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皮疾胶囊由乌稍蛇20g、甲珠30g、双花30g、连翘30g、防风15g、白芷15g、荆芥20g、薄荷20g、川贝15g、乳香15g、元芩15g、白术15g、栀子15g、赤芍15g、当归30g、川芎15g、陈皮15g混合配制成为内服药。 Skin disease capsules made slightly snake black 20g, A beads 30g, double flowers 30g, forsythia 30g, wind 15g, Angelica 15g, Nepeta 20g, mint 20g, Fritillaria 15g, frankincense 15g, Scutellaria element 15g, Atractylodes 15g, gardenia 15g, red peony root 15g, Chinese angelica 30g, Chuan Xiong 15g, tangerine peel 15g mix formulated as internal medicine. 皮疾软膏由医用凡士林85g和红粉15g调均配制成为外涂药。 By a Vaseline ointment skin disease and 85g 15g Pink modulation are formulated as applicator outside. 使用时内服与外涂相结合,对牛皮癣、红斑狼疮、神经性皮炎、湿疹、黄鹤斑、花斑癣等皮肤病,具有显著疗效,有效率为100%,治愈率达95%以上,且无斑痕,无毒副作用。 When used in combination with an overcoated orally, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, neurodermatitis, eczema, Huang spots, skin diseases such as tinea versicolor, having a significant effect, the effective rate was 100%, more than 95% cure rate, and no scar, non-toxic side effects.


皮疾胶囊、皮疾软膏 Capsule skin disease, skin disease ointment

本发明涉及一种治疗皮肤病的内服和外涂药品。 The present invention relates to a method of treating skin diseases and coated oral drugs.

爱美之心人人有之。 Everyone has the heart of beauty. 随着人民生活水平的日益提高,人们有更多的精力,时间和物质条件来提高自身的形体美。 With the improvement of people's living standards, people have more energy, time and material conditions to improve their physical beauty. 但是皮肤病如神经性皮炎、湿疹、黄鹤斑、花斑癣等给患者的爱美之心造成伤害,特别是给青年女士患者带来深深地苦恼。 However, skin diseases such as eczema, Huang spots, tinea versicolor and other damage to the beauty of the heart patients, especially young ladies to bring deeply distressed patient. 另外,牛皮癣、红斑狼疮等皮肤病,不仅影响人体的美观,而且对人体伤害很大。 In addition, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus and other skin diseases, not only affects the body beautiful, but also a great impact on human health. 目前市场上出售的祛斑灵、达克宁霜等治疗皮肤病的药,有一定近期疗效,但治愈率低,且易留下斑痕。 Currently on the market freckle spirit, Miconazole cream and other dermatological drugs, there are some short-term effect, but the cure rate is low, and easy to leave a scar. 对于治疗红斑狼疮皮肤病,目前尚没有特效药。 For the treatment of lupus skin disease, there is currently no cure.

本发明的目的,是提供一种对神经性皮炎、湿疹、黄鹤斑、花斑癣、牛皮癣、红斑狼疮等皮肤病具有很好疗效,且不留斑痕的皮疾胶囊和软膏。 Object of the present invention is to provide a good effect such as eczema, Huang spots, tinea versicolor, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus and other skin diseases, skin diseases without leaving the scar capsule and ointment.

皮疾胶囊由胶囊和装在胶囊内的皮疾药粉组成。 Skin disease by the capsule and the capsule contained within the capsule skin disease powder composition. 皮疾药粉的配伍是:乌稍蛇粉15--20g、甲珠粉20--30g、双花粉15--30g、连翘粉20--30g、防风粉10--15g、白芷粉15--30g、荆芥粉20--30g、薄荷粉20--30g、川贝粉20--30g、乳香粉15--20g元芩粉20--30g、白术粉15--20g、栀子粉15--20g、赤芍粉15--20g、当归粉30--40g、川芎粉10--15g、陈皮粉15--20g。 Compatibility powder skin disease is: a little black snake powder 15--20g, A pearl powder 20--30g, double pollen 15--30g, forsythia powder 20--30g, wind powder 10--15g, Angelica powder 15 -30g, Nepeta powder 20--30g, peppermint powder 20--30g, Fritillaria powder 20--30g, frankincense powder 15--20g membered baicalensis powder 20--30g, Atractylodes powder 15--20g, gardenia powder 15--20g, red peony pink 15--20g, angelica powder 30--40g, Chuanxiong powder 10--15g, orange peel powder 15--20g.

实施例:皮疾药粉由乌稍蛇粉20g、甲珠粉30g、双花粉30g、连翘粉30g、防风粉15g、白芷粉15g、荆芥粉20g、薄荷粉20g、川贝粉15g、乳香粉15g、元芩粉15g、白术粉15g、栀子粉15g、赤芍粉15g、当归粉30g、川芎粉15g、陈皮粉15g混合配制成。 Example: skin disease by the black powder slightly snake powder 20g, beads A powder 30g, pollen double 30g, forsythia powder 30g, windproof powder 15g, Angelica powder 15g, Nepeta powder 20g, peppermint powder 20g, Fritillaria powder 15g, frankincense flour 15g, Scutellaria membered powder 15g, Atractylodes powder 15g, gardenia powder 15g, red peony powder 15g, angelica powder 30g, powder Chuanxiong 15g, 15g mixed powder formulated as orange peel.

皮疾软膏由医用凡士林80--90g和红粉10--20g混合调均配制成。 By a Vaseline ointment skin disease and 80--90g Pink 10--20g are formulated as a mixed tone.

实施例:皮疾软膏由85g医用凡士林和15g红粉混合调均配制成。 Example: Ointment of skin diseases and 15g 85g Vaseline Pink are formulated as a mixed tone.

皮疾胶囊的制造方法是:1、将乌稍蛇、甲珠、双花、连翘、防风、白芷、荆芥、薄荷、川贝、乳香、元芩、白术、栀子、赤芍、当归、川芎、陈皮精选后,分别烘干、粉碎,高温灭菌后备用;2、按配比要求取上述药粉,混合均匀,装胶囊后,即为皮疾胶囊成品。 The method of manufacturing a skin disease capsules are: 1, the black snake slightly, A beads, double flowers, forsythia, wind, Angelica, Nepeta, mint, Fritillaria, frankincense, Yuan Qin, Atractylodes, gardenia, Radix, Angelica , Chuanxiong, Citrus after selection, respectively, drying, grinding, high temperature sterilization standby; 2, according to the ratio required to take the above powder, mixing uniformly, after the encapsulating, skin disease that is finished capsule.

使用方法:皮疾胶囊口服,一日2--3次,每次1--4粒或遵医嘱。 Usage: oral capsule skin disease, 2 - 3 times a day, or as directed tablets each 1--4.

在口服皮疾胶囊的同时,在患处涂抹皮疾软膏,疗程1-6个月,有效率100%,治愈率达95%以上,无毒付作用,不留斑痕,且可提高自身免疫力。 While oral capsule skin disease, skin disease ointment applied to the affected area, 1-6 months treatment, 100% efficiency, 95% cure rate, non-toxic side effects, leaving no scar, and may improve their immunity.

Claims (4)

1.一种皮疾胶囊,其特征在于它由中草药粉碎成药粉后装入胶囊中制成,所述中草药及其用量为:乌稍蛇15--20g、甲珠20-30g、双花15--30g、连翘20--30g、防风10--15g、白芷15--30g、荆芥20--30g、薄荷20--30g、川贝20--30g、乳香15--20g、元芩20--30g、白术15--20g、栀子15--20g、赤芍15--20g、当归30--40g、川芎10--15g、陈皮15--20g。 A capsule skin disease, characterized in that it is made in the capsule after the powder was charged into crushed herbs, the herbs and their amounts are: black snake slightly 15--20g, 20-30g A beads, flower bis 15 --30g, forsythia 20--30g, wind 10--15g, Angelica 15--30g, Nepeta 20--30g, mint 20--30g, fritillary 20--30g, frankincense 15--20g, yuan Scutellaria 20--30g, Atractylodes 15--20g, gardenia 15--20g, TPG 15--20g, angelica 30--40g, Chuanxiong 10--15g, Citrus 15--20g.
2.如权利要求1所述的皮疾胶囊,其特征在于所述的中草药及其用量为乌稍蛇20g、甲珠30g、双花30g、连翘30g、防风15g、白芷15g、荆芥20g、薄荷20g、川贝15g、乳香15g、元芩15g、白术15g、栀子15g、赤芍15g、当归30g、川芎15g、陈皮15g。 2. The skin disease capsule according to claim 1, wherein the amount of herbs and black snake 20g slightly, A beads 30g, double flowers 30g, forsythia 30g, wind 15g, Angelica 15g, 20g Nepeta , mint 20g, Fritillaria 15g, frankincense 15g, Scutellaria element 15g, Atractylodes 15g, Gardenia 15g, Radix 15g, angelica 30g, Rhizoma Chuanxiong 15g, tangerine peel 15g.
3.一种皮疾软膏,其特征在于:所述软膏由医用凡士林80-90g和红粉10-20g混合调匀配制而成。 An ointment skin disease, which is characterized in that: said Vaseline ointment is prepared from 80-90g 10-20g Pink and thoroughly mixed together.
4.如权利要求3所述的皮疾软膏,其特征在于:所述软膏由医用凡士林85g和红粉15g混合调匀配制而成。 4. skin diseases ointment according to claim 3, wherein: said Vaseline ointment is prepared from 85g and 15g Pink thoroughly mixed together.
CN 96115452 1996-07-12 1996-07-12 Capsule and ointment for skin diseases CN1059577C (en)

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