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The invention provides an optical glass, the refractive index of the optical glass is 1.62 to 1.66, the Abbe number is 58 to 63, and the preparation technology is easy. The optical glass comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 16 to 26% of La2O3, 2 to 7% of Y2O3, 0.5 to 3% of ZrO2, 6 to 14% of CaO, 0.5 to 7% of SrO, 2 to 5% of Li2O, SiO2, and B2O3, wherein the content of B2O3 is greater than that of SiO2. Through reasonable formula, the obtained optical glass has the following parameters: refractive index: 1.62 to 1.66, Abbe number: 58-63, Tg temperature: less than 600 DEG C, and density: less than 3.20 g/cm<3>; during the melting process, no expansion happens, the technology property is good, and technology difficulty is low.


光学玻璃及光学元件 An optical glass and an optical element

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明设及一种光学玻璃,特别是设及一种折射率为1. 62-1. 66、阿贝数为58-63 的光学玻璃。 [0001] The present invention provided an optical glass and, in particular, is provided and having a refractive index of 1. 62-1. 66, 58-63 Abbe number of the optical glass.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 折射率为1. 62-1. 66、阿贝数为58-63的玻璃是一种中等折射率、低色散的光学玻璃,目前在光学设计领域使用较为广泛。 [0002] The refractive index of 1. 62-1. 66 Abbe number of the glass 58-63 is an intermediate refractive index, low-dispersion optical glass, currently used widely in the art of optical design. 对于铜冕玻璃来说,其阿贝数较高,目前主要有W 下几种组分系统类型: The copper crown glass, a higher Abbe number, there are currently several components System Type W:

[0003] 组分系统1 :Si(^-B2〇3-La2〇3-BaO [0003] Component System 1: Si (^ - B2〇3-BaO-La2〇3

[0004] 组分系统2 :B2〇3-Si(VLa2(VCaO 阳0化]组分系统3 :B2〇3-P2〇5-Ba〇-La2〇3 [0004] 2-component systems: B2〇3-Si (VLa2 (VCaO of male 0] 3-component systems: B2〇3-P2〇5-Ba〇-La2〇3

[0006] 组分系统4 :Si〇2-B2〇^La2〇^RF厂R0 [0006] Component System 4: Si〇2 the RF-B2〇 plant R0 ^ ^ La2〇

[0007] 组分系统1是上世纪80年代前使用的玻璃系统,其特点在于BaO含量高达40 %左右,La2〇3含量较低,运样的组分系统虽然有效地降低了La 2〇3的使用量,但是由于BaO含量较高,导致玻璃密度较高,达到3. 6 W上。 [0007] The system 1 is a glass component system used 80 years ago the last century, characterized in that the BaO content of up to about 40%, lower La2〇3 content, although the sample transport system components effectively reduced La 2〇3 usage, but due to the high BaO content, resulting in a higher density of the glass, reaches the upper 3. 6 W. 另外由于BaO含量高,化学稳定性尤其是耐水性较差。 Also due to the high BaO content, in particular chemical stability poor water resistance. 同时由于原料中含有大量BaC〇3,生产时发缸非常严重,导致生产效率低。 And because the raw material contains a large amount BaC〇3, hair production is very serious when the cylinder, resulting in low productivity.

[0008] 上述发缸是指玻璃原料在融化过程中,由于组分中碳酸盐或者硝酸盐受热分解产生大量气泡,在某种粘度下气泡不能破裂导致堆积在溶解相蜗内,并持续向相蜗外扩展,类似于煮稀饭"发锅"。 [0008] The glass material refers to a fat cylinder melting process, because the carbonate component or thermal decomposition of nitrates large number of bubbles, the bubbles can not burst under certain viscosity in the dissolved phase leads to the accumulation of the worm, and continue to cochlear outer phase expansion, similar to cook porridge "fat pot." 发缸的危害在于降低化料速度,降低生产效率,同时导致某些原料溢出锅外,最终得不到合格的产品。 Cylinder made of hazards is to reduce the feed rate, the production efficiency, while causing some material overflows the outer pot, the final product lacks adequate.

[0009] 组分系统2是一种典型的铜冕玻璃系统,如CN98119983. 6,其特点在于网络形成体WB203为主,添加少量Si〇2调节高溫粘度,同时采用大量化0作为网络外体,原料成本低。 [0009] 2-component system is a typical copper crown glass systems, such as CN98119983. 6, characterized in that the main network former WB203, adding a small amount Si〇2 adjust viscosity at high temperature while using a large number of 0 as an external network member lower raw material costs. 但是,由于组分中含有大量化C〇3,在生产熟料的过程中容易发缸,导致烙炼玻渣所用时间比一般不发缸玻璃高一倍左右,运样造成了玻渣烙炼效率低。 However, since the component contains large amounts of C〇3, prone cylinder clinker production process, resulting in glassy slag refining branded used time is generally not higher than the glass cylinder made about double the sample transport resulting glassy slag refining branded low efficiency. 同时由于采用销金相蜗生产熟料,粉料侵蚀相蜗更长,在二次烙炼中更容易产生销金夹杂物,导致产品良品率降低。 Metallographic pin because the use of clinker production worm, worm with a longer powder erosion, in the secondary refining branded more prone to pin gold inclusions, leading to reduced product yield.

[0010] 组分系统3是一种憐酸盐玻璃系统,如CN201010554499. 2,此系统原料中的P2〇g在烙炼过程中会强烈地腐蚀销金相蜗,使得销金损失加大。 [0010] 3-component system is a pity GLASSES systems, such as CN201010554499. 2, the system in the feedstock P2〇g branded refining process will strongly etched metallographic pin worm, so that the pin gold losses increase. 同时,憐酸盐系统玻璃在生产过程中,析晶、条纹、气泡等质量控制远比铜冕玻璃组成要高,造成生产难度大,良品率低。 Meanwhile, the system pity salt glass production process, the quality of crystallization, stripes, bubbles, etc. to control than copper crown glass is higher, resulting in large difficulty in production, low yields.

[0011] 组分系统4从理论上来说能达到要求的光学性能。 [0011] 4-component systems theoretically can achieve the required optical performance. 但是,由于含有氣化物,在生产过程中容易挥发,数据稳定性要比铜冕组成系统差很多,运样就会造成在烙炼过程中良品率下降。 However, due to the vapor containing, volatile in the production process, the data components of the system stability than copper crown much worse, will cause the sample transport branded decrease in yield during refining.


[0012] 本发明所要解决的技术问题是提供一种折射率为1. 62-1. 66、阿贝数为58-63的工艺难度低的光学玻璃。 [0012] The present invention solves the technical problem of providing a refractive index of 1. 62-1. 66, a low Abbe number 58-63 difficult process of optical glass.

[0013] 本发明解决技术问题所采用的技术方案是:光学玻璃,其重量百分比组成含有: La2〇3l6-26%、Y2〇32-7%、Zr〇2〇. 5-3%、CaO 6-14%、SrO 0. 5-7%、Li2〇2-5%,还含有81〇2 和B203,且所述B203的含量大于SiO 2的含量。 [0013] aspect of the present invention solves the technical problem is that: an optical glass, comprising in weight%: La2〇3l6-26%, Y2〇32-7% Zr〇2〇 5-3%, CaO 6 -14%, SrO 0. 5-7%, Li2〇2-5%, and further containing 81〇2 B203, B203 and the content is greater than the content of SiO 2.

[0014] 进一步的,不含BaO。 [0014] Further, free of BaO. 阳01 引进一步的,其中,Si〇24-20%、B2〇338-56%。 Yang cited further 01, in which Si〇24-20% B2〇338-56%.

[0016] 进一步的,还含有化0 0-3 %、MgO 0-2 %、胞2〇0-1. 5 %、K2O 0-1. 5 %、 Sb2〇3〇-〇. 2%。 [0016] Further, further comprising of 0 0-3%, MgO 0-2%, the cell 2〇0-1. 5%, K2O 0-1. 5%, Sb2〇3〇-square. 2%.

[0017] 进一步的,所述La2〇3与Y2O3的重量比为3-7. 3。 [0017] Further, the weight ratio of Y2O3 and La2〇3 3-7. 3. 阳0化]进一步的,其中,Si〇25-18 %和/或B2O34O-55 %和/或La2〇3!7-25 %和/或¥2〇32.5-6%和/或2'〇21-2%和/或(:曰0 7-13%和/或5'0 1-7%和/或112〇2.5-5%。 Of male 0] further wherein Si〇25-18% and / or B2O34O-55% and / or La2〇3! 7-25% and / or 2〇32.5-6 ¥% and / or 2'〇21 -2% and / or (: say 07-13%, and / or 5'0 1-7% and / or 112〇2.5-5%.

[0019] 进一步的,所述玻璃转变溫度低于600°C。 [0019] Further, the glass transition temperature is lower than 600 ° C.

[0020] 进一步的,所述玻璃折射率为1. 62-1. 66,阿贝数为58-63。 [0020] Further, a refractive index of the glass 1. 62-1. 66, Abbe number of 58-63.

[0021] 进一步的,所述玻璃的密度小于3. 20g/cm3。 [0021] Further, the density of the glass is less than 3. 20g / cm3.

[0022] 采用上述的光学玻璃所制成的预制件。 [0022] The above optical glass preform is made of.

[0023] 采用上述的光学玻璃制成的光学元件。 [0023] The optical element made of the optical glass.

[0024] 本发明的有益效果是:本发明通过合理各组分及其含量,得到的光学玻璃的折射率为1. 62-1. 66,阿贝数为58-63, Tg溫度在600°CW下,密度低于3. 20g/cm3,在烙炼过程中不发缸,拥有较好的工艺性能,工艺难度低。 [0024] Advantageous effects of the present invention are: the present invention is reasonable and content of each component, the refractive index of the optical glass is obtained 62-166 1. Abbe number of 58-63, Tg at a temperature of 600 °. under CW, density of less than 3. 20g / cm3, is not made in the cylinder branded refining process, the process has a good performance, low process difficulty.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0025] W下说明本发明中各种氧化物的选择W及添加范围的理由,除非另有说明,各个组分含量是用重量%表示。 W is selected and the addition range described reason in the present invention under various oxides [0025] W, unless otherwise indicated, the content of each component is expressed in weight%.

[0026] B203在本发明中是玻璃的主要网络形成体,B 2〇3加入玻璃中能有效降低烙炼溫度, 同时容易获得较低的色散。 [0026] B203 main glass network formers, B 2〇3 added to the glass can effectively reduce the refining temperature bake, while readily available in a low dispersion of the present invention. 然而,单纯的棚酸盐系统玻璃化学稳定性差,高溫粘度小,容易失透。 However, the difference between pure salt system glass shelf chemical stability, low viscosity at high temperature tends to be devitrified. 运是由于如果在玻璃中无Si〇2或者SiO 2含量较少,B 2〇3在玻璃中主要W稳定性较差的棚氧Ξ角体存在。 If no operation is due Si〇2 or less SiO 2 content in the glass, B W 2〇3 main poor stability in the glass shed angle Ξ presence of oxygen. 当Si〇2的含量逐渐增多时,棚氧Ξ角体逐渐向棚氧四面体转变,减少玻璃网络的断网,从而提高玻璃的化学稳定性能,同时还可W提高玻璃的耐失透性,提高成型粘度,避免产生内在条纹。 When Si〇2 content gradually increased, the oxygen Ξ shed angle thereof gradually to shed oxygen tetrahedra, reduce the disconnection of the glass network, thereby improving the chemical stability of the glass, while also improving the devitrification resistance W of the glass, improve the moldability viscosity, intrinsic avoid streaks. 阳027] 但是,Si〇2的加入量并不是越多越好,当SiO 2的添加量超过一定量时,不仅玻璃烙炼溫度会升高,同时娃氧四面体的继续增加会导致富含娃结晶相的出现,从而导致玻璃失透。 Male 027] However, Si〇2 added in an amount not better, when the amount of SiO 2 exceeds a certain amount, only baked refining glass temperature will rise, while the doll continues to increase tetrahedron can lead enriched baby crystal phase occurs, resulting in devitrification. 因此,本发明人经过潜屯、研究发现,当Si〇2限定为4-20%时,优选为5-18%,当B 2〇3的含量限定为38-56 %,优选为40-55 %时,能使玻璃获得较好的化学稳定性、耐失透性能W 及合适的成型粘度。 Accordingly, the present inventors have latent Tun, found that when Si〇2 defined as 4-20%, preferably 5-18%, when the content of B is limited to 2〇3 38-56%, preferably 40-55 %, the glass can obtain better chemical stability, resistance to devitrification property and W suitable molding viscosity.

[0028] La2〇3是一种高折射低色散氧化物,加入玻璃中能显著地提升玻璃的折射率。 [0028] La2〇3 a high-refraction and low dispersion is an oxide, the refractive index can be added to significantly improve the glass in the glass. 在本发明中,Laz化的含量若低于16 %,则玻璃达不到设计的光学常数;若其含量高于26 %,容易分相而产生失透。 In the present invention, Laz When the content of less than 16%, the glass was not designed optical constants; if it is more than 26%, phase separation and easily devitrified. 因此,其含量限定为16-26%,优选为17-25%。 Accordingly, the content thereof is limited to 16-26%, preferably 17-25%. 阳029] Y2O3是一种高折射低色散氧化物,加入到玻璃中能显著提高玻璃的折射率。 Male 029] Y2O3 is a high-refraction and low dispersion oxide added to the glass can significantly increase the refractive index of the glass. 同时, 使用少量Υ2〇3替代La 2〇3,能提高玻璃的抗析晶性能。 Meanwhile, a small amount of La 2〇3 Υ2〇3 Alternatively, to improve the devitrification property of the glass. 经过本发明人潜屯、研究发现,玻璃析晶是在各向同性的玻璃态物质中析出晶态物质的过程,而玻璃析晶本领主要决定于玻璃结构网络的断裂程度(网络断裂愈多玻璃愈易析晶)和玻璃中所含网络外体及中间体氧化物的作用,电场强度较大的网络外体离子,如La离子等由于对娃氧四面体的配位要求,使近程有序的范围增加,容易产生局部积聚现象,容易结晶。 After the present invention latent Village, we found that crystallization of glass material is precipitated in crystalline isotropic glassy substance process, while the glass crystallization depends mainly on the ability to break the network structure of glass degree (the more glass fracture network the easier the crystallization) and the action member and the outer network intermediate oxide contained in the glass, a large electric field strength of the outer body network ions, such as La ion coordination requirements since baby oxygen tetrahedra, so there proximity order to increase the range, prone to local accumulation phenomenon easily crystallized. 当加入中间体氧化物则使积聚程度下降而减小玻璃析晶本领。 When the intermediate oxide was added so that the decrease of the accumulation level is reduced devitrification of the glass art. 此外当增加系统组分,可使烙体冷却时不同结晶物相互干扰,排列成一定晶格的几率变小,增强玻璃的抗析晶能力。 Also when adding component system, different crystals can interfere with each other branded cooled, arranged probability lattice constant becomes smaller, the ability to enhance devitrification of the glass. 本发明玻璃中含少量碱金属氧化物,故后种因素起主要作用。 The present invention in a small amount of glass-containing alkali metal oxides, so the latter factors play a major role. 本系统玻璃中含较多的铜,铜离子是高场强大半径的网络外体阳离子,由于积聚作用强、配位数高而破坏了结构网络,促使玻璃容易析晶。 The system glass contains more copper, the copper ion is a strong cation radius of the outer web comprises high field due to the strong effect of the accumulation of high coordination number and destroy the structure of the network, the glass tends to cause devitrification. 用氧化锭部分代替氧化铜,虽然两种物质是同一族氧化物,其物理化学性质比较相近,但从结构化学观点来看,它们在玻璃中的配位状态却不相同,铜离子处于八配位结构,而锭离子处于六配位结构,因此,当融体冷却时,组成固定化合物的机会减少,产生规则排列的几率也就减少,运有利于降低晶体的生长速度,改善玻璃的抗析晶能力。 Partially oxidizing the ingot instead of copper oxide, while the two substances is the same group as the oxide, which is more similar physical and chemical properties, but from the viewpoint of chemical structure, they are coordinated in the glass state is not the same, the copper ions in the eight-coordinated bit configuration, and the ingot is ion hexacoordination structure, and therefore, when the melt is cooled, to reduce the chance of the compound constant composition, generation probability will decrease regularly arranged, transported helps reduce the crystal growth rate, improve the resistance of glass analysis crystal capacity. 但是,氧化锭代替氧化铜也不是无限制的,运是因为玻璃结构网络中不同配位的空隙的比例有一定数值。 However, the oxidation of copper oxide instead of the ingot is not unlimited, since the proportion of the glass structure transport network of voids with a different coordination of a certain value. 经过本发明人的潜屯、研究,如果La2〇3/%化的数值在3-7. 3范围内,才能达到改进玻璃抗结晶能力的效果。 After the present inventors latent Tun, research, if La2〇3 /% value in the range of 3-7. 3, in order to achieve improved anti-crystallizability glass effect. 因此,Y203的含量限定为2-7%,优选为2. 5-6%。 Thus, Y203 is defined as the content of 2-7%, preferably 5-6% 2.

[0030] Zr〇2加入玻璃中能显著地提升玻璃的化学稳定性。 [0030] Zr〇2 added chemical stability can remarkably improve the glass in the glass. 但是加入量过大,玻璃的色散会显著增加。 But adding too large, the dispersion of the glass will increase significantly. 因此,在本发明玻璃组分中,若其含量低于0.5%,化学稳定性提升效果不明显;但如果其含量高于3%,玻璃色散显著增加,达不到设计的光学常数。 Accordingly, the glass component of the invention, when the content is less than 0.5%, to enhance the chemical stability of the effect is not obvious; but if it is more than 3%, a significant increase in the dispersion of glass, the design of the optical constants less. 因此,其含量限定为0. 5-3 %,优选为1-2 %。 Accordingly, the content thereof is defined as 0. 5-3%, preferably 1-2%.

[0031] ZnO加入玻璃中能提升玻璃的化学稳定性,同时能降低玻璃高溫粘度W及玻璃液的表面张力。 [0031] ZnO can be added to the glass to enhance the chemical stability of the glass while reducing the surface tension of the glass high temperature viscosity of the molten glass, and W. ZnO的色散较大,在本发明中不宜超过3 %,优选为不添加。 ZnO dispersion is large, in the present invention, not more than 3%, preferably not added.

[0032] 碱±金属化合物化0、MgO、SrO和BaO添加到玻璃中,不仅可W调节玻璃的光学常数,而且可W起到助融作用。 [0032] The alkali metal compound of ± 0, MgO, SrO and BaO added to the glass, not only can adjust optical constants of the glass W, and W may play a role in co-melt. 另外,合适量的添加可W调节玻璃的膨胀系数、化学稳定性等性能。 Further, a suitable amount of addition can adjust the properties of the glass W expansion coefficient, and chemical stability. 虽然同属碱±金属氧化物,BaO的密度显著大于其他Ξ种,如果在本发明的玻璃中添加BaO,那么玻璃的密度会显著增加。 Although both belong to the alkali metal ± oxide, BaO density is significantly greater than other species Ξ, if of BaO in the glass of the present invention, the density of the glass will increase significantly. 同时,含有BaO的玻璃,在酸性条件存在下(如潮湿天气下),BaO较其他碱±金属氧化物更容易被侵蚀。 Meanwhile, a glass containing BaO, in the presence of acidic conditions (e.g., wet weather), BaO is more easily eroded than ± other alkali metal oxides. 因此,在本发明中不添加BaO。 Thus, without addition of BaO in the present invention.

[003引CaO加入玻璃中可W获得密度较小的玻璃,同时调节玻璃的膨胀系数、化学稳定性等。 [003 cited CaO may be added to the glass to obtain a less dense glass W while adjusting the coefficient of expansion, chemical durability and the like. 但是,在生产过程中,CaO是由CaC03引入,在含量较大,比如超过20%时,在原料融化过程中会产生大量气泡,气泡堆积无法破裂,导致原料从化料池中溢出,运样的情况在玻璃生产中俗称发缸。 However, in the production process, CaO is introduced by CaCO3 in the content is large, such as more than 20%, in the raw material melting process will produce a large number of bubbles, the bubble burst not deposited, resulting in raw materials tank overflow conghua, the sample transport in the case of a cylinder made of glass, commonly known production. 发缸一方面会导致生产不可控制,原料配比失衡,良品率降低。 Hair cylinder on the one hand lead to uncontrollable production, raw material ratio imbalance, reducing yield. 另一方面, 为了降低发缸程度,只能降低加料速度缓解,运样造成了烙炼效率的下降,同时会造成原料在销金相蜗的融化时间延长,加大对销金相蜗的腐蚀,引起销金夹渣物的产生。 On the other hand, in order to reduce the degree of hair cylinder, can only reduce the feed rate relief, the sample transport caused a decline in branded refining efficiency will also result in melting of raw materials to extend the time metallurgical pin worm, the worm increase the corrosion of metallurgical pins , causing the slag was produced gold pin clip. 因此,在本发明中,CaO的含量限定于6-14%,优选为7-13%。 Accordingly, in the present invention, CaO content is limited to 6-14%, preferably 7-13%.

[0034] SrO与MgO加入玻璃中可W起到平衡组分的作用。 [0034] SrO and MgO may be added to the glass component W function as balance. 在本发明中,SrO的加入可W 降低CaO的使用量,降低玻璃发缸程度,同时可W提升玻璃的抗析晶性能。 In the present invention, SrO may be added to reduce the amount of CaO W, reducing the extent of the cylinder made of glass, while W enhance devitrification property of the glass. 但SrO的密度要比CaO大很多,如果添加过多会导致玻璃密度上化因此SrO的含量限制为0. 5-7 %,优选为1-7%。 But CaO SrO density than the much larger, if you add too much can cause the glass density and therefore SrO content is limited to 0. 5-7%, preferably 1-7%. MgO能够降低玻璃的密度,但是其折射率较低,同时色散较大,在本发明中添加量为0-2%,优选为不添加。 MgO possible to reduce the density of the glass, but its low refractive index, while a larger dispersion, added in an amount of 0-2% in the present invention, preferably is not added.

[00对化0、化20、馬0同属于碱金属氧化物。 [00 pairs of 0, for 20, 0 horse belong to alkali metal oxide. 碱金属氧化物加入玻璃中,会起到助融作用,降低玻璃的溶解溫度,使玻璃融化变得容易。 An alkali metal oxide added to the glass, will play the role of co-melting, reducing the dissolution temperature of the glass, making the glass easier to melt. 从玻璃结构方面来看,碱金属离子进入玻璃中,能打断玻璃网络。 From the aspect of the glass structure, the alkali metal ions into the glass, the glass can interrupt network. 适当的打断玻璃网络,可W降低玻璃的高溫粘度,降低玻璃的Tg溫度。 Suitable to interrupt the glass network, it can lower the high temperature viscosity of the glass W, lowering the Tg temperature of the glass. 但是,如果过多的碱金属氧化物进入玻璃,玻璃网络将受到严重破坏,将大幅度降低玻璃的化学稳定性、抗析晶性能等。 However, if too much alkali metal oxide into the glass, the glass network will be severely damaged, will significantly reduce the chemical stability of the glass, the devitrification properties. 因此,选择合适的碱金属氧化物种类和含量,对实现烙炼工艺、玻璃粘度、化学稳定性、抗析晶性能、玻璃的Tg溫度、玻璃的膨胀系数等六个方面的平衡可W起到非常重要的作用。 Thus, selecting the appropriate kind and content of alkali metal oxides, on the balance of six branded refining process, glass viscosity, chemical stability, the devitrification property, a Tg of temperature of the glass, the glass expansion coefficient W may play a a very important role.

[0036] 在本发明所描述的玻璃系统中,经发明人反复试验,在同样的百分含量下,Li2〇破坏玻璃网络的能力最强,与化2〇和Κ2〇相比,降低玻璃Tg溫度的能力最强。 Capacity [0036] The system described in the glass of the present invention, the trial by the inventors, in the same percentage, the strongest Li2〇 destruction glass network, and compared with Κ2〇 of 2〇, lowering the glass Tg the temperature of the strongest ability. 尤其重要的是, 与化"与K "与化"离子相比,Li "场强较大,对周围离子的聚集能力较W上两种碱金属离子强,在同样含量的条件下,能增加玻璃的成玻范围。 It is particularly important, "compared to ions, of Li" and of "and K" and the field of large, aggregating ability of the ions around the W than two alkali metal ions strongly, at the same content, can increase the the glass of the glass forming. 因此,在本发明所描述的玻璃系统中, Li2〇的含量若低于2%,则降低玻璃Tg溫度的效果不明显;若含量高于5%,那么会严重的破坏玻璃网络,容易导致玻璃析晶、化学稳定性下降。 Thus, the system described in the glass of the present invention, if Li2〇 content less than 2%, the effect of reducing the glass temperature Tg is not obvious; then the glass network will be seriously damaged if the content is more than 5%, glass easily lead crystallization, chemical stability. 因此,其含量限定为2-5%,优选为2. 5-5%。 Accordingly, the content thereof is limited to 2-5%, preferably 5-5% 2.

[0037] 在加入化〇的同时,可W任意添加少量的化2〇和Κ2〇,起到平衡玻璃组分的作用。 [0037] while the addition of the square, may be optionally added a small amount of W and Κ2〇 2〇, play a role in the balance of the glass component. 因此,Na2〇的含量限定为0-1. 5 %,优选为不添加;Κ2〇的含量限定为0-1. 5 %,优选为不添加。 Thus, Na2〇 content is limited to 0-15%, preferably not added;. Κ2〇 content is limited to 0-15%, preferably not added.

[003引为了提高玻璃在烙炼过程中的气泡去除能力,可W添加0-0. 2%的訊203作为澄清剂使用,优选为不添加。 [003 In order to improve lead removal capacity glass bubbles branded refining process, may be added W 0-0. 2% of 203 as a refining agent use information is preferably not added.

[0039] 本发明中所描述的玻璃性能,采用W下测试方法测量。 [0039] The performance of the present invention, the glass as described in the test method for measuring a W.

[0040] 玻璃折射率与阿贝数采用GB/T7962. 11-2010测试标准测量。 [0040] Abbe number and refractive index of glass employed GB / T7962. 11-2010 standard measurement test.

[0041] 玻璃Tg溫度采用GB/T7962. 16-2010测试标准测量。 [0041] Tg glass temperature employed GB / T7962. 16-2010 standard measurement test.

[0042] 玻璃密度采用GB/T7962. 20-2010测试标准测量。 [0042] The glass density using GB / T7962. 20-2010 standard measurement test.

[0043] 发缸程度采取在原料融化过程中观测。 [0043] degree in the raw material melting tank taken during observation.

[0044] 经过测试,本发明的光学玻璃具有W下性能:折射率(nd)为1.62-1. 66,阿贝数(vd)为58-63,密度(P)为3.20g/cm3W下,Tg溫度低于600°C,在生产过程中不发缸或者轻微发缸,工艺性能好。 [0044] After the test, the optical glass of the present invention has the W properties: refractive index (nd) of 1.62-1 66, Abbe number (VD) is 58-63, the density (P) is at 3.20g / cm3W,. Tg a temperature below 600 ° C, the cylinder is not made in the production process minor or hair cylinder, process performance.

[0045] 本发明还提供一种光学预制件和光学元件,由上述光学玻璃按照本领域技术人员熟知的方法形成,源于上述玻璃,所述光学元件也具有相应的光学性能,可W应用于数码照相机、数字摄像机、照相手机、车载摄像设备、监控设备等。 [0045] The present invention also provides an optical preform and an optical element formed of the optical glass according to methods well known to the skilled person, from the glass, the optical element also having a respective optical properties, can be applied to W digital cameras, digital video cameras, camera phones, in-car video equipment, surveillance equipment.

[0046] 实施例 [0046] Example

[0047] 为了进一步了解本发明的技术方案,现在将描述本发明光学玻璃的实施例。 [0047] To further understand the technical solution of the present invention, the optical glass of the present embodiment of the present invention will be described. 应该注意到,运些实施例没有限制本发明的范围。 It should be noted that the operation range is not limit such embodiments of the present invention.

[0048] 表1-表2中显示的光学玻璃(实施例1-15)是通过按照表1-表2所示各个实施例的比值称重并混合光学玻璃用普通原料(如氧化物、氨氧化物、碳酸盐、硝酸盐等),将混合原料放置在销金相蜗中,在1200°C -1300°C中融化2. 5-4小时,并且经澄清、揽拌和均化后,得到没有气泡及不含未溶解物质的均质烙融玻璃,将此烙融玻璃在模具内铸型并退火而成。 [0048] The optical glass (Examples 1-15) shown in Tables 1 to 2 were weighed and mixed by the optical glass according to Table 1 to the respective embodiments shown in Table 2 ratio with ordinary raw materials (such as oxides, ammonia oxides, carbonates, nitrates, etc.), mixed material is placed in the metallographic pin worm, the melt at 1200 ° C -1300 ° C. 2. 5-4 hours and clarified, after homogenization mixing embrace, give no bubbles and free of undissolved material baked into a homogeneous glass, this baked in a mold into a glass mold and annealed together.

[0049] 实施例1-15的组成与折射率(nd)、阿贝数(vd)、密度(P)、Tg溫度、发缸程度等结果一起在表1-表2中表示。 [0049] The composition of Examples 1-15 and the refractive index (Nd), Abbe number (VD), the density (P), Tg temperature, the degree of hair cylinders 2 shows the results in Table 1 together with the table. 在运些表中,各个组分的组成是用重量%表示的,发缸程度是在加料阶段肉眼观察获得记录。 In operation these tables, the composition of the various components are expressed in wt%, the extent of the cylinder is made to obtain the feed stage at the recording was visually observed.

[(K)加]表1 [(K) plus] TABLE 1

[0051] [0051]

Figure CN105712622AD00071

[0053] 表2 [0053] TABLE 2

[0054] [0054]

Figure CN105712622AD00081

Claims (11)

  1. 1. 光学玻璃,其特征在于,其重量百分比组成含有:La 203 16-26%、Y203 2-7%、Zr02 0. 5-3%、Ca0 6-14%、SrO 0.5-7%、Li20 2-5%,还含有Si0jPB 203,且所述B203的含量大于3102的含量。 1. The optical glass, comprising, in weight% comprising: La 203 16-26%, Y203 2-7%, Zr02 0. 5-3%, Ca0 6-14%, SrO 0.5-7%, Li20 2 5%, further containing Si0jPB 203, and the content of B203 is greater than a content of 3102.
  2. 2. 如权利要求1所述的光学玻璃,其特征在于,不含BaO。 2. The optical glass according to claim 1, wherein the free of BaO.
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  4. 4. 如权利要求1所述的光学玻璃,其特征在于,还含有ZnO 0-3%、MgO 0-2%、Na20 0-1. 5 %、K20 0-1. 5 %、Sb2030-0. 2 % 〇 4. The optical glass according to claim 1, wherein, further containing ZnO 0-3%, MgO 0-2%, Na20 0-1. 5%, K20 0-1. 5%, Sb2030-0. 2% square
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  8. 8. 如权利要求1-6任一权利要求所述的光学玻璃,其特征在于,所述玻璃折射率为1. 62-L 66,阿贝数为58-63。 8. The optical glass according to any one of claims 1-6 claim, wherein the refractive index of the glass 1. 62-L 66, Abbe number is 58-63.
  9. 9. 如权利要求1-6任一权利要求所述的光学玻璃,其特征在于,所述玻璃的密度小于3. 20g/cm3〇 The optical glass as claimed in any one of claims 1-6 claim, wherein the density of the glass is less than 3. 20g / cm3〇
  10. 10. 采用权利要求1-6任一权利要求所述的光学玻璃所制成的预制件。 10. The use as claimed in claim preform according to any one of claims 1-6 of the optical glass of the claims made.
  11. 11. 采用权利要求1-6任一权利要求所述的光学玻璃制成的光学元件。 The optical element made of the optical glass according to any of claims 1-6 11. The use of the claim.
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