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本发明涉及医药中的中成药配方与制造方法。 The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a proprietary formula and medicine. 应用威灵仙、红花、生川乌等23味中草药,按一定的配比经低温烘干粉碎,混合装在一种按一定工序特别加工的纺织品布袋中。 Application of Clematis, safflower, ChuanWu 23 Chinese herbal medicine and the like, according to a certain ratio of pulverized low temperature drying, at a certain mixing device In one particular step in the processing of the textile bag. 使用时加酒或食醋浸泡外敷患处。 Add wine or vinegar soaked the use of topical lesion. 具有消肿止痛、活血化瘀、祛风通络、软化骨刺的作用。 Having swelling and pain, blood circulation, expelling wind, the softening effect spur.


一种治疗风湿及骨质增生的置于布袋中的散剂 A method of treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid bag is placed in the powder

本发明涉及医药中的中医成药的配方与制造方法。 The present invention relates to formulations and methods for producing the medicine TCM medicine. 具体指应用威灵仙、红花、生川乌等中草药,经科学、合理的配合,研制成粉末状剂量的一种治疗风湿及骨质增生的置于布袋中的散剂。 Specifically refers to the application Clematis, safflower, ChuanWu other herbs, dried with scientific, reasonable, developed into a powder dose for treating rheumatism and osteoarthritis powder was placed in the bag.

过去国内使用的膏药,都是选用一定配比的中草药,用容器加热熬炼而成。 Past domestic use of plaster, are optional certain proportion of herbs, container heated exercise together. 外形为粘稠的糊状物,抹在布上或其他织物上,称为黑膏药。 Shape as a viscous paste was put on cloth or other fabric, known as black plaster. 使用时加热软化敷在患处。 Heat softening wrap the affected area during use. 其不足之处在于,在熬制过程中,中草药的很多含挥发油成份,被加热蒸发掉了,失去了膏药的重要有效成份,减小了疗效。 The downside is that the brewed process, many herbs contain volatile oil is heated evaporates, a significant loss of the active ingredient of the plaster, the efficacy is reduced.

本发明的目的旨在继承和发展传统各种膏药的特点与现代医学相结合,总结历代民间流传的儿百种中药外敷验方,经科学配比精制而成一种置于布袋中的散剂,称为散膏药,不经熬炼,保护药物的挥发成份,临床应用方法简便,渗透性好,可达患处深部组织,并对局部血管有明显扩张,血流加速,对消散吸收炎症、浸润、软化骨刺等有明显的效果。 The present invention is designed to inherit and develop the traditional plaster of various features combined with modern medicine, summed up children one hundred kinds of prescription topical medicine of ancient folklore, the ratio of science from refining one kind of powder is placed in the bag, called Powder plaster, without exercise, volatile components protect the drugs, the clinical application of the method is simple, good permeability, reach deep tissue affected area, and the local blood vessels dilated, accelerate blood flow, to dissipate the absorption of inflammation, infiltration, softening spur other significant results.

本发明的主要特点如下。 The main features of the present invention is as follows. 选用普通的中草药,经粉碎,均匀混合成粉末状,分装为小袋备用,即成散膏药,使用时用酒或醋将散膏药润透敷于外患处即可。 Use an ordinary herbs, crushed and mixed homogeneously into a powder, sachet dispensing spare Serve scattered plaster, vinegar or wine run through the bulk plaster spreads outside the affected area during use. 其中草药的重量配比为,主要成份威灵仙12-15%、生川乌2-4%、生草乌2-4%、生天南星4-6%、马钱子0.3-0.6%、冰片3-7%。 The weight ratio of the herbal, the main ingredient Clematis 12-15%, ChuanWu 2-4%, 2-4% sward, Health Araceae 4-6%, 0.3-0.6% Strychnos, borneol 3-7%. 这六味中药的药理作用明显。 Liu Wei pharmacological effects of this medicine is obvious. 威灵仙含白头翁素和白头翁醇、皂甙等,局部外用有镇痛、软化骨刺、抗菌消炎等作用。 Anemonin-containing Clematis and Pulsatilla alcohol, saponin, topical analgesic, spur softening effect, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory. 生川乌、生草乌含多种生物碱,主要是乌头碱、异乌头碱、素馨乌头碱等。 ChuanWu, sward containing alkaloids, aconitine mainly, isobutyl aconitine, aconitine like jasmine. 有镇痛、局部麻痹作用。 Analgesic, local paralysis. 对动物试验性“关节炎”有消炎作用。 Anti-inflammatory effect on animal experimental "arthritis." 生天南星主含三萜皂甙、安息香酸、D-甘露醇等。 Araceae containing main raw triterpenoid saponins, benzoic acid, D- mannitol and the like. 外用有明显的散结消肿止痛作用。 Topical significant swelling Sanjie analgesic effect. 马钱子含多种生物碱,主要为番木鳖碱、马钱子碱,另含绿厚酸、番木鳖甙、脂肪油等。 Nux seeds contain a variety of alkaloids, mainly strychnine, strychnine, the other with thick green acid, strychnine glycosides, fatty oil. 为兴奋脊髓神经的反射机能,并对感觉神经末稍有麻痹作用。 Excitement spinal nerve reflex function, and sensory nerve endings have paralysis. 外用微量即有通络散结、消肿定痛作用。 Topical Tongluosanjie trace that is, swelling and pain effect. 但用药应限量。 But medication should be limited. 冰片含右旋龙脑,又含β-榄香烯、石竹等倍半萜,以及齐墩果酸、麦珠子酸、积雪草酸、龙脑香醇等,外用对感觉神经有轻微刺激,有很好的止痛及温合、防腐作用。 Containing D-borneol borneol, and containing β- -elemene, carnation sesquiterpene, and oleanolic acid, wheat bead acid, oxalic acid snow, borneol alcohol, such as topical a slight stimulation of the sensory nerve, there are good pain and temperature together, antiseptic effect. 在局部可增强散膏药的渗透性,用酒和醋浸润为药物的溶媒,可溶解起药物的微粒子,产生起药物反应,药物和释放出的治疗因子向人体组织渗透,更增加渗透性。 Locally enhanced permeability in bulk plaster, wine vinegar and solvent infiltration drug particles from dissolved drug, is generated from drug reactions, drug and release of therapeutic factors to penetrate human tissue, and more increase the permeability. 达到最佳疗效。 Achieve the best results. 再配以红花4-6%、川芎4-6%、艾叶4-6%、血竭0.5-2%、细辛2-4%、川羌4.5-7.5%、独活4.5-7%、桅子2-4%、乳香2-4%、没药2-4%、泽兰4-6%、增加这十一味药主要是进一步增加疗效,具有局部扩张血管、增加血流量,改善微循环,可散寒祛湿、通络止痛、活血化瘀等功效,为再增强其药性的渗透性加山萘2-4%、干姜4-6%、薄荷4-6%。 Coupled with 4-6% safflower, Chuanxiong 4-6%, 4-6% leaves, Blood 0.5-2%, 2-4%, Asarum, Sichuan Qiang 4.5-7.5%, 4.5-7% live alone, masts sub 2-4%, 2-4%, frankincense, myrrh 2-4%, 4-6% Zeeland, which increases drug Shiyiwei mainly further increase the efficacy, having a local expansion of blood vessels, increase blood flow, improve microcirculation , dampness and cold can Tongluozhitong, blood circulation and other effects, is then added to enhance its permeability potency kaempferol 2-4%, 4-6%, ginger, mint 4-6%. 而儿茶8-12%、荞麦4-6%、樟脑0.5-2%为皮肤保护性用药。 Catechu and 8-12%, 4-6% buckwheat, camphor 0.5-2% skin protective drugs.

以上廿三味中药结合产生的功效为:1.抗菌消炎、消肿止痛、活血化瘀,2.扩张局部血管,增加局部血流量,抑制血小板聚集,抑制血管平滑肌收缩,改善微循环,3.抗风湿、祛风通络,4.扩散局部毛孔,增强药物渗透性, Niansan herbs combine to produce the above effect is: 1. anti-bacterial inflammation, swelling and pain, blood circulation, 2 dilation of local blood vessels, increases blood flow, inhibition of platelet aggregation, inhibition of vascular smooth muscle contraction, microcirculation, anti-3. rheumatism, Qufeng network, 4. partial diffusion pores, enhancing drug permeability,

5.软化骨刺,抑制局部骨质增生,6.保护局部皮肤,减少药物对皮肤的损害。 5. softening spur, suppress local bone hyperplasia, 6 topical skin protection, reduce drug damage to the skin.

适用病症:用于风寒湿痛、骨质增生、腰肌劳损、坐骨神经痛、跌打损伤等病。 Applicable disease: for wind cold pain, osteoarthritis, muscle strain, sciatica, bruises and other diseases.

散膏药的配制工艺方法:一、精选上等药材洗净,无泥土。 Scatter plaster formulation process: First, selection of fine wash herbs, no dirt.

二、低温干燥处理,最高温度不得超过100℃,使药物中水份蒸发,其含量达到10%以下。 Second, low-temperature drying process, the maximum temperature not exceeds 100 ℃, evaporation of moisture in the drug, the content thereof is 10% or less. (冰片、儿茶、樟脑三味不用烘干)三、粉碎,采用混合粉碎法。 (Borneol, catechu, camphor sanwei without drying) Third, pulverized, mixed grinding method. 将所有廿三味中药混合均匀后粉碎,选用50目筛,取其筛下粉末密封包装备用。 All Niansan uniformly pulverized and mixed herbs, use 50-mesh sieve, sieve powder whichever alternate sealed packaging.

四、选用无纺布,缝制成10×20厘米布袋,每袋可装粉碎好的药粉末30克。 Fourth, the choice of non-woven fabric, sewn into bag 10 × 20 cm, good medicine bag can be installed pulverized powder 30 grams.

选用无纺布,抗水性强、渗透性好,耐用性好。 Selection of non-woven, water resistance, good permeability, good durability. 其他同样性能纺织品也可。 Other same performance textiles are also available.

五、选用的确良(织物质地要紧固,其他纺织品也可)面料缝制成14×16厘米长椭圆形的布垫—称为存垫,长椭圆形对称两端分别缝上宽松紧带,松紧带外端缝上4厘米长的粘扣。 V. Selection Dacron (texture, to be fastened, also other textiles) sewn into the fabric 14 × 16 cm long oval cloth pad - called deposit pad, symmetrical oblong slits on both ends with loose tight, elastic band 4 cm long side seam gluing.

松紧带的宽度一般在2-3厘米适宜,其长度可根据人体,使用的部位分为大、中、小号三种。 Elastic band width of 2-3 cm is generally suitable, its length can be divided into large, medium and small in accordance with three kinds of human body parts used. 粘扣宽度与松紧带相配。 Elastic fastener width match.

六、在装药布袋与存垫之间隔一层与药布袋同样大小的塑料膜。 Six, the interval charge storage bag and the pad layer of plastic film the same size as the drug bag. 热压将塑料与布袋和存垫粘贴成一体。 The paste pressing and plastic bags with integral pad memory. 塑料膜厚度为0.03-0.05毫米食品用无毒塑料膜。 Plastic film having a thickness of 0.03-0.05 mm non-toxic food plastic film.

七、将做好的布袋与存垫粘合成一体的成品即散膏药袋,按规定装30克加工混合好的散膏药粉末。 Seven of the bag and kept good bonding pad integrally finished bags that is scattered plaster, predetermined processing apparatus 30 grams Powder-mixed plaster powder. 用塑料袋密封保存备用。 Sealed in plastic bags for use. 以防止药味散发。 In order to prevent the dissemination of Smell.

至此,散膏药加工完成。 So far, scattered plaster processing is completed.

其用法、用量:取散膏药一包,用酒或食醋浸透(骨质增生用食醋),将药袋的一侧外敷在患处,然后将散膏药袋上的松紧带固定好。 Its usage, dosage: take a bulk bag plaster, impregnated (hyperostosis with vinegar) vinegar or wine, the topical medication bag side of the affected area, and then the elastic bag provided with the fixed dispersion plaster. 贴2-3小时后取下,存好可继续使用。 After 2-3 hours remove the stickers, save for can continue to use. 每日2次。 2 times a day. 每袋散膏药可用一周,两周一个疗程。 Bag loose plaster available week, two weeks a course of treatment. 一般一-三个疗程即可痊愈。 A general - three courses can be cured.

现以下列临床应用的实例,对本发明做进一步的补充说明。 The following example is to clinical applications further supplement the present invention. 以本发明的中药配方的比例,按本发明的工艺方法加工制成的散膏药,在临床应用。 A ratio of Chinese medicine formulations of the present invention, by the process of the present invention is made of plaster dispersion processing, in clinical application.

例1:辛× 女 42岁 工人 初诊日期97年3月15日腰背酸痛3月余,可放射至臀部及大腿部,活动加重。 Example 1: Xin × 42-year-old female worker newly diagnosed Date 97 March 15 3 more than a month back pain, may radiate to the buttocks and thighs, activity increased. 查体:腰3、4、5椎体及两侧压痛。 Examination: 3,4,5 lumbar vertebrae and both sides of tenderness. X线拍片示:腰椎3-5椎体前缘唇样增生。 X-ray film is shown: 3-5 lumbar vertebral lip hyperplasia.

治疗:取散膏药1袋用食醋浸透、外敷患处、每日二次。 Treatment: Take a bulk bag vinegar soaked plaster, topical affected area twice daily. 十天后症状消失,继用上方治疗1个月,至今未见复发。 Ten days after the symptoms disappear, following one month of treatment with the above, we have no recurrence.

例2:王×× 男 46岁 农民 初诊日期1996年10月17日腰痛、右下肢麻木2月余、腰活动受限。 Example 2: King ×× 46-year-old male farmer with newly diagnosed Date October 17, 1996 back pain, right lower extremity numbness 2 more than a month, waist limited mobility. 在某医院封闭治疗、电针、理疗未见效果。 In a closed hospital treatment, acupuncture, physiotherapy no effect. CT诊断:第3、4腰椎间盘脱出(右)、骨质增生。 CT diagnosis: the third and fourth lumbar disc prolapse (right), osteoarthritis.

治疗:先采用冯氏腰椎复位后,嘱病人在家平卧休息、外敷散膏药一周后疼痛减轻、可轻微下床活动。 Treatment: After the first use of Feng lumbar reset, instruct patient supine rest at home, one week after topical pain relief plaster scattered, light can get out of bed. 继用上方治疗三周后上诸症状消失,追访二年未见复发。 Following the above three weeks treatment with the various symptoms, Interrupted no recurrence two years.

例3:王× 女 49岁 教师 初诊日期1997年5月10日右肘关节外侧肿痛3月余,X线拍片骨与关节未见异常。 Example 3: Wang × 49-year-old female teacher first visit date May 10, 1997 the right lateral elbow pain and swelling 3 more than a month, X-ray film of bone and joint abnormalities. 在某医院诊断桡骨头滑囊炎,给予局部封闭、口服氯唑沙宗、外用扶他林均无效。 Radial head in a hospital diagnosis of bursitis, given the partial closure of chlorzoxazone oral, topical Voltaren are invalid. 来诊时查:右肘外侧肿胀、局部压痛明显、并向下放射、握力差、活动受限。 Check to diagnosis: the outer elbow swelling, local tenderness, and lower emissions, poor grip strength, activity limitation. 治疗:取散膏药一付,用醋浸透外敷患处,每日二次。 Treatment: Take a pair of loose plaster, soaked with vinegar topical affected area twice daily. 一周后上诸症均有好转,继用散膏药治疗三周痊愈,活动自如,至今未见复发。 A week later on Zhu Zheng were improved, following the recovery with scattered plaster three weeks treatment, freedom of movement, so far no recurrence.

例4:张×× 男 59岁 工人 初诊日期1996年7月13日右肘关节外侧疼痛半年余,并向右上前臂放射,活动受限。 Example 4: Zhang ×× 59-year-old male worker newly diagnosed date July 13, 1996 the right lateral elbow pain more than six months, and radiation upper right forearm, limited mobility. 检查:X线拍片示骨与关节未见异常,诊断肌腱炎。 : X-ray film showed no abnormal bone and joint, tendinitis diagnosis. 在本厂卫生所针灸、理疗、推拿,口服消炎药、芬必得、安糖美辛、双氯灭痛略见好转。 Our clinic in acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage, oral anti-inflammatory drugs, Fenbid, Antang indomethacin, diclofenac slight improvement. 来诊时,肘外侧压痛明显、活动受限、握力差。 To diagnosis, lateral elbow tenderness, limited mobility, poor grip. 给予散膏药一付、用酒浸透、外敷患处,每日二次。 Given a pair of loose plaster, soaked with wine, topical affected area twice daily. 十天后上诸症大减,可正常做业上班,继续按上方治疗一个月痊愈。 Ten days later on Zhu Zheng greatly reduced, the industry can do normal work, continue to recover over the month of treatment.

例5:林×× 男 65岁 农民 初诊日期1998年3月27日双膝关节肿痛三月余,活动受限。 Example 5: Lin ×× 65-year-old male farmer with newly diagnosed Date 1998 March 27 March, more than double knee swelling, limited mobility. X线拍片示:双膝关节间隙不均称狭窄,边缘骨质增生,以股骨外髁为著。 X-ray film is shown: double knee said narrow gap unevenness, osteoarthritis edge, the outer condyle of the femur. 诊断:膝关节退行性骨关节病(双侧)。 Diagnosis: Knee degenerative joint disease (bilateral). 治疗:取散膏药二付、用食醋浸透、外敷双膝关节,每日二次,每次二小时。 Treatment: Take two pay bulk plaster, soaked with vinegar, double knee topical, twice daily, every two hours. 十五天后疼痛减轻,再继用上方治疗一个月痊愈,可参加劳动。 Fifteen days later pain relief, and then recovered following one month of treatment with the above, can participate in labor. 至今上诸症未见复发。 On Zhu Zheng has no recurrence.

例6:单× 男 18岁 学生 初诊日期1999年3月15日右膝关节肿痛一天。 Example 6: Single × 18-year-old male student diagnosed date March 15, 1999 the right knee joint swelling and pain one day. 患者在学校打球时扭伤。 Patients sprain when playing at school. 来诊时,右膝关节局部肿胀,压痛,膝关节不能完全伸直,站立时右下肢不能负重。 To diagnosis, right knee joint swelling, tenderness, the knee is not fully extended, weight-bearing while the right leg can not stand. X线拍片考虑半月板损伤。 X-ray film to consider meniscus injury. 治疗:取散膏药一付,用酒浸透外敷患侧膝关节,每日三次,每次二小时。 Treatment: Take a pair of loose plaster, with wine soaked topical affected knee, three times a day, every two hours. 二天后,疼痛消失,可轻度活动。 Two days later, the pain disappeared, can be mild activity. 继用上方治疗一周痊愈。 Following the above cured with a week of treatment. 至今良好。 Well so far.

现将近来随机选出的580例病人使用情况分析如下: Now 580 cases randomly selected patients use recently analyzed as follows:

临床应用几年来,收到满意的疗效,具有高渗透性,使用方便,疗效显著等特点。 Clinical application of several years, received satisfactory results, with high permeability, easy to use, a significant effect and so on.

至此实施完成。 So far the implementation is complete.

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1.一种治疗风湿及骨质增生的置于布袋中的散剂,其特征在于由以下重量配比的原料组成:威灵仙12-1 5%、生川乌2-4%、生草乌2-4%、生天南星4-6%、马钱子0.3-0.6%、冰片3-7%、红花4-6%、川芎4-6%、艾叶4-6%、血竭0.5-2%、细辛2-4%、川羌4.5-7.5%、独活4.5-7%、栀子2-4%、乳香2-4%、没药2-4%、泽兰4-6%、 山萘2-4%、干姜4-6%、薄荷4-6%、儿茶8-12%、荞麦4-6%、樟脑0.5-2%,将以上原料混合粉碎后装入布袋中。 1. A method of treating rheumatoid and osteoarthritis powders placed in the bag, characterized in that the proportion by weight of the following raw material composition: 12-15% Clematis ChuanWu 2-4%, sward 2-4%, 4-6% raw Araceae, Strychnos 0.3-0.6%, 3-7% borneol, safflower 4-6%, 4-6% Chuanxiong, 4-6% leaves, Blood 0.5-2 %, 2-4% Asarum, Sichuan Qiang 4.5-7.5%, 4.5-7% independent living, gardenia 2-4%, 2-4%, frankincense, myrrh 2-4%, 4-6%, Zeeland, mountain naphthalene 2-4%, 4-6%, ginger, mint 4-6%, 8-12% catechu, buckwheat 4-6%, 0.5 to 2% camphor, these raw materials into a bag after mixing and grinding.
2.按照权利要求1所叙述的散剂的制造方法,其特征在于制造方法的步骤为:一、将所需中药材精选上等材料洗净无泥土,二、低温干燥处理,最高温度不得超过100℃,水分含量不超过10%,冰片、儿茶、樟脑三味不用干燥,三、粉碎采用混合粉碎,将所有廿三味中药混合均匀后粉碎,选用50目筛,取其筛下粉末密封包装,四、选用无纺布缝制布袋,尺寸长为10厘米,宽为20厘米,五、选用的确良面料缝制椭圆形的存垫,尺寸为14×16厘米,存垫两对称方向缝制宽松紧带,在松紧带上缝上粘扣,六、布袋与存垫之间隔一层与布袋同样大小的塑料膜,热压将塑料与布袋和存垫粘贴成一体,七、将粘贴成一体的成品散剂药袋装入规定重量的加工混合好的散剂粉末,用塑料袋密封保存。 2. The method of manufacture described dispersant according to claim 1, wherein the step of the manufacturing method: First, wash the finest selection of medicines required no soil material, two, low temperature drying, the maximum temperature not exceed 100 deg.] C, moisture content of not more than 10%, borneol, catechu, camphor shamisen without drying, three, mixed pulverized pulverization, the pulverized herbs all Niansan uniformly mixed, the choice of mesh 50, sealed packaging whichever sieve powder, Fourth, the choice of the nonwoven fabric sewn bag, size 10 cm long, 20 cm wide, five, selected Dacron fabric sewn elliptical pad memory, a size of 14 × 16 cm, two symmetrical directions memory mat sewn with loose tight in the elastic belt seam gluing, six, spaced pads of one bag and the storage bag of the same size with a plastic film, and pressing the plastic bags with integral paste deposit pad, seven, paste integral finished drug powders processing bag into a predetermined weight of powder-mixed powders, sealed with a plastic bag.
CNB001185896A 2000-07-09 2000-07-09 Medicine powder in bag for curing rheumatism and osteoproliferation CN1191838C (en)

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