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一种适于可卸式地安装在安装托架上的自行车用绝热冰箱。 Adapted on a bicycle mounting bracket removably mounting insulating refrigerator. 安装托架适于安装在普通自行车的头部和把手的交叉部位。 A mounting bracket adapted to be mounted on the head and the handle cross portion of a conventional bicycle.


本发明涉及一种可卸地安装于普通自行车的头部和把手交叉部位的安装托架以及适于安装在该托架上的容器,更具体来说,涉及一种具有适于安装在上述安装托架上的连接件上的绝热冰箱。 The present invention relates to a detachably mountable to a conventional bicycle head and the handle cross portion and a mounting bracket adapted to be mounted on the container carrier, and more particularly, to a mounting suitable for mounting in the aforementioned insulating the refrigerator on the connecting member on the carrier.

在现有技术中有许多公知的自行车箱包,箱包支承件,载物篮和其它组件。 There are many well-known bicycle bags, luggage support, loading the basket and other components in the prior art. 这些装置一般都利用带、夹将载物篮或较轻的箱包安装在自行车上。 These devices typically utilize tape, clips or lighter loading luggage basket mounted on a bicycle. 这些现有技术中的箱包和箱包支承件的目的是提供一种重量轻,一般是软侧壁或线框的容器,以便运载小件物品,这些物品一般用于维护保养自行车或运载如水、备用衣服,少量食品等生活用品。 These prior art bags and bags is to provide a support a light weight, generally soft or side wall of the container frame, so carrying small items, these items are generally used for the maintenance or a bicycle carrier such as water, standby clothes, a small amount of food and other daily necessities.

然而,如野餐旅游等情况往往需要用自行车运载大得多的物品。 However, as in the case picnic tourism often need to carry a much larger items by bicycle. 人们非常希望能有一种快速方便地安装在自行车上的,结构简单的较大的重型容器,如冰箱或类似的大型容器。 It is highly desirable to have a quick and easy mounting on the bicycle, a simple structure of a large heavy containers, refrigerator or similar large containers.

因此,本发明的目的提供一种能方便地装拆于自行车的重型容器和安装托架组合。 Accordingly, an object of the present invention to provide an easy assembly and disassembly of the bicycle and mounting bracket combination of heavy container.

本发明的另一个目的提供一种安装于自行车托架上的绝热冰箱。 Another object of the present invention to provide a mounting bracket to the bicycle adiabatic refrigerator.

本发明还有一个目的是提供一种冰箱安装托架组合,其中,冰箱设有装在冰箱的一个或多个零件以及安装托架的一个或多个零件上的反射材料。 Another object of the present invention to provide a mounting bracket combination refrigerator, wherein the refrigerator is provided with a reflective material installed on a refrigerator or a plurality of parts and the mounting bracket or a plurality of parts.

上述和其它目的的实现方式是将一种容器和安装托架组合可卸地安装在自行车架头部和把手交叉部部位。 The above and other implementations object is a container and mounting bracket combination may be removably attached to the bicycle frame head portion and the handle cross portion. 安装托架可固定于自行车把手上,以一牢固而稳定的位置接纳一容器。 The mounting bracket may be secured to the handlebars of the bicycle, with a firm and stable position to receive a container.

容器的背面包括适于连接在安装托架上的一个安装平台。 The back of the container comprises a mounting platform suitable for connection on the mounting bracket.

现参阅以下附图详述本发明的实施例:图1表示安装在自行车把手上的自行车冰箱和安装托架。 Referring now to the following Detailed Description of the embodiments of the present invention: Figure 1 shows a bicycle refrigerator mounted on a bicycle handle mounting bracket.

图2表示从安装托架拆下的冰箱的背面和安装托架的后面看去的立体图。 Figure 2 shows a perspective view seen from behind the back surface of the refrigerator mounting bracket and mounting bracket removed.

图3是表示冰箱后面和安装托架前面的立体图。 FIG 3 is a perspective view of the front and rear mounting bracket refrigerator.

图4是安装托架的顶视图。 FIG 4 is a top view of the mounting bracket.

图5表示安装托架的后面。 Figure 5 shows the rear of the mounting bracket.

图6是安装托架的侧视图。 FIG 6 is a side view of the mounting bracket.

图7表示安装托架的前面。 7 shows the front of the mounting bracket.

图8是安装托架的前视图,表示向下折入储存位置的支臂和向上折装的支脚。 FIG 8 is a front view of the mounting bracket, showing the folding arm downwardly and upwardly folding legs fitted in the storage position.

图9是支臂的侧视图。 9 is a side view of the support arm.

图10是向下折入储存位置的支臂的侧视图。 FIG 10 is a side view of the downwardly folded into the storage position of the arm.

图11是处于展开位置的支脚的顶视图。 FIG 11 is a top view of the leg deployed position.

图1中画出了装在自行车12上的冰箱11和安装托架13。 FIG 1 shows a refrigerator 12 is mounted on the bicycle 11 and the mounting bracket 13. 如图2-10所示,安装托架13具有一对支臂15和一可调支脚17。 As shown, the mounting bracket 13 having a pair of arms 15 and an adjustable foot 172-10. 支臂15和支脚17的作用是将安装托架13锁定在自行车上。 Action arm 15 and the leg 17 of the mounting bracket 13 is locked to the bicycle.

每条支臂15具有弓形延伸部分19。 Each extension arm 15 has an arcuate portion 19. 弓形延伸部分19与自行车把手配合工作将安装托架以及冰箱牢固地固定在自行车上。 Arcuate extending portion 19 cooperates with the bicycle handle mounting bracket firmly fixed to the refrigerator and the bicycle. 如图6,9和10所示,每个弓形延伸部分19包括一槽形开口14,用于接纳圆柱把手。 As shown in FIG. 6, 9 and 10, each extension portion 19 includes an arcuate slotted openings 14 for receiving the cylindrical handle. 每个槽形开口终止于一圆弧形面18,用于与把手相配合。 Each slotted openings terminate in an arcuate surface 18 for cooperating with the handle. 冰箱11和托架13的重量将把手维持在槽形开口14的终端位置上,抵住圆弧形面18。 By weight of the refrigerator 11 and the bracket 13 to maintain the handle in the slot-like opening 14 in the upper end position, against the arcuate surface 18. 槽形开口14是长形的,以圆弧形面18为一端,提供了平行的长面20,长面20间隔的距离稍大于普通自行车把手的直径。 Slot-like opening 14 is elongated, arcuate surface 18 to one end, a length parallel to the surface 20, spaced a distance slightly greater than the length of the surface 20 in the ordinary bicycle handlebar diameter. 长面20在自行车颠簸地行驶在粗糙不平的路面上时将把手保持在槽形开口14中。 Long face 20 of the bicycle bumps along on the rough road surface in a slot-shaped holding the handle opening 14.

两弓形延伸部分由延伸部分支承件16相互连接在一起。 Two arcuate extending portion 16 connected to each other by the extension part of the support member. 支承件16位于圆弧形面18上方一定距离处以避免接触自行车把手的联结部22。 The support member 16 is located at a distance above the arcuate surface 18 to avoid contact impose the coupling portion 22 of the bicycle handlebar. 如图6所示,支承件可与延伸部分19整体模制。 6, the support member may be molded integrally with the portion 19 extends.

支臂15可摆动地装在一对与安装托架的背面27整体模制的支架23,25上。 Arm 15 is pivotally mounted on a pair of back mounting bracket 27 integrally molded supports 23, 25. 支架23,25对称地位于托架背面上,间隔开的距离足以使延伸部分19将普通的一对自行车把手容纳在槽形开口14中。 Supports 23, 25 symmetrically located on the backside of the bracket, spaced apart a distance sufficient to allow the extended portion 19 ordinary pair of bicycle handle 14 is accommodated in slotted openings. 每个支架23,25包括一对直立的支承件29,31,支承件29,31间隔开的距离足以使支臂15在支承件29,31之间摆动。 Each bracket 23, 25 comprises a pair of upright support members 29 and 31, the support members 29, 31 spaced apart a distance sufficient to allow the swing arm 15 between the support member 29, 31.

可调支脚17沿安装托架13的垂直中心线位于支臂15下方。 Adjustable feet 17 along the vertical centerline 13 of the mounting bracket 15 is located below the arm. 支脚17包括一曲面33(图4和11),与自行车的弯曲头部滑动配合,在自行车移动时提供支撑以稳定安装托架。 Leg 17 includes a curved surface 33 (FIGS. 4 and 11), a bicycle with a curved head sliding fit, while providing support to stabilize movement of the bicycle mounting bracket. 这种三点式安装提供在把手的两点上的固定卡紧和在头部的一点上的转动支承,在操纵自行车时使把手可被转动。 This three-point mounting provided on the handle and two points fixed latching rotatably supported at a point on the head, the handle can be rotated upon actuation of the bicycle.

支脚17可摆动地连接于与安装托架的后面27整体模制的一支架35上。 Leg 17 is pivotally attached to the rear of the mounting bracket 27 integrally molded of a bracket 35. 支架35包括一对直立件37,39,它们间隔开一个足以使支脚17在其间摆动的距离(见图5,8,11)。 Bracket 35 includes a pair of upright members 37, 39 are spaced apart a sufficient distance 17 therebetween swing legs (see FIG. 5,8,11).

现参阅图2,6,9和10,每个支承件29,31形成一枢轴41,支臂15可绕其摆动,采用了一种使支臂15可相对于容器摆动的普通结构。 Referring now to FIGS. 2,6,9 and 10, each support 29, 31 form a pivot member 41, the arm 15 about its pivot, so that using an arm 15 with respect to the general structure of the container swinging. 例如,可以采用螺栓或锁紧固件;与支臂15整体模制的轴销(未画)可装配在支承件29,31上形成的孔中,等等。 For example, a locking bolt or fastener; and arm 15 integrally molded pivot pin (not shown) may be formed in the fitting hole 29, 31 in the support member, and the like.

每条支臂15具有一内端43和一外端45(图9和10)。 Each arm 15 has an inner end 43 and an outer end 45 (FIGS. 9 and 10). 内端43设有圆面47(图6,9和10),圆面47提供了光滑的曲面,使延伸部分19可被向下转动抵住后面27(如图2和8所示)。 Inner end 43 is provided with a circular surface 47 (FIGS. 6, 9 and 10), circular surface 47 provides a smooth surface, so that the extension portion 19 may be rotated downwardly against the back 27 (shown in FIGS. 2 and 8). 不言而喻,安装托架的背面27可在支架23,25之间的区域48(图5)模制一个与曲面47配合的特殊形状,使延伸部分19可向下转动。 It goes without saying, the back region 27 of the mounting bracket 48 (FIG. 5) between the supports 23, 25 of a particular shape of molding surface 47 cooperating with the extended portion 19 may be rotated downward.

区域48也可是平的,与后面27的平表面齐平,曲面47的形状可以和平的表面区域48配合使支臂转动。 Region 48 may also be flat, and the flat surface 27 flush with the rear, the surface shape of the curved surface 47 may be so complex regional peace arm 48 rotates.

另外,每条支臂15的内端43包括一平面50(图2,9和10),平面50用作一限制支臂15的延伸部分19向上转动的止动件。 Further, the inner end 15 of each arm 43 comprises a plane 50 (FIGS. 2, 9 and 10), the plane 50 acts as a stop 19 rotates an upwardly extending arm portion 15 is restricted. 平面50在临近支架23,25的区域抵住在安装托架的后面27上形成的一平面52(图2)。 Against a flat plane 50 formed on the rear of the mounting bracket 27, 52 (FIG. 2) in a region adjacent to the supports 23, 25.

第二支承件49在内端43连接每条支臂15。 The second support member 49 connected to the inner end 43 of each arm 15. 如图6所示,支承件49具有一钝角横截面。 6, the support member 49 having a cross-section an obtuse angle.

现参阅图11,可调支脚17包括一承载曲面33的远端83和一枢轴式连接于直立件37,39的近端85。 Referring to Figure 11, the adjustable foot 17 comprises a bearing surface 33 and a distal end 83 pivotally connected to a proximal end 85 to the upright member 37, 39. 近端85有一曲面87,如图6所示,使支脚17可垂直上摆抵住安装托架的后面27,如图2和8所示。 85 has a proximal end 87, a curved surface shown in FIG. 6, the legs 17 can be placed against the rear vertical mounting bracket 27, as shown in FIGS. 2 and 8. 近端85上也有一平面88(图6)与直立件37,39间的后面6接触,以便限制支脚17的向下转动,使其停止在图6所示的位置上。 85 also has a planar proximal end 88 (FIG. 6) in contact with the back between the uprights 37, 39 6, so as to limit downward rotation of the foot 17, it is stopped at the position shown in FIG 6.

现参阅图11,远端83包括一头部支撑91,用于接合自行车头部90(图1)。 Referring to Figure 11, the distal end 83 includes a head support 91, for engaging the head of a bicycle 90 (FIG. 1). 曲面33的尺寸恰好和普通圆柱形自行车头部接触。 Dimensions of the surface 33 and a generally cylindrical exactly bicycle head contact. 在曲面中心区域有一条槽100,如自行车有手闸,用于容纳自行车的闸线。 Has a curved slot 100 in the central region, there are bicycle hand brake for a bicycle brake for receiving.

头部支撑91包括一联结件97,内有圆柱形螺纹面86,用于与圆柱形的带螺纹的延伸部分93配合。 The head support 91 comprises a coupling member 97, having a cylindrical internal threaded surface 86 for mating with the threaded cylindrical extension portion 93.

底座101构成支脚17的近端,并包括枢轴孔103,用于容纳穿过底座101和直立件37,39的枢轴销105。 Base 101 constituting the proximal end of leg 17 and includes a pivot aperture 103, through the base 101 for receiving the pivot pin 105 and the upright member 37, 39. 底座也包括带螺纹的圆柱形延伸部分93。 The base also including a threaded cylindrical extension 93.

通过带螺纹的联结件97可调整支脚17的长度。 By coupling with a threaded length 97 of the adjustable feet 17. 手工相对于圆柱形延伸部分93转动带螺纹的联结件97,以便延长可调支脚,从而迫使头部支撑91抵住自行车头部并使冰箱与自行车头部间隔开来。 Hand cylindrical extension 93 with respect to the rotation of the threaded coupling member 97, so as to extend the adjustable foot, forcing the head support 91 against the head of the bicycle and the bicycle head refrigerator spaced.

另外,头部支撑91可以包括在曲面33的相对侧形成的一对孔92,94(图11)。 Further, the head support 91 may comprise a pair of holes formed on opposite sides 92, 94 of the curved surface 33 (FIG. 11). 一条固定带96包括一对紧固钩,用于钩在孔92,94中。 A fixing band 96 includes a pair of fastening hooks for hooking holes 92,94. 固定带96可以用弹性材料或弹簧材料制成,绕在自行车头部背面,以便使头部支撑91压住头部的前面。 Fixing belt 96 may be made of an elastic material or a spring material, around the back of the head of the bicycle, so that the front of the head support 91 presses the head.

近端也包括一具有与头部支撑91相同形状的第二头部支撑151。 Proximal end also includes a support 151 having the same shape as a second head portion 91 and head support. 从底座101延伸的第二头部支撑151与头部支撑91延伸方向成大约90°角。 Extending from the second head supporting base 101 and the head 151 extending direction of the support 91 about 90 °. 当头部支撑91接合自行车头部时,第二头部支撑151的位置使其向下延伸,如图1所示。 When the head support 91 engaging the bicycle head, the second head supporting position 151 to extend downwardly, as shown in FIG. 当可调支脚下摆抵住安装托架的后面时,近端头部支承的位置正好接合自行车头部,如图2所示。 When placed against the foot of the back support adjustable mounting bracket, the support position just proximal head engaging the bicycle head, as shown in FIG. 第二头部支撑也设有一条使自行车闸线穿过的槽84(图6)和使用固定带96的孔102,104。 The second support head 84 is also provided with a groove so that the bicycle brake wire therethrough (FIG. 6) using 102, 104 and strap hole 96.

在自行车头部90和安装托架13间的距离,当使用头部支撑151时要短于当使用头部支承91时。 Bicycle head 90 and the distance between the mounting bracket 13, when the head support 151 is shorter than when using the head support 91. 因此,较短的头部支撑是通过支撑151提供的。 Thus, the shorter the head support is provided through the support 151.

现参阅图7,安装托架13有前面107支承着一安装结构,该结构具有一条沿安装托架的两侧缘113,115和底缘117设置的固定槽109。 Referring now to Figure 7, with a front mounting bracket 13 supports a mounting structure 107, the structure has a bottom edge 113, 115 and 117 provided along the side edges of the mounting bracket 109 of the fixing groove. 固定槽109用做安装结构,以便使安装托架13可卸地接合于冰箱11。 Fixing groove 109 is used as the mounting structure, the mounting bracket 13 so as to be removably engaged in the refrigerator 11. C形通道是连续的,且包围着前面107的底部117。 C-shaped channel is continuous and surrounds the bottom portion 117 of the front 107. 前面的顶边是敞开的,以便使一安装件120滑入C形通道。 The top edge of the front is opened, so that the C-shaped slide channel 120 a mounting member.

安装托架13通过本技术中公知的模制工艺可用多种适当的刚性塑料制造。 The mounting bracket 13 by techniques well known in the molding process may be more suitable rigid plastic. 另外,也可以设想,安装托架用其它材料如木头或金属来制造。 Further, it is also conceivable with mounting brackets or other materials such as wood, metal manufactured.

现参阅图2,自行车冰箱11为一种公知的绝热冰箱,一般用来保存食品,饮料或其它冷、热物品,也可以是其它容器。 Referring now to Figure 2, the bicycle 11 is a known refrigerator insulating refrigerator, typically used to preserve food, beverages or other hot and cold items, may be other containers. 冰箱11包括一前件111,两个侧件113,115,一个后件117,一个底件118,构成一长方体箱形冰箱。 The refrigerator 111 comprises a front member, two side members 113, 115, 117 a back member, a bottom member 118, constituting a rectangular parallelepiped box-shaped refrigerator. 一可卸的盖116以普通的方式放置在冰箱顶部。 A removable cap 116 in a conventional manner placed on top of the refrigerator. 一手柄可摆动地安装在冰箱上,当冰箱从安装托架13上取下时可用手提着。 A handle pivotally mounted on the refrigerator, when the refrigerator is removed from the mounting bracket 13 may be a hand. 冰箱适于通过固定在冰箱后面117上的安装件120安装在安装托架13上。 Refrigerator adapted behind the refrigerator 117 is fixed to the mounting member 120 is mounted on the mounting bracket 13. 安装件120包括一平面延伸的安装平面119,用于固定在固定槽109中。 Mounting member 120 includes a planar mounting surface 119 extends, for fixing the fixing groove 109. 平台119通过一个与平台119整体形成的分隔部124从后件117升起。 The platform 119 is raised from the partition member 117 by a portion 124 formed integrally with the platform 119. 因此,平台119具有凸出的两条侧缘和底缘以便构成一种形状的侧键以便固定地装配在安装托架13的固定槽109中(图2)。 Thus, the platform 119 has a convex bottom edge and two side edges so as to form one shape to a side key fixedly fitted in (FIG. 2) of the mounting bracket 13 fixed to the groove 109. 安装件120可做为冰箱后面的一部分整体模制,也可单独制造并用粘接剂,螺钉或其它结构固定在冰箱上,因而适于将冰箱安装于安装托架13。 Mounting member 120 as part of the back of the refrigerator can be integrally molded, and may be manufactured separately with adhesive, screws, or other structures fixed to the refrigerator, and thus is adapted to the mounting bracket 13 is attached to the refrigerator.

将安装平台119的侧键滑入安装托架的固定槽109即把冰箱安装在安装托架上。 The side key 119 is slid into the mounting platform mounting bracket fixing groove 109 that is mounted on the mounting bracket refrigerator. 平台119向下滑直至平台119的底缘123(图2)接触槽109的底缘125(图7)为止。 (FIG. 7) until the platform 119 contacts the groove 109 slides down until the bottom edge 123 of the platform 119 (FIG. 2) bottom edge 125. 如果需要,安装平台119可用任何一种表面材料如特氟隆橡胶,带纹理的塑料,或其它表面,以便在冰箱和安装托架之间形成适当的摩擦关系。 If desired, the mounting platform 119 by any one kind of surface material such as teflon rubber, textured plastics, or other surface, so as to form an appropriate relationship between the refrigerator and rubbing the mounting bracket. 如图所示,平台119是一种成形构件,用来提供与C形槽109滑动接合的表面。 As shown, the platform 119 is a molded member for providing the surface of the C-shaped groove 109 in sliding engagement. 该构件即要结实又要有足够的宽度,在冰箱后面所形成的表面积,要使安装托架支承冰箱时有稳定性。 I.e., the member to be strong but also have a sufficient width, surface area formed behind the refrigerator, make stability when attached to the cradle supporting the refrigerator. 不言而喻,安装件120可以制成非凸出的平台的形式,例如,制成带有与座109接合的键133的U形环件。 It goes without saying, the mounting member 120 may be made of non-convex form the platform, for example, is made with a U-shaped loop member 109 engages the seat 133 keys.

另外,槽109是一种安装结构,它提供可接合的表面,用于接纳安装件120。 The groove 109 is a mounting structure which provides a surface engageable for receiving the mounting member 120. 不言而喻,这种安装结构也可制成非C形槽的形式,只要提供一种形状的接合安装件120的形状即可,例如,这种安装结构和安装件可以换位设置,冰箱11上带有槽109,而安装托架上带有平台119。 Needless to say, such a mounting structure may also be prepared in the form of a non-C-shaped groove, as long as a shape can be provided an engagement member 120 mounted, for example, such a mounting structure and the mounting member may be disposed transposition, refrigerators 11 with slots 109, 119 on the mounting bracket with the platform. 在这种情况下,显然槽109和平台119需巅倒180°。 In this case, obviously grooves 109 and 119 for an internet overturn 180 °. 另外,安装托架上可设置反射器128。 Further, the reflector 128 may be disposed on the mounting bracket.

另外,冰箱11上也可设置反射器127(图2)以便在光线强、弱的条件下可见到冰箱11。 In addition, the reflector 127 may be provided (FIG. 2) so as to be seen in the refrigerator 11 under strong light, weak conditions of the refrigerator 11. 反射器127可是反射带、反射塑料或金属,圆的或多面反射器,装在冰箱的前面和侧面及冰箱的手柄上,也可以做为冰箱上使用的任何结构或标识的一部件。 The reflector 127 be reflective tape, reflective plastic or metal, or a round surface of the reflector, mounted on the front and sides of the handle of the refrigerator and a refrigerator, can also be used as a component of any structure or identified for use on a refrigerator.

冰箱11可使用本专业公知的模制或其它制造方法来制造。 Refrigerator 11 can be produced using known professional or other molding manufactured in the method.

对本发明可做各种其它改进或变化而并不超出本发明的范围。 Of the present invention that various other modifications or variations without departing from the scope of the present invention.

Claims (23)

1.一种绝热冰箱和安装托架组合,用于将冰箱可卸地安装在自行车架的头部及把手的交叉部位,该组合具有:一安装托架,适于安装在自行车把手上,以便在自行车行驶中使冰箱稳定地固定在把手上,所述安装托架具有一安装结构,可与一成形构件相接合以便可卸式地容纳该成形构件;一绝热冰箱,具有一前面,一底面,两相对的侧面和一后面;一固定在所述后面上的安装平台,所述安装平台具有一成形结构,用于与所述安装托架的所述安装结构装配接合,当所述安装托架固定在自行车上时无需从自行车上卸下所述安装托架即可以从所述安装托架上卸下所述绝热冰箱。 A combination mounting bracket and adiabatic refrigerator, refrigerator for removably mounted on the head and the handle cross portion of the bicycle frame, the combination comprising: a mounting bracket adapted to be mounted on a bicycle handlebar, for refrigerator stably fixed on the handle during the travel of the bicycle, said mounting bracket having a mounting structure, may be engaged with an engagement member formed so as to be removably receiving the shaped member; an insulated refrigerator having a front face, a bottom surface , two opposing sides and a rear; a platform fixedly mounted on the rear of the mounting platform having a shaping structure, for engagement with the mounting structure mounting the mounting bracket, when the mounting bracket removed from the bicycle without the bicycle frame while the fixed mounting bracket that is can be removed from the thermally insulating the mounting bracket on the refrigerator.
2.按照权利要求1所述的绝热冰箱和安装托架组合,其特征在于:所述安装托架包括限定一C形槽的第一装置,所述成形结构包括一构件,其上带有形成可与所述C形槽接合的第二装置。 2. The refrigerator according to claim 1 and a heat-insulating mounting bracket combination, comprising: a first means defining a C-shaped bracket comprises a mounting groove, said forming structure comprises a member having formed thereon the second device may be the C-shaped engagement.
3.按照权利要求1所述的绝热冰箱和安装托架组合,其特征在于:所述构件是一伸展的平台。 3. The refrigerator according to claim 1 and a heat-insulating mounting bracket combination, characterized in that: said member is a stretching internet.
4.一种容器和安装托架组合,适于可卸式地连接于自行车,所述自行车具有一车架,头部,和把手,该组合具有:带有一前面和一后面的安装托架,所述前面具有形成一安装槽的固定件,所述背面具有第一支臂,第二支臂和一支脚,以便将所述安装托架固定在自行车上。 A combination container and a mounting bracket, adapted to be detachably connected to the bicycle, said bicycle having a frame, a head, and a handle, the combination comprising: a mounting bracket having a front face and a rear face, and the front fixing member having a mounting groove is formed, the back surface having a first arm, a second arm and a leg, so that the mounting bracket to the bicycle.
5.一种改进的容器和安装托架组合,适于可卸式地连接于自行车上,自行车具有车架,头部和把手,改进之处在于:一安装托架,具有一前面和一后面,所述前面具有形成一安装槽的固定件,所述后面具有三个模制的支架,第一支臂,第二支臂和一可调支脚,所述支臂和支脚各有一近端和一远端,所述支臂和支脚的近端分别可摆动地安装于所述模制支架之一,所述支臂的模制支架在所述容器后面对称于垂直中心线设置,所述可调支脚的支架沿所述垂直中心线位于所述支臂的支架下方,所述支臂的远端还具有用于接合自行车把手的弓形延伸部分及所述延伸部分的支承件,所述支承件连接所述弓形延伸部分,所述支脚具有第一头部支撑,第一头部支撑具有可与圆柱形自行车头部滑转接触的曲面,所述支脚还具有第二头部支撑,第二头部支撑具有与圆柱 5. An improved combination container and a mounting bracket, adapted to be detachably attached to a bicycle, the bicycle having a frame, a head and a handle, the improvement comprising: a mounting bracket having a front face and a rear face the front fixing member having a mounting groove is formed, the rear holder having three molding, a first arm, a second arm and an adjustable foot, the arms and legs each having a proximal end and a distal end, a proximal end of the arm and the leg are pivotally mounted to one of said mold holder, said holder arm molded behind the container disposed symmetrically to a vertical center line, said adjusting leg holder along the vertical centerline of the bracket is positioned below the arm, the distal end of the arm for engaging the bicycle handlebar further includes an arcuate portion and the extending portion extending support member, said support member connecting said arcuate extension portion, said leg having a first head support, the head support having a curved surface may be a first slip contact with the cylindrical head of a bicycle, said leg support further having a second head, a second head a support having a cylindrical portion 自行车头部滑转接触曲面,所述支脚可以操纵,以便使所述头部支撑中任一个抵靠圆柱形自行车头部;以及一容器,该容器具有一前面,一后面和两相对的侧面,一顶部和一底部,所述后面具有一安装平台,所述安装平台可与所述安装托架的安装槽接合。 Slip surface contacting the head of the bicycle, the foot can be manipulated so that any one of said head supporting a bicycle against the cylindrical head portion; and a container having a front, a rear and two opposing sides, a top and a bottom, a rear having a mounting platform, the mounting platform engageable with the mounting bracket mounting grooves.
6.按照权利要求4所述的容器,其特征在于:所述支脚的长度可调。 6. A container according to claim 4, wherein: the length of the legs is adjustable.
7.按照权利要求2所述的安装托架,其特征在于:所述可调支脚具有一近端和一远端,所述近端还具有连接于所述近端的螺纹调整装置,所述头脚还具有用于接合自行车头部的第一头部支撑,所述第一头部支撑通过螺纹连接于所述螺纹调整装置,所述近端可摆动地连接于所述模制支架,因此,当支臂摆动紧靠所述后面时,所述远端可摆动使所述第一头部支撑位于所述支臂之间的某一位置;所述近端具有第二头部支撑,当所述远端摆动将所述第一头部支撑定位于所述支臂之间的某一位置时,用于接合自行车头部;所述第一头部支撑用于容纳所述螺纹调整装置。 7. A mounting bracket according to claim 2, wherein: said adjustable leg having a proximal end and a distal end, said proximal end having a threaded adjustment means further connected to said proximal end, said a head having a first head and foot for engaging a bicycle for supporting the head, the first head is connected to the support by a screw threaded adjustment means, said proximal end pivotally coupled to the molded bracket, and therefore when the swing arm abuts against the rear, swingable distal end of the head portion of the first support at a position between said support arm; said proximal end having a second head support, when when the distal end of the first pivot support head is positioned somewhere between the support arm, for engaging the head of a bicycle; the first head supporting means for receiving said adjusting screw.
8.按照权利要求2所述的安装托架,其特征在于:所述支臂可相对于所述托架转动,并设有一个用于限制所述支臂向上转动范围的表面。 8. The mounting bracket according to claim 2, wherein: said arm is rotated relative to the bracket, and is provided with a surface for limiting the range of rotation of said arm upward.
9.按照权利要求5所述的安装托架,其特征在于:所述第一和第二头部支撑设有一槽,用于容纳自行车的手闸线。 9. The mounting bracket as claimed in claim 5, wherein: said first and second head support is provided with a slot for receiving a bicycle hand brake line.
10.按照权利要求2所述的安装托架,其特征在于:所述第二头部支撑在所述曲面相对两侧设有一对孔,用于接合将所述头部支撑压紧在自行车头部上的固定带。 10. A mounting bracket according to claim 2, wherein: said second head supporting opposite sides of the curved surface is provided with a pair of holes for engaging said head portion is pressed against the bicycle head support fixing belt portion.
11.按照权利要求2所述的安装托架,其特征在于:还具有反射光的反射器。 11. A mounting bracket according to claim 2, further comprising: a reflector having a reflecting light.
12.按照权利要求2所述的容器,其特征在于:所述安装平台是T形。 12. A container according to claim 2, wherein: said T-shaped mounting platform.
13.按照权利要求12所述的容器,其特征在于:所述安装平台的水平构件的尺寸可使其卡入安装托架的安装槽中,所述安装平台的垂直构件的尺寸使其可插入安装托架的槽中。 13. A container according to claim 12, wherein: said horizontal platform mounting member sized to be snapped into mounting bracket so that mounting groove, the mounting size of the vertical member so as to be inserted into the platform mounting bracket slot.
14.按照权利要求4所述的容器,其特征在于:所述容器是一绝热冰箱。 14. A container according to claim 4, wherein: the container is an insulated refrigerator.
15.按照权利要求14所述的冰箱,其特征在于:所述冰箱具有一前面,一后面,两相对的侧面,一手柄和一个盖,所述后面还具有一安装平台,所述安装平台适于安装在所述安装托架的安装槽和槽中,所述盖适于固定安装在所述冰箱的顶部,所述手柄安装在所述冰箱相对的两侧面上。 15. The refrigerator according to claim 14, wherein: the refrigerator having a front face, a rear face, two opposing sides, a handle and a cover, said rear platform further comprises a mounting, said mounting platform adapted mounting groove and the mounting slots in the mounting bracket, the top cover adapted to be fixed mounted on the refrigerator, the handle is mounted on both sides relative to the refrigerator.
16.按照权利要求15所述的冰箱,其特征在于:所述手柄可摆动地安装在所述冰箱的相对两侧面上。 16. The refrigerator according to claim 15, wherein: said handle is pivotally mounted on opposed sides of the refrigerator.
17.按照权利要求15所述的冰箱,其特征在于:还具有反射光线的反射器。 17. The refrigerator according to claim 15, characterized by: further comprising a reflector reflecting light.
18.按照权利要求17所述的冰箱,其特征在于:所述反射器为塑料反射器。 18. The refrigerator according to claim 17, wherein: said reflector is a reflector of plastic.
19.按照权利要求17所述的冰箱,其特征在于:所述的反射器包括反射带。 19. The refrigerator according to claim 17, wherein: said reflector comprises reflective tape.
20.按照权利要求17所述的冰箱,其特征在于:所述反射器具有塑料反射材料。 20. The refrigerator according to claim 17, wherein: said reflector having a reflective plastic material.
21.按照权利要求17所述的冰箱,其特征在于:所述反射器安装在所述冰箱的侧面。 21. The refrigerator according to claim 17, wherein: said reflector is mounted on a side of the refrigerator.
22.按照权利要求17的所述的冰箱,其特征在于:所述反射器安装在所述冰箱的手柄上。 22. The refrigerator according to claim 17, wherein: said reflector is mounted on the handle of the refrigerator.
23.按照权利要求17所述的冰箱,其特征在于:所述反射器安装在所述冰箱的所述侧面,所述前面和所述手柄上。 23. The refrigerator according to claim 17, wherein: the reflector is mounted on the side of the refrigerator, the front and the handle.
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