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本发明公开了一种数字家庭网络系统,用于控制一个以上家用设备的互连互通和资源共享,关键在于还包括有:网关,用于完成网络协议的解释与转换以及命令和数据的处理,一个或以上家用设备分别直接或通过适配装置与该网关相连。 The present invention discloses a digital home network system for controlling more than one home device interconnection and the sharing of resources, wherein the key further comprises: a gateway, for explaining the conversion and processing commands and data to complete the network protocol, one or more devices are connected to the home gateway directly or through the adapter device. 采用该系统可将各种家用设备全部连入同一网络,进行统一控制,不仅操作简单、灵活、方便,而且充分满足用户对家居设备控制和资源共享的要求,为用户提供极为舒适的家居环境。 Using this system can be a variety of household devices all connected to the same network, unified control, not only simple, flexible, convenient, and fully meet the user to control household equipment and resource sharing requirements, to provide users with a very comfortable home environment.


数字家庭网络系统 Digital Home Network System

技术领域 FIELD

本发明涉及数字网络组网技术,特别是指一种数字家庭网络系统。 The present invention relates to a network of digital network technology, particularly to a digital home network system.

发明背景随着电子和网络技术的迅猛发展以及人民生活水平的不断提高,人们对生活质量的要求也越来越高,对家居环境智能化、数字化、信息化的需求也日益扩大。 Background of the Invention With the rapid development of electronic and network technology and the improvement of people's living standards, people on the quality of life have become more sophisticated, the demand for intelligent home environment, digital and information technology are also increasing. 现在已有的智能化住宅主要是具有楼宇对讲、门禁系统、各类报警、紧急求助系统以及远程超表系统,而对于家庭内部的各类家用设备,比如:家用电脑、信息终端、机顶盒、掌上电脑、电视、冰箱、电脑、空调、热水器、电灯等等,迄今为止尚未将其构成一个完整的网络,也不能实现统一控制和充分的资源共享。 Now there is a mainly residential intelligent building intercom, access control systems, all kinds of alarm, emergency alarm system and remote system over the table, and for all kinds of household appliances within the family, such as: home computers, information terminals, set-top boxes, handheld computers, televisions, refrigerators, computers, air conditioners, water heaters, lighting and so on, which to date have not yet constitute a complete network, can not achieve centralized control and adequate sharing of resources. 由于目前家庭中的各种家用设备全部是分离控制,各自使用自己的遥控器或开关,对于用户而言是非常复杂不便的,不能充分达到数字化、智能化的目的。 As the current family various home devices are all separate control, each using their remote control or a switch, it is very complicated for the user inconvenient, not sufficiently reach the digital, intelligent purpose. 并且,对于能够存储和提供各类信息资源的家用电脑、信息终端、机顶盒、掌上电脑等家用设备之间,也未能很好地实现资源的共享。 And, for between storage and can provide a wide range of information resources home computers, information terminals, set-top boxes, handheld computers and other household equipment, also failed to achieve a good sharing of resources.

另一方面,如果某个用户想通过远程控制开启或关闭家中的某种家用设备,由于各种电器都是分离的,不可能实现设备间的信息传递和随时随地的控制,无法为用户提供简单方便的操作和更为舒适的生活环境。 On the other hand, if a user wants to turn on or off by remote control at home some household equipment, a variety of appliances are separated, it is impossible to achieve control and information transfer between devices anytime, anywhere, can not provide users with a simple easy to operate and more comfortable living environment.


有鉴于此,本发明的主要目的在于提供一种数字家庭网络系统,使其将各种家用设备全部连入同一网络,进行统一控制,共享系统资源,不仅操作简单、灵活、方便,而且充分满足用户对家居设备控制和资源共享的要求,为用户提供极为舒适的家居环境。 In view of this, the main object of the present invention is to provide a digital home network system, so that all of the various home devices connected to the same network, unified control, resource sharing system, not only simple, flexible and convenient, but also fully meet users of home appliance control and resource sharing requirements, to provide users with a very comfortable home environment.

为达到上述目的,本发明的技术方案是这样实现的:一种数字家庭网络系统,用于控制一个以上家用设备的互连互通和资源共享,该系统还包括:网关,用于实现家用设备接入网络后设备和服务的注册、注销以及资源管理,控制家用设备之间以及家用设备与外部网络之间的链路建立、数据传输以及命令和协议的解释与转换,该网关直接或通过适配装置与一个或以上家用设备相连;所述网关进一步由门户网关和控制网关组成,该门户网关与控制网关通过宽带接口相连,其中,门户网关,具有宽带有线或无线接口,用于实现家用设备与外部网络之间的共享宽带接入,实现对所有家用设备的资源管理,响应并处理家用设备的各类请求;控制网关,具有窄带有线或无线接口,用于实现宽带家用设备和窄带家用设备之间的协议转换和数据传输,并控制窄带家 To achieve the above object, the technical solution of the present invention is implemented as follows: a digital home network system for controlling more than one home device interconnection and the sharing of resources, the system further comprising: a gateway device for realizing the household contact after the network registration, cancellation and resource management equipment and services, control links between the household apparatus and the external device and the home network is established, and the interpretation and transformation commands and data transmission protocol, the gateway directly or by adapting means connected to one or more home devices; the gateway and the gateway is further controlled by the portal gateways, gateway and the portal are connected by the broadband gateway interface control, wherein the portal gateway, having a broadband wired or wireless interface, and for realizing the household appliance shared between the broadband access external networks, resource management of all household appliances, and in response to various types of request processing household appliances; control gateways, wired or wireless interface having a narrow band, household equipment for broadband and narrowband household equipment protocol conversion and data transfer between, and controls the home narrowband 设备的接入。 Access device.

其中,所述门户网关和所述控制网关可以设置于同一设备中,或分别独立设置。 Wherein said control gateway and the portal gateway may be provided in the same apparatus, or set separately.

该系统还进一步包括服务器,用于存储信息和处理媒体分发请求,该服务器通过宽带接口与门户网关相连;同时,该服务器可直接或通过适配装置与至少一个家用设备连接。 The system further includes a server for storing and processing media information distribution request, the server is connected via a broadband gateway interface gateway; same time, the server can be connected directly or via at least one adapter device household appliance. 所述的服务器为具有设备管理和设备服务管理功能、资源管理功能、多媒体应用功能的PC机或专用服务器。 The server with device management and service management capabilities, resource management, PC multimedia machine or a dedicated server application functions.

上面方案中所述的适配装置为数字媒体控制适配器、或宽带适配器、或窄带适配器、或数字控制适配器、或无线数字控制适配器。 The above embodiment of the adaptation control device is a digital media adapter, adapter or broadband, narrowband or adapter, or digital control adapter, or wireless digital control adapter. 那么,该门户网关可通过宽带适配器连接外部网络;该控制网关通过窄带适配器与窄带通信设备相连,其中,窄带通信设备为公用电话交换网(PSTN)电话、移动电话、遥控器;控制网关还可以通过无线数字控制适配器与带有无线接口的设备相连。 So, the portal gateway through a broadband connection adapter external network; control gateway is connected via a narrowband adapter with narrowband communication equipment, wherein a narrowband communication device is a public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone, a mobile phone, a remote controller; control gateway may also control devices with a wireless interface adapter are connected by wireless digital.

所述的家用设备包括信息设备、通讯设备、娱乐设备、家用电器设备、自动化设备、保安监控装置等等用于家庭自动化的设备。 The apparatus includes an information household equipment, communications equipment, entertainment devices, home appliances, automation equipment, security monitoring devices and the like for home automation equipment. 该信息设备一般指家用电脑、掌上电脑、无线移动终端等设备;通讯设备包括IP电话、可视电话、E-Mail机等设备;娱乐设备包括机顶盒、游戏机等设备;家用电器为具有数字接口的家用电器设备、或大数据量视频/音频采集或显示设备、或普通家用电器设备。 Generally it refers to the information device home computers, handheld computers, mobile terminals and other wireless devices; communication device comprises an IP phone, video phone, E-Mail and other equipment; entertainment devices include set-top boxes, game consoles; household appliances having a digital interface the household appliances, or a large amount of data of video / audio capture or display device, or common household appliances. 该具有数字接口的家用电器设备通过高速数字接口与服务器相连;所述大数据量视频/音频采集设备或显示设备通过数字媒体控制适配器(DMCA)与门户网关相连;普通家用电器设备通过数字控制适配器(DCA)与控制网关相连,其中,所述普通家用电器设备为电视、空调、冰箱、洗衣机、微波炉等家用电器产品。 The digital interface with a home appliance connected to the device via a high-speed digital interface with a server; the large amount of data of video / audio capture device or a display control device adapter (DMCA) is connected to a digital media gateway via the portal; common digital control device via the home appliance adapter (DCA) connected to the control gateway, wherein the device is a television common household appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and other household products.

因此,本发明所提供的数字家庭网络系统,具有以下的优点和特点:1)本发明采用集中控制的方式,各类不同的设备均由服务器和网关直接或间接地控制,针对任务的不同复杂性,或交由网关处理,或交由服务器处理,尽量避免了系统负荷的不均匀。 Thus, the digital home network system of the present invention is provided with the following advantages and features: 1) the present invention uses centralized control, the different types of devices by the gateway server, and control directly or indirectly, for different tasks complex property, or to the gateway process, or to the server process, to avoid uneven loading system. 另外,集中控制减少了系统的维护费用,减轻了用户的使用负担,极大地提高了系统的处理效率。 In addition, the centralized control system to reduce maintenance costs, reduce the burden on the user to use, greatly improving the processing efficiency of the system.

2)本发明针对不同的指令方式和数据流量,给予不同的处理或数据通道,一方面可提升整个系统的性价比,另一方面可简化系统结构,确保系统的可靠性。 2) The present invention is directed to a different command mode and data traffic, are given different processing or data channel, on the one hand can improve the overall system cost, simplify the system structure on the other hand, to ensure system reliability. 而对于家庭用户,性价比和可靠性是极为重要的购买因素。 For home users, cost and reliability are extremely important purchasing factor.

3)虽然家用设备纷繁复杂,本发明的解决方案使这些设备有机互联、协同工作,并用服务器或网关控制不同类设备,让家庭用户得以实现随时随地的信息访问、随心所欲的娱乐享受以及舒适安全的家居生活。 3) Although household equipment complex, the solution of the invention is to make these devices organic Internet, work together, and to control different types of equipment with a server or gateway, allowing home users to achieve access to information anywhere, anytime, anywhere entertainment experience as well as comfortable and safe home life.

4)本发明利用网络技术将家庭中所有的控制延伸到户外,可随时随地的通过各种方式,比如无线、有线、网络,对家用设备进行控制和操作。 4) The present invention extends the use of network technology in the home to all the outdoor control can go through a variety of ways, such as wireless, cable, network, the device of the home control and operation. 而且,利用家庭网络使整个家庭中的各种设备形成一个整体,各种设备能协同为家庭用户提供完整的服务。 Moreover, the use of a variety of devices throughout the home network enables families to form a whole variety of devices can work together to provide a complete service for home users.

5)本系统是一个开放的系统,充分考虑了未来的发展和对现有技术和设备的支持,有很强的可实施性和可扩展性。 5) This system is an open system, fully consider the future development and support of existing technology and equipment, has a strong practicability and scalability.

6)本发明克服了家用设备的多样性以及网络环境的特殊性,充分利用了现实的技术和设备基础,特别是提出以现有发展最迅速的PC为控制核心,并融合高速和低速网关的功能,使整个家庭的自动化水平得到质的飞跃。 6) The present invention overcomes the diversity and specificity of the network environment household equipment, full use of the basic realities of technology and equipment, in particular, offered to existing fastest growing PC as the control center, and the integration of high-speed and low-speed gateway function, the level of automation for the entire family to get a qualitative leap.


图1为本发明数字家庭网络系统的组成结构示意图;图2为本发明数字家庭网络系统结构一实施例的示意图;图3为本发明一具体应用实例的流程图;图4为本发明管理服务软件的逻辑架构示意图;图5为设备交互过程的流程示意图。 1 is a schematic structural diagram of a digital home network system of the invention, FIG.; 2 of the present invention, a digital home network system configuration diagram of a schematic of an embodiment; flowchart showing a specific application example of the present invention, FIG. 3; FIG. 4 of the present invention, management services logical software architecture diagram; FIG. 5 is a schematic view of process equipment interaction.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

图1为本发明数字家庭网络系统的组成结构示意图,所谓数字家庭网络就是指将所有的家用设备动态连接成不同需求的内部网络,使所有的设备都能互连互通,并且共享所有的网络资源。 1 is a schematic structural diagram of a digital home network system of the invention FIG, a so-called digital home network refers to a network to dynamically connect all internal home devices into different needs, so that all devices can interconnection, and share all network resources . 该数字家庭网络支持家用设备间的动态组网与资源共享,从而可提高家用设备间的互操作性和易用性。 The digital home network support for dynamic networking and resource sharing among home devices, allowing them to improve interoperability and ease of use between home devices. 其中,动态组网的具体作用包括:一、网络中的设备无需事先通过手工方式进行网络参数配置;二、可以动态地从网络中选择相关设备组成一个家庭网络,家庭网络可以用于实现单一设备无法完成的功能,或提高这些单一设备原功能的性能;三、任意两个设备之间可以直接通信和资源共享以扩展单一设备的功能。 Wherein, the specific role of dynamic network comprising: a network device in the network without prior configuration parameters by manually; two, can be dynamically selected from the network-related equipment to form a home network, the home network may be used to implement a single device function can not be completed, or improve the performance of the original function of a single device; three, and an arbitrary resource sharing may communicate directly with a single device to extend the functionality between two devices. 资源共享是指网络中的设备能够发布自身所提供的资源,同时也可以方便地检索并利用其他设备所提供的资源,设备之间按照预先设定的协议标准完成资源共享。 Resource sharing refers to a network device to release the resources provided by itself, but also can easily retrieve and use the resources provided by other devices, resource sharing between devices is completed in accordance with a predetermined protocol standard.

如图1所示,该网络控制系统主要包括网关11,网关11的作用是网络协议的解释与转换、设备地址定位、数据转换与流向确定、简单命令解释与执行以及防火墙功能,可直接与外部网络,如Internet相连;也可以直接或通过各类适配器与不同的家用设备相连。 As shown, the network control system 1 mainly includes a gateway 11, the gateway 11 is to explain the role of the switching network protocol, the positioning device address, data conversion and flow is determined, a simple command interpretation and execution and firewall functions, directly with the outside network, such as the Internet is connected; may be connected with different household appliances directly or through various adapters. 由于各种接入设备的接口与带宽不同,网关11实际上包括门户网关110和控制网关111两部分,门户网关110和控制网关111一般通过宽带接口互连,这两部分可集成于一个设备中,也可分别独立设置。 Since the bandwidth of a variety of different interfaces and access devices, a portal gateway 11 actually comprises a control gateway 111 and gateway 110 in two parts, a portal gateway 110 and gateway 111 typically by a control interface to the broadband interconnection, the two parts may be integrated in a device It may also be set separately.

门户网关110通过宽带接入总线经由宽带适配器(BA)连入INTERNET,主要负担宽带数据的传送;BA通常可采用电缆调制解调器(Cable Modem)、非对称用户数字环路调制解调器(ADSL Modem)等调制解调设备,以实现各种方式的宽带接入。 Gateway 110 connected to the gateway over a broadband access via a broadband bus adapter (BA) INTERNET, the main burden of transmitting broadband data; BA usually be a cable modem (Cable Modem), Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop modems (ADSL Modem) like modem transfer devices to the broadband access various ways. 同时,门户网关110通过宽带网经由数字媒体控制适配器(DMCA)与显示/控制设备、AV设备相连。 Meanwhile, the portal gateway 110 controlling the adapter (DMCA) and the display / control device, connected AV devices via the digital broadband network media. 控制网关111可直接或通过各类适配器与各种控制子网设备13相连,主要用来向所连接的家用设备传输控制命令,同时接收家用设备的反馈控制结果。 Control gateway 111 may transmit a control command to the home device connected directly or through a variety of adapter devices coupled with a variety of control sub 13, is mainly used, while receiving the results of the feedback control of the household appliance. 而且,门户网关110还可以通过宽带无线接入方式连接移动设备。 Moreover, the portal 110 may also be connected to the gateway device through a mobile broadband wireless access. 控制网关111一般通过窄带接口连接各类普通家用设备,如:空调、电视、电灯等等,它也可通过外部接口与PSTN电话、移动电话或普通遥控器等设备相连,以实现速率相对较低的窄带接入;控制网关111还可以通过无线数字控制适配器连接带有无线接口的设备。 Control Gateway Interface 111 is generally connected through the narrowband common types of household equipment, such as: television, lamps, etc., it can also be connected via an external interface with a PSTN telephone, a mobile phone or an ordinary remote control device, to achieve a relatively low rate narrowband access; gateway 111 may also control a control device connected to the adapter with a radio interface via the digital radio. 通常,直接与门户网关110连接的家用设备统称为主干网设备,与控制网关相连的家用设备统称为控制子网设备。 Typically, the portal directly to collectively and home gateway device 110 is connected to the backbone network device, a home gateway connected to the control device referred to as a control device subnet.

在网关11与主干网设备12或控制子网设备13之间设置有适配装置,用于将家用设备,比如:电灯、空调、冰箱等接入数字家庭网络。 11 is provided with the gateway device 12 or the backbone network between the device 13 has a control sub adapter means, for household appliances, such as: lights, air conditioners, refrigerators and other digital home access network. 该适配装置可以是各类适配器,其可独立存在,也可集成于主干网设备12或控制子网设备13之上,成为设备的一个部件。 The apparatus may be adapted to various types of adapters, which can exist independently or integrated into the device or on the backbone subnetwork 13 controls the apparatus 12, to become a member device. 该适配装置具有三个功能:其一,设备地址,通过不同属性的适配器来区分出不同的设备;其二,命令转换,可将网关11传递来的设备命令转换成设备可以执行的模拟或数字信号,以便进一步操作;其三,设备状态反馈,即:向网关11或服务器10反映主干网设备12或控制子网设备13的当前状态。 The adaptation device has three functions: First, the device address, the adapter distinguished by different properties of different devices; Second, command conversion, the gateway 11 may be transmitted to the device into an analog command device may perform or a digital signal for further operation; Third, device status feedback, namely: 12 or reflect the current state of the control device 13 backbone subnetwork to the gateway device 11 or the server 10.

主干网设备12和控制子网设备13通常包括信息设备、通讯设备、娱乐设备、家用电器设备、自动化设备、保安监控装置等几类,其中,信息设备一般指家用电脑、掌上电脑、无线移动终端等设备;通讯设备包括IP电话、可视电话、E-Mail机等设备;娱乐设备包括机顶盒、游戏机等设备;家用电器设备又可以分为三类:具有通用数字接口的一类数字电器设备,其可以通过USB、IEEE 1394、串口、并口或类似的数字接口直接与服务器10连接;大数据量的音频/视频采集设备或显示设备,比如:摄像机、电视机、数字显示器等等,该类设备一般通过主干网连接门户网关110;以及通常意义上所指的日常使用的普通家用电器设备,比如:电灯、冰箱、空调、洗衣机、光盘机、录像机、卡拉OK机、微波炉、电动窗帘等,其可直接或通过数字控制适配器经由控制子网与控制 Backbone network 12 and the control apparatus 13 typically comprises several sub-device type information devices, communication devices, entertainment devices, home appliances, automation equipment, security monitoring devices and the like, which generally refers to the device information home computers, handheld computers, wireless mobile terminal other equipment; communication device comprises an IP phone, video phone, E-Mail and other equipment; entertainment devices include set-top boxes, game consoles and other devices; household appliances can be divided into three categories: a digital device having universal electrical digital interface , which may be connected through USB, IEEE 1394, serial, parallel, or similar digital interface directly with the server 10; a large data amount of audio / video capture device or a display device, such as: a camera, a television, digital display or the like, such gateway devices are generally connected to the portal through the backbone network 110; and common household appliances everyday use referred to in the usual sense, such as: lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, CD players, VCRs, Kara OK machine, microwave oven, electric curtains, etc. which can be controlled by the digital adapter directly or via sub-control and control 关111相连。 Off 111 is connected.

基于上述结构,图1所示的数字家庭网络从网络层次上可分为主干网和控制子网。 Based on the above configuration, the digital home network shown in FIG. 1 from the backbone network can be divided into levels and control sub. 其中,家庭主干网构筑了家庭的信息/多媒体网络,它实现信息设备、通讯设备、娱乐设备等的互联,该主干网中传输的数据主要包括文字、图片、音频、视频等信息。 Wherein the home backbone network to build a family of information / multimedia network, which implements information Internet equipment, communications equipment, entertainment devices, and the data transmission backbone network information including text, images, audio, video and so on. 对家庭主干网的要求主要是高速率的传输、高服务质量的保证、动态组网以及有效的资源共享。 Requirements for the family is the main backbone of high-speed transfer rate, high-quality service assurance, efficient and dynamic network resource sharing. 在主干网中,主要的控制核心是门户网关110,它一方面通过主干网连接各种主干网设备12,或通过主干网的无线接口连接移动设备,实现包括移动设备在内的家庭内部设备互联;另一方面通过宽带接入连接外部网络,实现家庭的宽带接入;该门户网关的宽带接入功能实现主干网与外部网络的连接,使家庭主干网中的设备可以共享来自因特网的信息。 In the backbone network, the main control center is the gateway to gateway 110, which is connected on the one hand a variety of backbone network 12 via backbone network equipment, or mobile device connected to the backbone network via a wireless interface, internal equipment for home network comprises a mobile device including ; on the other hand an external access via a broadband network, the broadband access to homes; broadband access the portal gateway connected to realize an external backbone network, the home backbone network so that devices can share information from the Internet. 主干网中还可以有一个服务器10,作为数字家庭的处理中心和存储中心,它可以是一台PC机,也可以是一台专用的服务器,该服务器10通过主干网与门户网关110相连。 Backbone network 10 may be a server, a processing center and the center of the digital home storage, it may be a PC, or may be a dedicated server that is connected via the backbone network 10 and the gateway 110. Gateway. 在主干网中,TCP/IP协议为网络设备提供基本的通讯和寻址方法,为了更好地在数字家庭网络范围内实现动态组网和资源共享,结合家庭联网的具体需求,在TCP/IP协议之上还运行有一套自定义的家庭主干网协议标准,以便该数字家庭网络能够更轻松、简单、方便地实现网络中设备间的互连。 In backbone network, TCP / IP protocol to provide basic communications and addressing methods for network devices, in order to better achieve dynamic networking and resource sharing in the digital home network range, combined with the specific needs of home networking, in TCP / IP the agreement also run on top of a set of family backbone protocol-defined criteria for the digital home network easier, simple and easy to achieve the interconnection between network devices. 另外,从图1中可以看出,主干网在组网形态上包含有线和无线两种方式,为了实现一些无线移动设备的互连,让用户充分享受随时随地的信息访问,无线主干网是数字家庭网络主干网中不可或缺的一部分。 Further, it can be seen from Figure 1, the backbone network comprising wired and wireless networking in the form of two ways, in order to achieve a number of interconnected wireless mobile device, allowing users to fully enjoy access to information anytime, anywhere, is a digital wireless backbone an integral part of the home network backbone network.

控制子网用于实现家用电器、自动化设备、保安(监控)装置等设备的互联,控制子网中传输的数据主要是对设备的各种控制指令以及设备的状态数据。 Subnets interconnected apparatus for controlling home appliances, automation equipment, security (monitoring) device or the like, the control data is mainly transmitted subnet various control commands and data to the device status of the device. 对控制子网的要求,主要在于数据传输的实时性与可靠性,而对网络带宽的要求则相对较低。 Subnet control requirements, mainly in real-time and reliability of data transmission, and network bandwidth requirements are relatively low. 控制子网的组建是实现家庭自动化的重要前提:一方面用户可以通过各种人机接口来控制家中的设备,无论是在家中的任何房间,或是在世界的任何地方,都能方便地对家庭中的各种设备进行查询和控制;另一方面,家庭自动化系统中的各种设备会自动根据其他设备的信息做出相应的操作,以使家庭自动化使生活更为舒适、安全、高效和节能。 Control the formation of the subnet is an important prerequisite for home automation: one user can control home devices through a variety of man-machine interfaces, whether it is at home in any room, or anywhere in the world, can conveniently family in a variety of devices to query and control; on the other hand, a variety of devices for home automation system will automatically make the appropriate action based on the information to other devices to make home automation to make life more comfortable, safe, efficient and energy saving. 控制子网中的控制网关一方面用于实现各类家用设备的互联;另一方面用来实现控制子网与主干网的互联,即实现控制子网与主干网的通讯协议及设备描述转换,主干网中的设备通过控制网关实现对家庭自动化系统的控制;同时给远程电话报警和电话远程控制提供了外部接口。 Subnet gateway control aspect for all types of home devices are interconnected; on the other hand to achieve control subnet backbone network, i.e. to achieve control and protocol conversion device description subnet backbone, the backbone network equipment to achieve control of home automation systems by controlling the gateway; at the same time to the remote phone alarm and telephone remote control provides external interfaces. 在控制子网中,还定义有一套控制子网协议,是实现控制子网设备之间信息交换的一种通讯机制,以使不同生产厂家的设备形成统一的标准,实现相互通讯;便于家庭消费者可以很容易引入新的产品和服务;使用户对设备的控制和操作更加方便。 In the control subnet, subnet also define a set of control protocol is to realize a communication mechanism for exchanging information between the control device subnets, so that different manufacturers of equipment to form a unified standard, for communicating with each; facilitate household consumption We can easily introduce new products and services; enables users to control and operate the equipment more convenient. 该控制子网协议是利用家用电子设备的设计特点,加上尽可能简单的网络连接单元来处理当前的和预期的控制通讯需求,完成自动化协同工作、远程控制、状态指示、能源管理、安全系统、娱乐设备管理等功能。 The control sub-network protocol is the use of home electronics equipment design features, coupled with the simplest possible network connection unit to deal with current and anticipated demand for communication control, complete automation work together, remote control, status indication, energy management, security system , an entertainment device management.

实际上,在日常应用中,数字家庭网络可以同时包含主干网和控制子网,也可以只包括二者之一。 In fact, in everyday applications, the digital home network can contain both backbone and control subnet may also include only one of them. 当用户只需要在家居范围内控制简单的家用设备时,比如:电视、冰箱、空调、电灯、电动设备等,数字家庭网络可以只保留控制子网部分,包括控制网关及其连接的家用设备,由控制网关来实现统一的控制和管理,也可以通过有线或无线电话实现远程控制。 When users need only a simple control home devices in the home range, such as: TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, lighting, electrical equipment, digital home network can only retain control sub-section, including home gateways and connected to the control device, controlled by the gateway to achieve a unified control and management, remote control can also be achieved via a wired or wireless phone. 当用户需要控制大量宽带设备并实现资源共享,而不考虑简单的家用设备的控制时,可以只保留数字家庭网络中的主干网部分,包括门户网关及其连接的家用设备,由门户网关来实现统一的控制、管理以及资源共享,或者可以加入一台服务器,辅助门户网关进行管理,此时,可以通过有线、无线电话或上网方式进行远程控制。 When a user needs to control a large number of broadband equipment and sharing of resources, regardless of the simple control of home devices, you can keep only part of the backbone of the digital home network, including portals and home gateway device connected to achieve by the portal gateway unified control, management and sharing of resources, or can be added to a server, the secondary gateway management portal, this time, it can be remotely controlled via a wired, wireless telephone or online mode. 当用户需要完全的家用设备智能化、控制化时,就采用主干网和控制子网结合的方式,由门户网关、控制网关或加上服务器一起共同控制数字家庭网络,实现所有家用设备的互连互通以及资源共享。 When a user needs to complete household equipment intelligent control of it by way of the backbone network and subnet combined control, by the portal gateway, the gateway control or joint control server plus digital home network to interconnect all household equipment exchange and sharing of resources.

在本发明的数字家庭网络中,用户可以通过遥控器或通过电话、移动终端、外部网络,比如因特网(Internet)对系统发出命令,进而控制主干网设备12或控制子网设备13执行相应的操作。 In a digital home network according to the present invention, a remote controller or by the user by telephone, mobile terminal, an external network, such as the Internet (Internet) to issue commands to the system, and thus the control device 12 or the backbone subnetwork control device 13 performs a corresponding operation . 遥控器是通过网关11或服务器10进一步对相关的设备进行控制,其以无线方式与网关11或者服务器10进行通讯。 A further remote controller 11 through the gateway server 10 or associated apparatus control 11 which communicate with the gateway server 10 or in a wireless manner. 通常,遥控器采用图符方式表示设备及其状态,操作前,遥控器能给出设备状态;操作后,遥控器能反映出执行结果。 Typically, the remote control device using the icon embodiment showing its state before the operation state of the remote control device can give; After the operation, the remote controller can reflect the result. 但服务器10的命令级别高于遥控器和用户通过INTERNET发出的命令。 But the server 10 is higher than the level of the command and the remote user command issued INTERNET. 服务器10与网关11可通过以太网方式或其它等效的方式相互连接,服务器10与家用设备通过有线或无线方式连接。 Server 10 may be connected to the gateway 11 via Ethernet or other equivalent each other, and the home server device 10 via wired or wireless manner. 另外,用户必须通过网关的验证,比如验证密码、生物密码、磁卡、IC卡等确认后,且验证的错误次数在有限范围内,才能执行后续操作。 Further, the user must authenticate the gateway, such as a password verification confirmation, biological passwords, magnetic cards, IC cards, and the number of authentication errors within a limited range, to perform a subsequent operation.

图2为基于本发明系统结构的一个具体实施例,如图2所示,各类设备在数字家庭网络中所扮演的角色各不相同。 FIG 2 is a specific embodiment of a system based on the configuration of the present invention, the various types of equipment in a digital home network role varies as shown in FIG 2. 门户网关21、控制网关22、服务器20分别担任着家庭通信中心、家庭控制中心和家庭信息娱乐中心的角色,以保证基于数字家庭网络平台的各项应用的实现。 Portal gateway 21, the gateway control 22, 20, respectively, as a server role of family communication center, home control center and home infotainment center, in order to ensure the realization of the digital home network application platform.

作为家庭通信中心的门户网关21,其核心作用是:对内实现家庭内部各类设备之间的互联,对外实现多类设备的共享宽带接入。 As a gateway to gateway family communication center 21, the core role is: to achieve internal interconnection between the various types of equipment within the family, the external shared broadband access many types of equipment. 门户网关21是根据特定的数字家庭网络应用环境而定制,可支持多种宽带接入方式,例如LAN,xDSL,Cable Modem等,可支持的网络标准有LAN,HomeRF,HomePNA,802.11,IEEE1394,Bluetooth,Lonworks,CEBus,CAN等。 21 Gateway portal is tailored to the specific application of digital home network environment that can support a variety of broadband access methods, such as LAN, xDSL, Cable Modem and other network standards are supported LAN, HomeRF, HomePNA, 802.11, IEEE1394, Bluetooth , Lonworks, CEBus, CAN and so on. 同时,门户网关21又可以充当家庭主干网中的资源管理设备,响应并处理其它设备的服务注册、注销和查询等请求。 At the same time, it can act as a gateway to gateway 21 home backbone network resource management equipment, response equipment and other processing services registration, cancellation and query requests.

作为家庭控制中心的控制网关22,其核心作用是:一方面,实现控制子网与主干网之间的协议转换,以保证主干网上的设备与控制子网上的设备互连互通;同时还可实现远程电话报警和电话远程控制。 As a gateway control home control center 22, which is the central role: on the one hand, to achieve control protocol conversion between subnets and backbone to ensure that the equipment and control sub-device interconnection of the Internet backbone; but can also achieve phone alarm and remote telephone remote control. 另一方面,通过窄带适配器(NA)与窄带通信设备相连,比如:连接公用电话交换网(PSTN)电话、移动电话或遥控器等,以实现控制子网中遥控器等各类控制设备的接入。 On the other hand, connected by a narrow band adapter (NA) and narrow-band communications device, such as: connecting public switched telephone network (PSTN) telephone, a mobile phone or remote control, to enable control of the remote subnet and other access control device into.

作为家庭信息娱乐中心的服务器20,可通过高速数字接口连接具有数字接口的家用电器设备,其核心作用是:1)家庭的信息存储中心,存储各类数据、音频、视频文件,并提供友好的信息维护界面,用户可以在家庭服务器本地或通过其它联网设备方便地实现信息上载和下载。 20, can be connected consumer electronic devices with a digital interface, a server information home entertainment center via a high-speed digital interface to its core role is to: 1) family of information storage center to store all kinds of data, audio, video files, and friendly information maintenance interface, users can achieve in the home server locally or upload and download information easily by other networked devices. 2)家庭的媒体分发中心,能够响应来自不同设备的媒体分发请求,将音频、视频流分发给不同的设备节点进行播放。 2) family media distribution center can respond to requests from different media distribution equipment, audio, video streaming nodes distributed to different devices for playback.

从图2中可以看出,家庭的所有家用设备均被通过各种方式挂接在家庭网络上,组成了一个有机的系统,从而达到了设备互连、资源共享的目标。 As can be seen from Figure 2, all home devices in the home on a home network are articulated in a variety of ways, an organic system composed so as to achieve the interconnection device, resource sharing target.

下面配合附图通过两个具体应用实例来进一步说明本发明家庭智能化控制的结构。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF family structure further intelligent control of the present invention by the following two examples with specific applications.

实例1:由于本发明将所有家用设备置于统一的控制系统中,那么,在天气炎热时,用户可在下班回家的路上随时通过手机连通网关来开启家中的空调,使自己到家后,室内的温度已调整到理想状态。 Example 1: Since the invention of all household device into a unified control system, then, when the weather is hot, the user can at any time to open the home air conditioner by phone connectivity gateways on the way home from work, make yourself at home, the interior the temperature had been adjusted to the desired state.

由于控制指令的传输对带宽要求不高,而且控制网关具有独立的外部电话接口,上述过程的实现主要涉及到控制网关和相关DCA,而与门户网关无关。 Since the control command transmission bandwidth less demanding, but has a separate external control gateway telephone interface, to achieve the above control process is mainly related to the DCA and associated gateway, the gateway regardless of the portal. 具体实现过程如图3所示,主要包括以下的步骤:步骤301:用户通过手机拨打家中的电话号码,经由NA与控制网关建立连接;步骤302:在控制网关中安装有远程控制软件,它可以通过手机提示用户选择控制对象,相应地,用户通过手机按键选择控制空调;步骤303:控制网关接收到该控制指令后,经过地址分析、定位后,将它转发给与空调相连的数字控制适配器(DCA);步骤304:该DCA接收到控制网关转发过来的控制指令后,将它转换成空调可以识别的控制代码,并下发给空调,从而实现对空调的控制。 Specific implementation shown in Figure 3, mainly includes the following steps: Step 301: a user via mobile phone to call the home telephone number, establishing a connection via a gateway NA control; Step 302: remote control software is installed in a control gateway, it can mobile phone prompts the user to select a control object, accordingly, the user selecting the phone keypad conditioning control; step 303: after receiving the control gateway control command, through address analysis, after positioning, it will forward the digital control adapter connected to conditioning give ( DCA); step 304: after receiving the DCA forwarded by the gateway to control the control command, converts it into control code air conditioner can be recognized, and delivers air conditioning, to achieve control of the air conditioner.

实例2:某个用户想将自己掌上电脑中的一幅图片用大屏幕展示给家人。 Example 2: A user wants to own handheld picture show to the big screen with his family. 在目前的家庭条件下,这是很难办到的。 In the current family conditions, it is very difficult. 但是,利用本发明的数字家庭网络系统结构,服务器会自动搜寻系统中的大屏幕显示设备,比如:电视、电脑显示器等等。 However, the digital home network system, the server will automatically search system using the present invention, the large-screen display devices, such as: televisions, computer monitors, and so on. 用户会依据系统的反馈来决定是使用电视,还是电脑显示器来展示自己的图片。 The system will be based on user feedback to decide whether to use television or computer monitor to show their pictures.

由于传送图片对网络带宽的要求相对较高,因此,上述实现过程主要涉及到门户网关和相关的DMCA,由于门户网关具备无线接口,掌上电脑可通过无线方式接入门户网关,并进而实现与家庭中其它设备的互联。 Since the delivery network bandwidth requirements are relatively high, and therefore, the above-described implementation primarily relates to the portal gateway and the DMCA related, since the portal comprising a wireless interface gateway, the access gateway may be handheld wireless gateway, and thus achieve the family in other interconnected devices. 另外,在掌上电脑和门户网关上要预先分别安装有客户端和服务端的管理程序,以完成收发和处理过程。 Further, in the handheld and portals are previously attached to the gateway client and server management program, and a transceiver to complete the processing procedure. 具体过程是这样的:当用户希望借助大屏幕显示设备来显示掌上电脑中的图片时,用户需要先启动安装在掌上电脑上的本地客户端服务管理程序,选择图片显示功能,并制定需要显示的一张或一组图片;位于门户网关上的服务端管理程序接收到来自掌上电脑的图片显示请求以后,将进行如下地处理:首先找到家庭网络中具备大屏幕显示功能的设备,然后将从掌上电脑传送过来的图片转发给与电视相连的数字媒体控制适配器(DMCA);该DMCA接收到转发过来的图片后,将它转换成显示设备,如电视可以接受的格式,并下发给显示设备。 Specific process is as follows: When a user wants to use a large screen display device to display your handheld pictures, you need to start local client service management program is installed on the Pocket PC, select a picture display function, and set to be displayed image or group of images; located on the server side management programs on the portal gateway receives images from the Pocket PC display request later, will be handled as follows: first, find the home network has a large-screen display function, and then from palm transmitted from the computer connected to the television images forwarded to the control digital media adapter (DMCA); DMCA after the receipt of the forwarded over the image, converts it to a display device, such as a television format acceptable, and delivers the display apparatus. 同样地,按照上述流程,用户还可实现视频播放、音频播放等功能,比如:在家庭音响中播放掌上电脑中存储的音频文件,或在电视上播放掌上电脑中存储的视频文件。 Similarly, according to the above process, the user can implement video player, audio player and other functions, such as: PDA play audio files stored in my home stereo, or play video files stored on your handheld on television.

本发明数字家庭网络系统的控制核心就是:网关或网关加服务器,而其实施控制的前提是:必须在其内部配置相应的服务管理程序,以实现设备管理和设备服务管理功能、资源管理功能、多媒体应用功能。 Control center of the digital home network system of the present invention is: a gateway or gateway plus servers, and the premise that the implementation of control are: you must configure the service management program in its internal order to achieve device management and service management, resource management, multimedia applications. 其中,设备管理和设备服务管理功能主要包括设备自动识别、设备自动注册、对设备提供的服务进行管理与控制,该功能为设备服务的注册、管理和使用制定了相关的标准,以便对设备服务能有效的管理,实现服务的协同开展;资源管理功能主要对分布在系统的不同格式资源,包括不同的数据格式、编码方式、文件或数据库表进行有效地管理,不仅实现各种设备资源的高度共享,如:音频/视频的数据源等,而且能够实现跨平台的数据共享;多媒体应用功能是对多种格式的音视频文件,包括MP3、WMA、MPEG-1、DVD、ASF,进行采集、编码、播放和编辑管理的功能。 Where device management and service management functions include device automatically recognizes the device automatically registered for the service provided by the device to manage and control the functions of development of the relevant criteria for registration, management and use of equipment and services for the equipment service can effectively manage to achieve synergy between services; resource management function mainly distributed in different formats in the system's resources, including different data formats, encoding, file or database table effectively manage, not only to achieve a variety of equipment resources height sharing, such as: audio / video and other data sources, and to achieve cross-platform data sharing; multimedia applications are audio and video files to a variety of formats, including MP3, WMA, MPEG-1, DVD, ASF, collection, encoding, playback and editing management functions.

上述管理功能在逻辑层次上分成三个部分,包括设备适配层41,设备/服务管理层42和应用层43。 Wherein the management function logically divided into three parts in the hierarchy, the device comprising adaptation layer 41, the device / service management 42 and the application layer 43. 如图4所示,设备适配层41在操作系统40之上,是软件可见的最低层次,提供物理设备的访问通讯功能;其上是设备/服务管理层42,它是一个中间层,主要负责和设备进行自动通讯,实现设备互通和设备服务的共享,并为上层应用提供一个与具体设备无关的程序访问接口;应用层43是用户可见的层次,提供基于Web的各种服务,在使用服务时,用户无需关心谁是服务的提供者,服务的结果将保存在哪里,只需知道系统提供有这样的服务,即可正常的使用。 4, device adaptation layer 40 on top of the operating system 41, software visible is the lowest level, to provide access to a physical communication device; which is a device / service management 42, which is an intermediate layer, the main responsible for equipment and automated communications, equipment interoperability and sharing of equipment and services, and provide a program independent of the specific device access interface to the upper application; application layer 43 is visible to the user level, Web-based services in use when the service, users do not care who is the provider of services, the result will be saved in the service where, just know that the system provides such a service, you can normally use.

在本发明的数字家庭网络系统中采用主从结构,一般由服务器或网关作为主设备,进行设备管理;从设备是指具体连入该数字家庭网络的各种设备,它们必须与主设备进行通讯。 In a digital home network using the main system of the present invention from the structure, typically by a server or gateway device as a master, device management;, they must communicate with the master device from the device means that a particular variety of devices connected to the home network of the digital .

基于该主从控制结构,设备适配层41提供设备驱动程序,并与操作系统进行交互。 Based on the provided device driver from the master control structure, device adaptation layer 41, and interact with the operating system. 设备通过设备适配层的配置可以成为一个能够正常工作的设备,具有网络通讯能力,但是它不具备和网络中其他已联网设备自动交互的能力。 By configuring the device can be a device adaptation layer of a device to work properly with network communications capability, but it does not have the ability to network and other networked devices automatically interact.

设备/服务管理层42是对已经能够正常工作的设备进行管理,实现不同设备之间的互联互通,并共享设备之间的服务,它是软件架构中最核心的部分。 Equipment / Services Management is a 42 equipment has to work properly managed, to achieve interoperability between different devices, and shared services between devices, it is a software architecture in the core part. 其中,设备管理主要包括:1)设备使用DHCP、DNS、ARP等协议自动设置本地网络地址;2)主设备自动寻找同一网段的其他设备;3)主设备向从设备发送控制命令,从设备自动响应;4)不同设备可以自动传送工作状态;5)对于设备间的通讯链路进行自动管理。 Wherein, the device management including: 1) device uses DHCP, DNS, ARP protocol and other local network address is automatically set; 2) the master device to automatically find the other devices in the same network segment; 3) the master device to the slave device transmits a control command from the device automatic response; 4) different device may automatically transfer the working state; 5) for the communication link between the devices managed automatically.

服务管理主要包括:1)提供对所有设备服务进行自动注册、服务协商、服务响应和服务注销的能力;2)提供统一的设备服务描述方式和服务查询能力;3)提供不同类型设备之间自动交换以及关于设备类型和提供服务的描述能力。 Service Management include: 1) provide all equipment for automatic registration of service, the ability to service negotiation, service response and service canceled; 2) to provide a unified way equipment service description and service query capabilities; 3) provided between different types of devices automatically exchange as well as on the ability to describe the type of equipment and the provision of services.

应用层43是用户实际可见的层面,通过基于Web的控制界面,用户可以通过交互操作实现场景音乐控制、家庭安防、家庭健身等等功能。 The application layer 43 is actually visible to the user level, through a Web-based control interface, users can control music scene through interaction, home security, home fitness and more.

当设备进入系统后,需要通过与网关的交互通讯来完成设备发现、设备注册以及设备服务注册的功能,并通过网关自动在设备间建立传输链路,并进行数据链路的统一管理。 When the device enters the system through interactive communication needs and to complete the gateway device discovery, device registration and registration service function of the device, and automatically establish a transmission link between the devices through the gateway, and unified management of the data link. 如图5所示,当设备A需要接入数字家庭网络系统时,设备A向主设备--服务器或网关发设备注册消息,在本实施例中,主设备为网关;网关收到注册消息后发设备注册响应给该设备A,允许或拒绝该设备A接入;如果允许,则设备A与网关之间建立连接,并且设备A向网关发送服务注册消息,网关回送服务注册响应,允许设备A共享所有的服务和所有系统资源。 After receiving the registration message gateway; send registration message server or gateway device, in the present embodiment, the master device is a gateway - As shown, when the device A needs to access the digital home network system, the master device 5 to device A apparatus registration response sent to the apparatus A, the apparatus A allow or deny access; if allowed, the device A to establish a connection between the gateway and the gateway device A transmits a service registration message, the gateway service registration response sent back, allowing the apparatus A share all services and all system resources. 在设备A注册完成之后,当前连入网络的设备之间可进行数据交互,并可访问由其他设备注册并提供的服务。 A device After registration is complete, the current can be connected to the network of data exchange between devices and access to registration and service provided by other devices.

在设备之间自动建立连接之后,设备根据请求的服务进行数据传送,由设备上配置的软件自动进行设备解码,并做出正确的处理。 After the connection is automatically established between the device, the device according to the service requested data transfer, performed automatically by the software decoding apparatus configured on the device, and make proper handling. 如图5所示,当两个设备之间需要传送数据时,设备A向网关发起数据传输请求,其中包括目的设备的地址,网关收到数据传输请求后,同时向设备A和目的设备发送传输链路建立消息,在设备A和目的设备之间建立连接,之后,两个设备之间便可进行数据交互了。 5, when the need to transfer data between two devices, device A initiates a data transfer request to the gateway, including the address of the destination device, the gateway receives the data transmission request, and transmits to the transmission device A and the destination device link setup message, a connection is established between the device a and the destination device, then, between two of the devices can exchange data. 典型的,对于场景音乐这样的应用,在完成设备注册之后,由服务器端将MP3编码格式的音频数据发送给音频适配器,音频适配器进行解码,并播放出来。 Typically, such an application scenario for the music, after completion of the registration device, by the server to the audio coding format MP3 data is transmitted to the audio decoding adapter, an audio adapter, and to play out. 同时,音频适配器将自身的状态传回服务器,状态包括播放音量、播放曲目、播放连接等状态信息。 Meanwhile, the audio adapter's own state back to the server, including the state of play volume, play track, play status of a connection and so on.

当设备A需要脱离该数字家庭网络系统时,如图5所示,设备A向网关发设备卸载消息,网关收到后回送设备卸载响应消息给设备A,许可设备A下线。 When the device A needs to disengage from the home digital network system, shown in Figure 5, the gateway device A to send unloading facility message, the gateway receives a response message sent back to the unloading device, device A, device A offline license.

以上所述,仅为本发明的较佳实施例而已,并非用于限定本发明的保护范围。 The above are only preferred embodiments of the present invention but are not intended to limit the scope of the present invention.

Claims (14)

1.一种数字家庭网络系统,用于控制一个以上家用设备的互连互通和资源共享,其特征在于,该系统还包括:网关,用于实现家用设备接入网络后设备和服务的注册、注销以及资源管理,控制家用设备之间以及家用设备与外部网络之间的链路建立、数据传输以及命令和协议的解释与转换,该网关直接或通过适配装置与一个或一个以上家用设备相连;所述网关进一步由门户网关和控制网关组成,该门户网关与控制网关通过宽带接口相连,其中,门户网关,具有宽带有线或无线接口,用于实现家用设备与外部网络之间的共享宽带接入,实现对所有家用设备的资源管理,响应并处理家用设备的各类请求;控制网关,具有窄带有线或无线接口,用于实现宽带家用设备和窄带家用设备之间的协议转换和数据传输,并控制窄带家用设备的接入。 A digital home network system for controlling more than one home device interconnection and the sharing of resources, characterized in that the system further comprising: a gateway device for implementing the registration service and the home network access device, logoff resource management and control links between the household apparatus and the external device and the home network is established, and the interpretation and transformation commands and data transmission protocol, the gateway connected to one or more home devices, directly or through the adapter device ; the gateway and the gateway is further controlled by the portal gateways, gateway and the portal are connected by the broadband gateway interface control, wherein the portal gateway, having a broadband wired or wireless interface for broadband shared between the home network connected with an external device into, resource management of all household appliances, and in response to various types of request processing household appliances; control gateways, wired or wireless interface having a narrow band for data transmission and protocol conversion between wideband and narrowband home devices household equipment, and controlling access to narrowband household appliance.
2.根据权利要求1所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述门户网关与所述控制网关设置于同一设备中,或分别独立设置。 2. Digital home network system according to claim 1, wherein: said portal gateway and the gateway control is provided in the same apparatus, or set separately.
3.根据权利要求1所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:该系统还进一步包括服务器,用于存储信息和处理媒体分发请求,该服务器通过宽带接口与网关中的门户网关相连;同时,该服务器可直接或通过适配装置与至少一个家用设备连接。 3. The digital home network system according to claim 1, wherein: the system further comprises a server for storing and processing media information distribution request, the server interface connected to the gateway through a broadband portal gateway; at the same time, the server may be connected to at least one home device directly or through the adapter device.
4.根据权利要求3所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述的服务器为具有设备管理和设备服务管理功能、资源管理功能、多媒体应用功能的PC机或专用服务器。 4. The digital home network system according to claim 3, wherein: the device management server having management and service equipment, resource management, multimedia applications PC or a dedicated server.
5.根据权利要求1或3所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述的适配装置为数字媒体控制适配器、或宽带适配器、或窄带适配器、或数字控制适配器、或无线数字控制适配器。 The digital home network system according to claim 13, wherein: said apparatus is adapted to control a digital media adapter, adapter or broadband, narrowband or adapter, or digital control adapter, or wireless digital control adapter .
6.根据权利要求5所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述网关中的门户网关通过宽带适配器连接外部网络。 6. Digital home network system as claimed in claim 5, wherein: the portal gateway network gateway through a broadband connection to an external adapter.
7.根据权利要求5所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述网关中的控制网关通过窄带适配器与窄带通信设备相连。 The digital home network system as claimed in claim 5, wherein: the gateway control gateway is connected to narrowband narrowband communication adapter device.
8.根据权利要求7所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述的窄带通信设备为公用电话交换网(PSTN)电话、移动电话、遥控器。 8. The digital home network system according to claim 7, wherein: said narrowband communication device is a public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone, a mobile phone, a remote controller.
9.根据权利要求5所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述网关中的控制网关通过无线数字控制适配器与带有无线接口的设备相连。 9. The digital home network system according to claim 5, wherein: the gateway control and gateway control devices with a wireless interface adapter are connected by wireless digital.
10.根据权利要求1或3所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述的家用设备为信息设备、或通讯设备、或娱乐设备、或家用电器设备、或自动化设备、或保安监控装置。 10. A digital home network system according to claim 13, wherein: said information is a household appliance device, or communication devices, or entertainment devices, home appliances or equipment, or automated equipment, or a security monitoring device .
11.根据权利要求10所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述的家用电器设备为具有数字接口的家用电器设备、或大数据量视频/音频采集或显示设备、或普通家用电器设备。 11. The digital home network system according to claim 10, wherein: said device is a household appliance household appliances with a digital interface, or a large amount of data of video / audio capture or display device, or common household appliances .
12.根据权利要求11所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述具有数字接口的家用电器设备通过高速数字接口与服务器相连。 12. A digital home network system as claimed in claim 11, wherein: said home appliances having a digital interface are connected via high-speed digital interface server.
13.根据权利要求11所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述大数据量视频/音频采集设备或显示设备通过数字媒体控制适配器与网关中的门户网关相连。 13. A digital home network system as claimed in claim 11, wherein: said large amount data of the video / audio capture device or a display device controlled by a digital media adapter connected to gateway portal gateway.
14.根据权利要求11所述的数字家庭网络系统,其特征在于:所述普通家用电器设备通过数字控制适配器与网关中的控制网关相连。 The digital home network system as claimed in claim 11, wherein: said common digital control device via the home appliance connected to the adapter control gateways in the gateway.
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