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A computer device has user interface configured to display user actuatable game elements and to detect user input when a user engages with a game element; and a processor configured to receive a detected user input and on detecting a match game condition to control the user interface to remove at least three game elements from the display and to provide on the user interface replacement user actuatable game elements, wherein the manner of providing each replacement game element has a graphical representation governed by a tile associated with each game element, wherein each tile has a selectable physics which controls at least one of (i) the direction in which it moves to replenish a vacancy left by the removed user game elements; and (ii) the speed at which it moves to replenish the vacancy.


控制计算机设备的用户界面 The control computer apparatus user interface

技术领域 FIELD

[0001]本发明涉及响应于与计算机设备的界面上的所显示的元素的用户互动而控制用户界面。 [0001] The present invention relates to controlling the user interface in response to the interactive elements with the user interface on a computer display device.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002]在计算机实现的游戏的领域中,存在这样的游戏的设计师当考虑如何在可用于玩游戏的计算机设备的背景下控制用户界面时面临的许多技术挑战。 [0002] In the field of computer-implemented game, there is such a game designer when considering the many technical challenges faced in how to control the user interface in the context of computer equipment that can be used to play the game.

[0003] —个技术挑战可以涉及甚至在存在有限显示资源可用时,例如当在智能手机、平板电脑或其他微型计算机上玩游戏时允许游戏有趣且迷人。 [0003] - a technical challenge may involve limited display even when resources are available, for example, allow the game interesting and fascinating when playing games on smartphones, tablet PCs or other microcomputers at present. 另一重大挑战在于用户互动。 Another major challenge is the user interaction. 互动涉及将玩游戏设计为对玩家而有吸引力且有奖励。 Interactive games designed to involve players and attractive and there is a reward. 这通常要求游戏在它们的最简单的或初级等级处容易理解,提供具有相当简单的游戏机制的奖励玩游戏,但是变得越来越具有挑战使得玩家不会觉得乏味,而是保持互动并开发奖励技能。 This usually requires the game is easy to understand in their most simple or elementary level, the provision of incentives with a fairly simple game mechanics of playing the game, but becoming more challenging so that players will not feel boring, but keep the interaction and development reward skills. 有效的互动要求各种形式的反馈以强化玩家的成功和完成的感受。 Effective interaction requires various forms of feedback to enhance the player's experience and successful completion.

[0004]三消游戏的现有类型是所谓的“切换”游戏。 [0004] The conventional type three consumer game is called "handover" game. 三消游戏是一款休闲益智游戏,其中玩家需要在看起来杂乱无章的板上找到样式。 Three consumer game is a casual puzzle game in which the player needs to find patterns in apparently chaotic board. 玩家之后必须对游戏板上的相同类型的游戏元素中的三个或更多个进行匹配并且那些被匹配的元素将在之后消失。 After the match the players must be of the same type of game board game elements in three or more of those elements are and will disappear after the match. 在切换游戏中,玩家将空格交换到游戏板上的相邻游戏元素上使得它们中的一个或两个产生至少三个相邻的相同类型的游戏元素的链。 In switching the game, the player will be switched to a space such that one of them is adjacent game elements or game board produced chain of at least two of the three adjacent elements of the same type of game. 之后那些匹配的游戏元素将消失。 After those games matching elements will disappear. 游戏板之后被重新填入游戏对象。 After the game board to be re-filled game objects.

[0005] —个这样的已知的三消类型的游戏已知为商品名糖果粉碎。 [0005] - a three consumer such known type of game is known under the trade name pulverized candy. 在该游戏中,游戏板被重新填入被感知为从根据其玩游戏的屏幕的顶部边缘向下落到游戏板上的游戏元素。 In this game, the plate is re-filled from the game elements are perceived as the top edge of the screen in accordance with game play which fell down on the game board.


[0006]本发明的各方面提供在三消游戏类型的计算机实现的游戏的背景下控制用户界面的改进的方法。 [0006] Aspects of the present invention provides an improved method of control of a user interface in the context of the type of game three consumer computer implemented game. 它们以有限的屏幕资源提供对用户互动的技术问题的解决方案和/或改进用户互动。 They provide solutions and / user interaction to technical problems or improve user interaction with limited screen real estate.

[0007]本发明的一个方面提供一种计算机设备,其具有:用户界面,其被配置为显示用户可致动游戏元素并且被配置为当用户与游戏元素互动时检测用户输入;处理器,其被配置为接收检测到的用户输入并且被配置为在检测到匹配游戏条件时控制用户界面从显示器中移除至少三个游戏元素并且被配置为在用户界面上提供替换用户可致动游戏元素,其中提供每个替换游戏元素的方式具有由与每个游戏元素相关联的图块支配的图形表示,其中每个图块具有控制以下中的至少一个的可选择的物理性质:(i)每个图块在其上移动以填充由被移除的用户游戏元素留下的空缺的方向;以及(ii)每个图块以其移动以填充空缺的速度。 [0007] One aspect of the invention provides a computer apparatus, comprising: a user interface configured to display user-actuatable game elements and configured to detect when the user game elements interact when the user input; a processor is configured to receive the detected user input and is configured to control the user interface to detect when at least three matching game play condition is removed from the display element and configured to provide an alternative user-actuatable game elements in the user interface, wherein providing each of the alternative embodiment represented by a game element having a dominant tile with each game element associated with graphics, wherein each tile has at least one of the following control selectable physical properties: (i) each tiles thereon in the direction of movement of the vacancy left by the user to fill the elements of the game to be removed; and (ii) each tile in its movement to fill vacancies speed.

[0008]在游戏的一个实施例中,处理器被配置为基于在用户界面处的用户输入来选择针对每个图块的物理性质。 [0008] In one embodiment the game, the processor is configured based on user input at the user interface to select the physical properties for each tile.

[0009]用户输入能够是特意生成的用户输入以改变将在之后支配游戏元素如何被替换的图块的物理性质。 [0009] The user input can be a specially generated user input to change the physical properties after govern how the game elements are replaced tiles. 备选地,用户输入能够形成玩游戏的一部分,如下文更完整地讨论的。 Alternatively, the user input can form part of playing a game, as described more fully discussed.

[0010]在下文描述的实施例中,根据替换图块在其上移动的方向来调节图块的物理性质。 [0010] In the embodiments described below, depending on which direction the replacement block moves to adjust the physical properties of the tile. 然而,图块以其移动的速度也能够通过特意的用户输入或通过游戏中的玩家参与来调节。 However, the block with its speed of movement can be adjusted by input or players involved in the game by deliberately users. 因此,图块能够以取决于玩家如何玩游戏的各种速度来填充。 Therefore, tile can depend on a variety of speed on how players play the game to fill. 即,游戏元素能够极其快地到达,或者能够与其到达的视觉动画相关联地较缓慢地到达。 That is, the game elements can be reached very quickly, or are capable of reaching the animated visual association arrive more slowly.

[0011] 处理器可以被配置为基于至少三个游戏元素在显示器上被移除的位置来选择针对每个图块的物理性质。 [0011] The processor may be configured based on at least three game element is removed on the display position of the selected physical properties for each tile. 即,所显示的游戏板的部分被填充有根据一种物理性质的游戏元素,并且另一部分将被填充由具有另一物理性质的游戏元素。 That is, part of the displayed game board is filled with a game element in accordance with one of the physical properties, and another portion will be filled by a game element having another physical properties.

[0012]计算机设备能够包括图形控制器,图形控制器被连接以接收针对处理器的定义图形表示的信息并且被连接以基于图块的物理性质将图形表示以视频序列的形式供应到用户界面。 [0012] Computer device can include a graphics controller, a graphics controller for a processor connected to receive information indicating a pattern defined and connected based on the physical properties of the tile in the form of a graphical representation of the video sequence supplied to the user interface. 例如,游戏元素能够被感知为向下落或向上移动。 For example, a game element can be perceived to fall down or to move upward.

[0013]用户界面能够被配置为显示每个图块以及它的所选择的物理性质的视觉指示,例如颜色。 [0013] The user interface can be configured to display a visual indication of each tile as well as its physical properties selected, for example, color.

[0014]用户界面能够被配置为显示在具有第一物理性质的图块与具有第二物理性质的图块之间的分隔符。 [0014] The user interface can be configured to display a separator between the tile and the second tile having physical properties having a first physical property. 在这种情况下,游戏板的所显示的部分可以以表示两种不同的物理性质的两种颜色来示出。 In this case, part of the game board may be displayed in two colors represent two different physical properties is shown. 在描述的实施例中,具有第一物理性质的图块在一方向上移动以从屏幕的上部分向下填充空缺,并且具有第二物理性质的图块在方向上移动以从屏幕的下部分向上填充空缺。 In the depicted embodiment, the first block having a physical property in one direction to move from the upper portion of the screen to fill vacancies downwardly, and a second block having a physical property is moved in the direction upward from the lower portion of the screen filling vacancies. 屏幕的下部分是紫色的,在本文中被称为“柠檬水”。 The lower part of the screen is purple, is referred to as "lemonade" herein. 其能够被称为水或苏打或任何流体名称。 Which it can be referred to as soda water, or any fluid or name. 更一般地,能够使用任何突出显示命名法。 More generally, any can be used to highlight nomenclature. 在柠檬水中,图块向上移动。 In lemonade, the tile is moved upward. 可选择的物理性质将方向控制在笛卡尔或极坐标系的任何取向中以用于从游戏板的外部分到游戏板的内部分填充图块。 Alternatively the direction control physical properties in any orientation Cartesian or polar coordinate system is used to fill the inner portion from the outer portion of the tile to the game board game board. 在一个游戏机制中,用户界面被配置为显示气球游戏元素,该气球游戏元素当检测到与气球元素相关联的游戏元素的匹配游戏条件时改变所显示的图块的集合的物理性质。 In one game mechanics, the user interface is configured to display a balloon game elements, the physical properties of the balloon when the game element of the set of changes detected block matching game with a condition related to the balloon element of the game elements is displayed. 气球元素不需要采取气球的形式,任何容器类型图标将是合适的,例如,瓶子。 Balloons elements need not take the form of a balloon, any type of container icon would be appropriate, for example, bottles. 气球“爆炸”并且使更多游戏元素具有“柠檬水”物理性质。 Balloon "bang" and make more game elements with a "lemonade" physical properties. 游戏元素借助于具有与气球元素匹配的颜色与气球元素相关联。 Game element by means of a balloon element matching colors elements associated with balloons. 如果例如检测到红色游戏元素的匹配,则红色气球将“爆炸”,增大“柠檬水”的水平:分隔符将会使游戏板的所显示的部分向上升高一行或多行。 If a match is detected, for example, game elements red, red balloons to the "explosion", increasing the level of "lemonade": the separator will cause the portion of the game board shown raised upwardly one or more rows. 在游戏的一个版本中,图块按行和列布置。 In a version of the game, the tiles are arranged in rows and columns. 分隔符跨游戏板在两行线之间横向地延伸。 Separator plate extends across a game between two row lines laterally.

[0015]在网格类型的布置中,其物理性质由气球游戏元素改变的图块的集合是图块的行。 [0015] In the grid type of arrangement, the set of its physical properties changed by balloons game element tile is tile row. 任何其他种类的集合能够被选择,例如三行,从顶部到底部,一列,等等。 Any collection of other types can be selected, for example, three rows from the top in the end portion, an, and the like.

[0016]为了在视觉上向用户例示不同的物理性质,用户界面能够由处理器控制以对图块的集合顺序地应用视觉效果,由此指示图块的物理性质。 [0016] To illustrate the different physical properties to the user visually embodiment, the user interface can be controlled by the processor to a set of sequentially applied to the tile of visual effects, thereby indicating the physical properties of the tile. 视觉效果能够是突出显示或闪光效果,其中游戏元素被暂时地放大和/或变亮。 Visual effects can be highlighted or glittering effect, where game elements are temporarily enlarged and / or lighter.

[0017]在网格布置中,视觉效果被顺序地应用到相邻的行。 [0017] In the grid arrangement, the visual effects are applied sequentially to the adjacent rows. 为了区分不同的游戏物理性质,视觉效果在第一方向上被应用在分隔符以上的行的集合中并且不被应用在分隔符下面的行的集合中。 In order to distinguish between the different physical properties of the game, the visual effect is applied in a first direction than in a set of rows in the separator and is not applied in the following set delimiter row.

[0018]在游戏的一个版本中,替换游戏元素的数量与处于匹配条件中的游戏元素的数量相同。 [0018] In one version of the game, the game elements the number of the replacement in the game elements the number of matching identical conditions. 然而,数量能够是不同的,雌鱼的位置能够根据所选择的图块物理性质而被设置以填充空缺。 However, the number can be different, according to the position of the female can be selected physical properties of the tile is provided to fill the gap.

[0019]在特别特殊的可选特征中,游戏元素的游戏板由处理器生成,但是仅仅游戏板的一部分被显示给用户,其中游戏板的后续部分由于被显示在用户界面上的滚动动作而被显不O [0019] In a particularly particular optional feature, the game board game element is generated by the processor, but only a portion of the game board displayed to the user, wherein the subsequent portion of the game board displayed due to the scrolling action on a user interface and O is not significant

[0020]本发明的另一方面提供响应于与用户界面上的所显示的游戏元素的用户互动的界面,该方法包括由计算机设备的处理器实现的以下步骤:响应于用户输入而检测至少三个游戏元素的匹配游戏条件;生成要被显示的替换游戏元素,每个游戏元素与图块相关联;选择针对每个图块的物理性质;基于所选择的图块物理性质来控制用户界面上的替换游戏元素的图形表示,其中图块物理性质控制以下中的至少一个:(i)图块在其上移动以填充由被移除的用户游戏元素留下的空缺的方向;以及(ii)图块以其移动以填充空缺的速度。 [0020] Another aspect of the present invention to provide a game in response to the elements of the user interface displayed on the interactive user interface, the method comprising the following steps implemented by a processor of a computer device: in response to user input detected at least three game play conditions matching element; generating element is displayed to replace the games, each game element associated with a tile; selected physical properties for each tile; based on the physical properties of the selected tile to control the user interface replacing a graphical representation of the game element, wherein the physical properties of the control block of at least one of the following: (i) the tile in the direction of movement on which the vacancy left by the user to fill the elements of the game to be removed; and (ii) block its movement to fill vacancies speed.

[0021]在网格类型的布置中,用户界面按行显示游戏元素的游戏板,并且其中存在与行中的每个图块相关联的图块物理性质的视觉指示。 [0021] In the grid type of arrangement, the user interface displayed in rows of the game board game elements, and wherein a visual indication of the presence of the physical properties of the tile in the row associated with each tile. 相同行中的所有图块具有相同的物理性质。 All tiles in the same row have the same physical properties. 在分隔符在用户界面上被显示在具有不同的图块物理性质的相邻的行之间的情况下,分隔符在游戏板上的位置能够由使得“气球”元素被致动的用户输入调节,由此增大在分隔符下面的图块的数量。 In the separator is displayed on a user interface in the case between the different physical properties of the tile adjacent rows, in the position of the separator can be made of the game board so that the user inputs "balloon" actuated adjustment elements whereby the separator increases the number of tiles below.

[0022]在一个游戏机制中,游戏角色被显示在具有第一种类的物理性质的图块上,并且角色在游戏板上的移动受包围游戏角色的图块的集合的图块物理性质影响。 [0022] In one mechanism game, game characters are displayed on the physical properties of the tile having a first type, and the game character moving plate affected the physical properties of the set of tiles surrounding tiles game character. 例如,角色当在它上面的游戏元素被移除时在“梓檬水”中向上移动。 For example, when the role of the game elements thereon are moved upwards in the removed "Zi lemon water" in the. 在显示器上识别目标行(例如,具有诸如橡胶圈的视觉目标)并且一个游戏目标是要使得游戏角色向上移动到目标行。 Identifying a target line (e.g., such as a rubber ring having a visual target) on a display and a game objective is to make a game character moved up to the target line.

[0023]当完整游戏板未被显示在用户界面上时,游戏板的部分被显示在用户界面上,所显示的部分由于滚动动作而变化以在显示器上显示游戏板的不同部分。 [0023] When complete the game board is not displayed on the user interface, part of the game board is displayed on the user interface portion, the displayed varies due to rolling motion displayed on the display of the different parts of the game board.

[0024]当游戏板的第一部分被显示在显示器上时,目标行对玩家不可见,并且其中当游戏板的第二部分由于滚动动作而被显示在显示器上时,目标行进入玩家的视野中。 [0024] When the first portion of the game board is displayed on the display, the target line is not visible to the player, and wherein the second portion of the game board when the rolling operation is displayed on the display, the target player's line into view .

[0025]本发明的另一方面提供一种计算机设备,其具有:用户界面,其被配置为生成具有用于显示以供用户互动的游戏元素的游戏板;以及处理器,其被配置为响应于与游戏元素的用户互动而控制用户界面在检测到匹配游戏条件时从显示器中移除游戏元素并且在显示器上提供替换游戏元素,其中游戏板包括替换游戏元素的部分被显示,部分被控制以通过滚动动作来改变,其中游戏板的启用部分被新显示并且从显示器中移除游戏板的先前显示的部分。 [0025] Another aspect of the present invention to provide a computer apparatus, comprising: a user interface configured to generate a display for a user interactive game board game elements; and a processor that is configured to respond user to interact with the game elements and the game control user interface element is removed from the display when a match is detected and provides a replacement game play condition on a display element, wherein the game board comprises a game element replacement section is displayed, is controlled in part changed by the scroll operation, wherein the portion is enabled and the game board is partially removed from the game board previously displayed display new display.

[0026]另一方面提供一种控制计算机设备中的用户界面的方法以响应于在用户界面处的用于检测和激活匹配的游戏元素的用户输入而示出三消游戏板的部分并且以滚动游戏板来示出不同的部分。 [0026] Another aspect provides a method for controlling a user interface of a computer device in response to the user input matching for detecting and activating user interface elements of the game is shown at the portion of the game board and three consumer rolling the game board is shown different parts.

[0027]另一实施例提供一种计算机设备,其具有:用户界面,其被配置为显示用户游戏元素并且被配置为当用户与游戏元素互动时检测用户输入;以及处理器,其被配置为接收检测到的用户输入并且被配置为在检测到游戏条件时控制用户界面提供一个或多个游戏元素的图形表示,其中一个或多个游戏元素的移动由控制其移动的方向的可选择的物理性质控制。 [0027] Another embodiment provides a computer apparatus having: a user interface configured to display the user game elements and configured to detect a user input when the user interact with the game element; and a processor configured to receiving a user input is detected and configured to control the user interface when the game condition is detected to provide one or more graphical representations of game elements, wherein movement of the one or more game elements controlled by the direction of movement of selectable physical property control.

[0028]另一实施例提供了一种响应于与用户界面上的所显示的游戏元素的用户互动而控制界面的计算机实现的方法,该方法包括由计算机设备的处理器实现的以下步骤: [0028] Another embodiment provides the user with one responsive to the game element displayed on the user interface of the interactive computer-implemented method of control interface, the method comprising the following steps implemented by a processor of a computer device:

[0029]响应于用户输入而检测游戏条件; [0029] In response to user input play condition is detected;

[0030]生成要被显示的游戏元素; [0030] generates a game element to be displayed;

[0031]选择物理性质;以及 [0031] Physical properties selected; and

[0032]控制一个或多个游戏元素在用户界面上的图形表示,其中一个或多个游戏元素的移动由控制其移动的方向的可选择的物理性质控制。 [0032] one or more game control element graphic representation on a user interface, wherein movement of the one or more game elements are controlled by selectively controlling the physical properties of the direction of movement thereof.

[0033]另一方面提供了一种用于实现上述方法的计算机程序产品。 [0033] Another aspect provides a computer program product for implementing the above method.


[0034] 为了更好地理解本发明并且示出可以如何实现本发明,现在将通过举例的方式对附图进行参考,在附图中: [0034] For a better understanding of the present invention and to show how the invention may be, reference will now be made by way of example to the accompanying drawings, in which:

[0035]图1是三消游戏的现有版本的游戏板的示意图; [0035] FIG. 1 is a schematic version of the conventional three consumer game game board;

[0036]图2图示了游戏板如何被重新填入替换游戏元素的示意图; [0036] FIG 2 illustrates a schematic view of how the game board is replaced refilled game elements;

[0037]图3是指示图2的替换的操作的流程图; [0037] FIG. 3 is a flowchart showing the operation of FIG. 2 alternative indication;

[0038]图4是具有不同图块物理性质的视觉指示的滚动类型游戏板的图示; [0038] FIG. 4 is a diagram tiles having different physical properties of the type of scrolling a visual indication of the game board;

[0039]图5和图6是图示气球元素的致动的示意图; [0039] FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 is a schematic view illustrating a balloon actuated element;

[0040]图7是其中角色到达目标行的游戏等级的成功完成的图示; [0040] FIG. 7 is illustrated in which the role of the success of the game reaches the level of the target line is completed;

[0041 ]图8a和图8b图示滚动游戏板的操作; [0041] Figures 8a and 8b illustrate a scrolling operation of the game board;

[0042]图9是图示控制用于滚动游戏板的界面的方法的流程图; [0042] FIG. 9 is a flowchart illustrating a control method for rolling interface for the game board;

[0043]图10a、图10b、图1Oc和图11是图示手动操作伴侣的操作的示意图; [0043] FIG. 10a, FIG. 10b, FIG. 11 and FIG 1Oc is a schematic diagram illustrating operation of the manual operation partner;

[0044]图12和图13是图示新颖游戏元素的操作的示意图; [0044] FIG. 12 and FIG. 13 is a schematic diagram illustrating operation of new game elements;

[0045]图14和图15图示了将多色助力器与包装游戏元素交换的新颖游戏机制; [0045] Figures 14 and 15 illustrate a novel game booster mechanism multicolor packaging exchange game elements;

[0046]图16a是具有不同物理性质(向上和向下)的图块的图解性表示; [0046] Figure 16a is a schematic block having different physical properties (up and down) representation;

[0047 ]图16b是具有不同物理性质(向一旁)的图块的图解性表不; [0047] Figure 16b is a schematic block table does not have distinct physical properties (to the side); and

[0048]图16c图示了用于管理图块物理性质的数据结构; [0048] FIG. 16c illustrates a data structure of the physical properties of the tile management;

[0049]图17是计算机设备的示意图; [0049] FIG. 17 is a schematic diagram of a computer device;

[0050]图18是计算机设备能够被用于打游戏的背景的示意性体系结构图; [0050] FIG. 18 is a schematic configuration diagram of a computer system can be used to play a game apparatus of the background;

[0051]图19示出了不同的匹配可能性;以及 [0051] FIG. 19 shows different possibilities of matching; and

[0052]图20和图21示出了具有向一旁的物理性质的替换图块;以及 [0052] Figures 20 and 21 illustrate an alternative to the physical properties of the tile having a side; and

[0053]图22示出了具有巧克力障碍的新颖特征目标。 [0053] FIG. 22 shows the novel features of the target disorder with chocolate.

[0054]图23示出了新颖游戏模式的实施方式。 [0054] FIG. 23 illustrates an embodiment of a novel game mode.

[0055]图24示出了新颖游戏模式的一个实施方式。 [0055] FIG. 24 illustrates an embodiment of the new game mode.

[0056]图25示出了新颖游戏模式的一个实施方式。 [0056] FIG. 25 illustrates an alternative embodiment of a game mode.

[0057]图26示出了下落的游戏元素的流的备选实施方式。 [0057] FIG. 26 shows an alternative embodiment of the game elements falling stream.

[0058]图27示出了下落的游戏元素的流的备选实施方式。 [0058] FIG. 27 shows an alternative embodiment of the flow of the game elements falling.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0059]在本文档中术语用户和玩家可互换地使用并且使用一个或另一个不旨在具有特定意义,除非上下文另行表明。 [0059] The term user and player are used interchangeably in this document and one or the other is not intended to have a special meaning, unless the context otherwise indicated.

[0060]在本发明的各种实施方式的下文描述中,对附图进行引用,所述附图形成本文的一部分并且通过图示的方式在附图中示出了在其中可以利用本发明的各种实施方式。 [0060] In the following description of various embodiments of the present invention, the referenced drawings, the drawings which form a part hereof, and shows by way of illustration in which the present invention may be utilized in the accompanying drawings various embodiments. 应理解,可以在不脱离本发明的范围的情况下利用其他实施方式并且可以进行结构和功能修改。 It should be appreciated that other embodiments may be utilized without departing from the scope of the present invention and structural and functional modifications may be made.

[0061]图1示出了被称为糖果粉碎传说《的3消交换游戏的已知版本的显示。 [0061] FIG. 1 shows a referred candy pulverized legend "version of the known 3 Game exchange consumption display. 图1图示了具有多个游戏元素20的游戏板2。 FIG 1 illustrates a game board 20 having a plurality of game elements 2. 游戏元素各自具有六个不同的形状和颜色。 Game elements, each having six different shapes and colors. 每个游戏元素由图块22支持。 Each game element is supported by the block 22. 图块对游戏的玩家不容易可见,游戏元素是玩家的主要关注。 Tile game players are not readily visible, elements of the game players is a major concern. 然而,图块支配游戏元素的如将在稍后更详细地描述的对玩家可见的特性。 However, elements such as tiles dominate the game the players visible characteristics will be described in more detail later.

[0062]在3消切换游戏的已知版本中,游戏的目的在于将糖果形状的游戏元素彼此交换以做出在游戏板上的移动。 [0062] In a known switched version 3 elimination game, the object of the game is the game element confectionery shapes exchanged with each other in order to make the movement of the game board. 为了获得得分,玩家必须做出产生至少三个相同糖果的匹配的移动。 To obtain the score, the player must make a move to generate at least three matches of the same candy. 在这么做时,玩家获得得分并且匹配的糖果被移除。 In doing so, players get to score and match candy is removed. 结果,新糖果从游戏板的顶部落入到空格以便填充产生的任何空间。 As a result, the new candy falls from the top of the game board so as to fill any space created spaces. 在图1中假设游戏元素20c以一个空格被移动到右边以形成与游戏元素20a和20b的三线匹配。 Suppose that a space game element 20c is moved to the right in FIG. 1 to form a three-wire match game elements 20a and 20b. 现在转到图2,这具有游戏板元素20a、20b和20。 Turning now to FIG. 2, which has a game board elements 20a, 20b and 20. '消失”的效果,从而在屏幕上产生视觉效果(动画)以指示该消失,例如图2中的24指示的最小化爆炸效果。紧在游戏元素20a之上的两个游戏元素现在将向下落入到通过移除游戏元素20a、20b和20c产生的空格中。因此,游戏元素20e将在图块22c的位置处结束,并且游戏元素20d将在图块22b的位置处结束。另外,具有游戏元素的三个新图块被“产生”并且向下落入到游戏板中以填充在图块22b上面的剩余的三个空格。随机地生成新产生的图块上的向下落入到游戏中的游戏元素。用户之后具有上演后续移动的新游戏板。图3是图示了由处理器中的软件实现的用于执行刚刚讨论的基本游戏机制的过程的流程图。在步骤SI中,分析由玩家在屏幕上做出的输入。在步骤S2中,应用游戏规则以观察是否已经产生至少三个元素匹配。如果还没有,则在步骤S3处,屏幕向用户指示非 "Disappearing" effect, to produce a visual effect (animation) on the screen to indicate that disappears, e.g. minimizing explosions in FIG. 224 indicated immediately above the two game elements the game element 20a will now fall into 20a, 20b and 20c produced by removing a space game element. Thus, the game will end element 20e at the position of the block 22c, and 20d game elements will end at the position of the block 22b. Further, having the game three new block elements are "generated" and fall down to the game board to fill the remaining upper block 22b three spaces. fall down into the game randomly generates a new tile generated a game element. after the user has moved the subsequent presentation of a new board game Figure 3 is a flowchart illustrating a process for performing basic game just discussed mechanisms implemented by a processor in software. in step SI, the analysis by the the player on the screen to make an input. in step S2, the rules of the game to see if the application has generated at least three elements match. If not, then indicating to the user at step S3 the non-screen 法移动,并且玩家必须再次尝试。如果已经检测到匹配,则在步骤S4处,生成用于显示的合适的视觉效果以指示游戏元素的匹配和已经匹配的游戏元素的消失。在步骤S5处,生成用于显示的新的游戏元素,这些游戏元素从顶部向下落以填充显示器。在每次移动之后对新的游戏板的生成后的图块的所谓的物理性质总是与被称为糖果粉碎的游戏的现有版本中相同。即,图块以设定速度从游戏板上面向下落。 Method move and the player must try again. If the match has been detected, then at step S4, the effect of generating a suitable visual display to indicate a match and have the disappearance of the game element matching game elements. At the step S5, generating a new game element displayed, these game elements to fall from the top. after each movement of the so-called physical properties of the tile to generate a new game board is always referred to fill the display pulverized candy the same as the existing version of the game. That is, at a set speed for the tile falls from the game board.

[0063] 图块物理性质 [0063] The physical properties of the tile

[0064]在本文描述的游戏的改进的版本中,每个个体图块的物理性质能够基于用户的玩游戏或者基于来自游戏软件的指令而被改变。 [0064] In a modified version of the game as described herein, the physical properties of each individual tile can be based on user or game play from the game software, based on an instruction is changed. 图块能够以其移动的速度和图块能够在其上移动的方向两者都能够由游戏的玩法支配。 Tiles can be able to be able to play a game dominated by its speed of movement and block in both its moving direction. 图4图示了本发明的一个实施例的游戏板。 A game board embodiment of FIG. 4 illustrates an embodiment of the present invention. 游戏板具有由分界线40划分的两个区段。 The game board has two sections divided by a dividing line 40. 在上区段中,游戏机制如刚刚参考图1所描述的。 In the upper section, the gaming mechanism, as just described with a reference to FIG. 如果做出了匹配,则游戏元素被移除并且具有相关联的游戏元素的替换图块从屏幕的顶部向下落入到新的游戏板中。 If a match is made, the game element is removed and replaced with game elements associated tile from the top of the screen falls down to the new game board. 然而,如果游戏元素被匹配并且因此从分界线40下面的区域中被移除,则游戏元素到达以在图4中的箭头42的方向上产生从屏幕下面的新游戏板。 However, if the game elements are matched and thus removed from the boundary region 40 below, to reach the game element in the direction of arrow 42 in FIG. 4 below the screen is generated from the new game board. 因此,在分界线40下面的图块的物理性质使得存在完成显示的向上移动,而非在上区段中的向下移动。 Thus, the dividing line 40 the following physical properties of the tile is completed such that there is upward movement of the display, instead of moving downward in the section. 图块的物理性质由图块vis-d-vis分界线40的位置支配。 Physical properties of the tile by tile vis-d-vis the position of the boundary line 40 of the disposable. 该分界线由于具有在分界线上面的一种颜色的图块和在分界线下面的另一颜色的图块而对玩家可见。 The upper boundary of a color boundary of the tile and visible to the players because of the block boundary below another color. 在分界线下面的图块形成连续背景,其在游戏中被称为“柠檬水”。 Forming a continuous boundary below background tile, which is referred to as "lemonade" in the game. 这仅仅是由在分界线40下面的图块形成的连续颜色的指示。 This is just a continuous color block 40 is formed below the boundary indication. 游戏元素不能够从分界线上面落入到“柠檬水”中。 Game element can not fall from the upper boundary to "lemonade" in. 分界线40表示游戏元素进一步向上或向下移动的屏障。 40 represents a boundary line element barrier game is further moved upward or downward.

[0065] 游戏角色释放 [0065] release of game characters

[0066]玩家能够控制分界线40相对于游戏板的所显示的区域的位置。 [0066] The player can control the position of the boundary line 40 with respect to the display area of ​​the game board. 即,它们能够根据涉及气球形状的游戏元素的爆炸的特定游戏机制在屏幕上向上移动分界线40。 That is, they can be moved upward on the screen boundary 40 in a particular game in accordance with the mechanism of the explosion is directed balloon-shaped element of the game. 图5图示了该游戏机制。 Figure 5 illustrates a mechanism of the game. 气球50已经到达游戏板并且因此可用于爆炸。 Balloon 50 has reached the game board and thus can be used to explode. 为了使气球爆炸,需要形成具有与气球相同的颜色的游戏板元素的匹配。 In order to make the balloon burst, the game board needs to be formed to match the balloon element has the same color. 在这种情况下。 under these circumstances. 红色元素的L形匹配被示出为已经显示器的52处的左边角落上做出。 L-shaped matching element is shown in red to make the upper left corner of the display 52 already. 该匹配已经利用屏幕上的视觉效果来示出,并且这些游戏元素将因此消失。 The matching has been utilized for visual effects shown on the screen, and the game elements will thus disappear. 这被示出在图6中,其中气球50现在已经爆炸,匹配52的游戏元素已经消失并且“梓檬水”的水平现在已经升高。 This is illustrated in Figure 6, wherein the balloon 50 is now explode, matching game element 52 has disappeared and the horizontal "Zi lemon water" is now increased. 因此,分界线40现在处于在图5中的其早前位置上面的一行的新位置中。 Thus, the boundary line 40 is now in its new position above the earlier position in FIG. 5 in a row. 该移动由图5中的箭头43指示。 This movement is indicated by arrow 43 in FIG. 5. 以这种方式,玩家能够影响具有改变的物理性质的图块的数量,在这种情况下,为具有使得它们如与从屏幕上面向下地移动相反地从屏幕下面向上地移动填充游戏板的物理性质的图块的数量:参见图16a。 In this manner, the player can affect the number of tiles having altered physical properties, in this case, as with physically mobile such that they fill the game board from below the screen upwardly from the top of the screen moves downwardly conversely number of tiles properties: see FIG. 16a.

[0067] 在图16b、图20和图21中示出的备选实施例中,游戏元素从一侧移入以替换匹配的游戏元素。 [0067] In FIG. 16b, FIG. 20 and FIG. 21 shows an alternative embodiment, the game elements into place of the match game elements from the side. 图20示出了从左边移动作为新替换元素的五个游戏元素。 FIG. 20 shows the left from the moving element as a new alternative five game elements.

[0068]图16c图示了用于管理图块物理性质的数据结构,并且示意性地图示了在图形控制器180的数据结构1603与渲染引擎1600之间的相互关系。 [0068] FIG. 16c illustrates a data structure of the physical properties of the tile management, and schematically illustrates the relationship between the data structure of a graphic controller 1603 and 1600 rendering engine 180. 图形控制器180被图示在图17中。 The graphics controller 180 is illustrated in FIG. 17. 数据结构1603能够被保存在任何适当的存储电路中,例如由图17中的存储器174图示的。 1603 data structure can be stored in any suitable memory circuits, for example memory 174 illustrated in FIG. 17. 渲染引擎1600驱动从图17中图示的图形控制器180接收视频输出的用户界面1602上的显不O User interface rendering engine 1602 receives the video output driver 1600 illustrated in FIG 17 from the graphics controller 180 was not O

[0069]如所提到的,在用户界面1602处的活动能够改变图块物理性质。 [0069] As mentioned, the activities of the user interface 1602 can change the physical properties of the tile. 数据结构1603负责管理如何将替换图块递送到用户界面。 How to manage data structures 1603 to replace the tiles delivered to the user interface. 每个图块具有图块ID 1605。 Each tile has a tile ID 1605. 图块ID 1605能够定义用户界面上的要在其中填充图块的位置,其由已经由玩游戏释放的空缺支配。 ID 1605 can be defined for a block in which the filling position of the tile on the user interface, which has been dominated by vacancy released by the game. 这允许渲染引擎1600在用户界面显示1602上的适当的位置处生成该图块。 This allows proper rendering engine 1600 generates a position on the tile 1602 is displayed in the user interface. 每个图块ID 1605与图块数据1607相关联,图块数据1607定义图块如何被显示,即其具有与其相关联的什么游戏元素,并且其是否具有除了游戏元素、或者任何前景或背景之外或者代替游戏元素、或者任何前景或背景的任何“障碍”。 Each tile with tile ID 1605 associated with the data 1607, block 1607 defines the data to be displayed how the tiles, i.e. having what game element associated therewith, and which in addition to whether the game elements, or any of the foreground or background outside, or in place elements of the game, or any "obstacles" any foreground or background. 稍后讨论针对障碍、前景和背景的不同备选。 We discuss different options for the disorder, foreground and background later.

[0070]除了图块数据,图块物理性质1609还与图块标识符相关联地被存储。 [0070] In addition to the data block, the physical properties of the tile and tile 1609 is also being stored in association with the identifier. 针对特定图块的图块物理性质能够基于在用户界面1602处的活动来修改。 It can be based on the active user interface 1602 for a tile to modify the physical properties of the particular tile. 因此,在每次玩完游戏之后,定义图块要在其处被填充的位置的图块标识符能够具有与其相关联的不同的图块物理性质,如由在用户界面1602处的活动修改的。 Thus, after each finished playing, the block definition block to be filled at its identifier at a position different from the physical properties of the tile can have associated therewith, as modified by the event at the user interface 1602 . 经修改的图块物理性质被存储在数据结构1603中,使得在下一次玩游戏时,适当的图块物理性质被用于当空缺出现时填充该特定图块。 The physical properties of the modified block is stored in a data structure 1603, such that the next play, the appropriate block is used to fill the physical properties of a particular tile when vacancy occurs.

[0071]当“柠檬水”的水平借助于在用户界面处的活动移动时,与受水平的移动影响的所有图块相关联的图块物理性质在数据结构1603中被改变。 [0071] When "lemonade" level by means of a user interface activity at the mobile, the physical properties of all tiles and tile associated by the movement of the influence level is changed in the data structure 1603.

[0072]在以上描述的实施例中,图块的物理性质由游戏软件根据图块在屏幕上的位置(尤其是关于其是否处于“柠檬水”中)来预先确定。 [0072] In the embodiments described above, the tile physical properties (especially with respect to whether it is "lemonade") is determined in advance by the game software according to the position of the tile on the screen. 然而,玩家能够以更普通的方式使用助力器和/或伴侣来改变图块的物理性质。 However, the player can use a more conventional manner booster and / or partner to alter the physical properties of the tile. 例如,能够在启用了一些或所有图块的物理性质的改变时提供伴侣。 For example, it enabled alter the physical properties of some or all of the tiles provide companion. 其物理性质被改变的图块能够由用户或者玩游戏的结果预先选择或确定。 The physical properties of the tile to be changed can be selected or determined by the user or the result of playing the game in advance.

[0073]在以上描述的实施例中,改变图块的物理性质能够改变游戏元素能够以其填充由“匹配的”游戏元素留下的空缺的速度或方向。 [0073] In the embodiment described above, the change in the physical properties of the tiles can be changed by the game element can be filled with its speed or direction "matched" game elements left vacant. 在备选实施例中,图块的物理性质能够影响游戏元素如何彼此反弹。 In an alternative embodiment, the physical properties of the tile can affect how the elements rebound another game.

[0074]现在将参考图4和图7来讨论一个游戏目标。 [0074] Referring now to FIG. 4 and FIG. 7 discussed in a certain game. 图4图示了跨屏幕的橡胶圈44的行。 Figure 4 illustrates a cross-screen lines of the rubber ring 44. 还图示了泰迪熊46。 46 also illustrates the teddy bear. 完成该等级的要求是将泰迪熊46从其气泡中释放。 Completion of the requirements of the class teddy bear 46 is released from the bubble. 这能够通过将柠檬水的水平40升高到包含橡胶圈44的行来实现。 This can be raised by 40 to the horizontal line lemonade containing the rubber ring 44 is achieved. 柠檬水中的游戏图块的“反重力”效果使得玩家能够将熊向上带到橡胶圈。 Lemonade game tile "antigravity" effect so that the player can be brought to bear up the rubber ring. 即,如果熊先前处在游戏元素下面,则那些游戏元素的匹配将使得它们消失并且熊46将因此向上地朝向橡胶圈移动。 That is, if in the previous game elements bear the following, the matching of those elements of the game so that they will disappear and will therefore bear 46 moves upwardly toward the rubber ring. 在图4中,其被示出在紧跟在橡胶圈下面的行中。 In FIG. 4, which is shown in the row immediately below the rubber ring. 在图7中,其被示出为由橡胶圈44捕获并且因此从其气泡中被释放。 In FIG. 7, which is shown captured by the rubber ring 44 and thus released from the bubbles. 在图4与图7之间的转变已经通过将游戏元素20f与元素20g交换来实现。 Transition between FIGS. 4 and 7 has been achieved by the game elements 20f and 20g exchange element. 图4示出了紧接着玩家已经提供输入以产生该交换之后的游戏板42。 FIG 4 shows a player has provided inputs to immediately generate the game board 42 after the switch. 游戏元素20f正在移动以占据水平40上面的位置,其中将形成三个绿色元素的行。 Game element 20f is moving to occupy a position above the level 40, in which the green elements form three rows. 该行20h的绿色元素之一是气球,其匹配将导致水平40的升高。 One of the bank 20h green element is a balloon, which will lead to elevated levels of matching 40. 图7示出了在水平升高已经发生之后的游戏板42。 FIG 7 shows the plate 42 after the game has occurred in elevated levels. 熊已经在游戏板上向上升高以与橡胶圈相遇并且从游戏板中被移除。 Bear has risen upwardly to meet with the game board and the rubber ring is removed from the game board. 在屏幕48的左边以熊图标做出对熊的移除的记录。 48 on the left side of the screen to make the removal of records bear icon to bear. 该图标48指示在任何特定游戏板上可以存在多于一个熊对玩家可用。 48 This icon indicates at any particular game board can bear more than one player is available.

[0075]游戏软件被编程为通过闪光或“墨西哥人浪”效果来在视觉上向玩家指示图块的物理性质。 [0075] The game software is programmed to indicate the player by flashing or tile "Mexican wave" effect on the physical properties visually. 突出显示能够包括简单地放大行中的游戏元素或使其变亮。 Highlight comprising game elements capable of amplifying a simple row or make it brighter. 即,在分界线40上面的图块的行均按顺序被突出显示,以便图示游戏元素向下落入到分界线。 That is, the boundary 40 is highlighted in the upper row of tiles in their order, so as shown to the line of game elements fall down. 相反,在分界线下面的游戏元素的行以反向顺序被突出显示以指示游戏元素向上地到达分界线下面。 In contrast, the boundary line of the following game elements is highlighted in reverse order to indicate the elements of the game reaches the boundary below upwardly. 备选地,在柠檬水中能够不进行突出显示。 Alternatively, lemonade can not be performed in the highlight.

[0076] 滚动游戏板 [0076] to scroll the game board

[0077]本发明的另一方面涉及游戏元素以其被显示为游戏板的方式。 [0077] Another aspect of the present invention the game elements is shown in its embodiment of the game board. 在已知为糖果粉碎的三消游戏的已知版本中,游戏板具有固定大小(在图1中;8x5元素),并且由向下落的游戏元素填充到固定大小。 In known versions of candy known as pulverized Sanxiaodan game, the game board has a fixed size (in FIG. 1; 8x5 elements), and filling the game elements to fall from a fixed size. 固定大小不需要为8x5或者真正为矩阵,但是在已知游戏中它是固定大小。 Fixed size need not be true or 8x5 matrix, but it is known that the game fixed size. 根据本发明的实施例,代替地,存在图8a和图Sb中图示的屏幕的滚动版本。 According to an embodiment of the present invention, instead, the presence of the rolling versions 8a and Sb illustrated screen. 注意,在图8a中,存在在显示的底部处图示的两行Rl和R2,并且注意分界线40出现在显示的底部上面的六行。 Note that, in Figure 8a, there is shown at the bottom two rows of the display Rl and R2, and the boundary line 40 appears in the note six rows above the bottom of the display. 在分界线上面存在三个可见行。 There are three visible above the boundary line. 现在考虑图Sb,其中屏幕已经向上滚动,使得用户现在在屏幕的底部不能够看见两个Rl并且仅仅能够看见行R2的上一半。 Now consider Sb, wherein the screen has been scrolled up so that the user can now see two Rl is not at the bottom of the screen can be seen and only half row R2. 然而,现在在屏幕的顶部处已经出现了额外的行R3,并且在屏幕的顶部处也已经出现了具有橡胶圈的另一行R4的一半。 However, now at the top of the screen, there have been additional row R3, and at the top of the screen has also emerged with the other row by half a rubber ring R4. 这允许用户观察进度如何由柠檬水进行以将泰迪熊角色46带入为与橡胶圈44互动。 This allows the user to observe the progress of how role teddy bear 46 is brought to interact with the rubber ring 44 by the lemonade. 这个的效果在于一旦柠檬水显现为在可见游戏板的半路上游戏板就显现为相对于背景向下移动,允许玩家观察它们必须达到的橡胶圈的水平,并且当玩家开始游戏时橡胶圈的水平不在当前视图中。 This effect appears to be that once it appears lemonade is moved downwardly relative to the background, they must allow the player to reach the levels observed in the rubber ring, and the horizontal when the player starts the game halfway rubber ring game board game board is visible not in the current view.

[0078]滚动的一个目的是跟随熊角色46,如同它被相机跟随。 [0078] The purpose is to follow a rolling 46 bear role, as it was followed by a camera. 这改进当角色朝向目标移动时在跟随角色的命运中的用户互动和兴趣。 This improves when user interaction and interest in following the character when the character object moving toward the fate of. 移动相机的其他模式是可用的。 Other mobile camera modes are available. 能够在二维屏幕中的任何方向上移动并且基于预定条件来控制相机处于任何特定图块中心。 It can be moved in any direction in a two-dimensional screen and to control the camera in any particular tile center based on a predetermined condition. 例如,条件能够具有以下组件:相同状态;满足的目标;用户输入;助力器。 For example, the condition can have the following components: the same state; target met; a user input; booster. 在一些实施例中,用户输入能够因此确定哪个角色或图块处于屏幕的相机视角的中心。 In some embodiments, the user input can therefore determine which role or block in the center of the camera view screen.

[0079]图9是图示了通过由处理器运行的软件在递送以上讨论的游戏机制中进行的步骤的流程图。 [0079] FIG. 9 is a flowchart illustrating the steps performed by the game mechanics software executed by a processor discussed above in the delivery. 在步骤S90中,在处理器处接收并分析来自用户输入设备的用户输入。 Receiving and analyzing user input from user input devices the processor at step S90. 在步骤S92中,应用游戏规则并且确定是否已经检测到匹配。 In step S92, the application rules of the game and determines whether a match has been detected. 如果还没有检测到,则在步骤S94处,屏幕指示非法移动。 If not detected, at step S94, the screen indicating the illegal move. 如果已经检测到,则流程流动到步骤S96以生成用于显示以指示匹配的视觉效果。 If has been detected, then the process flows to step S96 to generate a match indication for displaying visual effect. 另外,在步骤S96处,检测匹配的位置,S卩,其是在分界线40上面还是下面。 Further, at step S96, the matching of the position detection, S Jie, 40 which is above or below the boundary. 在步骤S98处,基于位置(图块下落或图块上升)来识别图块物理性质。 In step S98, the position (tile or tile drop increase) identified based on the physical properties of the tile. 在步骤SlOO处,生成用于显示的新的游戏元素并且新的游戏元素使用在步骤S98中识别的图块物理性质到达显示。 At step SlOO, the new game element to generate a display and a new game element reaches the display used in the physical properties of the block identified in step S98. 当生成用于显示的游戏元素时,游戏元素和潜在的图块颜色两者都取决于图块要被定位在哪里(分界线上面或下面)来生成,其继而取决于在哪里产生匹配。 When generating the game element for display, both the game elements and the potential colors depending tile to be positioned where the tile (either above or below the boundary line) is generated, which in turn depends on where a match. 在步骤S102处,检测熊角色的位置以确定是否需要屏幕的滚动。 In step S102, the detection bear character position to determine whether you need to scroll the screen. 如果不需要滚动,则在步骤S104处屏幕视图保持固定。 If no scrolling, then at step S104, the screen view remains fixed. 然而,如果需要屏幕的滚动,则在步骤S106处将屏幕显示滚动以向玩家示出游戏元素的新的行。 However, if you need to scroll the screen, then at step S106 the screen to scroll to the new row shows elements of the game to the player. 屏幕的滚动旨在将角色保持处于中心位置处。 Scroll intended to remain in the role at the center position.

[0080] [0080]

[0081]图10a、图10b、图1Oc和图11图示了 3消切换游戏中的伴侣的操作。 [0081] FIG. 10a, FIG. 10b, FIG. 11 and FIG 1Oc 3 illustrates the operation of the switching elimination game partner. 伴侣由附图标记100指示并且具有框架102内的动画角色。 Partner indicated by reference numeral 100 and has an animated character in the frame 102. 动画角色能够例如为青蛙。 Animated characters can, for example, a frog. 装载条104能够在视觉上由游戏活动装载。 Loading strip 104 can be loaded by the game activity visually. 即,颜色条能够从左边移动到右边,指示伴侣100的装载的程度。 That is, the color bar can be moved from left to right, indicating the degree of loading of 100 partner. 改变条通过对特定颜色(例如,蓝色)的糖果进行匹配来改变。 Article changed by matching a specific color (e.g., blue) to change the candy. 在图1Oa中,糖果20g已经被移动到3消位置,导致糖果20s、20h、20 i (参见图1 Ob)的移除和由图1 Ob中可见的动画效果表示的装载条104的改变的对应增加。 In FIG. 1OA, 20g candy consumption has been moved to position 3, resulting in a change of the loading section 104 candy 20s, 20h, 20 i (see FIG. 1 Ob) is removed and seen from Figure 1 Ob animation represented corresponding to the increase. 当伴侣如图11所示地被完全装载时,其能够由用户(由触摸或鼠标,等等)激活,并且效果在于诸如青蛙103的角色跳出框架102并且破坏与伴侣相同的颜色的所有糖果。 When the partner is fully loaded as shown in FIG. 11, it is possible by the user (by a touch or a mouse, etc.) to activate, and the effect that frog 103, such as a character out of the frame 102 and the partner Confectionery destroy all the same color. 例如,在一个实施例中,青蛙是黄色的并且青蛙跳到板上并且破坏所有黄色糖果。 For example, in one embodiment, the frog and frog jump yellow plate and destroy all yellow candy.

[0082] 巧克力移除 [0082] Chocolate removed

[0083]图22在110处图示了巧克力障碍。 [0083] FIG. 22 illustrates a chocolate barrier at 110. 稍后描述3消切换游戏中的障碍的构思。 3 describes concept of eliminating obstacles to switch the game later. 新颖游戏目标是要破坏游戏板上的所有巧克力块。 Novel object of the game is to destroy all the game board chocolate. 这与糖果粉碎的现有版本不同,其中不存在这样的游戏目标。 This is different from the existing version of the candy crush, where such gaming destination does not exist.

[0084] 揭露果冻熊 [0084] expose Jelly Bear

[0085]在糖果粉碎传说的已知版本中,一些水平具有已知为“果冻块”的特殊游戏元素。 [0085] In a known version of the candy pulverized legend, some known as having a level of "jelly blocks" special game elements. 如稍后将描述的,果冻块被放置在游戏元素下面的游戏图块上。 As will be described later, the jelly mass is placed on the game game tile below the element. 果冻块能够通过执行在它被定位在其上的图块上的匹配来移除。 Jelly blocks can be removed it is positioned on the tile thereon by performing matching. 图23示出了具有放置在其上的果冻块的游戏板。 FIG 23 shows a game board having placed thereon a mass of jelly. 在游戏板上,存在具有果冻的图块231和没有的图块232。 The game board, there is a block 231 having a jelly block 232 and no.

[0086]图24示出了在已经移除了在屏幕的顶部的几个果冻块之后的图23的在稍后的时间点处的游戏板。 [0086] FIG. 24 shows the FIG been removed after a few jelly blocks the top of the game board screen at a later point in time 23. 在经移除的果冻块后面披露的是游戏对象241a、241b的另一对,每个占据几个图块。 Jelly block behind the removed game objects is disclosed 241a, 241b of the other, each occupy several tile. 在一个实施例中,这些游戏对象241a、241b可以采取果冻熊的形式。 In one embodiment, the game objects 241a, 241b may take the form of jelly bears.

[0087]可以被呈现给玩家的一个新颖游戏目标可以是要通过去除覆盖果冻块的所有果冻块来收集所有这些果冻熊。 [0087] may be presented to a novel target game players may be coming to collect all these jelly jelly bears by removing all blocks covered with jelly blocks. 图25示出了在已经移除了覆盖果冻熊241b的所有果冻块之后的游戏板。 FIG 25 shows a game board after having removed all the jelly blocks the cover 241b jelly bears. 因此,果冻熊241b不再被呈现在游戏板上,并且计数器251的值已经增一。 Therefore, Jelly Bear 241b is no longer present in the game board, and the value of the counter 251 has been incremented by one. 为了成功地完成该等级,玩家必须从游戏板中移除所有果冻熊。 In order to successfully complete the level, the player must remove all the jelly bears from the game board. 因此,而不需要移除所有果冻块,如在游戏的先前实施方式中,而是仅仅移除覆盖果冻熊的那些。 Thus, without the need to remove all the jelly blocks, as in the previously described embodiment of the game, but only those removable cover jelly bears.

[0088] 彩色糖果助力器 [0088] candy color booster

[0089]稍后描述助力器的构思。 [0089] The concepts described later booster. 图12和图13图示了以彩色糖果的形式的新颖助力器。 Figures 12 and 13 illustrate a form of novel colored candy booster. 彩色糖果看起来像如例如在图12中的120处图示的气泡内部的糖。 The colored candy looks like the interior of a sugar e.g. illustrated at 120 in FIG. 12 bubbles. 在图12中,糖是橘色糖。 In Figure 12, the sugar is a sugar orange. 将彩色的糖果与其相邻邻居中的一个交换将使得该邻居的所有出现改变成彩色的糖果的颜色。 The colored candy adjacent thereto a switching neighbor will change so that all the colors into color candy occurrence of the neighbor. 例如,将橘色的彩色的糖果120与诸如124的紫色糖果交换将使得在图12中全部被指示为124的紫色糖果的所有实例改变成如图13中在126处图示的橘色糖果。 For example, the purple color of orange candy confectionery such as 124 and 120 exchange will be indicated so that all instances of all confectionery violet 124 in FIG. 13 orange 12 changes candy into 126 illustrated in FIG.

[0090] 交换包装糖果 [0090] exchange candy packaging

[0091]根据本发明的另一实施例,当将彩色炸弹与包装糖果交换时引入新的动态。 [0091] According to another embodiment of the present invention, when the dynamic introduction of new packaging the candy colored bombs exchange. 这具有破坏在该等级上的所有糖果的效果。 This damaging effect on the level of all the candy. 参见例如图14,其中彩色炸弹被指示为140并且与其相邻的包装糖果被示出为142。 See, e.g. FIG. 14, wherein the color is indicated as the bomb 140 and adjacent to the package 142 is shown as candy. 图15图示了将彩色炸弹140与包装糖果142交换的效果。 15 illustrates the effect of color exchange and packaging candy bomb 140 142. 图15还图示了由糖果的破坏得到的数字分数。 FIG 15 also illustrates a numerical score obtained by the destruction of the candy.

[0092] 对体系结构的描述 [0092] The description of the architecture

[0093]图17示出了包含中央处理单元172和存储器174的计算设备的示意性图片。 [0093] FIG. 17 shows a schematic image includes a central processing unit 172 and memory 174 of the computing device. CHJ172根据经由输入部件176从输入设备170(例如,键盘、鼠标或触摸屏)给出的输入来起作用。 CHJ172 176 to function in accordance with the input given from the input device 170 (e.g., a keyboard, mouse or touch screen) via the input member. 计算机总线178用于在输入设备与CPU之间而且在计算机设备内的不同的控制器(例如,图形控制器180)与网络控制器之间两者进行通信。 And different computer bus 178 to a controller (e.g., graphics controller 180) within the computer device to communicate with both the network between the controller between the input device and the CPU. 这些控制器继而与外部设备进行通信,外部设备例如为图形控制器与其进行通信的用于视频输出的监视器,并且网络控制器利用例如互联网通过无线或有线连接进行通信。 The controller in turn communicates an external device such as a graphics controller for video output monitor therewith in communication with an external device, such as the Internet and a network controller for communication using a wireless or wired connection. 用户通过诸如指点设备(例如,鼠标)和键盘的输入设备来与计算设备进行交互。 User, such as by a pointing device (e.g., a mouse) and a keyboard input device to interact with the computing device. 图3和图9的流程图被实现在由CPU 172运行的能够被存储在存储器174中的软件中。 3 is a flowchart of FIG. 9 and is implemented in software executed by the CPU 172 can be stored in the memory 174. 输出屏幕被供应到图形控制器180以用于将游戏视频输出供应给用户显示1602(图16c)。 Screen output is supplied to the graphics controller 180 to output the video game for display supplied to the user 1602 (FIG. 16c).

[0094]图18描绘在其中能够利用本发明的示例性总体环境。 [0094] FIG. 18 depicts an example in which the general environment can be utilized in the present invention. 虚拟游戏被存储在例如游戏服务器210上。 Virtual games are stored on the game server 210, for example. 要在诸如计算机240、250或智能电话或其他手持设备260的客户机设备上玩虚拟游戏。 To play the virtual game on the client device such as a computer or a smart phone 240, 250 or other handheld device 260. 客户机设备还能够为售货亭、街机游戏站、智能电视或具有计算能力的其他设备、输入设备和能够将游戏呈现给用户的屏幕。 The client device is also able to kiosks, arcade game stations, smart TV or other device with computing capabilities, input devices and game can be presented to the user's screen. 客户机设备例如通过互联网220或其他网络与游戏服务器210和社交网络服务器230进行通信。 Client device 220, for example, over the internet or other network with the game server 210 and social networking server 230. 应当理解,社交网络230和游戏服务器210不必位于不同的地方,它们能够处于相同服务器上或者位于不同位置中的多个服务器上。 It should be appreciated that the social network 230 and game server 210 need not be located in different places, they can be on the same server or on different locations of the plurality of servers. 在PCT/EP2013/060641中描述了本发明可以被实现在其中的环境,通过引用将其并入本文。 In PCT / EP2013 / 060641 describes the present invention which may be implemented in an environment which is incorporated herein by reference.

[0095]本领域技术人员将理解也能够在不脱离本发明的精神和范围的情况下使用除了列出的示例性设备之外的其他设备。 [0095] Those skilled in the art will appreciate that other devices can also be used in addition to the listed exemplary device without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

[0096]在本专利中描述的技术能够在许多不同的玩游戏体系结构来部署。 [0096] The techniques described in this patent can be deployed in many different game play architecture. 例如,计算机游戏能够被实现为被存储在PC、游戏控制台、平板电脑或移动电话或其他计算设备的处理器上并且完全在PC、游戏控制台、平板电脑或移动电话或其他计算设备的处理器本地上运行的计算机程序。 For example, it can be implemented as a computer game is stored on PC, game console, a mobile phone or tablet, processor or other computing device and completely on PC, game console, mobile phone or tablet, treatment, or other computing devices a computer program running on the local device. 游戏能够被单独地实现为被存储并且完全运行在远程服务器中的许多处理器中的一个处理器上的计算机程序,并且数据流或更新被供应到客户机设备(例如,平板电脑、智能电话、等等)以使得客户机能够渲染并显示图形和声音;该“网络服务”方法越来越普遍。 Games can be individually implemented as a computer program on many processors a processor is stored and run entirely on a remote server, and updating the data stream or is supplied to the client device (e.g., a tablet computer, a smart phone, etc.) so that the client can render and display graphics and sound; the "network services" approach increasingly common.

[0097]另一方面是混合的方法,其中后端服务器处理玩游戏的一些元素,并且例如Java游戏小应用程序被提供到客户机设备并且其是在玩家的客户机设备上生成用于玩游戏的图形/声音/用户交互的本地运行的Java小应用程序。 [0097] Another aspect is a method of mixing, in which the back-end server processes some elements of game play, and a game such as Java applet is provided to the client device and which is generated on the client device for the player to play the game Java applets running locally graphics / sound / user interaction. 特定数据可以被反馈回到后端服务器以使得能够进行评分,与其他玩家的交互和跨平台同步。 Specific data can be fed back to the back-end server to enable score, and synchronize with other interactive cross-platform player. 一般地,在本说明书中描述的技术不特定于任何一个游戏体系结构而是能够被部署在任何适当的游戏体系结构上。 In general, the technology is not specifically described in this specification to any game architecture but can be deployed in any suitable game architecture.

[0098]游戏能够被实现,允许用户以取决于用户利用其访问游戏的设备的能力的不同的方式与其进行交互。 [0098] game can be implemented, allowing the user to user depending on the manner of using the device access to the game of its ability to interact with it. 用户能够通过使用触摸屏来与游戏进行交互,其中用户能够利用手指或例如利用触笔来选择和/或移动游戏板上的元素。 The user can interact with the game by using a touch screen in which the user can use a finger or a stylus, for example, to select and / or movement elements on the game board. 游戏还能够利用诸如鼠标的指点设备或诸如键盘的其他交互设备来玩。 The game also can use the mouse as a pointing device or other interactive devices such as the keyboard to play.

[0099]移动设备可以具有触摸屏界面,其中玩家能够使用手指或诸如触笔的指点设备来与游戏进行交互。 [0099] The mobile device may have a touch screen interface, wherein the player can use a pointing device such as a finger or a stylus to interact with the game. 一些移动设备具有补充触摸屏界面的硬按键。 Some mobile devices have the added hard keys a touch screen interface. 这样的硬按键可以采取按钮的形式或者采取操纵杆类型的交互的形式。 This can take the form of hard keys take the form of a button or a joystick type of interaction.

[0100]在玩游戏的玩家的过程内,数据将被产生。 [0100] In the process of playing the game player, the data to be generated. 该数据能够例如与玩家的游戏表现相关或者与游戏被连接到其的社交网络相关的游戏信息。 This data can, for example, the performance of the player relating to the game or game information which is connected to the social network related to the game. 能够收集该数据,对其进行存储和利用其例如以改进游戏。 The data can be collected, stored and manipulated using, for example, to improve their game. 一个示例是通过使用数据库来存储玩家尝试和平均没有过关的时间量。 One example is to store the average amount of time that players and try not to cross the border by using the database. 该数据能够在之后被审查,并且如果玩家似乎在完成等级之前失败了大量时间,则能够相应地调节难度。 The data can be reviewed later, and if the player seems to fail before completing grade a lot of time, the difficulty can be adjusted accordingly. 能够通过针对该等级的分数目标来调节难度,增大可用时间或移动,或者给予玩家例如用于增强玩游戏的助力器。 Difficulty can be adjusted by the score for the target level, or to increase the available time to move, or give a player playing a game, for example, for enhancing the booster.

[0101]能够存在用于测量游戏的成功的特定表现指示符。 [0101] the presence of specific performance indicators can be used to measure the success of the game. 这些指示符能够例如与玩家记忆力、游戏的病毒性和游戏的收益有关。 These indicators can, for example with the players memory, the virus gains the game and game-related.

[0102]本领域技术人员将意识到用于实现游戏的不同的方法不是穷举性的,本文描述的内容是某些游戏实施例。 [0102] Those skilled in the art will recognize that various methods for realizing the game, not exhaustive, what is described herein certain embodiments of the game. 能够在不脱离本发明的精神或范围的情况下以许多变型来实现上述方式。 It can be made without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention many variations to the above-described manner is achieved.

[0103]在本文档中术语用户和玩家可互换地使用并且使用一个或另一个不旨在具有特定意义,除非上下文另行表明。 [0103] The term user and player are used interchangeably in this document and one or the other is not intended to have a special meaning, unless the context otherwise indicated.

[0104] 3消切换游戏 [0104] 3 handover cancellation Games

[0105]下面的描述描述3消切换游戏的额外游戏组件。 [0105] The following description describes the bonus game game switch assembly 3 dissipation. 本领域技术人员将理解存在本构思能够被实现的许多其他方式并且描述不限于仅仅一个实施方式。 Those skilled in the art will appreciate that many other ways exists to the present concept can be implemented and described embodiment is not limited to only one embodiment. 下面的特征能够与上述新颖游戏组件组合地来使用。 The following features can be used in combination with the above-mentioned novel game component.

[0106] 词汇表/术语 [0106] Glossary / term

[0107]游戏板:元素的匹配和交换出现在其中的区域:注意,整个游戏板对玩家不可见但是能够被滚动以改变玩家视野。 [0107] Game board: Matching and switching elements present in the region in which: note that the entire game board is not visible to the player but can be scrolled to change the player's view.

[0108]游戏元素:出现在游戏板上的所有元素。 [0108] game elements: appear in all elements of the game board.

[0109]标准游戏元素:存在用于在游戏板上进行交换和颜色匹配的六个基本糖果。 [0109] Standard game elements: there are six basic confectionery for switching and color matching game board. 与特殊游戏元素相比,标准游戏元素不具有额外的属性或形式,它们仅仅被用于进行颜色组合或产生新的特殊游戏元素。 Compared with a special game element, the game elements without additional standard attributes or form, they are only used to generate new color combinations or special game elements.

[0110]组分:包含在其中完成等级的目标之一是要将组分元素打落到游戏板的底部的等级中的游戏元素。 [0110] Component: One of the objectives contained therein is completed game elements grade level component element To play the game falls in the bottom of the plate.

[0111]果冻块:被放置在其他游戏元素下面的并且需要在它们的顶部上的一个或两个匹配来消失的游戏元素。 [0111] Jelly block: is placed below the other elements of the game on their needs and on top of one or two matching game elements disappear.

[0112]特殊游戏元素:出现在游戏板上的并且其具有特定行为和属性的所有元素。 [0112] Special elements of the game: in the game board and all of its elements have specific behaviors and attributes.

[0113]条纹糖果:具有线爆炸效果的特殊糖果,线爆炸效果意味着其移除一行或一列。 [0113] Striped Confectionery: Candy having a special effect by explosion wire, wire explosion effect means that removes a row or column.

[0114]线爆炸:移除一行或一列的效果。 [0114] explosion wire: effect removes a row or a column.

[0115]移动和分数水平:在该游戏模式中,你在用完移动之前具有有效数量的交换。 With an effective amount of exchanged before the game mode, you move in the run: [0115] fraction and the horizontal movement. 如果你还没有达到获得指示I个星需要的分数,则你将不能通过该等级。 If you have not reached the indication I get a star need to score, then you will not pass the level.

[0116]果冻等级:在该游戏模式中,在糖果后面的游戏板被覆盖在果冻中。 [0116] Jelly Level: In the game mode, the game board is later covered confectionery jelly. 通过匹配在果冻的顶部的糖果来移除果冻。 In the top of the jelly candy jelly removed by matching. 如果你在用完移动之前还没有移除所有果冻,则你将不能通过该等级。 If you run out before the move has not yet removed all the jelly, then you will not pass the level.

[0117]组分等级:在该游戏模式中,组分将出现在游戏板上。 [0117] Component Level: In the game mode, the components will appear in the game board. 通过将它们带到它们的递送点来收集这些组分。 These components are collected by them to the delivery point thereof. 在板的一侧,你将看到你需要收集多少组分的食谱。 On one side of the plate, you will see how many recipes you need to collect components. 如果你在用完移动之前没有将打落所有组分,则你将不能通过该等级。 If you run out before the move did not knocked all the components, then you will not pass the level.

[0118]限时等级:在该游戏模式中,存在时间限制。 [01] limit level: In this game mode, there is a time limit. 如果你在时间用完时还没有达到获得指示I个星需要的分数,则你将不能通过该等级。 If you do not reach for instructions I need a star score before time runs out Shihai, then you will not pass the level.

[0119]糖果顺序等级:在该游戏模式中,你的任务是收集糖果的数量。 [0119] Candy rank order: In this game mode, your task is to collect the number of candy. 这通过移除不想要的糖果来完成。 This is done by removing unwanted candy. 如果你在用完移动之前还没有收集到所有想要的糖果,则你将不能通过该等级。 If you have not gathered all the candy you want before you run out of moves, you will not pass the level.

[0120]炸弹元素:移除3x3方块区域中的糖果的包装纸中的糖果。 [0120] bomb elements: 3x3 square area to remove candy wrapper candy in.

[0121]包装糖果:移除3x3方块区域中的糖果的包装纸中的糖果。 [0121] Packaging Candy: Candy 3x3 square area to remove the candy wrapper.

[0122]颜色炸弹:移除所有其与之交换的带颜色的糖果。 [0122] Color Bomb: remove all of its contrast with the color of the exchange of candy.

[0123]助力器:增强玩游戏并且支持、辅助或增大能力或效力的物件。 [0123] booster: Enhanced play the game and support, aid effectiveness or increase capacity or objects.

[0124]障碍:不可交换的、需要靠近它们的I个或更多个匹配来消失并且在使糖果下落的路上的特殊游戏元素。 [0124] barriers: non-exchangeable, I need to be near them or more matching disappeared and the whereabouts of the road candy special game elements.

[0125]由游戏开发商King™开发的糖果粉碎传说《是属于三消种类的游戏的一种游戏。 [0125] candy crush Legend "by the game developer King ™ development is a kind of game three consumer types of games. 这意味着该游戏的核心基础是将共享相同颜色的三个或更多个游戏元素彼此进行匹配。 This means that the core foundation of the game is to share the same color of three or more game elements match each other. 在糖果粉碎传说中,这些游戏元素被实现为糖果。 In the candy crush legend, these elements of the game are implemented as candy. 图1和图2示出了糖果粉碎传说™的第一等级的一个实施方式,其中糖果必须被匹配以完成该等级。 Figures 1 and 2 illustrate a first level ™ pulverized legend candy an embodiment in which the candy must be matched to complete the level.

[0126]游戏具有多于350个不同的等级并且不是所有这些等级都具有要完成的相同要求。 [0126] Games have more than 350 different levels and not all have the same levels of these requirements to be completed. 简单地将三个或更多个游戏元素匹配不足以完成游戏中的所有等级而且玩家也必须满足特定目标。 Simply three or more matching game elements is not sufficient to complete all the levels in the game and players must meet specific targets. 这些目标能够为在用完移动或时间之前达到特定得分量;将某些游戏元素打落到屏幕的底部;在用完移动之前移除特定量的游戏元素或者在用完移动之前通过特定匹配收集某些游戏元素。 These objectives can be scored to achieve a specified amount of time before moving or runs out; certain game elements hit fall to the bottom of the screen; remove a particular amount of game element move runs out before or prior to collecting spent moving through a specific matching some elements of the game.

[0127]如果游戏变难,则存在助力器来帮助玩家通过等级。 [0127] If the game becomes difficult, there is a booster to help players through the ranks. 这些能够从游戏中购买获得或者作为来自Facebook好友的礼物来接收。 These can be obtained from the game or purchase as a gift to receive from Facebook friends.

[0128] 游戏还具有糖果领地主题地图视图。 [0128] The game also has a candy theme territorial map view. 地图视图示出已经完成了什么等级以及还剩余多少等级要玩。 Map view shows what level has been completed and how much still remains to be level play. 在整个游戏中并且针对每个完成的等级,玩家在地图上旅行并且跟随在糖果领地中旅行的女孩的故事。 And for each completed level, players travel and follows the story of a girl traveling in candy territories on the map throughout the game. 地图还被划分成不同的区域,其中每个区域具有它自己的糖果主题以及与该区域相连的小故事。 Maps are also divided into different regions, each region has its own theme and candy story connected to the region.

[0129] 如果玩家已经经由通过游戏中的提示输入登录细节连接到社交网络,则来自相同网络的好友的进度能够借助于挨着他们当前已经达到的最高等级的他们的头像来在地图中观察到。 [0129] If the player has been a friend of progress via a connection to a social network through prompt enter your login details in the game, came from the same network by means next to their current has reached the highest level of their avatars to be observed on the map .

[0130]如果玩家在玩游戏时连接到社交网络Facebook,则游戏将自动同步并且下载或上传游戏的进度中的最新变化。 The latest change in schedule [0130] If the player is connected to the social network Facebook during game play, the game will automatically synchronize and download or upload the game in. 例如,玩家能够已经经由Facebook自己的平台在另一计算机上玩了该游戏并且如果玩家在稍后决定例如在他们的iPhone上玩,则最新更新将被发送到该设备。 For example, players can play via Facebook has its own platform on another computer in the game and if a player decides to play at a later example on their iPhone, the latest update will be sent to the device. 只要玩家连接到互联网并且已经经由游戏登录到Facebook,则游戏将自动同步并且将数据发送到Facebook,使得玩家能够在任何计算机、1S设备或Andr1d设备上玩而而不需要重新开始游戏。 As long as the player is connected to the Internet via Facebook and logged in to the game, then the game will automatically synchronize and sends the data to Facebook, so that the players to play the game without the need to start on any computer, 1S Andr1d device or devices. 这使空格玩起来非常灵活。 This makes the play space is very flexible.

[0131] 规则 [0131] Rules

[0132] 基本移动和组合 [0132] The basic movement, and combinations

[0133] 移动 [0133] Mobile

[0134]为了玩游戏,将糖果形状的游戏元素彼此交换以做出在游戏板上的移动。 [0134] In order to play the game, the game elements confectionery shapes to each other to make the exchange of the mobile game board. 为了获得得分,玩家必须做出产生至少三个相同糖果的匹配的移动。 To obtain the score, the player must make a move to generate at least three matches of the same candy. 在这么做时,玩家获得得分并且匹配的糖果被移除。 In doing so, players get to score and match candy is removed. 结果,新的糖果填入游戏板以便填充产生的任何空白空格。 As a result, new candy fill in any blank spaces to fill the game board produced. 取决于与每个游戏元素相关联的图块的物理性质而填入游戏板。 Depending on the relevant physical properties of the tiles associated with each game elements and the game board is filled. 针对在游戏板上被移除的所有糖果,得分总是以与被移除的糖果相同的颜色被示出,例如三个红色糖果将示出红色得分,绿色糖果示出绿色得分,等等。 For all the candy removed on the game board, the score is always shown with the same candy colors are removed, for example, will be shown three red candy red score, green candy green score shows, and so on. 如果障碍元素将被移除,则示出的得分将处于与来自移除其的匹配的糖果相同的颜色。 If barrier element is to be removed, the score shown will be in match with candy removal thereof from the same color.

[0135]仅仅将产生至少三个相同类型的游戏元素的至少一个组合的交换模式被允许。 [0135] merely produce at least three elements of the same type of game mode switching is allowed at least one combination.

[0136]有限数量的移动 [0136] limited number of mobile

[0137]糖果粉碎传说的典型游戏模式向玩家提供有限数量的移动以达到等级目标。 [0137] A typical game modes candy crush legend of a limited number of moves to players to reach level objectives.

[0138]在一些实施方式中,额外的移动能够由良好的玩游戏来获得。 [0138] In some embodiments, the additional movements can be obtained by a good game play.

[0139]游戏板 [0139] Game board

[0140]游戏板是滚动游戏板。 [0140] The game board is a rolling game board. 显示器显示方形图块的网格,每个具有一游戏元素,示出被玩的等级的部分(参见图5和图6)。 The display shows a grid square tiles, each having a game element, shown being played level (see FIGS. 5 and 6).

[0141]完成等级的不同目标 Different target [0141] to complete the level

[0142]为了增加更多的多样性并且使糖果粉碎传说tmS更动态的游戏,玩家必须实现不同的标准以便完成不同的等级;这些被称为目标。 [0142] In order to add more diversity and make candy crush legend tmS more dynamic game, the player must implement different standards in order to complete different levels; these are called targets. 每个等级总是具有必须被实现以便完成该等级的一个或多个目标。 Each level always has to be implemented to complete the one or more target levels.

[0143]在用完移动之前达到设定分数 [0143] reaches the set points before movement runs

[0144]糖果粉碎传说的最常见的目标之一是在用完移动之前收集特定得分量。 [0144] One of the most common goal is to collect candy crush legend certain amount of points before running out move. 通过在游戏板上进行各组合来收集得分。 Collected by the score of each combination on the game board. 进行的组合越精妙,得分越高。 The more sophisticated combination, the higher the score.

[0145]在用完时间之前达到设定分数 [0145] reaches a set time runs out before the score

[0146]糖果粉碎传说还具有定时等级。 [0146] Confectionery legend also has a timing pulverized grade. 需要在这些等级上实现的目标是要在用完时间之前收集特定得分量。 Objectives to be achieved at these levels is to collect a certain amount of points before time runs out. 进行的组合越精妙,得分越高。 The more sophisticated combination, the higher the score.

[0147] 打落组分 [0147] Component knocked

[0148] —些等级被称为组分等级。 [0148] - These levels are referred to as component level. 组分等级具有需要被实现以便完成该等级的两个目标: Level component having two goals need to be implemented to complete the level:

[0149].玩家必须在用完移动之前达到特定目标分数。 [0149] The player must reach a certain target score before you run out of moving.

[0150] •玩家必须在用完移动之前将特定数量的所谓的组分打落到游戏板的底部。 [0150] • The player must move before you run out to a certain number of so-called component crumbling into the bottom of the game board. 当组分到达游戏板的底部时它们消失并且在它们上面的糖果占有它们的位置。 When component thereof reaches the bottom of the game board disappears and occupy their position on them candy. 组分是被成形为水果或坚果的游戏元素并且仅仅针对该特定目标存在。 Component is a fruit or nut is shaped elements of the game and only for the specific object exists. 它们不可与其他游戏元素匹配但是它们能够与其他游戏元素交换。 They can not match the other elements of the game but they can be exchanged with other game elements.

[0151]清除果冻 [0151] Clear jelly

[0152]糖果粉碎传说中最常见的目标的集合之一是针对包含果冻块的等级使用的目标。 [0152] One set of the legendary candy crush most common goal is to target containing jelly block level to use. 果冻块是在其他游戏元素下面发现的并且需要在它们的顶部上的一个或两个匹配来消失的游戏元素(参见其他地方的描述)。 Jelly blocks are found in the following and other elements of the game on their needs one or two top disappearance matching game elements (see description elsewhere). 需要在具有果冻块的等级上实现的目标是: Goal to be achieved at the level having a jelly block is:

[0153].在用完移动之前达到目标粉碎(如其他地方描述的) [0153] Before moving to reach the target grinding runs (as described elsewhere herein)

[0154].在用完移动之前移除所有果冻块 [0154]. The removal of all blocks before runs mobile jelly

[0155]收集某些元素 [0155] collect certain elements

[0156]糖果粉碎传说已经引入到它们的各种游戏模式的另一类型的等级是所谓的顺序等级。 [0156] Confectionery legend pulverization another type have been introduced into their various game modes sequence level is called level. 顺序等级具有两个目标: Order level has two objectives:

[0157].在用完移动之前达到目标粉碎(如其他地方描述的)。 [0157] Before moving to reach the target grinding runs (as described elsewhere herein).

[0158].通过特定匹配收集特定量的糖果以及努力实现做出在玩的该等级上指定的组合体。 [0158] collected a certain amount of candy by a particular match and make efforts to achieve the level of play in the specified combination.

[0159]平衡模式 [0159] Balanced Mode

[0160]在该游戏模式中,要求玩家收集偶数量的两种颜色的糖果以完成该等级。 [0160] In this game mode requires players to collect candy even number of two colors to complete the level. 等级目标能够利用其中要被收集的两种不同类型的糖果被放置在每侧上的尺度来指示。 Target level can utilize two different types of candies are placed on each side of the scale which is indicated to be collected. 当计数不平衡时,尺度的一侧开始倾斜,差异越大其倾斜得越快。 When the count unbalanced side of scale began to tilt, the greater the difference the faster the inclination. 如果一端触摸到底部,则不能通过该等级。 If one touch in the end portion can not pass through the level. 基于收集所要求的两种颜色的量花费的移动的数量来向玩家给出分数。 To give a score to the player based on the number of movement amount of two colors required to collect spent.

[0161]渐强模式 [0161] Mode crescendo

[0162]该游戏模式的目标是照亮游戏板上的所有方形/单元格。 [0162] The goal of the game is that all pattern square / game board illuminated cells. 在一些实施方式中,照亮单元格的要求是将处于该单元格中的糖果进行组合。 In some embodiments, the cell is required to illuminate the candy in the cell may be combined. 在其他实施方式中,玩家必须在它照亮之前将相同单元格中的多个糖果进行组合。 In other embodiments, the player will have a plurality of candy in the same cell are combined prior to illuminate it.

[0163] 挖掘模式 [0163] excavation mode

[0164]在该游戏模式中,要求玩家将与障碍相邻的单元格中的糖果进行组合以便在该等级中向下“挖掘”。 [0164] In the game mode, the player is required and obstacles adjacent cells are combined to down candy "digging" in the hierarchy. 当挖掘时,玩家能够揭露最初被覆盖的对象。 When digging, the player is able to expose the object is initially covered.

[0165]多种游戏模式 [0165] variety of game modes

[0166]本文描述的所有游戏模式也能够以与彼此的任何组合来使用。 [0166] All game modes described herein can be in any combination with one another and used. 例如,完成一个等级的要求能够是要移除所有果冻以及打落组分。 For example, it requires the ability to complete a level of the jelly is to remove all components and knocked.

[0167]基本规则 [0167] The basic rule

[0168] 如何玩 [0168] How to play

[0169]如果玩家尝试以使得没有糖果将与它自己的颜色中的至少两个多个匹配的方式进行关于两个糖果的移动,则移动将不被允许并且玩家将必须尝试找到另一移动。 [0169] If the player does not try to make candy will be at least two more matches its own color in the way of moving on two candy, the movement will not be allowed and the player will have to try to find another move.

[0170]如果在游戏板上不能够进行移动,则所有糖果被重组使得将总是存在至少一个可行的移动可用。 [0170] If you can not move the game board, so that all recombinant candies at least there will always be a viable movement available. 如果玩家不能够看到或找到要进行的移动,则游戏通过给出提示来帮助玩家。 If the player can not see or find to be moved, then the game to help players by giving tips. 提示在无活动的几秒之后被显示并且通过以闪烁动画将可行的移动的糖果变亮和放大来示出。 Prompt is displayed and blinking animation by the movement of feasible candy brighten and enlarged to illustrate a few seconds after inactivity.

[0171]高级规则 [0171] Advanced Rules

[0172]不仅允许3个糖果的匹配而且还完成对更多糖果的匹配;对于不同的可能的匹配样式参见图19。 [0172] not only allows for matching 3 candy and candy also more complete matching; for different possible matching pattern 19 Referring to FIG. 具有超过3个糖果的匹配给出更多得分并且在某种程度是玩家应当尝试并且力求的。 Match candy has more than three score and give more to some extent is the player should try and seek a. 不同的可接受的匹配为: Acceptable match is different:

[0173] 3个在一条线上的匹配。 [0173] In a three matching line.

[0174]四个在垂直线上的匹配。 [0174] four matches in a vertical line.

[0175] 四个在水平线上的匹配。 [0175] In the four horizontal line match.

[0176]四个在2x2方块中的匹配。 [0176] In four matching 2x2 box.

[0177] 五个在垂直线上的匹配。 [0177] five matches in a vertical line.

[0178] 五个在水平线上的匹配。 [0178] In the five horizontal line match.

[0179] 五个呈T形的匹配。 [0179] five T-shaped matching.

[0180] 五个呈L形的匹配。 [0180] five L-shaped matching.

[0181] 6个的匹配或者4个在一行、5个在一行、T形和重塑的组合中的更多糖果。 [0181] 6 matches or more candy in a row four, five in a row, and a T-shaped combination of remodeling.

[0182]如能够从可行的匹配的列表中注意到的,不接受对角匹配。 [0182] As can be noted from the list of possible matches, the match will not accept diagonal. 在游戏的一些实施方式中能够允许对角匹配和/或交换。 In some embodiments, the game can be allowed to match the diagonal and / or exchanged.

[0183]接收特殊元素的组合体 [0183] particular element receiving assembly

[0184]由四个或更多个糖果进行的匹配不仅给出更多得分而且奖励玩家特殊游戏元素。 [0184] matching carried out by four or more candy is not only to give more players a special bonus score and game elements. 从组合体接收到的特殊游戏元素具有各种积极属性并且能够被用于获得更多得分并且更易于通过等级。 Received from the special combination of game elements to have various properties and can be used actively to get more points and more easily through the ranks. 从不同的匹配接收到的元素为: Received from different elements of the matched:

[0185].4个在一行:条纹糖果 [0185] In line .4: Striped Confectionery

[0186].4个在2x2块中:鱼 [0186] In the 2x2 block of .4: Fish

[0187].L形或T形:包装糖果 [0187] .L-shaped or T-shaped: Confectionery Packaging

[0188].5个在一行:颜色炸弹: [0188] .5 in a row: Color Bomb:

[0189]如果利用多于6个糖果进行匹配,则很可能组合体是由4个一行、5个一行、L形和T形合并的形状。 [0189] If you use more than 6 candy match, it is likely that by the assembly line 4, line 5, L-shaped and T-shaped combined. 如果是的话,存在接收到什么种类的特殊元素的层次: If so, what kind of reception there is a special element of levels:

[0190].如果存在4个一行和L形或T形的合并,则接收到的特殊游戏元素将与来自L形或T形相同。 [0190] If one row and four L-shaped or T-shaped combined presence of the specific game elements received from the same to the L-shaped or T-shaped. L形和T形给出相同的特殊游戏元素。 L-shaped and T-shaped elements are given the same special game.

[0191].如果存在5个一行和L形或T形的合并,则接收到的特殊游戏元素将与来自5个一行组合体相同。 [0191] If a line 5 and an L-shaped or T-shaped combined presence of the specific game elements received from the same to the assembly line 5.

[0192]如何触发特殊元素 [0192] How to trigger special elements

[0193]为了使用从组合体接收到的特殊游戏元素,存在两种不同的方式: [0193] In order to use a special game is received from the element to the assembly, there are two different ways:

[0194].一些特殊游戏元素通过具有与特殊游戏元素相同的颜色的两个或更多个糖果的标准匹配来触发。 [0194] Some special game is triggered by the standard elements having a special game element matching the same color of two or more candy.

[0195].—些特殊游戏元素通过将空格与任何糖果进行交换来触发,无论是否进行了3消。 [0195] .- some special elements of the game are exchanged through the space with any candy to trigger, regardless of whether the consumer 3.

[0196]将特殊元素与彼此进行组合 [0196] The specific element in combination with each other

[0197]从匹配接收到的特殊游戏元素能够为了影响游戏板的各种积极效果与彼此进行组合。 [0197] received from the matching element to a special game to be able to affect various positive effects of the game board may be combined with each other. 条纹糖果、包装糖果和颜色炸弹能够全部与彼此进行匹配。 Striped candy, candy packaging and color bombs can all be matched with each other. 为了触发这些组合体,它们不需要由相同颜色的游戏元素匹配而且能够针对即刻触发器简单地与彼此进行交换。 In order to trigger these combinations thereof, which do not need to match the color elements of the same game and can easily be exchanged with each other for immediate trigger.

[0198] 得分 [0198] score

[0199]针对块的不同组合和移除给出的得分为: [0199] and the score for the removal of different combinations of blocks is given by:

[0200].3个在一行:60得分 [0200] In line .3: Score 60

[0201].4个在一行:丨20得分 [0201] In line .4: Shu score 20

[0202].5个在一行:200得分 [0202] .5 in line: 200 Score

[0203].T形:200得分 [0203] .T shape: 200 Score

[0204].L形:200得分 [0204] .L-shaped: 200 Score

[0205].破坏果冻块:1000得分 [0205] damage jelly blocks: 1000 Score

[0206] •破坏结霜块:20得分/每块 [0206] • frost damage block: Score 20 / each

[0207].破坏巧克力块:20得分/每块 . [0207] chocolate mass destruction: Score 20 / each

[0208].得到到屏幕的底部的组分:10000得分 . [0208] to give the bottom of the screen components: 10000 Score

[0209].使用特殊游戏元素来移除其他游戏元素:60得分/每个移除的元素 . [0209] using special elements of the game to remove other elements of the game: 60 points / each element removed

[0210]游戏元素 [0210] elements of the game

[0211]标准游戏元素 [0211] Standard elements of the game

[0212]在糖果粉碎传说中,存在全部看起来像糖果的6个标准游戏元素(参见图15): [0212] In the confectionery pulverized legend, the presence of all six elements of the game looks like a standard candy (see FIG. 15):

[0213].以花的形状的紫色糖果 [0213]. The purple flowers in the shape of candy

[0214].以球的形状的蓝色糖果 [0214]. In the blue sphere shape candy

[0215].以方块的形状的绿色糖果 Green candy [0215] The shape of the box to

[0216].以歪豆的形状的红色糖果 [0216]. Crooked in the shape of red bean candy

[0217].以水滴的形状的黄色糖果 [0217]. In the shape of water droplets yellow candy

[0218].以椭圆的形状的橘色糖果 [0218]. In an elliptical shape orange candy

[0219]特殊游戏元素 [0219] special game elements

[0220]能够从特殊组合体或者从游戏板上的自动放置来接收特殊游戏元素。 [0220] can receive a special game automatically placed element from the game board or from a special assembly.

[0221 ]从组合体接收到的特殊游戏元素 [0221] received from a specific game element to the assembly

[0222]条纹糖果 [0222] Striped Confectionery

[0223]如何生成条纹糖果 [0223] How to generate stripes candy

[0224]条纹糖果通过对在水平线或垂直线上的相同颜色的四个糖果进行匹配来给出。 [0224] Confectionery fringes is given by the matching of the four color candy horizontal or vertical line of the same.

[0225] 外观 [0225] Appearance

[0226]条纹糖果具有与标准游戏元素相同的形状和颜色,除了它们在它们上面具有白色垂直线或水平线。 [0226] Confectionery stripes having a standard game elements of the same shape and color, in addition they have a white vertical or horizontal lines on them. 条纹糖果的颜色和形状将与被匹配以产生它们的糖果的颜色和形状相同。 Striped candy colors and shapes will be matched with the same color and shape to produce candy thereof.

[0227]如果在水平线上完成了四个糖果的匹配,则将给出具有垂直线的糖果。 [0227] If a complete match four candy on a horizontal line, a vertical line will be given candy. 如果在垂直线上完成了四个糖果的匹配,则将给出具有水平线的糖果。 If a complete match four candy in a vertical line, a horizontal line will be given with candy.

[0228]效果 [0228] Effect

[0229]取决于条纹糖果是否有垂直组合体或水平组合体来做出,条纹糖果移除整行或整列。 [0229] depending on whether vertical striped candy composition or to make a horizontal assembly, striped candy removing an entire row or column. 糖果上的白色线指示其将移除行或列。 White lines indicate which candy removes a row or column. 为了触发条纹糖果,其需要与相同颜色的两个更多个糖果匹配。 To trigger striped candy, which requires two or more candy match the same color.

[0230]如果游戏板被划分成未连通的两个或更多个区域,条纹糖果也移除一行或一列中的所有糖果。 [0230] If the game board is divided into two or more regions of non-communication, striped candy also removes a row or a column all of the candy. 这样,玩家能够从否则将很难或不可能找到组合的区域移除糖果。 In this way, the player can find the combination of removing candy from the area that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. 在本文档中的其他地方描述了不同的游戏板设计的影响。 Elsewhere in this document describes the effect of different game board designs.

[0231]在使用时的动画 [0231] When used in animation

[0232]当条纹糖果被触发时,动画在其正在移除的行或列之后射出条纹糖果。 [0232] When the stripe is triggered candy, candy stripes animation emitted after being removed from its row or column. 该动画在某种程度上看起来像糖果被拉伸出并且被转变成与闪光效果一起射出的线。 The animation looks like candy pulled to some extent and extend into the flash effect being emitted along the line. 针对被移除的所有糖果,针对每个糖果的点将以与被移除的糖果相同的颜色被示出。 For all the candy is removed, for each point will be the same confectionery candy color removed is shown.

[0233]包装糖果 [0233] candy packaging

[0234]如何生成包装糖果 [0234] how to generate candy packaging

[0235] 包装糖果通过具有L形或T形组合来给出。 [0235] Confectionery packaging is given by L-shaped or T-shaped combination.

[0236] 外观 [0236] Appearance

[0237]包装糖果具有与标准游戏元素相同的形状和颜色但是具有包围它们的包装。 [0237] Confectionery packaging as a standard game elements the same shape and color but with packaging surrounding them. 包装糖果的颜色和形状将与被匹配以产生它们的糖果的颜色和形状相同。 Color and shape of the package with the candy will produce the same color to match the shape thereof and candy.

[0238]效果 [0238] Effect

[0239]包装糖果通过将其与相同颜色的两个更多个糖果进行匹配来触发。 [0239] Confectionery packaging by matching the trigger which two or more candy of the same color. 触发的结果是移除包围包装糖果的3x3方块中的糖果的两次爆炸。 The result is to remove the two explosions triggered 3x3 box surrounded by packaging the candy in the candy. 当包装糖果被触发时即刻发生第一次爆炸,在由第一次爆炸所有糖果已经被移除并且被新的糖果替换之后发生第二次爆炸。 When the first explosion occurred immediately when packaged candy is triggered a second explosion occurs after the first explosion all the candy has been removed and replaced with a new candy. 如果包装糖果在游戏板的边缘处,则爆炸将发生但是爆炸区域的在游戏板外部的部分不受影响。 If the packaging of candy at the edge of the game board, but it will explode explosion affected area outside part of the game board. 当与彩色炸弹交换时,破坏该等级中的所有糖果。 When the exchange and color bombs, destroying all levels in the candy.

[0240]在使用时的动画 [0240] When used in animation

[0241]当包装糖果引爆时,具有闪光效果和光圈的动画被示出,其中包装糖果处在动画的中心。 [0241] When packaging confectionery detonated, animation and a diaphragm having a flash effect is shown, wherein the packaging at the center candy animation.

[0242] 彩色炸弹 [0242] Color Bomb

[0243] 如何生成彩色炸弹 [0243] how to generate a color bomb

[0244]当对在垂直线或水平线上的五个糖果进行匹配时接收到彩色炸弹。 [0244] When the received color bomb to five candy vertical line or horizontal line match.

[0245] 外观 [0245] Appearance

[0246]彩色球看起来像巧克力糖。 [0246] colored balls look like chocolate. 具有多色闪光在其上的圆球。 Polychromatic sphere on which flash.

[0247]效果 [0247] Effect

[0248]为了触发彩色炸弹,能够将其与任何糖果交换,而不需要3消。 [0248] In order to trigger a bomb color, which can be exchanged with any candy without dissipation 3. 当彩色炸弹被触发时,其移除与被用于触发它的糖果相同的颜色的所有糖果。 When the color bomb is triggered, it is removed and it is used to trigger all of the same candy candy colors.

[0249]在使用时的动画 [0249] When used in animation

[0250]当彩色炸弹被使用时。 [0250] When the colored bombs being used. 蓝色彩色闪电从彩色炸弹射出到即将要被移除的所有糖果O Lightning shot from the blue color to all the candy colored bombs O is about to be removed

[0251]其他特殊游戏元素 [0251] Other special elements of the game

[0252]神秘糖果 [0252] mysterious candy

[0253]如何生成神秘糖果 [0253] how to generate mysterious candy

[0254]神秘糖果被随机地放置在游戏板上并且不需要出现特殊组合。 [0254] Confectionery mystery game is randomly placed on the board and does not require special composition appear.

[0255] 外观 [0255] Appearance

[0256]神秘糖果具有椭圆扁平形,其被稍微倾斜并且具有绘制到其上的问号。 [0256] Confectionery mystery has an oval flat shape, which is slightly inclined and has a question mark drawn thereto. 神秘糖果以6种标准糖果颜色出现。 The mysterious candy candy come in six standard colors.

[0257]效果 [0257] Effect

[0258]为了使用神秘糖果,需要将其包含在具有与神秘糖果相同颜色的糖果的标准3消中。 [0258] In order to use the mysterious candy, a standard needs to be included in the same color with the mysterious candy confectionery extinction 3. 神秘糖果将之后转变成随机游戏元素,其能够具有对玩家的积极影响或消极影响。 After the mysterious candy into a random game elements, which can have a positive impact on the player or negative effects. 其能够例如转变成条纹糖果或彩色炸弹,或者其能够转变成较不幸运的物件,例如散布的巧克力块(参见其他地方的描述)或者倒计时并爆炸以使玩家结束游戏的炸弹。 For example, it can transform into a candy stripe or color bomb, or it can be converted to the less fortunate objects, such as spreading chocolate block (see description elsewhere) or the countdown and explosion at the end of the game the player bombs.

[0259]在使用时的动画 [0259] When used in animation

[0260]当神秘糖果被组合地使用时,它们爆炸并且转变成随机元素。 [0260] When the mystery candy is used in combination, and they explode into a random element.

[0261 ]幸运糖果 [0261] lucky candy

[0262]如何生成幸运糖果 [0262] how to generate lucky candy

[0263]幸运糖果当已经选择了具体地将幸运糖果添加到游戏板上的糖果混合的游戏前助力器时自动被插入到游戏板上。 [0263] Fortunately, when the candy has been selected specifically added to confectionery candy lucky game board game mixed before the booster is automatically inserted into the game board.

[0264] 外观 [0264] Appearance

[0265]幸运糖果看起来像具有白色刻度线绘制在其顶部上的扁平球。 [0265] Fortunately, looks like a candy with a white line drawn on a scale on top of a flat ball. 糖果以全部6种标准糖果颜色出现。 Candy appears in all six standard candy colors.

[0266]效果 [0266] Effect

[0267]为了使用幸运糖果,其需要与相同颜色的两个更多个糖果匹配。 [0267] In order to use lucky candy, which requires two or more candy match the same color. 幸运糖果将在之后转变成随机积极游戏元素。 Fortunately candy will be transformed into a random after the positive elements of the game.

[0268]在使用时的动画 [0268] When used in animation

[0269]当幸运糖果被匹配时,其看起来像它是没有包装的并且在其揭露新的游戏元素的包装后面。 [0269] When the candy is lucky match, it looks like it is no packaging and packaging back to expose its new game elements in.

[0270]鱼 [0270] Fish

[0271 ] 如何生成鱼 [0271] how to build fish

[0272]通过选择具体地这么做的游戏前助力器来将鱼放置在游戏板上。 [0272] placing the fish to the game board to do so by selecting specific game before the booster. 它们还能够通过产生2x2块中的4个糖果的匹配来产生。 They can also be created by generating four candy matching 2x2 block. 在游戏前头鱼还能够随机地出现在游戏板上。 In the game ahead of the fish also can randomly appear on the game board.

[0273] 外观 [0273] Appearance

[0274]鱼看起来像糖果果冻鱼。 [0274] fish that looks like candy jelly fish. 其以与标准6个糖果相同的颜色出现。 It appears with the same standard six candy color.

[0275]效果 [0275] Effect

[0276]鱼通过将其与相同颜色的两个更多个糖果进行匹配来使用。 [0276] Fish will match it by two or more candy of the same color is used. 这么做将使得鱼游向游戏板上的随机元素并将其移除。 Doing so would make the fish swim random element to the game board and remove it. 如果存在果冻块或其他障碍,则游戏将在移除站在空白方块上的糖果之前优先移除那些。 If the jelly blocks or other obstacles, the game will give priority to removing those standing before removing candy on a blank box.

[0277]波尔卡鱼 [0277] Polka fish

[0278]如何生成波尔卡鱼 [0278] how to generate polka fish

[0279]该鱼是在将鱼与条纹糖果组合时给出的。 [0279] The fish are given in the fish when the stripe candy composition. 条纹糖果和鱼不需要具有相同颜色。 Striped candy and fish need not have the same color. 另夕卜,波尔卡鱼将被即刻触发并且不能够被保存以供稍后使用。 Another evening Bu, polka fish will be triggered immediately and can not be saved for later use.

[0280] 外观 [0280] Appearance

[0281]波尔卡鱼看起来像标准糖果鱼但是具有与条纹糖果相同种类的条纹。 [0281] looks like a standard Candy polka fish fish but the same kind having a striped candy stripes.

[0282]效果 [0282] Effect

[0283]波尔卡鱼将随机糖果转变成垂直条纹或水平条纹糖果,其继而被即刻触发并且产生线爆炸效果。 [0283] The random candy polka fish into horizontal stripes or vertical stripes candy, which in turn is immediately triggered and generates line explosive effect.

[0284]在使用时的动画 [0284] When used in animation

[0285]在一个实施方式中,如与标准糖果鱼和包装鱼一样,产生的波尔卡鱼游出视野并且返回以具有相同颜色的两个更多个波尔卡鱼,其之后游到要被转变成触发的线爆炸元素的糖果的位置。 [0285] In one embodiment, the standard Candy as fish and fish packaging, resulting polka fish swim out of view and returns two more polka fish having the same color, to swim to trigger after it is converted to the location of the explosion candy line elements. 在已经到达它们的目的地之后,波尔卡鱼消失。 After having reached their destination, polka fish disappear.

[0286] 变色糖果 [0286] Confectionery discoloration

[0287]如何生成变色糖果 [0287] How to generate color candy

[0288]这些糖果被自动放置在游戏板上。 [0288] These candies are automatically placed on the game board. 它们也能够是在已经使用了神秘糖果时得到的糖果。 They can also be used in the candy has been obtained when the mysterious candy.

[0289] 外观 [0289] Appearance

[0290]与标准糖果类似但是具有包围其的柔光和在糖果的表面上彩虹经过的动画。 [0290] but with a similar standard Candy surround the upper surface of the soft candy and a rainbow through animation.

[0291 ]效果 [0291] Effect

[0292]糖果在针对在游戏板上进行的每次交换的两种颜色之间变化。 [0292] Candy vary between two colors for each exchanged in the game board.

[0293]瞬移器 [0293] Teleport is

[0294]这是被自动放置在游戏板中的单元格之一的边缘上的固定位置上的游戏元素。 Game elements on the fixed location on the edge of one of the cells [0294] It is to be automatically placed in the game board. 瞬移器通常将被成对放置在游戏板上,其中瞬移器之一用作针对跨瞬移器所处的单元格边缘落入游戏板上的糖果的入口点。 Teleport will typically be placed in pairs on the game board, which is used as one of Teleport candy falls entry points for the game board across the edge of the cell is located Teleport. 糖果将在之后被引入到入口点瞬移器所处的地方。 Confectionery place to be introduced into the entry point is located after teleport. 因此如果糖果正常地从游戏板的顶部到游戏板的底部的一条道上下落,则瞬移器能够将糖果在游戏板上再次向上移动或者移动到游戏板的另一区域。 Therefore, if the top of the candy normally falls from one track of the game board to the bottom of the game board, the candy can be Teleport is moving up again on the game board or moved to another area of ​​the game board.

[0295]瞬移器不下落或者占有进行交换的区域上的空间并且其决不会被包含在任何颜色组合中。 [0295] Teleport or does not fall on the occupied spatial region of the exchange and which are not included in any color combination.

[0296] 果冻块 [0296] jelly blocks

[0297]果冻块很早被引入到游戏中并且完成该等级的典型目标是要移除游戏板上的所有果冻块。 [0297] jelly is introduced into the long block and the game is completed the typical target level is to remove all the jelly blocks on the game board. 备选地,完成等级的目标可以是要揭露被放置在如图17中看到的几个果冻块后面的较大的游戏对象。 Alternatively, the target level may be completed to expose large game objects placed behind several jelly seen in block 17 of FIG.

[0298]果冻块被放置在糖果后面并且被卡到适当的位置中。 [0298] jelly candy pieces are disposed behind and stuck to the appropriate position. 它们不能给被交换并且它们在它们下面的糖果被移除时不下落。 They can not be swapped and they are not to fall below the candy when they are removed.

[0299]为了移除果冻块,必须在它顶部上进行匹配。 [0299] In order to remove the jelly blocks, must be matched on top of it. 有时果冻块包括两层并且之后它们需要自它们的顶部上的两个匹配来移除。 Sometimes jelly block comprises two layers and then they need to be removed from the two match on top of them.

[0300]糖果大炮 [0300] Candy Cannon

[0301]这是可见游戏机制。 [0301] It is seen game mechanics. 在一个实施方式中,其能够指示甘草、炸弹和组分被设置为出现在哪里。 In one embodiment, it is possible to indicate licorice, bombs and components are arranged to appear where.

[0302]将特殊游戏元素进行组合 [0302] The particular combination of game elements

[0303]能够通过简单的交换来将特殊游戏元素与彼此进行组合。 [0303] can be a special game element in combination with each other by a simple exchange. 这么做产生帮助玩家获得更多得分并且更容易通过等级的有力效果。 Do produce to help players get more scoring and more easily through the ranks of the powerful effect.

[0304]接收到的不同的组合体和效果为: [0304] received and a different combination of effects:

[0305].两个条纹糖果 [0305] Two striped candy

[0306].两个包装糖果 [0306] Two candy packaging

[0307].一个条纹糖果和一个包装糖果 [0307] A striped candy and a packaged candy

[0308].一个包装糖果和一个彩色炸弹 [0308] A package of candy and a color bomb

[0309].一个条纹糖果和一个彩色炸弹 [0309] A striped candy and a color bomb

[0310].两个彩色炸弹 [0310] The two colored bombs

[0311] •两条鱼 [0311] • two fish

[0312]两个条纹糖果 [0312] Confectionery two stripes

[0313]将两个条纹糖果进行组合将触发两个同时的线爆炸,其中一行和一列在十字形路上被移除,参见图24。 [0313] The combination of the two striped candy for two simultaneous explosions trigger wire, and wherein a row in the cross road is removed, see Fig 24. 组合的条纹糖果是水平的还是垂直的无所谓。 Striped candy composition of matter is horizontal or vertical. 列爆炸和行爆炸将从移动的条纹糖果已经被移动到的位置被启动。 Columns and rows explosion blast from the mobile striped candy has been moved to the start position.

[0314]两个包装糖果 [0314] two packages of candy

[0315]将任何两个包装糖果彼此进行交换将产生如与标准包装糖果一样的双重爆炸,差别是影响的区域将更大并且取决于包装糖果是是水平地被放置为靠近彼此还是垂直地被放置为靠近彼此移除在6x5方块区域或5x6方块区域中的任何物件。 [0315] Confectionery packaging for any exchange between the two will generate standard dual packaging candy such as explosion, the difference is greater and the impact area depends on the packaging candy being placed horizontally or vertically to be close to each other removing any object placed close to each other in the region of 6x5 or 5x6 square block area.

[0316] 一个条纹糖果和一个包装糖果 [0316] a striped candy and candy packaging a

[0317]将任何条纹糖果与任何包装糖果进行组合将触发3水平线爆炸效果和3个垂直线爆炸效果。 [0317] Confectionery any streaks with any packaged confectionery composition will trigger explosions and 3 horizontal 3 vertical lines explosions. 结果是三个相邻的行被移除并且其后三个相邻的列被移除。 The result is three adjacent rows are thereafter removed and three adjacent columns are removed.

[0318] 一个包装糖果和一个彩色炸弹 [0318] a package of candy and a color bomb

[0319]将这两个进行组合将首先移除游戏板上的所有糖果。 [0319] The two combined will first remove all the candy on the game board. 参见例如图14,其中彩色炸弹被指示为140并且与其相邻的包装糖果被示出为142。 See, e.g. FIG. 14, wherein the color is indicated as the bomb 140 and adjacent to the package 142 is shown as candy. 图15图示了将彩色炸弹140与包装糖果142交换的效果。 15 illustrates the effect of color exchange and packaging candy bomb 140 142.

[0320] —个条纹糖果和一个彩色炸弹 [0320] - a candy stripes and a color bomb

[0321]这两个特殊糖果的组合将与条纹糖果具有相同颜色的所有糖果转变成随机地垂直条纹或水平条纹糖果,其之后被即刻触发并且将游戏板填充有线爆炸。 All Candy [0321] combination of the two special candy will have the same color stripe candy randomly into horizontal stripes or vertical stripes candy, is triggered immediately and the game board after it is filled wire explosion.

[0322] 两个彩色炸弹 [0322] two color bomb

[0323]将两个彩色炸弹进行组合将移除游戏板上的所有游戏元素,除了如果游戏元素是多层障碍(参见其他地方的描述)。 [0323] The combination of the two color bombs remove all elements of the game board game, except that if the game is a multi-element obstacle (see description elsewhere). 如果游戏元素具有多于一层,则这些层中的一层将被移除。 If the game elements having more than one layer, these layers will be removed one.

[0324] 两条鱼 [0324] two fish

[0325]将两条鱼进行组合使三条鱼从组合的位置游出,游到游戏板上的三个随机位置。 [0325] The two fish are combined so that three fish swim out from the position in combination, to swim three random locations on the game board. 鱼移除在它们游到的三个位置处的游戏元素。 Fish removing elements of the game at three locations in their swim to.

[0326] 椰子轮和彩色炸弹 [0326] coconut color wheel and bombs

[0327]首先,游戏板具有其中的大多数的所有糖果将被移除。 Most of all sweets [0327] First of all, the game board which will have to be removed. 在已经移除了那些糖果之后,椰子轮将在板上滚动并且其滚过的每个糖果将转变成条带。 After having removed those candies, coconut wheel will scroll on the board and each candy that will roll over into the strip.

[0328]椰子轮和条纹糖果 [0328] and striped candy coconut wheel

[0329]利用该组合,椰子轮将在板上滚动并且将其滚过的所有糖果转变成即刻触发的条纹糖果。 [0329] With this composition, coconut rolling wheel plate and the transition in which all of the candy rolled over striped candy immediately triggered.

[0330]椰子轮和包装糖果 [0330] wheel and coconut candy packaging

[0331]利用该组合,椰子轮将其滚过的所有糖果转变成之后被即刻触发并且包装的包装糖果。 [0331] With this composition, the coconut wheel which rolls over after all of the candy is immediately triggered into packaging and packaging candy.

[0332] 障碍 [0332] disorders

[0333]游戏实现几种不同种类的所谓的障碍。 [0333] game to achieve several different types of so-called barriers. 障碍是消极游戏元素,其在当想要在游戏板上的不同区域上进行匹配时玩家的路上。 Obstacle is the negative elements of the game, the way in which the player when you want to match on different areas of the game board. 本文描述的游戏具有与巧克力障碍相关联的新的游戏目标。 This article describes the game with a new game objectives associated with chocolate disorder.

[0334]巧克力障碍不仅阻挡游戏板上的空间而且繁殖以阻挡游戏板的甚至更大的区域。 [0334] chocolate barriers not only block the space on the game board and to block reproduction of even larger area of ​​the game board. 如果靠近巧克力障碍进行颜色组合,则没有巧克力块将繁殖并且该巧克力块将被移除。 If the barriers close to the color combination of chocolate, the chocolate will not breed and the chocolate pieces to be removed. 然而,如果进行了颜色匹配并且该颜色不匹配不是靠近巧克力块的,则游戏板上的巧克力块之一将繁殖并且游戏板上的另一空间将被填充有巧克力障碍。 However, if the color matching and the colors do not match is not close to the chocolate bars, chocolate pieces on the game board is one of the breeding and the other space on the game board will be filled with chocolate obstacles. 接收新巧克力块的空间将总是与现有巧克力块相邻,然而,其将来自于的游戏板上的该巧克力块看起来是随机的。 Receiving a new chocolate bar will always be adjacent to a space with existing chocolate, however, which of the game board from the chocolate mass appears to be random. 如果游戏板上的所有巧克力块已经被移除,则没有新的巧克力块将出现。 If the board with all the chocolate pieces have been removed, there is no new chocolate bar will appear. 巧克力障碍不能够被交换和改变位置而是被卡在它们应当在的地方。 Chocolate barriers can not be exchanged and change the position but was stuck in the place where they should be. 巧克力障碍仅仅能够繁殖到游戏板上的被糖果占有的单兀格。 Chocolate can breed only obstacle to a single cell on the game board is Wu candy possession.

[0335]助力器 [0335] booster

[0336]本文讨论的新颖的助力器包括彩色糖果和手动操作伴侣。 [0336] Novel booster discussed herein include colored candy and manual operation partner.

[0337]在游戏中 [0337] In the game

[0338]游戏板 [0338] Game board

[0339]当玩糖果粉碎传说中的等级时,游戏板的一部分被呈现给玩家。 [0339] When playing the legendary candy crush level, part of the game board is presented to the player. 术语游戏板暗示包含糖果和诸如组分、果冻和结霜的其他元素而非诸如分数计和示出剩余的生命量的心的周围场景的区域。 The term implies that the game board comprises components such as candy, jelly, and other elements such as frosted fraction not shown and the area around the center of the scene remaining life amount. 整个游戏板对玩家不可见;代替地,CPU能够控制用户界面来将服务部滚动给玩家。 The game board is not visible to the player; instead, CPU capable of controlling the user interface to scroll the service to the players.

[0340]存在用于音乐盒声音效果的用户界面上的音频控制。 [0340] The audio user interface control for the presence of the music box sound effects. 示出了玩家要完成该等级剩余的移动量。 It shows a remaining amount of movement of the player to complete the level. 以绝对得分表示的玩家的当前分数被呈现使得玩家可以跟着玩游戏。 The current score is presented to indicate an absolute score of the player so that the player can play along with the game. 星星计量计示出玩家相对于实现特定量的星星需要的预定义目标具有多少得分的指示。 Star measurement gauge indicates how many scores of the players with a predefined required for achieving the target star having a specific amount. 游戏板在正常单元格和或图块中被填入正常糖果。 The game board is filled candy normal cells and normal or tile. 示出了玩家剩余的生命的数量。 It shows the number of players remaining life. 游戏的当前等级和指示等级的目标是什么的符号两者相对于游戏板被示出。 The current level of the game and the target level is an indication of what both the symbols with respect to the game board is shown. 图块的物理性质支配当现有糖果被移除时新的糖果进入到板上的哪里。 The physical properties of tiles dominate the candy is removed when the existing into the new candy where the board. 针对游戏板的一部分(图16中的上部分),新的糖果从顶部生成并且如由箭头所示的向下落,并且针对图16中的下部分,糖果从底部生成并且向上移动到适当的位置中。 The new generation for a part of the game board candy (upper part of FIG. 16) from the top and from the direction as indicated by arrow drop, and, for the next generation candy portion 16 from the bottom and move up to the appropriate position in.

[0341]整个游戏板对玩家不可见:代替地,其能够取决于如早前所描述的游戏如何前进而向上或向下滚动。 [0341] the whole board is not visible to players: instead, it is possible to scroll down depending on how the game as described earlier upward or forward.

[0342I 星星计量计 [0342I meter metering stars

[0343]在最基本的版本中,该特征用于通过在玩游戏时示出他们已经完成哪个等级的分数让玩家获悉他们的表现的目的。 [0343] In the most basic version, this feature is used when playing through the game shows what level they have completed score allows players to learn the purpose of their performance. 分数的等级由针对将使玩家获得一个星星、两个星星或三个星星的预定义等级收集的和比较的得分量确定。 Scores rank against by the players will get a star, scoring two stars or three stars in the amount of pre-defined level to collect and compare OK. 星星是玩家正在在等级上多么好地表现的表征。 The stars are at the level of the player is to characterize how well performance. 需要实现至少一个星星以通过等级。 We need to achieve at least a star through the ranks. 实现多于一个星星指示玩家比所需要的最小值更好地表现并且是通过使玩家感到更熟练来帮助驱动互动的因素。 More than one star player is instructed to achieve better performance than the minimum required and by making the players feel more skilled to help drive the interactive factors. 实现一个星星、两个星星或三个星星需要的得分量是预定义的并且通常针对任何等级不变。 Achieve a star, two stars, or three stars to score the amount needed is predefined and generally constant for any level. 然而,在一些实施方式中,能够具有针对不同量的星星需要的可变分数,例如与玩游戏的所有玩家的平均分数相关的实施方式。 However, in some embodiments, it can have variable scores for different amounts of the stars need, such as associated with the average score of all players to play the game manner.

[0344]在一些实施方式中,存在在玩等级期间显示的其他玩家的表现的指示。 [0344] In some embodiments, there is an indication of the performance of other players displayed during the playing level. 该信息常常基于来自先前完成的等级的数据,但是其还能够与已经尝试的并且其他玩家没有通过的等级相关。 This information is often based on the level of the data from the previously completed, but it can also be related to the level and not by other players already tried. 表现信息能够例如从连接到游戏的社交网络或从更直接地与游戏相关的数据库导出。 Performance information can be derived for example from connecting to social network games, or from more directly related to the game database. 在一些实施方式中,玩家能够实时看到其他玩家的分数,因此增加游戏的竞争性元素。 In some embodiments, the players can see real-time scores of other players, thus increasing the competitive element of the game. 其表现将被显示的其他玩家有时由玩家选择,有时从玩家的社交网络自动导出,并且其他事件其能够基于其他元素,例如游戏的所有玩家的表现。 Other players whose performance would be displayed by the player may choose, sometimes automatically exported from the player's social network, and other events that can be based on other elements, such as the performance of all the players of the game.

[0345]在一些实施方式中,玩家能够在玩游戏时看到在等级上实现的先前高分数的指示。 [0345] In some embodiments, the player can see the instructions previously achieved high scores in rank when playing a game. 还能够不示出玩家自己的先前分数的指示。 Also can not be shown in the player's own previous scores indicate.

[0346]在一些实施方式中,其他玩家的表现的指示相对于分数计而被示出。 [0346] In some embodiments, the indication of the player's performance with respect to the other fraction is shown. 其能够是绝对指示和相对指示。 It is capable of indicating the absolute and relative instructions. 指示能够采用与玩家相关联的图片的形式。 Indication can take the form of images associated with the player. 当玩家通过另一玩家的分数或者玩家已经实现的先前最好分数时,能够示出消息以鼓励玩家并指示完成。 When the previous best score by a player or players of another player's score has been achieved, it can be shown in a message indicating completion and encourages players.

[0347]应当理解,本发明不限于使用存储的分数来实现其他玩家的表现。 [0347] It should be understood that the present invention is not limited to the score achieved using the stored performance of other players. 在一个实施方式中,玩家能够在它们玩等级时看到当前玩相同等级的其他玩家的分数,使得其他玩家的分数的指示能够在玩游戏期间实时移动。 In one embodiment, the other players can see the score the same level of players currently playing at the level they play, making the score indicates the other players during game play can move in real time.

[0348]被呈现给玩家的分数比较能够以百分比得分给出,并且在适用时以其他指示符给出,其他指示符例如玩的时间或在等级上尝试的数量 Number [0348] is presented to a player's score comparison score can be given as a percentage, is given to other indicators and, where applicable, other indicators, for example, play time or attempts at levels

[0349]等级的外观以及视觉场景的总体外观能够在玩家表现更好时变化。 [0349] level of appearance and the overall appearance of the visual scene can be better reflected in the player changes. 例如,在玩等级期间实现一个星星之后,当对得分进行计分时示出的数字能够转变成不同的颜色。 For example, after implementing a star level during play, when the count of the time-division digital scores shown can be converted to a different color. 视觉场景的远景能够变得更温暖并且当获得更多星星时变得更丰富多彩。 Vision visual scene can become warmer and becomes more colorful when more stars. 游戏的外观也能够根据其他变量来改变,例如,取决于剩下多少移动以便传达紧急的感觉的游戏中视图变化。 Changes in view of the appearance of the game can be changed depending on other variables, for example, depending on how many mobile emergency in order to convey the feeling of the rest of the game.

[0350]星星计量计还具有其他重要的功能。 [0350] stars metering meter also has other important functions. 一个功能在于来自社交网络的好友的分数被示出在计量计上,如果存在可用的数据的话。 Function is a fraction of friends from a social network are shown on the metering meter, if present, the available data. 这增加竞争和激励玩家重玩等级以便打败好友的分数。 This increase competition and encourage players to replay levels to beat your friend's score.

[0351]另一功能在于在每个等级上实现的星星的量被示出为靠近地图视图上的等级。 [0351] Another function realized that the amount of stars on each level is close to the level shown in the map view. 这向玩家给出他们在游戏中的总体表现的概览。 This gives an overview of their overall performance in the game to the player. 此外,为了完成等级,玩家需要达到实现至少一个星星需要的得分量。 In addition, in order to complete levels, players need to reach to achieve at least a score amount needed star.

[0352]苏打粉碎结束游戏 [0352] soda crushed end of the game

[0353]在完成等级后,糖果粉碎传说可以显示词语“糖粉碎”伴随有述说该词语的音频。 [0353] After completing grade, candy crush legend may display the words "sugar crush" accompanied by the words describing the audio. 在一个实施例中,在该显示之后发生的第一件事在于所有特殊糖果一个接着一个触发,移动其他游戏元素并获得得分。 In one embodiment, the display occurs after all the first thing that triggers a special Subsequently a candy, other mobile game elements and the score obtained. 第二,诸如包装糖果、条纹糖果、等等的特殊游戏元素可以被放置在游戏板上的随机位置中并且被即刻触发,移除另外的游戏元素并获得得分。 Second, such as packaging candy, candy stripe, like special game elements can be placed at random positions on the board with the trigger and is immediately removed and additional game element obtained score. 被放置在板上的游戏元素的数量可以等于玩家在完成该等级后剩余的移动的数量。 Number is placed on the board game elements may be equal to the number of players in the movement after the completion of the remaining level.

[0354] 糖果鱼 [0354] Candy Fish

[0355]在一些游戏模式中,通过产卵的许多糖果鱼来奖励玩家他们剩余的移动。 [0355] In some game modes, through a number of spawning fish candy to reward move their remaining players. 鱼与剩下的剩余移动成比例。 The remaining fish and the remaining movement is proportional. 鱼来自游戏板外部并且随机地找出糖果,其在冲击后被移除。 Fish from outside the game board and find out candy at random, remove them after impact. 玩家接收针对当每条鱼击中糖果时的奖金分数。 Players receive a bonus score when hit when each fish candy.

[0356]包装糖果变换 [0356] transformation candy packaging

[0357]在其中玩家具有有限时间量的等级中,存在被标记有“+5”符号的特定糖果,意味着它们在弹出时给出额外的5秒。 [0357] In the level where the player has a limited amount of time, the presence of a particular candy is tagged with "+5" symbol, meaning that they are given an additional five seconds while the pop-up. 如果这些糖果中的任何糖果在时间用完时剩余,则它们转变成后续触发的包装糖果。 If any of these candies candy remaining at time out, then packaging them into a subsequent trigger candy.

[0358] 等级前 [0358] Level ago

[0359]在开始等级之前,玩家必须从地图视图选择玩哪个等级。 [0359] Before starting level, the player must choose which level to play from the map view. 这个的例外是当等级一立即开始时最开始玩糖果粉碎传说的第一次。 The exception is when the best time to start playing candy crush level beginning immediately legend for the first time. 当选择等级时,向玩家示出与该等级有关的信息,例如需要的得分量,能够使用的可用助力器,该等级的目标以及还有先前已经玩过该游戏的好友的高分数。 When you select level, the player is shown with information about the level, such as the amount of points required to use booster available, the target level and also have previously played the game friends high scores.

[0360]在第一次玩等级与玩先前完成的等级之间的差别在于玩家的先前最好分数与实现的星星的量一起被显示。 [0360] difference between the first level and the play previously completed play level and that the amount is preferably achieved scores of players previously stars are displayed together. 此外,告诉玩家什么是靶向目标的文本在得分方面取决于玩家之前已经实现多少星星而改变。 Also, tell the player what is achieved and how many stars have been changed before the targeted goal of the text depends on the players in scoring. 使游戏以这种方式来建立通过使玩家集中于一直改进而不必一次改进太多来增大重玩能力。 The game in such a way to build be increased by the player has been focused on improvements without having to re-play a much improved capability. 如果呈现的第一目标是与三个星星相关的目标,则玩家能够在他们获得比起更少的得分时感觉到不足,即使在该等级被完成的情况下。 If the first goal is presented related to the three stars of the goal, the player can get them in less time than scoring feel inadequate, even when the level is completed.

[0361]玩家能够选择将在开始等级之前以某种方式影响玩游戏的助力器。 [0361] Players can choose to play the game in some way influence the booster before the start of classes. 助力器当玩家在整个游戏中前进时被解锁并被获得,但是还能够购买更多的助力器。 Booster when the player advances in the game are unlocked and available, but also be able to purchase additional booster.

[0362]还能够通过向好友发送生命来帮助好友。 [0362] can also be sent by a friend to life to help a friend.

[0363]等级后 [0363] After the levels

[0364]完成等级 [0364] completed grade

[0365]当完成等级时,玩家被呈现以示出获得的得分量、实现的星星的量和好友的先前高分数的屏幕。 [0365] When the level is completed, players are presented to show the amount of points obtained, the amount and friends of the stars of the previously achieved high scores screen.

[0366]在已经关闭等级后屏幕之后,玩家可以被呈现以与刚刚完成的等级的表现相关的又一屏幕。 [0366] After the post has been closed level screen, players can be presented in a performance-related grade just completed another screen.

[0367]等级后屏幕和当好友已经被打败时示出的屏幕两者向玩家呈现共享该信息的选项。 After the [0367] level of both the screen and the screen when friends have been defeated and shown presented with the option of sharing the information to the player. 在游戏连接到其的社交网络上完成共享部分。 In the game connected to their social networks to complete the share portion. 通过共享诸如玩家已经打败哪些朋友的信息,由于不玩游戏的人还能够看到这样的消息,竞争被鼓励并且游戏的病毒式传播被增大。 By sharing information, such as which player has defeated friends, because they do not play the game but also be able to see such a message, the competition is to encourage and viral game is increased.

[0368]也能够通过从该屏幕发送生命来帮助好友。 [0368] can also be sent through life from the screen to help a friend. 这能够利用点击靠近好友的名字的在其上具有心和字母的图标来完成。 This icon has a heart and can make use of the letters in its name click on close friends to complete. 刻度线指示玩家已经将生命发送到那些好友。 Tick ​​marks indicating that the player has been sent to the lives of those friends. 玩家可以仅仅在特定时间段内一次(例如,每天一次)将生命发送给任何一个好友。 Players can only once (for example, once a day) will be sent to any specific period of time in life a friend.

[0369]未能完成等级 [0369] failed to complete the level

[0370]当未能完成等级时,显示与当完成等级时示出的屏幕相似的屏幕。 [0370] When the level fails to complete, the display screen shown upon completion of a similar level screen. 差别在于当未能通过等级时的屏幕在其上具有破碎的心,以及陈述为何未能通过该等级的信息。 The difference is that when the screen when it's not passing grades with broken hearts on it and a statement of why the information could not pass the level. 未能通过等级能够由于许多原因(例如未达到针对一个星星的最小分数,未能完成该目标或者通过炸弹爆炸)而发生。 Failure to be able to rank for many reasons (for example, does not meet the minimum score for a star, failed to complete the target or by bomb explosion) occurs by. 通知玩家为何他未能通过该等级的原因。 The reason why he failed to inform players of the class through. 理解为什么你未能通过等级增大玩家将尝试再次玩该等级以达到针对该等级的目标的可能性。 I understand why you failed to increase the level of the players will try to play again the possibility to reach the target level by level. 如果想要再次玩相同的等级,则存在这么做的选项。 If you want to play the same level again, there is the option to do so. 在一个实施方式中,重玩未能通过的等级的选项被呈现以大且视觉显著的按钮。 In one embodiment, replayable levels failed to pass the option is presented to large and significant visual button.

[0371 ]等级进度和玩游戏的方式 [0371] level progress and play the game the way

[0372]玩游戏的方式 [0372] to play the game the way

[0373]能够在玩家的电脑或手持设备上本地玩使用本文描述的技术创建的游戏。 [0373] can play games locally using the techniques described herein created on the player's computer or handheld device. 还能够通过互联网玩游戏,其中整个游戏或部分被下载并被执行在本地机器上或运行在远程计算机或服务器上。 Also possible to play games over the Internet, wherein the entire or part of the game is downloaded and executed on a local machine or running on the remote computer or server. 用户在游戏中的进度和结果能够存储在本地并且与本地计算机上的用户和其他玩家进行比较。 Users progress and results in the game can be stored and compared with users and other players on the local computer locally. 进度和结果能够在备选实施例中直接地或者通过服务器或社交网络或游戏平台与其他玩家同步。 Examples progress and results, directly or through synchronization with other players or social network server or a game platform in the alternative embodiment.

[0374]跨设备和跨游戏功能 [0374] across devices and gaming features

[0375]三个平台尤其正在改变人们期望玩游戏的方式。 [0375] In particular, the three platforms are changing the way people expect to play the game. 这三个平台同时发展,并且提供新输入可能性。 Three platforms at the same time develop and provide new input possibilities. 至今为止,游戏还没有吸收所有新输入可能性。 So far, the game has not yet absorbed all the new input possibilities. [Ο376] 第一平台是Facebook。 [Ο376] The first platform is Facebook. 技术人员将理解在本文档中引用Facebook的地方,可以使用其他社交网络平台。 The art will understand where Facebook referenced in this document, other social networking platforms. Facebook游戏可以是社交游戏,你与你的好友一起玩的游戏。 Facebook game can be a social game, you play with your friends game. 罕见或不可想象的是在Facebook上发布为付费游戏的游戏(即要第一次玩),因为在Facebook上玩游戏的人们不期望支付以访问游戏。 Rare or unthinkable is published as a paid game game (that is, to play for the first time) on Facebook, because people play games on Facebook does not expect to pay to access the game. 可以在例如从个人电脑(无论自动地还是手动地)登录到Facebook之后玩Facebook游戏。 Facebook can play a game after such as logging in from a personal computer (whether automatically or manually) to Facebook.

[0377]第二平台是智能电话。 [0377] The second platform is a smart phone. 对智能电话的使用不总是连续的。 The use of smart phones is not always continuous. 例如,你可以在公交车上使用智能电话5分钟,并且之后在联运列车上使用智能电话20分钟。 For example, you can use a smart phone five minutes on the bus, and then use the smart phone for 20 minutes on intermodal trains. 使用能够具有许多开始和结束,不像在办公桌或者在家里的桌上工作的某个人。 Use can have a lot of start and end, not someone at the desk at home or work desk. 例如,智能电话可以为1S平台或Android平台。 For example, a smart phone can be 1S platform or the Android platform.

[0378]第三平台是平板电脑。 [0378] The third platform is a tablet. 平板电脑可以用作移动设备并且用作不可移动设备。 The tablet can be used as non-mobile devices and mobile devices. 平板电脑能够是针对个人电脑的替代品。 Tablet PC can be a substitute for the PC. 用户可以想要在个人电脑上与在平板电脑上以及在另一移动设备上使用游戏之间的无缝体验。 Users may want to use, and with a seamless experience between the games on other mobile device on the tablet on a personal computer. 例如,平板电脑可以为1S平台或Android平台。 For example, the tablet may be a platform or 1S Android platform.

[0379]在多个平台(例如上述全部三个上述平台(或更多))上运转的游戏可以提供连接的完全同步的无缝体验。 [0379] In various platforms (e.g., or (more) above said platform all three) can be provided running on the gaming experience a seamless connection fully synchronized. 因此,多平台游戏是重要的。 Therefore, multi-platform game is important. 针对多平台游戏的关键标准是:它们是免费的,它们是社交的,停止开始使用是可行的,并且提供无缝体验。 The key standard for multi-platform game is: they are free, they are social, stop start using it is feasible, and provide a seamless experience. 可以“在任何地方玩”这样的游戏,例如在移动环境中或在不可移动环境中玩这样的游戏。 You can "play anywhere" This game, for example, or playing such a game in a non-mobile environment in a mobile environment. 还可以联机或脱机玩这样的游戏。 You can also play online or offline this game.

[0380]当以停止开始方式使用时并且当甚至使用仅仅很短的间隔时游戏必须是有趣的。 [0380] when to stop and start mode use even when using only a very short time interval the game must be fun. 在示例中,游戏包括部分或等级,其中的每个运行大约3分钟,例如,在I分钟与5分钟之间。 In an example, the game includes a portion or grades, each of which runs approximately 3 minutes, e.g., between I and 5-minute. 在示例中,游戏按等级来构造,使得如果例如通过对最小分数进行评分时在游戏等级中成功,用户能够从该等级进展到下一等级。 In an example, the game level is constructed by, for example, such that if the level of success in the game by scoring when the minimum score, the user can progress from this level to the next level. 在示例中,游戏具有大约200个等级。 In the example, the game has about 200 levels.

[0381]游戏能够在发布后被优化。 [0381] In the games can be optimized after publishing. 例如,如果很清楚太多用户未能前进通过特定等级,则能够降低通过该等级的最小分数。 For example, if it is clear that too many users failed to advance through a specific level, the scores can be reduced by minimizing the level. 优化的游戏可以被提供为来自应用商店的应用更新。 The game can be optimized to provide application updates from the App Store. 在备选方案中,当用户的游戏状态与服务器被同步时,通过服务器将通过每个游戏等级需要的分数的经修订的数据文件发送到移动设备来优化游戏,其中运行在设备上的应用利用通过每个等级需要的分数的经修订的文件替代存储在设备上的通过每个等级需要的分数的先前文件。 In the alternative, when the user's game state is synchronized with the server, to optimize the game server by sending to the mobile device through the revised scores for each game level required for the data file, wherein the application running on the device in use substitute score by stored on the device required by each level of the revised score of each level need to file a previous file.

[0382]玩家的进度还跨各设备被同步,例如在手持设备与计算机之间被同步。 [0382] players also progress across each device is synchronized, for example, be synchronized between the handheld device and a computer. 这在附录A中更详细地描述。 This is described in more detail in Appendix A. 玩家能够在一个平台上玩,使进度保存并且之后继续在另一平台上无缝地玩。 Seamlessly continue playing on another platform after the players to play on one platform, the progress and preservation. 玩家还能够在脱机设备上玩并且当连接可用时使游戏同步。 Players can also be played on the game and the offline device when the synchronization connection is available.

[0383]在一些实施方式中,能够奖励玩家在多个平台上玩游戏。 [0383] In some embodiments, can reward players play the game on multiple platforms. 例如,在基于计算机的平台上活动的玩家能够获得还用于将游戏安装在手持设备上的奖金。 For example, in the event of a computer-based platform, players can also get a bonus for the games installed on the handheld device.

[0384]还能够奖励玩家玩相关的多个游戏,例如来自相同开发商的游戏。 [0384] also be able to reward the players play more game-related, such as games from the same developer. 当选择玩新游戏时,玩家能够在另一游戏中接收奖金。 When you choose to play a new game, players can receive bonuses in the other game. 这能够通过使用从一个游戏到另一个游戏的链路或者通过在彼此之间共享信息的游戏来触发,使得其自动地检测正在玩多于一个游戏的玩家并且随后奖励他们。 This can be triggered by using a link from a game to play another game, or by sharing information between each other, so that it is automatically detected than is playing a game player and then reward them.

[0385]还可能的是,游戏能够具有实现共同使得特定对象(例如,助力器)能够在多个游戏中可用的元素。 [0385] It is also possible, so that a common game can be realized with a particular object (e.g., a booster) element can be available in the plurality of games. 这些游戏能够位于相同服务器上或不同服务器上。 These games can be located on the same server or on different servers. 在一些实施方式中,在糖果粉粹传说中引入的助力器能够在与其共享特定特征的另一游戏中被使用。 In some embodiments, the candy introduced in the legend splintered booster can be used in another game to share certain characteristics.

[0386]具有跨各平台的同步的实施方式的一个示例如下: [0386] An exemplary embodiment having the synchronization across various platforms as follows:

[0387]具有存储与游戏的状态相关的数据的第一数据存储的第一服务器(例如,托管社交网络的服务器)。 A first server of the first data storage [0387] a storage state of game-related data (e.g., hosting social network server). 第一服务器被配置为通过第一应用程序接口与第一多个设备(例如,移动电话或个人电脑)进行通信,其中第一多个设备与第一计算平台相关。 The first server is configured to communicate via a first application program interface of the first plurality of devices (e.g., mobile phones or personal computers), wherein the first plurality of devices associated with the first computing platform.

[0388]具有存储与游戏的状态相关的数据的第二数据存储的第二服务器(例如,托管游戏平台的服务器)。 The second server of the second data storage [0388] memory having a status of a game-related data (e.g., the server hosting the game platform). 第二服务器被配置为通过第二应用程序接口与第二多个设备(例如,移动电话或个人电脑)进行通信,其中第二多个设备与第二计算平台相关。 The second server is configured to communicate via a second application program interface and a second plurality of devices (e.g., mobile phones or personal computers), wherein the second plurality of devices associated with the second computing platform.

[0389]具有被配置为与第一服务器和第二服务器进行通信的第三数据存储的第三服务器。 [0389] a third third data storage server in communication with the first server and the second server is configured. 第三服务器被配置为以使得当被同步时第一数据存储、第二数据存储和第三数据存储全部与所同步的游戏状态相关的方式来使三个数据存储同步。 The third server is configured such that when a first data store is synchronized, the second and third data storage to store all the data relating to the game state synchronized manner to make the three synchronization data store.

[0390] 本地化和更新 [0390] Localization and Updates

[0391]游戏的实施方式能够取决于玩家的位置而变化。 [0391] embodiment of the game can vary depending on the player's position. 例如,语音能够被调整并被翻译成不同语言。 For example, voice can be adjusted and translated into different languages. 还能够使得游戏的更新在不同时间不同地点被并入,以便避免干扰玩家最活跃的一天中的时间。 Also enables updates to be incorporated into the game in different places at different times, in order to avoid interfering with the players the most active time of day.

[0392]如果在进行更新时尝试联机访问游戏,如与开始被保持在设备上的本地版本相反,玩家可以遇到述说该游戏刚好此刻不能访问的消息。 [0392] If an update is attempting to access online games, such as being contrary to start on a device to keep the local version, players can encounter a message telling the game exactly at the moment can not be accessed. 这样的消息能够当游戏被脱机获取时代替游戏作为占位符被显示,例如使得游戏能够被更新有新特征和软件。 Such a message can instead of the game when the game as a placeholder is acquired offline is displayed, for example, so that the game can be updated and new software features.

[0393]在几个等级上的进度 [0393] progress on several levels

[0394]游戏能够被实现为使得玩家进展通过变化的且通常越来越难的多个等级。 [0394] game can be implemented so that players progress through increasingly difficult to change and often multiple levels. 用户界面能够呈现游戏环境的视觉地图布局,被显示在由游戏玩家使用的计算设备上。 The user interface can present visual environment game map layout, it is displayed on a computing device used by gamers. 当玩家在游戏中行进通过这些等级时,他的进度被表示为沿虚拟地图中的路径的旅行。 When the players in the game to travel through these levels, his schedule is represented as a virtual travel along the path of the map. 以这种方式表示进度提供针对玩家的互动的额外层,并且还提供用于病毒式传播和货币化的机会。 Progress in this manner indicates additional layer for player interaction, and also provide an opportunity for viral and monetization.

[0395]虚拟地图包括具有不同数量的等级的阶段。 [0395] virtual map includes a number of different levels of phase. 用户在各等级之间行进并且通过玩相关联的游戏沿路径逐一地完成这些等级。 A user travels between the completion of these levels and the associated level by playing the game one by one along the path. 当玩家到达等级的目标时,下一等级被解锁并且玩家能够玩游戏中的该等级。 When the player reaches the target level, the next level is unlocked and the player can play a game of this level. 阶段和等级的数量能够取决于实施方式而变化。 The change in the number of stage and grade can depend on the implementation. 这些等级能够在整个游戏中连续地被编号或者它们能够在阶段内被编号,还应理解,能够实现识别阶段和等级的其他方式。 These levels can be continuously numbered throughout the game, or they can be numbered in the stage, it should also be understood that other ways to achieve the recognition stage and grade. 虚拟地图12的新阶段能够由游戏设计师在任何时间增加,因此游戏可以利用所说的20等级被发布,并且在数周之后,可以存在五十等级或六十等级。 The new map virtual stage 12 can be increased at any time by the game designer, so the game can take advantage of said level 20 is released, and after a few weeks, there may be fifty or sixty grade level.

[0396]解锁新阶段的一个方式是在最新阶段上完成最后等级。 [0396] a way to unlock new phase is to complete the final grade in the latest stage. 用户有时面临解锁虚拟地图中的下一阶段的挑战。 Users sometimes a challenge to unlock the next phase of the virtual map.

[0397]在一个实施方式中,一旦已经完成了在该阶段上的所有等级,从一个阶段行进到另一个要求例如三个好友的帮助。 [0397] In one embodiment, once all of the grades have been completed in this stage, traveling from one stage to another, for example, three friends for help. 玩家能够通过在游戏环境内发送游戏中消息或者例如通过游戏连接到的社交网络来寻求好友帮助。 Or example, the player can be connected to the game through social network friends to seek help in messages sent through the game within the game environment. 好友能够已经玩该游戏并且不必是“新”玩家,但是它们能够是不是已经是相同社交网络上的好友。 Friends have been able to play the game and not necessarily "new" players, but they are not able to have the same friends on the social networks.

[0398]玩家还能够付费以获得对锁定阶段的即刻访问。 [0398] players will also be able to pay to get immediate access to the locking stage. 玩家能够使用来自好友的帮助的组合以解锁新阶段。 Players can use a combination of help from your friends to unlock new stages. 当已经接收到来自一些好友的帮助而非所有需要的好友的帮助时,解锁的成本能够在一些实施方式中被降低为需要的好友的总数量的分数。 When having received assistance from some friends of friends rather than all the needed help, the cost can be reduced to the unlocking of the total number of points required in some friends embodiments.

[0399]寻求帮助的请求被发送给之后具有接受帮助的选项的好友。 [0399] The request for help after being sent to help a friend has accepted options. 寻求帮助的请求能够在一些实施方式中使用游戏连接到其的社交网络被发送;备选实施方式是要(经由例如电子邮件、文本消息、即刻消息)将请求发送给游戏外部的必须加入游戏以回应帮助请求的某个人。 A request for assistance can be used in some embodiments, the social network which is connected to the game is transmitted; alternative embodiment to embodiment (e.g., via email, text message, instant message) sends the request to the external game must be added to the game someone help respond to the request. 这是在该游戏中实现的病毒式传播技术之一。 This is one of viral technology implemented in the game.

[0400]除了虚拟地图布局,还能够存在不为沿虚拟地图中的路径的进度的部分的其他等级或阶段。 [0400] In addition to the virtual map layout, but also can not exist in the virtual level or stage other part of the progress of the path of the map. 这样的阶段或等级能够一直存在于与虚拟地图相关联的游戏中或者能够当用户达到特定游戏中成就时被解锁。 Such a stage or grade can be unlocked and there has been in the game a virtual map associated time or when the user can achieve a particular game achievements. 该游戏中成就能够例如为完成特定等级,达到预定高分数(例如,当完成等级时收集特定数量的星星,高技能游戏玩法能够使用户赢得三个星星)或者支付虚拟货币来解锁该阶段或等级。 The game achievement can, for example, to complete a certain level, reaching a predetermined high score (for example, when the level is completed to collect a certain number of stars, highly skilled game play enables users to win three stars) or pay virtual currency to unlock the stage or grade .

[0401]地图布局能够在连接到社交网络或者与社交网络链接的游戏中使用。 [0401] map layout can be used to connect to a social network or social network links games. 常见的是,在这样的网络上的用户具有例如含有用户的照片和/或用户的姓名的头像。 Often, users on such networks have such as photos and / or name of the user containing the user's head. 这样的头像能够例如为签名或图片。 This picture can, for example, signature or picture. 应理解,存在示出用户当前处在地图上的哪里的不同的实施方式。 It should be understood, in the presence of the user is currently shown in the different embodiments where on the map. 这能够例如为用户完成的最新等级,具有最高分的等级或者沿贯穿的路径的最后完成的等级。 This can be accomplished, for example, the latest level of the user, with the highest score or grade along the path through the level of the last completed.

[0402]用户能够在一些实施例中被给予选择哪些用户应当被显示在虚拟地图上的选项。 [0402] the user can be given the option, in some embodiments in which the user options on a virtual map to be displayed. 从中选择的用户能够为社交网络上的好友,或者用户能够获得示出满足特定标准的好友(例如,玩家已经在过去与其交互最多的好友或者生活在与玩家相同的地理区域中的好友)的建议。 Select the user able to social network friends, or the user can obtain illustrates meet certain criteria friend (for example, the player has interacted with the most friends or friends living in the players the same geographic area in the past) recommendations . 用户能够获得从不是社交网络上的好友的但是满足其他特定标准的其他人中选择的选项。 Users can get from a friend is not a social network but meet certain other criteria chosen among other options.

[0403]用户能够玩地图上的任何解锁等级,因此用户能够返回并重玩已经完成的等级以获得更好的分数或打败好友的高分。 [0403] users to play any unlocked level on the map, so users can go back and try to play completed levels to get a better score or beat your friends' high scores.

[0404]在一些实施方式中针对等级的良好游戏玩法(例如,达到目标粉碎)游戏奖励玩家。 [0404] In some embodiments, for a good level of game play (for example, to smash target) game reward players. 在一些实施方式中,用户必须达到特定得分数量来完成等级,达到该目标粉碎能够利用诸如星星的符号来表示。 In some embodiments, a user must reach a certain score to complete the number of levels, to achieve this goal can be pulverized using symbols such as stars represented. 在一个实施方式中,当用户达到等级中的特定得分量时列出星星。 In one embodiment, the stars are listed when the user reaches a certain score level in amount. 用户能够在每个等级上获得多于一个星星并且这些等级能够被重玩以获得更高的分数。 The user can obtain more than one star on each level and these levels can be re-played to obtain a higher score.

[0405]玩家在游戏中收集的总星星数量能够在一些实施例中解锁特征。 [0405] The total number of stars in the game players can be collected unlocking feature in some embodiments. 解锁的特征能够例如为能力提升、游戏中货币或奖金等级。 Unlock features can, for example, capacity building, game currency or bonus levels.

[0406]表示用户已经在每个等级上玩得多么好的符号能够被显示在地图上的该等级旁边。 [0406] indicates how well the user has play symbols on each level of the next level to be displayed on the map.

[0407]如果游戏被连接到社交网络或者用户已经与游戏中的其他玩家连接,则等级将呈现示出用户的联系人之中谁具有最高分数的排行榜。 [0407] If the player is connected to a social network or the user is already connected with other players in the game, the ranking level will present shows in the user's contacts who have the highest score. 在一些实施例中,如果在好友之中具有最高分数的用户连接到游戏,则能够存在示出在地图上的通知11。 In some embodiments, if the user with the highest score among the friend connected to the game, it is possible to notice the presence of the map shown in 11.

[0408]针对等级的游戏模式的类型或者游戏目标能够作为符号被显示在地图上。 [0408] game types or levels of the target for game mode can be displayed as a symbol on the map.

[0409] 虚拟地图上的动画和交互 [0409] animation and interactivity on the virtual map

[0410]虚拟地图的场景将通常具有动画序列,其给出地图是活动的且动态的感觉。 [0410] virtual map of the scene will typically have an animation sequence, which gives the map is active and dynamic feel. 例如,地图上的树能够随风摇摆,动物能够来回移动并且从一个等级进展到另一个的玩家能够伴随有玩家相关联的角色在地图上移动的动画。 For example, a tree swaying on a map can be that animals can move back and forth and progress from one level to the other players to be accompanied by role players associated with the mobile on the map animation.

[0411]在一些实施方式中,玩家能够以使得动画被触发的方式与地图上的对象交互。 [0411] In some embodiments, the player can be triggered in such a way interaction with animated objects on the map. 例如,点击小鸟能够使其飞到空中并且在水上盘旋能够使波浪出现。 For example, click on the bird so that it can fly into the air and on the water circled the waves can occur.

[0412]还能够具有为静态的但是对玩家输入做出反应的地图、不对玩家输入做出反应的静态地图、对玩家输入做出反应的动态地图和不对玩家输入做出反应的动态地图的任何组口O Any [0412] can also have a map but react to the player's input is static, no player input static map react, react to dynamic map input by the player and the player does not react to the input dynamic map group O ports

[0413]肉搏锦标赛 [0413] championship fight

[0414]游戏还能够被实现为在等级的连续集合上在有限时间或有限数量的移动或两者的情况下来玩。 [0414] Game play can also be implemented as in the case of a limited time or a limited number of mobile or both down at the level of the contiguous set. 分数能够在几个等级上被收集以向玩家给出针对完成的所有等级的分数。 Scores can be collected on several levels to give a score for completion of all levels to the player.

[0415]玩家能够在一些实施方式中以针对一个或几个其他玩家的肉搏锦标赛来玩游戏。 [0415] one or several players can fight other players for tournament play the game in some embodiments. 在许多等级上具有最高汇集分数的玩家将是锦标赛中的赢家。 Bringing together players with the highest scores on many levels tournament will be the winner. 在一些实施方式中,在玩家的分数的实时比较的情况下打锦标赛,在其他实施方式中,在完成等级之后对玩家的分数进行比较。 In some embodiments, the championship fight in case of real-time comparison of the scores of the players, in other embodiments, to compare the player's score after completing the level.

[0416]还能够在具有头奖的锦标赛中打游戏,其中玩家在使用相同类型的游戏元素的情况下玩相同的等级。 [0416] can also play games in the tournament with a first prize, in which players play the same level as in the case of using the same type of game elements.

[0417]还能够在针对其他玩家的淘汰竞赛中玩游戏。 [0417] also be able to play games against other players out of the competition in.

[0418]奖励和奖金 [0418] incentives and bonuses

[0419]游戏能够具有用于向玩家给出奖励和奖金的方案。 [0419] game can have a program used to give incentives and bonuses to players. 给出奖励的一个原因是要增加玩家互动,并且在某种程度上帮助货币化。 One reason given incentives to increase player interaction, and help monetize some extent. 例如能够奖励连续玩多天的玩家,在某种程度上奖励坚持和努力。 For example reward players consecutive days of play, persistence and hard work rewarded in a way. 在其他实施方式中,存在通过每个玩家在该日联机玩游戏获得的可用的每日奖金,或者对在该日通过特定秘密地点的玩家可用的每日奖金。 In other embodiments, there are available daily prizes obtained by each player online games on that day, on that day or the player through a specific secret locations available daily bonus. 通过给予现有助力器的样本,他们被给予可能最终能够导致销售的可购买物品的免费预览,其帮助使游戏货币化。 By giving existing booster sample, they were given a free preview may eventually lead to sales of available items, which help make the game monetization.

[0420] 虚拟场景 [0420] Virtual Environment

[0421]在各等级之间向玩家呈现糖果粉碎传说的虚拟场景。 [0421] present a virtual scene legend crushed candy to the players in between each level. 这还在本文档内被称为“地图视图”和“虚拟地图”。 It is also within this document is called "Map View" and "virtual map." 当在游戏中完成更多的等级时,玩家沿虚拟路径行进,其给予向前移动的感觉。 When complete more levels in the game, players travel along a virtual path, which gives the feeling of moving forward.

[0422] 总体外观 [0422] The overall appearance

[0423]地图视图的外观采用诸如常用于板游戏的样式的物理可折叠游戏板的样式。 [0423] Appearance physical map view using the foldable style game board, such as a plate commonly used in the game style. 然而,由于糖果粉碎传说不是物理板游戏而是虚拟板游戏,所以板比在单个屏幕中显示的板大得多。 However, due to the legend of the candy crush game is not physical but virtual board game board, so the board is much larger than the board displayed on a single screen. 玩家能够在地图视图中时在任何时间查看所有可用等级并且还滚动通过整个地图板。 When a player can see all available grades at any time in the map view and also scroll through the entire map sheet. 具有这样的样式给予当更多等级变得解锁时实际上在游戏中向前进展的强烈感觉。 It has such a strong sense of style to give more levels become unlocked when actually progress forward in the game.

[0424] 导航 [0424] navigation

[0425]当在游戏中在地图上进行导航时,如果地图例如太大,则有时难以找到地图的期望的地点或区域。 [0425] When navigating on the map in the game, for example, if the map is too large, it may be difficult to find a map of the desired place or region. 如早前所提到的,游戏的等级可以被一起分组成“阶段”。 As mentioned earlier, the level of the game can be grouped together "phase." 在一个实施例中,可以在可扩展选项卡中呈现游戏的不同阶段的列表。 In one embodiment, may be presented with a list of the different stages of the game in a scalable tab. 通过点击该列表中的阶段之一,屏幕跳转到主地图上的该阶段的位置,由此允许玩家快速地对主地图进行导航。 By clicking one of the list of stage, screen jumps to the location of the stage on the main map, thereby allowing the player to quickly navigate on the main map. 在该文档中,我们将可扩展选项卡和微型地图称为导航器。 In this document, we will be able to expand tabs and mini-map called Navigator.

[0426 ]隐藏的导航器 [0426] hidden navigator

[0427]如果玩家不需要使用导航器,则没有必要使其占据宝贵的屏幕空间。 [0427] If the players do not need to use the Navigator, it is not necessary that it takes up valuable screen space. 因此,在一个实施方式中,导航器仅仅在玩家需要其时处于完整视图中;剩余时间其被隐藏,其中仅仅其小部分被示出。 Thus, in one embodiment, the navigator only when the player is in need thereof in full view; the remaining time that is hidden, where only a small portion of which is shown. 点击该小部分将使导航器扩大并使玩家使用导航器。 Click on the small part of the expansion and will allow players to use the Navigator Navigator. 再次点击相同部分将再次隐藏导航器。 Click again to hide the navigation part of the same again. 在一个实施方式中,当导航器被隐藏时,小的选项卡被放置在屏幕的右下边缘处,其将继而在被点击时使导航器扩大。 In one embodiment, when the navigator is hidden, the small tab at the lower right edge of the screen, it will turn the Navigator expand when clicked.

[0428]在一个实施方式中,如果玩家例如想要跳转到地图上的最远到达的位置,则存在将玩家直接带到那里的主页按钮。 [0428] In one embodiment, for example, if a player wants to jump to reach the farthest on the map, then the player directly to where the home button exists. 按下主页按钮将不仅将玩家带到当前位置而且还将隐藏导航器,给予玩家完整视图。 Press the Home button will bring not only the players but also the current location of the hidden navigator, to give players a full view. 利用主页按钮,玩家能够总是一眼找到他们的活动位置。 Use the Home button, the player can always find a location of their activities.

[0429]另一实施方式可以是要向玩家提供要跳转到地图上的哪里的过滤和多个选择。 [0429] Another embodiment may be provided to the players want to jump to where the filter on the map and multiple selection. 能够例如存在当被按下时使玩家选择确切要跳转到哪个等级的图标。 For example, the presence of the player can choose exactly which icon to jump to level when pressed. 还能够存在接收玩家能够跳转到的满足特定标准的等级(例如,在它们中具有有限的移动和组分的所有等级)的列表的备选方案。 (E.g., with limited movement in their components and all grades) a list capable of receiving there the player can jump to levels that meet specified criteria options. 过滤器能够提供许多种类的选择。 Filters can provide many kinds of choice.

[0430] 主题[0431 ] 总体主题 [0430] themes [0431] The overall theme

[0432]糖果粉碎传说的总体主题向游戏给出特殊氛围。 [0432] The overall theme of the legend of the candy crush give special atmosphere to the game. 一切都是具有在所有动画和图片中使用的明亮和温暖颜色的糖果主题的。 Everything has a candy theme bright and warm colors used in the animation and all the picture. 用于在游戏中进行鼓励的词语(例如“甜蜜”和“美味”)用作糖果主题的示例。 For the words of encouragement in the game (such as "sweet" and "delicious") as an example candy theme.

[0433]个体区域和等级进度 [0433] individual areas and grade progress

[0434]当玩家在游戏中进展时,新的区域/集被解锁。 [0434] When players progress in the game, new regional / set is unlocked. 每集具有相关的故事并且常常具有存在于该区域中的至少一些等级中的微型主题。 Each episode has a story related and often have at least some level of presence in the area of ​​micro-topic. 此外,相同的背景图片在所有等级中在相同的区域中被使用。 In addition, the same background image is used in the same area at all levels. 当达到时,新的情况是背景图像将变化。 When reached, the new situation is the background image will change. 每集还具有在虚拟场景视图中被用于示出不同的集的特定颜色。 Further episode of a particular color in the virtual scene view is used to show different sets.

[0435]这些集全部具有不同的名称,每个具有关于其的糖果主题,例如糖果小镇、糖果工厂、柠檬水湖、巧克力山、棒棒糖森林、等等。 [0435] These sets all have different names, each with a candy theme made about it, such as candy town candy factory, lemonade lake, mountain chocolate, lollipops forests, and so on.

[0436]在每集内存在等级的集合。 [0436] In a collection of memory in each episode level. 在各集之间的等级的划分不是完全线性的。 Division level between each set is not perfectly linear. 头两集均包括十个等级,而第三个往后的集均包括15个等级。 The first set comprises two ten levels, and a third subsequent set includes 15 levels. 这使得玩家更容易在开始前进,在某种程度上对于玩家记忆力和互动能够是重要的。 This makes it easier for players to move forward at the beginning, to some extent can be important for memory and players interact.

[0437] 路径 [0437] Path

[0438] 在虚拟场景中,玩家在游戏进展时跟随虚拟路径。 [0438] In the virtual scene, the player follows the virtual path when the game progresses. 在完成等级之后,下一等级变得被解锁并且玩家在虚拟地图上“行进”到那里。 After completing the level, the next level is unlocked and the player becomes a virtual map on the "road" to get there. 存在示出玩家当前在哪个等级上的指示符;在一个实施方式中,指示器采用上下跳动的橘色箭头的形式。 It shows the presence of the player on which the indicator of the current level; In one embodiment, the indicator takes the form of up and down arrow orange.

[0439]虚拟场景被划分成各区域,每个区域表示游戏的不同集。 [0439] Each virtual scene is divided into regions, each represents a different set of game. 这些集还被着以不同的颜色,其中一种颜色在整个一集/区域中一致地被使用。 These are also set with a different color, one of the colors are used consistently throughout a set / area. 集的结束被仅仅能够利用三个好友的帮助或者通过购买通过的特殊种类的障碍物标记。 The end of the set are only able to use three friends to help mark or by purchasing through a particular kind of obstacles. 当通过这些种类的障碍物时,存在伴随有通知玩家已经进展到游戏的新集中的通道的庆祝动画。 When these kinds of obstacles, there is a celebration of animation has accompanied inform players have progressed to a new set of game channels.

[0440] 未到达的区域 [0440] does not reach the region

[0441]在虚拟场景中,尚未被玩家到达的等级以与可容易访问的等级不同的方式来示出。 [0441] In the virtual environment, it has not yet reached the level of player rating to be readily accessible illustrating different ways. 还存在在解锁区域中的未到达的区域与尚未解锁的区域中的未到达的区域之间的差另O。 Region does not reach there in the unlocking area is a difference between the region and the region not been unlocked in the other does not reach O. 如能够看到的,在尚未到达的区域中为灰色。 As can be seen, in the gray area of ​​not yet reached. 这促进给予玩家在达到新区域时完成的感觉的体验,因为其由实际上稍微改变的虚拟场景反映。 This promotes give players completed upon reaching a new sense of regional experience, because it actually reflects a slight change from the virtual scene.

[0442] 合作块 [0442] Cooperation block

[0443]如已经提到的,存在妨碍玩家达到游戏中的新区域的特殊障碍物。 [0443] As already mentioned, there are special obstacles hinder players reach new areas of the game. 这些障碍物是“合作块”,其意味着玩家需要接受来自好友的帮助以便通过。 These obstacles are "cooperation block", which means that players need to accept help from friends in order to pass. 来自好友的帮助能够通过社交网络来请求,并且新的区域将直到三个好友接受帮助才被解锁。 Help from friends can be requested through the social network, and the new area will be accepted until three friends help was only unlocked. 这是增强病毒式传播以及玩家互动的方式。 This is an enhanced player interaction and viral way. 通过互相帮助,玩家获得合作的感觉,以及其是竞争性元素以提醒玩家好友已经到来多远。 By helping each other, players get the feeling of cooperation, and it is a competitive element to alert the player friends has come far.

[0444]能够通过代替地对其进行支付来避免使好友帮助通过到达下一区域中的需要。 [0444] can be carried out by replacing their pay to help avoid making friends by the need to reach the next area. 必须被支付的量能够通过具有一些好友帮助来减少,即使未达到用于通过而不支付所需要的帮助的量。 The amount must be paid can be reduced by having the help of some friends, even if the amount is not reached by without paying for the help needed is. 例如,在一个好友帮助玩家的情况下必须比在没有好友帮助的情况下支付更多,在两个好友帮助的情况下必须比在一个好友帮助的情况下支付更少的量,并且在三个好友帮助玩家的情况下根本不需要支付。 For example, you must pay more than, in the case of two friends must help less than the amount paid in the case of a friend without the help of friends help the situation in the case of a friend to help players, and in three You do not need to pay in the case of a friend to help players.

[0445]当达到合作块(其在游戏中的除了头两集的每集的结束处)时,提示玩家选择将请求发送给哪些好友。 [0445] Upon reaching cooperation block (which in the game in addition to the first two sets at the end of each episode), suggesting that the player selects which sends the request to a friend. 好友需要安装糖果粉碎传说以便能够提供帮助,但是能够将请求发送给尚未安装的好友。 Friends need to install crushed candy legend to be able to help, but can not yet send the request to the installation of a friend.

[0446] 一旦已经完成了在该阶段上的所有等级,从一个阶段行进到另一个要求三个好友的帮助。 [0446] Once you have completed all levels in this stage, traveling from one stage to another requires three friends help. 这些好友能够已经在玩游戏并且不必为“新”玩家。 These friends have been able to play games and do not have "new" players. 然而,即刻访问还能够使用虚拟货币来得到。 However, immediate access can also be used to obtain virtual currency. 能够通过点击“寻求好友帮助”按钮或者通过按钮的右边的“+”号来向好友寻求帮助。 Can "seek a friend Help" button or to seek help from friends by the right of the button "+" sign by clicking. 一旦已经利用三个好友的帮助解锁了阶段,则该阶段内的所有等级也被解锁。 Once you have the use of three friends help unlock a stage, all levels within the stage also unlocked.

[0447]用户能够选择请求来自仅仅所选择的好友的帮助或者将请求发送给多个好友。 [0447] request from the user is able to select only the selected buddy or help request to a plurality of friends. 能够存在对玩家能够将请求发送给多少好友的限制并且还存在在用户能够发送提醒或类似的请求之前的时间限制。 Can exist for players to send the request to limit the number of friends and there is a time limit before the user can send an alert or a similar request.

[0448]寻求帮助的请求被发送给之后具有接受帮助或拒绝帮助的选项的好友。 [0448] after a request for help has been sent to accept help from friends or reject the option of help. 请求能够在一个实施方式中使用游戏连接到其的社交网络被发送;备选实施方式是要(经由例如电子邮件、文本消息、即刻消息)将请求发送给游戏外部的必须加入游戏以回应帮助请求的某个人。 Request can be used in an embodiment connected to a social network game which is transmitted; alternative embodiment to embodiment (e.g., via email, text message, instant message) sends the request to the external game game to be added in response to a help request someone. 这是在该游戏中实现的病毒式传播技术之一。 This is one of viral technology implemented in the game.

[0449]神秘探索 [0449] mysterious exploration

[0450]本发明可以利用除了寻求好友帮助和对其进行支付(其是通过合作块最常见的方式)之外获得过去的合作块的方式来实现。 [0450] The present invention can be implemented with a friend in addition to seek help and be paid (which is through cooperation block the most common way) to get past cooperation block the way. 这能够通过使用“神秘探索”来完成,其向玩家给出完成一个或几个挑战以解锁该块的选项。 This can be done by using the "mystery exploration", which gives the players complete challenges to unlock one or more of the block option. 这样的挑战能够例如为玩具有修改的目标的一个或几个过去等级以便通过合作块,例如三个等级,针对每个锁一个。 Such challenges can be modified, for example, there is a toy or a target level for the past several, such as three levels, one for each lock block through cooperation.

[0451]这些挑战通常采用重玩先前完成的等级但是利用新的目标(例如,目标高分数)来达到的形式。 [0451] These challenges usually replay previously completed levels but with a new target (eg, target high scores) to achieve form. 在典型的实施方式中,分数要求比正常地玩该等级的分数要求更高,并且也没有需要被实现的其他目标。 In the exemplary embodiment, the score requirements than the score of the play normally require higher levels, and there is no other goals to be achieved. 例如,如果玩家开始利用新的目标高分数来重玩具有果冻的等级,则只要达到目标分数,玩家将不需要移除指定的果冻的量。 For example, if a player started to use a new target to score high level of heavy jelly toys, just to reach the target score, the player will not need to remove the specified amount of jelly.

[0452]在典型的实施方式中,用于通过游戏中的合作块的该选项在三种情况下可用;在玩家未连接到互联网的情况下,在玩家尚未将游戏连接到社交网络的情况下,或者在玩家未连接到社交网络或互联网的情况下。 In the case where the player is not connected to the Internet, the game player has not been connected to the social network; [0452] In an exemplary embodiment, in the three cases are available for this option block cooperation game or in the case of the player is not connected to a social network or the Internet. 如果玩家未连接到社交网络或互联网,则不能够适应可用于通过块的其他选项,例如将请求发送给好友。 If the player is not connected to a social network or the Internet, is not able to adapt to another option may be used to block, for example, sends a request to a friend. 然而,能够使该选项对连接到社交网络并且还连接到互联网两者的用户可用。 However, this option is possible to connect to a social network and also connected to both the Internet available to users.

[0453]能够将通过合作块的方式进行组合。 [0453] composition can be performed through cooperation of the block. 例如,一旦已经建立了到社交网络的连接,完成一个神秘探索能够使得玩家仅仅必须请求来自两个好友的帮助,或者玩家不需要支付与购买通过合作块的路一样多。 For example, once the connection has been established to a social network, a complete mystery to explore enables the player only has to ask for help from two friends, or players do not need to pay to buy as many blocks by way of cooperation.

[0454]在一些实施方式中,神秘探索没有被绑定到特定合作块。 [0454] In some embodiments, the mysterious exploration is not bound to a particular partner block. 例如,如果玩家到达合作块并完成神秘探索,连接到社交网络并接收来自三个好友的帮助,则玩家将在下一次该选项被选择为通过合作块时仅仅必须完成两个神秘探索。 For example, if a player reaches the block and complete cooperation mystery explore, connect to social networks and receive help from three friends, the player the next time the option is selected as the block only through cooperation must complete two mysterious exploration. 如果玩家之后仅仅完成一个多个任务,并且之后继续接收来自好友的帮助或者购买通过的路,则在第三次神秘探索被选择为通过合作块的路时,玩家仅仅需要完成一个等级。 If more than one task only after the completion of the player, and then continue to receive help from friends or purchased by the road, then in the third mystery explore is selected as the cooperation by road blocks, players only need to complete a level.

[0455]如果玩家选择玩神秘探索以通过合作块,则玩家将被带到示出表示要完成的挑战的三个符号以及与要玩哪个等级和需要多少分数来完成第一挑战相关的说明的屏幕。 [0455] If a player chooses to play mysterious to explore cooperation through the block, the player will be taken to represent three symbols are shown to be accomplished and the challenges with which level and the number of points needed to play to complete the first challenge related to the description of screen. 在典型的实施方式中,游戏随机地选择先前完成的等级并且增加通过其需要的分数。 In the exemplary embodiment, the randomly selected game previously completed levels and increases the score by their needs. 在其他实施方式中,神秘探索等级能够为玩家之如尚未完成的新的等级。 In other embodiments, the grade can explore a mysterious new level of players such as unfinished.

[0456] 如果玩家选择继续探索,则呈现另一屏幕,允许玩家选择助力器。 [0456] If the player chooses to continue to explore, then present another screen, allowing the player to choose booster. 该屏幕与正常等级前屏幕非常相似,其差别在于代替等级号其述说“神秘探索”的,代替三个星星其示出指示其是神秘探索的特殊挂锁,以及在目标分数的前面的特殊符号以进一步指示其是神秘探索而非正常等级。 The normal level of the front screen and the screen is very similar, with the difference that instead of the class numbers which tell "mysterious exploration" in place of three stars showing particular a padlock indicating that it is mysterious exploration, and in front of the target fraction in a special symbol further indicates that it is exploring the mystery rather than the normal level.

[0457] 如果玩家选择玩神秘探索,则游戏进展到游戏板屏幕并且玩家能够开始玩。 [0457] If a player chooses to play mysterious exploration, the game progressed to the game board screen and the player can start playing. 如果玩家未能实现目标粉碎,则弹出框示出玩家为何失败。 If the player fails to achieve the goal of crushing, the pop-up box shows why players fail. 在一些实施方式中,使用先前作为神秘探索完成的等级,用于完成该等级的正常目标被列出为失败以及未能达到目标分数的原因。 In some embodiments, a previously completed level as mysterious to explore, and the reasons for the failure failed to reach the target score of the normal target level is listed for completion. 然而,即使这被示出为未能通过该等级的原因,只要实现目标分数,玩家将在典型的实施方式中完成神秘探索,即使未实现等级的其他目标。 However, even if this is shown to be the cause of the failed grade, as long as the goal score, players will complete mystery to explore a typical embodiment, even if other goals are not achieved levels. 在其他实施方式中,能够要求玩家实现目标分数和要完成的神秘探索的其他目标两者。 In other embodiments, to require players to achieve the target score two other goals and mysterious exploration to be done.

[0458]然而,如果玩家设法实现神秘探索上的目标分数,则将完成该等级。 [0458] However, if the player trying to achieve the target score on the exploration of the mysterious, the level will be completed. 完成神秘探索等级将玩家带到与正常等级后屏幕相似的等级后屏幕但是具有与等级前屏幕相同的差别。 Upon completion of mysterious exploration level players will be taken with the normal level screen similar level screen but the difference has the same level before the screen. 在这之后,将通常存在通知玩家已经完成该等级的动画,例如挂锁从被锁定变成被解锁。 After that, there will generally notify the player has completed the animation class, for example, from a locked padlock become unlocked. 能够存在在已经示出对挂锁的解锁的动画之后的等级后屏幕的其他方式。 There can be other ways in rank after the animation has been shown to unlock the padlock of the screen.

[0459]在完成神秘探索和在等级后屏幕上按下“完成”按钮之后,玩家通常被带回到神秘探索主屏幕。 [0459] After the completion of mysterious exploration and press the "Finish" button on the screen after level, players are often brought back to the main screen to explore the mystery. 该屏幕将之后向玩家示出关于神秘探索的总体进度,其在典型的实施方式中包括三个等级。 This screen after the player shows the overall progress on the mysterious discovery, which includes three levels in a typical embodiment.

[0460]在一些实施方式中,玩家需要在完成神秘探索的三个等级中的每个等级之间等待24小时。 [0460] In some embodiments, the players need to wait three level completion mysterious exploration in between each level for 24 hours. 在其他实施方式中,等待时间能够为更少或根本没有。 In other embodiments, the waiting time is less able or not at all. 还能够使用其他标准来访问下一神秘探索,例如在先前完成的等级上获得更多星星。 Other criteria can also be used to access the next mystery to explore, for example, to get more stars on the previously completed levels.

[0461]通常,玩家将使用生命用于清除神秘探索等级的每个失败的尝试,正如与正常等级的情况一样。 [0461] Typically, players will use life for each failed attempt to explore mysterious levels to clear, just as with normal levels of the situation. 还可能的是,神秘探索不影响玩家的总生命,或者其用完另一种类的资源作为例如助力器。 It is also possible, to explore the mystery of life does not affect the player's total, or run it as another kind of resources such as booster.

[0462]神秘探索能够出于除了通过合作块的其他原因而被使用。 [0462] mystery can explore for, among other reasons through cooperation and blocks are used. 例如,能够存在游戏内的仅仅能够通过完成神秘探索访问的奖金等级。 For example, there is a bonus level only able to complete in the game to explore the mysterious visit. 在一些实施方式中,神秘探索能够是使玩家在游戏中获得助力器而不必购买它们的方式。 In some embodiments, the player is able to explore the mysterious booster to get in the game without having to buy their way. 神秘探索还能够仅仅在特定时间(例如在每天的下午9点到下午10点之间或者在特定日子)可用。 Also be able to explore the mystery only (for example, or between 21:00 to 10:00 pm every day on certain days) is available at a particular time.

[0463]与其他玩家连接以寻求帮助或其他请求的备选方式 [0463] connecting with other players for help or other requests alternatives

[0464]针对为通过社交网络连接到好友的玩家或者被连接但是仅仅具有非常小的社交网络的玩家,备选的方式是将它们连接到其他玩家(如果他们愿意的话)并且找到针对现有网络提供的社交体验的代理。 [0464] For players to connect to friends or through social network is connected but only a very small social network of players, an alternative approach is to connect them to other players (if they wish) and find the existing network provide social experience of the agent.

[0465]重要的是允许否则将被卡在合作块或其他社交交互工具处的玩家也能够在游戏中进展。 [0465] It is important to allow otherwise would be stuck in the player cooperative blocks or other social interactive tools can also be at the progress in the game. 这对于使搅动最小化并且允许游戏对较大部分的玩家为有趣的体验是重要的。 This is important to minimize the agitation and allow the larger part of the game the player is an interesting experience.

[0466] —个这样的实施方式是要使用新的信道(SMS、E-Mail、Twitter、等等)来驱动游戏的安装。 [0466] - of such embodiments is to use the new channel (SMS, E-Mail, Twitter, etc.) to drive the game is installed. 这将通过创建社交连接和与那些连接的通信信道来提升DAU,创建互动。 This will be to enhance the DAU by creating social connections and communication channels with those connections, create interactive. 其还可以通过将玩家保持在游戏中来增加收益。 It can also be used to increase revenue by keeping the players in the game.

[0467] 总体结构 [0467] The overall structure

[0468]该备选方法可以例如当玩家达到合作块或用完生命时被用于交互。 [0468] Alternatively, the method may, for example, when the player reaches a block or run life cooperative interaction is used. 游戏提示玩家基于一些用户导出的玩家特性(例如,位置,玩家游戏体验)来向其他玩家“寻求帮助”。 Game players are prompted some users to export based on the characteristics of the players (for example, the location, the player gaming experience) to "help" to other players. 玩家得到获得具有生成的但可编辑的头像的帮助的提示并且他们“发送”消息。 Players get tips have been generated but can be edited picture and help them to "send" the message. 如果玩家的推送通知(PN)设置被设置为关闭,则包括打开PN的要求。 If the player push notification (PN) is provided is set to OFF, the opening comprising a PN requirements. 客户机向服务器注册玩家请求用户ID。 The client user ID registered players request to the server. 服务器随机地在从来自请求的5分钟到55分钟生成授予用户请求的响应。 Granting server randomly in response to user requests for 5 minutes to 55 minutes from the request generated from. 并且将PN发送给玩家。 And sends the PN to the players. 在玩家已经完成单个循环之后,请求PN请求授予。 After the player has completed a single cycle, PN request to grant the request. 他们变得能够在他们发布游戏时接收帮助请求。 They become able to receive the help request when they released the game.

[0469] 特征描述 [0469] characterization

[0470]当独立玩家(没有连接到游戏或社交网络的好友或具有连接到游戏或社交网络的仅仅几个“好友”)到达游戏中的障碍,该备选方法向他们给出通过寻求帮助来扩展他们的游戏玩法的方式。 [0470] When the player independent (not connected to the game or social network friends or have a connection to the game or social network just a few "friends") to reach the game's obstacles, this alternative method is given to them by seeking to help expand their gameplay ways. 玩家将能够选择他们通过SMS、电子邮件、Twitter、等等从哪里寻求帮助。 Players will be able to choose where they seek help via SMS, email, Twitter, and so on.

[0471]在完成该循环后,他们将接收允许他们在游戏中继续的所请求的帮助。 [0471] After completion of the cycle, they will help allow them to continue receiving the requested game.

[0472]该方法能够被用于玩家能够请求生命、在游戏中请求其他帮助的合作块。 [0472] The method can be used to request players to life, request additional help block cooperation in the game. 其还能够被实现为使得玩家能够将邀请发送到游戏并且如果接受方将加入游戏,则邀请的玩家可以获得奖励。 It also can be implemented to enable the player to send the invitation to the game and if the recipient will join the game invites players can be rewarded.

[0473]接收帮助的请求的玩家能够点击在例如他的移动设备或计算机上的链接。 [0473] players to receive requests for help, for example, can click on the link on his mobile device or computer.

[0474]接受方将被带到在其中检测到客户机设备的链接目的地并且识别玩家是否已经将游戏安装在设备上。 [0474] Recipient will be taken in which the link is detected and the destination client device identifies whether the game player has to be installed on the device. 这能够例如使用如下面所描述的所谓的URI方案来完成。 This can be used, for example, a so-called URI scheme as described below to complete. 如果接受方未已经安装游戏,则他被带到合适的网页或应用商店以下载或激活游戏。 If the recipient does not have to install the game, then he was taken to the appropriate web page or app store to download or activate the game. 这能够例如为Apple或andr1d应用商店或Facebook应用网页。 This can, for example, or andr1d Apple App Store or Facebook application page. 存在实现该功能可用的不同的选项,并且设备的识别能够在特定设备上或在服务器上来完成。 Different options exist to achieve this function is available, and the identification device can be created or onto the server on a particular device.

[0475]已经发送帮助请求的玩家在他接收到所请求的帮助时将被通知。 [0475] request has been sent to help the player will be notified when he receives the help requested.

[0476]进一步的解释 [0476] Further explanation

[0477]当玩家已经用完生命或者被卡在合作块处时,他或她能够经由SMS发送针对帮助的请求。 [0477] When a player has run out of life or be stuck in cooperation at the block, he or she can send a request for help via SMS. SMS包括描述想要什么帮助和链接的短消息。 SMS including a description of what you want to link aid and short messages. 消息和链接能够被发送给一个或多个接收者。 And a link message can be sent to one or more recipients. 链接包含关于谁发送请求、请求是针对什么的和时间戳的信息。 Link contains information about who sent the request, what information is requested and the time stamp for. 当接收者点击链接时,所请求的帮助被发送。 When the recipient clicks the link, the requested help is sent. 链接使用在数据库中被跟踪,因此链接不能够由相同的用户重复使用。 Links are tracked in a database, the link can not be reused by the same user. 如果玩家未在特定时间段内获得帮助,则他或她获得来自他们本身的帮助(看起来像某个人帮助他们)。 If the player does not get help in a specific time period, he or she get help from their own (looks like someone to help them). 这仅仅是要奖励寻求事情的行为并且其使用是有限的。 This is just the thing to reward-seeking behavior and their use is limited.

[0478]链接负载包括: [0478] link load comprises:

[0479] 5个字节用户ID [0479] 5-byte user ID

[0480] I个字节传输介质和请求类型 [0480] I bytes and transmission media request type

[0481] 2个字节参数(针对生命请求的时间戳,针对合作块的集合等级指数) [0481] 2-byte parameters (life time stamp for the request, set level index blocks for cooperation)

[0482]数据之后以Base64来编码/由_替代=由空字符串替代。 After the [0482] encoded data to Base64 / = _ replaced by a substitute the empty string. 链接是普通http链接。 Http link is a common link. 直到接收者点击链接才将内容存储在服务器上。 Until the recipient to click on a link only on the server content storage.

[0483]推送通知被用于关闭循环并且还在每24小时周期被限制。 [0483] push notification is used to close the loop and also per 24 hour period is limited. 在一些实施方式中,他们不需要帮助来获得发送。 In some embodiments, they do not need help to get sent.

[0484] 7.1通知 [0484] 7.1 notification

[0485] 玩家能够选择在游戏中被通知以特定事件。 [0485] Players can choose to be notified of certain events in the game. 一旦玩家登录到游戏中,通知可以被“推送”以及仅仅在那时可用。 Once players log into the game, the notification can be "pushed" and only available at that time. 通知能够在固定计算机和移动设备两者上被发送,取决于玩家选择的平台。 Notification can be transmitted on both the stationary and mobile computer devices, depending on the player's choice internet. 还能够具有跨多个平台伸展的通知,例如它们能够同时弹出在Facebook和移动设备两者上。 Can also have a platform extending across a plurality of notification, for example, they can be simultaneously on both pop and Facebook mobile device.

[0486] “推送技术”和随后的“推送通知”描述其中事务请求由发布者或中央服务器启动的通信,如与其中接收者或客户机启动事务请求的“拉取技术”相反。 [0486] "push technology" and subsequent "push notification" is described in which a communication transaction request initiated by the publisher or the central server, and wherein the receiver or as a client that initiated the transaction request "pull technology" opposite. 通常,玩家能够以其中推送通知应当从可用选项的范围中被接收的方式来配置,例如: Typically, the manner in which the player can push notification should be received from the range of options available to configure, for example:

[0487]横幅-通知被示出在屏幕的顶部处并且在设定时间段(通常几秒)之后自动消失,除非玩家与它们进行交互。 [0487] Banner - notification is shown and disappear automatically after a set time period (typically a few seconds) at the top of the screen, unless the player to interact with them. 横幅通知能够陈述与通知有关的信息,或者其能够简单地陈述通知来自于哪个游戏。 Banners can notify information statement relating to notice, or it can simply be stated in the notification from which game. 在典型的实施方式中能够例如通过点击它们横幅通知与横幅通知进行交互。 For example, can interact by clicking on their banners and notification banner notifications in a typical embodiment. 通常点击横幅通知将玩家带入到游戏中。 Usually click on the banner to inform the player into the game.

[0488]警告-通知在消失之前要求来自玩家的交互,通常它们出现在屏幕的中间。 [0488] warning - before disappearing notice required interaction from the player, they usually occur in the middle of the screen.

[0489] 没有通知-玩家还能够选择完全关闭通知。 [0489] did not notice - players will also be able to select turn notifications off completely.

[0490]在典型的实施方式中,玩家能够选择通知哪些事件。 [0490] In a typical embodiment, the player can choose which event notification. 在一些实施方式中,玩家能够被选择为当新的神秘探索可用时或者当玩家具有完整生命时被通知。 In some embodiments, the player can be selected as when a new mystery to explore available or to be notified when the player has a full life. 在其他实施方式中,玩家能够选择为关于例如以下的各种不同的事件而被通知: In other embodiments, the player can choose as on the following example, a variety of events to be notified:

[0491] •当好友在等级进展中通过它们时。 [0491] • When friends they progress in rank.

[0492].当他们的分数在特定等级上或者在任何等级上被打败时。 [0492] When they score or be defeated at any level at a particular level.

[0493].当新的等级已经被添加到游戏时。 [0493] When the new level has been added to the game time.

[0494].当已经接收到帮助时。 [0494] When help has been received.

[0495].当已经请求了帮助时。 [0495] When the time has requested help.

[0496].当来自社交网络或来自游戏平台的新的好友开始玩游戏时。 [0496] When from social networks or new friends from the game platform to play the game.

[0497].当他们在特定时间段内没有玩时。 [0497]. When they do not play in a specific time period.

[0498].当已经更新了游戏时。 [0498] When the game has been updated.

[0499].当来自相同开发商的新的游戏已经被添加到应用商店时。 [0499] When the new game from the same developer has been added to the app store. .当存在游戏中商店中的特惠时。 When there are deals in the game store.

[0500]在典型的实施方式中,玩家能够选择以例如以下的各种方式与通知交互: [0500] In an exemplary embodiment, for example, the player can choose to notify the interaction of a variety of ways:

[0501].暂时使通知无声但是保持其可用。 [0501]. But keeping silent temporarily notify its available.

[0502].完全剔除通知使得其被移除并且不能够再被看见。 [0502]. Notification completely removed so as to be removed and it can no longer be seen.

[0503].直接行进到游戏并开始玩。 [0503] Direct travel to the game and start playing. 在一些实施方式中,这能够通过自动地开始特定等级来完成,例如在好友已经打败玩家在等级上的分数的情况下或者在玩家已经被通过的情况下。 In some embodiments, this can be accomplished by automatically starts a certain level, for example, in a case where a friend has been defeated in the player's score or rank in the case where the player has been passed.

[0504].直接对通知做出响应,例如如果好友已经请求帮助,则玩家能够通过允许他们发送帮助但实际上不仔细检查游戏界面的一次点击来做出响应。 [0504] Direct respond to the notification, for example, if a friend has requested help the player by allowing them to send help, but in fact not carefully check the game's one-click interface to respond.

[0505]在其中通知被推送的一些实施方式中,玩家将仅仅获得被推送的第一个通知,后续通知将直到玩家选择确认第一个通知才能够被看到。 [0505] In some embodiments where the notification is pushed, the player will get only the first notification is pushed, the subsequent notifications until the player selects a first confirmation notification only to be seen. 这是因为玩家不应当感觉到被通知惹恼或淹没。 This is because the players should not feel overwhelmed or annoyed be notified.

[0506]通知还能够被实施为使得它们跨各平台同步。 [0506] Notice also that they can be implemented as synchronization across various platforms. 例如,如果玩家已经关于事件被通知,则其能够被发送到移动设备和Facebook平台两者,但是在一个平台上确认通知之后,它也从其他平台消失。 For example, if the player has been notified about the incident, it can be sent to both mobile devices and Facebook platform, but after confirmation on one platform, it also disappeared from other platforms. 通知能够以例如以下的各种方式来发送: Notification can be sent in various manners, for example, the following:

[0507].电子邮件消息 [0507] The email message

[0508].通过游戏被连接到其的社交网络发送的消息 [0508]. Which is connected to a message sent through a social network game

[0509].通过在游戏平台上发送的消息 [0509] By a message sent on the game platform

[0510].通过例如被发送到移动设备的文本消息 [0510] By example, the mobile device is transmitted to the text message

[0511] •电话呼叫 [0511] • Phone calls

[0512]靠近等级节点的星星 [0512] close to the level of node stars

[0513]为了向玩家给予他们的进展和游戏中的总体表现的更好的概览,糖果粉碎传说示出在靠近等级节点的等级上实现的星星的量。 [0513] In order to give a better overview of the overall performance of their progress in the game and to the players, candy crush legend shows the amount of stars to achieve at the level close to the level nodes. 当在等级节点上盘旋时,星星代替地邻近缩略图而被显示。 When hovering at the level of the node, instead of the stars are displayed adjacent to thumbnails.

[0514] 社交方面 [0514] socially

[0515] 连接到社交网络 [0515] connected to a social network

[0516]使用本文描述的发明创建的游戏能够被连接到诸如Facebook™或Google+™的社交网络或具有能够交互并且看到彼此的进展的不同玩家的游戏平台或与诸如Facebook™或Google+™的社交网络或具有能够交互并且看到彼此的进展的不同玩家的游戏平台链接。 [0516] The game uses the invention described herein created can be connected to, such as Facebook ™ or Google + ™ social network or different players have to interact and see each other's progress gaming platform or social such as Facebook ™ or Google + ™ is link network game platform or different players have to interact and see each other's progress. 常见的是,在这样的网络上的用户具有例如含有用户的照片和/或用户的姓名的头像。 Often, users on such networks have such as photos and / or name of the user containing the user's head. 这样的头像能够例如为签名或图片。 This picture can, for example, signature or picture.

[0517]社交网络能够被定位在与游戏被定位在其上的服务器不同的服务器上,游戏和社交网络还能够被定位在相同的服务器上。 [0517] Social networks can be located on different servers and the game servers is positioned thereon, games and social networking can also be located on the same server. 在一些实施方式中,存在在社交网络与游戏平台之间的连续地使它们同步的直接活动连接,在其他实施方式中,两个平台以特定间隔,例如当玩家登录到游戏中时同步。 In some embodiments, the present in that they continuously between the social network and the internet gaming activities directly connected to the synchronization, in other embodiments, the two platforms at certain intervals, e.g., when synchronizing to the game player logs. 当玩家已经以脱机模式玩(例如,完成等级和分数)时,例如在玩家在隧道中行进的情况下,玩家进展能够当玩家连接到互联网时被同步。 Synchronized when a player has to play in offline mode (for example, to complete the level and score), for example in the case of traveling players in the tunnel, the player can progress when the player is connected to the Internet.

[0518]用户和他的好友的头像能够被显示在游戏中或者与游戏中的不同等级相关地被显示以示出玩家的进展。 [0518] user and his friend's head can be displayed in the game or the game's different levels are displayed to show the progress of the players association. 头像还能够与玩家的技能水平或高分数的指示符相关地被示出。 Avatar also be shown in relation to the skill level or high score indicator of a player. 在一些实施方式中,头像能够从游戏被连接到其的社交网络导出,在其他实施方式中,它们能够从与游戏相关的数据库导出。 In some embodiments, the avatar can be connected from the game to export its social network, in other embodiments, they can be derived from a database associated with the game. 与用户相关的头像能够取决于游戏中的总体进展或表现而改变。 Avatar associated with the user can depend on the overall performance of the game in progress or change. 例如,头像能够在玩家玩该游戏很长时间时变得更大或者在视觉上更高级。 For example, avatars can become larger or when playing the game for a long time on the more advanced visual player.

[0519]用户能够与社交网络的其他用户联系,作为社交网络上的“好友”或者作为游戏环境内的“好友”。 [0519] users to connect with other users of the social network as a "friend" on a social network or as an in-game environment, "Friends." 玩家能够与他在社交网络上联系的或者正在玩相同游戏的其他玩家交互。 Players can contact him on a social network or interact with other players are playing the same game.

[0520]游戏能够被实现为使游戏状态信息同步和/或检索并连接到社交网络上的玩家的社交图信息和用户简况。 [0520] can be implemented as a game that the game state information synchronization and / or retrieved and connected to a player on a social graph social network information and user profiles. 其还能够被连接到与游戏或游戏开发者相关的专属网络。 It also can be connected to a dedicated network associated with the game or game developers.

[0521]游戏还能够被实现为使得其被连接到多个社交网络。 [0521] game can also be implemented such that it is connected to a plurality of social networks. 能够给予用户选择能够导出什么信息并且与哪个社交网络共享的选项。 To give users the option to select what information can be exported and shared and which social networks.

[0522]游戏能够如何被连接到社交网络的一个示例是Facebook™的开放图形允许网站和应用提取和共享关于比单纯人更多的对象的信息,包括照片、事件和网页以及他们的相互之间的关系。 One example [0522] how the game can be connected to a social network is an open Facebook ™ graphics allow websites and applications to extract and share information about more than simply human subject, including between photos, events and web pages as well as their mutual Relationship. 这将社交图概念扩展为比仅仅在个体之间的关系更多并且也代替地将其应用到在个体之间的虚拟非人类对象。 This concept will be extended to the social graph than just relationships between individuals and more instead to apply it to the virtual non-human objects between individuals. 游戏能够通常共享游戏中时间,例如已经完成等级,玩家已经通过游戏中的好友或者打败好友在等级上的高分数。 Games can usually share time in the game, such as grading has been completed, the player has passed the in-game friend or friends to beat high scores on the grade. 游戏还能够发布事件,例如玩家已经购买了游戏中的对象或者从游戏的其他玩家接收到对象。 The game also can publish events, such as the player has purchased the object of the game or receive from other players of the game to the object.

[0523]高分数列表 [0523] high scores list

[0524]当示出等级前屏幕时,向玩家呈现好友的高分数。 [0524] When the front shows the level screen, showing your friends' high scores to the player. 这给予事先知道目标是什么的机会,并且在某种程度上增大游戏中的竞争元素。 This goal is to give to know in advance what opportunities and increased competition elements of the game to some extent. 从游戏连接到其的社交网络导出关于好友的分数的信息。 Connections from games to social network information on its export Friends of scores. 其对于进一步增加玩家的互动和在某种程度上的病毒式传播是重要的,因为关于其他玩家的表现不断提醒玩家,这能够激励玩家更努力地尝试。 It is important to further increase player interaction and viral spread in a way, because on the performance of other players constantly remind the players, it can motivate players to try harder.

[0525]在一些实施方式中,游戏中的每个区域能够具有“糖果国王”,意味着玩家的网络内的在该区域中的等级上具有最好表现的玩家。 [0525] In some embodiments, each region can have a game of "Candy King," meaning grade A in this area within the network of players has the best performance of the players.

[0526] 示出在虚拟路径上的好友的进展和玩家的进展 [0526] Advances and players shown on the virtual path friends

[0527]游戏中的增加竞争性元素的另一特征在于示出了好友在虚拟地图上的进展。 Another feature increase the competitiveness of the element [0527] game that shows the progress of your friends on a virtual map. 即使玩家尚未被解锁或者达到其中好友正在玩的区域,他们的进展也仍然能够借助于被显示为靠近他们当前所处的等级的与玩家相关联的图片来示出。 Even if the player has not been unlocked or reach an area where friends are playing, their progress will still be able to be displayed by means of images associated with the player close to their levels currently located is shown.

[0528]还能够邀请新玩家来玩游戏。 [0528] can also invite new players to play the game. 这些能够通过游戏平台或通过游戏被连接到其的社交网络来邀请。 These can be invited to be connected to their social network through the game through the game or platform. 在一些实施方式中,游戏建议邀请哪些玩家。 In some embodiments, a game which players to invite suggestions. 该建议能够例如为基于玩家是否已经玩了来自相同开发商的其他游戏,他们是否在社交网络上是活跃的或者他们是否看起来喜欢相同式样中的其他游戏。 The proposal can, for example, based on whether the player has played other games from the same developer, whether they are active on social networks, or whether they look like other games in the same style. 建议还能够基于来自与社交网络相关的数据,例如他们多久与其他玩家交互或者他们多久登录社交网络。 The recommendations also can be based on data from related social networks, such as how often they interact with other players or how often they log on social networks.

[0529]增加游戏的竞争性元素的一个方面在于消息能够被发送给例如与打败他们的分数或者在总体等级进展方面超过他们相关的好友。 [0529] increase the competitiveness of the elements of one aspect of the game is that messages can be sent, for example to beat their scores or exceed their friends in progress related to the overall rating. 在一些实施方式中,游戏提示玩家发送消息以通知已经打败了好友。 In some embodiments, the game prompts the player to send a message to notify friends have been defeated. 该消息能够由玩家编辑,或者其能够是由游戏建议的预定义版本。 The message can be edited by the player, or it can be predefined by the game's recommended version.

[0530]能够在托管游戏的服务器上或者在托管游戏被连接到其的社交网络的服务器上生成消息。 [0530] can be hosted on a server or connected to the game server on which the message is generated in the social network hosting the game. 在该消息中使用的信息能够例如从游戏被连接到其的数据库之一中或者从与游戏被连接到其的网络相关的数据库中导出。 Information used in the message from the game can be, for example, be connected to one of the database or derived from a database which is connected to a network associated with the game.

[0531 ]发送礼物 [0531] send gifts

[0532]糖果粉碎传说的增加玩家的病毒式传播和互动的一个方面是将礼物发送给其他玩家的能力,其在游戏中帮助他们。 [0532] candy crush legend adds an aspect of viral and players is the ability to interact with other players to send gifts to, which helps them in the game. 能够免费给予特定礼物,例如一条额外的生命。 Free gift can be given specific, such as an extra life. 发送免费生命的选项例如在等级前屏幕和等级后屏幕中可用。 Option to send a free life, for example, is available in front of the screen and rank after rank screen. 当开始游戏时,玩家被呈现以要向其发送生命的好友的列表。 When you start the game, the player is presented with a list of friends you want to send life.

[0533]在该屏幕之后,玩家被呈现以新消息。 [0533] After the screen, the player is presented with a new message. 从其他玩家发送的礼物被显示在消息下面,并且诸如生命的特定免费礼物能够容易地被互给。 Gifts from other players in the message sent is displayed below, and such special free gift of life can easily be reciprocity.

[0534]在一些实施方式中,游戏提示玩家将生命发送给已经用完生命的其他玩家。 [0534] In some embodiments, the game prompts the player to send life to another player has run out of life. 当玩家在接收到来自好友的帮助之后完成等级时,能够自动地或手动地将“谢谢你”消息发送给该好友。 When players complete level after receiving help from friends, can be automatically or manually "thank you" message to the friend. 该消息能够包含值的项。 The message can contain the item values. 在一些实施方式中,帮助另一玩家的玩家能够获得其他好处,例如靠近他们的名字显示的特殊符号或标记。 In some embodiments, the other players to help other players to get benefits such as special symbols or markings near their name suggests. 识别是能够被奖励给帮助其他人的玩家的另一好处。 Recognition is another benefit of the player can be awarded to help other people.

[0535]在游戏的移动版本中,玩家当登入时被呈现以消息。 [0535] In the mobile version of the game, the player is presented with a message when you sign in. 被呈现的消息能够与接收生命的玩家和请求生命的好友相关。 The messages can be presented and friend requests related to the life of the player receiving life. 在从好友接收到生命之后,请求玩家将生命发送回去。 After receiving from friends to life, players will send the request back to life. 如果作为响应选择将生命发送回去,则原先发送生命的好友将不会获得发送回另一条生命的请求。 If you choose to send the response back to life, the life of a friend originally transmitted the request will not be sent back to get another life. 因此,该串事件在玩家通关发送生命而不请求来开始的情况下具有两个步骤;步骤I是发送生命,并且步骤2是接受方作为响应将生命发送回去。 Thus, the string player event clearance life without requesting transmission having two steps in the case of start; Step I is the transmission of life, and step 2 is the recipient as a response will be sent back to life. 如果玩家在请求生命的情况下开始,则该串事件具有三个步骤;步骤I是请求生命,步骤2是接收生命,步骤3是作为响应将生命发送回去。 If the player in case of a request the beginning of life, the event sequence has three steps; step I is a request to life, life receiving step 2, step 3 is sent back as a response to life.

[0536]还能够在Yeti商店中购买礼物并且将这些礼物发送给好友。 [0536] Yeti also be able to buy a gift at the store and send these gifts to friends. 这样的礼物采用能够在等级期间或者在等级之前使用的助力器的形式。 Such forms can be employed during the present or the level used before the booster level.

[0537]将额外的移动发送给被卡在等级上特定天数/未能尝试成功的玩家。 [0537] will send additional move to a specific number of days stuck in grade A / failed attempt was successful players.

[0538]帮助好友的另一方式是发送额外的移动。 [0538] Another way to help is to send a friend an extra move. 这不是一直对所有玩家都可以做的事情,而是代替地必须满足特定标准。 This is not always for all players can do, but instead must meet certain criteria. 该标准与玩家已经被卡在相同的等级上多久相关。 The standards and how long the player has been associated card on the same level. 当选择了图标“与好友一起玩”时,呈现好友的列表。 When you select the icon "Play with friends", showing a list of friends. 这些好友中的一些将已经被卡在等级上延长的时间段,并且玩家之后具有通过免费发送三个额外的移动来帮助这些玩家的选项。 Some of those friends would have been stuck in a prolonged period of time grade A, and the players have to help these players to send three additional options through free movement. 这些移动与给出五个额外的移动的助力器不同,不仅因为额外移动的量较低,而且因为助力器仅仅在特定等级上可使用且可用。 The movement of the five additional mobile given booster different, not only because of the lower amount of additional movement, and because only the booster can be used at a particular level and available. 这是通过接收来自好友的帮助来促进游戏的更难等级的方式。 This is a way to promote more difficult level of the game by receiving help from friends.

[0539]游戏还能够提示玩家将额外的移动发送给已经被卡在相同等级上延长的时间段的好友。 [0539] The game also can prompt friends to move the player additional card has been sent to the same level on an extended period of time. 在一些实施方式中,该时间段为两天。 In some embodiments, the time period is two days. 在其他实施方式中,对于玩家被卡住的标准与他们已经尝试并且未能通过等级的次数相关。 In other embodiments, the standard for the players to be stuck with them have tried and failed to pass the relevant class number. 例如,当玩家登录到游戏上时进行提示。 For example, the prompt when players log onto the game. 这通过在游戏特别难时帮助玩家来增加互动,并且还增加玩家之间的合作和团体的感觉。 This helps to increase the interaction by players in the game especially difficult, and also increase the sense of community and cooperation between players. 当玩家已经接受到额外的移动时,这由包络其中能够使用移动的等级的节点的缎带指示。 When the player has received an additional movement, wherein the ribbon can be used node indicating the level of this movement by the packet network.

[0540]在一些实施方式中,玩家能够从多个好友接收帮助。 [0540] In some embodiments, the player can receive help from a plurality of friends. 能够同时或随后使用来自多个好友的帮助。 Simultaneously or subsequently use more help from friends. 当玩家在接收来自好友的帮助之后完成等级时,能够向该好友发送“谢谢你”的消息。 When players complete level after receiving help from friends, can send a "thank you" message to a friend. 该消息能够具有不同的实施方式,例如以上关于与发送生命相关的谢谢你消息描述的实施方式。 The message can have different embodiments, for example embodiments described above related to the transmission of life Thank you message described.

[0541]糖果粉碎传说具有贯穿游戏的故事线。 [0541] legend has crushed candy story line throughout the game. 主角是四处走动帮助人并且打败各种怪物的小女孩。 The protagonist is to help people move around a little girl and defeat various monsters. 在游戏的开始,以及在每个新的集的开始,存在动画序列。 At the beginning of the game, and at the beginning of each new set, there is an animation sequence. 这些序列讲述女孩如何在糖果粉碎传说的世界四处走动和她如何克服被呈现给她的障碍物的故事。 These sequences smash legend tells how the girls in candy go around the world and how she overcame her story was presented to the obstacle.

[0542]在一些实施方式中,区域将开始为具有悲伤氛围的稍微脏的,当玩家进展通过等级时变得丰富多彩并且充满爱和温暖。 [0542] In some embodiments, the region will begin to have a dirty little sad atmosphere becomes when players progress through the ranks colorful and full of love and warmth. 当玩家甚至在先前完成的等级上获得更多星星时区域变得甚至更快乐且丰富多彩。 When players get even more stars on previously completed regional level becomes even more fun and colorful.

[0543] 邀请好友 [0543] Invite a friend

[0544]在一些实施方式中,玩家可以选择所有可用好友的子组或者过滤好友以仅仅示出也在玩该游戏的好友。 [0544] In some embodiments, the player may select a subset of all available friends or friends to filter shows only friends are playing the game.

[0545]当玩家要将请求发送给其他玩家或者寻求帮助时,好友选择可以出现。 [0545] When players send the request to other players or to seek help, you can choose your friends appear. 示例性实施方式可以包括: Exemplary embodiments may include:

[0546]-发送移动弹出框 [0546] - sending mobile popup

[0547]-发送生命弹出框 [0547] - send pop-up life

[0548]-邀请好友弹出框 [0548] - invite your friends to pop-up box

[0549 ]-提示玩家选择好友的其他弹出框 [0549] - prompt the player to select a friend of the other pop-up box

[0550]通过举例的方式,其中玩家能够选择过滤好友的一个实施方式可以基于特定标准,例如好友在过去已经具有的交互的水平或者游戏中的技能水平或进度。 [0550] By way of example, in which the player can choose a buddy embodiment of the filter may be based on specific criteria, such as friends in the past have been in a horizontal or interact with the game skill level or progress. 这些不同的标准利用游戏中的弹出窗口中的三个选项卡的预过滤来图示。 Pre three tabs using these different standards in a pop-up window game filtering is illustrated. 该弹出窗口能够[0551 ]由游戏自动启动,或者由玩家例如通过按下游戏中的按钮来请求。 The pop-up window can be [0551] started automatically by the player, for example, or a request by the player in the game by pressing a button.

[0552]好友的列表可以从玩家的也在游戏中活跃的好友或者仅仅从社交网络上的好友填充。 [0552] buddy list can be active from the player of the game is also filled with friends or just from friends on social networks. 在一个实施方式中,默认模式是尚未选择朋友。 In one embodiment, the default mode is not selected friends. 点击好友的图片或名字将选择该好友并且刻度线可以出现以指示其已经被选择。 Click on the picture or the name of a friend of a friend and will select the tick may appear to indicate that it has been selected.

[0553]列出的好友可以以在列表中向玩家示出他们的方式被排列优先次序。 [0553] buddy lists, may be the player to prioritize their way shown in the list. 其中列出的好友的顺序示出的一个这样的标准可以为他们是否已经对游戏中的物件进行了支付。 Where friends are listed in the order shown such a standard can if they have the object of the game makes a payment. 在该组内,玩家可以在他们已经花了较多的钱的情况下或者在他们已经在特定时间段内花了较多的钱的情况下被排名更高。 Within this group, or players can be ranked higher in case they have spent more money in a particular period of time in case they have spent more money. 另一标准可以为列出的好友已经在特定时间段内在游戏中活跃或者具有特定活动水平。 Another standard can have an active or have a certain level of activity to friends listed in a specific period of time in the game. 另一标准可以为列出的好友基于他们到目前为止已经接收到多少总游戏邀请来排名,最高的为第一。 Another criteria may be based as a friend listed so far they have received an invitation to the game how much of the total ranking, the highest for the first.

[0554]如果用户没有玩游戏的好友,则该选项卡可以被重命名为“玩其他游戏的好友”,并且相同的优先排序可以被应用给这些游戏网络玩家。 [0554] If the user does not have friends to play the game, the tab can be renamed to "play other games friends", and the same can be applied to prioritize these gaming network players.

[0555]如果用户根本没有根据过滤标准的玩游戏的好友,则选项卡可以不出现。 [0555] If the user does not have to play the game according to the filter criteria friend, the tab may not appear.

[0556]列出在不同选项卡中的好友可以被进一步排列优先次序。 [0556] In various listed friends tab may be further prioritization. 下文涉及选项卡“所有好友”和“提醒好友”,但是本领域技术人员将理解这还可以在一些实施方式中被应用到其他经过滤的组。 Hereinafter relates tab "All Friends" and "Remind friend", those skilled in the art will appreciate that this group can also be applied to other filtered in some embodiments.

[0557]好友以以下方式来排列优先次序: [0557] In the following manner friends prioritize:

[0558] 1.在游戏公司的网络内的付费玩家,按CLV(客户终生价值)(最高的CLV为第一)的顺序,之后按到当前游戏的日期为止接收到的邀请(最高的为第一)的顺序。 [0558] 1.-paid players in the game company's network, according to the CLV (customer lifetime value) (CLV highest first) of the order, then press invited to the date of the current game received (the highest for the first a) order.

[0559] 2.在游戏公司的网络内的非付费玩家,按CLV(如果CLV是>$x;最高的CLV为第一)的顺序,之后按到当前游戏中的日期为止接收到的邀请(最高的为第一)的顺序。 [0559] 2. Non-paid players in the game company's network, according to the CLV (CLV is if> $ x; CLV highest first) of the order, then press until the current game date received invitations ( highest first) order.

[0560 ] 3.游戏公司的网络的非用户(按到当前游戏中的日期为止接收到的邀请的顺序,最高的为第一) [0560] The game's non-network users (the order received by the game until the current date to the invitation, a first maximum)

[0561]理想地,该列表能够易于重组。 [0561] Desirably, the list can be easily recombination. 例如在I月中,焦点可能是在病毒式传播上,所以我们对已知为病毒的游戏网络的玩家排列优先次序,但是在2月中,我们可能想要关注货币化,所以我们将想要对花费大的游戏网络的玩家排列优先次序。 For example, in mid-I, the focus may be on the viral, so we prioritize the player known as viral gaming network, but in mid-February, we might want to focus on monetization, we will want to the big game takes players on a network prioritization.

[0562]提示邀请可以在某个时刻停止使得它们不会成为垃圾邮件。 [0562] Tip invited to stop at some point that they do not become spam. 例如,已经接收到>10次邀请的受邀者不应当再次出现在列表中。 For example, it has received> 10 invitees should not be invited to appear again in the list.

[0563]对好友选择弹出框进行定制 [0563] pop-up box on your friends choose to customize

[0564]好友选择器弹出框可以根据以下两个因素来定制:(I)看见它们的用户,以及(2)其已经被实现在其中的游戏环境的当前优先级。 [0564] Friends selector pop-up may be customized based on the following two factors: (I) see the user thereof, and (2) which has been implemented in which the current priority of the game environment.

[0565]例如:游戏团队想要推送货币化,因此在“发送移动”弹出框中,用户的好友根据他们的花费来布置,并且因此仅仅具有最高花费的好友出现在弹出框中。 [0565] For example: the team wants to push the currency of the game, so in the "Send mobile" pop-up box, the user's friends are arranged according to their cost, and therefore only has the highest cost of friends appear in the pop-up box.

[0566]用于示出弹出框的标准实施方式是要示出所有好友。 [0566] for the illustrated embodiment popup standard way to show all friends. 用于对弹出框进行定制的原因能够是以下几个: The reason for the pop-up box that can be customized is the following:

[0567]-增加花费(例如,对具有高花费/CLV的好友排列优先次序) [0567] - increased costs (e.g., prioritization of friends has a high cost / CLV) of

[0568]-增加记忆力(例如,对不活动的好友排列优先次序) [0568] - increasing the memory (e.g., prioritization of inactive Friends)

[0569]-增加请求发送(例如,对病毒好友排列优先次序) [0569] - increasing the transmission request (e.g., prioritize viral Friends)

[0570]-通过改进目标(例如,通过增加接受方的相关性)来增加关于通知的CTR[0571 ]所有这些给予游戏开发者优化游戏的性能的额外的工具。 Additional tools by improving the target (for example, by increasing the relevance of the recipient) to increase CTR on notice [0571] All of these give game developers optimize the performance of the game - [0570].

[0572]针对典型实施方式能够使用什么信息? [0572] For the exemplary embodiment can use what information?

[0573]玩家可以根据度量的集合来排名。 [0573] players can be ranked based on a set of metrics. 例如: E.g:

[0574]-花费(例如该玩家已经在一时间段内在游戏中物品上花了多少钱) [0574] - spending (for example the player has been in the game how much was spent on goods a period of time)

[0575]-病毒(例如,该玩家对通知、帮助请求和其他游戏中病毒效果反应得多么活跃) [0575] - a virus (for example, the player to inform, help requests and other games just how active the virus effect reaction)

[0576]-活跃性(例如,该玩家玩游戏多么活跃;该玩家上次在何时玩或者该玩家已经玩了多少等级) [0576] - activity (for example, how active the player playing the game; the last player to play in when the player has played or how many levels)

[0577]这些还可以被组合,例如如果游戏团队想要重新激活堕落的花费者,则他们可能想要将发送移动弹出框按花费的顺序显示每个用户的好友,但是仅仅显示已经不活动10多天的用户。 [0577] These can also be combined, for example, if the game teams want to reactivate fallen consumers, they may want to send a mobile pop-up box displays each user's friends in order to spend, but only display has been inactive for 10 multi-day user.

[0578]系统中的实施方式的示例 Exemplary embodiment of the [0578] embodiment of the system

[0579]存在许多可能的方法。 [0579] There are many possible ways. 定制能够使用仅仅与单个游戏相关的信息在游戏特异性的基础上来完成(例如,游戏能够使用仅仅游戏的数据来对弹出框进行定制):该信息被存储在游戏自己的数据库中。 Customized able to use only the information related to a single game up to complete the game on the basis of specific (for example, the game can use the data only game to be customized pop-up box): This information is stored in its own database in the game. 但是定制可以在其使用来自跨游戏公司网络的数据、使用来自所有游戏的数据的情况下变得强大得多。 But the custom can become much more powerful in its cross-game situations using data from the corporate network, using data from all the games. 该信息通常被存储在数据库中。 This information is typically stored in a database.

[0580]在游戏特异性基础上的定制-服务器基于他们过去在游戏中的表现来创建用户排名,并且确定服务器将哪些用户发送到客户机。 [0580] customize the game-specific basis - a server based on their past performance in the game to create a user ranking, and determine which server to send the user to the client. 客户机将简单地显示所选择的用户。 The client will simply display the user selected.

[0581]在游戏公司网络基础上的定制-我们基于从数据库获取的覆盖在游戏公司网络内的所有他们的活跃性的信息来创建用户排名。 [0581] In the network game company on the basis of customization - let users create their ranking based on all the information covered in the activity of the network game company acquired from the database. 排名将被存储在系统中,将至少每天被更新,并且将对使用该框架的所有游戏可用。 Rank will be stored in the system, it will be updated at least every day, and all games will use the framework available. 个体游戏的服务器将排名从系统中拉出,并且确定哪些用户以发送到客户机。 Individual game servers will be pulled from the ranking system, and which users are sent to the client to determine. 客户机将简单地显示所选择的用户。 The client will simply display the user selected.

[0582] 音乐、声音和效果 [0582] music, and sound effects

[0583]糖果粉碎传说具有对游戏的总体感觉重要的音乐和其他音频效果两者。 [0583] candy crush legend has both the overall feel of the game is important to music and other audio effects. 所有声音和音乐具有对它们来说与颜色和动画相同的温暖感觉。 All sound and music have for them the same color and animation warm feeling.

[0584] 声音和效果 [0584] and sound effects

[0585]在游戏中一发生事情就总是播放音频效果,无论其是由于来自玩家的输入还是在其为某种自动化事件的情况下。 [0585] a thing happened in the game is always played audio effects, whether it is due to input from the player or in the event it is some kind of automated case. 例如,自动化事件能够为当用户开始游戏并且弹出框出现时建议玩家应当将礼物发生给好友。 For example, automated event when the user is able to start the game and suggested that players should be present when a friend happened to pop-up box appears. 当该弹出框出现时,存在离散的嗖嗖声以使玩家意识到有事情发生。 When the pop-up box appears, there is a discrete swish to make the players aware of what happened. 另一自动化事件能够是在开始等级之前,消息屏幕在其再次自动消失之前示出述说需要做什么来通过该等级。 Another event can be automated before starting grade, the screen shows a message describing what needs to be done to pass the level before it disappears again.

[0586]针对能够在游戏中交互的所有对象,总是存在视觉通知、声音或两者,以使玩家知道能够与其交互的接口中的物件。 [0586] For all objects can interact in the game, there is always a visual notification, sound, or both, so that the players know that you can interact with the interface objects. 例如,在一个实施方式中,当鼠标在其上盘旋时存在突出显示的、开始摆动并放出短声的商店图标。 For example, in one embodiment, the presence of highlighted starts to swing and emit short beeps shop icon when the mouse hover thereon.

[0587]播放以给出可交互对象的指示的声音总是玩家甚至不会考虑的(除非某个人对他指出该声音)非干扰声音。 [0587] players to give an indication interactive object voice is always the players will not even be considered (unless someone pointed out to him that the voice) non-interference sound.

[0588]声音和效果不仅在那里指示何时交互可行。 [0588] and sound effects not only there to indicate when interacting feasible. 它们也在正在或已经与物件交互时存在,例如点击按钮将做出特定声音并且有时改变可用的按钮中的一些按钮的外观。 They are being or already exists when interacting objects, such as clicking a button to make a particular sound and sometimes change the appearance of buttons available in some of the buttons. 在一个实施方式中,玩按钮看起来像包装糖果并且当按下按钮上的包装时变皱。 In one embodiment, the packaged candy looks like a play button is pressed and when a button creased packaging.

[0589]当玩等级时点击糖果还将给出视觉通知。 [0589] When the level of play click candy will be given visual notification. 在一个实施方式中,糖果将被突出显示并且因此玩家将知道已经选择了什么糖果。 In one embodiment, the candy will be highlighted and so players will know what has been selected candy. 在另一实施方式中,框架将出现在所选择的糖果周围。 In another embodiment, the frame around the selected candy appears.

[0590]当做出不同种类的交换时,还存在不同种类的声音和连接到这些声音的动画。 [0590] When making different types of switching, there are different types of sound and animation connected to these sounds. 在玩家尝试做出无效移动时存在一种声音,针对三消另一种声音,针对四消再一种声音,以此类推。 In the presence of a player trying to make a sound when moved invalid, for the three consumer another voice, a voice for four elimination again, and so on. 当糖果被移除时,在空白空间中存在星星的小动画。 When the candy is removed, there is a small movie stars in the blank space. 这增加了游戏的视觉感受。 This increases the game's visual experience.

[0591]游戏鼓励玩家做出良好的移动,并且当生成特殊糖果时做出的声音是得意洋洋的声音并且能够给予玩家满意的感觉。 [0591] game encourages players to make a good move, and the sound made when generating special candy is triumphant voice and be able to give players the feeling of satisfaction.

[0592]触发特殊糖果还具有它们的独特的声音和视觉效果。 [0592] trigger a special candy also have their unique sound and visual effects. 具有线和星星的动画被示出以强调在游戏中使用这些多好并且其在多大程度上帮助玩家。 Animation has lines and stars are shown to emphasize the use of these much good in the game and help players in their extent.

[0593]如果获得一个接着另一个下落的匹配的级联,则存在又一声音以及在屏幕上示出的取决于利用仅仅一次移动做出多少匹配而述说“美味”、“极好”、“甜蜜”和“好吃”的消息。 [0593] If you get a match after the other falling cascade, there is shown another sound, and depending on the screen made with only one movement tell how many matching "gourmet", "excellent", " message sweet "and" delicious "in. 与这些视觉消息一起,存在大声说出它们以便称赞和激励玩家并且因此增加对游戏的更多感觉的语音。 With these visual messages, there is aloud to praise them and encourage more players and thus increase the feeling of the game speech. 当完成等级时相同的情况发生,存在述说“糖果粉碎”的语音和消息以便使玩家感觉像良好的玩家。 Upon completion of the same rank occurs, there is a recount, "candy crush" the voice and message in order to make the player feel like a good player.

[0594]背景音乐 [0594] Background Music

[0595]当显示视觉场景时以及当示出游戏板时不断地播放音乐。 [0595] When displaying a visual scene and when the game board is shown continuously playing music. 在一些实施方式中,能够在等级中存在与当观察视觉场景时相比较不同的音乐。 In some embodiments, there can be viewed a visual scene and when compared to different music in the hierarchy.

[0596]糖果粉碎传说已经实现了产生玩家的优化互动、病毒式传播和货币化的思想状态的背景音乐。 [0596] candy crush legend has achieved a state of mind produced optimize interactive, viral and monetization of the player background music.

[0597]音乐是华尔兹舞曲。 [0597] Music is the waltz.

[0598].舞曲-人体倾向于自然地一起“跳舞”(即使仅仅下意识地) [0598] dance - the body tends to naturally together "dance" (even if only subconsciously)

[0599].大约每秒的强烈击落,与心跳同步的感觉,增加音乐的内在感受 [0599] strongly about shooting down per second, synchronized with the heartbeat sensation, increased inner feelings to music

[0600].整个事情在下意识的水平上运转以保持玩家参与到游戏中-精神上/下意识地玩家一起唱歌/跳舞 . [0600] The whole thing running to keep players involved in the game at the level of the subconscious - spiritual / player subconsciously singing / dancing together

[0601 ] •头几个等级:口哨 [0601] • The first few levels: Whistle

[0602].“人类”声音的添加是聪明的-向否则超现实的/虚拟的游戏增加真实的水平 . [0602] add "human" voice is smart - to increase the level of real or surreal / virtual game

[0603].用作问题和答案(口哨提供打开的仪器问题的答案/回答) [0603] used as a question and answer (whistles provide answers to open questions instrument / answer)

[0604].引导玩家下意识地“填充”答案以及口哨 [0604] The guide players subconsciously "fill" the answer and whistles

[0605].所有这个再次增加游戏体验中的吸收的水平 [0605] All this increased level of gaming experience in the absorption again

[0606]中间水平音乐(即在“这是你的分数”页面上) [0606] intermediate level music (ie, "This is your score" on the page)

[0607]在不寻常模式中的怪异的且不和谐的下行通道在与玩游戏的快乐/活跃/愉快的音乐对比之后产生稍微不愉快的且紧张不安的感觉,~>下意识地使玩家加速并进行到下一玩游戏屏幕,其中“正常”音调和和声恢复! [0607] strange and discordant downtrend channel in an unusual mode produces a slightly unpleasant and tense uneasy feeling after the game play fun / active / pleasant music contrast, ~> subconsciously the players to accelerate and play the game to the next screen, where "normal" tone and restore harmony!

[0608]在玩游戏模式中的音乐的速度-.华尔兹舞曲在一个小节上具有三拍(一二三I 一二三I 一二三、等等) [0608] In game play mode speed of the music - waltz has three beats in a bar (one hundred twenty-three I one hundred twenty-three I-three, and so on)

[0609].尽管华尔兹舞曲的强拍每秒下落,给出温柔平静的印象,但是实际的拍(一、二和三)是非常快的(即,一秒三个)_音乐中的该速度对玩家造成压力。 [0609] Despite the downbeat waltz drop per second, gives the impression of gentle and calm, but the actual shot (I, II and III) is very fast (ie, one second three) _ music that speed put pressure on the players.

[0610].因此玩家实际上被沉浸到游戏和音乐中,并且由于来自音乐的拍子的该持续推动而不知不觉地被驱使以快速地玩(增大压力、挑战的感觉、兴奋、激动、不管你想要称之为什么)。 [0610] Thus the player is actually immersed in games and music, and for that continues to drive the beat of the music and from unknowingly being driven to quickly play (increasing the pressure, feeling the challenge, excitement, emotion, whatever you want to call it). 仍然存在平静的感觉。 There is still the feeling of calm.

[0611 ].音乐体验是微妙的、诡秘的且有效的! [0611] The music experience is delicate, subtle and effective!

[0612]参见例如在于2012年5月23日提交的美国申请13/479,107中描述的方法和系统并且将其并入在本文档中。 [0612] See, for example, that the U.S. May 23, 2012 filed a method and system 13 / 479,107 and incorporated as described in this document.

[0613]本文描述的系统和方法能够与游戏一起被实现,其中玩家能够看见他们自己以及还有他们的社交网络好友在虚拟路径(或其他虚拟世界)上的游戏等级位置并且其中游戏状态信息经由Facebook或其他联机社交网络跨不同的平台(例如,1S、台式和Android)被完全同步,使得玩家能够在那些不同的平台中的任何平台上无缝地停止并且重新开始玩游戏。 [0613] systems and methods described herein can be implemented together with the game, in which players can see themselves and friends as well as their social networking game level position on the virtual path (or other virtual world) and where the game status information via Facebook or other online social networks across different platforms (for example, 1S, desktop and Android) are fully synchronized, which enables users to seamlessly stop on any platform in those different platforms and start playing the game.

[0614]不同的设备 [0614] Different devices

[0615]游戏的一些实施方式允许使游戏在不同的设备或平台之间同步。 [0615] Some embodiments allow a game to make the game synchronized between different devices or internet.

[0616]该游戏例如以脱机模式使用本地存储在手持设备上的信息在手持设备上被播放。 [0616] The example game using the offline mode information is stored locally on the handheld device is played on the handheld device. 该设备能够存储在游戏中玩的玩家可用的所有等级或一些等级。 The device can store all or some of the grade level of play in a game in which players are available. 游戏中的特征中的一些特征能够本地运行在设备上并且依赖于本地机器。 Game features some of the features can be run locally on the device and is dependent on the local machine. 这例如能够是在游戏被实现为在特定时间段之后再生生命的情况下,时间能够之后在本地基于设备上的时钟来决定。 This can be, for example, in the case of the regeneration of life after a certain time period is realized as a game, based on the clock time after the device can be determined locally. 在一些实施方式中,中心游戏服务器时钟能够在本地设备已经与服务器同步时重写本地时钟。 In some embodiments, the central game server capable of rewriting the local clock when the clock has been synchronized to the local device server.

[0617]游戏能够被实现为使得玩家知道其是否已经同步了对于一个或多个中央服务器可用的数据。 [0617] can be implemented as such a game player knows whether it has the central server synchronization data available for one or more. 这能够例如通过指示该信息是最新的彩色符号或复选标记。 This can be, for example, by indicating that the information is current checkmark symbol or color.

[0618]该游戏还能够指示器是否已经能够建立与用于同步的中央服务器的连接或者例如是否示出了网络连接。 [0618] The game can also be an indicator whether connection can be established or whether they are shown, for example, a central server connected to a network and for synchronization. 该设备是脱机的情况能够例如利用灰色图标来图示。 The device is offline can be the case, for example, illustrated by the gray icons.

[0619]不同的平台(FB/Google+) [0619] different platforms (FB / Google +)

[0620]游戏能够被实现为使游戏状态信息同步和/或检索并连接到诸如Facebook或Goog I e+的社交网络上的玩家的社交图信息和用户简况。 [0620] can be implemented as a game that the game state information synchronization and / or retrieved and connected to a player on a social networking such as Facebook or Goog I e + social graph and user profile information.

[0621]游戏还能够被实现为使得其被连接到多个社交网络。 [0621] game can also be implemented such that it is connected to a plurality of social networks. 能够给予用户选择能够导出什么信息并且与哪个社交网络共享的选项。 To give users the option to select what information can be exported and shared and which social networks.

[0622]游戏能够如何被连接到社交网络的一个示例是Facebook™的开放图形允许网站和应用提取和共享关于比单纯人更多的对象的信息,包括照片、事件和网页以及他们的相互之间的关系。 One example [0622] how the game can be connected to a social network is an open Facebook ™ graphics allow websites and applications to extract and share information about more than simply human subject, including between photos, events and web pages as well as their mutual Relationship. 这将社交图概念扩展为比仅仅在个体之间的关系更多并且也代替地将其应用到在个体之间的虚拟非人类对象。 This concept will be extended to the social graph than just relationships between individuals and more instead to apply it to the virtual non-human objects between individuals. 游戏能够通常共享游戏中时间,例如已经完成等级,玩家已经通过游戏中的好友或者打败好友在等级上的高分数。 Games can usually share time in the game, such as grading has been completed, the player has passed the in-game friend or friends to beat high scores on the grade. 游戏还能够发布事件,例如玩家已经购买了游戏中的对象或者从游戏的其他玩家接收到对象。 The game also can publish events, such as the player has purchased the object of the game or receive from other players of the game to the object.

[0623]可以使用本文描述的发明实现额特征 [0623] The invention described herein may be used to achieve feature amount

[0624]在游戏中使各种元素进行组合。 [0624] various combinations of elements in a game manipulation.

[0625]存在六个不同的游戏元素(糖果)。 [0625] There are six different game elements (candy). 它们能够以3个、4个或5个成一条直线(行或列)的系列、在2x2方块中或者以T形式或L形式的形状的组合来进行组合。 They can be 3, 4 or 5 into a series of straight line (row or column), the 2x2 block, or in a combination of L form or in the form of a T shape to be combined.

[0626]使游戏元素具有特定大小 [0626] having a specific size so that the game elements

[0627]游戏元素具有特定大小,全部相似但不相同,使得能够具有关于糖果的特定最大数量的行和列。 [0627] game element having a specific size, all similar but not identical, making it possible to have a certain maximum number of candy on the rows and columns.

[0628]具有针对游戏板的透明区域。 [0628] having a transparent area for the game board.

[0629]游戏板是黑色的、半透明的并且被放置在与游戏的故事有关的背景图片的顶部上。 [0629] The game board is black, semi-transparent and is placed on top of the game relating to the story of the background image.

[0630]具有针对每个单独的游戏元素的特定区域。 [0630] having a specific area for each individual game elements.

[0631]在游戏板中,每个元素具有被浅水平线和较暗的垂直线界定的方形空间。 [0631] In the game board, each element having a shallow rectangular space defined horizontal and vertical lines darker. 这些线不覆盖完整方块,而是在所有角落中留有空隙。 These lines do not cover the entire box, but leave gaps in all corners.

[0632]添加额外的障碍物和难度以完成等级 [0632] add extra obstacles and difficulty levels to complete

[0633]新的特殊游戏元素在整个游戏中被引入以增加难度。 [0633] The new special game elements are introduced to increase the difficulty throughout the game. 例如,必须通过对由层(果冻)覆盖的糖果进行匹配移除的层或者必须通过对靠近其的糖果匹配多次移除的不可通过块(结霜)。 For example, must be matched by the removal of the candy layer covered by a layer (jelly), or by near candy which must be matched by multiple blocks can not be removed (frost).

[0634]具有针对该等级的另一挑战。 [0634] have another challenge for the class.

[0635]许多等级具有两个分开的目标,一个涉及特定动作(移除果冻、获得到底部的水果),并且另一个与分数有关。 [0635] Many grades has two separate objectives, relates to a specific action (remove jelly, fruit obtained in the end portion), and the other relating to the score. 这做出更有挑战的游戏。 This makes the game more challenging.

[0636] 针对对组合进行匹配奖励玩家得分 [0636] For the combined match score player award

[0637]针对至少3个糖果的每个组合奖励玩家得分,使得能够进行与其他玩家的高分数比较以及打败自己的挑战。 [0637] to score at least three for each combination of candy reward players that can compare high scores with other players and beat his challenge.

[0638]示出玩家正在获得什么得分 [0638] shows what the player is to get score

[0639]由组合获得的得分的量在完成组合后以与在组合中使用的糖果相同的颜色被示出。 [0639] The amount of a combination of the score obtained after completion of the combination of the same color used in the confectionery compositions are shown.

[0640]针对移除特定量的游戏元素获得特定量的得分 [0640] to obtain a specific amount of points for a specific amount of game elements removed

[0641]针对不同组合给出的得分不是线性的,而是以鼓励更长的组合和玩游戏的更深思熟虑的方法的方式形成。 [0641] given for different combinations of scores is not linear, but is formed so as to encourage the combination of longer and more thoughtful way of playing the game.

[0642]当早于需要地完成等级时向玩家给出以特定“主题”的形式的奖金得分 [0642] When completed earlier than the level required to be given in the form of a specific "theme" of bonus points to the player

[0643]当玩家完成剩余的移动时,奖励奖金得分。 [0643] When players complete the remaining mobile, award bonus points. 这些奖金得分可以通过i)触发游戏板上的任何剩余的特殊元素以及ii)随机地将特殊游戏元素放置在板上并且之后触发它们来奖励。 The bonus points can be i) any remaining special trigger elements on the game board, and ii) the specific game elements are randomly placed on the board and then trigger them to reward.

[0644]具有移除三列或三行的物品 [0644] having removed three or three rows of articles

[0645]存在通过将三个糖果转变成条纹糖果来移除三行的助力器。 [0645] to remove the presence of three lines by three striped candy confectionery into the booster. 该助力器采用椰子轮的形式。 The booster in the form of coconut wheel.

[0646]游戏元素的不同组合返回特殊游戏元素 Different combinations of [0646] the game element returns the special game elements

[0647] 通过做出糖果的某些组合,将产生特殊游戏元素。 [0647] by some combination of making candy, the game will have special elements. 这些游戏元素通过做出在一行或一列中的4个糖果(条纹糖果)、在2x2网格中的4个糖果(鱼)、在一行或一列中的5个糖果(彩色炸弹)、5个糖果的L形或T形(彩色炸弹)的组合来形成。 These elements of the game by making in a row or a column 4 Candy (striped candy), in 2x2 grid of 4 candy (fish), in a row or a column 5 candy (color bomb), 5 candy a combination of L-shaped or T-shaped (color bomb) is formed.

[0648]当与相同的颜色进行组合时一个游戏元素移除在该行或列中的所有元素。 [0648] When combined with the same color of a game element to remove all of the elements in the row or column.

[0649]彩色炸弹糖果将通过将一行或一列中的5个糖果进行组合来产生。 [0649] The candy colored bombs generates by combining the row or column five candy. 该项(在与正常糖果进行组合的情况下)将移除特定颜色的所有糖果,或者其(在与炸弹糖果进行组合的情况下)将移除游戏板上的所有元素,或者其(在与条纹糖果进行组合的情况下)将相同颜色的所有糖果转变成后续触发的条纹糖果。 The (in the case of a combination of the normal candy) to remove all the candy particular color, or that (in the case of combined with bomb candy) removes all elements of the game board, or it (with in the case of striped candy combination) will be the same all candy colored striped candy into a subsequent trigger.

[0650] 一个游戏元素移除特定半径中的所有元素 [0650] a game element to remove all of the elements of a particular radius

[0651]通过将5个糖果或6个糖果组合成L形或T形,将产生炸弹糖果。 [0651] by a 5 or 6 candy confectionery composition into a L-shape or T-shape, the candy will result in a bomb. 这移除具有三个糖果直径的矩形中的元素。 This removes a rectangular element having a diameter of three candy.

[0652]当将条纹游戏元素彼此进行组合时接收特殊效果 [0652] When receiving the special effect stripe game elements combined with one another

[0653]能够将条纹糖果进行组合,当这么做时将移除一列和一行糖果。 [0653] Confectionery fringes can be combined, when doing so will be removed and a row of confectionery.

[0654]当将条纹游戏元素与炸弹糖果进行组合时接收特殊效果 [0654] When receiving the special effect striped candy game element combined with bomb

[0655]能够将条纹糖果与炸弹糖果进行组合,当这么做时将移除源自于在其中进行组合的地点的三列和三行糖果。 [0655] Confectionery and bombs can be striped candy combination, when to do so will be removed from in three rows and three locations therein confectionery combination of.

[0656]当将两个炸弹进行组合时接收特殊效果 [0656] When receiving the special effect by combining two bombs

[0657]能够将两个炸弹糖果彼此进行组合。 [0657] The two bombs candy can be combined with each other. 当这么做时,具有5个糖果的直径的矩形将由每个组合的炸弹糖果移除。 When doing so, a rectangle having a diameter of 5 confectionery composition by removing each bomb candy.

[0658]当将条纹元素与从L形和T形接收到的元素进行组合时对效果进行可视化 [0658] When the stripe is received from the L-shaped elements and T-elements are combined to visualize the effect of

[0659]当将条纹糖果与炸弹糖果进行组合时,触发以巨人糖果首先水平在两个方向上从原点移动之后垂直地移动的形式的特殊视觉动画。 [0659] When the stripe candy confectionery with bombs combined, giant candy first triggered to move from the level of origin after a move vertically in both directions in the form of a special visual animation.

[0660]具有对其他元素进行转变的组合 [0660] combination with other transition elements

[0661]当将彩色炸弹与条纹糖果进行组合时,该颜色的所有其他糖果也将被转变成自动触发的条纹游戏元素。 [0661] When the color bomb and striped candy combined, all the other candy color stripes will also be transformed into elements of the game is automatically triggered.

[0662]具有和示出游戏的地图 [0662] have shown the game map and

[0663]玩家进展通过游戏的等级,其被视觉呈现在地图上。 [0663] players progress through the ranks of the game, which is visually presented on a map. 与仅仅由数字表示等级相比,这给予玩家看到进度的更有形的方式。 Compared with the levels represented only by a number, which gives the player a more tangible way to see the progress.

[0664] 具有示出玩家已经到达哪个等级的指示符 [0664] with an indicator which shows the player has reached the level of

[0665]由玩家到达的最高等级由突出显示橘色的对应节点指示。 [0665] highest level reached by the player from the corresponding node indication orange projection display. 这使得玩家容易找到当前等级并且还促进对他已经进展多远的可视化。 This makes it easy to find players and also promote the current level of how far he has progressed visualization.

[0666] 示出游戏的尚不可玩的等级或部分 [0666] shows a game level or not playable portion

[0667]糖果粉碎的所有可用等级能够在地图中被观察到,即使它们尚未被解锁。 [0667] candy crush all available grades can be observed in the map, even if they have not been unlocked. 然而,挂锁符号被示出以表示等级尚未被解锁并且其当前不能够玩。 However, the padlock symbol levels are shown to indicate that it is unlocked and yet not be able to play this.

[0668]具有在游戏的开始显示的欢迎消息 [0668] with a welcome message at the beginning of the game shows

[0669]在糖果粉碎的开始,通过以下鼓励消息来问候玩家:“你的冒险今天开始!点击这里玩等级2!” [0669] At the beginning of crushed candy to greet the players encouraged by the following message: "! Your adventure begins today, click here to play Level 2!"

[0670]具有教程 [0670] with a tutorial

[0671]糖果粉碎在游戏的开始提供教程以向玩家介绍新概念。 [0671] candy crush at the beginning of the game offers tutorials to introduce new concepts to the players. 除了其他之外,解释基本概念、可能的组合和不同的游戏模式。 Among other things, explain the basic concept of possible combinations and different game modes.

[0672]多种游戏模式 [0672] variety of game modes

[0673]不同的游戏模式做出更多样的游戏。 [0673] different game modes make the game more diverse. 糖果粉碎提供至少七种不同的游戏模式-分数、果冻、组分、顺序、时间、果冻熊和柠檬水。 Confectionery pulverized to provide at least seven different game modes - fraction, jelly, component, order, time, jelly bears, and lemonade.

[0674]具有必须在对象能够通过之前被移除的块 [0674] having a block which must be removed before the object through

[0675]在糖果粉碎中存在必须在对象能够通过它们占有的空间之前被移除的游戏元素。 [0675] In the presence of the candy must be pulverized by the game elements in the object can be removed before the space they occupy. 这些元素采用结霜块的形式并且要求在它们消失之前匹配靠近它们的糖果特定次数。 These elements take the form of frost matching block and requires a certain number of near their candy before they disappear.

[0676]给予玩家与选择的等级有关的信息和使用额外的助力器的选项 [0676] give information about the player and select the level and the use of additional booster options

[0677]当选择来自地图视图的等级时,与该等级有关的信息与能够针对该等级购买的和/或激活的助力器的阵列一起被显示。 [0677] When the selected level from the map view, information related to the level that can be displayed together with the array level for the purchase and / or activation of the booster. 信息包括好友的先前分数和针对当前等级的特定指令 Friends of information including previous score and specific instructions for the current level

[0678]显示好友的高分 [0678] show your friends high scores

[0679]好友的先前高分能够在玩等级之前、在玩等级时和在已经玩了等级之后被看到(假如好友之前已经玩了该等级的话)。 [0679] The previous high score can be friends before playing levels when playing level and be seen (if your friends have been playing before this level then) after it has been playing level. 这增加竞争并同时给出团队的感觉。 This will increase competition and at the same time gives the feeling of the team.

[0680]给予玩家使用额外的助力器的选项 [0680] give players an extra booster options

[0681]玩家能够在玩等级之前以及在玩等级期间选择助力器。 Before [0681], and the player can choose to play grade booster during the playing level. 在两种情形下使用的助力器不同。 Different in both cases of using the booster. 这促进并增加游戏的更多深度。 This promotes the game and add more depth.

[0682]与好友分享结果 [0682] share the results with your friends

[0683]在完成等级之后,玩家将获得他的分数与玩该游戏的好友的分数多么相关的反馈。 [0683] After completing the level, the player will get his scores and scores of friends playing the game of how relevant feedback. 给出与好友分享结果的选项,可能伴随有述说沿“我打败了你的分数”的行的一些内容的消息。 Given the option to share the results with friends, it might be accompanied by some of the content of the message along to tell, "I beat your score" line.

[0684]向玩家示出等级被完成得多么好 Level is completed how well [0684] to the player shows

[0685]在玩等级期间向玩家提供与分数有关的实时反馈这通过被填充的计量计、具有分别由一个星星、两个星星和三个星星表示的三个不同的等级的剂量计来完成。 [0685] For real-time feedback to the score by which the filled dosing meter, with three different levels respectively, by a dosimeter star, two stars and three stars represent accomplished during the playing level to the player.

[0686]具有用于示出完成的等级的结果的美学图标。 [0686] aesthetic level icon for the results shown complete.

[0687]在地图视图中,玩家能够看到以在那些等级中获得多少星星的形式的先前完成的等级的结果。 [0687] In the map view, players can see the result of previously completed level in the form of how many stars are obtained in those grades. 这做出游戏中的总体表现的简单概览。 This makes a simple overview of the overall performance of the game.

[0688]给予玩家随时间恢复的生命的最大量 [0688] life to give players time to recover the maximum amount

[0689]玩家以5条生命开始,其当未能完成等级时被用完。 [0689] Players start with 5 lives, which is used up when failed to complete the level. 这些生命之后以每30分钟一条生命来补充。 After these life to a life every 30 minutes to replenish.

[0690]具有用于当不存在剩余的可行移动时进行重组和识别的算法 [0690] and having a recombination recognition when the remaining movement of feasible algorithm does not exist

[0691]糖果粉碎非常快速地识别何时不存在剩下的可行的移动。 [0691] Confectionery when identifying the mobile crushing absence remaining viable very quickly. 当那种情况发生时,游戏板上的糖果被重组。 When that happens, the game board is reorganized candy. 当重组时,将不存在自动触发的组合,即,3个或更多个糖果未被放置为彼此相邻。 When a recombinant, combinatorial there will not be automatically triggered, i.e., three or more candy is not placed adjacent to each other.

[0692]具有跨不同平台可用的助力器的3消游戏 [0692] having available across different platforms elimination game booster 3

[0693] 3消切换游戏,其中玩家能够看到他们自己和它们社交网络好友在虚拟路径上的游戏等级位置,其中游戏经由Facebook跨不同的平台(例如,1S、台式和Android)被完全同步,并且其中针对每个等级的游戏玩法能够通过使用所采集的物品来增强。 [0693] 3 switching elimination game, in which players can see themselves and their friends social networking game level position on the virtual path, where the game is completely synchronized via Facebook across different platforms (for example, 1S, desktop and Android), and wherein for each level of game play can be enhanced by the use of the collected items.

[0694]所采集的物品能够跨由用户在其中玩游戏的所有平台被同步。 [0694] collected items across all platforms on which the game is played by a user synchronization.

[0695]具有用于打落对象的模式的3消游戏 [0695] Mode for having knocked elimination game object 3

[0696] 3消切换游戏,其中玩家能够看到他们自己和它们社交网络好友在虚拟路径上的游戏等级位置,并且其中游戏板包含能够与其他可交换元素匹配的可交换元素和不能够与游戏板上的其他可交换元素匹配的可交换元素,其中完成等级的一个目标是以使得预定义数量的不可匹配的可交换元素被放置在游戏板上的多个预定义区域中的方式与游戏板进行交互。 [0696] 3 switching elimination game in which players can see their own social network friend and their position on the game level virtual path, and wherein the game board comprises exchangeable can be matched with other elements and can not be used interchangeably with the game element other elements of the exchangeable exchangeable match plate element, wherein the objective is to complete a level such that a predefined number of non-matching of the exchangeable elements are placed in a plurality of predefined areas of the game board and the gaming board in such a manner interact.

[0697]具有多个不同的目标的3消游戏 [0697] having a plurality of different target game elimination 3

[0698] 3消游戏,其中玩家必须在有限数量的移动内满足多个标准以完成该等级;标准包括以下中的至少一个: [0698] 3 elimination game in which the player must meet a number of criteria in a limited number of levels to complete the move; criteria comprises at least one of:

[0699] •达到目标分数 [0699] • to reach the target score

[0700].达到可匹配游戏元素以清除针对不可匹配游戏元素的路径从而到达游戏板上的预定义区域 [0700]. Game elements may be matched to achieve the predefined area to clear the path for the non-matching game elements the game board to reach

[0701].清除放置在具有可匹配游戏元素以及每个放置的游戏物品的游戏板上的预定义数量的特定类型的游戏物品,每个放置的游戏物品能够通过移除在与放置的游戏物品相同的位置中的可匹配游戏元素来移除。 [0701] Clear placed in a particular type having a predefined matching game elements and the game for each article placed on the game board the number of game items, each of the game items can be placed in the game by removing the items placed the same position matching game elements can be removed.

[0702].将游戏元素(气泡中的熊)带到游戏板的预定义等级。 [0702] The game element (Bear in the bubble) to the predefined level of the game board.

[0703].通过移除覆盖游戏对象(果冻熊)的果冻块来揭露占有一个或多个图块的游戏对象。 [0703]. Possession to expose the one or more game objects tile game object by removing the cover (jelly bears) jelly blocks.

[0704]图26图示了备选实现方式,其中新的糖果从游戏板的顶部下落并且之后在开始再次向上落之前改变方向到右边。 [0704] FIG. 26 illustrates an alternative implementation in which the whereabouts of the new candy and thereafter change direction before starting up again fall to the right from the top of the game board. 图26中的箭头指示下落的糖果的方向。 Arrows in FIG. 26 indicates a direction of falling candies.

[0705]图27示出了下落的糖果的流的另一备选实施方式;箭头指示糖果的方向。 [0705] FIG. 27 illustrates another alternative embodiment of the drop stream candy; arrows indicate the direction of the candy.

Claims (30)

1.一种计算机设备,包括: 用户界面,其被配置为显示用户可致动游戏元素并且被配置为当用户与游戏元素互动时检测用户输入; 处理器,其被配置为接收检测到的用户输入并且被配置为在检测到匹配游戏条件时控制所述用户界面从显示器中移除至少三个游戏元素并且被配置为在所述用户界面上提供替换用户可致动游戏元素,其中提供每个替换游戏元素的方式具有由与每个游戏元素相关联的图块支配的图形表示,其中每个图块具有控制以下中的至少一个的可选择的物理性质:(i)所述每个图块在其上移动以填充由被移除的用户游戏元素留下的空缺的方向;以及(ii)所述每个图块以其移动以填充所述空缺的速度。 A computer apparatus, comprising: a user interface configured to display user-actuatable game elements and configured to detect user input when the user interact with the game element; a processor configured to receive a user detected input and is configured to control the user interface when a match is detected at least three game play condition is removed from the display element and configured to provide an alternative user-actuatable game elements on the user interface, wherein providing each Alternatively represented game element having a dominant manner with each game element associated with a tile pattern, wherein each tile has at least one of the following control selectable physical properties: (i) each said tile the direction of movement on which the vacancies left by the user to fill the elements of the game to be removed; and (ii) said each tile in its moving speed to fill the vacancies.
2.根据权利要求1所述的计算机设备,其中所述处理器被配置为基于在所述用户界面处的用户输入来选择针对每个图块的所述物理性质。 2. The computer apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the processor is configured to select the physical property for each tile is based on a user input at the user interface.
3.根据权利要求2所述的计算机设备,其中所述处理器被配置为基于所述至少三个游戏元素在所述显示器上被移除的位置来选择针对每个图块的所述物理性质。 3. The computer apparatus according to claim 2, wherein the processor is configured to select the physical property for each tile based on at least three game elements are removed to a position on the display .
4.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的计算机设备,还包括图形控制器,所述图形控制器被连接以从所述处理器接收定义所述图形表示的信息并且被连接以基于所述图块的所述物理性质将所述图形表示以视频序列的形式供应到所述用户界面。 The one of the preceding claims computer device, further comprising a graphic controller, a graphics controller is coupled to receive information defining the graphical representation from the processor and connected to the basis of the the physical properties of said tile to the graphical representation of the video sequence supplied in the form to the user interface.
5.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的计算机设备,其中所述用户界面被配置为显示每个图块以及其选定物理性质的视觉指示。 5. The computer apparatus according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the user interface is configured to display a visual indication of each tile and selected physical properties thereof.
6.根据权利要求5所述的计算机设备,其中所述视觉指示是颜色。 The computer apparatus according to claim 5, wherein the visual indication is a color.
7.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的计算机设备,其中所述用户界面被配置为在具有第一物理性质的图块与具有第二物理性质的图块之间显示分隔符。 7. The computer apparatus according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the user interface is configured to display a separator between the tile and the second tile having physical properties having a first physical property.
8.根据权利要求7所述的计算机设备,其中具有所述第一物理性质的图块在一方向上移动以从屏幕的上部分向下填充空缺,并且具有所述第二物理性质的图块在所述方向上移动以从所述屏幕的下部分向上填充空缺。 8. The computer apparatus according to claim 7, wherein a first block having the physical properties in one direction to move downwardly from the upper portion of the screen to fill the vacancies, and the second block having the physical properties to fill the vacancies move upwardly from the lower portion of the screen on the direction.
9.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的计算机设备,其中所述可选择的物理性质将方向控制在笛卡尔或极坐标系中的任何取向中以用于从游戏板的外部分到游戏板的内部分填充图块。 Any orientation according to one of the preceding claims in a computer device, wherein said selectable direction control physical properties in a Cartesian or polar coordinate system to be used from the outer portion of the game board to filling the inner part of the game board tiles.
10.根据权利要求2或其任何从属权利要求所述的计算机设备,其中所述用户界面被配置为显示容器游戏元素,所述容器游戏元素当检测到与所述容器元素相关联的游戏元素的匹配游戏条件时改变所显示的图块的集合的所述物理性质。 According to claim 2 or any computer device as claimed in the dependent claims, wherein the user interface is configured to display game elements container, the container is detected when the game element associated with said container element game element changing the displayed block matching game condition when the set of physical properties.
11.根据权利要求10所述的计算机设备,其中游戏元素借助于具有与所述容器元素匹配的颜色来与所述容器元素相关联。 11. The computer device of claim 10, wherein the game element by means of a container element to match the color associated with the container element.
12.根据权利要求7或其任何从属权利要求所述的计算机设备,其中所述图块按行和列被布置,所述分隔符跨所述游戏板在图块的两行之间横向地延伸,并且其物理性质被所述容器游戏元件改变的图块的所述集合是图块的行。 12. The computer as claimed in claim 7 or any of the dependent apparatus claims, wherein said tiles are arranged in rows and columns, said separator extends across the game board transversely between two tile rows and the set of tiles which change the physical properties of the container by a game element tile row.
13.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的计算机设备,其中所述用户界面由所述处理器控制以对图块的集合顺序地应用视觉效果,由此指示所述图块的物理性质。 13. The computer apparatus according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the user interface is controlled by the processor to a set of tiles are sequentially applied visual effect, thereby indicating the physical properties of the tile .
14.根据权利要求13所述的计算机设备,其中所述视觉效果是突出显示或闪光效果。 The computer apparatus according to claim 13, wherein the visual effect highlighting or flashing effect.
15.根据权利要求13或14所述的计算机设备,其中所述图块按行和列被布置,并且所述视觉效果被顺序地应用到相邻的行。 The computer apparatus according to claim 13 or 14, wherein said tiles are arranged in rows and columns, and the visual effects are applied sequentially to the adjacent rows.
16.根据权利要求15所述的计算机设备,其中所述视觉效果在第一方向上被应用在分隔符以上的行的集合中并且不被应用在所述分隔符下面的行的集合中。 16. The computer device according to claim 15, wherein the visual effect is applied in a first direction than in a set of rows in the separator and is not applied in the set delimiter in the following line.
17.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的计算机设备,其中替换游戏元素的数量与处于所述匹配条件中的游戏元素的数量相同。 17. The computer apparatus according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the number of the replacement game elements the number of elements in the match condition in the game is the same.
18.根据前述权利要求中的任一项所述的计算机设备,其中所述游戏元素的游戏板由所述处理器生成,但是仅仅所述游戏板的一部分被显示给用户,其中所述游戏板的后续部分由于被显示在所述用户界面上的滚动动作而被显示。 18. The according to any of the preceding claims computer device, wherein said game board game elements generated by the processor, but only a part of the game board displayed to the user, wherein the game board subsequent portion due to rolling motion displayed on the user interface is displayed.
19.一种响应于与用户界面上的所显示的游戏元素的用户互动而控制所述界面的计算机实现的方法,所述方法包括由计算机设备的处理器实现的以下步骤: 响应于用户输入而检测至少三个游戏元素的匹配游戏条件; 生成要被显示的替换游戏元素,每个游戏元素与图块相关联; 选择针对每个图块的物理性质; 基于所选择的图块物理性质来控制所述用户界面上的替换所述游戏元素的图形表示,其中所述图块物理性质控制以下中的至少一个:(i)所述图块在其上移动以填充由被移除的游戏元素留下的空缺的方向;以及(ii)所述图块以其移动以填充所述空缺的速度。 19. A computer-implemented method in response to the game element with the user interface displayed on the user interaction and control of the interface, the method comprising the following steps implemented by a processor of a computer device: in response to user input at least three matching game game condition detecting element; generating element is displayed to replace the games, each game element associated with a tile; selected physical properties for each tile; tile physical properties based on the selected control Alternatively the graphical elements of the game on the user interface, where the physical properties of the control block of at least one of the following: (i) moving the tile in which game elements to fill the left by the removed under the direction of vacancies; and (ii) moving the tile in its speed to fill the vacancies.
20.根据权利要求19所述的方法,其中所述用户界面按行显示游戏元素的游戏板,并且其中存在与行中的每个图块相关联的图块物理性质的视觉指示,其中相同行中的所有图块具有相同的物理性质。 20. The method according to claim 19, wherein the user interface displayed in rows of the game board game elements, and wherein there is a visual indication of the row in the physical properties of the tiles associated with each tile, wherein the same line All tiles have the same physical properties.
21.根据权利要求20所述的方法,其中分隔符在所述用户界面上被显示在具有不同的图块物理性质的相邻的行之间。 21. The method of claim 20, wherein the separator is displayed between adjacent rows of tiles having different physical properties on said user interface.
22.根据权利要求21所述的方法,其中所述分隔符在所述游戏板上的位置由使得容器元件被致动的用户输入调节,由此增大在所述分隔符下面的图块的数量。 22. The method of claim 21, wherein the delimiter position in the game board so that the container is conditioned by an input element is actuated to the user, thereby increasing the tile below delimiter number.
23.根据权利要求22所述的方法,其中游戏角色被显示在具有第一种类的物理性质的图块上,并且其中所述角色在所述游戏板上的移动受包围所述游戏角色的图块的集合的图块物理性质影响。 23. The method according to claim 22, wherein the game character is displayed on the physical properties of the tile having a first type, and wherein the movement of the character in the game board of the game character in FIG surrounded by Effects of physical properties of the block set of tiles.
24.根据权利要求23所述的方法,其中在所述显示器上识别目标行,并且其中游戏目标是要使得所述游戏角色向上移动到所述目标行。 24. The method according to claim 23, wherein identifying a target line on the display, and wherein the goal of the game is to make the game character is moved up to the target line.
25.根据权利要求19至24中的任一项所述的方法,其中所述游戏板的一部分被显示在所述用户界面上,所显示的部分由于滚动动作而变化以在所述显示器上显示所述游戏板的不同部分。 25. A method according to any one 19 to 24 claim, wherein a portion of the game board is displayed on the user interface portion, the displayed due to the rolling operation is changed to be displayed on the display the different parts of the game board.
26.根据权利要求25所述的方法,其中当所述游戏板的第一部分被显示在所述显示器上时,所述目标行对玩家不可见,并且其中当所述游戏板的第二部分由于所述滚动动作而被显示在所述显示器上时,所述目标行进入所述玩家的视野中。 26. The method according to claim 25, wherein when the first part of the game board is displayed on the display, the target line is not visible to the players, and wherein when the second portion of the game board since the rolling operation is displayed on the display, the row into the target player's field of view.
27.—种计算机设备,包括: 用户界面,其被配置为生成具有用于显示以供用户互动的游戏元素的游戏板;以及处理器,其被配置为响应于与所述游戏元素的用户互动而控制所述用户界面在检测到匹配游戏条件时从显示器中移除游戏元素并且在所述显示器上提供替换游戏元素,其中所述游戏板包括所述替换游戏元素的一部分被显示,所述部分被控制以通过滚动动作来改变,由此所述游戏板的启用部分被新显示并且从所述显示器中移除所述游戏板的先前显示的部分。 27.- kinds of computer device, comprising: a user interface, which is configured to generate a display for a user to interact with game elements the game board; and a processor configured to interact with a user in response to the game elements controlling the user interface element is removed from the game display when a match is detected and provides a replacement game play condition on the display element, wherein the game board comprises replacing a portion of the game elements is displayed, the portion by scrolling operation is controlled to be changed, whereby the game board is enabled portion and removing portions of the new display of the previously displayed game board from the display.
28.根据权利要求27所述的方法,其中所述游戏板的被显示的部分取决于所述游戏板上的预定图块或可选择图块的位置。 28. The method according to claim 27, wherein the portion of the game board to be displayed depends on the location of the game board selectable predetermined block or tile.
29.根据权利要求28所述的方法,其中所述图块由用户选择。 29. The method of claim 28, wherein the tiles selected by the user.
30.—种计算机设备,包括: 用户界面,其被配置为显示用户游戏元素并且被配置为当用户与游戏元素互动时检测用户输入;以及处理器,其被配置为接收检测到的用户输入并且被配置为在检测到游戏条件时控制所述用户界面提供一个或多个游戏元素的图形表示,其中一个或多个游戏元素的移动由控制其移动的方向的可选择的物理性质控制。 30.- kinds of computer device, comprising: a user interface configured to display the user game elements and configured to detect user input when the user interact with the game element; and a processor configured to receive a user input is detected and configured to control the user interface when the game condition is detected to provide a graphical representation or more game elements, wherein movement of the one or more game elements are controlled by selectively controlling the direction of the physical properties of its movement.
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