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An induction apparatus for treating diseases by regulating channels and collaterals features that medicinal ionized water is contained in water bath having function switch and a pulse inductor is connected to power supply and the medicinal ionized water through two terminals. The hands and feet are immersed in the medicinal ionized water at 30-40 deg.C and the pulse wave of said inductor is used to regulate the channels and collaterals via the ionized water.


经络疏通感应器 Meridian dredge sensor

本发明属于一种医疗器械,具体涉及一种经络疏通感应器。 The present invention pertains to a medical instrument, particularly to an inductor dredge the meridian.

目前,市场上有各种各样的疏通经络,疏通穴位的治疗医器,大部分是根据经络、穴位的皮肤电阻低这一特征,先找到其位置,再接通一个脉冲发生器,通过不同频率的脉冲波刺激,从而起到治疗疾病的目的。 Currently, there are on the market a variety of meridians, acupuncture points recanalization Medical devices, mostly based on the meridian, characterized in that the low points of the skin resistance, first find the position, a pulse generator is turned on again, different stimulus pulse frequency, and thus serve the purpose of treating diseases. 但都存在一个问题就是不是学医的就很难找准经络或穴位,即使找到了也是刺激某个穴位,有时治疗疾病只刺激一个穴位效果也是不好的,如果刺激多个穴位就得一个一个找准,再一个一个刺激。 But there is a problem that is not a medical student it is difficult to identify the meridians or acupuncture points, even if also found to stimulate certain acupuncture points to treat disease sometimes only a point to stimulate the effect is not good, if a stimulation of multiple acupuncture points have a identify, and then one by one stimulus. 治疗疾病离开医生不行,所需时间也太长。 Doctors treat the disease not to leave, the time required for too long.

本发明的目的就是为克服上述问题,提供一种不需医生就可自己操作,同时刺激多个穴位,多条经络,从而达到治疗疾病的经络疏通感应器。 The object of the present invention is to overcome the above problems, can provide a physician without his own operation, while stimulating a plurality of points, a plurality of meridians, so as to achieve treatment of a disease dredge the meridian inductor.

本发明的目的可以通过以下措施来实现:一种包含有脉冲感应器、药物离子水的经络疏通感应器,离子水槽中装有药物离子水,脉冲感应器一端接220V电源,脉冲感应器的输出端接通药物离子水,离子水槽上设有功能开关并与电源接通。 The object of the present invention can be achieved by the following measures: comprising a pulse sensor, the drug ions clear the meridians water sensors, ion-containing drug ions and water tank, a pulse inductor termination 220V power supply, the output of the pulse sensor end of the water turned drug ions, the ion sink function switch is provided and connected to the mains.

药物离子水的温度为30-40℃;离子水槽下低部设有按摩作用的振动器。 Drug ions temperature water is 30-40 deg.] C; the lower portion is provided with massage vibrator ionic sink.

本发明的优点:1、脉冲感应器发出的脉冲电流接通药物离子水可发生自寻穴位刺激,不需医生去找穴位,就可达到驱除从脚底入侵之滞留寒邪,达到温经散寒,强身健体的效果。 Advantages of the invention: a pulse current pulse inductor turns drug ions emitted from the water can occur seeking stimulation point, the doctor does not need to look for points, can be reached from the foot retention rid invasion of pathogenic cold, warm and cold reached the effect of physical fitness.

2、适应病症广,反针灸按摩能治疗的病,本发明都可有效治疗。 2, wide disorder, acupuncture and massage anti-treatable diseases, the present invention can be therapeutically effective.

图1是本发明的结构示意图。 FIG. 1 is a structural diagram of the present invention.

下面结合附图通过实施例进一步详述。 Further detail below by way of example in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.

经络疏通感应器是由离子水槽1、药物离子水2、脉冲感应器3、开关4和电源插头5组成。 Dredge meridian sensor is an ion sink 1, water 2 drug ions, pulse inductor 3, a switch 4 and 5 composed of the power plug. 功能50W、频率23±1.5HZ、水温35-40℃。 Function 50W, frequency 23 ± 1.5HZ, temperature 35-40 ℃. 离子水槽中装有药物离子水,脉冲感应器为市售的,0-35mA,脉冲感应器一端接电源,输出端接通药物钙离子水、离子水槽上设有功能开关并与电源接通。 Ion water tank containing drug ions, the pulse sensor is a commercially available, 0-35mA, one end of the power pulse sensor, the output is switched pharmaceutical calcium water, the water tank is provided with the function switch and the power supply is turned on ions.

经络疏通器的治病机理健康长寿是人类自古以来共同追求的目标。 Treatment mechanism Meridian dredge for health and longevity is the common goal of mankind since ancient times. 据人体生命科学工作者的测定,人的自然寿命应是120-140岁。 According to the determination of human life scientists, man's natural life should be 120-140 years old. 但是由于人类对自然科学与人体科学的关系,认识不足对生存环境自然灾害饮食卫生,生产劳动,体能锻练心理状态等种种关系往往处理不当,可以疾病时有发生。 However, due to the relationship between natural science and human science of the human body, lack of knowledge often improper handling of food hygiene living environment of natural disasters, productive labor, physical exercise and various psychological state relations, it may have occurred disease. 尤其是心脑血管病,严重地困扰着中老年人的身体健康。 Especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, seriously plaguing the health of the elderly. 祖国的传统中医学,子午流注及皮肤阻抗特性学,磁场效性,电场效应,磁化水的特异功能,活性钙离子水的特性,全息律学,为此我们主张采取中西医相结合的理论,细胞学,神经学等的科研更是亟待加强。 Traditional Chinese medicine of the motherland, Flowing specific function and skin impedance characteristics of the study, the effectiveness of the magnetic field, electric field effects, magnetic water, the characteristics of the active calcium ion water, holographic law school, for which we advocate a combination of Chinese and Western medicine theory take , research cytology, neurology, etc. should be strengthened even more. 利用皮肤阻抗特性,通过双手足的治疗,电脉冲自动寻找穴位,将磁场效应,电场效应沿十二经脉传至五脏六腑,调整阴阳,其六气血通畅达到防病,治病的目的。 The use of skin impedance characteristics, through his hands full treatment, electrical pulses automatically find point, the magnetic field effect, the electric field effect along the twelve meridians spread to internal organs, adjustment of yin and yang, Sixth blood smooth to disease prevention, medical treatment purposes.

中医整体观理论中医整体观理论,丰富了阴阳平衡,气血通畅百病不生的道理,因为体内的阴阳是对立统一的,是生命活动的客观规律。 The overall concept of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine as a whole concept of traditional Chinese medicine theory, enriching the yin and yang balance, blood smooth diseases are not students of the truth, because the body's yin and yang is the unity of opposites, it is the objective law of life activities. 只有十二经通畅,才能提高自调自控能力。 Only twelve smooth, self-adjusting in order to improve self-control. 通则不痛,不通则痛,说明经脉畅通是人类健康,长寿的基本条件。 General non-pain, not pain, indicating meridians flow of human health, the basic conditions for longevity. 为什么能打通经脉呢?(一)因十二经脉的交接点都在手足之上,手足各有三阴三阳,即手三阴为(1)手太阴肺经,(2)手少阴心经,(3)手厥阴心包,三阳,(4)手阳明大肠经(5)手太阳小肠经(6)手少阳三焦经,(足三阴)(7)足太阳脾经,(8)足少阴肾经,(9)足厥阴肝经,足三阳分(10)足阳明胃经,(11)足太阳膀光经,(12)足少阳胆经。 Why can open up the meridians do? (A) due to the intersection of the twelve meridians are on hand, foot, hand, foot Sanyang have that hand yin is (1) hand lunar lung, (2) Hand Shao Yin Heart Sutra, (3) the pericardium, Sanyang, (4) by hand Yangming large intestine (5) sun small intestine by hand (6) hand Shaoyang triple burner, (foot yin) (7) full sun spleen, (8 ) kidney meridian, (9) foot Jue Yin liver Meridian, foot Sanyang points (10) foot Yangming stomach, (11) by light bladder full sun, (12) gallbladder by foot.

(二)利用皮肤阻抗特性的原理。 (B) the principle of skin impedance characteristics of use. 皮肤阻抗特性原理是,有穴位的地方阻抗只有几百Ω,离开穴位阻抗就有几十千Ω如手足放在离子水中利用离子水渗透能力的强度和穴位阻抗力小的特性,电脉冲自动寻找穴位,通经脉穴位的感传,就可打通所有经脉。 Skin impedance principle characteristic is that there are points where only a few hundred Ω impedance, there are dozens of one thousand left point impedance Ω brotherhood on the small points of strength and force of the water impedance permeability of ions in water characteristics, electrical pulse automatically find acupuncture, acupuncture meridians of sensation, you can get through all the meridians. 另外通过电脉冲沿经脉走向,电脉冲对每个穴位都进行刺激。 In addition to electrical impulses along the meridians, acupuncture points are for each electrical pulse stimulation. 所以全身得到仿针灸治疗。 So the body get fake acupuncture. 治疗时电脉强度根据感受自行调整。 When electrical pulse treatment adjusts itself to the intensity of feeling. 同时解决了子午流柱按时取穴的问题。 At the same time solve the problem of the meridional flow column acupoints on time. 人类健康长寿除了经脉要通畅以外,生物电必须有序也就是中医学的阴阳平衡,磁场有一定方向这才是健康之要素的条件。 In addition to the meridians to human health and longevity than smooth, orderly bioelectrical must also balance the yin and yang of Chinese medicine, this is the direction of the magnetic field there is a certain element of health conditions.

(三)生物电磁场效应现代科学研究证明,人体内存在着生物电,生物电细胞主要作用是:组织思维,传递信息,指挥活动,如果生物电细胞阴阳失衡,人就会患神经系统方面的疾病。 (C) the biological effects of electromagnetic fields of modern scientific research shows that human memory in the bio-electric, bio-electric cell is the main role: organizational thinking, transmission of information, directing activities, if the bio-electric cell imbalance of yin and yang, people will suffer from diseases of the nervous system . 生物电在人体内存在的形式是细胞内部称为细胞核,为负电,外部称为细胞模为正电。 Bioelectric in humans in the form of internal memory is referred to as a cell nucleus, is negatively charged, the cells die is referred to a positive external. 这种存在电位称静电位,也是正确的电位。 This said there is a potential electrostatic potential, is also true potential. 如果人受到外界刺激越过人的承受能力界线的时候,生物电细胞就会发生变化,形成细胞内核为正,外核为负电,这种存在的电位称为动电位。 If the external stimuli when people crossed the boundaries of human endurance, the bio-electric cell will change, the core-forming cells is positive, the outer core is negatively charged, the potential exists called zeta potential. 也就是不正确的电位。 That is not true potential. 当人体出现动电位时,如果人的体质良好,十二经脉通畅自调自控所以恢复正位,如自调自控因体弱,故就会发生生物神经混乱,出现多种疾病。 When the body appears zeta potential, if the person's physical well-controlled self-adjusting twelve meridians smooth recovery so anteroposterior, such as self-adjusting automatic control due to infirmity, it occurs biological neurological disorders, appear a variety of diseases. 如原因不明的疲劳,精神不振,长期疲困及失眠、多梦、头痛、头晕等神经系统的疾病。 Such as unexplained fatigue, lack of energy, illness and long-term sleepy insomnia, dreams, headache, dizziness and nervous system.

(三)脚为人之根,人之有脚,尤如树之有根;树枯根先竭,人老腿先衰,人的老化先从脚底起,既然人老化之始是脚底,为了防弱老,保健康。 (C) the root of the human foot, people of a foot, just like rooted tree; tree dry root first dried up, old bad first leg, from the foot to start the human aging, aging people since the beginning of the soles of the feet, in order to prevent weak and old, healthy. 脚底也就成为人体保健的极大重要的部位。 Soles of the feet has become extremely important parts of the body care. 紧紧抓住脚底保健和治疗这个重点,紧紧围绕血液循环这个中心,可通过脚底按摩,静电循环这个程序,脉冲电感剌激有针灸刺激之感受,既相辅相成,又逐步深化,来完成天地间无穷奥妙的健康工程,脚底按摩采用筛动式按摩振动整个脚底,通过筛动,能全面按摩脚底穴位。 Firmly grasp the foot care and treatment of this focus, focus on the blood circulation center, by foot massage, electrostatic this program cycle, pulse inductance stimulate acupuncture stimulation feelings, both complement each other, and gradually deepen, to complete between heaven and earth infinitely subtle health project, foot massage using screen-acting vibration massage the entire foot, moving through a sieve, can fully massage the soles of the feet acupuncture points. 因各部穴位电阻是在几百Ω,其他部位确几千Ω,在相辅促进中,既能刺激脚底反射区,调理人体的五脏六腑各个器管,又能增加脚掌血液回流的流速和流量,促进血液循环,还能使贮留于脚底的尿酸晶和有害物质全面移动,随血液循环导入排渣系统,排出体外。 Each part is due to several hundred [Omega] resistance point, indeed other parts of thousands of [Omega], in promoting complementary, both foot reflex zone stimulation, conditioning each tube body's internal organs, and can increase the flow rate and the flow rate of blood return feet, promote blood circulation, but also uric acid crystals and storing hazardous substances in the overall movement of the foot, with the blood circulation system introduced slag, excreted. 通过筛动不仅使脚底得到按摩,使脚掌更灵活,同时还可使小腿、膝关节以至大腿受到振动得到振动运动,从而获得松弛肌肉,舒筋活络全身保健的效果。 Not only through a sieve to get moving foot massage, foot and more flexible, while also making the calf, thigh by vibration of the knee as well as get vibratory motion to obtain muscle relaxation and getting a vivid systemic health effects.

(四)中医(丹溪心法)指出血见热则行,见寒则凝。 (D) TCM (Danxi Heart) pointed out that blood see hot line, see the cold condensate. 世界名医提倡一种学说,百病的原因是一气的滞留。 World famous doctor advocated a doctrine, the reason is riddled stretch of residence. 所以百病必须以热灸驱之。 So riddled must drive them with hot moxibustion. 还有一种学说认为寒气之入侵,一为肚脐,一为脚底。 There is a theory that the invasion of cold air, one for the navel, as a foot. 以上均说明温灸的重要性。 Above all the importance of moxa. 离子磁化水加热至35至40℃使脚底保持适当的温度,促使脚底血管扩张,加快血流循环,活化细胞,活跃神经,从而达到温热治病的目的。 Ion magnetized water heated to 35 to make the foot 40 ℃ maintain the proper temperature, the sole cause vasodilation, to accelerate blood circulation, activation of cells, neural activity, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment of warm. 温热的作用,还可驱除从脚底这个关口进入体内或滞留体内的寒邪,从而得温经散寒,活血化瘀,强身健体的效果。 Warming effect, the purge may enter the body from the feet or retention Hanxie this juncture in vivo, thereby obtaining warm and cold, blood circulation, the effect of physical fitness.

Claims (3)

1.一种包含有脉冲感应器、药物离子水的经络疏通感应器,其特征是:离子水槽中装有药物离子水,脉冲感应器一端接220V电源,脉冲感应器的输出端接通药物离子水,离子水槽上设有功能开关并与电源接通。 CLAIMS 1. A sensor comprising a pulse, the drug ions clear the meridians water sensor, characterized in that: the drug ions charged with deionized water tank, a pulse inductor termination 220V power supply, the output of the ON pulse inductor drug ions water, is provided to the ion sink function switch is turned on and the power supply.
2.根据权利要求1所述的经络疏通感应器,其特征是所述的药物离子水的温度为30-40℃。 The meridian dredge according to claim 1 sensor, wherein the drug ions of the temperature of the water is 30-40 ℃.
3.根据权利要求1所述的经络疏通感应器,其特征是所述的离子水槽下底部设有起按摩作用的振动器。 3. The meridians of the dredge according to claim 1 sensor, characterized in that the bottom of the lower tank ion plays provided massage vibrator.
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