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The invention involves a kind of building material. When raw building materials are mixed, granular precast marble is added. The coarse ground cement sheet combines polyester resin by heating on surface layer. With the combined body being ground, precast pattern is displayed and shinning up like mirror. If complex glass bodies are disposed on surface of bricky type of plank or on the edges and corner, it can attain elegant adornment result. The invention brings forward to combine melting glass with granular granite in hot state as well as to realize adhesive bond between glass and cement body by using transitional layer.


Composite stone face tile and compound method thereof
The present invention relates to a kind of building and ornament materials, particularly composite stone face tile and compound method thereof.
Along with the development of architectural decoration industry, all kinds of artificial slabstones, ceramic tile and glass mosaic are increasingly extensive in the application of architectural decoration.How to improve the color of stone material and the surface gloss problem of cementaceous man-made stone thereof and caused people's attention.Chinese patent application numbers 9610267.4, name is called the colouring problem that " dying technology for granite or marble decoration flag " solved lithotome preferably.Chinese patent application numbers 92217934, name are called the edge that " stained glass floor tile " solved glass preferably and fix problem.Existing man-made stone production line in its corase grind to the technological process between the correct grinding is: corase grind (fixed thick) → fill up → dry → finish grind (grinding).This resin fill process that promptly carries out after corase grind is subjected to the moisture influence of its sheet material and does not constitute both combinations closely, it fills up operation only is to mend to have put down the hole that forms in the forming process, so the low defective of its cement mo(u)ld man-made stone glossiness does not also have related in existing technology.Glass facing tile only depends on the edge to be made into the oblique angle or sticks with glue agent not to be had related in existing technology with the bonding illusive problem of body of wall yet.The defective of existing cement mo(u)ld man-made stone is that surface gloss is lower, and the defective of resin type man-made stone is that cost is too high, and it is bonding that the defective of glass facing tile is that it is difficult for cement wall.Adopt a kind of mode of dual combination, soon hot compound behind the glass melting with the granite grain; It is back hot compound with letdown resin that the cementaceous artificial slabstone is heated, and is that one is basic ideas of the present invention with recombinant after these the two kinds hot compound preprocessings.
The present invention aims to provide a kind of vitreum as colorful artistry pattern and the emerald that includes, matrix is cheap cement admixture, the appearance man-made stone of resin compounded and the compound method of face brick thereof, the advantage of comprehensive multiple building facing material is an one, produces a kind of architectural coating brick product that can use on a large scale.
Realize that above-mentioned purpose technical scheme of the present invention is: composite stone face tile is via prefabricated cement mo(u)ld body and the local manufacturing process of nature of glass ligand (3), cementaceous matrix (1) mixes compression moulding and sawing process, sheet material top layer hot compound resin matter table body (2) and dispose nature of glass ligand process and series is finished.Will finish via special processing technology prefabricated cement mo(u)ld body and nature of glass ligand (3), the basic technological process of production is: rubble → batching → batch mixing → stir → vacuumize → vibratory compaction → depanning → maintenance → sawing → corase grind → oven dry → resin compounded → oven dry → correct grinding → stripping and slicing → chamfering → perforate → configurations of glass → polishing → check → packing.In the burden process of technological process, can be with prefabricated cement mo(u)ld body in company with granular marble, dyestuff and the compression moulding of high strength cement mixed together.Perforate in the technological process and configurations of glass operation will be finished plasmogamy and close the Vitrea work of inlaying.Opening slot can with the special implement that is analogous to vertical knee-type milling machine at sheet material middle part or other position bore and mill predetermined hole.The cementitious compound glass body of available pasty state in hole.
One of technical characterictic of the present invention is to adopt nature of glass ligand (3); Two are prefabricated cement mo(u)ld bodies of configuration in the cementaceous matrix (1); The 3rd, at cementaceous sheet material top layer hot compound resin matter table body.Described nature of glass ligand (3) has utilized the silica composition of glass to be easy to become in high-temperature fusion the characteristics of liquid, also utilized the granite grain to be easy to reach characteristics more than 67% with cementitious and silicon content, therefore, at the high silicalite grain of 4mm~10mm earlier with adhesive bonds in being placed on the paper and after spraying micro-awns whistle class aid adhesion thing bottom the metal die, the granularity that repaves a layer thickness in its bottom surface of vacant about 1/2 and be 2m~5mm is the stone grain of 0~2mm, water high temp glass liquid thereon also with prolonging the pressure roller compacting, high siliceous granite grain is subjected to its high temp glass effect and makes the fusion of stone grain table body trace, add the facilitation of aid adhesion things such as saltcake, the main part polymerization that when the glass condensation, will spend the rock grain naturally be included in its vitreum, form firm composite bed.This glass and the compound way of stone grain can also expand to three layers compound, promptly prolong press after thereupon, repave the 1mm~2mm fine grained chicken girt that spills one deck 2mm~3mm thickness at its glass metal upper surface, and carry out then carrying out two layers of roller-compaction after the heating of 800 ℃ of secondaries with carving with carving the cylinder of cutting the natural shape of imitative stone material.Also need add micro-auxiliary binder therebetween, after its condensation, still can stick with glue form and bonding granite chicken girt in its gap and repair processing.It is agglomerating that described prefabricated cement mo(u)ld body can adopt 0~4mm marble sand grains, dyestuff, white cement and water-soluble synthetic resin adhesive successively to mix, and add distinguishing color at interlayer, uses the mould compression moulding of different shape thereafter.The primary raw material of prefabricated cement mo(u)ld body is sand grains marble and white cement, and both weight ratios are at more than 70% of gross weight.The prefabricated cement mo(u)ld body that is used for a sheet forming is generally only processed the type body of 10mm left and right thickness.Described way at cement synthesized stone board top layer hot compound resin matter table body (2) has been utilized the characteristics that have absorption affinity under cement board drying and the high temperature, because the mixed cement body can form the hole of microcosmic under drying and hot conditions, when the epoxy resin of dilution covers its surface, the absorbability of himself will make liquid resin penetrate among the top layer of cementaceous matrix, treat that it solidifies the back and constitutes the composite bed of combining closely.This composite bed just can reach as bright as a sixpence effect through grinding again.
Positive effect of the present invention is: owing to adopted unique prefabricated cement mo(u)ld body, compound glass body and top layer compound resin technology to make the man-made stone product quality that basic change arranged, than existing all kinds of stone materials and tile product have the artistry pattern can be set, can increase imitative jade vitreum, color and luster one is made peace advantage such as cheap.The compound glass body can be made into tile specification and uses separately, and it is bonding with the transition of cement wall to utilize polymerization to realize in the Vitrea half-naked granite grain that reveals, and glass is easy to the advantage of moulding and color matching, can further bring into play in the architectural decoration field.
Description of drawings:
Fig. 1, embodiment of the invention composite stone face tile cooperate with the compound glass body decorates partial schematic diagram
Enforcement of the present invention can be done certain technological improvement and produces at existing complete man-made stone production line and glass match gram production line.Accompanying drawing is synthetic stone face tiles and three equipped schematic diagrames of attached compound glass, and the product processes process is:
1. precompose cement mo(u)ld system is done: the weight ratio that adopts rubble processing is that 70% 0~2mm marble fine sand, organic pigment, water-soluble synthetic resin and white cement mix agglomerating.It is agglomerating successively to match colors for the stronger also available manual mode of type system work of artistry, finishes with the mould compacting with certain type body thereafter.This routine type body is the circular spheroid of diameter 60mm;
2. nature of glass ligand (3) is made: this product is produced in batches after can improving with existing glass mosaic production line, its mold thickness can change 4mm~20mm into, the length of side is between 40mm~300mm, and before calender device, set up stone grain shop and spill device, or place mold bottom after sticking with glue the sticking in advance stone grain of paper.After 4mm~10mm stone grain is placed mold bottom, repaving a layer thickness at its basal surface position of vacant about 1/2 is that the granularity of 2mm~5mm is that the noisy grain of granite of 0~2mm is made bed course, molten glass liquid flow in the arrangement serial mould in groups, finishes process through serial operations such as calenderings;
3. synthetic stone mixed-forming and sawing processing: will be that 0~4mm of 35% and the granular marble of 35mm~50mm, pigment, high strength cement and weight ratio are after 30% prefabricated cement mo(u)ld body adds water and mixes altogether in batch mixing with weight ratio, through stirring, vacuumize and carry out vibratory compaction, it is after the demoulding, maintenance, be sawn to the processing in early stage that corase grind (fixed thick) is finished sheet material;
4. the hot compound resin matter in sheet material top layer table body (2) and attrition process: the cementaceous sheet material drying after the corase grind is heated and be sent to the resin compounded operation after 50 ℃~80 ℃, adopt the dilution back and add the epoxy resin of curing compound or unsaturated polyester resin is coated with and scrapes, after this heating cure and be sent to grinder and carry out grinding and polishing processing again;
5. dispose the fit operation of compound glass plasmogamy: the device to brick body board selection vertical knee-type milling machine class behind grinding and the branch cutting process carries out perforate processing, this example has been processed Φ 60mm at the sheet material middle part, the degree of depth is the 10mm circular hole, and is thereafter that compound glass body and function 5mm thickness and scribble Noctilucent material between stone grain space is cementitious between circular hole.And being equipped with the rectangle glass ligand of three 150m * 50m on one side of square synthetic stone face brick, this rectangle vitrified brick can be used as synthetic stone face tiles annex and cooperates in decorative engineering again and be decorated integral body.Synthetic face brick and three compound glass body assembly unit local pattern have been shown in the accompanying drawing.
6. common process process: remaining rubble processing, sawing, chamfering, abnormity processing etc. are all processed by current technology.
This polynary synthetic stone face tiles and the attached nature of glass ligand that disposes in the corner thereof can be used for flooring and wall decoration by multiple assembling combination pattern, and special compound glass body can be used for exterior wall surface decorative as finish material separately.Polynary synthetic face brick has adopted polynary compound mode, can form simple and tasteful decorative effect, provides serial scheme for making system novel building face brick.

Claims (4)

1, a kind of composite stone face tile, it is made up of cement matrix (1), resinite table body (2) and nature of glass ligand (3), it is characterized in that:
--described cementaceous matrix (1) is that both percentage by weights are respectively more than 30% with cement precasting body and the granularity marble less than 80mm, is cement below 35% altogether with percentage by weight again, and pigment and water are processed into sheet material jointly;
--described resinite table body (2) is in cementaceous matrix sheet material (1) drying and is coated with to scrape and grind with alkyd resin when heating to 50 °~80 ℃, on its surface and forms.
2, the preparation production method of composite stone face tile according to claim 1 is characterized in that:
--described nature of glass ligand (3) can evenly be arranged in mold bottom with 4mm~10mm granite grain, in about 1/2 the bottom surface of being reserved with sand grains place mat 2mm~5mm, again hot melt glass liquid is cast in the arrangement mould in groups, then is processed into the complex that thickness is 4mm~20mm with prolonging pressure device;
--described nature of glass ligand (3) can repave the granite sand that spills 1mm~2mm granularity after prolonging pressure, after secondary heating to 800 ℃ again with the mould roller-compaction that is carved with imitative stone nature shape.
3, the compound method of composite stone face tile according to claim 1, it is characterized in that in the described cementaceous matrix (1) with addition of concrete prefabricated type body be with granular marble of 0~4mm and white cement, both weight ratios are more than 70% altogether, remaining water soluble adhesive of 30%, pigment and water are used mould compression moulding after the mixed together.
4, the compound method of composite stone face tile according to claim 1 and 2 is characterized in that the available cement of nature of glass ligand (3) is bonded in the hole slot that cementaceous matrix (1) processed, and can be used as separate accessories and be used with synthetic stone face brick.
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