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Proofing system utilizing dynamic PDP technology for the interface for templated printing


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用于在打印到产品打印系统之前,容易地生成和校验客户化打印材料的技术。 Before printing for the printing system to the product, and is easily customized verification techniques to generate printed material. 用户可以和商业打印服务提供的Internet上的Web站点连接,并从多个可用的打印材料样板中进行选择。 Users can print service providers and commercial Web sites on the Internet connection, and choose from multiple templates available in printed material. 用户能接着选择包括在客户化打印材料之内的其他存储信息,或通过键盘或其他类似设备输入变量信息。 The user can then choose to include additional information stored in the client of the printing material or information via a keyboard or other similar input device variables. 一动态文档格式(PDF)构造器从所选择的样板和来自于用户的选择和变量数据中产生一动态PDF文件。 A Dynamic Document Format (PDF) is configured to generate a dynamic PDF file from the selected template, and variable data and selection from the user. 该动态文件可接着被显示到前端以精确观看被打印材料的外观。 The dynamic document may then be displayed to a front end view precise appearance of the printed material. 另外,被打印材料的硬拷贝校验版本可以被打印到前端上。 Further, the hardcopy version check printed material may be printed on the front end. 一旦打印材料的布局被确认,产品打印系统被用于打印客户化打印材料的多个拷贝。 Once the layout of the printed material is confirmed, the product printing system for printing multiple copies is customized printed material.


用于样板打印接口的采用动态PDF技术的校验系统 Calibration system for dynamic interface template PDF printing technology

相关申请的交叉引用本申请要求美国临时专利申请No.60/024,179的利益(提交于1996年8月20日),其全文引用在此以供参考。 Cross-Reference to Related Applications This application claims the benefit of US Provisional Patent Application No.60 / 024,179 of (filed August 20, 1996), which is incorporated in its entirety herein by reference. 本发明的背景本发明涉及生成客户化文档或其他打印材料的技术。 Customized documents or other printed materials technology Background of the Invention The present invention relates to generation. 更特别地,本发明涉及利用样板格式、存储的参考信息和用户输入数据来生成客户化打印材料的技术。 More particularly, the present invention relates to a technique using a template format, reference information and stored user input data to generate a customized printed material.

人们期望在现代的打印系统中,允许用户为一特定的需求很容易地客户化打印材料。 People expect in a modern printing system, allows the user to a specific demand easily customized printed materials. 例如,一个用户可以选择存储的图象并将它们与用户指定的输入文本和存储的参考内容结合起来以产生一销售点(POS)显示或其他类似材料。 For example, a user can choose to store the contents of the reference image and are designated by the user input text storage and combined to produce a point of sale (POS) display or other similar material. 这类“按需响应”系统增加了生产的灵活性并简化了设计过程。 Such "demand response" system to increase production flexibility and simplifies the design process. 随着Internet重要性和可用性的日益增长,实现这类“按需响应”系统的可能性增长得非常快。 With the Internet and the growing importance of the availability of the possibility of such "demand response" system to grow very quickly.

例如,国家或地区的零售链,在他们的商店中经常要使用大量的销售点显示。 For example, the retail chain country or region, in their stores often use a lot of point of sale displays. 这些销售点显示典型地是由商用打印服务打印来订货并分发到不同的商店来使用。 The point of sale displays are typically ordered by a commercial printing service to print and distribute to different stores to use. 频繁使用销售点显示的其他类型的商业或组织包括向分发者网络、蜂窝电话服务提供商、商业协会和其他类似组织提供宣传材料的软饮料瓶厂商或主要的啤酒厂商。 Other types of business or organizations frequently use point of sale displays, including the distributor network, cellular telephone service providers, business associations and other similar organizations to provide soft drink bottle manufacturers promotional material or major beer manufacturers.

当然,客户化打印材料的需求超出了销售点显示。 Of course, the demand for customized printed material beyond the point of sale displays. 例如,直接的邮寄销售人员频繁地使用通过邮件发送给希望的客户的商业传单和赠券。 For example, direct mail sales personnel sent to customers via e-mail promising business flyers and coupons frequently. 事件的计划者和发起者可能需要打印材料来发起音乐会、体育事件、实况戏剧表演及其他事件。 Planners and sponsors of the event may need to print material to initiate concerts, sporting events, live theater performances and other events. 类似地,不同的组织经常利用客户打印材料来通告研讨会、年会和其他类似会议。 Similarly, different organizations often advertise seminars, annual meetings and other similar meetings customers use printed materials. 换句话说,客户化打印材料的可能应用实际上是无限的。 In other words, the application may be customized printed materials is virtually unlimited.

客户的宣传材料经常每周(甚至更频繁)地变化。 Customer promotional materials often change weekly (or even more frequently). 加之通常是用户在较短时间范围内需要这些材料或在紧急时刻知道所期望的变化。 Combined with a user typically needs to these materials in a shorter period of time or a desired change in the known emergency. 因此,期望提供一个生成客户化文档的系统,具有设计中的最优灵活性,并通过允许用户在一次会话中容易地生成、校验和编辑客户的打印材料来进行有效地发起。 It is therefore desirable to provide a system to generate customized documents, with the design of optimal flexibility and conversation by allowing the user to easily generate at once, check and edit customer printed material to be effectively launched.

客户化打印材料,尤其是当大量定购时,可能耗费大量金钱。 Customized printed materials, especially when a large number of orders, may spend a lot of money. 产品,特别重要的是要在大量打印作业运行和交付之前确保客户化打印材料的设计是令人满意的。 Products, particularly important to ensure that the design customized printed materials is satisfactory before a large number of print jobs to run and delivery. 如果该设计在打印之前没有被检验,可能要产生额外的花销来重新设计和打印定单,或者用户将被迫使接收不是最后优化的产品。 If the design has not been tested before printing, you may want to create additional spending to redesign and print order, or the user will not be forced to receiving the final optimization of products. 这样,期望一种精确且简单的技术在确认打印作业定单之前来校验客户化的打印材料。 Thus, it is desirable an accurate and simple technique in order to confirm the print job before printing material customized check.

利用已有的XLC打印技术的不同打印能力可被用来证明按需响应的应用。 The use of existing printing technology XLC different print capabilities can be used to demonstrate the application of the demand response. 在这样的系统中用户可以连接到一个Internet的Web站点上并通过提供一些变量或可选择的数据(用来生成一个基于布局指令的表格)来请求一出版物。 In such a system, a user can connect to the Internet through a Web site and some variable or selectable data (to generate a command based on the table layout) for a publication request. 最终的文档被汇编起来用于后面的打印。 The final document is a compilation of print for the back. 可能的选项可以从包含参考内容、一些其他对象的特殊数据和低分辨率和高分辨率的图象(如果需要图象的话)的数据库中被产生。 Possible options include a reference from the content data is generated and special low and high resolution images of other objects (images, then if desired) database.

当这些数据被提供后,这样的系统可以接着构造动态HTML(超文本标识语言)页面以被Internet浏览器观察和校验。 When these data are provided, such a system may then dynamically constructed HTML (HyperText Markup Language) pages to be observed and checking an Internet browser. 这些页面可以构造在用户从主HTML页面上选择的参考内容上。 These pages can be configured in the reference content selected by the user from the main HTML page. 被参考的低分辨率的图象可被用于构造动态HTML页面。 The reference low-resolution image can be used to construct a dynamic HTML page. 然而,试图模仿最终被打印文档的真实布局是困难的,因为HTML标准在使HTML页面与最新打印的页面在外表相匹配是有限制的。 However, trying to imitate the real layout of the final printed documents are difficult because standard HTML pages and HTML pages in the latest print to match the exterior is limited. 而且,外表的差异经常是取决于设备的,并且随用户的不同而变化。 Further, the difference is often dependent on the appearance of the device, and varies with different users.

如果选择被确认,由数据库中可选择对象(包括图象)的参考内容和用户提供的变量数据(名字、地址等)组成的选项记录被提供到XLC系统中,以使用样板信息、该记录参考的高分辨率图象、和来自这些记录的变量数据来进行最终的打印。 If the selection is confirmed, the variable data recording options selectable object from the database (including an image) and the references provided by the user (name, address, etc.) is provided to the composition XLC system to use the template information, the recording reference the high resolution image, and variable data from these records to perform final printing.

这个系统的一个问题是打印出的页面不总是与用户基于HTML页面上所观察到的一样。 A problem with this system is that the printed page does not always based on the user as observed on the HTML page. 其产品是最终的产品与想象的不一样,客户需要重新设计被打印的材料--耗费时间、金钱和努力。 Its products are the final product of the imagination is not the same, customers need to re-design the material to be printed - spend time, money and effort. 相应地,在定单被发送打印之前可以精确地示出他们的选项在打印时是什么样子的校验系统是非常优越的。 Accordingly, before the order is sent to print accurately shows what their options are check system is very advantageous when printing.

发明概述依照本发明的一个方面,在用户数据被输入之前,用于客户化打印材料的模板的一可视化表示被提供给用户,使得用户可以更好地了解和查看数据是如何被放置到最终文档上的。 Summary of the Invention According to one aspect of the present invention, before the user data is input, the print customized for the template material is a visual representation provided to the user so that the user can better understand and to see how data is placed into the final document Up. 这些模板可被制成图象并以便携文档格式(PDF)出现在HTML的Internet Web页面上。 These templates can be made to the image and Portable Document Format (PDF) appears on the HTML Internet Web pages. 用户可以在HTML页面上看到模板。 Users can see the template on the HTML page. 然而,用户仍然需要一个工具在录入客户数据后示出文档。 However, users still need a tool after entering customer data shows the document.

依照本发明的另一方面,动态的PDF解决方案在模板信息、用户提供的变量数据即时地生成一动态PDF文件基于选择的参考内容生成一低分辨率图象。 Generating a low resolution reference image based on the selected content in accordance with another aspect of the present invention, dynamic PDF solution template information, the user variable data provide a dynamic PDF file is generated instantly. 该PDF文件提供客户化材料的一个校验版本,且被直接读写PDF文件的应用程序产生(通过插入组件并将它们放到正确位置)。 The PDF file of a material to provide the client version check and are directly addressable by the application of the PDF file is generated (by inserting them in the correct assembly position). PDF是一被接受的Internet标准,被主要Internet浏览器很好地支持。 PDF is a accepted Internet standards, is well supported by the major Internet browsers. PDF是与设备相独立的,并提供文档被打印时的一对一的表示。 PDF is independent of the device, and provides one-time representation of the document is printed. 使用常规的PDF阅读器的plug-in,PDF文件可以显示在用户的Internet浏览器上。 Conventional PDF reader plug-in, PDF files can be displayed on the user's Internet browser. PDF文件在最终校验时可被观察或打印到一个本地的低分辨率打印机上。 PDF files may be observed or printed on a local printer resolution in the final check. 如果需要变化,用户移回到主HTML页面来修改选项和/或变量数据。 If you need to change, they move back to the main HTML page to modify the options and / or variable data. 接着,反映该变化的新的动态PDF文件被产生。 Then, the new dynamic PDF documents reflect this change is generated. 这个过程一直继续直到用户满意该文档为止。 This process continues until the user satisfaction of the document. 此后,用于构造动态PDF文件的同一参考内容被发送,以使用已知的XLC打印技术进行打印。 Thereafter, the same references for dynamic configuration of a PDF file to be transmitted, using a known printing technique for printing XLC. 或者,打印前当通过OPI(开放的预印刷接口)过程用高分辨率图象替换低分辨率图象时,同样产生的PDF文件被发送来使用常规的打印技术进行打印。 Alternatively, when replacing the image with a low resolution by high-resolution image before printing OPI (Open Prepress Interface) procedure, PDF files generated are sent to the same conventional printing technique used for printing.

尽管是为Internet前端开发的,该技术同样可被除了Internet浏览器以外的前端使用。 Although the front-end development for the Internet, this technology may be the same front-end addition to Internet browsers.

附图的描述参照附图,从下面对实施例的详细描述,本发明的各种特色、特征和优点对于本领域熟练的人员来将变得显而易见,其中:图1是说明依照本发明校验系统一实例的系统框图;图1A是说明关于图1中的系统可能执行的流程图,以使客户设计打印材料;图2是依照本发明优选实施例的第一层屏幕显示的实例;图3是依照本发明优选实施例的第二层屏幕显示的实例;图4是依照本发明优选实施例的第二层屏幕显示的另一个实例;图5是依照本发明优选实施例的最终屏幕显示的实例;及图6是依照本发明可能产生的销售点显示卡的实例。 Description of the Drawings Referring to the drawings, from the following detailed description of the embodiments, the various characteristics, features and advantages of the present invention is to be skilled in the art will become apparent, wherein: Figure 1 is a correction in accordance with the present invention system block diagram of an example of a test system; FIG. 1A is a flowchart illustrating the system of FIG. 1 in respect of the possible execution of printing material designed to allow the client; FIG. 2 is an example of a screen of the first layer according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention is shown; FIG. 3 is an example of the screen of the second layer according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention is shown; FIG. 4 is another example of the screen of the second layer according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention is shown; FIG. 5 is the final screen in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the present invention show examples; and FIG. 6 is produced in accordance with the present invention may be a point of sale display example card.

实施例的详细描述下面的详细描述提出了依照本发明的一优选实施例。 Detailed Description The following detailed description of embodiments made in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the present invention. 然而,应当注意的是那些具有本行业通常技能的人能够认识到在不违背本发明宗旨的前提下所作的修改和变化。 However, it should be noted that the industry generally those with the skills to recognize that modifications and variations made without departing from the spirit of the invention. 例如,尽管本实施例在用户采用Internet从远地访问样板信息并输入用户特定信息的上下文实例系统中被描述,其他的方案也是可能的。 For example, although the present embodiment employs the user from the Internet is described in the context of an example system remote access and enter template information in the user-specific information, other versions are possible.

现在参考图1,依照本发明建造的校验系统实例包括一最好能够与Internet Web站点建立远程联系的前端2。 Referring now to Figure 1, constructed in accordance with the calibration system of the present invention is preferably examples thereof include a distal end 2 capable of establishing links with remote Internet Web site. 参考内容库、低分辨率图象、高分辨率图象和其他数据可以存储在远地的存储器4中。 References the library, a low resolution image, high-resolution images and other data may be stored in the remote memory 4. 前端2典型地位于设计者的办公室,以使得客户化打印材料被准备,例如被广告代理或直接邮寄销售人员所雇佣的图象作者的办公室。 2 is typically located in the front office of the designer, so that customized printed materials are prepared, for example, be employed by the agency or direct mail advertising salespeople image of the office. 前端2通常包括一台至少带有显示屏、键盘和鼠标以及适当的Internet浏览器软件的个人计算机。 2 front-end typically includes a personal computer with at least a display, keyboard and mouse as well as the appropriate Internet browser software. 存储器4、PDF构造器6和高分辨率彩色产品打印系统10位于远地,例如商业打印服务设备处,并可能是计算机化打印设备和打印驱动系统的一部分。 4, located remotely, such as commercial print service device, and may be a computerized printing apparatus and a printing part of the drive system 6 configured PDF and high-resolution color printing system 10 memory products.

前端2可以使用Internet浏览器或其他类似工具通过Internet连接或其他适当的通信技术来与远程地点建立通信连接。 2 front-end can use the Internet browser or other similar tool connection, or other appropriate communications technologies to establish a communication link with the remote location via the Internet. 例如,一商业打印机在Internet可以建立一典型的基于HTML的Web站点,以使客户可以以口令字保护的方式来访问商业打印机的服务和产品。 For example, a commercial printer in the Internet can create a typical HTML-based Web site, in a manner so that customers can password-protected access to printer business services and products. 寻求设计客户打印材料的客户可访问商业打印机的Web页面并进入由该打印机提供的为该服务和产品保留的区域。 Clients seeking customer design print material accessible commercial printer's Web page and enter the area for the services and products provided by the printer reserved. 在Web页面的服务和产品区域的选项可以是打印材料的客户化设计,当最后完成时,可以被商业打印机打印到一高速、高质量的打印设备上,并随后发送到客户处。 In the area of ​​services and options for products Web pages can be custom-designed printed materials, when finally completed, Commercial Printers can be printed onto a high-speed, high-quality printing equipment, and then sent to the customer. 当然,其他方案也是可行的。 Of course, other versions are possible.

在这样一个实例系统的操作中,工作在前端终端2处的图象作者或其他类似人员访问商业打印机的Internet Web页面,并进入用于打印材料的客户化设计区域。 In such an instance of the system operations, commercial printers working visit in the picture at the front of the terminal 2 or other similar persons Internet Web page, and enter custom-designed area for printed material. 在远地,PDF(便携文档格式)构造器6作为计算机系统的一部分可以以常规的方式实现。 In the far, PDF (Portable Document Format) configured to 6 may be implemented in a conventional manner as part of a computer system. 该计算机系统也可以作为Internet Web页面的服务器工作。 The computer system can also work as a server Internet Web pages. PDF构造器6用于基于参考数据图象、或来自于存储器4的其他数据以及前端2处的用户输入来生成被打印的文档图象。 6 PDF configured for generating document image data to be printed in the reference image, or user input data and the other from the distal end 4 of the second memory based. 也可在前端2提供本地打印机8用来产生硬拷贝、最终文档的低分辨率校验稿(如果用户希望)。 May also be provided at the front end local printer 28 for generating hard copy, the final resolution of the document check is issued (if the user desires). 一旦用户对该设计满意,一打印定单被确认于是高质量的打印可被一高分辨率的彩色打印系统10产生。 Once the user is satisfied with the design, a printing order is confirmed that high quality printing can thus be 10 generates a high-resolution color printing system.

图1中说明的校验系统的实例操作在图1A中被说明。 Examples of operating system calibration is described in FIG. 1 is illustrated in FIG. 1A. 更具体地,在100步,在前端工作站2工作的设计者利用一常规的Internet浏览器和连接来访问商业打印机的Web页面,并进入其中客户可对他们自己的客户打印资料进行设计的区域。 More specifically, in step 100, the designers work in the front end workstation 2 using a conventional browser and Internet connection to access the commercial printer's Web page, and enter the information on which customers can print their own customers regional design. 典型地,访问Web页面的这个区域是口令保护的,被限定为在该打印机处建立帐号的客户。 Typically, access the Web page of this area is password-protected, is limited to customers to establish accounts at the printer.

如下面结合图2到图5更具体地说明的,该用户被提示选择一可用的样板形式(功能块102)并提供被选择的或可用的信息(功能块104)以为PDF构造器6完成客户化打印材料的校验所用。 As described below in conjunction with FIGS. 2 to 5 More specifically, the user is prompted to form a model (function block 102) and selecting an available or provide the selected information is available (action block 104) that the client is completed PDF builder 6 verification of the printing material used. 对该用户可用的特定样板形式可为专门的用户定制。 It can be customized for that particular model in the form available to the user for the specific user. 例如,超市链可以有多个可用的样板,它们可能不适合于啤酒厂商和直接的邮寄销售人员,反之亦然。 For example, a supermarket chain can have multiple templates available, they may not be suitable for beer manufacturers and direct mail sales, and vice versa. 相应地,这些可用样板可为特定的客户预定,并依照用户在访问Web页面时提供的开始信息展现给用户。 Accordingly, the available templates can be scheduled for a particular client, and presented to the user in accordance with the start of the information provided by the user when accessing the Web page. 该样板优选地为图象形式,并在HTML的Web页面上以PDF形式为用户显示。 The template is preferably in the form of an image, in PDF format and displayed for the user on the Web page HTML. 这些样板在客户化之前可在HTML页面上被观察到。 These templates can be customized before observed on the HTML page.

关于功能块104,用户可以从多个预定选项中选择。 About functional block 104, the user can select from a plurality of predetermined options. 例如,用户可能被提示来选择一特定类型要显现在客户打印材料上的包。 For example, a user may be prompted to select a particular type of package to appear on the client printing material. (见例如图3的第2条)。 (See e.g. FIG. 23 of the article). 另外,用户可被给定一个从多个预定的选项中的选择权,或如果没有预定的选项合适,提供用户自己的变量信息。 Further, options the user may be given a plurality of predetermined options, or if no appropriate predetermined options, the user provides their variable information. (见例如图3中第3和4条)。 (See e.g. FIG. 3 and 4 of article 3). 变量用户信息可例如从前端2的键盘处被输入。 Variables can, for example, user information is input from the front end of the keyboard 2.

接下来,基于被选择的样板信息、用户提供的被选择的或变量数据、和基于选择的参考内容的低分辨率图象,PDF构造器6即时地生成一动态PDF文件。 Next, based on the selected template information, the selected variable or user-supplied data, and based on the reference low resolution image of the selected content, PDF is configured to generate a real time dynamic 6 PDF file. 对应于客户打印材料的该动态PDF文件通过读取PDF样板文件、插入适当的图象部分并将它们放置到正确位置上、并写入一客户化的动态PDF文件来产生。 The dynamic PDF file corresponding to the customer by reading the printed material PDF template file, inserting the appropriate portion of the image and placing them into the correct position, and to write a dynamic PDF file to generate customized. 该动态PDF文件接下来被显示到前端终端2上,以被设计者校验所用(功能块106)。 The next dynamic PDF file is displayed on the front end of the terminal 2 to be used by designers to verify (function block 106).

一旦该客户化的动态PDF文件被显示到前端2上,设计者可以选择打印该图象到一相对低分辨率的本地打印机8上以为进一步的观看(功能块108)。 Once the customized dynamic PDF file is displayed on the front end 2, the designer can choose to print the image to a relatively low resolution on the local printer 8 that further viewing (function block 108). 这样的方案可能有特别的优点,例如,如果被打印的材料为多页或不能在一个屏幕显示上被观看。 Such a scheme may have particular advantages, for example, if the material to be printed or a plurality of pages can not be viewed on a screen. 同时,该打印版本可被传递到其他需要看的人以被批准。 At the same time, the print version can be passed to other people need to see in order to be approved.

接着,设计者或者可确认该定单,或者返回到主HTML页面来修改选项和/或变量数据。 Next, the designer can confirm the order or, HTML page or return to the main option to modify and / or variable data. 这样,如果设计者不满意打印材料的外观,他有机会再次选择可用的样板等。 Thus, if designers are not satisfied with the appearance of printed material, he has the opportunity to choose again available as model. 如果设计者已满意,商业打印机可以所期望的数量打印该材料(功能块114)并接着按需要将它们分发(功能块116)。 If the designer is satisfied, commercial printer can print the desired amount of material (functional block 114) and then distribute them as necessary (function block 116). 例如,该打印材料可被交付给一分发中心用于零售链,或商业打印机通过邮件邮递该材料给邮件表(由用户提供给它们)中的用户。 For example, the printed material may be delivered to a distribution center for a retail chain, or commercial printer mail message table to the material by mail (provided to them by the user) of the user.

如果该商业打印机利用已知的XLC打印技术,用于构造动态PDF文件的相同参考内容被发送以为XLC系统打印所用。 If the XLC commercial printers using known printing technique, the same references for dynamic configuration of a PDF file that is transmitted XLC printing system used. 或者,在使用常规打印技术的商业打印机处,被产生用于校验之用的该动态PDF文件被发送到打印系统,且在生成动态PDF文件中使用的低分辨率图象被开放的预印刷接口(OPI)在打印前用高分辨率的图象来替换。 Alternatively, the commercial printers using conventional printing techniques, the dynamic PDF file is generated for checking purposes is transmitted to the printing system, and a low-resolution image used to generate a dynamic PDF file is opened in the pre-printed Interface (OPI) before printing with high-resolution images to replace.

需要注意的是尽管图1A中说明了当设计者不满意被打印材料的外观时,控制返回到功能块102,通常不需要重新选择或重新输入不预改变的信息。 Note that although Figure 1A illustrates, when the designer is satisfied with the appearance of printed material, control returns to function block 102, usually do not require re-select or re-enter the pre-information is not changed. 另外,需要理解的是图1A中说明的每步的顺序在不违背本发明精神的原则下可被改动。 Further, the order is to be understood that each step illustrated in FIG. 1A without departing from the spirit of the principles of the present invention may be altered. 例如,在显示到前端2的屏幕之前,甚至代替显示到前端2上,用户可选择打印一低分辨率的客户打印材料的校验版本的拷贝。 For example, prior to the front end of the display screen 2, instead of displaying even to the front end 2, a user may select a low-resolution version of the check print customer copy of printed material.

图2说明了在用户开始访问该校验系统后可能出现在前端2上的第一层屏幕显示的实例。 FIG 2 illustrates an example after the user accesses the check system may occur in the first layer 2 on the front end of the screen. 简要地说,用户被提供以,例如,多个可用的样板如普通的格子显示卡(Shelf Talker Generic 1)、垂直旗帜(Vertical banner)、或一通道显示卡(ELM Chill Aisle)。 Briefly, the user is provided with, for example, a plurality of templates available graphics card such as the common grid (Shelf Talker Generic 1), a vertical flag (Vertical banner), a channel or a display card (ELM Chill Aisle). 需要理解的是这些样板仅是为了说明,其他样板,当然可以依赖用户特定的需求和期望来提供。 It should be understood that these templates to illustrate, other model, of course, be dependent on the user's specific needs and expectations to provide only. 用户可以通过用鼠标2A点击适当的选项来选择一样板。 The user can select the same panel by clicking on the appropriate option with the mouse 2A.

一旦样板被选择,第二层屏幕显示出现在前端2上。 Once the template is selected, the display screen of the second layer 2 appears on the front end. 图3说明了与格子显示卡选择相适应的第二层屏幕显示菜单。 FIG 3 illustrates a second layer of the card selection display screen and the grid adapted to display the menu. 样板的PDF版本被显示在屏幕的上部分以为用户参考。 PDF version of the model that the user is displayed on the reference portion of the screen. 此样板最好事先被成象并存储于存储器4中。 This template is preferably imaged in advance and stored in the memory 4. 用户被提示选择包含在该样板包区域中的一包图象。 Package the user is prompted to select a template image included in the packet region. 另外,用户被提示:(a)选择一存储的描述或输入用户选择的不同描述;(b)选择一存储的价格或输入一不同的价格;(c)从产品打印系统处选择所需要的拷贝数量;和(d)标识它们。 Further, the user is prompted: (a) selecting describe a memory or input different descriptions selected by the user; (b) selecting the price of a memory or input a different price; (c) from the product of the printing system is selected at the copy desired number; and (d) identify them. 用户的标识可被用来依照先前确定的客户信息记帐和/或分发目的。 The user identification may be used in accordance with previously determined customer billing information and / or distribution purposes.

一旦所有需要的数据被输入,用户可以点击一按钮来指示数据输入的完成。 Once all required data is entered, the user can click on a button to indicate completion of data entry. 尽管先前描述了输入数据的单一屏幕显示页面,多个屏幕可以同样的被使用。 Although the previously described input data of a single screen page, a plurality of screens can also be used.

图4说明了第二层显示的另一个实例。 FIG 4 illustrates another example of a display of the second layer. 具体地,图4的屏幕显示可以和通道显示卡(ELM Chill Aisle)一起被使用。 In particular, the display screen of FIG. 4 can be used with channel display cards (ELM Chill Aisle). 同图3中的实例,该样板作为PDF图象被显示到HTML屏幕的上部分。 Example 3 in the same FIG., The template is displayed on the screen as part of HTML PDF image. 如图所示,通道显示卡样板允许多个不同产品的价格被显示。 As shown, the channel card templates allow prices to be displayed in a plurality of different products. 这样的样板对例如超市链或其他类似场合特别有用。 This model is particularly useful, for example, supermarket chains or other similar occasions. 由于被打印到客户化打印材料上的信息的不同,图4中数据的用户提示与图3中的不同。 Because of the different printed information on a different custom printed materials, the user prompts the data in FIG. 3 FIG. 4. 再者,数据输入的完成通过用鼠标2A点击按钮来指示。 Further, the completion of data entry is indicated by clicking with a mouse button 2A.

现在转向图5,当数据输入完成后,可在前端2上显示一消息。 Turning now to FIG. 5, when the data input is completed, a message may be displayed on the front end 2. 此消息屏幕为用户提供了一个机会在确认定单之前来观看客户化的最终文档。 This message screen provides the user with an opportunity before confirming the order to watch the final document of the customer. 该最终文档也可被打印到本地的低分辨率打印机8上(图1)。 The final document may also be printed on (FIG. 1) of the low-resolution local printer 8. 如果用户不满意该文档,生成文档所采用的步骤可以按期望的那样重复进行。 If the user is not satisfied in step the document, generate a document that can be employed as desired repeated.

现在转向图6,给出了一个最终打印文档的实例,它由产品打印系统基于格子显示样板产生。 Turning now to FIG. 6 gives an example of a final printed document, which is based on the lattice model to produce the product display printing system. 被选择包的图象被显示到格子显示的左手部分。 Packet selected image is displayed to the left part of the display grid. 右手部分包括用户的输入描述和价格。 Right-hand portion of the user input includes descriptions and prices. 在由商业打印机打印之后,最终打印文档典型地被交付给零售商店的分发中心或其他类似的地方,以为后面各个商店显示之用。 After the printing by a commercial printer, eventually print the document typically delivered to distribution centers and retail stores or other similar places, that by the stores behind the display.

虽然已结合当前考虑的最实际和最优选的实施例对本发明进行了描述,但应理解本发明并不局限于所公开的实施例,而是意在覆盖附带的权利要求中的精神和范围之内的多种修改和相当的方案。 Although in conjunction with the most practical and preferred embodiment presently contemplated embodiment of the present invention has been described, it is to be understood that the present invention is not limited to the disclosed embodiments, but is intended to cover within the spirit and scope of the appended claims of the various modifications and equivalent programs in.

Claims (17)

1. 1. 一种生成用于打印的客户化材料的方法,包括以下步骤:选择一个样板;获得用于结合到上述客户化材料中的用户确定的信息;基于所选择的样板和上述用户确定的信息生成一动态的便携文档格式(PDF)文件;显示上述动态PDF文件以提供上述客户化材料的一校验版本;和如果在上述客户化材料的校验版本中希望改变,修改被选择的样板或上述用户选择的信息。 A method of generating a customized printed material, comprising the steps of: selecting a template; obtaining information to the client for binding material is determined by the user; based on the selected template information and said user generates a determined dynamic portable document format (PDF) files; displaying the dynamic PDF file version to provide a verification of the client material; and, if desired changes, modifications, or said selected user template in the verification of the version of the client material selected information.
2. 2. 如权利要求1中的方法,其中获得用户确定信息的上述步骤包括从多个预定选项中接收一选择。 A method as claimed in claim 1, wherein the step of obtaining the user determines the above information comprises receiving a selection from a plurality of predetermined options.
3. 3. 如权利要求1中的方法,其中上述提供用户确定信息的上述步骤包括接收用户直接输入的信息。 A method as claimed in claim 1, wherein said user provided information comprises the step of determining the above information receiving direct user input.
4. 4. 如权利要求1中的方法,还包括步骤:在客户化材料校验版本被批准后打印上述客户化材料的一个或多个拷贝到产品打印机上。 A method as claimed in claim 1, further comprising the step of: printing a material in the client after the client is approved material version check or more copies of the product to the printer.
5. 5. 如权利要求4中的方法,还包括步骤:在执行将上述客户化材料的一个或多个拷贝打印到上述产品打印机之前,打印上述客户化材料的校验版本以便观看。 A method as claimed in claim 4, further comprising the step of: prior to performing said client material one or more copies of the above product to the printer to print, the print version check of the client for viewing material.
6. 6. 如权利要求1中的方法,包括预备步骤:与远程用户建立一个Internet连接,并将多个样板以便携文档格式显示给上述远程用户以便于其选择。 A method as claimed in claim 1, comprising the preliminary steps of: establishing an Internet connection with a remote user, and displayed in a plurality of Portable Document Format templates to said remote users for their selection.
7. 7. 如权利要求6中的方法,其中基于被选择样板和上述用户确定的信息生成动态便携文档格式文件的上述步骤包括:读取与所选择样板相对应地被存储的PDF文件、与上述用户确定的信息相对应相对应的插入到与被选择样板组件PDF文件的正确位置上,以生成上述客户化材料的校验版本。 The method of claim 6, wherein said step of generating a dynamic Portable Document Format file information based on the user selected template and said determining includes: reading a PDF file to the selected template stored in correspondence, the user is determined as described above corresponding to the information corresponding to the selected template is inserted into the assembly in the correct location on the PDF file, generates the customer to verify the version of the material.
8. 8. 如权利要求7中的方法,还包括步骤:在客户化材料校验版本被批准后打印上述客户化材料的一个或多个拷贝到产品打印机上。 A method as claimed in claim 7, further comprising the step of: printing a material in the client after the client is approved material version check or more copies of the product to the printer.
9. 9. 如权利要求8中的方法,还包括步骤:在执行将上述客户化材料的一个或多个拷贝打印到上述产品打印机之前,打印上述客户化材料的校验版本以便观看。 A method as claimed in claim 8, further comprising the step of: prior to performing said client material one or more copies of the above product to the printer to print, the print version check of the client for viewing material.
10. 10. 一种用于生成要打印的客户化材料的装置,包括:具有一显示屏幕和一用户输入设备的前端的接口;存储参考信息和图象的存储器;和一便携文档格式(PDF)构造器,响应从上述接口接收到的用户信息和来自于上述存储器的被选择参考信息和图象,产生一代表上述客户化材料的校验版本的动态PDF文件,用于打印及通过上述前端接口进行显示。 An apparatus for generating a custom material to be printed, comprising: an interface having a display screen and a front end of a user input device; and a memory storing reference image information; and a Portable Document Format (PDF) constructor, in response to user information received from said interface and to the memory from the reference information is selected and the image, on behalf of the client to generate a checksum version of the material dynamic PDF files for printing and display via the front-end interface.
11. 11. 如权利要求10中的装置,其中上述接口是一个Internet的Web页面连接。 The apparatus as claimed in claim 10, wherein said interface is connected to an Internet Web page.
12. 12. 如权利要求11中的装置,进一步包括一在用户批准后打印上述客户化材料的产品打印机。 The apparatus as claimed in claim 11, further comprising a printing material in the client after user approval printer products.
13. 13. 如权利要求12中的装置,其中上述产品打印机利用XLC技术,并对同样的用户信息和来自于上述存储器的被选择信息和图象进行操作以产生上述动态PDF文件。 The apparatus as claimed in claim 12, wherein the printer using the above product XLC technology, and the same information and user information are selected and the image from the memory is operated to generate a dynamic PDF file described above.
14. 14. 如权利要求12中的装置,其中上述产品打印机利用常规打印技术,并对上述动态PDF文件进行操作,以便用高分辨率图象替换产生动态PDF文件中使用的低分辨率图象。 The apparatus as claimed in claim 12, wherein said printer products using conventional printing techniques, and the above-described dynamic PDF file operation, so as to generate a dynamic PDF file low-resolution image with high-resolution image using the alternative.
15. 15. 如权利要求13中的装置,其中在打印前低分辨率图象被一开放的预印刷接口替换成高分辨率图象。 The apparatus as claimed in claim 13, wherein the replaced high-resolution image before printing a low-resolution image is pre-printed open interfaces.
16. 16. 如权利要求11中的装置,进一步包括一含有显示屏幕和用户输入设备的前端,用户输入设备通过上述接口与上述PDF构造器进行通信。 The apparatus as claimed in claim 11, further comprising a distal end comprising a display screen and user input device, a user input through the interface device communicates with the above-described PDF builder.
17. 17. 如权利要求16中的装置,其中上述前端进一步包括一打印机,用来提供客户化材料校验版本的硬拷贝。 The apparatus as claimed in claim 16, wherein the distal end further comprises a printer for providing customized version check hardcopy material.
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