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A multifunctional therapeutic apparatus for channels and collaterals therapy, general vibration massage and Qigong to build up body has an electric pulse generator to output pulse current whose frequency and intensity are the most suitable for user, continuous waves (1-6 v and 1-200 Hz) or intermittent waves of 0.4-2 seconds in gap. In 5 vibration heads of armature and relay type, said current flows through exciting coils to actuate vibration core, which beats shell to generate vibration.


“振则通”多声源多功能治疗健身仪 "Zhen is through" multi-instrument sound source multi-functional treatment Fitness

本发明是一种用于经络治疗、全身振动按摩和气功健身的多声源多功能治疗健身仪器。 The present invention is a method for Therapy, vibration massage and body of the multi-sound source Qigong fitness multifunctional treatment apparatus.

目前存在的运用声刺激治疗疾病的方法,虽然避免了针刺的有痛苦,有损伤,有感染的不足,但普遍采用的是单一声源的技术,如振磁理疗器(对比文件1)。 Existing use of sound stimulation methods of treating diseases, although avoiding the acupuncture have pain, injury, inadequate infection, but generally uses a single sound source technologies such as vibration magnetic therapy devices (Reference 1). 由于声源单一,无法满足绝大部分针灸处方的需要,所以治疗效果不理想。 Because a single sound source can not meet the needs of the vast majority of acupuncture prescription, so treatment is not ideal.

本发明的目的是提供一种多声源器械,即采用多个声源分别刺激人体不同穴位,以增强治疗效果。 Object of the present invention is to provide a multi-sound source device, which uses a plurality of sound sources are different points stimulates the body to enhance the therapeutic effect.

目前存在的全身振动按摩器,均为使用者全身同样受单一声源的整体振动,如经过改进的床用振动机(对比文件2),但仍有明显不足。 Existing whole-body vibration massage, body users are subject to the same overall vibration of a single sound source, such as improved bed shaker (Ref. 2), but there is still clearly insufficient. 一是仍较笨重,二是与振动床、椅一样,是单一声源对人体施加整体振动,脑和内脏也同时受振。 One is still heavy, and the second is vibrating bed, the same chair, a single sound source is applied to the overall vibration on the human body, brain and internal organs also affected by vibration. 这就影响了这些器官的自然生理节奏,副作用较大。 This affects the natural circadian rhythm of these organs, side effects.

本发明的目的是提供一种多声源、小振幅的按摩器,一要灵便,二要在使人体的四肢和躯干受振,而脑和内脏受影响较小,以避免副作用。 Object of the present invention is to provide a multi-sound source, a small amplitude massage, to a flexible, at second, so that the body trunk and limbs by vibration, and less affected brain and internal organs, in order to avoid side effects.

目前尚无运用声技术的气功辅助器,普遍采用电磁刺激,且均为单一刺激源(对比文件3)。 There is no use of qigong aid sound technology, commonly used electromagnetic stimulation, and are the single source of irritation (Ref. 3). 其缺点是磁场弱效果不明显,磁场过强则对人体有害,而皮肤电阻又是电疗法的不足之处。 The disadvantage is that the effect is not obvious weak magnetic field, the magnetic field is too strong, harmful, and skin resistance is the inadequacies of electrical therapy.

本发明的目的是提供一种安全高效的声刺激仪器,来提高气功健身的效果。 Object of the present invention is to provide a safe and effective stimulation instrument sound, the effect of improving Qigong.

本发明是采用一台电脉冲发生器输出脉冲电流,在5个(也可以更多)振头中转换成机械振动,振头紧贴人体表面,将声波输入人体,以疏通经络气血。 The present invention is the use of an electric current pulse generator output pulse, in 5 (may be more) vibrator head into mechanical vibrations, vibration head close to the body surface, the acoustic waves enter the human body, in order to clear the meridian.

图1是电脉冲发生器电原理图,其中略去了辅助电路。 FIG 1 is an electrical schematic diagram of the pulse generator circuit, wherein the auxiliary circuit is omitted.

图2是振头结构示意图。 FIG 2 is a schematic structural diagram of the first vibration.

220V交流电经D1整流、J1稳压后,经J2定时,向电路供电。 220V AC by rectifier D1, the regulator J1, J2 after the timing, the power supply circuit. J3为第一振荡电路,通过电阻R2可以根据使用者的敏感特性将频率控制在1-200Hz之间。 J3 is a first oscillator circuit, sensitivity characteristics of the user may control the frequency between 1-200Hz through resistor R2. 通过K1可以直接输入D5输出连续波。 D5 continuous wave output may be input directly by K1. 也可以经第2振荡电路J4由R4调节,输出0.4-2S间隔的间歇波。 R4 may also be adjusted by a second oscillation circuit J4, Intermittent output 0.4-2S interval. 再经J5放大,改变R6的阻值,可将输出控制在1-6V之间,以根据使用者的耐受程度,调节振头的振动力。 J5 then amplified by changing the resistance R6, the output can be controlled between 1-6V, in accordance with the tolerance of the user, adjusting the first vibration vibration force.

振头应用衔铁继电器原理,电流由线圈1产生磁场,吸引衔铁5作往复运动,敲击壳体3将振动输入人体,5个振头置于不同部位,直接对人体施加声刺激。 Application of the principle of vibration head relay armature, the coil current generated by the magnetic field, attract the armature 5 is reciprocated, the vibration input tap housing body 3, 5 placed in different parts of the transducer heads, acoustic stimulation is applied directly to the human body. 导磁体2为减小磁阻,弹性支承缓冲体4起到减小噪音缓和冲击,和支承衔铁5的作用。 To reduce the reluctance magnetic conductor 2, the elastic support member 4 functions as a buffer to ease the impact noise is reduced, and the supporting effect of the armature 5.

本发明用于经络治疗,可以按照中医针灸处方,将振头分别置于一组不同穴位上施以声刺激,可以起到与针刺相似的效果,不但避免了针刺的不足,而且较现有的单一声源的声刺激,疗效显著提高,是一种安全有效的经络治疗器。 Therapy for the present invention, can follow the prescriptions of acupuncture, the vibrator head applied were placed on a different set of acoustic stimuli points, acupuncture may serve a similar effect, not only to avoid the shortage of acupuncture, but now more some single sound source acoustic stimuli, the effect of significantly improved, is a safe and effective therapeutic apparatus meridian.

本发明用于全身按摩,可将4个振头分别置于四肢,第5个置于背部(体弱或某些患者可以不用),或将数个振头置于面部而将振幅控制在较小的范围。 The present invention is used for body massage, vibrating heads may be four limbs were placed in, placed on the back of the fifth (weak or some patients can not), or a plurality of transducer heads over the surface than in the amplitude control small range. 这样就更接近于传统按摩术选取肌肉较丰满的部位施按的原则。 This makes it close to the traditional massage technique selected muscles fuller part by applying the principles of. 一是小巧灵便,二是避免了对脑和内脏的副作用。 First and compact flexible, and second, to avoid the side-effects on the brain and internal organs.

本发明用于提高气功健身效果,可将振头分别置于十二正经在手、足部位的交汇处,第5个置于督脉上(也可以不用),对全身经络施加声刺激,强行导通全身经脉,使精气在全身自然畅通“通则不痛,痛则不通”,全身经络畅通,自然无病。 The present invention is for improving Qigong effect, the vibrator head twelve meridians were placed at the intersection of the hands, feet portions, positioned on the fifth Du (and can not), acoustic stimulation is applied to the body meridians, forced conducting body meridians, the essence of natural flow in the body, "General non-pain, pain is unreasonable," the body meridians smooth, natural disease-free. 此略同于气功的归元法。 This qigong come first in the normalization element method. 也可将第5个振头根据病情置于膀胱经对应脏腑的俞穴上,或印堂、丹田等特殊穴位,使精气向某一器官聚集,此略同于气功的导引法。 5 may also be of the first vibration corresponding to the condition of patients was placed on the organs of the bladder shu, or Yintang pubic region and other special points, the finish to a gas accumulation organ, this method come first in Qigong guide. 这样就可以在短时间内借助声刺激,达到气功健身的目的。 This can make use of acoustic stimulation in a short time, to achieve the purpose of fitness qigong. 此发明避免了一般气功治疗中的某些不足。 This method avoids some of the general lack of qigong therapy. 如体弱病人自身精气不足,短时间难以导通阻塞的经络;某些人经络不敏感,对内气运行无法体会;一般功法讲求意念,如方法不当还会出偏。 The essence of their lack frail patient, turned a short time is difficult blocked meridian; meridians some not sensitive, internal operating gas can not understand; stress exercises general idea, but also as an improper bias. 所以本发明是一种安全有效地提高气功健身效果的仪器。 Therefore, the present invention is a safe and effective enhance effect Qigong instrument.

Claims (5)

1.一种多声源多功能治疗健身仪。 A multi-instrument sound source multi-functional fitness therapy. 它由电脉冲发生器输出最适合使用者的频率和强度的脉冲电流,该电流在5个振头中转换成机械振动。 It is most suitable frequency and intensity of the pulse current by the electric user pulse generator output, the current is converted into mechanical vibrations in the vibrator head 5.
2.根据权利要求1所述的电脉冲发生器,调节R2可使输出频率在1-200Hz之间连续可调。 The electrical pulse generator according to claim 1, R2 can adjust the output frequency is continuously adjustable between 1-200Hz.
3.根据权利要求1所述的电脉冲发生器,调节R4可使输出间歇波时的时间间隔,在0.4-2S之间连续可调。 3. The electrical pulse generator according to claim 1, R4 can adjust the time interval when the output wave interval, continuously adjustable between 0.4-2S.
4.根据权利要求1所述的是电脉冲发生器,调节R6可使输出电压在1-6V之间连续可调。 Is according to claim 1, said electric pulse generator, the output voltage can adjust R6 continuously adjustable between 1-6V.
5.根据权利要求1所述的振头,为5个衔铁式继电器振头,其振动垂直于人体表面,5个振头可以分别置于人体不同部位。 The transducer head according to claim 1, five armature relays first vibration, the vibration is perpendicular to the surface of the body, vibration head 5 may be placed in different parts of the body, respectively.
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