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A method for the antiforge and antitheft purpose of products and the circulation monitor is disclosed, which features use of special encode technique, computer management and telephone inquiry. Its advantages include high anti-interference power and accuracy, and high reliability and automatization level.


产品编码管理系统 Product Code Management System

本发明是关于利用特殊编码技术、计算机管理技术和电话查询技术对产品进行防伪、防失及流通监测管理的一种综合方法。 The present invention relates to the use of special coding technology, computer technology and telephone inquiry management technology products for security, loss prevention and an integrated approach to monitoring and management of circulation. 该方法精确、可靠,自动化程度高,运行方便,可广泛应用于各种大量流通产品的监测管理。 The method is accurate, reliable, high degree of automation, easy operation, can be widely used in a large number of monitoring and management of the flow of products.

在产品的流通过程中,假冒、失盗及不同地区相互串货等现象屡禁不绝,给生产厂和经销商带来巨大损失,给消费者造成伤害。 During distribution of the product, the phenomenon of counterfeiting, theft and changing products such as mutual Eliminated in different areas, to the production plants and dealers to bring huge losses, harm to consumers. 为打击假冒产品,各种防伪技术纷纷出现,尤其是电话电码(专利申请号:97103692)等防伪编码技术(专利申请号:97101572,98112043,98117187,97236192)的使用,为有效打击假冒商品提供了有力手段。 To combat counterfeit products, a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies have emerged, especially the telephone code (patent number: 97103692) and other security coding technology (patent number: 97101572,98112043,98117187,97236192) used to provide for the effective fight against counterfeit goods a powerful tool. 然而,这些方法抗扰乱能力差,没有识别失盗产品的能力,没有防止销售中出现非法跨区域串货的功能。 However, these methods anti-interference ability, not the ability to identify theft product, not changing products to prevent illegal cross-regional sales functions appear. 本发明利用特殊编码技术、计算机管理技术和电话查询技术,对产品进行防伪、防失、防串货提供了流通监测管理综合方法,其防伪、防失功能具有极强的抗扰乱能力。 The present invention is the use of special coding techniques, computer telephone inquiries and management techniques, the product security, loss prevention, anti-changing flow monitor provides comprehensive management method, which security, preventing loss of function extremely resistant scrambling capability.

本发明主要由明暗码编码方法、计算机管理软件和电话自动查询装置组成。 The present invention is mainly composed of shading code encoding method, the management software and computer telephone apparatus automatic query composition. 明暗码编码方法为每一件产品提供一对编码,其中一个为明码,一个为暗码。 Shading code encoding method of each product to provide a pair of coding, one of which is plain, as a password. 明码印于标签外表面,产品未经拆封即可看见。 Clearly printed on the outer surface of the label, the product can be seen without unpacking. 它由两部分组成:区域识别码和产品序列号。 It consists of two parts: a region identification code and serial number. 每个明码都是唯一的和有规律的。 Each is unique and clearly regular. 暗码印于标签内表面,仅于产品拆封后将标签揭掉才能看见。 Password printed on the inner surface of the label, the product only after unpacking to see the label torn off. 暗码为随机编码,具有不可预测性,可以是唯一的,也可以不是唯一的。 Random password encoding, unpredictable, may be unique, it may not be unique. 印制时可以人为设定明码初始值,而随机性暗码则完全由计算机给定。 You can manually set the initial value when the clear printing, and completely random password given by the computer.

编码印制时,由计算机将编码一对对按明码顺序存储在数据库中。 Encoding printed by a computer by a pair of coding sequence codes stored in the database. 在领取、粘贴编码标签、成品入库出库、给各地区分销商发货等过程中对编码进行标记,即可实现对产品在流通中的位置、数量及剩余有效期等状态进行实时监控。 In the collection, pasting coded labels, product storage library, to be marked on the coding regions distributor shipments and other processes, you can achieve the position of products in circulation, the number of remaining validity period and status real-time monitoring.

当产品到达消费者手中时,为证实产品的真伪,拆封后揭下编码标签,拨打指定的电话号码,告知所购产品的明暗码,通过计算机查询,若明暗码与存储的数据一致,则为真品,否则为假冒产品。 When the product reaches the hands of consumers, in order to confirm the authenticity of the product, after unpacking coded labels peeled off, call a designated phone number to inform the purchased product code of light and shade, a computer query, if the data is consistent with the stored shading code, It was the real thing, otherwise counterfeit products. 查询后若为真品则对该产品编码进行已售出标记。 If the inquiry after the goods have been sold coding marked as the real thing. 由于明暗码搭配的不可知性,欲通过编造明暗码打电话进行扰乱是不可能的,防止了单一编码可被有意者进行恶意扰乱的缺陷。 Since the brightness of the code with the unknown, it is impossible to be performed by the scrambling code called shading fabricated, it prevents the defect single coding may be interested malicious disruption.

若产品在流通过程中丢失,则可在存储的相应编码上作出丢失标记,旦市场上出现具有相应编码(明码)的产品即可追根寻源,采取措施减少损失。 If the product is lost in the distribution process, you can make a marked loss in the corresponding codes are stored, the product has a corresponding coding (plain) appear on the market once can trace the root, to take measures to reduce losses. 该方法可有效打击盗窃者,减少盗窃驱动力。 The method can effectively combat theft, theft reduction driving force.

产品的区域经销商可根据明码上的区域标识判断是否属自己所进货物。 Regional distributors if products can belong to himself into the cargo area identifier according to the judgment clearly. 若出现其它区域标识的产品,则属串货,可通过厂家或总经销商根据产品上明码中的区域标识码查出所属区域和经销商,然后根据经销协议进行处理。 Other area identifier if the product occurs, then it is changing products, can be isolated according to the ordinary area and the area code auto codes on products by the manufacturer or distributor, then processed according to the distribution agreement. 该方法可监督各区域经销商遵守产品经销区域的划分,对维护市场秩序、坚定经销商信心有较大的作用。 This method can be divided supervise the regional distributors to comply with product distribution area, to maintain the market order, strengthen the confidence of dealers have a greater role.

与以前的产品编码管理方法相比,本发明的主要特点是利用明暗码编码方式,组成产品流通综合管理系统,具有防伪、防盗、防串货等多种功能,并具有极强的抗扰乱能力。 Compared with the previous product code management method, the main features of the present invention is the use of shading code encoding mode, the composition of product distribution management system integrated with functions of security, anti-theft, anti-changing, etc., and have good anti-interference capability .

实施本发明的较好途径应首先确定商标印制方法、数据产生和存储传输方法及电话查询方法,然后根据管理要求编制相应的计算机管理软件,经过模拟试验后投入使用。 Ways preferred embodiment of the present invention shall first mark printing method, a data transmission method and generating and storing a telephone query method, according to regulatory requirements and preparation of the corresponding computer management software, after the simulation test in use.

Claims (4)

1. 1. 明暗编码方法,其主要特征为:由一对编码组成一个产品的标识码,其中一个编码为明码,印于标签或产品的可见部分;另一个编码为暗码,印于标签的背面或产品的不可见部分。 Shading encoding method, which is mainly characterized in that: a pair of encoding a product identification code composed of a code which is plain, or printed on the visible part of the label of the product; the other encoded password, printed on the back surface of the label or product is not the visible part.
2. 2. 如权利要求1所述编码方法,其中明码分为两段,一段为区域或经销单位标识码,由一定位数的阿拉伯数字或字母组成,另一段为产品序列号。 The encoding method as claimed in claim 1, wherein the plaintext is divided into two sections, a section or area of ​​the distribution unit identification code, the number of bits of certain letters or digits, another section of the product serial number. 每一件产品有一个唯一的明码。 Every product has a unique codes. 暗码为随机码,由计算机自动生成。 Random code password is automatically generated by a computer. 暗码可以为唯一码,也可以不是唯一码。 Password can be a unique code, or may not be unique code.
3. 3. 如权利要求1、2所述编码方法,其主要特点为暗码仅在产品的包装被拆封后或标签被揭去后方可得知,通过计算机查询与其相匹配的明码,可判断该组编码(即该产品)是否合法编码(或合法产品)。 The encoding method as claimed in claim 1, which is mainly characterized in that the password just before the product is packaged or opened after the label is peeled, by the computer codes match query thereto, may determine that the group code ( that is, the product) is legitimate coding (or legitimate product).
4. 4. 以权利1、2、3所述的编码方法为基础,结合商标打印设备、电话查询技术和计算机管理软件组成产品编码管理系统,其主要特征为:产品编码管理系统化、计算机化,使产品在流通过程中具有防伪、防盗、防串货和抗扰乱能力。 The encoding method according to claim 2, 3, combined trademark printing apparatus, and computer telephone inquiry management software product code management system, which is mainly characterized in that: systematic code management products, computerized, so that the product circulation process with security, anti-theft, anti-changing and anti-interference capability.
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