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The present invention relates to the method of processing stalk, rice and wheat husk and weed into fodder. The present invention aims at providing one kind of biochemical modulating agent and one kind of fermenting bag simulating the sealed fermentation environment in ox stomach to ferment and decompose stalk powder into stalk fodder through anaerobic breath, microbe decomposing, etc. The fermented fodder has low cost, good taste and easy digestion and is suitable for various farm animals.


A kind of straw feed simple preparation process
The present invention relates to a kind ofly with grass family, the pulse family stalk is manufactured the method for feed.
Present picture corn, wheat bran, prices such as soya-bean cake are soaring year after year, cause aquaculture cost to strengthen, cause egg, meat, breast to hold at high price, raiser's profit falls sharply, be unfavorable for the development of herding processing industry, though wheat has been arranged, the rice straw collecting and bundling machine on the market now, searched out a breach for reducing feed cost, but straw, rice straw, the beans stalk, the peanut stalk, rice, wheat husk, palatabilities such as weeds are poor, indigestibility connects ox, and Yang Doulai does not like to eat, so far grass family, pulse family stalk, weeds still can not cause the great wasting of resources fully as feed.Though scientific and technical literature is reported available raising of microbial straw, adopt the high-activity biological preparation of standing grain animal health product Co., Ltd and the joint development of institute of microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences such as the Zaozhuang City, Shandong, stalk can be become the animal ecology feed of high-efficiency high-quality, but microorganism formulation must own be cultivated with Zymolysis Equipment, cost is high, too expensive, common raiser is reluctant additionally to pay more raising of a stalk expense again on aquaculture cost causes the popularization difficulty, though traditional straw ammoniation method is simple and easy to do, common raiser can both grasp, but fermentation period is long, general straw feed also beard and hair ferment just can be fed more than 7 days, and because of there not being continuity, the raiser is of little use, plant bent (being bacterial classification) though little storage fermentation method is easy and simple to handle, sort of quyi difficulty is sought.A large amount of production methods such as 02110148.5 1 kinds of fermented composite feed from agricultural straw and stalk, ZL96111295 three little organic matter fermentation agent, patent documentations such as manufacturing of grain-saving type straw organism feed additive and using method have been reported the preparation method of straw feed, summing up the reason that these patents so far can not extensive use is, these patents exist and must own cultivate microorganism with installation for fermenting, the up-front investment cost is too big, fermentation time is long, there is not continuity, the fermented bacterium difficulty is sought and being purchased, stalk is not anticipated, cause fermentation not exclusively, fermentation raw materials is not concentrated, raiser's ability is not purchased neat use, relying on the difficulty that processes raw material too much for counsel purchases, the enzyme that cost is high, the bacterium decomposing straw, the hope of raising of stalk reduction aquaculture cost is come to naught, still continuing to use traditional mechanical coarse crushing mode has increased the difficulty that fermentation knows well and has stopped the favourite hobby that the thread forage of bar is eaten in the livestock happiness, the service object of patent working is still for adopting cylinder, bucket, the dispersion raiser of plastic bag splendid attire fermentation material because of using the fermentation utensil lack of standardization, causes fermented quality to descend, the additive that each patent is set forth, it is in bulk that leavening mostly is greatly, do not have concrete objective for implementation, because of not possessing commodity, the searching investor's difficulty of practicing midwifery, the peasant raiser loses interest in etc. not enough to loaded down with trivial details raising of the stalk patent of operation sequence.
The purpose of this invention is to provide the biochemical modulator of a kind of utilization simple and easy method manufacturer's raising of moral character bagged straw, utilize chemical modulator wherein first to the stalk preliminary treatment according to ox peptic digest liquid bionics principle, the lactic acid bacteria that the closed environment of the special-purpose bionical fermentation bag of imitation bovine pipe helps stalk self fermentation to produce, cellulase, zymophytes such as saccharomycete carry out anaerobic respiration, breeding, and the microorganism growth-promoting agent then can urge to give birth to the sort of quyi---saccharomyces cerevisiae, fibrinolysin, the cracking propagation of lactic acid bacteria, with strand shape powder of straw, glycolysis is that cost is low with the shortest fermentation time, good palatability, easily digestion is suitable for pig, chicken, ox, the straw feed that all domestic animals such as sheep are edible.
Because content of the present invention is simple, therefore special with technical scheme with implement best way of the present invention and be combined into one section and be described below:
One, packed " biochemical modulator " prescription and preparation method:
Chemistry modulator prescription: calcium hydroxide (calcium hydroxide Ca (OH 2) 0.5kg (kilogram)
Salt (Nacl) 0.3kg potash (k 2CO 3) 0.05kg
Sodium bicarbonate (sodium acid carbonate NaHCO 3) 0.05kg
Microorganism growth-promoting agent manganese oxide (Mno) 25mg (milligram) zinc oxide (Zno) 5mg
Prescription: five oxidations=vanadium (V 2O 5) 10mg cobalt chloride (CoCl 2) 5mg
Magnesium sulfate (MgSO 4) 30mg ferrous sulfate (FeSO 4) 30mg
5 on active dry yeast 1kg PH test paper
Preparation method: with chemical modulator, the chemicals that the microorganism growth-promoting agent relates to from the chemical plant or the chemical industry retail department purchase together, active dry yeast is from beer, liquor, grape wine brew enterprise buys saccharomyces cerevisiae or buys fodder yeast from feed processing enterprise, preferably use brewer's yeast or fodder yeast in the present invention, the purity of yeast must be high.But be cut into splendid attire 0.5kg with pop can or plastic beverage bottle; 0.3kg; 0.05kg; the measuring cup of 1kg Different Weight; utilize scraper plate to take by weighing; the chemical modulator one all ground splendid attire that accurately takes by weighing is gone into to be printed with in the plastic packaging bag of pictorial trademark; the mould of plastics factory that asks with good conditionsi has several " milligram branch is got device " made to order to take by weighing the method that the 25mg manganese oxide is example explanation making " the milligram branch is got device ": the outward appearance of being somebody's turn to do " the milligram branch is got device " is just as cellular foamed plastics cloth; each water clock is at a distance of 10cm; but each water clock is splendid attire 25mg just in time; length and width all are 1 meter; ganoid square plastic plate; it is lain on the glass table; weigh in the balance and get 3.025g (one has 11 * 11=121 water clock * 25mg=3.025g) and divides and be poured in each water clock on the square plastic plate; and wipe off with wood chip; sweep only with hairbrush; after the molding; the manganese oxide that one rickle 25mg is just arranged every 10cm; with the scoop and the hairbrush of pop can iron sheet nest system the 25mg manganese oxide is packed up then; one packs allly; there is not condition; useful electric drill is pressed on plank with quadrat method and is made " the milligram branch is got device " and with the thin iron rod of emery cloth bag water clock is polished smooth painting; the microorganism growth-promoting agent that accurately takes by weighing; behind plastic bag packaging; put into 1 kilogram of yeast plastic packaging bag; after 5 PH test paper are used the plastic sheeting plastic packaging; also put into the yeast packaging bag; yeast packaging bag and the most handy plastic sealing machine plastic welding of chemical modulator packaging bag are together; be convenient to first begin a new line; do not lose; second can protect the integrality of commodity; if can be with high-level streamline bottle placer; load chemical modulator and microorganism growth-promoting agent; not only can reduce artificial; reduce cost; and can ensure the quality of products; reduce and take by weighing error; having solved the raiser seeks the problem of purchasing the biochemical drug difficulty on the one hand so promptly to have made " the biochemical modulator " with commodity; unified on the other hand " the biochemical modulator " made can make industry of raising of stalk formation; need only " fermentation " as Angel Yeast and will use Angel Yeast; but need only at whole nation drawout equally and support livestock; will use the situation of the biochemical modulator of raising of stalk; because vast livestock-raising family is dreamed of to utilize stalk always; weeds reduce aquaculture cost, increase profit.
Points for attention: 1, one bag of raising of stalk " biochemical modulator " can only be handled 50 kilograms and pulverize straw
Stalk, so chemical modulator, the error that takes by weighing of microorganism growth-promoting agent can not be too big
Microorganism growth-promoting agent particularly, excessive microelement can stop the propagation of microorganism,
It takes by weighing and should be specifically noted that.
2, herding processing enterprise or large aquaculture family preferably directly order these changes to the chemical plant
Learn the profit space that medicine can add large enterprises first, second help biochemical modulator
The low price of the unified retail in the whole nation, it is short to make all raisers can both accept this price
Become raising of stalk industry, three purity and quality that can guarantee biochemical drug.
Two, preparation of straw feed method:
The aquaculture model that has formed ten peasant households of company in all parts of the country at present, this aquaculture model just in time can be by herding tap processing enterprise or feed factory, large aquaculture family takes the lead and produces raising of stalk " biochemical modulator ", supply with signatory raiser on the one hand, to reduce milk, meat, fowl, the purchasing price of egg is made a profit by promoting raising of stalk industry on the other hand.The raiser can be with the rice of collecting, straw, the peanut stalk, the beans stalk, rice, wheat husk, the beer slag, reed, cotton stalk, weeds are pulverized, if can stalk be broken into the strand shape with " the broken thread carding machine of cotton stalk " and then more help fermentation and palatability, cotton stalk is raised change into and be possible, get its 50 kilograms and be poured on the Polypropylence Sheet, the chemical modulator in the biochemical modulator is stayed about 100 grams, remaining is all poured in the 120 kg water that weighing purchases, stir evenly, get the PH test paper and insert, take out after half second kind, see whether the PH test paper becomes atropurpureus, as not becoming atropurpureus, then continue to add chemical modulator, become dark purple black until the PH test paper and reach PH=12.5---13, if pH value does not reach more than 12, will cause the preparation of straw feed failure, stir powder of straw while spilling with spade then, if can spray that then spill can be more even, abundant moistening powder of straw is held together to pile plastic covering cloth placement 6 hours with spreading kettle, but can not be above 10 hours, dusty yeast and microorganism growth-promoting agent be dissolved in 5 kilograms 35 ℃ the warm water, spray on powder of straw, the limit is stirred with spade, pack in 50 kilograms of bionical fermentation bags in the limit, after having adorned, tighten mouth, this bionical bag sealing with rope, strictness is stopped air and is entered, otherwise will cause the failure of raising of stalk.General picture softwood matter such as rice, wheat straw stalk fermentation 1---2 days livestocks of can feeding, hard material such as beans stalk, cotton stalk beard and hair ferment is more than 3 days, but the longlyest surpasses 7 days, otherwise has one strong vinosity to influence palatability, if once too many or too much for use, but behind the deaeration, continue the tying sealing, identify that the standard that whether can feed is, at once smell one acid after opening bionical bag, sweet, fragrant vinosity, ripe for guaranteeing the straw complete fermentation, be preferably in the pack livestock of feeding again after 2 days.The suitableeest extraneous fermentation temperature is 20---40 ℃, can ferment in heating installation room or livestock brooder winter, because northern area had only 5 in 1 year---August, ambient temperature can reach more than 20 ℃ in 4 months, temperature reduces month by month after the July of wheat rice results, in this investment that should cut down the consumption of energy, guarantee again under the condition of optimum fermentation temp, the preparation of bionical fermentation bag, seem particularly important, herding processing leading enterprise can buy the nonwoven of thick plastic cement surface flocking from the enterprise of factory of production civil engineering nonwoven, buy black from blown film plastic molding and processing plant and heavily pack packaging film, but earlier nonwoven is cut into the pocket of 60 kilograms of stalks of splendid attire, flocking face outside, smooth plastic rubber surface is in the lining, side is turned up, roll with sewing machine, the nonwoven pocket is put in the tubular black multilayer packing membrane, multilayer packing membrane base parcel nonwoven pocket bottom edge break is rolled with sewing machine for two layers, with multilayer packing membrane top margin parcel nonwoven pocket top margin, roll into the bionical fermentation bag that a uncovered pocket has promptly been made 50 kilograms of powder of straw of splendid attire with sewing machine.Utilize black Polypropylence Sheet to absorb amount of solar heat like this, the nonwoven cashmere-planted layer stores heat, and the heat stack of stalk fermentation heat production three aspects of having no way of scattering and disappearing can make fermentation material temperature rise to rapidly about 60 ℃, to reach zymophyte breeding optimum temperature, accelerates fermentation period.Outermost black plastic packaging bag can be protected the nonwoven cashmere-planted layer first, second can strengthen bionical fermentation bag and drag, the toughness when drawing high the intensity operation; three absorb sunlight and increase heat; four fundamental rules are utilized the plastic sheeting excellent tensile properties, when stalk flatulence is fermented, can expand round.Chemistry modulator medium-slaking lime can replace the saliva of ox, stalk is played alkalization, emollescence, sodium bicarbonate, potash can be used as calcium hydroxide alkalization assistant in earlier stage, in, later stage can replace ox digestive juice ammoniated straw, isolated carbanion participates in fiber and decomposes, salt plays sterilization, promote the effect of biochemical reaction, the powder of straw that covers the parcel processing with Polypropylence Sheet 6 hours was lactic acid and the alkali neutralization that produces for vexed heap fermentation, help to reduce pH value, progressively take root the necessary PH4 of growth near the yeast sort of quyi---6, because of the microbial growth factor comprises (1) carbon, nitrogenous source (2) inorganic salts, trace element (3) temperature (4) pH value (5) pressure and osmotic pressure, as long as serve as carbon source with powder of straw artificially, yeast serves as nitrogenous source, the microorganism growth-promoting agent satisfies micro-demand, extraneous temperature control 20---40 ℃, pH value progressively is reduced to 4---6, guarantee water consumption of the present invention, to guarantee osmotic pressure, satisfy ten million kind of bacterium that stalk fermentation self produces in the bionical bag, the growth demand of catabolic enzyme, need not add bacterial classification so, the stalk of knowing well that also can ferment is more of long duration, the ferrous sulfate in the microorganism growth-promoting agent, magnesium sulfate can be bred brewer's yeast, and these elements also are that the domestic animal growth is necessary.Large-scale plant can be processed into the stalk of collecting pellet and sell or prepare against the use in winter; concrete method for making is: plant prepares 100---and 200 bionical fermentation bags use in turn; utilize 7---the weather that September is fine; shelter from heat or light in the open and stack fermentation; pulverize cottonseed cake with 10%; 5% corn flour; 85% straw feed water mixing is is fully mixed and stirred; to pack into big in batches; in; be processed into pellet in the small-sized feed granulator, the common meat grinder of the also available family of small-sized raiser rotates crank or starter motor; straw feed is processed into the cylindrical pellet feed; dry or dry the back and add antibiotic, be lined with in vitamin E etc. are packed in the woven bag of polybag, promptly made the pellet feeds from stalks that possesses commodity.Can raise pigs with reference to the following straw feed prescription domestic animal (1) of feeding in small-sized or family-raise family: 30% cobalt blue pigment (weight in wet base) boils to mix and stir while hot with 70% straw feed (weight in wet base) and feeds, mixing and stirring 70% straw feed (weight in wet base) after also available 5% corn flour (dry weight) 95% cobalt blue pigment (weight in wet base) mixing is boiled feeds, 95% straw feed mixes and stirs feeds also available 5---10% corn flours 90---, but soiling in the process of feeding, can be not yet do not feed or directly pellet feeds from stalks is mixed wetly, feed.(2) raise chickens: 10% corn flour (dry weight) boils pulping and mixes and stirs 90% straw feed (weight in wet base) feed while hot.(3) finished cattle, straw feed 33%.Silage corn 67% or corn 17.7%, cottonseed cake 19.7% silage corn (band fringe) 17.1%, straw feed 44.8%, stone flour 1%, salt 0.3% (4) is fattened sheep: throw something and feed every day 2.6 kilograms of straw feeds of every sheep, 0.1 kilogram of iblet, salt 10 grams (5) become the rabbit daily ration: soya-bean cake 11%, straw feed 35%, grass meal 50%, bone meal 2%, salt 1.5% auxin 0.5% for animals, can find out from above prescription,, even can reduce by 50% to existing feed cost if how much grain the utilization straw feed can save, this is the egg in future, meat, fowl, the breast price reduction has been established material base and technical guarantee is provided.
Sum up: general design idea of the present invention is with raising of stalk " biochemical modulator " by enterprise of factory; bionical fermentation bag; the broken thread carding machine of cotton stalk; greatly; in, small-sized feed granulator (broken thread carding machine, feed granulator can adopt the mode of buying on behalf; this type of mechanical raiser of demand and supply) get all the back ready and sell the raiser that the whole nation disperses with the form of commodity, the raiser need only can ownly prepare straw feed referring to the specification in the biochemical modulator packaging bag.
Though the straw feed of the present invention and patent documentation report belongs to raising of stalk field; but the difference that compared with the prior art has essence; the straw feed of patent documentation report is all emphasized to protect and is produced this process of straw feed by leavening; and the present invention highlights raising of protection stalk apparatus; it is the method for the biochemical modulator of claimed producer's moral character raising of stalk; prescription and bionical fermentation bag; it is long that the present invention has overcome the fermentation period that prior art exists; the bacterial classification difficulty is purchased; the difficult cultivation; the cost height; fermentation raw materials is difficult to seek purchase and gathers together enough; there is not commodity; can't industrial production; produce all raw materials of straw feed; apparatus all gets deficiencies such as raiser oneself goes for; the present invention then advocated a kind of by factory enterprise the stalk inorganic agent; the fermentation apparatus is all got all the ready; the new concept that allows the raiser use with the form of commodity has solved the deficiency that prior art exists; and proposed with " the broken thread carding machine of cotton stalk " stalk; the thread following stalk of herbage processing slivering; herbage tupe and the ten million kind of bacterium that has proposed main dependence stalk fermentation oneself generation; glycolysis enzyme decomposing straw fiber; starch; crude protein, and provide the temperature of suitable microbial reproduction, pH value with artificial construction; osmotic pressure; trace element, nitrogenous source are the new concept stalk fermentation mode of assisting, and the present invention changes also that prior art bacterial classification happiness seeks can the decomposing straw fiber such as bacterium such as cellulase and adopt brewer's yeast CO 2Emit the bubble fermentation new technology.
Compared with the prior art the present invention has:
1, the present invention uses the biochemical modulator of raising of commodity stalk of chemical raw material preparation with low cost, not only can supply greatly, in, small-sized plant uses, but also can be widely used in individual raiser, in the summer, the stalk that two seasons of autumn collect, weeds are processed into good palatability, the feed in winter of anti-storage, significantly reduce aquaculture cost, save food, improve the situation that people and animals strive grain.
2, fermentation period of the present invention is short, and general 1---can ferment in 2 days and to know well, the domestic animal of feeding, the fermentation operation program is simple and easy to do, is convenient to the family, rural culture and uses.
3, the invention process object is extensive, not only can be by herding processing enterprise, grass cultivation company, feed factory, township enterprise, raiser adopt but also can adopt workshop-based or the industrial flow-line tissue production biochemical modulator of raising of stalk and these two kinds of commodity of bionical fermentation bag according to own strength.

Claims (3)

1, the method for a kind of biochemical modulator of raising of producer's moral character bagged straw and bionical fermentation bag, it is a kind of method of making the stalk inorganic agent, it is characterized in that, it be with measuring device chemical modulator prescription: calcium hydroxide, salt, potash, sodium bicarbonate, the component one in the active dry yeast is all to take by weighing the commodity bundle pack of packing into, gets device microorganism growth-promoting agent prescription with a milligram branch: manganese oxide, zinc oxide, vanadic anhydride, cobalt chloride, magnesium sulfate, component one all commodity bundles of packing into that takes by weighing in the ferrous sulfate pack, and finally form the method for raising of stalk commodity.
2, preparation method according to claim 1, it is bionical fermentation bag preparation method, it is characterized in that, the nonwoven pocket of surperficial flocking is put in the black packaging film tube, rolls into uncovered bag.
3, preparation method according to claim 1, it gets the device preparation method for milligram divides, it is characterized in that, on a square sheet material every water clock of 10cm processing, but this water clock just in time splendid attire such as 25mg, 5mg flow-like powdered rubber weigh the powder of getting more than 100 times in the balance, be filled in the water clock, wipe off, molding on glass table, every rickle powder promptly is the milligram material that need take by weighing packing.
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