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The present invention relates to a cast-in-situ wall body template which is characterized in that the wall body template comprises a framework net which is composed of a main framework welded by a hollow thin-wall steel pipe, and a cold drawn steel net, wherein the main framework and the cold drawn steel net are welded together in an overlapped mode; a dense steel wire net is covered on the framework net, and the framework net and the dense steel wire net are connected and fixed to form a steel net template. The wall body template also comprises a hollow steel transverse back rib and a pulling bolt rod passing through the transverse back rib and both sides of a wall. The present invention has the advantage that the template can be used as a template of the inner side of an outer wall and an inner wall, wherein the outer side of the outer wall adopts a cast-in-situ heat-preservation free-demoulding template, so that the heat preservation effect of a building can be improved; an utilization area can be increased so as to avoid the wall from cracking, and a thermal insulation layer is ensured to have the advantages of fastness, reasonableness and low cost. The template provided by the present invention and used as the inner side has the advantages of developed technology, simplicity, reasonableness and low manufacturing cost, and is suitable for large scale generalization and use.


In-situ concrete wall exempts to tear open steel mesh template and application thereof

Technical field

What the present invention relates to a kind of in-situ concrete wall exempts to tear open steel mesh template and application thereof.

Background technology

Multi-storey building uses traditional mould plate technique because project scale is little, and the reason that form cost is higher has relatively restricted the extensive employing of cast-in-place shear wall structure in multistoried housing construction.Therefore the cast-in-situ wall template is innovated, exploitation reduces the cast-in-situ wall construction technique that form cost is used, and has crucial meaning for wall reform.

Summary of the invention

The purpose of this invention is to provide a kind of cast-in-place steel mesh template of exempting to tear open, the steel mesh template is used to the cast-in-situ wall of constructing, and can reach the effect of ensuring the quality of products, reduce cost, easy construction.

For achieving the above object, the present invention takes following design scheme: a kind of steel mesh non-dismantling formwork of cast-in-situ wall, it comprises skeleton, this skeleton is the main framing that is welded into by shaped steel, with form with main framing stitch welding wire rod steel mesh together, be covered with one deck dense mesh on the skeleton, and be connected and fixed and become the steel mesh template; The pull bar through walls that also comprises horizontal back cord and wall both sides

Description of drawings

Fig. 1: cast-in-place exempt to tear open steel mesh template and user mode figure provided by the invention;

Fig. 2: steel mesh formwork structure schematic diagram among Fig. 1;

Fig. 3: the polyphenyl that is used with cast-in-place non-dismantling formwork of the present invention is incubated the non-dismantling formwork structural representation;

Fig. 4: polystyrene heat-preservation non-dismantling formwork among Fig. 3.

The specific embodiment

As: Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, shown in Figure 4: cast-in-place non-dismantling formwork steel mesh template 1: it is with empty stomach thin-walled square steel pipe, be welded into main framing 1-1, it and cold group of steel fabric sheet 1-2 stitch welding form skeleton together, on skeleton, cover one deck dense mesh 1-3, with Dense mesh screen and the skeleton that is superimposed together, be integral with the thin wire colligation all around, just made steel mesh template 1, skeleton wherein satisfies the rigidity requirement of template, Dense mesh screen is tied up on skeleton, utilize the concrete of stream plastic state to have certain viscosity, Dense mesh screen works to stop concrete mortar, after wall concreting finishes, skeleton is removed turnover use, and Dense mesh screen can be exempted from dismounting.

Cooperate the close spacing fillet dovetail groove polyphenyl insulation non-dismantling formwork 2 that is used for external wall construction with steel mesh template of the present invention, it is used for the exterior wall outside by compound composition of skeleton 2-1,2-2 of same structure in close spacing fillet dovetail groove polyphenylene heat insulation slab 2-3 (expansion type EPS plate or extrusion molding type XPS plate) and the steel mesh template.(close spacing fillet dovetail groove polyphenyl plate has double action, the effect of its lifting plate when the body of wall concreting; The dovetail groove of polyphenylene heat insulation slab medial surface after the concrete setting is connected with walls concrete formation, exempts from dismounting, becomes permanent insulation layer.The skeleton turnover is used, and it places the disassembly-free heat-insulation plate outside, and the strength and stiffness that satisfy template require).

Horizontal back cord 3: the horizontal back cord of level is arranged at the body of wall both sides, adopts 50 * 100mm square steel on an empty stomach, determines its spacing according to body of wall height and thickness, holes on horizontal back cord, plugs in pull bar 5 through walls, connects body of wall two side templates.

The surface of above-mentioned polyphenyl board thermal insulation board must be handled, to satisfy the requirement of exterior wall finish.Scrape polymer mortar on expansion type polyphenyl plate (EPS) surface, paste alkali resistant glass fibre open weave cloth, form facing basic unit; External coating interfacial agents at extrusion molding type polyphenylene heat insulation slab (XPS) forms facing basic unit, performs various coating ornamental surfaces in basic unit.

Advantage of the present invention:

1, can satisfy the requirement of code for structural design and building energy-saving standard.

2, close spacing fillet dovetail groove polyphenyl plate (expansion type or extrusion molding type) has template and insulation double action, has significantly saved form cost usefulness; This outer heat preserving mode has been avoided the inconvenience of interior decoration; Agent structure is had good protective action, can eliminate the body of wall thermal cracking.

3, the cast-in-situ concrete solid wall 4,6, independent weight bearing, and intensity is higher, thinner thickness.With respect to building made of hollow building blocks, under the certain prerequisite of building area, can increase usable floor area, body of wall build the pumping of concrete slump 18~22cm can reach C15~C25 from close intensity, concrete cast in situs, raw material resources is abundant, need not build factory building, install fully.Can replace loam brick fully, protect farmland, meet the environmental protection policy of country.

4, the single-block area of polyphenyl template and steel mesh template is moderate, and weight is lighter, and 1-2 people can easily prop up form removal, and is easy and simple to handle, efficiency of construction is high.The turnover utilization rate of skeleton is high.Need not safeguard with too much by the brushing interleaving agent that skeleton can be ignored amortization charge and use.3 yuan/square metre-inferior amortization charge of Dense mesh screen is far below other various templates.

5, in the walls concrete, can mix admixtures such as gangue, shale, flyash breeze, utilize the comprehensive utilization of resource, can reduce concrete price 5-10%, the cast-in-situ thermal-insulated cost of exempting from form removal body of wall and other materials body of wall (not comprising insulation layer) is suitable substantially, and its construction quality and easy construction greatly improve.

In sum, the multi-storey building-cast-in-situ thermal-insulated form removal wall construction technology of exempting from, meets national conditions at compliant, economical rationality, simple and easy practicality.For protecting farmland, improve the building heat preservation effect, increase usable floor area, avoid wall body slit, guaranteeing that firmly, rationally reducing cost of insulation layer has tangible technology economy advantage; have ready conditions and in multi-storey building, generally adopt, have broad application prospects.

Claims (3)

1, a kind of steel mesh non-dismantling formwork of cast-in-situ wall, it is characterized in that: it comprises skeleton, and this skeleton is the main framing that is welded into by shaped steel and forms with main framing stitch welding cold drawn steel wire sheet together, be covered with one deck dense mesh on the skeleton, and be connected and fixed and become the steel mesh template; The pull bar through walls that also comprises horizontal back cord and wall both sides.
2, cast-in-situ wall steel mesh non-dismantling formwork according to claim 1 is characterized in that described horizontal back cord is a square steel, and the main framing in the described skeleton is to be welded into empty stomach thin-walled square steel pipe.
3, a kind of job practices of utilizing the described cast-in-situ wall steel mesh of claim 1 non-dismantling formwork, it is characterized in that: during the construction interior wall, steel mesh non-dismantling formwork with cast-in-situ wall is two side templates of interior wall, and the dense mesh of the steel mesh template in the described steel mesh non-dismantling formwork is stayed on the body of wall.
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