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The invention belongs to automation equipment, it is characterized in that in container, establishing on the liquid level switch hand on floating energy (moving) member that is subjected to axis of guide guiding, switch head in the control more-control switch member, be communicated with the defeated case of pressing, the communicating pipe gate (air-lock) that the fluid of gas control in container is communicated with the container outer fluid, carry out the discharging and the introducing of solution, thereby utilize fluid dynamic energy to affect passive system and control system, the control of automatically doing work, the gate that can be applicable in the fluid technology is controlled automatically, also can be used for the timing in the Automation of Manufacturing Process, the location, quantitative automatic control is used for water conservancy, water power, environmental protection, methane-generating pit robotization etc.


Multi-control hydrodynamic power generator
The invention belongs to automation equipment.
Fluid dynamic phenomena is widely used in procedure parameter and detects, controls, carries out in the acting, as water inlet waterpower self-shooter (" new forms of energy " 85.9) is to utilize vortex principle to make, and swirl valve is used for sewage level control and reservoir level control (" robotization " 88.1) etc. and all obtains widespread use.But the technical requirement that has is strong, and the popularization that has is difficult.
The objective of the invention is to develop a kind of is actuating medium with the fluid, order about the power generation system organ (multi-control hydrodynamic power generator) of control automatically, fluid can limit (in the fluid energy range) as required be controlled and carry out automatically, even be applied to control to other system, (having avoided artificial control), thus the automatically working energy obtained without other switching energy.
Central task of the present invention is according to waterpower (fluid accumulation of energy) situation and required control capacity (position), can adjust the operated pneumatic valve of automatic control flexibly, to help the realization of above-mentioned purpose.
Technical characterictic of the present invention is: the member by defeated pressure-controlled systems of gate such as fluid container, turnover communicating pipe, component of the strobe, floating energy member, defeated pressure casees is formed.
This apparatus features is utilization atmospheric pressure (power), hydrostatic pressure (power), law of connected vessels and trigonometric function variate relation, utilize factors such as buoyancy, elastic force, current difference, with fluid accumulation of energy, potential energy is power, surge with pneumatic restriction, with the restriction pneumatic (not pneumatic) of surging with pneumatic restriction, make gas flow liquid (gas and gas) moment conversion, and reach the acting that interacts.Its mainly be by fluid operation and float can member to the automatic control of more-control switch gate, utilize the gas of forbay (cover) output can relay supply container turnover communicating pipe (delivery pipe and inlet tube) make air-lock carry out gas control and do work.
Its process is that fluid passes through the Push And Release of floating energy member switch hand to more-control switch, drives the Push And Release (expand, dwindle) of air-lock.When container by communicating pipe from outer introducing fluid, hold the position when rising to qualifying bit, fluid is discharged automatically.Be disposed to when spacing, again outer fluid introduced automatically.Thereby so drive the switch hand of floating energy member and be defeated by the acting of passive system, make fluid oneself's control repeatedly, can ceaselessly in control procedure, do work again through transmission by introducing and the form repeatedly that discharges.
Accompanying drawing 1 is the orthogonal view of fluid automatically controlled dynamic force generating unit.Establish floating plate (2) in the container (1), establish guide pipe (driving lever) (3), passive system of transmission (8) and displacement pipe (4), switch hand (5).When the liquid level in the container (1) is reduced to a location, switch hand (5) begins next more-control switch opened control arm (22) beginning to moving down (with the pass of one control arm also along with leaving a button of control arm) after exceed switch power arm (27) elastic force point and elasticity shelf set screw (29) rotary valve (24) and be a straight line, (at this moment, rotary valve (24) does not make switch head (25) be communicated with as yet.) elastic force had the pinch condition of sudden change, just opening control arm (22) presses in the past to the defeated line ball rubber pipe (software switch (20)) of opening control arm (28), both opened rotary valve (24), allow air-lock (11) be communicated with (the interior gas of air-lock this moment is discharging) with atmosphere by switch head (25), make out the control arm stop software switch (20) again, each is introduced air-lock air feed (pressure), thereby air-lock dwindles to air-lock seat (14) progressively under the effect of hydrostatic force and atmosphere; Communicating pipe (10), (left connection pipe among Fig. 1) was thereupon by the small-bore connection that is communicated to maximum caliber.Fluid is from outer inflow container, and rising in molten position, drives floating plate, affect in the switch handgrip more-control switch member opening the control arm the rotary valve temporary close on the relative pass control arm.Simultaneously, when opening the control arm and upwards leaving to a location along with pass control arm, the connection of defeated line ball rubber pipe, at this moment, rotary valve has faced closes or closes.
In Fig. 1 right side, after air-lock obtains air feed, swell gradually.To go to switch power arm (27) elastic force point and rotary valve, elasticity shelf set screw (29) approaching in line the time when closing control arm (23), and rotary valve cuts out fully.When they crossed a straight line, the spring (26) that pass control arm is connected with elasticity shelf set screw (29) had had the pinch condition of sudden change again, made to close control arm bullet to a control arm, and pressed button (21) switch (its effect is for the control of other system).Liquid level is also continuing rise (because the left side air-lock is progressively enlarging (cutting out) after being subjected to air feed).Make the floating switch hand that can coil push up and move the control arm of opening of last more-control switch member, rotary valve rotates (valve is not open-minded as yet), closes the control arm and also upwards moves simultaneously, breaks away from button.When power arm elastic force point is removed with rotary valve, elasticity shelf set screw (29) in line, this more-control switch still with the above-mentioned corresponding acting of carrying out Push And Release of more-control switch (referring to the next switch of Fig. 1).(at this moment, the air-lock of the next more-control switch of Fig. 1 finally blocks the left connection pipe entirely), make liquid level descend (pulse discharging outside container) to continuing to do the merit that fluid pulse is introduced container again to next more-control switch.Go round and begin again, floating plate is lifting constantly, make guide pipe (driving lever) affect the acting of passive system (8) switch hand (it can be used as master system, by defeatedly press branch line (34), discharge branch line (36) make this switch hand, more-control switch, defeatedly press the control of this device of case to obtain same power).The effect of switch hand, loose slot is when the qualification liquid level in the container changes, and can adjust the corresponding work distance of switch hand and more-control switch.In the process of acting, join spacing screw (6) limit switch hand, the mobile point of accumulation of loose slot (7) by displacement pipe (4).Make the switch hand after splitting the sudden change of control arm elastic force, floating plate can come the gauge tap hand to prolong or shortens by the slot pitch of loose slot, so that the control arm of opening of control more-control switch is opened the back and should be stopped how long just to begin to do the acting of pass to closing the control arm.
Accompanying drawing 2 is to utilize the critical piece of " multi-control hydrodynamic power generator " to set up the sectional view that the sluice automatic discharge system is located in upstream (39) in the basin.
(10) are set up communicating pipe at the upstream (39) of molten dike (or old-fashioned machinery is taken out lock 49), two ends, downstream (40), and the communicating pipe (10) of air-lock (11), upstream (39), mouthful taking over a job property pipe (43) was in spacing floating molten (41).The tail end that is used for can agile adjustment spacing floating two axis of guides (9) on molten.If hole string pin or cut silk (45) and it is hung in what be connected with the molten spud pile of putting on (46) hold suspension rod (42).Floating plate is established guide pipe support displacement pipe in the switch hand, makes that molten position rises to when both locating in the upstream, and the switch hand can be to holding the more-control switch member that is supported on the person in charge (47) elevating lever (48) top on the suspension rod do work (discharging).Its switch form is described as Fig. 1.Different is: when water level discharging is reduced to spacing floating when molten, just normally diversion enters communicating pipe (10), cause floating plate from spacing floating molten above prompt drop float molten bottom to spacing, thereby drive switch hand in a short time can be as Fig. 1, by closing control closure arm rotary valve, open wide software switch (20) simultaneously to the air-lock air feed, the communicating pipe gate is closed.If float molten exempting under molten big situation, floating plate affects the switch hand, and reduction of speed is slow, causes closing controlling arm with closing to a timing, opens the control arm and has begun to have left the control of rubber being managed software switch (20).Since for the moment complete shut-down not rotary valve, be directed at defeated gas of pressing case (30) and do not add resistance system ground and do not run off from switch head (25).Thereby lose the control action of air-lock in communicating pipe.(also can quote the location sluice introducing control system that the similar method of Fig. 1 is set trip (40))
Accompanying drawing 1 embodiment: placing inside and outside being fixed on the molten embankment wall (49) communicating pipe (10) of container (1), and the communicating pipe inside and outside it (10) mouthful temporarily sealing, (the muzzle pipe close head of offering that can select size to be fit to is filled in envelope.If communicating pipe (10) falls in the container wall, and liquid can flood the air-lock seat just exempts to use chock plug), add water to from air-lock seat mouth (13) again and flood air-lock seat (14), then air-lock is put into from air-lock seat mouth, and be communicated with the defeated sealing-plug (12) of pressing branch line and discharging branch line and be sealed in air-lock with being inserted with, be connected in air-lock seat mouth.After this, the floating plate of container is fixed on the outer ring of the axis of guide (9) (axis of guide can be connected into by two sections) in the container by guide duct device together with floating energy member.And prepare passive system, with the driving lever phase configuration.And by adapting to molten position lifting limit.The switch hand can be joined the more-control switch member of locking the horizontal vertical adjustment of energy to the position of the reciprocal acting of more-control switch at the axis of guide.After this join the defeated case (30) (available hydraulic pressure gas storage box) of pressing again.Its practice is: open gas and introduce lid (31), the defeated pressure on the case carried, just but bleed enters in the case, when sealing go up gas introduce lid and award that counterweight (32) is defeated press case after, drawing the defeated main line (33) of pressing in case divides to the software switch (20) of opening control arm (28) (this moment software switch open) and the accent amount switch (37) of two-way to the more-control switch member up and down again, establish the communicating pipe that accent amount switch is transported to container (or container of each road branch line (34)) again after dividing defeated pressure branch line (34) (can equidistantly be divided into multichannel) again, the sealing-plug of air-lock seat (12), and enter air-lock, and be connected in the more-control switch member through this release main line (35) with inserting sealing-plug (12), the switch head that rotary valve is controlled (25) is connected until the release branch line of being furnished with accent amount switch that leads to atmosphere.At this moment, after the accent amount switch opens of defeated pressure branch line (because above-described air-lock seat is not filled water as yet) makes air-lock be able to air feed, air-lock can be after hindering air-lock and closing to spacing solution and discharge from another air-lock seat mouth of not adorning air-lock of communicating pipe in air in the air-lock seat and the pipe, (after waiting 10-20 minute, if liquid overflows inadequately, it is full that air-lock seat mouth can add water logging), just this air-lock seat mouth sealing.At this moment can open the sealing plug tip that the above-mentioned connection mouth of pipe is filled in temporarily, (must to flood all the time to can not in pipe, entering gas by two connected entrances, tube wall also requires to be sealed to and can not enter atmosphere), again the more-control switch of introducing lock is opened (the next more-control switch of Fig. 1).Fluid is introduced outside the container of upstream, and the floating plate switch is transported on the top.After the acting of last more-control switch, back answer again next more-control switch is done work, Here it is accompanying drawing 1 described automatic control (uninterruptedly) operational process.
The air-lock that release main line (35) fits over the switch head of last more-control switch is the vessel discharge lock.The air-lock that the release main line fits over the switch head of next more-control switch is that (if the release main line of communicating pipe, gate is exchanged adjustment up and down, the flow direction of two pipes is with original opposite so for container introducing lock.So this device also adapt to regurgitation to open a sluice gate acting automatically, as can utilizing performance sunset at tide).
Above material is that the size of switch rotary valve generally is to buy on market according to burst size by the metal anticorrosion material (referring to the switch rotary valve) except that the main member of more-control switch.Other not specific institute's metal elements can be selected water resisting property, corrosion resistivity height, the material of good seal performance according to fluid properties.
Below further narration part performance and purposes: this device can utilize channel, (flow is at 0.1m in the sewage acting 3/ sky just can discharge or introducing work effectively), also can utilize damp can the acting at sunset (under the situation that the height of water allows, can set up generating).
The container of Fig. 1 (1) is used as single hole or 1 grade of water pressure chamber of methane-generating pit pond mouth.The molten base (50) of carrying as pond gas Chi Chigai.At the additional discharging tube (51) of molten levee foundation (50).It is 2 grades of water pressure chambers (or claiming multistage water pressure chamber) that upstream and downstream (39,40) circle is built, and two communicating pipes (10) that in the container (1) were discharging-introducing are originally inserted Chi Gai (molten levee foundation 50) respectively as automatic feed/discharge pipe (10) by proper depth.Utilize and produce with pneumatic energy as operation power.This device has just become a multistage hydraulic pressure ditch, can automatic feed/discharge (comprise pond at the bottom of sediment), the methane-generating pit that automation liquid pulse flushing Automatic Cycle etc. stirs automatically.As long as add in addition gas storage box can daytime usefulness gas (the natural pond liquid autompulse flushing latrine, the coprodaecum that make methane-generating pit utilize aerogenesis to extrude the daytime), hold gas between night and treat to use daytime in gas tank.
Each unit number is as follows in the accompanying drawing.
Floating energy member: 1 container, 2 floating plates, 3 guide pipes (driving lever), 4 displacement pipes, 5 switch hands, 6 limited screws, 7 loose slots, heavily pipe banishd in 38 accent.
8 passive systems, 9 axis of guides (more-control switch cramp bar).
The defeated sluice control system of pressing:
(a) linker component of the strobe: 10 communicating pipes, 11 air-locks, 12 sealing-plugs, 13 air-lock seat mouths, 14 air-lock seats.
(b) many control trigonometric function displacement elastic force automatic switch members (more-control switch):
15 switch pedestal, 16 shifting chutes, 17 switch bases, 18 set screws, 19 angle modulation grooves, 20 software switch, 21 buttons, 22 open the control arm, and 23 close the control arm, 24 rotary valves, 25 switch heads, 26 springs, 27 switch power arm elastic force points, 28 control arms, 29 elasticity shelf set screws.
(c) defeated Press fitting: the 30 defeated casees of pressing, 31 gases are introduced lid, 32 counterweights, the 33 defeated main lines of pressing, the 34 defeated branch lines of pressing, 35 discharge main line, and 36 discharge branch line, 37 accent amount switches.
Sluice facility accessory: 39 upstreams, 40 downstreams, 41 is spacing floating molten, and 42 hold suspension rod, 43 active pipes, 44 more-control switch elevating levers, 45 latches, 46 spud piles, 47 standpipes, 48 elevating levers, 49 molten dikes, 50 molten levee foundations, 51 discharging tubes.

Claims (8)

1, a kind of dynamic force generating unit, by fluid container, floating energy member and defeated compositions such as more-control switch member, linker component of the strobe and defeated Press fitting of pressing sluice control system, feature of the present invention is that the guide pipe (driving lever) of floating plate (displacement disc) affects passive system along the axis of guide; Be connected in pass control arm in the more-control switch member of the upper and lower correspondence of switch hand starting on the floating plate, open the control arm, control rotary valve, switch head, air-lock are communicated with pipeline relay between atmosphere with the defeated case of pressing.
2, generator as claimed in claim 1, it is characterized in that described floating can member by floating plate, guide pipe (driving lever), displacement pipe, transfer and banish that heavily pipe, range line screw, switch hand and loose slot are formed.
3, generator as claimed in claim 1, it is characterized in that said more-control switch member is by switch pedestal, switch base, the switch rotary valve, open the control arm, set screw, software switch, open the control arm, close the control arm, the switch power arm, switch moves the elasticity shelf set screw, spring, compositions such as angle modulation groove and shifting chute, be locked together in the set screw floatless switch seat on the switch pedestal of the mobile roll adjustment in length and breadth on the axis of guide, switch base is linked to a control arm, on the switch base rotary valve of switch head with open the control arm, close the control arm, switch power arm structure is an one, and is connected by spring with the elasticity shelf set screw by switch power arm elastic force point.
4,, it is characterized in that carrying out the acting of Push And Release when opening the control arm and opening the control arm, close the control arm contact or separate that the angle of being carried out becomes (angle) and when becoming (distance), can be adapted to the linear reciprocation of switch hand as claim 1 and 3 described generators; Perhaps be to open the fixed angle of control arm and open structure angle and the active length that control arm, pass control arm, switch power arm (elastic force point) and rotary valve are constituted, according to the variation of trigonometric function value, make the switch hand can back and forth realize many controls automatic switch member is realized many control controls.
5, generator as claimed in claim 1 is characterized in that switch holds into multidirectional hook-shapedly on hand, and the lower end tube wall is carved with loose slot different in size, is placed in the displacement pipe pipe that driving lever connected on the floating plate, limitedly controls apart from screw.
6, generator as claimed in claim 1, it is characterized in that linker valve member parcel post communicating pipe, air-lock, sealing-plug, air-lock seat mouth and air-lock seat, the more-control switch member comprises switch pedestal, shifting chute, switch base, set screw, the angle modulation groove, software switch, button, open the control arm, close the control arm, rotary valve, switch head, spring, switch power arm elastic force point, open control arm and elasticity shelf set screw, defeated Press fitting comprises the defeated case of pressing, gas is introduced lid, counterweight, the defeated main line of pressing, the defeated branch line of pressing, discharge main line, discharge branch line and accent amount switch, the communication seals plug is in the defeated pressure branch line one end modulated amount switch control of communicating pipe air-lock, the other end is that opening in being around in the more-control switch member controlled arm, by software switch, be connected in the defeated case (or floating cover) of pressing through the defeated main line of pressing; The end that the pressure of the air-lock of modulated amount switch control discharges branch line is communicated in sealing-plug, until the other end that discharges main line; The switch head, the rotary valve that are communicated in the more-control switch member are communicated with atmosphere.
7, generator as claimed in claim 1, it is characterized in that the pressurized limit of rubber and plastic air-lock material is wanted 〉=gas tank be defeated by poor (or claiming hydrostatic pressing)+rubber and plastic amplification resistance of pressure limiting water column that control is closed or is communicated with between pressure>container and container.
8, generator as claimed in claim 1 is characterized in that being provided with location sluice exhaust system, be communicated with in the upstream mouth of pipe connect active pipe be connected in spacing floating appearance, floating on floating the appearance can member along the defeated more-control switch of sluice control system of pressing of axis of guide control to air-lock.
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