file. 消息结构与消息51的结构对应的那些消息然后将被分配给被呈现的比较消息所定义的消息组,其中相应的结构单元50可以提供任何期望的内容。 Those messages and message structure of the message structure 51 of the corresponding message will then be assigned to a message group is presented comparing defined, wherein the respective structural units 50 may provide any desired content.

[0063] 相反,如果与待被比较的实际消息的结构单元50对应的结构单元没有内容,则比较准则53. 2的标记将只分配实际消息给消息组。 [0063] In contrast, if the flag 50 structural units corresponding to structural units is the actual message content is not to be compared, the comparison criteria to be allocated only 53.2 actual message to the message group. 在呈现的最佳实施例中,在内容存在和不存在时,第三比较准则53. 3都被标记,根据它,实际消息被分配给相应的消息。 In the preferred embodiment of the present embodiment, when the presence and absence of the content, a third comparison criteria are labeled 53.3, according to which messages are actually assigned to the corresponding message. [0064] 图13示出了用于确定比较准则并因此用于生成一则比较消息的另外可能性。 [0064] FIG. 13 shows a further possibility for determining the comparison criterion, and thus for generating a comparison message. 在第一窗口20中,消息51的另一结构单元54被标记。 In the first window 20, a further structural element 54 of the message 51 is marked. 与图12中标记的结构单元15相反,结构单元54可以有字母数字数值作为它的内容。 Numerals 12 in FIG. 15 opposite to the structural unit, the structural unit 54 can be an alphanumeric value as its content. 因此,在实际消息与这则比较消息比较中,在选择标记的结构单元54之后,询问关于这则实际消息的结构单元的内容是否被放置在第四比较准则53.4指示的数值范围内的问题。 Thus, the actual message with the message that the comparison is more, after a selectable marker structural unit 54, asking whether the content of the structural unit on which the actual message is placed within the value range indicated by the fourth comparison criterion 53.4 problem. 通过在入口字段55中输入数值范围来确定这个第四比较准则53.4。 Through the inlet 55 in the field to determine the input value range of the fourth comparison criterion 53.4.

Claims (17)

  1. 用于修改模块结构的消息(7)的方法,所述消息(7)可以通过电子运算装置,经由电子消息传输系统而被传输,该方法包括如下阶段:通过读入装置(6)读入消息(7),确定该读入的消息(7)的结构(10),选择该消息(7)的个体结构单元,确定所选结构单元的针对结构单元的可行修改,显示所述可行修改和/或功能,读入待被执行的可行修改和/或功能,检查该个体结构单元的针对该消息(7)的结构(10)的可行所选修改关于该消息(7)的结构(10)的有效性,执行被识别为在该消息(7)的结构(10)内有效的可行修改,并发布修改后的新消息。 A method for a message (7) modification module structure of the message (7) by electronic computing means, via an electronic message transmission system is transmitted, the method comprising the following stages: a message read by the reading means (6) (7), determines that the read message (7) of the structure (10), selecting the message (7) of the individual structural units, structural units selected for the structural determination unit feasible modifications of displaying the possible modifications and / or function, and / or functions, to check the individual structural units of the structure for the message (7) (10) reads feasible modifications to be performed on the structure of the possible modification of the selected message (7) (10) validity, execution is identified as structure (10) effective practicable to modify the message (7), and to post a new message after modification.
  2. 2. 根据权利要求1的方法,其特征在于: 实际消息作为该消息(7)被读入。 2. The method according to claim 1, wherein: the actual message as the message (7) is read.
  3. 3. 根据权利要求1或2的方法,其特征在于: 基础消息从数据库(9. 1,9. 2,9. 3)中作为该消息(7)被读入。 3. The method according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein: the underlying message from the database (.. 9 1,9 2,9 3) as the message (7) is read.
  4. 4. 根据权利要求1的方法,其特征在于:该消息(7)的结构(10)被显示在显示装置的第一窗口(20)中。 4. A method according to claim 1, wherein: the structure of the message (7), (10) a first window is displayed in the display device (20).
  5. 5. 根据权利要求4的方法,其特征在于:在该显示装置的第一窗口(20)中被标记的个体结构单元被选择。 The method according to claim 4, wherein: the individual structural units are labeled in the first window (20) of the display device are selected.
  6. 6. 根据权利要求4的方法,其特征在于:所选个体结构单元的可行修改被显示在该显示装置的第二窗口(26)中。 6. The method according to claim 4, wherein: Feasible Modifications of the individual structural units selected is displayed in the second window of the display device (26).
  7. 7. 根据权利要求6的方法,其特征在于:该第二窗口(26)中的选择表的至少一个已标记元素被读入,以便修改该结构单元的内容。 7. A method according to claim 6, wherein: the at least one second window of the marked element (26) are read into the selection list, so that the content of the structural unit.
  8. 8. 根据权利要求6的方法,其特征在于:在该第二窗口(26)中字母数字地被输入的数值被读入,以便修改该结构单元的内容。 8. The method according to claim 6, wherein: in the second window (26) being alphanumeric input values ​​are read in order to modify the contents of the structural units.
  9. 9. 根据权利要求1、7或8的方法,其特征在于:如果关于该消息(7)的结构(10)无效的元素被读入,或者如果对于该个体结构单元的内容修改无效的字母数字数值被读入,则警告消息(41)显示在显示装置上。 9. A method according to claim 7 or claim 8, wherein: invalid element if the message on the structure (7) (10) is read, or if an invalid modify the content of the structural unit of the individual alphanumeric values ​​are read, a warning message (41) displayed on the display device.
  10. 10. 根据权利要求1的方法,其特征在于:在该修改后的新消息发布之前, 一些个体结构单元的一些修改被执行。 10. The method according to claim 1, wherein: before a new message after the modified release, some of the individual structural units of some changes is performed.
  11. 11. 根据权利要求1的方法,其特征在于:通过修改至少一个个体结构单元而生成的该新消息作为二进制序列而被发布。 11. The method according to claim 1, wherein: the at least one individual by modifying the structural unit of the generated binary sequence as a new message to be released.
  12. 12. 根据权利要求1中任一个的方法,其特征在于:为所选的个体结构单元,能够在第一窗口(20)中打开具有多个功能(25. l,. . . ,25. 5) 的下拉菜单(24),其中存在于该下拉菜单(24)中的功能(25. 1, ... ,25.5)取决于所选的个体结构单元和/或该消息(7)的结构(10)。 12. The method according to any one of claim 1, wherein: the selected individual structural units, can be opened (25. l having a plurality of functions in a first window (20) ,., 255. ) pull-down menu (24), which is present in the pull-down menu (function (25.1 24), ..., 25.5) depending on the configuration of the individual cells of the selected configuration and / or the message (7) ( 10).
  13. 13. 根据权利要求1中任一个的方法,其特征在于:该修改后的新消息作为用于实际消息分配的比较消息被发给消息组,其中用该比较消息来确定比较准则。 13. The method according to any one of claim 1, wherein: the modified new message is sent to the message as a comparative group assignment message for the actual message, wherein the message to determine by comparing the comparison criteria.
  14. 14. 根据权利要求13的方法,其特征在于:该比较消息被储存在具有一或多个比较准则的单独的文件中。 14. The method according to claim 13, wherein: the comparison message is stored in a separate file or having a plurality of comparison criteria.
  15. 15. 根据权利要求13或14的方法,其特征在于: 结构单元的内容的数值范围被确定为比较准则。 15. A method according to claim 13 or claim 14, wherein: the numerical range of the structural unit content is determined as comparison criteria.
  16. 16. 根据权利要求13或14的方法,其特征在于: 结构单元的给定内容的存在被确定为比较准则。 16. The method according to claim 13 or claim 14, wherein: the presence of a given content of a structural unit is determined as the comparison criteria.
  17. 17. 用于修改模块结构的消息(7)的装置,所述模块结构的消息(7)可以经由电子消息传输系统而被传输,包括:读入装置(6),用于读入消息(7),结构确定装置,用于确定该读入的消息(7)的结构(10), 选择装置,用于选择该消息(7)的个体结构单元, 确定装置,用于确定所选结构单元的针对结构单元的可行修改, 显示装置,用于显示所述可行的可行修改和/或功能, 读入装置,用于读入待被执行的可行修改和/或功能,测试装置,用于检查该个体结构单元的针对该消息(7)的结构(10)的所选可行修改关于该消息(7)的结构(10)有效性,并用于执行被识别为在该消息(7)的结构(10)内有效的可行修改,以及输出装置,用于发布修改后的新消息。 17. A message means (7) structure modification module, the message structure of the module (7) can be transmitted via an electronic messaging system, comprising: reading means (6) for reading the message (7 ), determining means for determining the read message structure (7) (10), selecting means for selecting the message (7) of the individual structural units, determining means for determining a structural unit selected for feasible modifications of the structural unit, a display means for displaying said possible modifications feasible and / or functions, reading means for reading to be performed possible modifications and / or functional test means for checking the the individual structural units of the structure for the message (7) (10) selected feasible modifications of the message on the structure (7), (10) the validity, and for performing the message is identified as (7) a structure (10 ) effective feasible modifications, and output means for publishing the modified new message.
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